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Full text of "Monasticon Anglicanum, or, The history of the ancient abbies, and other monasteries, hospitals, cathedral and collegiate churches in England and Wales. With divers French, Irish, and Scotch monasteries formerly relating to England"

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J^A^rf^ ^jtMrr j'^/) i/i. \/^K'^^f^'' ^'^/i^M ^- y^'' - / : ^ : -o 







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i^^*-r^ ^''^ff-Of'^ 

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Duqufifnf dlniufrsityi 





Of the Ancient 

Abbies, and other Monafteries, 

Horpitals, Cathedral ini ColkgUte Churches, 

I N 



French, Irilh, ^W Scotch Monafteries 

Formerly relating to 


Collefted, and Publifhed in Latin, by Sit WilUmVugddi^ iCnc.' 
late Garter King of Arms. 

In Three Volums. 

And now Epitomized in En^Ufhy Page by Page. 

With Sculptures of the (everal Religious Habits. 

■For fan C?" hacolimmemmijfe juvabit, 

Virg. jf£n. I. 


^.>che.5'*, R. MIDGLEY. 

L n t> N : 

rrinted,for ftfltn. fccblcatthe Turks Head im FUet Jlreaj^Z(im^:<i 
at the gtarxhQCoxnQXo'i B'ide lane in /7r<r///mr, MDCXCMl. 


To the much Honoured 


One of the Knights of the Shire for the County 
0/ VV A R w 1 c K. 

THAT which I here prelenc you is Originally the Pro- 
dud of yovr own Country, fince the Great Artift from 
whole elaborate and curious hand I Coppy this Peice 
in little, owed his Birth and Habitation to Warwick/hire. I 
know not therefore to whom (in the number of my Friends) 
more properly to dedicate thele Collections than to your (elf: 
for thus it is an a(5t of Juftice to reftore to the proper County 
(in your Perfon who reprefent it) what came from thence ac 

Nothing deterr'd my Prefumption in this more than to think 
I fliould expofe the Imperfedtions of my Pen to fo accurate 
and excellent a Judgment. A Judgment that has taught you 
the true u(e of Foreign Travails, by which you have brought 
home from the politeft "Nations of Europe, all their Virtues and 
AccomplilFiments, and left behind their Fopperies and Vice. 
It is this Judgment that has To fignalized your Merit in the 
Eye of your Country, that flie has juftly fixt her choice on 
you for one of her Reprefentatives in our Great Senate ; and 
it is the fame Judgment that you have fince moft worthily em- 
ploy 'd in that High and Honourable Affembly, by aflifting, 
and complying with the bed Methods and Endeavours Ibr the 
Publick Good : Or, to ufe the words oiHoracCy 

■ Quid ezpediatj commimiter, autmdior pars^ 

Malis carerequ^tntislahor'ibus. 

Yours are the Publick Cares ; that's your noble Province. 
While J, and thofe in my inferiour and unadlive Station, can 
only wifh Succels to the Proceedings of luch Good Patriots as 
yoliir (elf; Our thoughts are bed imploy'd with our own pri- 
vate Bufinefs, and inoffenlive Studies- - - , 

^ }> Con- 

The Epifite Dedicatory. 

Concerning this Book, Sir, ic is a Subjed that gives Pofterity 
fucha View of the decays of Time, and the Inconftancy of 
Fortune, as the like cannot, perhaps, be produced in the Hifto» 
ry of any other Nation Since of all that ftupendious number 
c^ Monaftick Foundations in England and Wales , the 
continued Work of many Ages, by which the greateft Kings, 
Princes, and Koblemen of this Ifland were once thought to 
have eternized their names, and in thole magnificent and coftly 
Stru(5turcs to have built themfelves fo many Monun:ients as lafting 
as the Earth they flood on, not one remains at this day j nay 
the very Ruines of many are become invifible. To this pur- 
pofe (tho' on a different occafion) a mo.dern French Poet hath 
well expreft himfelf in thcle Lines, 

Juffi le temps a fait fur ces Maffes hautaines 
Ifikflres chaftimens des Vatitte:^ humaines. 
■ Ces Jombaux font tombe:^^ and ces fnperhes 'I{pis 
Sous lew ^htUefont morts mefecondefois. 

And yet their Memory ftill lives in our Hiftory and Records ; 
fo much more durable and lafting is Paper than Brals and 
Majble. For this we are beholding to the Labours of your 
Sir WiiliamVugdale^ a Perfon fo highly meritorious in the ftudy, 
and dilcovery, of our Englip) Antiquities , that his Reputation 
can! never die among the learned. 

Warwickjlnre has certainly produced two of the moft famous 
arid delerving Writers, in their leveral ways, that England can 
boaft of; a Dugdale, and a Shakefpear^ both Williams ; a name 
that has been of eminent Grace to this County in many Inftan- 
ces,-:, ti^x will it ever ceale to be fo while you are living. 

Ii n^^ight here enlarge in your juft Encomium, but I fear to 
diipleafe you even with truth, when it muft be fo very much to 
your Commendation. 1 know your Modefty as well as Merits, 
and 1 have ever oblerved that Praife is moft uneafie tothofe who 
beft deferve it. I will therefore only add that I am, 


Tour very. Htmile arul moft Jffe^'onate Servant 

J. w. 

to THE 


Something may he [aid here, By wayoj Prefacey of the V^ork it 
fe/f, and of this abridgment or Epitome of that Work. Ftrjifor 
the Work it felfy it will perhaps he thought hyfome that the Mona- 
fticon Anglicanum, or Hiftory of the Foundations and Endol^mentsof 
the antient Jhbies, Priories, 8cc. once fiourifhing in England, and 
long ftnce utterly fupprefiy is in thefe our days ( in which their very Me- 
mory feems to fome People, odms and ungrateful ) more ufelefs and in' 
ftgnifcant than an Old Mmanack. ^Tts true, the matter appears very 
obfolete and negleSiedj yet is the Monafticon An^Vica^tium fo far from 
being ufelefs, that it is in ejfeB the moft ufeful Evidenciary, and ^pertory 
cf Titles that is in print, Confidering^ l. The Vaft Quantity of Lands 
, f^phich formerly belong d to ^Hgious Houjes in this K^ngdome, i. The 
.iftvers forts of Liberties and Iminunities which mojl ofthofe Houfes and 
their Tojfeffions were endow d with, as Qourts ofPleas, Markets, Fairs, 
Commons, Free Taftures , Efloy>ers , Exemptions from Tithes, Tolls, 
Taxes and Contributions, ftith other Franchifes of yarious forts and not 
eafily reckon d up. ^, That by the Statutes 27 H. 8. ch. 28. §. 1. &. 
5 I H. 8. ch. 1 5. ^. 2. ;. it is exprefly proVtded that the iQng and 
his Patentees jliall have and hold thefatd Lands in as large and ample 
manner as the faid Houfes enjoy dthem^ and ^.21. of the laJlmentioTid 
■Statute, that fucb Lands as were before dijcharged of the Payment of 
Tithes [hallfo continue. (By which TroVifons fuch ferfons as enjoy any 


To the Reader. 

of thofe Lands are Intituled to many of the fame Lihertics and Franchlfes as 
were at firjl given ivith the f aid Lands to thoje Houfes ref^eFi'mljiy fuch 
Framhifes being real and annext to the EJlate. 4. Jll the Monafticon is 
a Trmjcript of anticnt }^anufcripts co^pyed hy that laborious Jntiquctry 
Mr. Roger Dodlworth, and that emhiently karnd Htflorian 
Sr, William Diigdale l\iit. late Garter King of Armes^out of the Very 
Original Grants^ or Leiger 'Books ^ or Public k ^cords, or other Shu- 
nimmts formerly kept by the refpefii^e 'Monajleries^ 'and{ when they 
pemfed'them ) dJmcely preferred either in fume of our, tmji famous Li- 
braries^ or in the Toffefjion of thoje Gentkmm and Terfons of honour, 
who ftnce the Sup^reffon enjoy the Lands to which thofe Deeds relate, or 
fomcpart of them ; "^hofe names are cited in the Margin of the faid Book. 
Aid fuch credit hath it received from the integrity of the Authors or Colle- 
Bors thereof that (as J am credibly inforfn'd) it hath been admitted as a good 
Circumjlantial Evidence in the Courts of Weftininfter ivhen the ^cords 
therein tranfaibed could not upon diligent Search be otherwife recovered. 
Furtjoer, this Book is ofufe to enlighten andaffiji theyovng Student of our 
Common Laws^ it jewing in divers parts cfit^ the Commencements ofXe- 
nuresyfheT^ature and manner ofCorrodi^^ Appropriations jEndoft^ment of 
Vicarages, %efervationof Services upon Grants m Frankalmoine, or 
Upon Tenures by Divine Service, the old Ways of tithing, Conveyancing, 
and fomething off leading. It is alfo ufeful in Hifiory, giving us a. 
livei Idea of the manner of our Forefathers way of Living, their Zeal 
for Gods fublick Worflnp, <vs then profeft, and the Simplicity of their 
Devotions j and of the great Charity to the Toor, and Bofpitality and 
Beneficence to all Comers, maintain d and ezercifed in the S^onafleries. 
^ut thefe thin(rs have been thought faults, and therefore I jvill mention no 
more of that ; but obferve in the laft place,that this Book is of great ufe in 
■ matter f: of Heraldry and Genealogies ; there being few or none among 
the Great Families, and old Nobility, of England, who have mt 
heen Founders or (Principal BenefaHors to fome Uonaftery or <l^eltgious 
Houfe, and the Monks and Canons have for the tnoft part taken fpe* 
cial Care to record in the Leiger Book of their reJpeBiVe Houfes 

f the 

To the R eaJer. 

the Hifiory of their Founder's and Matron's Family^ A^'^'i? ^''owi 
their JeVcral Matches^ and Ijfue^ and often'tiities the day of their 
births and Deaths^ with the mofl remarkable Circumjiances of their 
LiycS) and inhere buried ; which feems alfo to bs done at the time when 
e\ery thing h^^ppend or fcon after ^ and is therefore of greater Credit. In 
this Work we mujl noic that the Author fates nothing of the four Orders 
of Fryers^ viz. The Frar.cilcans or Gray-Friers, the Dominicans 
or 'Black' Friers^ theCivradkesorWhite^Friers, and ffe Auguiline 
Friers ; the ^l(eafon ipas, I /uppofe, hecaufe their Houfes, generally 
fneakmgj were not endow' d with Lands and ^e^fenues^ but they Jub- 
Jijhd for the moll, part by daily and accidental Charities. 

'ihtis much of the Book at large, now as to this Abridgment or Epitome, 
I haye only this to fiy ; It givzsyou a p?ort View in E:iglifho/^rk Trin-, and (^ is] thought,) moft 7?iatcrial- 'Tajfages of what is contain d 
n Latin, a}id fometimes oil French, in the threegreat and copious Tomes 
of the NJcnafticon Anglicanum : The l>{ames ofTerffk and 'Tlaces, 
bang Varioup-r .written according to the different Orchngraphy of feveral 
Ages, ani^Writers, I have not thought convenient to alter the ancient 
Ti^ay of fpelling, but haVe tranfcrtbed them herein the fame variety as 
I found Vw tRere : hi the ^fargin I have eraBly obferVed and markj- 
ou: the Tigcs fucccfjively in order, that fo the ^ader. may have a ready 
recourfc to the Book at large for a fuller and more particultr Information. 
And in my opinion this is the befi ufe that can be made of any Jbridg- 
vimt ; namAy to fera}e as a larger and better fort of Fable, which nof. 
only reprefmts the fubflance of dVolunlinms Author in little, but refers and 
directs the Reader to the place ti^here the SnbjeSls is more e.rprefly 
handled. On the whole, you have hereafhort Fiijhrical Account of the 
Foundation of ail the principal Churches and Religious Struffures in Eng- 
land and Wales, as wellthoje that were demolip?tat the Suppreifion of 
tUxiMonafieries, as thofe that are ftillinbeing(ercept ^arifl) Churches.) 
And here we mufl note that of all thofe Cathedral Churches and Epifcopal 
^ats, whofe Venerable Fabricks we behold at this day, fome were former- 
ly Abbies, where the frhr and ConVent of Monks yi>ere the Bijhops Chap- 
ter J 

To the Reade r. 

ter ; fuch fi^ere Canterbury, Rochefter, WincKefter, Ely, Kor- 
wich, Worcefter, Durham, Carlile; (W m fuch Churches where 
there was a 'Bifhop^ the Superior of the Motiks was always caWda Trior ^ 
the Bijhp be'mgin effeEl the Abbot) others tiever were Jbbies, but the 
Chapter didal-n^ays conftfl of a Dean and Secular Canons (or Prebendaries) 
as atprefent ; fuch were York,London, Lincoln, Salisbury, Execer, 
Wells, Litchfield, Hereford, Chichefter,dm/ w Wales, St, Davids, 
Landaff, Bangor, and St. Alaph. ^ejides thefe^ there were five 
new !BtJhopricks ereSied by Kjng Henry VIII. in certain Jhbies, after 
their dijfolutiony viz. Peterborough, Oxford, Chefter, Gloceftcr, 
and Briftol, whofe Churches were left flanding^ with fome of their old 
'Buildings for the Habitation oftk Bijhopy Dean and Chapter ^ &c. (for 
which fee the Statutes, ^ i H. 8. ch. 9. 34 H- 8. ch. 17 J Weft- 
minftcr-Abby was alfo made an Epi/copal Seat, hut that conti- 
nued fo but a, while- Some other Monaftick Churches were made 
farochial, andare ftill in being, as St- Albans, St. Mary Ovcries, 
Royfton, <^c- To conclude, I think I may, not unfitly, apply to myprefent 
undertaking the words ufed on the like occafion, in the Second Book of 
Maccabees, ch. 2. v. 1;. All thcfe things {I fay) being declared 
by J^yow of C)"'^ws in five Books, we will eflay to abridge in 
one Volum. For confidering the infinite number, and the 
difficulty which they find that deCitt to look into the Narra- 
tions of the Story, for the variety of the Matter, we have 
been careful that they that will read might have delight, 
and they that are defirous tb commit to memory might 
haveeale, and that all into whofe hands it comes might have 

profit To ftand upon every point, and to go over things 

at large, and to be curious in particulars, belongeth to th^ 
firft Author of the Story. But to ufe Brevity, and avoid much 
labouring of the Work, is to be granted to him that will 
make an Abridgment. Here then will we begin the Story : 
onl]j adding thus much to that which hath been laid, that it .is 
a foolidi thing to make a long Prologue and to be fhort in the 
Story it felf. 



A B H I D G E D. 


O F T H 

Benedidine Monks, 

C L U N I A C S, 

Ci s T E R s 1 AN Sj and 


^ ^r 

I. G 

I H • 

/: U Al'i ■■ y 

of the fir ft Lift it lit ion of Monks: 

T Hole who have writ of this Subject have produced for J>itheTn 
Examples of the Monaftick Life, out of the Old Tefta- 
rnenc, Samml, Elias^ and the Sons of the Prophets ; and out of 
the New, St. John the 'Ba[)tijl^ and our Saviour Chrifi himlelf, 
who exhorted his Dilciples to leave all Secular concerns and 
follow him. After his Afcention the Apoftles and Difciples 
lived in common ; But after the Apoftles were marcyr'd, lome 
Chriftians retained Property j others ftill endeavour'd to con- 
tinue the Apoftolick Life, and live in Common : fuch were 
the Monks in Egypt j Anthony jHilarion,Macarm, &c. After them 
St. Jerome, St. Augufthi^ till at laft St. 'BenediH in the year 5 1 6. 
at Mowit'-Caffinj writ his Rule, which was approved by the 
whole Church. 

Of the Rules of Monks, and other Religious Perfons 
there have been feveral Authors, fome of the Principle were, 
St. 'Safilj who writ his Rule for Monks, Amo Vom. ^50. St. At" 
gUJiin Bifhop of H</>/?o made a Rule for Canons Regular, Anno 
J)ow. 400. Su'Bcned'iSl, before mentioned , about Anno 516. 
St. lBr«Mo,for Carthujtansy An. 1 08 j. ^bert an Abbot in Burgundy 
inftituted the C//?frcw«5, An. 1098. "Nor bert^ the Tremonllratenfes 
An. 1 1 20. In the fame year began alio the Hofpitallers and 
Templers. St. Gilbert of Sempringhdni founded his Order , 
An. 1 148. St. Domtnicky An. 1198. St. Francis 1160. The Car' 
wines were fettled and eftabliflit by Pope Martin, An.Vom. 1 27^* 

Kjyigs of this Land who ha've become Monks, 

^etrocy King oHVales ; Conjlantine, King oiCornipall; Sebby^ Offa, 
and Sigebert, Kings of the Eaji-Sazons ; Etbelredj and i\ynred, 
Kings of Mercw ; CoeWp/?, and Edbricht., Kings of Northumbet'' 



The Old Form of admitting a Brother into a Convent. 

His firfl: Petition, in the Colloquiutti. 

%Vt 31 bcfpclje fou anD alle tije Cotjcnt fo? tlje luffc of <i5oD, out 
LaDp fatlCC Mdrye, fanCt ]ohn of Baptiih,aulJalUl)c^oplcCotDtfeof 
I^ebpne, t^ac |e loaolDe tcratie me, to Ipbc anD Dpc tjete among pom 
tn t^e (lateof a ^onke, a$ p^ebcnDarre auD (crbant unto alle, totbe 
^onoue of d^od folace to tt^z Companp, pjouffet to t^e place, anD 

His Anfwer unto the Examinacyon. 

^pc 31 tepftetlj^ug]^ tl^c beipe of <!5ot) anbpout goot) p^apetjS to 
Itecpailtl^eja: t^mgd mi)ic^ ^ej^abenotD^eprtebecreOc- 

His Petition before the Profeflion. 

^vt % ^abe htvn ^epr noto tW tboell montt) nere ^anb, anb lobpDe 
be (Son, me lpK0 vtgbt ^^H, batb tl|e o^Oec anD tbe companp ^ 
tol^evapon 31 befpc^e ^o'm anD all tl^e companp fo^tbe luffeof <l5oD. 
out laDpfanct i^ryt; (anctj ohn of liaptiite anballtbe boplecompa^ 
tip of bebfnetbat ^e tuill vefabemeunto mp p^ofcrflon at mp tteell 
montbbap acco^Dtngto mppztpcton boUpcbe 31 maDe bD^en I boa^ 
frtdrcfatieD^epcamong^ppu ^c. 

of the 'Bemdifline Order have been four Emperors, twelve 
EmprefTes, fix and forty Kings, one and fifcy Queens,^ not to 
mention thofe of leffer Quality. 


PAge 6. 1. 24. r. Lindisfmn.^. 37.I. u!t. r. or an Oxe, p. 59.!. 50. r. fir the. p. 69. 1. 4. r. Infpeximuf. 
p.78 1. i2.r.orany. I, lo. t. be put in. p. 84- 1- anttpenul. r. f<ip/fff. p i68.1.antepeDul r. of the 
fame. p. 196, 1. 14. r. H E THEf'n Kent, p, 2 10. 1. ?2. r. Earl. p. 2 jo I. js. r. [pedal, p 2ji. 1. 20. r. 
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r. colows. p. 328. 1. 2 5. r. Wynde/ore. 

Some Other li tcral MiAakes, and falfc Pointii^r, have happen'd, which the Reader may ealily 
perceire and correct' 


, , A. BENEDrCTINE ;W0NR ^ x./,p, 

Place this K^f JoUowii^ plates accordvi^ to Yf ages my metym. ___.J 

Vou I. 


Abridg'd ia Englifli. 

Vol. L 
Of the Benedictine Order. 







^ IIP 





The Mchajltry d? GLASTONBURY, in ^omctfrtCtjfW. 

N the 31?/?. year after our Saviour's Paffian, twelve Dif- Folio i. 
ciples of St. Philip th.t Apoftle, among whom jFo/?/* of 
Arimathea was one, came to this place, ani preacht the 
Chriftian Rehgion to King ArviragusXhsy obtained of 
that King {he Ground where the Monaftery afterwards 
ftood.and twelve Hides of Landjand built there the firft 
Church ot the a poor and homely manner. 
Thty iived here in a kind ofheremitical lite, and converted many Pagans 
to the Fauh of Chrift. After they were all dead, and here buried, the ho- 
ly men Pha^HUS and Dirnviams, having baptized King LucittSy obtained 
this place ot that King, and for a great while they and their Succeflors re- 
mained here in a kind of Society confifting of twelve only, till the arri- 
val of Sti Patrick, who taught them the monaftical Life, and became him- 
felf their firft Abbot. Afterwards St. DaviJ Archbiftiop of Metievia (now 
called St. P^iwV's) added to the £<jy?-cnd of the Old Church a lelTer Chap- 
pel in manner of a Chancel, and confecratcd it in honour of the Virgin 


This Church for its Antiquity was by the old Englijh call'd Ealcfechirde, 
and the Men ofthofedays hadao Oath more'facred and formidable than 
to fwear by this Old church. And it was reverenced like Rome it fclf, for 
as that becarne Famous for its multitude of Martyrs, fo did this for its 
multitude of Conleflbrs here buried. 

The Ifle in which thisChurch flood Was by the Britions oAl'd Tnfwyrtrytt, 
i.e. ihc Ifle of G/{//, from the clear and criftaline ftrcam of Water which ^' 
runs into the Marlh here. It has been alfo called Avalknia. By the Saxons 
it was named Glafiynhnry. This Ifle with feveral other places adjoyning, 
were call'd the twelve Hides, and didcnjoy fi-omthe beginning very great 
Privijcdges. The Bounds of which twelve Hides may be feen m the 
Monaftic9H at large,/) x,:;. Thcfe places there mentioned enjoyed all forts -, 
of Immunities from the tirfl beginning of Chriftianty in this Land, con- 
firm'd to the Cliurch of (>/^7/o»i«ry, by the Briti/h, Englijh, and 'Norman 

In this Church did reft and lie buried the twelve Difciples of the Apo- 
ftle/'/;///^, above mentioned, whofe chief was jf(?y^/A q{ Arimathea, with 

B his 

Benedictine. Vol. I- 

his Son Jofephuf. Here alfoliesSt. Patrick the AfOitls o{ Ireland, and two of 
his DifcipleSi, St. Gi'JasthQ Britijh Piifioraographer, St. David ^vc\\hl^■\o^ of 

4. Menevia, St. £)«»/?<?» Archbiihop, St. Inrlraiiti'; with hisfevcn Companions 
all Martyrs, St, Vrlatius, the Bonesof Venerable Bede, with the Relicks 
of a great number of other Saints, and holy Martyrs, and Confeffors. 

5-. To recite all the R.eliques that were in this Church would be too large 
for^ny Abridgement, I only mention thofe of molt note. Several things 
relating to theOldTeftament, as Mcfes's Rod, A^lanm.Scc. things reiatino- 
to out Lord Je fas Chrift, two fmall pieces of Iris Cradle, fome of the Gold 
which the Wile-men of the Eafl offered, fome pieces of Bread of ihofefive 
Loaves withwliich Jefus fed fivethoufand men, fome of our Lord's Hair, 
fome pieces of his CroIs» and of his Sepulchre, one Thorn of his Crown 
of ThJorhs, ^c. Things relating to the Virgin Mary, fome of her Milk, 
onethreadof her Garmeotjand fome of her Hair, (^cBefidesthefe amuhi' 
tude of Reliques relating to St. John S<?/>///?,the Apoftles,VIartyrs,Conlefrors 

^, and Virgins. On this account the Church of Glajlonbury was highly re- 
verenced by Kings, Queens, Archbilliops, Bifliops, Dukes, and the Nobi- 
lity of both'Sexes, and of all Orders and Degrees ; and happy did, he 
think himfelf who could give any thing to the increafe of its PofrefRons, 
or could here obtain a place of Sepulture. In this Ifle. which was call'd 

7. the Toml vf Saints, was interr'd Cc*/ King oi the Britons, Father of St. 
Helena, Mot]ier o[ Conftantine the Great; Caraducus Duke oi Cornwall, the 
renowned King Arthur and Gaemvera his Queen, which King died at Gla- 
Jlonhury about Whitfintide in the Year of our Lord 54x. King Kentwymis^ 
King Edmund Son of' Edward the Elder, King Ed^r^ King Ednumd 
Jrenfide, with feveral Bifhops and Dukes who were great Benefactors 
to this Houfe, and many other Great men. In fo great Reverence 
was the Church and Church- yard wherskthefe were interr'd, that our fore- 
fathers did not dare toufe any idle difcourfe or to fpit therein, witlwut 
great neceffity, enemies and naughty men were not fufFer'd to be buf icd 
therein, neither did any bring any Hawk, Dog, or Horfe upon the Ground, 

c). for if they did, it wasobferved that they immediately died thereupon, 

Bifhops and famous Prelates that have gone from this Houfe to govern 
other Churches, are as follows, viz. BirthwaUus, Abbot here, was made 
Archbifliop of Canterhttry , Athelmus Monk here, Bifhop of WfUs, and 
after that Archbifhop of Canterhnry ; St. Dunjlan, Monk and Abbot here, 
Bifhop of Worcejler, then of London, and laftly of Canterbury 5 Bgelganus 
Monk here, Bilhop ofchichejler and Archbiftiop oi Canterbury ; Sigericus 
Monk here, Bifhop o'ilVells and Archbifhop of Canterhnry ; St. Elfhegm a 
Martyr, BiQiop of Winckejler, and after that Archbifhop of Canterbury ; 
E/»<i//7«f >Monk here and Archbifhop of Canterbury ^va tlje time of Kipg Knute. 
To thele may be added Gaufridus a Biihop, and Monk here, oh. Anno 
Dom. 781. EthelwinuSy a Bifhop, who died the fame year; Wihertus^ a 
Bifhop, oh. Anno Dom. 800. Wigthagu Biihop, ok Anno Dtim.S^6. A I' 
Jlanus, ^i(ho^, ol>. Awto Dom. 841. Tumlertus, Biihop^ ol>.2>66- .Daniel, 
Biihop, 0^, 956. Elfricus, Bifhop, 0^. 988. Alfo in the time of King 
Edgar, Sigegarus Bifhop of {Veils, Briteimus Bifhop of Wells, Alfvsoldus, 
Sigefridus, St. Ethilwoidus,lVil/nHS, Aelfffams, EgelricHs;KenKialdHS, Elmer its, 
Livingus, Brithwius, Britivaldtts. who died Anno Dom 10 X')- All thefe, 
of Monks in this rioufe became Bifhops of divers places in England. 

The Benefadors to this Houfe were, firft, Arvtragus King of the Bri' 
taint, who, though a Pagan, gave to St. "jofeph and his Companions t^e 




Vol. r. Benedictines. 5 

iriein which the Moniiterywas builc, olTd by th Inlubiian^s T^'/ivyr' 
tryn, which, King iL«i:i«5did aiterwards coafirmto Vhagjhus Sind Diruvi* 
anus, and their Difciples. ArthtrgOive many otner .■!ui!0)njgigJt.)nds. 
K'mg Be>7u>jIIi,l\:r]gI{e»nvims, Km^Baldredcis, Billiop /y<f(^J</, K^gKed- 
tsaHa-, li\ng lua, gave other Lands. So did St Wiljr/dus Archbi\uop of 
fork, and abundance of others of both Sexes, amon t^e iVinripal of lo. 
which were King ^ii!,dert. KingO^, King Alfred or Alured K ng Ath^- 
(tan. King Edmund, King Edwin K.n^EJgar,Kms, Edmnvd :r ti/jde.^ vmlIi 
fcveral Q^icens. Thcfc and many other names, wiih rh? Lands by the 
feveral Benefaftors given, may be read of in the Motiajlkct zt iarge p 9, 
•10, 14. 15-, 6c. . • • 

St. Patrick^ who Was born in the year of our' Lord -^61. after his Con« 
vertionof//-d'A?/f^toChrifl:ianity, became Abbot of this Place, aid obtain^ 
cd 01 Pope Cele{line, twelve years Indulgence to all thofe who fhou!d with 
pious Devotion vifit the Church of the Bleffjd Virgin Maty h>re ereited, 
and- honour her with any part of their Goods. 

A'outtheyearof our Lord jOj. Augufihie the Monk was (enr into Fa- 
gl.-.fid \yy the holy Pope Gregory to preach d)e Faith to tht Englifh Saxons, 
f.c convened Htheliert the King of ICew/ and his People. Aiterwards be- 
ing nhide Archbilhop, he eftablillit his Metropolitan Seat at Canterlury, 
and there placed certain Monks livit 5 iccordirg to the Rule ot St Benedi^ ; 
after this feveral Monaikries in Englmd'^fjexQ erefted under the fame Rule, 
Wfiich*)brained fo great reputation that there were no Monks to be found 
in Etig'and but what v/ere of this Order ; and in thofe times the Rule of 
St ^tjened>d began to be firit oblerved in the Monaftery of Glafionhury, 
they living here before that, alter the manner of the Monies of £gy^^ 

King Fna began his Reign over the Wefi Scixovf Anno 689. and gave much 
Land to this Monaftery, he alfo built the greater Church at Glajivnhury, in 
honour of our Savionr, and of the holy hpo^\ts Peter zndf aid. And 
by -his Charter bearing date AntioDofn. 71^. Granted to this Monaftery 
many and great Priviled ges aati liiimunirics. King Ina dying in a Pilgri- 
mageto -Rome, his Succc([o'C,EtheIeirdiis, became alfo a bountiful Benefaftor, 
as.were fl-veral othqr fuceceding K.ngs of the iVefi Saxons, Sic. 

Kinj:; Edmund gnmed to the Church of the holy Mother of God at xr 
Glallcnbiiry, and to the venerable Dunftan Abbot there, the Liberty and '' 
Power, Rights and Cufloms, and all ForteitMres in all their Lands, /. e. 
Buyghrice Hundred Socna, Athis, OrdeLts^ InfaKgenethcofas, Hemfecna, Frith- 
hrice, FnHfleull Idl aiid Team, through the Kingdom ot England^ and 
thatt'^ey Ihould enjoy their Lands as free from all Claims as he enjoy'^ 
his own, crpcciallyto the Town of Glaflonhnry it feh, wkh many other 
Liberties &'c and this was by his Charter d-xiQ^Atino Dom. 944. 

King hdgtr, by his Cliarter dated at London Anno Dom. 971. granted to ,^ 
the fai<l Monallery tht fame and greater Libcrti-s.among other things,that 
therfriid Monaftery and fome Parilhes there mentioned (ubjed and belong- 
ing to it, Ihould beexempc from the ordinary Jurifdidion of the Billiop, 
(except in fome things, with a Salvo to the holy Church of Rotne, and that 
oiiCanterhtry: And gave and confi mcd to this Church two hundred and 17 
fifteen Hid's of I and given by lev^ral Bcnefadtors. 

WilVmrn the Conqueror at his firft coming to the Crown, did very 
inuch mutilate the Pofleffions of this Church. He made one Turftitms a 
Norntan Abbot here, in the year 108 1. And in order to make lome amends 
to the vlonks, heconfirm'd to tjiem feveral Lands which they complained 
lo have been unjuftly taken Irom them. B z . Herlewin^ 



!|. Benedictines. Vol. h 

1 8. Herlewin^ and Henry Brother oiTheohaU Earl of Elois, and Nephew of 

King fJenry the I. were two Abbots of this Monaftery, who through 
their induitrioui endeavours obtained much good to this Houfc, and the 
Reftoration of many Lands which had been taken from it. 
Vid.ret.x.p. 83;. 

[This Abby was valued before the Suppreffion at 3511 /. j s, j^d. ob. Per 
Annum, \ 

The CatheJral Church of CatltCCbUt)^* 

IN the time oftheblefled Gregory^ Papacy, St. Augujiwe with feveral o- 
ther Monks were fent to convert the £»^//yJ People, who in the year 
of Grace 600. (or accordini» toothers 596 J coming into E»iland, con- 
' verted King E/k///r/ and fome thoufands of his People, which Rma gave 
them a Manfion in his Capital City of Canterbury, then called Dordernia, 
thereto Preach and Baptize. Hereupon the bleffed Auguftine having re' 
ceived a Pall from Pope Gregory, built a Church there, and dedicated it 
to the honour of our Saviour Jefus Chrift, he alfo did here inftitute the 
Metropolitan Seat ofhimfeltand SucceiTors. And having rais'd here a 
Monaftery of Monks, the People flow'd in to him from all parts, fome for 
Baptifm, and fome to become Monks, devoting thcmlelves and all they 
had to God's fervice. ^ 

Tire Principal Bencfadlors were King Ethellerf-, who gave them his 
Palace in Canterhury, which Pope Gregory decreed to be the Metropofitan 
tp. Seat, and made it the firfl: in Dignity, it having firft received the Faith 
Bthellddus Son of Ethelhr-t. King CedwaUa, King Offa, Edmundui King of 
Kent.Cenulphus King of Kent, Beornulphus King ot Mercia, Kirg Atheljian 
King Edmund, St. Edward the Confeflor, mi/iam tjie Conqueror, King 
Henry the I. Henry the II Richard th€ I Edward the III Edward WmS 
o^ Wales, his Son; Henry the IV. Thefe and abundance of others of inte. 
riour condition gave and confirmed to this Church many Lands, Privi- 
ledges, and Immunities, the particulars of all which Lands.S^c. may be 
(een in the Monajlkon at large. 



The Monaftery of 5/. A U G U S T I N E S ia CantetbHtp. 

13. C A^"^ Augufiine being fent by Pope Gregory as aforefaid, arrived at the 
O X^eoiThanet mKem, in the year 5-^6. with feveral Monks and Mi- 
nifters of God's Word about forty in number 5 they were kindly received 
by King Ethelhert, who received holy Baptifm on Whitjonday Amg Domt 
597. After this Augufiine went over to the Bifhop di Arks m Vrance, and 
being by himordain'd a Bifhop, he returned into England. At Canterbury 
he fixt his Metropolitan Seat as above-mentioned. A little without thi 
City on the £<7/?-fideb3d been an Idol Temple formerly made ufe of by 
}f,iX\%Ethelhert, before hisConverfion, this ^*ga/?/wchang'd into a Church; 
and dedicated in the name of St. Pancrace the Martyr, Afterwards in the 
vear 605. y/«g«^i»r obtain'd this Church, and the adjacent Ground of 
King Ethelhert, upon which place a new Church was built and dedicated to 
the honour of %t. Peter Sind St. Paul; which CJiurch was ftorcd with 
Monks, endow'd wklv Revenues by that Ring, and appointed for thft 


Vol* ii Benedictines. ^ 

burial place, of himlelf and SucceiTors, as alfo chofen for the burial of 
Augufline and his Succeflbrs,- Archbiftiops of CanterhHry. 

King Ethelbert having built and endow'd this Monaftery he placed there, 
by the Council of Archbifliop ^i!ig«/?/«e, one Peter a Monk to be Abbot ^4» 
or it. 

The Archbidiop Augtiflm granted feveral Priviledgcs to this Mona- 
fiery, and denounced heavy Ccnfures againfl: any who Ihould violate the '' 
fame in future times. 

This Monaftery was ufcd for a burial place of the Archbiftiops, the 
Monks, and others oi C4«'tfr/'«ry, for many years ; it being in tHofe times 
not ufual to bury within a City, till the Venerable Cuthhert came to be 
Archbilhop, being the nth. after Augufline,^ who being at /?ow(r, ob- 
taind of the Pope the liberty of having burial places in EnglanJ, with- 
in Cities. 

OaihtEaJl (\Aeoi Canterbury without the City add near this Mona- ^^ 
ftery flood the Church of St.MurttH, which Church was the Seat of a " ' 
Bilhop, whoalwaysremain'd at home, or'in the County, .and in the ab- 
fence of the ArchbiHiop ufed to aft for him. Tlie laft Biihop of this 
Church was one Gedwjn, who dying in the time of Willia)nt\\Q Conquer- 
or, when L<7«/rd»4^'as Archbilhop of Canterlury, hercfufed to fubVogate 
any other Bilhop in his place,bui inftead of a Bilhop conftituted an Arch- 
deacon there. 

[Valued before the Suppreffion at 141 j /. 4s. lid. ob.q^ fer Annum. 


ROCHESTER, in htnt 

AUfw Doin. 600. King E/*e/^fr/ founded 'the Church of St AttJrewthc 
Apoftle at RochefUr, and gave to it feveral Lands, as did alio EuSert 
King oi'Ketitt OfaK\ng oiMercia, and divers others ; denouncing to the Vi- 
olators ot their pioiis Donations, ■ heavy Curfes and Imprecations All 
which Lands and Liberties King Henry the i. did confirm to the faid 
Church, to GW«^ the Billiop there, and the Monks ferving God in it. *^ 
Other principd Bcnefaftors to this Church, and the Monks here, were 
KingfViHiam the Conqueror, King yFilliam Rufus, Rodbert Son ol K:ng 
Hetiry. Robert Fitz Harfton^ and tf ill/am de ALbeiney the King's Butler. 

£Valued before the Suppreffion at 486/. iis. $ d. per Ammm.^ 

WINCHESTER Cathedral Church. 

A Mho Dotn. 608. Kiftcgilfus Sonof Celric, King of the VVe(lSa>(o»Sy after 1 i 
hisBaptifm and his peoples. converlion to Chriftianty, defi^ned to 
build this Church, and to it give all the Land lying about M'tnchijler for 
the fpace ot feven Leucas or Miles. But himfelf being prevented by death 
from pertefting what he intended, his Son and Succellor Kimva/atu pcr- 
form'd the Work, and confirm'd the Lands above-mentioned to tlie faid 

Other principal Benefactors to this Church were King Jf/a ^ Ethetardut, 
King of xh^Welt Saxons ; £^^^r/,Kingof all EngUnd^ wiio lies buried here^ ?'• 
^vngAlured, whobuiltanew Monailery within thcCoemitery ot the Fpif- 


5 Benedictines. Vor. I, 

copal Church, cndou'dit with Pofiefiions, and gave the Government of 
it CO St.Gr'mbuldus. (This King tirft inftitut£d Hundreds and Tithings)^ 

3 3 , Echvaydim Son and Succeffor , King Ethelfian his Son , King F<ired his Bro. 
ther ^ King Edgar 5 Queen Emwa Mother oi' fjardecmute,znd Edivard fdrn^. 
med the Confcilbr ^ which Queen having peribrm'd her purgation of fup- 
pofed incontinency with Eiwiu Bifliop of Wincffejhr, according to the' 

34- Law Or<^e/, by going over nine red hot Plowlhares, unhurt, gave to the 

SS- Chmch oi St. SwithiH, here, nine Manors 5 lo alfo did the faid Bifliop 
Elwm; i^l which gifts were confirm'd by King f rt^2i;W the Confefior. 

3^' Jnfio Dom. 1079. Bifhop Pfl7/4^//«w began to new build the Church from 
the Foundation, towards which Work the King gave fo much VVood, a^ 
could be cat down and carried away from his adjnyning Wood called 
Hanepmges, in three days and nights , upon which, fuch an innumerable 
Company of Carpenters alTembled, that in the time limitted, they con- 
veyed away tlie whole Wood. 

Anno Dom. 963. In the timeofBifliop ^/Z^if/HJo/;/, the fecular Clergy of 

-"* this Church, living liceotioufly, 'were difplaced, and Monks put in thtir 
room. Vide ifrfra, p. gjc). 

[Valued at 1507/. IJ s. zd. per Annnm.'] 

D U R H A M Monafierj. 

A ^"'^ ^°^' ^3 ^' ^'o'l'^y ^'gl^'^ y^^*"^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^''^ coming of the 
_£\_ Er7glijh into Britain, and thirty nine years from the coming of 
bf . Afiguftine, pious King Ofwald erefted a Bilhops Seat in the Illand cf 
Lat:djsjarn, of which Agdanus became Bilhop, and placed there the Monks 
that came along with him. • / 

39. Of this See, C;/fi'^erj?wasConreerated Bifhop, at Tork^, on Eaftefday 

Anno Dom. 685". To h'lm Egfrid Kingof Northamlerland g^avc Creec, wirh 
the Lands three Miles about it, and alfo Luguhalia^ now called Carltle, with 
the Lands fifteen Miles about it. Oh. Cuthhert 6'ij. 

Anno Dom. yxg. Coelwolf K'.ns^of Northumkr/and began his Reign; he 
was a great Benefaftor'to this Church, and became himfelf a- i\'lonk 
here. * * 

40- Allthe Land lying between the two Rivers oftyne and Tcfe, was for- 
merly given to St. 0(//;^(?r/, and was fubjedV to the Government of the 
Bifhopof St. Cuthierfs Chmxh, till the Danes took away a great.pait cf 
the Lands, which were however reftored again by King Ethe'jtan. 

41- In the year 1074. -^Wivi;-waMonkandtwo of his Companions led a 
Monaftick Life at a place then called Cirecum or Gime in NorthumherLn^y 
from which three Monks, three Monafteries proceeded, namely one at 
Durham, in honour of the bleffed Virgin Mary, and of Si". Cuthhert^ one at 
Leftwgharrt, and one at a place then called Strene^algh,2\\ three witluii the 
Kingdom of the Northumlerf. 

William de Karikpho by his Deed d:itcd Anno Dom 1082. declared the 
many and great Liberties granted by Pope Gregory the Vll. and adds others 
to the Church of St. Cuthhert., with an Anathema to the Impugr.ors, 
44. Kngf-Fi/Zidw the Conqueror upon the precept of Pope Gregory theVIT. 

and at the Petition oi William Bifhop ot Durham, removed ihe Stculir 
Canons out of the Church of Dmham, and placed MonkS in thfir room, 
and confirmed all the Liberties and Priviiedges granted to the faid Chu^ '":, 
and this by his Charter dated m the 1 2th. year of his tleign. 1 /'<■■?..•; 

Vol. f. BENEbrcriNEs, 

Jhomai Archbifhopof Tork fet forth and declared the Diqcefsof theBi- 
(hop oi" Durham tO be all the Land betw ixt Tyne and Tefe, NortlmmherlaNj, 
Tevydale, Tyndal, Carkol, iVeredale, with the Church, o^ Hertejham, and 

Principal Benefaftors to this Church were. King William the Conqueror, 
who gave great Pofeflions to the Bifhop and his SucceiTbrs,to hold all as freo ^^' 
and qiiict as he himfelf held them in his own hands . 

Edgar S:in o[ Malcolm of the Scofs,\\t gave to the Church of Durham, 
the Manfion of 5mp/c, ^nd CoUynghamfchjr. Richard i\\Q I. he granted and confirm'd to the Bifhop of Durham ^ 
and his Succelfors many great Pririledges, with the Dominion and Liber- ^ 
ty of a Count Pa! at in, for ever, ©c. Vid. Vol i.p. 845. '^7° 

[Valued at 1 366 /. 10 s. p J. per Annum. ] 


MAyldulphus, hy'^ztion 2l Scotchman, a Philofopher by Erudition, and 
a Mook by Profeflion, V?as the firft Founder of the Mooaftery 49* 

An»o Dom. 6^^^. King Berthwald, with theConfent aftd Confirmation 
of King Mthelred, gave to this Monaftery for ever Summerford, lying upon ^°' 
the River Thames. 

Other Bentfadors to this Monaflery were I.«/i)<rr;«J Bilhop oiWinchefier, 
who by his deed dated ^«w Oora. 6S0. gave to it for ever the Town of 
Malmeshury , King Athelred in the year 681. gave other Lands 5 fo did King ^ *' 
Chedwtila Aitno 6^z. inthe year' 1065-. King Edward the Confeflbr con- 
firm'd all lormcr Donations, and himfelf granted to this Houfe great Li- 
berties andPriviledges; the like did King William the Conqueror in the 
year 108 1 the fame year Mr«/^ his Qoeen became alfo a Benefaftrice. 

Pope Innocent in the year i24iv. granted to the Abbot andMonkso£ 
Malmeshury in the Diocefs oiSalishury, a Confirmation of all their Lands ahd( 
■Revenues, which fee in the Monaflicon at large, together with feveral great 5'4' 
Immunities ; and ordain d that the iluleot iit. BeneJi^ i[\Q\x\d be for ever 
obfervedin this Monaflery. 

[Valued at 805/, 17^. •] d. oi.<]*ferAnnuml^ 



IN the days of King Lucius the firft Chriftian King of Britain, who was 
baptized Amo Dom. 184. this place was firft confccrated to God's bo- ^5- 
nour, and cfpecially appointed for the Royal Sepulture and a Repofitory 
of the Regalia. Thus it remained till, under Dioclejians perfecution, 
Chriftianuy was expe'ledirom hence, and the place turned to a profane 
Temple of Apollo. Aitcrwards when the Sax»ns had conquered this King- 
dom and were in poflelRon of it, the blelFed Cref^ory'va. the year of Grace 
603,. lent Augufline tiie Monk together with Mellitus, Juftusi, Laurentius, 
and others, to teach the Cliriftian Religion in Britain. He arrived in Kent^ 
as hath been already noted, and having converted and baptized £//;f A 
lert. King of that province, he afterward did the fame to .S^/cr/, King of 
the Eaft'SaxoHs^ King Ethglherti Sifter's Son 3 who upogi his Converhon 


8 Benedictines. Vol.1. 

to Chriftianity, caft down the forefaid Temple oi Apollo, and in the fame 

place Cthen called Tborrieyl^o) built a Church in honour of St. Peter 

Frince of the Apoftles, 

56. In the fame year the bleffed y4«^«/?i»(f, ordained two Bi (hops ^/f ////«/ 

57- Bifliop of LoW(»«, and Juftus Bdhop ot Rochejler. The Hiftory of this 

5^8- Church fays, that iWe////«j going to confecrate it, he found the Work al- 

ready performed by St. P^r^ r himfelf, 
S9' This Church being afterwards new built by St. £i/wW the; King and 
Coafeffor, Pope N"ic/W^f granted to it large immunities, appointing it to 
be for ever a Seat of Benedidtine Monks, the place of Confecration of our 
Kings, and Repofitory of the Rggalia^ and exempted it Irom the Biihops 
Jurifdidion, placing it under the lole and immediate Government of the 
King and his Succeffors. 
. The faidKing£</jv<ir^ theConfeffor, by hii Charter dated in the year 

^' 1066. reciting that at the Dedication of this new Church he had placed 
here certain Relicks,fiz. Two pieces of our' Lord's Crofs, a piece of his 
Seamlefs Coat.with other Relicks of the bleffed Virgin, and of the Apoilles, 
&c. he fcftew'd and confirm'd the Lands and Priviledges formerly granted 
^. to this Church by his Ancellors, granting others of his own ^ and giving 
to the praife of Almighty God, and for a perpetual Endowment to this 
Cliurch,feveral Lands and Hereditamerits, among others Roteland after the 
deathofQueen ^d'g/?)?^, &c. With bleflings denounced to thole who fhall 
in the future increale or improve thefe Gilts, but heavy Curfes and Ana- 
themas againft thofe of what degree or quality foever who Ihall infringe 
or dimimfh the fame. nd. f^oL zQ.p.S^j. 

([Valued at 3471'- os. id. q. fer Annum.'] 

SHERBURN, i» aSOjfCtfljiW. 

(5 j^ J^Dunders and Benefaftors to this Monaftery were Kenewale^ Bdgar, Off a, 
\^ Egbert tSigeherttlna^ and feveral other 5<ja-o» Kings. In the year or our 
Lord 1 1 xz. Sherburn and Horton made both but one Abby 5 but afterwards 
about the year 1139. Roger Biftiop of 5d/«;^«ry changed the Priory of 
Sheriurn into an Abby, th^t of Horton being dellroy'd and annext to this. 
See more of this Abby iftfra, p. 423. 

[Valued at 682 /. i /^ s, -y d. oh. per Annum.'] 


f A ifao Dom. 648. E^/z/wa/i/SonofO/w^WKingof the tforthumiers.gmvt 
xV to Cedi/e Bifhop of the Eajl Saxons (or Bilhop of London) a piece of 
Ground on a high Mountain, called Leflingay, for the building ola Mona- 
ftery. For the erefting of which Cedde prepared himfelf by fading a whole 
Lent ^except Sundays) eating nothing till the Evening, and then only a 
, little Bread, one Hen-Egg, and a little Milk mingled with Water. . After 
^^' this he built the Monaftery, andinftituted there the fame Difcipline as 
was ufed in that of Lindisfarn, where he himfelf had been educated. He 
govern'dhis Diocefs for many years after, but died in this Monaftery, and 
was here buried. 


V O L. I. B E M E b r C T I N E S. 

PETERBOROUGH Ahi>j, in i^ojt^amptonOjrre* 

THIS Monaflery was begun by Peada rhe firft Chriftian King of 
Mercia^ by and with the alliftancc of a great and eminenr man 
called Saxulphus the firfl: Abbot here. The place where ir was built was 
inthofe o'ld Times cMed Mede/hamjieile, but the Church beiiu^ dedicjted 
to St. Peier, it was afterwards called Peterborough The Foundation was 
perfeftcd and the Endowment compleated by Wulfer King of Mercia, and 
younger Brother ot King Peac/a, who after his converfion to Chrillianity 
by his Deed A»-Do. 66^. not only confirmed what had becnalre.idy given '^' 
by his PredecelTors, but gave to this Monaftery a very great quaniiiy or 
Lands lying in the Country round about. Kin^ Edgar by his Charter 
dated A. D.f)-]i. granted other Lands and many Priviledges. Pope Agatha ^^■ 
granted many Priviledges to this Monaftery, which wer-e conrirmtd in 
a Council of twenty five Bifliops, afiembled in a place called EJlfeild 66. 
A. D. 680. Thefe Grants, Liberties and Priviledges, were in fucceedino 67. 
times confirm'd by King £</jw/i the Elder, King E the/red. King CA^a/^ 68. 
Edward the ConfeiTor, ari>.^ Willidtn the Conqueror. 

The Monaflery oi Sx.. Peter at Medejliam^ede, being bult A. D. 65-4. 
remained in Peace till the year 870. at which time the Pagan Danes 
coming down out ofTorkjhire inte Lit^colnjhire, Ear) Algar, Morcar, a Lav- 
Brother of Crowland-Ahby,ci.\\'d tolius (who had been a iamous Souldier 
before he entered into Religion) HardhgHs' oi Reihallc, and under his 
Command all the men oi Stamford, made head againfl them, and at firft 
conquered the Pagans ; but they being foon after reinforced with greater ^9- 
power, they in a Iccond Battel over threw the Chriftians with grievous 
flaughter ; burnt down the Abby ^nd Church of Croyland, and from 
thence marcht to Medefhamjied where they flew the Abbot and all the 
Monks tothe number ot eighty four, and utterly deftroyed the Church 
and all other Buildings. From hence they march'd xoCaml^idge deftroy- 
ing all the Country as they went. 70- 

In the yearofChrifl 970. St. Adelvpold Bifbop.of H'tncheder Lecran to 
re-edifie the Monaftery of Medejhdmjhde, and calfd iithe Borougn c^f 
St. Peter., one hundred year after it wasdeltroyed by the Danes. 

The foregoing Particulars of this Hiftory have been curioudy painted 
in the Windows of the Cloyfters belonging to this Abby, wuh Emlifh 
Verfcs under each Pidure explaining the Story .• Which fee in the Mona- 
fitcon at large. 

[Valued at 1721/. 14/. o i. oh.a^.yir A7mum7\ 

WHITBY, {pj Old caWd S T R E N S H A L E J i« ^O^KOw're*. 

A^no Dom.6^^.Penda the Pagan K\T)gofMercia making War upon O/wy 
Kingof Morthuwberknd, Ofwy made a Vow to Almighty God that 
if he overcame his Enemies, he would dedicate his Daughter to perpetual 
Virginity, and give t\\ clvc ofiiis Manour-hcufcsto be converted mto Mo 
naftc'ies. Hereupon he fought, and t ho* much interiour in number ob- 
rain'd a Signal Vidiory, and Fenda was flain in the Battle. In perfounance 
of hi' Vow, he gave his Daughter named £/-(f//?i</d, tltn fcarce one year 
old to be a Nun,and the Ground then called Strenefkalioi the building "of a 

C Monaflery 



Benedictines. Vol. L 

7^. Monaftery. Itwasbegun by //i/</d. a Woman of great Religion 3 and 
was ac firft a Nunnery, but afterwards a Houfeof Monks. 

In the year 1067. William de Percy, who came into England with the 
Conquerour, and had obtained to himfelf and Heirs the Town of Whithy 
and all its Members, made a new Foundation of the Abby of l^/&i?/5j/, and 
gave all the faid Town and Members to God, St. Peter, and St. HUM of 
iVhithy, and to the Monks there fervingGod, in perpetual Aims, with 
7 3 • divers other Lands ; and made Reinfridus a Mook of Enefham, Prior of the 
74- Monaftery. This was after this place had been deftroyed by the Daves 
above two hundred years. 

Many were the Benefadors to this Abby, befides the Founder William. 
de Percy, a particular of the Lands, PoffeflTions, Forefts, Churches, Tithes, 
and Liberties by them given, may be leen in the Momsiicon at large, 
. ^. 74, 7 ^. P^id. inf. /. 9 8 8. 

[Valued at 437 ^» 2 /. 9 d. per Annum^ 

CHEaTSEY, in ^UWC^. 

75* 'TT'^HE Abby of Chertfey was founded in the Reign of King Eghert, in 

JL the year of our Lord 66&. by Frithwaldits a petty King or Gover- 

_g nor of the Province o^ Surrey, under Wulfar King of Mercia, and endotv'd 

with large PoffeflTions ; all which were confirm'd by the faid IVulfar King of 


The Limits of the Lands belonging to Chertfey-Ahiy may be fcen ia the 
Monnflicon at large, p. "jy. 
g Pope Alexander granted to this Abby many Priviledges ; among other, 

^ ' that theyfhould pay no Tithes of their Lands in their own hands, nor of 
the Beafts which they themfelves kept. 

[Valued at 659/. ijx. 8d. ob. ferAnmrn-l 

B E R. K I N G, in the County of €tSzp 

* I ^HE Nunnery at Berking, eight miles from London, was founded by 
. X Erk?t7waldus ^\{i-\o^ oi that City, for his Si^Qt Ethellurge, who 
was the firft Abbefs of this Nunnery. 

Hodelndm a Kinfman of Selly King of the Eafi Saxons gave to this 
80. Houfefair Revenues, which Guift was confirm'd by the laid KmgSehby. 

The Ancient Profits and Expeoces of this Nunnery, as they were . 
charg'd to the Account of the Celerefs, may be feen in the Monajlicon at 
large,/. 80, 81, 8i, 83. 

[Valued at 862 /. Hs. $d. ob. pirAnnum^] 

The Monaftery of St. Mildred, in the Ifle of Thanet, In Ifeetlt. 

MUdred the Virgin, was the Daughter of Merwaldus Son of Penda 
King of Mercia, and Domneva of the Family ot the Kings of Kent. 
Which Domneva with her Husband's afliftance built this Monaftery for 
Nuns, and placed herefeventy Virgins, of whom their Daughter /J/i/</r(f^ 
was confccrated Abbefs. This Houfe was deftro>'d by tht Pagan Danes 




v.- 1 I. r f 

Vol. I. Benedictines. 

the year laii. Afterwards in the time of KiDgC«a/, it was anqext by 
that King's Grant to St. Anguflines Monaftcry, and the BodyofSt.Afi/i//,?// 
tranflated irom hence to St. Jugufii^es a.t Caaterhry, A.D. 1033. The 
Lands belongirrg hereunto in the ifle of Thj»et, were confirm'd to the faid 85'. 
Monaflery ofSt.'Auguf^ineshy King Edward the Confeflbr. 

FALK STONE, i» j&ent. 

EAr'JwtJaD^ughter oi EaSa/Jus Son of Etkllert King of Kent, built 
this Monaftery in a remote Part from Commerce, fituated kven 
Acers breadth from the Sea, which in procefs of time quite wore away 
the Land, and deftroyed this Houle^ but the Reliques of the holy Virgin 
the Foundrefs, who lived and died here, were removed to the Neighbour- 
ing Church of St. Peter. 

See more of this Houfe, hfra, p. 560. 

[[Valued at 41 /. i^s. icd. per Annum.'] 


L I M I N G, ?« Uient. 

TH E Monaftery here was built by Ethelhurge Daughter of King Ethel- 
hert, and Wife of Edwin King of Nortbumkrlatui.siiiet wiiole death 
Ihe return'dinto Kent, and founded this Nunnery, and lies here buried. 

• R A C U L F E, i« I^Ctlt. 

Bfrthwald Archtifhop of Canterbury was bdbre his cleftion to that See, 8^. 
in the year 69X. Abbot of /?^cto^. 
Jii the year 9^9. King Eadred Kwgofdl England, gave the Monaftery 
of Racttlfe and all the Lands belonging thereunto, to the Church of tanter- 
huy, 0<^beingthen Archbiihop ^and Metropolitan there. The Lands be- 87, 
longing to this Houfe did amount to twenty five Carucates, and one 
Carucate aflignedonly to the Repairs of the Church. 

ELYi^%, i» CambjiDgeQjtw 

AN'w Dom. 637. The bleded Augufihe, built a Chirch at £/y in 3 
place called Cradtndene, a mile diftant from the prefent City, it 
was confecrattd to the honour ofthe blefled Virgin, and ftored with 
Minifters for God's fervice, butthcfe were all expeli'd by Penda King of 
AlfrcM, and the place turn'd into a Dcfert. 

Afterwards in the year 673. Ethelreda xhcV'vc^n, built a Monaftery 
in a more eminent place in Ely, for both Sexes, of which ihe her fclf be- 87 
came the firft Abbefs. In the year 870. the Church of Ely was again 
deftroy'd and burnt by the Pagans. 

In the year 970. Bthelwaldus Bifliop of Wincbejler bought this Ifle of 
K'ng Edgar, rebuilt the Church and placed Monks in it, under the Rule of 
an Abbot 5 and in this (fate it remained till the year 1108. (9 H. i.) 9^ 
at which time Pope PaJ'chd at the requeft of that King, changed the Abby r 8 
into a Bifhoprick. C i ' The 



Benedictines, . Vol. 'I. 

The forefaid Ethelred was Daughter of Anna King of the Eaft-Amels, 
and was buried in Ely together with feveral other holy Women of her 
Relations and Blood. 

90. The Hiflory of this Church fays, that an Apparition. appear'd to one 
of the Monks, and foretold to him the dcftruftion of the Monaftery, be- 
caufe notoneof both vSexesin thisHoufe, but himfelf, did ufe to pafs the, 
night in relig^ious Exercifes, but in Vanity and Sin. After which the 

91. Daves*' deflroyed it to the Ground", An. Dem. 870. 

5,2. Benefactors to thisHoufe were the abovefaid £/Wu>^/,j/ Bifliop of Win- 

chejler. who bought the whole Ifle of j^/^'.and gave it and other Lands and 

93* rich Moveables to this Church, King £^^4/- and Ring £^«)^/■^/ the Elder, 
granted and confirmed to it many Lands and Priviledges, approved and 
ratified by Pope yi^or. 

^ [Valued at 1:084/. 6 s. c^d, oh. fer Annum.'] 

W I R M O U T H, d«^ G Y R W Y, nnw called YARROW, in 
the Bijhoprkk 0} 5^Ut^am» 

96. T"N the year 674. Egfrid King of the Northumhers gave a quantity of 
X Ground lying at the mouth of the River iVyra, to the holy Abbot 
Beneditl an EngUfhman, who had been five times "at Rome^ for the building 
a Monaftety loSt.Pf/tfrj and other Landsin a place then called Gyrwy., 
not far diftant for another Monaftery to the honour of St. Paul. Both 
which he indow'd, and filled with Monks. 

Gyrwy., is four miles dillant from Netv-Cafils^ of this Houfe Venerable 

97- Bede, was heretofore a Monk, and educated under the above-mentioned 

[Valued at 25 /. 8 J. 4^. ;ey y^swaw.] 

ABBINGTON, in 'BanOjfw* 

AT fuch time as the wicked He»gi(l deftroyed 460 of the Barons and 
Great men of this Land, by fraud and treachery, one of the Noble- 
men's Sons named Aheti- made a fhiit to efcape the flaughter, and concealed 
himfelf in a Wood on the South-fide of Oxfcrdjhire for a great while , but 
being at laft taken notice of for hi^ great fana:)ty,people built there for him 
a Houfe and Chappel, which was afterwards from his name called Akndm. 
Inthe year 6j^. one Beam, a man of great Riches begun to build in the 
fame place a Monaftery (though after removed to feme diftance)and oave 
to It a part of his Inheritance. Silfer of this Heane was QJfa, who built 
at a place called Helmfton near xh^thames a Monaftery for Nuns, of which 
flic became herfelf the Abbefs. This Lady had obtained a fmall piece 
of one ottheNailsof our Lord's paffion, to which ftie caufed fome other 
Iron to be added, and made of that, a Crofs, which ftie caufed to be placed 
upon her breaft after her death.and fo buried. This Crofs was in the time of 
Adehvold Abbot here (and afterwards %\iho^ oi Wmchefter) found acciden- 
tally, in digging to make an Aquedud, it was tranllatc^ into' the Mona- 
ftery of Monks, and there preferved with great reverence ; and call'd the 
black Crols. 


V o L. I. Benedictines. 


The Monks ht re at their firft Inllitution were but twelve and the Ab- c^8. 
hot ^ they never went abroad without great ncceflity and with the Ab- 
bot's leave ; they did eatnoflelh, un'efs (ick, fe'f. 

TheTown oi Jlii/ngt'oHWiiS in old time called Seuekefham. It Was a oo." 
Regal Seat, and a place of great concourfe for religious VVorlbip, as well 
before the times otChriHianity, as fince, (tam tempore Religonisfunatica, 
qnam tempore religiouis Chriftiafia, are the Words or the old Hiltorian). 

Benefaftorsto this Houle were Ce^/jva/A? King of t\\eli''eft- Saxons; King 
/«i/ his Son ^4«. Dow. 699. Kemdfus Kins^ oi Merctu, An. Dom. Szi. Edred 100. 
Kingofall England, y^n Do fu.^^y Edgar Ring ot all EngUnd An.Dom.()<^Z. lor. 
in ttie Reignof this King, the above-mentioned ^i^/f/zw/W ivas Abbot here, 102. 
who built the Church in honour of the holy Mother ot God,and fent one of 1 04. 
his Monks beyond the Seas for the rule of St. Benedic},\\Q fettled here feveral 
good Orders, and g:ive great Riches and Ornaments to this Church --, after 
this, hewas by King £^.^^/r chofen to be Bi(bopoi Winckefter, An. Dom.^61. 
King //(?//. I. was alio a great Benelaftor.' And Pope £«gf«m HI. granted 
to this Abby great Privilcdges by his Bull dated, An. Dom. 1 1^6. jo-, 

[Valued at 1876/. 10/. 9^. per A?jmm.'J 


Abfno Dom. 680 or 68 r. In the Reign of King /Ethe/red, one Ofrkh ^ 

a petty King, or Sulxcgulus., firft tounded the Church of St. Peters ^ 
in Qloucejtcr., and placed his Sifter Kinehurga. Abbefs of the Monaftery 
there. This Mcmaftery was bui/'t at the Expence.sof King Etfjelred znd his 
WikElJIedu. Which beingaiterwardsdeftroyed by the Danes, was in the 
year 1058. reftored and confecratcd byA/dredus then biiho^ of Worcejler, 
and afterward Archbifliop of Tork. 

The fbrefaid King Etkelred, in the the 30//-'. year of his Reign became 
a Monk ziBardeney, and after that Abbot j and departed this hte in the ^°^ 
year 716. ' 

The tore- mentioned Ofrkh, became King of the Northufnhers 2Sttr the 
death of Af«re<^, and died, An. Dom. 729. 

The Nuns ot thi« Houfe were difpcrfed after the year J67. and Bene' 
divine Monks were placed here, .£4«. D<7w. loxi. by Wolftanih^n Bifliopof 

This Church was again new built from the Foundation by Ser/o thefirfl: 
Abbot after the Conqueft, andconfecrated inthe year 11 00. by Sampfon 
Bithop oiWorceder. Two years alter which this Church together with 
the whole City oi Gloucejier was burnt down. 

Many were ^heBenetadors to this Church of all Cons and qualities, 
whofe Names together with the Lands given, amounting in all to a 
great Revenue, may befeen at large inthe Monajlkon, from/. ii.i,to 
p. izo. 

See more of this Church infra p, 993, and F«l. 3. p. 7. 
[Valued at 1946/. y*. 9./. per Annum.'] 




Benedictines. Vol. I. 


120. A Nw Vom. 680. In the Reign of King Athdred in the Kingdom of Mer- 
iSk cia^ Worcefter was firft made a BiQiops feat 5 and Bofelus the firft 

St. OfwaU who was Bidiop here in the year 871. or according, to o- 
thers 959. introduced the firft Monks, into this Church, in the room 
of the Clerks. 

King Offa, King Edgar, and many others' of the Saxons ', were great 
Benefactors to this Church, as may be feen in the Momfticon, h-om />. 1 1 1, 
to p. 136. and from thence to/. 140. a Recapitulation of their Lands 
and Endowments. 

[Valued at the Suppreffion at 12 2 9/. lis. Zd. oh. fer Annum.] 

BARDENEY Ally, in JLitlCOlnfijtre. 

WHEN the Body ofSt.Ofwald was firft buried at Bardeaey, there 
were three hundred Monks in this Abby. It was firfl: built by 
King Ethelred, and deftroyed to the Ground by the Dane^, and re-edified 
again by Gillert de Gaunt Uncle to Wdliam the Conqueror ; whofe Son 
and Heir Walter de Gaunt did, in the year iiif, confirm to the Church 
and Monaftery of St, Peter and St. Paul, and St. Ofwald, at Bardeney, all 
thofe Lands and Poffeifions which his Father had" given in pure and per- 
petual the fame : And did alfo inlarge their PofleflTions of his own 
143. Charity. All which was afterwards confirm'd by l^mg Henry the firft. 
Vid. Vol. 2. f. 847. 

[Valued at 566/. ^ s. 1 d. per Anmm.'} 

E u E s H A M Ally, in caojccOetOjirr* 

Skint Egivin^ whowas the third Bifliop of Worcefter ^oundsd this Mo- 
naftery. Kenredus King 01 Mercia, and Offa Governour of the Eaji 
*'*-'' i4»^/e/ intheycar 709, being both then at Rome, endow'd it with large 
Podeflions. The Towns which St. Egivin obtain'd to his Monaftery of 
14^' the faid Kings were in all twenty two. There were belonging to this 
Houfe fixty fcven Monks, five Nuns, three poor People, three Clerks, 
who had all the fame allowance as the Monks had ; and befides thefe, fixty 
five Servants. The under Officers of this Houfe as Prior, Sub-Prior, third 
*47' Prior, Precentor, Sacriftan, Celarer, {§"(:. were created by tlie Abbot with 
the advice and conient of the major part of the Covent, in Chapter. 
All which Officers had their feveral Rents arifing from. diRind and ieveral 
Q. places aV'propriated to their feveral Offices. 
^ * In the year 1 1 74. Walderfiarus King of Danemark gave and confirrn'd the 
^ '^'^' Priory of Othenefia in that Kir^dom as a Cell to this Abby of Eueft^am. 

This Abby was firft founded, asaforefaid, by St. Egwin in the year of 
grace 691. and dedicated • to the honour of the glorious Virgin Mary, 
The Founder himfelf leaving his Biftioprick, became the firft Abbot here. 
After whofe death fucceeded eighteen Abbots until theycar 941. at which 
timq the Monks here were difperfed, and fecular Chanons fubftituted in 


Vol. I. B £ N E D I C T I N E s 

their room. In the time of King Bdgar^ Anno Pom 660, the Monks 
were again reftorcd 5 but after his death expell'd again, in the year 977. 
This Houfe and Eftate was afterwards given to a potent man 
called Godwi», and (uccefTively it came into feveral hands, till at lad 
in the year 1014. King EtklreJ made Ailfwareius a Monk of Kamfej, 
Abbot of Eue/ham ; he was alfo Bifliopof LonJcn at the fame time. From' 
his time the Abby of Euefham flourilht under divers Abbots, whofe 
names from the Mornian Conquefl: till the year 1^79. are as follows, 
Egelwinus, IValtentf, RokrtHs, Alwrkius, RegimlJus, tVillielrftus cle Anji 
villa, Rogerus, Adum, RogernsNoneys, Raddfhus. 'Thomas de Markherg^ 
RicaadusleCras, Thomas de Gloveruia, Henrkus, Willielmus deWyteclurch, 
Johannes de Brokehampton, Willielmus de Chyriton, Willklmus de Bon, 
Johannes deOmhre lie \e, Rogerus Zutten 1379. Fid Fol r.f. 85-1. 
•[Valued at 1 1 8 3 /. 11 s. <^ J. per Annunh] 

SELSEY, in jgjuffcp. 

JN the year of our Lord 711. rfi^rf<^ Bifliop of Hagulftad remaining 
five years in the |fle oi Selfey to avoid perfecution, builf there a 
Monaftcry in honour of thebleiTed Marj^ to which Ethelwold King of the 
South Saxons, gSiyeLands. 


S H E P E Y Monaftery of t^uns^ in Itettt- 

Founded by Qaeen Sexhurga, about the year of our Lord 710. * 
William Archbilhop of C'««/er^«ry, the Conquefl rellored this ,.-7 
Monaftery, it having lain a long time burnt down and deftroyed by the 
Danes. King Henry theU. Kjng Richard the]. Ring Henry the lU. and 
others, were Benetafl-ors to this Church of St. ^fxkr^. here, and t(5 the 
Nuns fervingGod in the fame ; all whofe Donations of Lands'and Liber- 
ties were confirm'd in the 1//. year of King Henry the IV. 
[Valued at 129/, 7 i. 10 ti, ob. pr Annum.'] 

T U K E S B U R. Y, in d^lOUCCftCtOjlt?. 

THIS Monaftery was founded in the year 715. by two Dukes pf 
great account in the Kingdom of Mercia named Oddo and Doddo, to '■54' 
the honour of the glorious Virgin Mary. 

Robert Fiz'Hamou in the year i lox. new built this Church and Mona 
ftery, makmg it an Abby, and fubjc£firg to it the Priory of Cranlume. 
His Daughter Mahilla was afterwards married to Robert h^ii^^onoi Ring 
Henry \. wHo v\as created Earl of Gloucejler ; he built the Priory of 
St. James zx. Brifiol, and annext it ahbtothi.^ Houfe. From himdefcended t.^ 
Ciller t de Clare Earl of Gloucefter and Hertford, who was a great Benefaftor 
to this Houfe, and buried here 5 as were the rcit of his delcendants, jjj. 
Earls of G/e«ce/rer, and the D/)^e«cen who defcended from one ot the Heirs 
General. All thtfe and more of their Blood, among w hom //enry de 
Beauchamp Duke of Warwick, were Benetaftors to this Abby, their pious '^^* 
gilts being all confirm'd and ratified by the King, 146%. ' 


'■' ■— '■ ^ 

Benedictines. Vol.1. 

Thefeveral parcellsof Lands and Hereditaments given and confirm'd to 
this Houfe by tbrmer Kings may be feen, />. i6i, 1 6z. 
[Valued at IJ98/. *i j. 3 ^. ftr Annum.'} 

W I N B U R N E, i« BojfetQjite. 

lAint Quffihurga, and St. Cuthkrga, Sifters of Im King of the Weft SaX' 
I o«j, built here a Monaftery for Nuns, AmoDom. 718. 


c a O Y L A N D, i» 5ilincoln(J)ice. 

li?y<j»^isoneof thofe fmalllflands which lie in thfe Eaft Fens. Here 

, St. Guthlac, at the age of twenty five years, became a Hermite, and 

in his life time delivered the Ifland from DeviUand evil Spirits, and dying, 
was here buried. 

Ethelhaldl^vn^ of Mercia, by his Charter dated in. the year 7 1 6. gave to 
'^' God, the blefled Mary, and St. Batholomew, the whole Ifle of Croyland, 
•ontaining four Lfwcfl/, or miles in length, and three in breadth, for the 
ereftingofa Monaftery under the Rale oi St Benedid : and endow"d the 
faid Monaftery with large Poffeffions lying about the Place. 
,5^ All which was confirm'd to them by Offa King of Mercia^ in the year 

166 793. andbyW^i/i'/^/Kingof ^crcia, intheyear893. 
j5 * This Abby being afterwards burnt down and dcftroyed by the Pagan 

Danes-y .was re edified and reftoredto its former Poffeffions and Liberties, 
by King Eadred, whoftiled himfelfKing ot Great J3ri/ji», in the year 948. 
Fid.Fol. i.p. %3. 

[Valued at 180; /. ip; lO d. oh. per Anmf».2 

BEVERLEY, i» |JojfeC()ire. 

SAint yoht Archbifhopof Tork was the firft Dr. of Theology in Oxforei. 
He converted the Parifli- Church of St. John in the Town of Beverly 

,-Q into a Monaftery, building to it a new Quire; and made his Deacon 
Bithunus the firft Abbot* here. Both which lie buried in this Church, 
One hundred years after this the Monaftery of Sevif^'/fy was deftroyed by 
the Danes, and lay in Ruines three years, before it was repair'd. King 
Ailelftan built here a Colledge of fecular Chailons. And granted and 
confirm'd to this Church of St. ^ohn of Beverley many great Priviledges 
and Liberties An. Dom.^^S. King£^wW the Confeftbr was a great Be- 
nefactor to this Church, and augmented the number of the Prebendaries. 

171' ff^iZ/ww the Conqueror was alfo a Beneftiftor- /^^^w^tj the firft Archbifliop 
oiTork, ere(5tedanew Dignity in the Collegiate Church of £fT/fr/(fy,w2, 
a Prepofitus or Provoft, who has neither voice in the Chapter nor Stall in 
the Quire; of thefe, there is a Lift of thirty eight, Thomas Becket being the 
fifth in number. Fid. Vol. ■^.part. 2 ;>. 3. 

[Valued at 10^/. 8^. 8</. ob. ferAwmm.'] 



RippoN, wpojfcftwe. 


W/^i^Archbifhop ofTork founded a Monai>ery at RippottiWhkh was *7 ^ 
aitcrwards burnt down, in the Devaltjtton wmcu \iinQ Ae/rei{ 
made upon the Northumhrs. But being in after- tunes re editiLa, Ruig 
^//'(Ji{/?tfw granted to this Church the Priviledge of Sanduary, vmui uie 
fame Liberties which he had given before to the Church o! B verfy; and 
that the men of Rippon fhouid be believed by their^M,and b^ meir tta. '^^' 

5/. F R I D I S W A D E, ^/ JDjCf 0^0. 

F^idifwaJe the holy Virgin was Daughter of Didanus a petty Kingi^Sw/- 
regtdtis) oi^'x^ord.) \wx Father bii'ta Church thtre in h nour of 
5i. iflarj, zn<iuUSuints^ and gave it tor his Daughters Pabit tion, who 
With twelve oilier Nuns led there areiigious Lite. St Fridifradedud on 
the 14^^. oi xht Cal ttds ot Ni^veml^r 7:15 and was buned in the faid i^a. 
Church. This MonalUry and Church was all erwards burnt do An, uith 
the Danes in it, uho had fltd thither forRetiigCi but King Etle'reddid 
foon alter rebuild it with additi^ins. asappear>bv his Charier dated in the 
year 1004. In the year 11 11. Roger \\i\)[\o^o]^ Salhhury, in lieu of Nuns, 
inilituted in this Monaftery a Pn^r and Cinnons , to whom King Henry [. 
gave a fair Eftate in Lands and T>ths, which was confiini'd to ihem by ''^^" 
Pope Adrim 

Bene.n£t< rs to tfiis Church of St. Fridtfvuds in Oxfoidf were Maud the 
Emprefs, Fdrl Simon. Ralpth Foliot, and others. 

See more ol this Monaitcry, i.-jr<i^p.^%i. 

D E R E H AM, in Bojfolfe. 

T T JIthhurga Daughter of Anna King of the Eal Angks^ built a Mona* ' 7^« 
VV Ikry lor Nuns in this lown aid was buried here. After the In- 
curfion of the Pagan Da«'f. the Nuns were all difpers'd, and the Church 
was made parochial. In the year 798, the Body of 'St. fr///.^«/-M was 
found here, uncorrupted, near fitij fave years after her death. Ftd ffol 2 

^/. A L B A N S-A B B Y, in fpertfojOdnw. 

S\mx Allan was m^rtyr'd in this place, then cillcd yerolamium, in the 
timeoj/)/0'/(f/$<7»'s pcrftcution. Ten years after that perfecution ceaVd, 
the ChriOians i>uilt here a Church to his nibmory j . which being dellroy'd 
by the mcurfion ot tiicl-arbarous People, O^a. King of MerciJ^ about the 
year 7^3. repair'd the Church, built here a Monaftery, ftored it. with 
Moiikb, tranilaiedthe Rtliques of the Martyr into a rich Shrine, and ob- 
tain'd of Pope Adrian to have him canonized. And by his Charter dated 
in the above-mentioned year granted to the faid Monaftery feveral Lands 
and great Privilcdges. In < he year ii^^Nkhlas Bilhop of^/Z-^Can Englith- 
born man near thibMonaftery)beingchofenPopebythe ozmeoi Adrian IV. 
• • . D granted 


iS Benedictines. Vol. I; 

granted to the Tkbbot of this Abby, that as St. Alhan was the firft Martyr 
oi England, fo this Abbot Ihould be the firll of all the Abbots of £w- 
/<?»</ in order and dignhy. 

178. King John by his Charter dated the iitb. of June in the firll: year of his 
Reign, granted toGod,*andthe Church of St. i4/^<?», and the Monks there, 
divers Lands and great Liberties. 

179. Pope /:fo»<?ri»j, by his Bull dated in the year 1218. confirm'd to this 
Church all Lands and Liberties granted to it by former Popes, Kings, and 

1 80. others, granting alfo to the Abbot and his Succeflbrs Epifcopal £l.ights, 
and the Efpifcopal Habit, and that he and h'ls Monks fliould be exempt 

' ° ^" from the Jurifdiftion of the Biftiop 5 with other exenaprions, ^c. referviug 
as a Rent to the A poftolick See yearly, for thele LibertieSi the payment 
of one ounce of Gold. 

In the Windows of the Cloyflers of this Abby, were formerly painted 
abundance of Hiftorical Paffages out of the Bible, with LatmVtrks under- 
neath each Story, explaining the fame. In like manner were the Windows 
of the Library, and Presbytery painted, with the Pictures of famous men, 
with explanatory Verfes, which Verfes may be feen In the Momiflkon at 
large, ;^. iSz, 183, 1.84. 

[^Valued at 2102/. 7^; id. ob. q. fer Annum: 

jg B A T H, /« ^omcifCtdjfW. 


ING Ofrk was the firft Founder of this Monaftery for Nuns, Anno. 

Dom. 6y6. Offa King o( Mercia^ placed herefecular Casnons; and 

King Edgar introduced Monks inftead of Cannons. 

e- King William the Conqueror gave the City of Bath to God, St„ Teter, 

^ '' and John Bilhop of JVells, for the augmentation of his Epifcopal Seat 

^ King Henry the I, confirm'd the fame, and conftituted and confirm'd the 

18^. E^Kco^ilSeat of Somerjetjhire, which was formerly at Wells^ to be at 

Bath, by Charter dated in the year mi. and in the twelfth year of his 

Reign. The faid John the Bilhop, by his Deed dated 1 106.. appointed the 

Church of St. Fffer here, to be the Head and Mother-Church of the 

whole Diocefs, and reftored the Lands which the King had given him in 

Bath, to ths Monaftery there, to which they did formerly belong; with 

an Anathema againft the Violators of his faid Gift and Reft oration. 

Oliver King Bilhop of Bath, and Gi^ij the laft Prior here, built the pre- 
sent Church, />. 185. -^ 

([Valued at 617/. 2 j. 5 d.perAnnHm7\ 


WELLS, in ^^mmUtU 

^TnewHlfKvng of the We(l Saxons, in the year "^66. gave to the Mo- 
naftery at Wells dedicated to St. Andrew the Apoftle, feveral parcells 
of Land adjoyning. 

187. King £<^H><j!r^ the Confeffor Anno 106^. gave and confirai'd to the 
ChOrch andSiOjop of fTe/Zf, the Lands and Liberties formerly iX> the faid 
Church given, with additions. 


Vol. I. Benedictines. 


WiNCHCUMB, in dPloucctlctflbite. 

Al^no Dom. i%f. OffaKmgoiMercia^ built here a Monaftery for Nuns. 
Or as others fay, it was built by Kemlphus King of Mercia 4.D yt^%, j,, ^ 
and the Church dedicated by Wilfridus Archbifliop of Catiterlurj;and twelve ^'^'^° 
other Bilhops; at which dedication that King rcieafed at the Altar, the 
King oi' Kent, his Prifoper of War. This r*jonaflery being almoft utterfy 
decay'd, in the time of King Ec/gar, was repaired by St. O/ival^ Archbi- 
Ihop o!iTorl{, and Germanus made Abbot here. King i-s (aid to 189. 
have placed here at the firft Foundation nolefs then three hundred Moiks. 
Of thefe three hundred Monks there might poflibly be not above forty 19c. 
who were Priefts or Clerks,thc reft might be Hermits.or as meer Lay men 
get their living by in ancient Times Monks did ule to do. The 
Mannors and Lands formerly belonging to this Monaftery were eleven 
Towns with their Members, the names of which may be feen, />. 1904 

^Valued at 759 ^. 11 s. 9 d, per Annum.'] 

WILTON, inmHtUtZ, 

WZ>lftan'^zx\ oWrltlhire repaired an ancient Church here dedicated '• 

to St. Mary, and plactd therein aColledgeof Priefts. After whofe ^^^ 
death, his Widow Alhurga, converted the Foundation to a Nunnery of 
Virgins, Annq Dom. Zoo. Afterwards King Alfred built at Wiltati a new 
Monaftery, and dedicated the Cl^rch to St /l/<jr/ and St. Bart holomeiv- 
here he placed twelve Nuns and an Abbefs, and tranflated the other 
Nuns hither from St. Mary's, which made the number in all twenty fix. 
SuWeq jeni Benefadors were King Edward the Elder, King Athelfiattt 
king Edgar, WzUium the Conqueror, &c. Vid. Vol. 2./». §5-7. 
[Valued at 601/, \s. i d. q. per Amvn.^ 

A M B Rt S B a R Y, i« mHWu^ 

TH E Nunnery at Amhreshury was built by Queen Elfrida by way of 
expiation for the hiurder of King Edward the Younger, called St. 
Edward of which Ihe had been guilty. In the Reign of Henry the II. 
Anno Dom 1177. the Nuns here were expell'd from this Houfe and fhut 
up in other religious Houfcs under ftriftcr Cuftody, for their inconti- 
nency and notorious fcandal. And other Nuns ot Font-Everard intro- 
duced here, by the Authority of Pope Alexander., King //d-wry the II. and 
i?;c/.;4rrJArchbiftiopoi Canterbury. Winch K;ng//fwr^ thell.' gave to the 
faid Nunnery q\ Font Everard this Church as a Cell, with many other 
Lands and great Liberties, all which were confirm'd by King i7c/j» in the ^92- 
firft year ot his Reign ; withra Gift of 5-0 s. per Annum out ot the Exchequer 
for ever, in the fifth year of his Reign. Vid. 2. Vol p. 8^8. ^93« 

[Valued «t 4^ j /. 151. 2 d. per Annum.'] 

Da MID- 


B g N E t> t C T 1 N E S. VoLo L 

M I D L E T o N, in ©o^fetdiice. 

194" XT' IN G '^AjthelJiaKy having upon falfe accufations unjufllybaniflit his 
jI\_ youngeft Brother Edwyttt and put him to Sea in an old Veflel with- 
out either Sails or Oars, where he was drown'd 3 and being afterwards 
extream penitent, he built and endowed here a Church and Monaftery 

ip?' in honour ot St. Mary and St. Sampfon the Archbiftiop 5 and ftored it with 
Black Monks, for the Soul of his faid Brother fii/HjyM. 

Healfopurchafedfrom Rome and other places beyond the Seas feveral 
holy Reliques; and gave them to this Monaftery as a piece of our Saviour's 
Crofs ; a Great Crofs compofed of Gold, Silver, and precious Stones 5 

196. the Arm and feveral Bones of St. Sampfon the Archbifhop, (Sc. King Athel- 
7?dr»'s Charter of Endowment bears date ii the year 843. and was cxera- 
plitied andconfirm'd by King Henry the il, 

J 07, The fame Founder built another Monaftery on the fame occafion, at 

a place called Michel; in Dorfetflnre. 

[Valued at J 7 8/. 13^: 11 d. oh. per Annum. ~\ 


POLESWORTH, in m^l\Qit}Mtt' 

^Glert King of thtWefi Saxons built here a Nunnery, and made his 
Daughter £f////^ the firft Abbe(s there. King fVilliam the Conquer- 

198, or gave this Eftate to a Favourite of his called ^vx Robert Marmyon, whofe 
chiet Seat was at the Neighbouring Caftle of 7amvDortb, he expell'd the 
Nunb for a while, but not long after reftored them again to their old Eftate, 
and was reputed their Founder. The Nuns of Polefworth had a Cell at 
Olbury, which was given to their Monaftery by Walter de Hayings, and 

199. confirm'd to them by Roger Bilhop of Chefter (then the fame Diocefs with 
Coventry/ind Litchfield) and others. 

[Valued at 87 /. 16 s. 3 d. fer Annttm.'] 

5/. w E a B u R G s, at ci^eftcr- 

THE holy Virgin Werlurg was Daughter of Wulfer King of Mercia, 
and Ermenilda his Wife. She lived and died in a Monaftery at 
Chefter,whKh had been built of old time for the Habitation of Nuns 5 but 
after the Conqueft Hugh Earl ofCheJier placed Monks there. 

The Monaftery was built by KingEdgar in the year 8 5 8. Hugh Eirl of 
Ckj?tfr having eftablifht Monks here, endow'd the Foundation with great 
Revenues, his Barons alfo giving very liberally to the fame, whofe Char- 
ter bears date Jnno Dom. 1093. The Particulars given may be feen in the 
MovafticondX large, ^. zoiixox. 
See more of this Houfe, />• 9 8 5-. 

[^Valued at 1 00 3 /. $u ij d. fsr Annum.'] 



VoLi I. Benedictines. 


A T H E L I N G, in ^OltieCfetHjfW. lot. 

KI N G Elfred being driven out of his Kingdom by the Danes^ con- 
ceal'd himfelf for fome time in tliis place, then compaft about 
witti Marilhes and Water, that it wasinaccefJable but with a Boat. Upon 
his reftoration he built Iiere a Church and Monaflery. His Charter of 
Endowment bears date ^»w Dow. §78. ^°)° 

About the fame time that King Elfred founded this Mooaftery for 
Monks, he founded another for Nuns at Shafteslury. 

[^Valued at 209/. ou 3 d. q. fcr Amnm.'] 

p E a s H o R E. /•« mo?eeCctQjicc. 

TH E Monaftery here was built in the time of King Edgar by 
Duke Egelivardus 5 but the greateft part of its Eltate was in after- 
time transferred b v Ring Edwa> d and King William to Weflmittjler. Oth( rs 
fay, it was founded about the year 604. by 0/?y^/</ Nephew ci King Athet- 204. 
red. Ofwj/d did at firrt: place here (ecular Canons, which were alter 
changed to Monks, then Canons reftored, 9nd then Monks once again in- 
troduced by King Edgar. Atmo.Dom. iixj. there happened a grie\0'js fire 
here, and the Monks for rcme time having left the place, their El! ate was 
ufurpt by the Monks of Wel}ynin(ier. The Deeds, and Charters of Privi- 
ledges of this Houfe being burnt, Witnefles were examined and made 2°5^* 
(everal Depofitions of the ancient Liberties and Gufloms ufed-, and of right ^°^° 
belonging to this Monaftery, which may be feen in the MonajiicoH at ^°7' 

[Valued at d 45 /. 4^. ^d. pr Annum.'] 

\ : .. \ 

HIDE, in i^ampdji'te. j^og. 

THIS is otherwife called the new Monaflery at Witichejier^ and was 
dciigned by King£//>-e^, but built alter his death by his Son King 
Edward, Who placed therein fecular Canons under the Rule of a holy man 
caird Grimhaldus. This new Monaftery being at firfl built within the 
City, clofe to the Cathedral Church, was on the account of feveral in- 
conveniencies in theScituation, removed in the year 1121. to the place 
called Hide. Great was<he Revenue given to this Monaflery, and many 
the Benefa6lors befidcs the Founder, as King AtbelJlaH^ King Edmund, 
King f^rt'rf', King £/^g^/- (who expeU'dtlie Canons and placed Monks here) 
King Edmund IroMlide, Fd'ftjWthe Conleffor, Ffi/Z/a/w the Conqueror, ^^^^ 
Henry I. and M^«^his Queen, ©c. 

But this Houfe was not without its misfortunes, WilUdm the Conqueror 
at his firft coming finding the Abbot and twelve of his Monks in arms 
againfthim, feiz'd upon their Eftate and held it from them almoft two 
years. And in the Reign o\K\n^ Stephen, Henry then Bifhop oiWinckejUr 
tommittedfuch extortions upon the Monks here, tiiat he got from them 
almofl all their Church Plate, and was fo opprellive tliat of forty Mosks, 
there remained but ten in the Houfe, 

' " Tlie 


Benedictines. Vol. 1. 

2 1 1. King Edgars Diploma to this Houfe was written ia Letters of Gold, 
and doxtdi Anno Dotn. ^65. 

The Priviledges of this Houfe were agreed and fettled between IVillhm 
Biftiop oiWinchefter and Gaufridtts Abbot here. An. Dom. i lio. 
[^Valued at S^j /. i8 ^. oi. ob. Annum.'] 

zii. WINCHESTER Monajiery of Nuns. 

A Bout the year 905. Alfioitha Wife of K\ng Alfred, began the Foun- 
dation of a Nunnery at Winchsjler, which was after her death com- 
pleated by her Son King Edward the Elder. 

[Valued at I'j^t. 'j s. 2 d. fer Annum.'} 

XI3. St. PETRO CVS, at Bodmin, iw.CojtllSjaU. 

KING Athelftan was the firft Founder of this Moriaftery for .Monks ; 
which after the Conqueft, came into the Crown, but was purchafed 
by Algams, and flored with Camons regular. 

5^ G E R M A I N S, /« COJtrtBall 

KI N G Atheljlan founded a Monaflery here, which at that time was 
the Seat of a Bilhop, but was afterwards removed by King Edward 
the ConfefTor from hence to Exeter. Bartholomew Bifliopof £xe?er intro- 
duced into this Church by the King's Authority, Canons Regular, eight in 
number, and a Prior. 

[Valuedat 245 /. 8 J.' per y^»»«w.] 


S H A F T E S B U R Y, /» ©OjCCtOjitC 

'I NG EZ/rf^ built this Town in the year 880. Elgiva Wife of ^</. 
^ ^ mund., great Grand- child ofthefaid Elfred, built here a Monaftery 
lor Nuns. King Edward the younger, commonly called St. Edward tiie 
Martyr, murder'dby his Mother- in-Laws procurement, was here interr'd, 
on which account this Church was afterwards ca^'d by his name. 
^. Benefaftors to this Houfe were King £^/K««^, KiDg£<^rf</, ^. I>. 948. 

jit' and King Etheldred, loor. 
2^ ^" See more of this Monaftery, p. 98;. 

[Valued at ii66l. % s. <)d, pr Annum.'} • , 

■■ — T ■ ~~ ' ■ ■ ■ '^ 

117. T A V E S T O C K, i» 5Bel)0nfl)itf* 

ORdgartts an Earl in thefe Parts, and Father of Eifrid Wife of Ring 
Edgar, built this Monaftery in the year 961, for Monks. It was 
afterwards burnt down by the Danes. King Edelred., in the year 981. en- 
,t3 dow'd it with Lands and Liberties; the like did King Henry the I. all 
• : which 

Vol. L Benedictines, ~ ^ 

which was exemplified and confirm'd by King Edward the III. in the 
twenty fecond Year of his Reign. 
Sec more of this Monaftery, p,()9S' 

(^Valuedat.902 /. J j. 7 d. fer Annum.'] 

RUMSEY, in^mMl^ 

KI N G Edward the Elder, built here a Monaftcry, in which his Grand- 
fon King iE^g^r placed religious Nuns, under the Government of 
J\.et wittathtvc khheis, AmoDom.^oj. 

King Edgar, King Henry III. and King Edward I. were Benefa£lors to 
this Houfe, and confirm'd the Lands and Liberties to them given. 
[[Valued at 595 /, \o s. lod. oh. per Annum.] 

H o a T o N, ift BojcctO^ire* 

ORgarus Earl of Devoftfhire (formerly mention'd) was the firft Foun- 
ier of this Monaflery, who after* his deceafe, which happen'd in 
the year 971. was here buried. 

i?egfrBi(liopof5^ir^KrK,*obtain'd of King Henry x\\t\. that this Houfe 
and the PoflefTions thereunto belonging fhould be transfer'd and aonext to 
the Monaffery of Shirhurn, fo that in after times it was accounted only 
as a Cell of that Houfe, tho' it had been before that jreckon'd as an Abby 



EXETER, in j>el)onfl)tce. 

THE Kingdom of the Wefi Saxens having been, deftitute of a Bifhop 
for full (even years before, Pope Formofus rhreatn'd to curfe Ring 
Edward the Elder, in the year 905. unlefs he would reflore Bilhops ac- 
cording to the ancient Tradition. Hereupon that King calling a Synod, 
in which prefidcd P/£'gw«»d'«j Archbithop gf Canterhury, did by their ad- 
vice conflitute feveral Bilhops Seats, and fct out their feveral Diocefies, 
and the Archbifhop ordain'd feven Bifhops in one day to fcven Churches, 
among which Athelftan was made Biftiop oi Cornwall, and Eadulf of Crid- azi. 
htgtoH. In theyejfr 1046. King f^ifW the Confeflbr united thefe two 
Bilhopncks, and foon alter at the reqaeft of PopeI,«fixt the Seat of the 
Bifhop in the Monafier)- of St. Mary and St. Peter ax Exeter, the then Bi- 
ihop Dofric being introduced. into the Cathedral Church betwixt the 
King and Queen. Which Bifiiop finding the faid Church much dccay*d 
and impoverifht in its Goods and Revenues became a great Benefadkor, gi- 
ving to it not only feveral Books and Church Ornaments.but divers Lands 5 ^' 
and recovcr'd tor the Monafter^ other Lands which had been formerly ■ 
given, and fince loft and taken from them. 

King Atkeljian, loon atter his coming to the Crown of this Kingdom, ^.ic. 
ereded the Monaflery heretoSt.Af<«ry andSt. Fe/^r, and endow'dit with 
twenty fix Towns and Villages, and gave to it the third part of thofc many 
Kelicks which he had ciufed to be collefted beyond the Scas.^/x. fome 
pieces of our Lord's Crols, Scpufchcr, Garment, Cradle, c^f. witji many 

othcrf , 

f 4 Benedictines. Vol.1. 

227. others, which mav be feen at large, />. 2x5. zx6. After him King ^/i&e/rf^, 

2-z8. King C»Hf, King Ee/wardxhe Contelior, Ring Jo^«, and King Henry the HI. 

219. became Benefadtors: (o alfo King Henry the I. ^ho reftored to this Mona- 

230. ftery feveral Churches which had teen taken from it. 



R A M s E Yj i« J^untingDonft(re« 


N the vear 969. JilmnusDnke of the Eafi Angels, at the inftigatioit of 
j^ 0>^/<^Archbi(l\opof fork, iounded the Monallery of Ramfey, which 
was confecratcd by St. Dmjlan Archbifliop of Canterhnry, and the faid 
Ofioald, in the year 974. and the Church dedicated to the bleifed Mary and 
alJ holy Virgins, and to St. Benediii. 
2,5 2 Ramfey is afmall Ifland, fuuated among Fens and Marifhes, in theEaft 

corner ot Huntingdonfhire, about two miles long, and near as broad. It was 
formerly very much abounding with Alders and other Trees that delight 
in moift Ground, from whence it might take nsmm^ Ramfey a ramis, quafi 
Infhla Ramcrum 
2,35. .At the Foun-lition of this Church King £</g<ir gave to it five Hides of 
Land. St.O/ii>a/</alfo gaveleveral Ornamenti and Lands, and procured to 
it others. 
Z34. Duke Aihims the Founder gave to this Abby the whole Ifle in which 
itftood with the adjacent Marilhes and Meets, and divers other Lands. 
All which, \vith other Lands from other Benefaftors, King Edgar con- 
235. firm'd to this Abby, .granting alio divers great Priviledgesas a Sanduary, 
^c The like was done by King Edward the Confeflor, with the addition 
of feveral other Liberties and Pnviledges. King Henry.the I. Ring Henry 
the II. K ng Richard, Kiagjohn, and Uxog Edward the 1. w»e alfo Royal 
^3^* Benefaaors. - 

Ailmms the Founder gave many precious Ornaments befides two 
239* hundred Hides ol'Land, and departed this Life on the ^th. of the Calends 
of May. His Epitapk was as follows, , 

Hk requiefcit Ailwinus, inclyti regi? Edgari 
* * • cognatHS, t6tm hr\^'ix Aldermanms^ &hujus 

facri c£nui>ii, miraculosl, fmdator. 


1 /Ednothus,A,D. 970. ixWillielmns 1161. 

X WhjilHs 1008. 1 -^ Rolertus Trianel ii8o. 

3 Withmannus lOl6. i^ Eudo 1 2 00. 

4 Etheljianus lozo. i^ Rolertus deRedinges izoz." 
^ Alfvo'mus 1043. 16 Richardus 12 14, 

6 Aielfinus 1080. ^7 tiugo Foliot 12 16. 

7 HerhertHS made Biihop of Nor^ 1% Ranulfus 12,31. 
p,ich 1087. x^WiLlidinus Acolt i^'j- 

% Aldwinm lopr. ^o H^go de Sulgrate i^S^. 

9 £er«W«f was Abbot for five years -2.1 Wiliielmus i7.6j. 

vaxhQ\\iQol Aldmnus. 2.2 'Johannes • ix8j. 

to Reginaldus H14. "2.1 Simon l-^i6. 

II Waherus 113 J- ^^^o^^rtus > iS4i- 


Vol. I. Benedictines- ^e 

25 Ricardui •1349' 2.8 Johafitjcs T)chemar(h 14 1 9- 

26 Edntur.dis 1^82. 29 Johannes Crowland '434- 

27 Thomas Bottenvkk 1400. 30 Johannes Stowe 145^. 

The memorable Occurrances in the times of thefc feveral Abbots may 
be feeu in ihe Monafikon^p.i^i, 242. Fid, 2. f^<?/./>. 869. 
[Valued at 17167. i2<y \d, per Annum.'] 

T H o R N E Y, tn cambjiDgeOjirc^ 

THIS Monaflery was founded in the year 972. hySc.Adelwe/dKi- 24 n 
lliop of H'inchejler^ in the Reign ot King Edgar. In the year 
1085". the Church was new built by GnnteriHS the then Abbot here, and 
dedicated by //(?rx;fy the firfl; Bifliop of £/y. In the year 97 j. King £</• 
gar granted to this Abby fcveral Lands and Priviledges. 

Principal Benofaftors to this Houfe were N/gf//w Biflhop of H/;/, WiUiaw 245". 
TtvereU feveral of t\\e Beauchamps, h'enry de Mcrch, William de Alleneis, 247. 
Brito., Jhurjian de Monffort^ and John de Stutavill. &c. The. Lands and 249. 
Benefadions of whom, were recited and confirmed to this Abby by the 250. 
Bull o'iVoi^c Alexander dated A*D. 1162. 








1 24 4. Thomas Cajlre. 


Role rf US' I. 

1x6 1. Willie Imus tal^fley. 



1'293. ^^'^ ^^ Whitlefey. 

1 1 54. 


1305. WilliclmHS C/oftOM. 

1 158. 


1322. Reginaldiis de Water Miivton. 



1547. Willielmus Haddon. 



1 3 65'. Johannes Depyng, 


Robert HS 11. 

1^96. Nicholaus IJlep. 



1402. Thomas Chanv. 


Rohertus IIL 

14x5. Alaf^us KirketOM. 


VVido Wake. 

1437. Johannes Kirketon. 



1450. Johannes Ramfey. 

123 i. 


[Valued at 41 1 /. 

12 s. I id. per Annum.'] 

c H A T E R I z. i« CambjiDgcOjfw. 

TH E Mannor of Chaterk was given hf King Edgar, to the Abbot of 
Ramjey. Ednodus Abbot of Ramfej built a Church and Monaflery 
for Nuns at C/jj/mz, and endow'd it with n'eceflaries; which Ednodus 
or Ednothusht\ng Biihop oi Dorchejl er wzs murdered by the Danes, 1016. 
King t:feMry the I. gave and anncxt this Abby 10 the Church of £/y, and 
Hervtus the firft Biftiop there. Pope Innocent the IV. confirm'd the E- ^^*" 
ftate and Priviledgcs of this Abby to the Abbefs and Sifters here, about 
theyeariz42. Kid. x.Fol.p.%6c^. 

[Valued at 97/. 3 s. 4 J. q. pr Anmm.'] 


25 Benedictines. V o l. I. 

253. C E R. N E, in BOjfCtlljice. 

SAint Auguftitie the Monk after he had converted Kent^ travelled 
with his Companions over the reft of King Ethelhcrfs Dominions, 
which extended as far as the Northumhers, preaching the Gofpel of Chrift, 
And being in Dorfet/hira a great Company of people offer'd therofelves 
to Baptifm in a place where water was wanting, whereupon by miracle a 
z 54. Fountain of Water burft o«t of the Ground, which was in the fucceeding- 
times cail'd St. Auguflms Fountain. , "Here Edivaldui Brother of St. Edmuvd 
the King and Martyr, led a Hermits life, and died with the reputation of 
great Sanftity ; which occafion'd that EgelwuUus or Ethelwerdus built 
here a Monaftery to the honour of St. Peter, which h\sHon EthelmerE^tl 
oi Cornwall A. D. 9S7'. endow 'd with divers Lands. 

CValued at 5 1 3 /. ij s. 10 d, q, per Atinam."] 

x5>. St. IVES, 7« i^untmgtonCbire* 


'N the year looi. the Body of St. Jvohdng found in this Town then 
called Slepe^ and tranflated from his Grave to a Shrine, the Town ever 
after cook name from the Saint, andEdfiothus Abbot of Ramfey, built here 
aChurch. . Pope Z)r^4« confirm'd the Eftate of this Monartery to the 
Prior and Monks of the fame and to their Succeflbrs, granting them many 
great Priviledges, among others, that they fliould pay no Tithes of their 
Lands and Cattle which they fliould hold in their own proper hands. 
z<6 '^ was found by Inquifition in the 36 H. 3. that the Pariih Church of 

St Ives dedicated to the honour of all Saints, is a Vicarage of the Prefen- 
tationofthe Abbotofi?^^*^/^^ that the Prior of St. /i/e/ as Parfon receives 
all Corn- Tithes, and of the Vicar for his portion 4/. 131. ^d. That the 
Vicar receives all fmall Tithes, obventions, Mortuaries (Teflamentd) Plow- 
alms, Rates and other Cuftoms, which fee in the Book at large. 


W A R W E L L, in i^ajtipCbiW- 

'TNG Edgar hearing extraordinary Commendations of the beauty of 

Elfrida Daughter oiOdgar Dake of Bevonjhire, icnt Earl Ethelwold, 

tu d.fcover if the young Lady's beauty was equal to report, the Earl finding 
itfo, difparaged her to the King, andfecretly married her himfelf. After 
a while the King perceiving himfelf to have been treacheroufly deceived, 
took occafion one day to take the Earl afide as they were hunting in 
Warewell-wood, and there flew. him. In expiation of which Deed Elfrida^ 
who was after her firft Husband's death married to King £<s^<?r,buik here a 
.(.o Monaftery for Nuns, in honour of the holy Crofs. This Monaftery was 
' afterwards endowed with Lands by King Ethelred Son of the faid Edgar and 
Elfrid in the year loox. as appears by Infpe^imMS 44. //. 3. Vid. 3. Fel. 


[Valued at 3 39 /, Ss. 7 J. per Annum.'} 

E y N- 

Vol. F. Benedicttines. 27 

E Y N E S H A M, in ©pfojOflbite. 



'HIS Monaftery was fituated near the KxvtxThames, founded and -j^.q 
\ endowed byonef/Ae^Kjrwi', a manof Q^iality under King £//jf/- 
red, who confirmed the Lands given to it, and granttd divers Liberties 
and Priviledges to the fame, in the year of oar Lord 1005:. 

To thisHoufea MonaReryat5/<>w near Lincoln, built and endow'd by 2^2,. 

Ccdiva Wife of Leo/rick Earl oiCheJler^ was formerly annext as a Cell. 263. 

In the year H09. Kwg Henry the I. repair'd this Monaftery, at that z64. 

time decay 'd, 'and confirm'd to u all its Lands and Liberties. 265. 

rVaIuedat44; /. lu. zd. ob. q. fer Annum 7\ 

BURTON, in ©tafifojDCbwe* 

WV'fricus Spot, an Officer in the Court of King Ethelred built this 
Abby and endow'd it with all his paternal Inheritance, amounting z 66. 
to 7C0 /. and gave to that King three hundred Mane is otGold to purchaie 
hisConhrmation of what he had done. The Names of the feveral Lands 
and Manners given to tliis Abby may be feen, p. i68,, xd^. 

King Ethelred granted to this Abby great Liberties in all their Lands, by 

his Charter dated in the year 1006. And Pope Lucius the III. in the 

year 1185-. confirm'd to them all their Lands, granting alfo many great 

• Priviledges to the faid Abby, as that they ihould pay no Tithes of what 

they held in their own hands, c^v. 

The afore-mention'd Wulfriats Spot, the Founder of this Abby, was 
£ari of Mercij, and one of theBiood Royal. Upon the Foundation, (which 
was in the year 1004;) certain Monks were removed to this Houfe trom 
VVindjejler. Hulfricus wzs flain in a Battle againft the Danes, AD. loio. 
and was buried in the ,Cloyfter of this Houle. 

A Lift of the Abbots of Burton upon Trent from the firft Foundation to 

the DifToluticn. ^72. 

^i Wulfgetus. oh. loz6. 19 Thomas Pakington oh. 1305'. 274* 

z Btitericus. oh. 1050. zo Johannes P/foatoralhsStapiwhull. ^nV 

3 Leuricus. oh. 1085. ob. 1316. 

/^ Galfridus Malaterra ex^Qll'd 10^ j^. 21 H'illielmus de Bromley, oh. j-^i^. 

5 Wgellus. ob. 1114. 22 Robertus Longdone. ob, 1340^ 

6 G-///r/</!<j refigned 1 1 50. to 23 Rohertus Brickhull. 00. i^j^^, 

7 Robertus depofcd and expelfd 24 Johannes Ipfloke. oh. 1-^66, 

i^'^59- 2, 5 Thomas Svutham. oh. I Aoo. 

8 Barnardus oh. I J j^. -i.^ Johannes SudiuriereC\gnd I ^i.^. 

9 Robert chofen ^gain ob. n.77. 17 Willielmus lHathew. oh. 1490. 

10 Rogerns Makhraunch oh. l\%T.. 1^. Rcbertus Oushy refign'd 1451. 

11 Rtcarclus oh. 1188. 29 Radulphus Henley refign'd 1454. 

12 Nicholaus ob. 1197. 30 Willielmus Bronflon. oh. 1472. 

13 Willielmus Melhume ob. 1210. 31 Thomas Feylde. oh. 1493. 

14 Rogerus Nor tftumus oh. izl^. 32 Willielf»iis Heigh, oh. I ^Or. 
15- N/cholasdelVaUmgfrd oh. ixxz. 33 U'/llielmifs Bejne oh. i^z^' 
\6 Richardusde /«/«/./, removed to 34 Johannes Bojl on. 

he Abbot oibt.Ed'f'unds 1X2'.). 35 Riurdus Edes, the Jaft Abbot 
>7 Laurent ius oh. i%^o. ■ oi Burton. 

18 Johannes Stafford oh. 1280. E 2 The 

28 B E N E D r C T I N E S, VoL. "I. 

The remarkable Occurrences during theVimc-sof thefaidjevcral Abbots 
may be feen in the Book at large. Vjd Vol. %.p. 869. 
[Valued at 267/. 14-^. l d. per Anmr/n.^ 


276. A B B O T S B U R. Y, i« 3©0jCcta}ti:.% 

Bout the year ioz6:one Orf«x a Great snan inthtComtofK Cam fi/s, 

together with his Wife To/^,bang both without hope or poliibility 

01 iliae, built and endovy'd the Monaftery at Ahhonhurj^ and dedicated it 
178. to St:/'f/d'r the Apoflie. The faid Orrw did alfo give a hall to a G///iW or Fra- 
ternity ir, t'lis Town, and by agreement between him and the Brethren, 
certain Orders were (ettled for thd R.ulc and Governance of the laid JFra- 
ternity, to the glory of God, and honour of St. F^^^r. V^^ng Edward i\iQ 

2.79. Conteflbr, and King f:F///i^»; the Conqueror ratified 0/c-«/ and hii Wives 
Benefaftions to the Monkshere,and granted them certain Franchifet. By sifi- 
quifition taken before the Efcheator and Sheriff of this County, in .the 

2.80. 53 /i/<?». 3. The feveral Lands, Rents, and Liberties of tiiis Abby were 
found and fet forth; the Jury alfo found that the Abbot here held his E- 
flate of the Ki^ng in Capite by the fervice of one Knight 'u Fee only, and 
not, in Baronia, by the lervice of a Barony. 

In the year i)05'. Thomas Strangeways Efqi founded a perpetual Chan-, 
try in theChappeloftlic Bleiled IS'^an in the Church of this Abby, and 
endow'd it with dents, for'the maintenance of one Mafs to be laid in the 

2? I- faid Chappel daily for ever, for the Souls of his Anceftors and Friends, and 
for all the Faithful, fubjedting it to the Vifitation of the Bifhop ; and the 
Abbot did oblige himfelf to find a Monk (\n cafe he fhould have above 
eigh< Minks, Priefts, in th^ Monaftery^ to perform the Offire : and this 

^°'^- uaderthepenalty of 3 J. ^d. to the Bilhopof the Diocefs, and 3/. 4</.to 
the Heirs of the faid Strangeways, for 6very o million. 

[.Valued at 590/. i^s. 2d. ob. q. perAnntim.l 


H U L M E, in ^Ufifolfe. 

\AMutus the Dafti/h King of England, returning from /fflwe, built two 

Monafteriestothe honour of St. Bef?edi^, one in Norwey, and the 

otnet- this in England. Which lad he founded in a fenny place then cali'd 
Couholm, where, in former-times, before the Danes came into England, 

283. one Suneman 2iV{Grm\te did inhabit, fpending his time in devotion there 
for above fifty years. To the Abby here built, the faid King Canutus 

' gave many Lands and Priviledges. All which King Edvpard.ihe Confeilbr 

confirm'd, and granted others, Sacne, and Sokne, Toll, and Theam, Sic. and 

284. all other Liberties and free Cuftoms which he himfelf enjoy 'd in his own 
Demeans, and Lands belonging to the Crown. 


Vol. I. Benedictines. 


5^. E D M U N D S- B U fl Y, in ^wMt- 

SAirit Edmund the lafl Ring of the Ead Angles, bting overcome by 
Inguar., and Huhha Pnsi,.in Danes, was cruelly bound to a Tree, w hipf, aS c. 
and then Ihot to death, futfering rha-tyrdom for the Chriilian Rel^gioti, 
in the year of our Lord 870. and the i^th. of his Age. His Head and 
Body were thrown into a thick Wood by the Pagans, but being afterwards 
found out by miracle, he was buried ac a t*Qeighbouring place cail'd by ' 
the Saxons Beodrkhejivorth (now St.Edmunshury) wheie the Chriltians 
built afmall Church. I3ut afttrWards King Canutus (who had erected at q8.6. 
Rome an Englidi School, and allign'd for Us maintenance a Sum of Money 
which was yearly fenc from En^md^ and calfd Romefcot) by advice of 
his Bidiops and i3arons, changtd^the fecular Clergv, belonging .to 'this 
Church, to Monks, in the year 1010 and brought hither from the Abby 
diHulnie thirteen religious Benediftincs, whof^ fit If Abbot here was one 
Wtus. He alfo caufed halt the Books, Vellments, and Utinfils of that Ab- 
by to be removed hither. King hldmund the Elder in the year 941. gave „ __ 
Lands to this-Chmch.and a'ter him the torefaid King Camtus gave many ^ • ' 
Lands to this Mohaftery, and rebuilt it in a"ma<;ni'ijent mantier. 

Controverfies arifma; in the Reign of King William the Conqueror, 2.88. 
between the Abbot and the Billiop of the L;.iocefs, the Abbot went to 
Rome, and Ibund fuch favour wictJ Pope Alexander the II. thTit he gr'antcd 
to him and his Succellors Eplfcopal Jurifdiftujn, and this fpecial priviledge^ 
viz. That fo long as they kept a porphery Altar, wliich he then gave 
him, tho' the whole Kingdom ihould fall under Excommunication, yet the ' 

Divine O^cq Oiould not ceide in this Abby unlels fpecially interdiifed by 
name. His Bull bc.irs date ^». Dew. 1071. In the year 108 1. theCon- 
tefl between the Bifliop and Abbot was examined before King William Og 
the Conqueror, and upon hearing both fides, tha? King did declare the 
Qh\Jivc\\ o^St< Edmund, and tlie Tow n in which it Ifands, to be exempt 
from the Biihops Jurifdidion. 

The Steward or Senefchall's Office for the Liberty of St. Edmund, was 
^ place of great honour, and the Family of HaHings held it in Fee. Thty 
enjoy'd feveral great Fees and Advantages by Cuftom, in cafe they exe- 
cuted the Office in their own Perfon, but if*by Deputy or Litutena;;t, then 
the faid Deputy received half. All w hich particulars were iound by in- 
quifion in the ^oth. year oi Edward the I. 

In the year lofo. the Body ot St Edmmd was tranflatcd to Lcttdon,^ this ^^^^ 
Country being intefled by the Danes --^ but after three years it wasDtouglit 
back again. In. the year lozi. foon after King C<7^«/«J had introduced 
Monks here, Aldwjnus Biilrop of the Ea/l Angks, began to build a (lately 
new Church, to which work and for the maintenance of the Fabrick, 
the Inhabitants of N^o//(y/i(- and Suffolk did freely give yearly 4/ out of 
every Carucate of Land in the Country. This Church wa.sin the year 1032. 
dedicated in honour ot ChriO, the Bleiled Mary, and St. Edmund. 

King Edward the Confeflbr, Kingtr/ZZ/'^w the I. King //enry the I. King 
Steven, andKmg Richard, withmmy Biihops, and other Perfons of Q_!a- ~^^' 
licy of both Sexes gave Lands and jfreat Revenues to this Abby. ^^^* 

The B)dyof St. £^/w«;/</rechain'd intire and uncorruptcd> and was fo ''^'^' 
fcenby many witnelles. 





Vol. I. 







"i Wius, Monk of Hulme,oh. 1044.. 

2 Leoffiams, ob. 10 65'. 

3 BaUivJnus, ob. 1097. 

4 Rokn,Soao(Btt^hEar\oUhe(Ier 

depos'd iioz. 

5 Rokrt, Prior of Weftmtifier, ob. 

I 107. 

6 AlboUuf, ob. 1 1 1 9. 

7 Anjelmus , Nephew of -^??/f/»» 

ArchbUhop ot C4»/- was 1138. 
.choren Bi(hop of London^ but 
not received there, ob. 1 148. 

8 Ordingns, ob. 1156. 

9 Hugh^ Prior of Wejtmmftcr, ob. 


10 Sampfon^ ob. iiii. 

11 H«go, chofen Abbot 12 13. con- 
fecratedBi{hopof£/y 1x29. ob. 

IX Richard, Abbot of Bur f on, ob. 

13 Henry, ob. 1248. 

14 Edmund de Walpool, Do£lor ia 
the Decretals, ob. 1256. 

1 5 5/W(7», eledted, 1257. 

x6 Joh>tde Norwold, ob. 130 r. 

1 7 Thomas de Tottington, ob. 1 3 12, 

1 8 Richard de Draugton, ob. 1337. 

19 William de Bertiham, ob. 1 361. 

20 Henry deHufiffattff on dicdbefote 

21 Johames de Brinkele ob. 1 3 79.- 

22 'johames TyMmouth,cte!Lted,y k.i, 
35 WillielmHt dc Cratfeild, created 

13 R. 2. 
24 Williehms Exeter. 5^H.(5. 
2 5 Willielmui Curteys, 7 H. 6. 

26 Johames Boo», created Abbot 

27 Riqhardiis Jriertfham 1475'. 

28 Thomas Raclefden. 1478 

29 Jo/;» i?ffi^f, alias Melford^thi lafl 

Abbot oiBury created 5 //(?». 8. 

By Covenant made between the above-mentioned John Norwood Abbot 
here on the one part, and the Prior and Convent of this Monaftery on 
the other, the Manners, Lands, and Revenues belonging to this Abby were 
divided and appropriated to the feveral Offices of theJHoufe, as fuch and 
fuch Lands and Revenues to the Abbot, fuch to the Celerariu/, for 
the difFraying of his Office, fuch to the Sacrijlan for the Charges in- 
cumbant on him, fuch to the Camerarius, fuch to the Almotter, fuch to the 
Pitanciarius, fuch to the Infirmarius, fuch to the HofiillariuSy and fuch to 
th^ Pracentor. But all Law-Suits concerning ai^^' the Lands or Eftate of 
the Abby the Abbot was to manage at his own proper Charges. Alfo 
the Abbot was to entertain all fecular Guefts as well Horfe-men as Foot- 
men, in cafe he was refident with his Family in Town, but the Convent 
was to entertain religious Perfons, and in cafe the Abbot be abfent, then 
the Convent to entertain alfo fecular perfons, if under thirteen Horfe. This 
agreement, between the Abbot and Convent was made in the year 1281. 
And exemplified by King Edward the I. in the fame year, being the 
9//;. of his Reign. 

The Names of the Sacrijtans o{ BV RT- 

I Thurftan. ^ In the time of Abbot 
X Tolimus. S Baldivifi. 
3 Godefridus- 



Helias WidewelL 

7 Frodo. 

8 WillielmHsSchuch- 

9 Willielmns War del. 

10 Hugo. 

. 1 1 Walterus de Banharrt. 
I z Willielmus de Dijce. 

ic Rehertus 

Vol. I, Benedictines. 51 

13 Rohertus deGranelCt chofen Ab- 19 Richardus de Hominjhe, 

bot ot t homey. 20 Richardus de Colecejhr. 

14 Richardus de Itifulj, chofen Ab- 21 Simon de Kitiglion, lirft, Celarer^ 

bot o^ Burton, and atlaft Ab- and then Chamberlain, 

bot here 1x93. ^^ Willidmus de Lnyton. 

15- Domims de Nervport. 23 Richardus le Brun. 

16 Georgius, firft Precentor, then , 

Sacriftan, than Prior here, re- Of the Buildings about the- Church 

puted a Saint. and Abby, perlbrm'd , in the 

1 7 }<!icholaus. times of the Sacriftans abovemen- 

18 Simon de iMytorif chofen Prior, tion'd, fee the Book at large. 

and then Abbot here 1157. 

To theGellarer of thisHoufe (vvhofe Office was to make provifionfor 501 
thediet of the whole Covent) did belong many Rights and Priviledges by 
ancient Cuftom. He kept the Court of the Lordlhip in the Town, from 
which he received divers annual Profits. His Officers were to be firfl 
fervedin the Market in buying provifions, if the Abbot were not in 
Town. Alfo the Cellerar and Abbots Officers were to have Herrings 
a half- penny in the hundred cheaper than any other people. 
^Valued at 1659 /. 13 f. 11 ^. ob. fer An»um.~] 

COVENTRY, in aaaCtUlcKOliW. 

THIS Monaftery was built by Leofricus Earl of Chejier, and Godiva 
his Wife (a moft pious Lady) and plentifully endow'd with Lands 
and Revenues. The Church was fo richly adorn'd with Gold and Silver, 
and precious Stones, that the Walls feem'd too harrow to contain all the 

The Founder Earl Leofrick died in the year 1057. and was buried at Co' 
vent ry, as w:is alfo his Wite Gcdivi,\n the Church-Porch of their own Foun- 
dation, (n which Church was formerly kept an Arm of the Great St. Au- 
gtiftine, inclofed in Silver. 

Rokrt de Limefey (w ho was made Bifhop o^CheHer.A. D. 1 088. and d ied 303. 
1 1 1 6.}'jbtain'd oi King He«ry the I.The Monallery of Coventry a^nd confti- 
tuted it the Capital Cathedral of that Dioccfs. VVhofe Succelfor in that 
See, /l/w^/; Bifhop o^ Coventry, A. D. 1191. expell'd the Vlonks out of the 
Cathedral Church here, and placed in their room, fecular Canons. But in 
the year 1198, Hubert Archbilliop oi Copter lury, by order of Pope Ce- 
kjline, rcflored the Monks to the pofTefTion of their Church again. 

It appears by Earl Leofricks Charter of Foundation that he built this 
Church and Monallery to the honour of God and St Mary his Mother, 
St. Pf/erthe Apoflle, St. Oshurga the Virgin, and all Saints. And gave 
to the Maintenance of the Monks here fcrving God, twenty four Vil- 
lages, with the Moiety of the Town o\ Coventry in which it fbnds, with 
all Liberties and Cufloms which he himfclt enjoy 'd in the faid Eftate, 
and that the Abbot of the faid Houfe (hould be lubje£l: to none but the 
King. All which grants King Edward the ConfcfTbr did confirm to Leof- ,q^ 
w/tf«f the firfl Abbot there and his Succcllors. Alfo Pope Alexander by ' 

his Bull direfted to the faid King Edward bearing date 1043. confirm'd 
all their Liberties and Exemptions, granting them full power to chofe their 






Benepic TINES. Vol. I. 

own Abbots or Desns, without any Lett or Hindrance fi-omthe Apoflo. 
lick Authority. 

Leofivinus, the firfl Abbot oi' Ccveittrji, being created BiChop of Chefter, 
ordain'd with theConfentofthe Monks, that his Succeffors, Superiors of 
tj^at Monaftery Itiould be call'd Priors and not Abbots. 

PEYKiRK, 7» Bojt^ampton(!)«c. 

N the year 1048. one Wulgatns then Abbot of a Monaftery in this 
_^ Town, loft his Abby and the Lands thereunto belonging, to the kh- 
hot otPetedoroagfj, vvhoclaim'd the fame as parcel of his Eftate. And 
this was by Judgment given in the Court of King HarM Canute, 



S P A L D I N G, i» TlhlCOlnQjite, a Cell of Croylandj.Circ. 

Nfio Dor». lOji. Thoroldus de Bukenhale Brother to G^^/ix^j Ccuntefs 
_ of Lekejier , having obtain'd fix Monks from IViilgate Abbot ofCroy- 
lund, began the Priory oiS^^ilding^ alTigning to it divers Lands, and an» 
next it as a Cell to Croylmd. 

In the)eari074. Tuo Taylhojs Eir\ oi Anjou (.<4»^eg<3iw^) having mar- 
ried iL».'CM Great Grand- daughter of the lorefaid Godiva became Lord oT 
Spalding and all Holland; and gave the Cell of Spalding to a Monk of 
St. Nicholas of Anjou. He alfo confirm'd the Eftate which his Great 
Uncle Thorold had given to this Houfe, and procured the like Confirma- 

307. lion Irom the 2 Williams and Hen. \ft Kings of England. In the year 
1085. TuoTayllop^ by Licenfeol K;ng Pf^/Z/ww the Conqueror, gave this 
Cell to the Abby of St. Nicholas of Anjou, with the Lands and Eftate there- 
unto belonging. All which, with divers Liberties, was cocftrm'd to the 

308. faid Abby of St. Nicholas by King H jlliam the I. William the 11. and Hetiry 

309. the I. And alfo by King 7o/;«iQ the firft year of his Reign, 

See more, Vol. z. p. 871. 

[Valued at 767/. 8 s. 11 d. per Amum.'] 

BATTEL Al>l>j, in ^Uffe]C» 


N the year 1067. King Wtlliam the Conqueror built this Abby in the 

fame place where he fought^nd overcame Harold gad his Army, that 

herein perpetual praife and thanks might he given to God fcr the Giid 

Victory and Prayers made for the Souls ot thofe who were here ftain. It 

wasdedicated toSt.Mjr/i«,and largely endow'd with Lands and Privilcdges. 

In this Battle, it is faid, that above ten thoufand men loft their lives, 

^ * on the conquering fide 5 but what number of the conquered may be gucft 

•^ 14, ^'"S ^i^^'t'^^ defign'd to have endow'd this Abby with Lauds fufficient 

"' for the conftant maintenance of fevcnfcore Monks, but death prevented. 

However he granted to it, to be free from the Bilhops Jurifdidion, to have 
Sanftuary, to have Treafure troue, with many other Royal Liberties and 
ExemptionS;He tranflated from an Abby in Normandy called Major- Mon.ijh' 
^;■«/»5feveral Monks,among whom one G^«j/fr/«^jWhoJie'appointed the firfl: 


V o Li I. Benedictines, 53 

fihbot oCButtait. And gave to this Abbv the Mannor of IVi in Ke»t, 315-. 
with other Magnors In Sujfex, Surrey, Ejfex, Bark/hire, Oxfordfhire, and 317. 
Devonfhtre, with. tree Warren in all their Lands. 

Yec King {^r/7/.'aw gave this caution or reflriftion to tlie Abbot, that he 318. 
fliould not waft the Alms belonging to this Abby upon his (ccular kindred 
or others.bur take care to bcftow them upon poor People and Travellerhj^c. 

Kingf^////<iw/?«/«j, andKifig //^»rythcl. were alio Benefaftors to this 

rValuedat 880 /. 14^. 7 J. ob. q. ^er Annum. \ 

B-RECKNOCK, in mM^, a Cell to Baitel Alhy. 3 jp. 

BEtnard ele Newmarch was a Noble I^orn7a»Jn the Reign of King f/e»ry 
the I. and was the firft Conqueror ot the Lands about Bnckmck tie 
gave to Battel Ahby his Church oi St. John the Evangelift in his Callie of ?2o. 
Brecknock. Roger Earl ot" Hereford Grandfon of the torelaid Ecrmrd 721. 
gavf.^ divers Lands and Tithes to the Monks in the Church of St. John oi 
Brecknock, together with divers Liberties and Exemptions. All which 7zz. 
was aitervvards contirm'd by Maihelde Hereford, znd William de Braiofe. 
Other beneladtors were Herlert titz Peter, John Fitz Reginald, &c. -irx. 

[Valued at 1 12/. 14 j. z d. per Annsun.'] 

A R M E T H w A Y T, i« CambedflnD, 


KING ^^///mw the Conqueror founded here a Monaftery for black 
Nunsi and endow'd it with divers Lands, and fuch Priviledges as 
V. . i <- jiranted to the Church of Weflminfler. This he granted in pure and 
perpetual Alms as ireely 3tjsfjf)crtmapit tj^pnfto^pgfi mapitfp* 

This Nunnery being feated fo' very near the rtorderiioi Scotland was fo 
imp')venlht by the Scots trequent Spoils and Inroads, that it was in a 
manner reduced to nothing, whereupon King Edward ihe IV. did in the ^^^ 
thirteenth year ot hb Reign, new grant, ratifie, and confirm their Lands 
and" Eftate unto the then Priorefs and Nuns here. 

[Valued at 1 8 /. i8/. S d. per Anntem] 

B E A UL E I U {Be/Iks Locus) in 'BcDfOjDfljite. a Cell of St. Albans. 

TH E Church of St. Mary in this place, of old call'd Moddry^ was at 
fir(t a Hermitage and buih by a Hermite called 7?u</«^«j, It was 
afte; wards given by Ruhert de Alhe^eio, with the confent ot his Mother 
Seci ta^ to rne Aboy or Sx,Albans, and became a Cell of rha' Houfe. U Inch' -i^Q 
Robe t endow'd it with divers Lands, all which he gave to God, and St. 
Alban, and to the Monks ot Beauieiu, in Fee, to hold in free Alms. 





Benedictines. Vol. L 

W A L L IN G F.O R. D, in 'BaCfefiblW, a Cell of Si. Albans. 

THE Church here, dedicated to the holy Trinity, was made a Cell 
of St. Alhans^ in the time of faul Abbot there. King FJenry the 
VI. was a Benefactor to the Priory of WalUngforel. yid. Vol ^,p. ir. 


B E L V O I R or Beaver, in ImCOlnfljire, a Cell of St. Albans, 

Ohertus de Toteneio Lord of the CaTlle of Belvo/r, gave the Church of 
St. Mary, adjoyningto his faid Caftle, to the Abby of Stt Allans to 
be a Cell of that Houfe, endowing it with divers Lands and Tithes 5 ap- 
pointing it for the Burial- pl|ce of himfelf and Wtfe, in cafe they died In 
328. fiw^AaKi;/; and fuch it afterwards proved to be for hisdefcenden^s. 
3 ^<^. The Lands hereunto given were confirm'd fLicceffively by the Heirs and 

Progeny of the faid Roherty and laftly by Thomas Lord Bos, in the 

£Valued at 104/. 19 ^ 10 </, per Jnmimi] 

130. H A T F E 1 L D-P E V E R E L L,>, l^ettfOjD0[j(re, a Cell of St. Albans 

William, Teverell gave the Church of St. Mary at Hatfeild with his 
own Manfion-Houfe there, for a Habitation of Monks, and en- 
dow'd the fame with Lands ; all which was afterwards annext to St. /4/- 
^dfw, and became a Cell of that Houfe. 

[Valued at 60 /. 14^. ii^. oh. per Annurf},~\ 

H E R T F O R D, ^ 6// of St. Albans. 


I Addfus de Limefey, having ereded a Church at Hertford .,\\s. gave the 
,^ .^ fame lor a Cell to the Abby of St. y^/^a^^y, and witli it divers stands 
in "?d'r//W an3 elfewhere. The Abbot of St. ^/^^wi obliging himfelf to 
fend thither fix Monk* of his Houfe toXerve God at fjertford, and in ca(e 
the Revenue (hould be augmented then 10 fend a greater number. 

H<idwtfia^ WiieQfth^ fnid Radatfus:, Aim de Limefeji their Son, Gerard 
-^ ' his Son, and John de Limefey his Son, were all Bcnefaftors to this Church 
ot St. Miry s zt Hertford, and to the Monks of St. Allans lerving God 

[Valued at 72 /. 14 j. 2 d. oh. per Anmm.~\ 

TINEMOUTH, in ^OJtl^UmbalanD, a Cell, of St. Albans. . 

3^4' 13 ^^^''^ ^^ Mulhray a Norman of noble extraftion, to whom Ring Wil- 
XV li^^ the Conqueror gave the Earldom of Northumhrlund, endow'd 
the Church of Sr. Miiry, adjoyning to his Caftle of 7//7f»7o«?/&, and in 
which the Bodyof St.O/w/« King and Martyr refted, with fair Revenues, 

335-. and gave it for a Cell to the Monks of St. Allans. David King of Scotland 


yoL. I. Benedictines. 55 

was a Benefaftor to this Houfe ; Co were King Hemy the I. of Engimd, 
King Henrj the II. and King ^o/;;/, who granted to God and the Church ut 
St. Ofwin in Tinmouth, arid th^ Monks ot Si. Allans ^ev^mg God hcie, many 
Lands, and great Liberties, which Liberties tho' rciz'4 by King Edw-ird I'^S. 
the III. yet were by him in the iecond year of his R.eign regranted to them 
in as large a manner as ever, out oFthe fpecial Devotion which hs bure 
10 the two glorious Martyrs ^t.Alban and St. Ojivin 

■[Valued at 35)7/. lO.;. ^ d. oh. fer ^Annum.'] 

WYMUNDHAM, i» BojfOlfe, a Cell of St. Albans. o , 7, 

AUno Dcm. 1139- William de Allaneio Butler to King Henrj the I. 
built the Church of St. iVfj/'y and Priory of Monks, at this Town, 
endow'd the fame with Revenues, and annext it as a Cell to St. aHhms; 
yet fo as they might chcofe a Prior among themfelves and ^refent liun ro 
theirFounder, whom he was not to rciufe without good Gaufe . Am; t!ie i-,.S 
Monks here paid oidy a Markof Silver yearly (o the Abbot «f Sr. ^!lf,ns ^ 
as an acknowledgment ot fubjcdion. 

King /jetiry the I. confirm'd the Eftate given [to this Haufe u ith the 
grant c; many great Libelrties.. The like did alio ffV/Z/'^iw Earl ol-Sw/T^-x, ^_ 
Grandfonof the torefaid IVil/iam the Founder. ^'^' 

Afterwards in the zyih. of King /j^e^ry the VL Iry Authority of Pope 
Nicholas theV, and at the Petition of Sir ^w^mvOgW Kt. then Patron "^ 
ofthis Monallery, it was difchajged from any dependency on the Abby of 341. 
St. Allans, and from paying the Mark/^r Annum, and made an Abby of 
it feJi, and Steven London ihen Prior, the firft Abbot. All which was 
allow'd and confirm'd by theHaid King Henry the VI. u;h.>at the' fame 3"^^' 
time pardon'd all penalties incurr'd by the Parties concern'd in procuring 
the Popes Bull/ by reafon of the Statute of Provifen^ or any other 

[Valued at 2 1 r /. j6s. 6d. q. per J?i»im.'] 

B I N H A M» in BojfOlfe, « Cell of St. Albans. 345. 

PEter di Faloniis and Alhreda his Wife gave the Church of St. Mdry at 
Binhatn to the Abby of St. Allans, but to be fubjefl: only in luch 
manqer as St. Pancrace at Lewis \i iubjed: to St^ Peter otclngni, paying 
yearly to thcChurchor Sr. Allan a .Vlark of Silver and no more. Roger dc 
Faloniis confirm'd to God, and St. /J/jry, and the Monks of St. Allans kv- 
ving God at Binham, all the Lands which his Fathei: /V/^f/- had givciT 54^, 
them, and gave 10 them be fides feveral other Lands and liihcs. The 34^. 
like was done by others of that Family, and John Bifliop ot AV- ^46. 

5f. M A R Y dc P R A T O, near St. Albans. • 547 

THIS waa a fmall Nunnery given, with certain Lands, by Garinus 
Abbot oi St. Allans, for the maintenance of Leprous Nuns, Con- 
firm'd by King John, in the fifth year ot" his Reign. 

F 2 SOPF- • 

Benedi c tines. Vol, L 

SOPEWELL, i» ipiUfHt'Wte, a Cell of St. Albans. 

A Bout tbe year* 1 140. two religious Woirien led a folitary life in a 
fmall Habitation made of Boughs ofTreeSjnear a Wood called Eiivodat 
who being taken notice of for their auilerlties and pious Lives^lGaufriJus 
the fixteenth Abbot of St.Jli>a»s, built there for 'them a Cell, gave them 
the Vail of Nuns, and conftituted their way of living according to the 
- Rule of St. SfW/V/. He alfo endow'd the floufe with PoiTeflions and 
Rents, and affigned them a Gccmitery, in which none were to be Buried 
ibut the Virgins of the Houfe, whofe number was not to " exceed 
thirteen. . • 

He»r/ de,Alha«eio &T\d Cecilia his Wife, and ievcral of their Delcen- 
34°- dants, were great Benefaftors to this Cell of "St. Mary oi Sopeivell; and Co 

was Richard de Tany. 
349, i^/ic/;df/Abbotof St. /^/^4»j, made andpubli(ht here in his Vifitation, 

Ar.m Dom. 1358. certain good Rules and Orders to be obferved by the 
Nuns of this Houfe : among others, tliat the Door that goes into the 
Garden, and that of the Parlour, Ihould notbeopen'd till thqEcU founds 
to the ninth hour, and that all the year rhej ftiould be Ihut up at night 
when the Abby-Bell founds the Coverfeu, &c. 

(^Valued at 40 /. 7 j. 10 d. perAnnum^ 



M E R G A T E, in 015cDfO?DQ)itC, a Cell cf St. Albans. 


'N the time of Gaufridus Abbot of St. Allans, one Roger a-. Monk, of 
J_ that Abby, became a Hermite in a Hernnuage between St. Album and 
Dunjiable, where he lived in a moftauftere manner, with the reputation 
of great Sandity ; at the fame time Chriflina a Virgin renouncing the 
World became an Anchorefs at the fame place, yet the faid Roger never 
g.^^ faw her face, iho' they lived together four years. Roger dvtd and was 
^' ' buriefi in the Abby-Church of St. .^/i5^»j j but Chriflina furviving, be- 
came of fo great note tor her San^lity, that the abovefaid Gaufridus, built 
♦ here from the Foundation a Monaftery for Nuns, and endow'd the 

fame with Revenues, of which Houfe Chriftim became.the firft Priorefs, 
Fid. Vol. %. f.%1%, , 

• 5/. N I G H O L A S, Triory, at (£)CetCt, a Cell e/ Battel Abby. 

THIS Chvireh formerly dedicated to St, Olive King and Martyrj 
was by King William Rufus given to the Monks oi Battel- Ahhy, for 
a Cell ; and by them new dedicated to St. Nicholas. King William Rufus, 
King Henry the I. and King jfo/'«,conferr'd many Lands and Liberties upcn 
this Houfe. 

£VaIded at 147/. 12 si pr Annum.'] 


V o L. i. Benedictines. 


MALLINGE, irt^tnt^ 

KI N G Edmund gayp certain Lands in Mallinges to the Monaftery of 
St. Andrew the Apoftle, which afterwards was by Cmdutfus Bilhop ^^a, 
ot Hochejler, converted to an Abby of Nuns here, dedicated to St. Mat/ ^ ' /' 
to which King f/cwry the I. and King John^- and Anfelme Archbifliop of 
Canterbury^ were alio Benefadors. 

.[ValucdatziS/. 4^. xd. ob. fer Annum,'] ' 

TUT BURY, in ^taffiJjWtC 354. 

HEnry de Ferariis buikthe Church and Monaflery, to. the honour of 
the blefled Virgin, at his Caftle of 7«///<r;,which by theGrant and Li- 
cenieof King William Rufus^ he endow'd with divers Lands and Tithes. 
'E.^rl Robert de Ferariis the younger, Grandfon of the Founder, was a great 
Benefaftor, and fo were many others whofe names, with the parcells by 
them given, may befeen in the Monajlicomt large. 35<. 

JohnD\x\ie. of Lancajler, being Lord of the Honour and Caftle of Ta/^ary, 
granted his Letters Pattents to the King of the Minftalls in Tutbiwy^ im- 
povvring him and his SuccelTors, to arrefl. all Minflralls within the faid 
Honour and Franchife who retufe to do thtir fervice of mihftrallie on 
tile Feaf^ of the aflumption of our Lady \ early, and conftrain them to 
it, according to Cuftom. Dated in the 4 Rich. 2. 

There is alfo another Cuftom of the Place, that the Stage-players who 
come to Matins on the Feaft of the Affumption, (hould have from the 
Prior of Tutlury a Bull in cafe they can catch himbetore he gets over the 
River there, or elfe the Prior is to give them 40 d. in mony. Vid. Vol. 2. 
/>. 873- 

EYE, in @UffOl|;« 


Robert MaUtf to whom Km^William the Conqueror had given the 
honour of Eye, with the aflent gf that King, buUt a.-Monaft.ery there, 
anci lO it gave the Church dedicated to St. Peter, in Eye, with a great 
quanity o{ Lands and Churches, with Liberties and Franchifes, to hold as 
freely as King William gave them to him. In the year 1 1 3 8. King Steven 3 5-7. 
confirm'd to the Monks liere, all their Lands and Liberties, with a for- 
mal Curfe to the Violators. The like Confirmation Irom Williani Earl 
of fic/wg« that King's cldcif Son. This Houfc was a Cell to the Abby 3 5 2, 
o( Bernay in Normandy, fo that neither the Prior nor any Monk could be 
placed hve v\ ithout the adentof .the Abbot of Bernay 5 neither upon the 
death of the Prior here, could the Founder, or his Heirs or Succeflbrs, Pa- 
trons of this Priory, meddle with, or receive any profit from the Goods 
and Pofltdions of this Houfe during the vacancy ; but only, in fign of 
Dominion, he ufed to place a Porter at the Gate of the Priory, whrf du- 
ring the Vacation was maintain'doutot the Revenues of the Houfe, and 
at the Inftalment of the next Prior ufed to receive for his Fee the Sum of 5 s. 
for an Ox, 

58 B*E N E "D I C T I N E S. V O I,. I. 

-^ ^-p. In the Sth. year of King Richardxht II. the Ellate of this Priory being 

then feiz'd into the Ring's hands becaufe of his Wars with France, the Prior 
and Covent complain'd that they were extreamly impoverifhed by Foreign- 
Exadtions, fo that the Revenues of this Houfe could hardiy maintain the 
Prior and three or four Monks; thatKing therefore by his Letters Patents, 
at their Petition and Requeft, difcbarged them for ever of their Foreign 
Subjedion to the Abby oiBemay, and made them a Prior and Covcnc 
of themlelves independent, hke other Evglifl} Priories. 

[Valued at i6i /. 2^ l<^■^.■ fer Ammm7\ . 

' H E L E N S T O W, /•» ^ll\%\lZ. 

'Vdith CoumeCs of HunfifigtoM^ Wife of Earl Wjiltheof, built a Church 

and Monaftery here for Nuns; and dedicated it to the holy Xrinity, 

360. bt.Mary, 2ind St. Helen. She and others endow'd it with divers Lands 5 

all which were after wards confirm'd tothe Nuns here by Ring Henry the. 

II. together with large Priviledges and Exemptions. 


P E N W O R T H A M, i« )Lanca(l)irC, a Cell of EveQiam. 


'Arinus Bujfell, and Richard Bufell his Son, gave the Church at 

PeHwortham, and with it divers Lands, to the Abby o{ Eve/ham^ 

for a Cell of that Abby. All which was confirm'd to God, and St. Marjf, 

and to the Monks ferving God in Penzercham,' by Hugh Buiffell, Grandfon 

of the forefaid fVarims, in pure and perpetual Alms. This Was in the 

3"'' Reign of King PF/Z/ww the Conqueror, 

' [Valued at 2?/. iSs.jd. ferAnnHmi] 

m L B U R N, i« igipiDtrtCtejC, a Cell o/Weftm. 

IN the Reign of King Henry the I. Herelertus Abbot of JVeftminffery 
Ofhert de Clara, Prior, and the whole Convent of Weflminfter, gave a 
Hermitage at Kilhurn to three Maids Emma, Gmilda, and Chriflina^ for a 
Nunnery 5 and endow'd the fame with Lands and Rents. Gjllert Biihop 
3<>2,. of London ^ive the Jurifdiftion of this Cell o{ Ktlhrn to the faid Abbot 
and his Succeffors, exempting it from the Jurifdiftion of the Bifhop 
of L<?»//<9» tor ever. But new Contefis arifmg about this Houfe between 
the Bifhop of London and Abbot of Weflminfter, they came to an Agree- 
ment in the year 1131. That the Bifhop might vifit the Nunnery to 
preach to them, and to hear their Confeffions, but without exadl'ing any 
Procurations ; and that the Government of the Houfe placing.and dilplacing 
^^' the Abbefs and Nuns, ftiould belong to the Abbot, as a Cell of his 
Houfe, ^c. 

[Valued at 74 /• j s, iid- per A^num."^ 


Vol. 1. Benedictines- 5P 

H U K L E Y, i« OSatKlljiCC, a Cell of Weftminfter. 

GOdefrielus de^MagMavilUgive to God, and St.Peter.znd to.the Church 
oi'lfejimiHfler^and St.- Mary oi Hurk)\ the Town of //^r/f/, with ,5^ 
divers other Linds and Tithes, for the Maintenance of a Convent of 
Monks to {^ve God in the faid Church for ever. All which wasconfirm'd 
to the Priors and Monks of Hurley by ffy/Z/^zw^Pjifbop of London. In .the ^ 5^. 
year 1158. Godefriduf Piior o\i Hurley and his Covent made an exchange, 
\\ itli Ahjolon khboioiWalden, offome of their Revenues. . 
[Valued at 1 2 1 /. 18;. ^ d. fer Avniinhl 

>M A L V E R N E, in £2l0JCCllCCl|jiW, a Cell of Wedminfter. 

IN the eighteenth year of William the Conqueror, one Ahlmne a Her- and his Brethren began the Monaftery here. 
King William the Conqueror and others gave Lands and Kevenues to ^66. 
thisHoufe, but more efpecially King/Zifwry the firtl who by his Charter ^6y- 
dated in the year 1117. granted and confirm'd to them many Lands arltj 
great Liberties and Immunities. VidVol. z.p. 876. 

[Valued at 98 /. 10 s. cf d. ob. per Annum J] 

A U C O T, in WitiWiiW-tZi a Cell of Malverne-magna. 

William Bur det gave all his Land in Aucot. to God and St. Mary of 
Mdverne and to the Monks there, in the year 1 1 5'(i. * From a- 
mon^ which Monks .he t\'as to liave, by agreement betu ixt him and 
Roger^ Prior of that Houfe, a certain number for the Inilitution of a 
Monaftcry here. The Prior of which Houfe was to be conftituted by the 
Prior oi' Maherne, by and with the advice of the Abbot of Weftmin- 

[Valued at 28 /. 6 s. id. ftr Annum ^ 

S U D B.U R Y, in ^Uffolfe 1 Cell e/^Weftminfter. 

ING EdivardthcUl. in the thirty filth year pf his Reign, granted 
__ liisLicenle to Richard R^ke o\ Wejlminfler, to fettle certairr Land in ^^ 
Huahury and Holgate upon the Abbot and Convent of Wejlminjler, or the 
r«liet ot tlieir poor Cell of St. Bartholomew near Sttdhury. 


^ 5^ N E o T s, in l^untingtonQjice* 

O Aint Neot was Son of Ring Adulphtts ,and Brother of King Altir^d, who 
O founded the Univerfry o( Oxford. He was a Monk at Neoiejioke, in 
Cormvill^ and from thence his Body was tranflatcd to Anulpheshary, in 
Huntingtonfhire., where Earl ^^/'/^ converted his Pa)n"cc into a Monaftery 
of black iMonks. Which being afterwards fpoild and burnt down by the 


40 Benedictines. Vol.1. 

j6^. Daties^ was in the Reign of King /;/f«ry the '. An Dom. 1 113. re-edified 
by Rohefia Wiie of Richard Son ot Earl Gifltbert ; about which time it 
was given as a Cell to the Abby of Bee in Normandy. The forefaid Lady 
and divers others gave Lands and Revenues to the Monks of Dec fjrvin<y 
God at St. Neots. It appears by the Bull of Pope Celefline, diredfed to 
.the BiChop of Lincoln, that the Prior and Convent ot St; Ncots, lieing their 
Houfe was fituared on a famous and great Road, did ufe to keftow meat 

?70- and drink on all Traveller^ who deOred it, and to this ony ufe thty did 
appropriate certain Rents and Fenfions which they received yearly from 
the Churches ot Eyneshury and Tofney. 

In the Reigns oi Henry the IV. and Henr^ the V. This Monaftery was 
difcliarg'd ol its Foreign Subjeftion to the Abby of Bee, and made an 
Efjglijh i^riory. Fid. Fol.z. p. 8y6, 

[Valued at 241 /. ir s. 4 d. q. per AnnumP^ 


S E L B Y, ih t^OjHOjiW- 


I N G William the Conqueror founded the Abby here for Benedictine 

^ ^ Monks, in honour of our Lord Jefns Chriji, and his blelTed Mother 

tne Virgin Mary, and St. Germain the Bilhop. Which King, and fc- 

veral other perfons, did *endow it with large PoflelTions, in particular 

Guido de Raifjcourt ^zvG to this Church of St. Germain in Selhy his Town 

ot Stamjord in Northamptvnjhire. Thomas Archbifbop of Tork, Gilbert 

37^- Tifn chid Standzr d-be:\n'Y oi England, Gattlerannus Earl oi Mellent^ Henry 

373- de I acy Ear\ of Lincoln znd Coniiab\e ot Chtfier, ^c. gave other Lands 

2 ai;d jjreat Liberties. Ail which Ring Richard the L in the firft year of 

''" his ReigB, confirm'd to the Monks here. Alfo King fi^w^r^ the IIL did 

in the fecotidyear of hi.s Reign, confirm to th^m all their Liberties and 

Exemptions, whtreupon in the twenty fecond of that King, they, were 

375' excufed from paying to the King, in any of their Lands purchafed before 

the abovelaid (econd year, any aid for knighting his el deft Son, d^c. 

[Vauedat 729 /. i^t- tod. q. perA^tium.] 

S H R E W S B U R Y, ^« ^^JOpHliW. 

I^J the year 1085" Roger Earl of Montgomery built here a ftionaftery in 
honour of bt. teier. To this H' rile iie gave great PofletTions, and 
aucr his Example pth^r Barons and Kmyh^s of that County did the like. 
S77- After the death of the faid Roger. Hugh his Son and Heir gav^ other 
Lands and great Liberties and Immunuks, with a heavy Curfe to the 
g Vioiafers. The like did King Hnry the I. and K'.ng Steven, confirming 
^' ' their laid Liberties in fo large a manner that nothing could be added to 
o them. Other principal Benefaftors were Matilda de liungefpe Daughter and 
^g y^nf o^ Walter de Clifford, Wakhelinus M'tminot, Williel'/ius Peveijfll, and 
^0 ' ' Richard Fift- Allen Earl of Armdel,<kc. All vvhofe Guiflts and Benefafti- 
-* * on were confirm'd to the Aabot and vionks of this Houfe by King 
Henry the III. in the eleventh year of his Rtign. 

[.V.aluedat 132/. 4x, loJ. per Annum.'] 


Vol. I. Benedictines- ^t 

St. MAR Y's, at f^OJfc 



TH E Hiftory of the Foundation of this Abby was writ by Stephtn 
who had been Abbot of Wbithy, and was st^^erthat made the firft 
Abbot of this Houfe. In which the mofl cbf.rv»ble matters are as 

Alan Son of Eiido Earl of Brittaitt, having built a Church adjoyning to 
the City of Tork in honour of St Olave, qave it to the {(^refaid Stephen and 
his Companions, with tour Acres ol Land, thereon to creft a Monaflery. 
This was about the year 1088. in the Reign of Ri 'g;>r'//ww the Conque- 
ror. Who dying, his Son and Succedhr King iVi/IiamEuftt.<, gave them 
Land whereon to build a larger Church, and gave to the viondliery, 
divers Lands, Liberties, and Exemptions. Alfo Earl Ala» their firfl; 
Founder gave them the adjoy nig Suburbs lying without the City of Tork, 
to hold freely forever. And gave the Advowfon of this Abby to the 
King, that fo he might be the Defendor and Patron of it for the future, 
//jow^j Archbifhop of r*?/-/^ claim'd the four Acres of Land on which this 
Abby was built asbclongiagto him, and was a continual vexation to the 
Monks, till King William Rufus gave him the Church of St. i'/fww's in 
Tork, in exchange and full fatisfadtion. 

When King PTi/Ziaw /?«/«j, feeing the Old Church to be too ftrait, laid o^ 
the Foundation of a new one, he changed the name of St. Olaz e, and gave ^ 
it the name of St^Mary. 

King Henry the II. granted to this Abby very great Liberties and o 
Franchifes, the fame as are enjoy'd by St. Peters ot" Tork, and St. John of ^ '^' 
Beverley. And ccjnfirmed to them all their Lands and Revenues given 
them by their fevcral Benefaftors amounting to a very great number, 
fome of the principal of whom were King [iVilliam the \. and U. King -go. 
Henry the I. Alan Ezrl of Britaign^ 0</(7 Earl oi Campania, Berengerius de \^ 
ToJenei, WilUelmus Peverel, Petrus de Ros, Rohertus de Brus, Ivo Tallehois, 
fValterus deDaiHcourt, 3LndConanEa.rl oiBritaigne, 8>cc. ' 

In the year i J+3. iVilliam Archbifliop of Tork in his Vifitatidn, que- ' 

ftioningby what flight and Title the Abbot and Covent here, did claim 392. 
and receive the Tithes, Portions, and Penfions, from feveral places there 
mention'd (amountingto a very great number^) they produced the Bulls 
of feveral Popes, and Grants of his Predcceflbrs, Archbiihops of Tork^ ' 

whercuponthey wcrebythe faid Archbiflaop allow'd, and their Title de- 
clared good and (ufficient. 

A Lift of fortie of the A B B O T S of St. Marfs at Tork. g^^, 

io8S StepbanusWittebienJiS. 1x39 WilUelmus Rondele. 

II IX Richardus. 12,44 Thomas de Warterhill. 

1131 Godfridus. 1258 Simon de Warwick. 

• II3X SauaricHS. 1196 Benedidus de Malton. 

11(^1 Clemens. 1303 Johannes de G illy ngs, 

1 1 84 Robert ui de Barpham. 1 3 1 3 Alanus de Ne/Je. 

1189 Robertusde LoHgo-Canftpo. 

Fid. Vol. 3. p. 9. 
[Valued at 15^0/. 7 j. od, q. fer Annum'] 

O Si. 





Benedictines. Vol.1. 

5^ B E E S, or St. Beges, h Cumbetlatlt, ^ Cell of St. Mary's, at ^ojK- 

SAint Bega was availed Nun, born in Irela»d, Hie built a fmall Mona- 
ftery in CaHplmd in the furthermort parts ot Englavd, not far from 
Carlile This Monaftery, together with feveral I^nds and Tithes, was. 
■ atterwards m the Reign of Ring Hinry the I. given to the Abby of St. 
Mary's at Tork, by Wjlliam Mefchwes, Son of Rafiulpb, Lord of CaupUnd, 
for a Ceil to that Abby i which was to fend hither a Prior, and at leaft 
fix Monks to be conftantly here refideot. To this Houfe, alio WilliarA 
^ Forz Earl of Alkmarl was a Benefaftor. 

[Valued at 145 ^ i?^'- ^^' P^- per Jmnm.'] 

WETHER-HAL, i» CumbCtlanD •■> a Cell to St. Mary'j at J^^jR. 

AT the time of the Foundation of Sx. Mary's at Tork, Raddph Mefchhei 
Earl ot CumherUhd, gave the Cell of St. Conflantitj'e at Wedderhal, 
to the faid Abby ot St Mary's ; which guift was confirm'd by King miUatn 
the Conqueror m the laft year of his Reign : (Or rather by King William 
398- ./{«/«jinthefir{lofhis.) , ,. . , 

Benefa£tors to this Houfe were David King or Scotland and Earl 
o{ Huntington^ and his Son /;/(f»ry Prince of Scotland^ with divers o- 

^°°* thers. • • 

Adehvald, (ox AthelvoulpK who was the firft) Bifhop of Car file, con- 
firm'd to tfie Monks of St. Marfs at Tork the Churches, and Tithes to 
them given, in hisDiocefs. Providing however that the faid Monks ihall 
allot a fufficient proportion out of the fame for the Priefls in the feveral 
Churches, and that they fliould alfo pay the Synodals. 

Kxry^, William the Conqueror, upon his Conquefi of this Kingdom, gave 
to Ralph de Mefchines the County" of Cumherland, to his Brother Hugh de 
Mefchinis,i~he County of Che/ler, and to a third Brother William de MeJ- 
chi-'cs (who founded this Houfe zxWetherhal) all the Land of Cpplavd, 
lying between Duden and Darwent. Which Great men (bon after fub- 
divided, and parcell'd out their refpedlive Territories fo given, to cer- 
tain B^.rons and Knights their Dependents, vi:i. Ralph de Mejchines enfeofft 
Hubert! de faux of the Barony of Gillejla»d,8i.c. Ifilliam de Mefchines Lord 
of Copland tn^to^t Waldems Son of Cofpatrick of all his Land between 
Cocarznd^Dervoent^&Lc. Thefe chief Lords referving f rora their Feoffees 
certain fervices, in like manner as they themfelves held their Eflates by 
fome fervices of the King. (Yet were Lands often granted to the 
Monafteries, to hold free from all fervices whatfoever, except the Divine 
Service of Prayersfor their Founders, ^c.) 

And note. That after this manner were Lands and Lilerties firfl 
derived from the Crown, and Tenures rat fed in relation to them-, fince 
the Norman Conqnefi. 

[Valued at 117/. 11/ . 10 d. oh. q^ per Annum. 


Vol. f. Benedictines. 45 

StM ART I NSs at ISec^mUtlU, a CeUte ^. Mary V at |ao?ft. 

40 r. 

WTmar, Sewer to the Earl of Rkfmand, gave the Chappel of Sr. 
Martins at Richmund, and with feveral Lands, to God and the 
blelled Mary at Tork, 

Roaldui Grandfon of Alan Conftable of Richmund, and divers others 
were Benefaftors, anc^ gave Lands and Tithes to God, the Church of 
St. Mary at Tork, and Priory of St. Martins near Richmund^ and to the 
Monks there. 

In the year 1146. Pope Eugemus the Ilf. confirmed the Cell of St. 

Peter Capelh Redor of the Church of Richmund granted a Pcnfion of 402. 
^l. per Annum to the Monks of -St. /J/./r/s at Tork^ and lo/. of Wax to 
then Cell of St. Martins of Richmund^ yearly. 

The feveral Rents and Revenues of this Houfe ; where, and from 
whom they arife, may be feen ia the Book at large, p. 402, 403. 
[Valued at 43/. 16 s. 8 d. ftr Annum.'] 

ROMBURGH, in CambJlDSCCbiCe, a CeU to St. Mary 'j at ^Q%^ ^ q^. 

A Din ("otherwife-, as I fuppofe, called Steven) Eirlof Britanj/ and Rich- 
mond, gave the Cell o'lRemhurgh to God, "St. Mary, and tlie Monks 
of the Aohy at Tork 5 which Gilt was confirm'd to them by Everard Bi- 
Ihop of Uorwich, and that the Abbot and Convent of St. Marys at Tork^ 
might place and difplacethe Prior and Monks at their pleafure. The like 
Canfirmations were granted. by Theobald Archbifliop oiCanterhury, and 
Gaufridus Bifliop of Ely. 

S A N T O F T <7»^ H E N E S, /» H^inCOlnfljiCC, Cells of St. Mary 5 

at I^Ojfe 

ROger Movlray gave the Ifle called Santoft, and large Poffeffions with it, aq^- 
tor.a Cell to the Church of St. Mark's at Tork, and to the Monks 
there. And William Earl oiWaren gave Henes to the faid Church. , 

HEREFORD Priory, a Cell of St. Peter'j at dplOUCefteC 

IN the year i loi. Hugo de Lacy gave the Church of St. Peters at Ffere^ 
ford, which his Father ff<j/^(?r had built trom the Foundation, to the 
Monks oi'St Peters it Gloucejier., with all the Eft ate belonging to it, given 
by his (aid Father Walter de Lacy, and Confirm'd by King William the 

In the Reign of King Edward the 11. great Cpntefls arifing in this 
Hou'e between William de Irhy who claim'd to be Prior under tUe Kings 
Patronage, and Thomas de Burghull who claim'd under another Title ; the 
Ef>at^ of the Priory was (o waftegi and impoverifiit betwixt them that 
thtre did not remain fufficient to difchargethe Works of Piety, for which 
It was atfirft built, and the Houfe running to utter ruin ; that King thcre- 

G z fore, 

44 B E N E D.I C T I N E S. VoL. I. 

fore, to prevent its final deftruction, in the fifteenth year of his Reign, 
direfted his Writ to the Siioriff of //ere/J?/'^ commanding him to feizethe 
faid Priory with all its PoffefTions as well moveable as immoveable into his 
hand, and themfafely tokeep untilfurther Order. 

407. NORWICH, in BojfOlfe 

TH E Church of the holy Trinity in Norwich was founded* in the 
Reign of King William Ruftis, An- Dom. 1096. by Herlert Lofetigey 
who had been Prior of Fifchatnpe in Normandy^ then Abbot of Ramjty^ 
and then Birtiop of the Eafl- Angles, oi which Diocefs he fixt the Seat at 
Norwich, and built this Church for his Cathedral j erefting on the North- 
fide of it his own Palace, and on the South-Mt a Monaftery for Monks. 

408. Certain Limits were appointed about this Church and Monaftery, within 
which, Bifhop //(fr^^r/ obtained great Priviledgcs and Franchife tromibQth 
Regal and Papal Authority. Notwithftanuing vvhich, great Contefls arofe 
between the Citizens and the Monks about their Liberties, which con- 
tinued for many years, and were never perfectly compos'd till the fixth 

409. year of Kvngjohn. The faid Bifhop Herbert endow'd this Monaftery, 
4iQ^ fo founded by him, with large Revenues, as appears by his Deed djfted 
411. An.Dom.ixoi. King ^f wry the I. confirm'd his Gift, and alfo gave them 
412,. other Lands in the fame year. King Henry the IL alfo made a lajjgc 

Confirmation, of all their Lands and Liberties, 
Fid. infra p* 1003. and Vol. ^-f-^. 

413- E W Y A S Priory, in l^eCefOjOCbWC, 

TH 1 S Priory was founded and endow'd by Harald Lord of Exyas^ 
An. Dom. I'lQo. whofe Gift was afterwards confirm'd by Robert 
his Son, who alfo gave other Lands 5 all which was alfo confirm'd by 
Theobald Archb'i{hoT^ of Canterlury, and Jobn Biihop of Sals bury. 

M I D L E S B U R G, in |^OjKCbwe, a Cell to Whitby. 

Robert de Bras and Agnes his Wife, and Adam de Brus their Son gave 
the Church of St. hylda in Midlesburg, and with it divers Lands, in 
perpetual Alnip to the Monks of St.Feter and St. Hilda at Whitby^ for a 
CeUof that Houfe, and that certain of thofe Monks might live and re- 
fide here for God's fervtce in the Church of Midlesburg. William Malehifs 
was alfo a Benefaftor to the Church of Si. Hylda ai Midlesburg anid the 
Monks there. 


VpL. I. Benedictines. 

R AD 1 N G F E I L- D, /« Stttffiolfe. 

TH 1 S waia Priory of Nuns founded to the honour of God and St. 
Andrew, by Ma».ips Earl ni'6if»ertjis,and Emmehxs Wifes Daugh- 
ter and Heir otTKiZ/w/w^e Arras, and.endow'd by them with tlie Man- 
ner of RaJ/ngfeiU,Si.c. late held by the faid Wjlliant de Arras ; their Deed 
bears date iizo. 

[Valued at 67 /. o i. \d. ob. per 4'fmm7\ 



ERE was formerly a Monaftery of Nuns. But that having been 
for many years dellroyed. King flenry the I. An. Dom. iix6. 



H A K E N E S, w f^ojKtDl'te* 4,4. 

IN tUc Reign of King Williarrt Rufus, the Monaftery of Whithy being 
much infelted not only by robbers from the W oods on the Land, but 
alio by Pirates from the Sea, who carried from themalmoft 'all they hUd, 
Serlo de Percy then Prior ot that Houfe, and his Monks, applied them- 
(tlws to l'ViUiaf» de Percy, Brother of Serlo, and delired of him a place 
of Refuge ntHakenes j who readily graned them the Church of St. Mary 
in that Town, which had been built by St. /Ji'da the Abbefs, with Li- 
cenfe toerefta Monaftery there, and m it to rejiain till 'hey could re- 
turn in peace to fi^hitby ; which accorduigly they did, and remain'd here 
for fome time. 

HORSHAM, /•» iliojfOlli 

R'^Lert Fitz Walter and Sibill his Wife, returning through France from 
Rome, where they had been in Pilgrimage, were fet upon by 
Iht'ives, robb'd, and kept in Prifon. till by their Prayers to Almighty 
God, and to the holy Virgin St. Faith, they were miraculoufly deliver'd 
out of their Confinement. After whicli they vifited in Devotion the 
Shrine of St. Faith at the Abby pf Couches in France, where for the fpace 
ortwelve days they remaia'd, being kindly entertain'd by the Abbot and 4'5'« 
Convent there. Vowing at their return into England to their own Mgp- 
nor. to built there a Monaftery in the Worlhip of God and St. Faith. 
Which accordingly they did j endowing" the (ame with Lands, and 
plac'mg therein two Monks of the Abbyot Couches, to which Abby they 
anriLxt this Houfe as a Cell. Their Deed of Foundation and Endowment, 
wasmadeinthe time of /!/(f«r;theL and Her/^rr Bifhop of Norwich, who 
died 19. H. I. 

Vope Alexander, by his Bull-dated in the year ii6}. confirra'd to the 
Monks here all their Lands and Liberties. 4^°° 

In the 14. Rich. z. this J'riory was difcharged of its Foreign Sub. 
jeftion to the Abby of Couches, and made an Englijh Priory of it fclf, 
[jValued at 1 62 /. 165. 11 d. ob. fer Annum.'] 



Benedictines. Vol.!. 

builr here a mofl: noble Abby for Monks, and dedicated it in honour of 
the Virgin Mary and Sz.John Baptift^ and endow'd it with gi:ec,t Poflef- 

418. fionsand Franchifes as may be feen in bis Charter dated nz5. all which 
was confirm'd by Kiag Hen. x. • • . 

419. Hugh Pibhot oi Readingznd hisCoX'cnt, reciting by their Deed, thix. 
King Henq the I. had ere<n:ed that Abby tor the maintenance of Monks 
there devoutely and rehgioufly ferving God, for the receit of vStrangers 
and Travellers, but chiefly Chrift's poor People, they therefore did e- 
red an Hofpital without the Gate of the Abby there, to maintain twenty 
fix poor People 5 and to the maintenance of Strangers palling that way 
they gave the profits ox their Mill at Leomiuftre. AUo Aucherm Abbot 
o^ Reading, built near this Abby a Houfe for Lepers, which was call'd St. 
Mary Magdakns, alloting for their fuflenance fufficient of all things, as well 

420. ^°^ ^i&U as other matters. If any Brother of this Houfe were guilty of 
^ ' Adultery, or of Itriking his Brother in Pride, Anger, or Hatted, he was 

to be expell'd the Houfe ; none were to go abroad without a Companion ; 
what Charity happens to be given to any one, to be common to all ^ 
thefe and feveral others were the Rules obferved in the Lepers Houfe of 
.St. Mary Magdalen. 

[Valued at 1958 /. 14/. 3 J. ob. q. fer Annum:] 

LEOMINSTER, in ^VCZmWgXCZ, a Cell to Reading. 

HERE was formerly a Nunnery built by Menvald one of the Kings 
of Mercid ; but that having been long deftroy'd by ihitDana, King 
fif«rythel. when he built the Abby of Readings gave them alfo Leo- 
tninjier, with all the Eftate belonging to it, and thole Monks made it a 
Cell of their Abby. It was confirm'd to them by Richard and Hu^h Bi- 
iho^ of Hereford. 

R I N D E L G R. O S, i» ^COtldttD, a Cell to Reading. 

421, 'jr^AvidK.ingoi'ScotlMd gave this Town to the Abbot aod Coventof 
_L/ Reading, to haveand enjoy as freely andquietyas any Abby ia his 
Kingdom enjoy ■ their Eftates. With a Provifion that if he or his Suc- 
eeflbrs (hall add to this Donation fufficient wherewith to maintain a Co- 
vent here, that then the faid Aljbot of Reading fhould fend a Covenj 
hither. . ' 

MAY, i« ^COUanO> a Cell to Reading. 

THI S Priory was founded by David King of Scotland, and endow'd 
with feveral Lands in Scotland, by the faid David,, and Malcolm and 
William fucceffively Kings of Scotland. 


Vol. I, Benedictines* 47 

S H IR B U R M . 7» ©OK^tOjIW. 413 

TH E Bifliops Seat which is now at Salisbury^ did of old time, for 
many years, remain at Shirhurn-, but fi nee that time Monks were 
placed here inftead of fecular Canons. The Abby Church here, dedicated 
to our l.ady, was in the time of Abbot Bradefvrd, fet on fire, and e great 
part burnt, tn a Diflention ji'hich happened between the Townelraen and 
the Monks; but the Townefmen were made to contribute to the Repa- .^. 
ration. King Hen. z. granted and confirm'd certain Lands to this Abby. 
[Valued at 682 I. 1 4 j. 7 d. ob. fer AnnHTH-~] 

C A D W E L L I, i« the Diocefs of St. David's, iti'WtAi^, a Cell- to 


'^ I ^H I S Priory of Cadvoelli was given to the Church of St. Marys ot 
£ Shirburn, and to Tkurftan Prior there and his Succeffors, by Roger 
Biiliop of iSa/i^wry. /W^«aci?ot £<?«<^(9« and others were Benciaftors. Pope .2,5'- 
Aksunder, by his Buli dated 11.63. confirm'd to the Abby c{ Shirhum d\\ 
its Lam's and Revenues, among other3 the Parilh Church of St. iVfrfry of 
Shirburn^ which the Abbot of that Abby held as a Prebend of the Church 
of Sj%burY, alio the Church of St. Mary oi'CadwelH with all the Chappcls, 426, 
and Tithts thereunto belonging, ^c. all which Grants and Deeds were 
ratified, approved, and confir.' d, and alfo exemplified by DaviJ Bilhop 
of St. David's, Anno Dom. i 305. 

[Valued ar 29/. \o s. per Annum.^ 


C A R H O W, i« BOjfolfe. 

THIS was a Nunnery founded and endow'd by King Steven near the 
City oiNormch. King john'm the firft year of his Reign granted 
to the Nuns here a Fair, to be held yearly at the Nativity of our Lady, 
vtifhthelike Lifaeniesas the Monks enjoy in theirFairat Norwich. King 
Henry tbQ IIL in the thirteenth year of his Reign confirmed their 

[Valued at 64 /. 16 s. 6<l. q. per AmumI] 

GRENDALE, i» |0OjK(l)«C 

A /^/ci;z Priorefs of the Covent of Nuns in the Church of St.Maryof 
Grendale, granted in feeJarm to R^lf Prior, and to the Convenf • 
of Ctfebum, certain Lands which had been to the faid Nuns given by 
Eugeramus de Bovington i to hold at the yearly Rent ot four Quarters of 
Wheat yearly, to be ptid halt at the Feaitof St. Martms in Winter^ and 
hall at Whitfontide. Richard de Pfrcy, then Patron ot this Priory, gran'ed o 

the Advowfon thereot'tu Richard Malebi^e and his Heirs tor ever, ycild- ^ 
ing, in lieu 01 all Service, one pound ot Incenfe yearly at the Feaft of 
Pentecoflj which by the fame Deed he alfigned to be pud to the faid 



Benedictime s. Vol. !• 



'^Ordanu5,Sono{ Radulfus, Son o^ Brian, gave to God, St. Mar j, and all 

_ Saints, and to Rohert the Chaplain, in Alms, fourteen Acres of Land 

lying near the Clerks-well {fons clerkorum) freed- and difcharged from all 

Clairys of the Hofpitallersot St. John ot Jerufakm 5 this he gave to the faid 

Rohert, to the end that he might there build ^ religious Houfe, fuchashe 

thought fit for God's fervice. Which being built and made a Nunnery, 

- Matilda de Ros, DdiUghtcr of Richard CauviUi, Girard de Canvill, Henry de 

Effex^ and others were Benefadlors •, whole Gitis were confirm'd by 

Richard ?>\^\o'^ 01 London, An. Dom. 11^^. and by the Heirs General of 

430- the Founder, who alfo granted other Lands and PoflefTions lying round 

49 !• the Nunnery. All which Lands and PolTeilions were confirm'd to the 

432" Chutch of St.Maryde Fonte Ckricorum adjoyning to London, and the 

433- Nuns there by King /i/(f«ry the II. 

[Valued at 262/. ipt. per Annum.'] 

w R o X H A L L, i« ^lattoic feQjice 

'Vgh Lord offVroxhail and Hatton, being taken PrLfonef at the holy 

War (in Palefiine) and detain'd in Chains there, was by miWacle re- 

moved from thence and fet down in his own Elilate at VVroxhall', where- 

4i;4 upon he built a Nunnery here for Benedi^ine Nuns, in honour of Go3 

and St. Leonard, to whom he had made his Prayers when in diftrpls ; and 

made his two Daughters Nuns here. 


The Names of the Prioreflesj 

I ErnhorovH. 

5 Muvod. 

9 Ide. 

% Helm. 

6 Emme. 

10 Amis Ahtot. 

3 Sahin. 

7 Maved. 

1 1 Annis. 

4 Helm. 

8 Cecelie. 

12 Sihill Ahtot. 

435:. KingHenry iht If. and feveral others were Benefaftors, all whcJfe 

Gifts were confirm'd to this Houfe in thefirft ot King Edward the III. 
[Valued at 72 /. i^ s. 6d, fer Annum.~\ 

-,^. C O L- N E, in ClTeiC, a Cell to Abington. 


Lhericus de Veer, the Kings Chamberlain., gave and confirm'd to God 

, and St. Mary, and to the Monks-of Ahington at C<?/», ferving God in 

^,y the Church of St. Andrew there, divers Land and Revenues. King Henry 

^ the I. ill the year im. authorized and confirm'd the Subjedion 

of this Church to that of Ahington, and all the Efiate given un- 

^,g^ to it by the faid Alhericns de Veer and others of his Family. Which 

' AlhericHs, before his death, became a Monk in this Houfe, and dying, 

was here buried ; as were alfo his Sons. In the year 1^ 11. a Compofiti- 

cn and Agreement, was made between Richard Abbot of Ahington^ and 

J$hnde Campeden Prior oi CoIhm, and their feveral Convents, containing 

that the Prior and Covent of Co/» might choofe and admit their own Monks 


Vol. i. Benedictines^ 49 

from what pans they pleafe, and that no Monks (hould be fent thither 
from the Convent of Aljndm 3 that the Convent of Colu might choofe 
their own Prior^ who was to be prefentedto, and allow'd by the Abbot 
<-rf filyndon ; faving tothc Abbot the right of vifiting the faid Priory of ^3''* 
Coin. In confederation ofwhich Liberty the Monks of Coln^ did witli the 
Confent of Robert de Veer Earl of Oxford their Pati-on, grant to the Ab- 
bot of Mj»don thdr Lordlhip of Keafington. Fid. Vol. z./>. 877. 
f Valued at 156/. 1 2 /. 4 ^. ob. ^er Amutm.J 

— , ' • • ■■ . i .i M 

c A N E w E L L, in ^faffojl»(l)ite. 

GEva Daughter of Hugh Earl of CheJIer, and Wife ofjeoffrey Riddl, 
founded the Church in honcir of St. Mary, and St. Giles, znd Ail Saints 
in Caneivell, for Monks; and, with the grant and allowance of her Heirs 
Jeoffrey Ridell, and Ralph Baffet, endov/'d it with divers Lands. The faid . ,^- 
Ralph BiJJtt was a Bcnetaftor to this Houfe, and fo was Waleran Earl of ^^i' 

F A R VV E L L, in ©taffOjDHJl'te* 

ROger Bidiop of CheJler (whofe §eat was fince tran/lated to Lkhfield) 
gave the Church of St. Mary at Faunvelle to Nuns and devout Wo- 
men ; this he did at the rcqueft of three Hermits inhabiting at Faurwelle j 
and endow'd the fame with Lands, to hold as freely as he himfelf did from 
God and the King 5 all which King f/cKry the 11. confirm'd to the faid 44*» 
I^uns, and alfo give thcjn of his own Charity divers other Lands "and 

PIN LEY, in mmmmitt 

Rde Pila*-difito», gave this place to be a Nunnery, which was 
confirm'd to the Nuns here by Alured Bifliop of Worcefier, and by 
Simon and ']ohn his PredecclFors. John Son of Jeoffreji dc Langele gave to 
God and St. Mary of f////f y and the Nuns there, his Brother Robert deLange- 
/y, his Homage', and Service, and Kent of 6 <5/. for the maintenance of our 
Ladies Lamp at ?inley {ad Lumen bcat£ Mari<e de Pineleia ) 
[Valued at 2 J /. 5.1. 11 d, per Aumm} 

STR.ATFOUD Priory. 443. 

THE Nunnery here dedicated to St. Leonard, was founded and en- 
dowed by C/ri/?/.?;;.; (^e 6W^/7, and her Son i as feems by the 
Confirmation of King Steven. King Richard the I. did confirm other 
Lands to it, given by (jal/ena and her Son Bartholwew de Dauntartin, Pa- 
trons of the Houfe. 

H ' F R. E- 


E N E D I C T I N E S. V O I.. L 


FRESTONE in %\^m\aMU> ^ ^^^^ "f Croyland. 

Lan de Creun, with Muriel his Wife, and M^mrice his Son gave the 
Church oiSt. James oi Frefione, with fcveral Lands and Tithes, to 
be a^^el! to the Khhj o[Croyhnd. From which Cre««, or Cro«»?,dtrccnded 
the Family of.lWiw/v/j'w, who became Heirs of the Founder, the Male 
Line ceafing. 

5^ DOGMELS, i« .jpembJoTOt^ CCella Carnobii TyronenfisJ 

T'dt^c Monks were BeKediclines Oi^the fame Order with thofe of St, 
Murtim at Tours. Tiie Priory here was founded by Martin de 
Turrihus, a Ncrman who firll Conquered the Country hereabouts cijll'd 
Karyies, or Ksmijh. Robert the Son of this Martin, endow'd it with Lands, 
confirir.'d to k by King Hairy die I. 

• [Valued at 87 /. 8 j. 6 d. per Annum,'] 

W A L D E N Ahhj, in CffejC 

-''"T^H E Abby at iValden \vas founded in the year 1 1 36. by Gaufridus 

4^^^. Ji de A fa;, deviila E^rl of Effex, He was Grandfon of jffr^re; who 
c unc into Enghnd with ihe Norman Conqueror, and was t^t moft fignal 

447. ilote in his Army for his great Performances. From the noble Founder of 
tiiis Abby (who died in the v ear 1144J defcended the illuUrious Family 
of the Bohttus Eadsoi Hereford, Fj/ex, and Northampton. 

Tliis Abby .was dedicated to the honour of the blcfled JMary, and St. 

44S. ^^»??5 the Apoflle, 

The Family oi Bohnns were great Benefaftors to this Abby, arid moft of 
them buried here. 

This Abby was built on the H^eji-dde of the Town and adjoyning to the 

419- Highway, which place was chofen as more proper for the reliei of Tra- 
vellers, and for Hofpitality. 

After the death of the Founder, Rohejja his Widow built a Nunnery at 

■^^ ^' Chinkfand, to which fhe did all good Offices, and for the fake of that Houfe, 
became very unkind to this of her Husbands Foundation. 

^-j^ Williumde MandeviUa fecond Son of the Founder, while y^o^^^ his 

elder Brother lived, led a military life in Flanders with ?bilip Earl of that 
Country, but upon his Brother's death without iffue, he rcturn'd into 
England, and inherited hisEftate. Soon after which he made a Piigrimoge 
to jferapAw and vifited the holy Places, from whence being return'd into 
England he vifited this Houfe,and was here received with great Ceremony, 
where he prefented at the Altar feveralRelicks which be had purchafedin 
the holy Land, and became a great Benefaftor to this Houfe, giving them 

^5'3"' by bisTeffament the Moiety of his LOrdihip of Waldin, &c. and died in 
Normandy without ifTue. After whofe deceafe this Barony came by his 

4^4- Heirs General to one Jeffrey Fitz-Peter, who diffeiz'd the Monks of what 

45<3- ■ E-zxlWilliarnhzd given them, and kept the Eflate from them a great while. 

45^' till after King Johns Coroaation, being made Earl of Effex, he reftorcd 
part of their Lands again, and con:^rm'd them to the Monks here. This 


Vol. I. Be N E D I c T J N E s» 51 

Jeffrey Filins Pefri was very vexatious to this Abby, the manner and par- 
ticulars may be feen in the Book at large. Yet did, Gaufrielus de Manda- 455'. 
villa, the firft Founders Deed of Foaadation contain a heavy Curfe to any 
of his Succeffors or Tenants who (hould vex or difturb thefe Monks in any 
of their Poileirions, or alienate or diminilh the fame. The Founders En- 
dowment was confirm'd by feveral of his Defcendeiats ^ aifo by King SHven, 4^0* 
and King Henry the II. And KingEdivard the IIF. in the (eventeethyearof ^^^' 
his Reign Licen(ed William de Bohnn \Lzx\ of Northampton to give and an- ^^^^ 
next the Priory o^ Bereden in EJJex as a Cell to this Abby. 4<5j' 

[Valued at 372 /. l'& s. 1 H. per Annttnt.'] 

B a O M F E I L D, in ©^ JOpOjfte. • ;^^4, 

ANno Dotn. 115" 5-. The Canons of Bromfeild, by the Authority of 
T^^jfo^^j/^^ Archbifhop oi Canterhury^^ivc their Church oi Bromfeild 
t6 the Abby of St. Peters at Gloucejler. 

King Henry the II. confirm'd all the Eftate belonging to the Church of 
St. Mary ofBromfeild^ to the Prior and Monks there feryingGod, to hold 
of him and his Heirs in perpetual Alms. The like did King Henry 

B R E T F O R D. i« UlUtmWtZ- 

GAufridus Camerurius de Clintom gave certain Lands in this Lordfhip to 
one Noemi j. Nun, for the erefting a Cell of Nuns here. 
Afterwards, at the requeft of the kid Gaufridus de Clinton, the Nuns 
here, being only two, viz. Sehurc and N<eumi^ gave their Houfc and Eftate "^^^^ 
here to the Canons of Killingivorth. • 

T A L L A C H, in the Diocefs of St. David's in ^alCjS. 

THE Abby hei-e, dedicated to God, St Mary and St. John Baptijl, 
was founded by Refus the younger Son of Eejiis the younger, of 
the Family of the Princes oi Soutb-watcs, and by him, and others endow 'd 
with many Lands, the particulars may be feen in thojiionaflicoh at large, 
foL ^66, 467. all which was confirm'd to this Houfe by King Edward the .i^-*. 
II. in the (eventeenth year df his Reign, and by King Edward the III. 
in the filth year of his Reign. 

[Valued at 136/. 9 s. 11 d. per Anmm.'] 

blithbUry Priorj, in ^taff o^lilljice. "^^^^ 

HZ/gh Malvifin gave B^thehurgh to Monks and Nuns there dwelling, 
lor thefervice of God and St. Giles, to hold in pure and perpetual 
Alms. Which Eftate tho' for a while taken away by William Malvifit^^ 
Son of the Founder Hu^:, yet it was foon rcftored again. 

Ha ED- 


Benedictines, Vol. I* 

E D W A R D S T O N, in ^Ufifolli ^ Cell to Abbington. 


\Vlertm de MonU Qanefi Lord of the Town of Edrrardflon in' Suffolk 
^ gave the Church there, to the Monks of Ahhendcn, to be a Cell of 
469. that Houfe, and confirm'd his Gift in the fitteenth year ot Hetiry the I. 
Which was alfo ratified by that King, An. Dom. 1 1 15. 

D E P I N G, in linCOlnflbire, a Cell to Thorney. 

BAUewinus fVac gave the Church of St. James in Dcping with divers 
Lands belonging to it, to God, St. Marji, and the Church of 77;f»r»y, 
'^^'^' which was confirm'd by his Son and Gran'dfon : and alfo by Pope Inno- 
cent thelll in the firfl; year of his Pontificate. (1198) 


ALCESTER, i« OUattDtcKnjtrc 

'N the year 1 140. Radulfus Pincerna (or Boteler) founded this Monaflery 

(tlien called Irom its Situation St. Mary's of the IJle) and made Robert 

a ^lOVik o{ Wcrcejler \.)\t firft Abbot her-e. At which time it was agreed 

between the two Houfes, viz. The Abby of \Vorcefter, and this, that there 

fnouldbea conflant Love and Brotherhood betwixt them, and that upon 

47^* the death of the Abbot here, another lliould be chofen indifferently out 

of either Houfe j the faid Founder endow'd this Monaftery with divers 

Lands ordaining that the Abbot ftiould not fpend any of the Revenues to 

enrich his fecular kindred, but upon the Poor and Travellers. Rel>ert- 

Earl of Leiceffer (of whom this Eftate was holden by the forefaid Founder) 

confirm'd the fame to the Monks here, and granted to them divers Liber- 

472. ties. The like did KingSteven. King Henry the IL confirm'd to them 

473 • all their Lands by their feveral Benefaftors given, and alfo granted them 

full power to. choofe their own Abbot from among themfelves, in their 

Convent. Ring Edward the IV. in the fifth year of his Keign, feeing 

the Eftateof this Monaftery to run. to decay, it being fo far wafted that 

474'. it was not fufficient to maintain any Monks, but the Abbot only, granted 

this Houfe and what Eftate it had left, to the Abby of Evefiam, to which 

he annext it for ever 5 fo that kom that time it became a Cell of that 

Abby. . * 

[Valued at 6 5 /. js. 11 d. per Annum.'] 

LINGEBROOR Priory, in '^mfX!fM>^Z- 

IT fecms by an Inquifition taken 24. Edw,\. thatJdum Efgar Clerk, 
was a Benefaftor to the Monaftery of Nuns here, and Ibunded aa 
Anniverfary for William de Power. 

[Valued at 22 A 17 j. S d. per Jmmn.'] 


Vol. I. Benedictines. 53 

NUNKELLING, i» ^OjKfljlce. 

AG»es de Archis gave the Church here and divers Lands to God, 
%x..Mary, and St. Helen, and to the Nuns of Kiliii^g, in pure and 
ircc Ahns. The Nuns Eftate here was afterwards confirm'd by /?/cAW 
de Sando ^intino, and William de F ort ihs ¥.arl of Albemarle, and by '^^^° 
AelizdeSaHdoOmntitto Daughter of the iordM Agnes, who alfo gave 
other Lands , and laftly by the Archbi(hops of Tork. 

[Valued at 55 /. i<) s. 5- d. fer Amtum.'] 

s A N D w E L L, in ©taffo^liflbire. 

William Son of Guido de Offney founded a Hermitage in Bromvich, 
near the Well call'd Sandwell for a Habitation of Monks, and en- 
6o\\^d the fame with divers Lands lying about the fame. Which was con- 
firm'd to the faid Monks by Gervais Paganellus Lord of the honour of 
Dudley, of which Barony the Lands were holden. 

M O N K E T O N, /» ^OJfeOjltC. 

William de Arches and Juetta his Wife founded a Nunnery here, pf 
which their Diughier Matilda was a Nun, endowing the fame 
With 4ivers Lands. All which was confirm'd to Che faid Nunnery by 
Hc*iry Murdac PitcWi^o^ oitork. (He died IIJJ.) 

[Valued at 75/. 12 j. 4</. oh. per Ann^fff."] 

HALiSTANE, /« n^o^t^umbwlattH. 

Richard 3i(hopo( Durham, in the year 1311. united the Churches of 
Crojjanct, a.nd HarhotteU, to the Church of Haliflan and the Nun- 
nery there, and gave the Patronage of the fame to Richard de Vatframvill 
Patron of the faid Nunnery. King Henry the III. in the thirty ninth year 
of his Reign, confirm'd to the Priorefs and Nuns of Halydan, tbe Lands 
given to them by Alice de Alneto, and Roger Bertram. 

[Valued at 1 1 /. ^ s. yd. per Annum.] 


D u N s T E R, i« fyomnumti4 

TH E Monaftery of Monks here, dedicated to the honour of St. George, ^77. 
was founded and endowed with fundry Lands and Revenues by the 
Anceftors of John de M'ooun Lord of Dunjierre, whicii John did, in the 
fifteenth year ot King Edward the III. ratifie and confirm to the Monks 
here all his Anceftors Donations. 

[Valued at 37/. 4/. 8 </. per Annum.] 


sfA, B E N E D I C .T I N iE S. V O L. I^ 

M A R G A N ^%, in Witi\Z$. 

THIS Abby vv^as founded by Robert Earl of Gloucefier in the year 
1 147. King Jo/jw in the fixth year of his Reign confirnri'd to the 
478. Cnurcho/St. /J/<jrys of Margan, and the Monks there, ail the Lands and 
Eltate given to them by the faid Rokrt and feveral others. 

[Vauedat 181/. j s. ^d. fer Annum.] 



ROger de Scales and Muriel! his Wife gave to God, St Mary, and St. Ca' 
t her itiCy and to the Brethren ferving them in this place, called Ship- 
Wc, other wife BUckhergh, divers Lands and Pofleffions. The fame 
Roger by an other Deed, gave the fame Lands and others to the Sifters here 
ferving Cod. Fid. Fol. 2. p. %J^. 

[Valued at 42 /. 6 s, 7 d. ob. fer Annnm7\ 

H E N w o o D, 7« ^atioicfeJljice. 

KEtdhernus de Langedona, gave to God, and St. Margeret the Virgin, 
and to the Nuns at Eajiwell (Co was this Monaftcry then called by 
reaion of its fituationj part of his Demeans of Langcdon in which Lord- 
Ihip this Nunnery ftood, with divers other Lands and Liberties, to hold 
as ffeely as hehimfelf held them of his chief Lord Hugh ot Arden. Pope 
hmcent in the firft year of his Pontificate incorporated, annext, and uni- 
ted to this Nunnery of Hemmed divers Churches given to the famc'by 
King Rkh. II. and King Henry the IV. 

[Valued at 2 1 /• 2 s. o d, ob. pr Amum.'] 


m 5^ R. A D E G U N D S, adjoymng to Camb^lDgC 

■ I N G Steven confirm'd to the Church and Nuns of St. Mary of Gam- 
bridge certain Lands which William a Monk and Goldfmith gave 
them 5 and alfo other Lands given them by Countefs Conftame Wile 01 his 
^g(^ Son Eujlace. It was found by Inquifition taken at Cambridge, 3. Edw \. 
that the Priorefs and Nuns of St. Radeguttd at Cambridge hold a certain 
piece of Ground called Greencrojt, containing ten Acres on which their 
Church and Houfe is founded, which was given for that purpofe by Mai- 
colme Viing of Scoiland: and that Nigellns and £»/?<ic/;/«j Bifhops of £// 
had been Benetadors to this Nunnery. 

L A N G L E Y, i« HciceaetOjire. 

TH E Nunnery of St. Marfs of Latigly was founded by William Pan- 
tiilphe and Burgia. his Wife, from whom defcended Robert de Tate- 
fate Patron of this Priory 5-. if, 3. The Nuns here upon the death of their 


Vol. T. Benedictines. 

Priorefs, had power to choofe another without asking leave of their Pa- 
tron, who did ufe during the time of fuch Vacation to appoint a Boy («««?» 
Garcionem) with a white Wand to keep the Gate of the Nunnery, for 
which he was to have his Diet there. * 

[Valuedat 29/. 7 i." 4 c/. oh. fer Anmimr\ 

s E T o N, i« CumbetlanD* 

HEnry Duke of Lamajier, Earlof Dcr^/, Lincoln and Leke^er, being 
inform'd ttiat the Revenues of this Priory were fo fmall that they 
couia not maintain the Priorefs and Nuns, gave and annext to this Houfe, 
the Hofpital of St. Leonard'^ in Lancajiety to hold in pure and perpetual 
Alms. Which Hofpital was firlt founded by King "John tor a Mafter, a 
Chaplain, and nine poor People, three of which to be Lepers, and the 
reft found. 

{[Valued at I2 /. i^ s. oh. fer Annum.'] X^ "- 

wiNTENEY, i« ^ampllifte. 

R Ickard, Son of Rf char J Je Hereard endowed the Nunnery here built 
to God, thebleflcd Mary, St. Mar j Magdalen, and AH Sqints. with. 
divers Lands, which King Edward the I. confirm'd. 

[Valued at 43/, 3^ ^er Amjum7[ 

• SNELLESHALL, iw-Bucfeingljamtbfw* * 

RAlph Martell, and others, gave to the Prior and Monks here ferving 
God in the Church of St. Lecnard, at Sne^ejhill, divers Lands,which 
were confirm'd to them by King fJenry the III. 

[Valued at i8/. is. n d. terAnnum^ 



S A N D F O R D, i7 'BatKfibiCC 

KIN G Edwardthc I. in the 217?, year of his Reign granted to the 
Prior and Convent oi Sandelford, tree Warren in their Demeans. 
Haioerus deSan^o Andrea granted to God, and the Church of Sx..Mkbolas ■ .n 
oiSandford, and to the Nuns there, a Rent of Five Shillings per Annum ^' ^ 
in his Town ol Uttlemore. Fid. Fol. S-p. 13. 

A N K E R w I K, i« '^ucKingftamCbitc. 

Gillert znd Richard Mimifichet, Knights, founded a Nunnery here, an(3 
endow'd it with Lands. King Henry the IlL in the one and fortieth 
year of his Reign confirm'd their Eltate given by many BenetaftorSj whofe 483^ 
Names, and Parcels given are expreft in his Charter. 

([Valued at 32 /. o j. 2 </. per Annum.'] 


Benedictines. Vol. L 

484. B I R R E N E D, i« C^cQjlW. 

HAffio de Majjie endow'd the Church of St. Mary and Sr. James here 
uith Lands, and granted and cOnfirm'd to the Prior and Monks, 
and tiieir Succeflors, power and liberty to choofe their own Prior upon 
any vacancy, from among themfelves, according as Pope AkxamUr had 
granted to them. 

[Valued at 90 /. 13 j. fer Annum.'j 

M A R R. I G G, in I^OjKCbite. 

TO the Nuns here ferving God, Roger de Jfco, Conan de Afcb^ and 
many others, among the reft Conan Duke of Britanny and Rich- 
mond were great Benefaftors 5 giving divers Lands and Liberties, all 
485. which were recited and confirm'd by the Charter of King Edward the IIf< 
in the twenty fecond year of his Reign. 

[Valued at 48 /. 18/, 3 J. fer Annumi^* 

STYKESVi^OULD, in jdinwInQjwe. 

48^. TTT appear'd by Inqutfition taken in the Reign of King Edward the t. 
J^ that the Mailer and Nuns of Stikefwoldhddkvetal Lands of the Gift 
ot Lucy Mother of RamlfEzrl of Chejler, and others. And that they had 
been fo held for the fpace of one hundred years* 

[Valued at 114/. 5^. "2.(1. ob. fer Annum: 


S T O D E L Y, i« £)ji;fojDQ)fte. 

yErnard de San^o Walerico, and Thomas de Santio Wakrico his Son cn- 
_^ dow'd a Nunnery here, and gave power to the Nuns upon the va- 
cancy of the Priorefs to choofe another with the aflent of the Patron or 
487. his Steward. Thomas de S. WalericoWxtd in the time of King John 1x07. 
Richard King of the Romans, and Edmmd Earl o{ Cornwall^ and Godfrey de 
Crmcumhe were Benefadors. Fi^. fol. 3 . /• 1 3 • 

[Valued at 83 /. 4^. 4 ^. q. ftr Annum.'] 


KIRK LEY, i« ^Ojlifljice. 

Einerus F landrenfis, gave divers Lands to the Nuns here, which were 

confirm d to them by William Earl oi Warren in pure and perpetual 

^go Alms. They had alfo other Lands from other Benefaftors, all which were 
^ ' confirm'd by King //fwry the IIL in the twentieth year of his Reign. 

[Valued at 19 /. 8 x. fer Annumr^ 


Vol. 1. Benedictines. 57 

STANFORD, in %molnmVt. 

William Abbot o( Feter borough^ in the Reign of King Henry the II. 
founded at Stanford %. Priory of Nuns in honour of God and St. 
Michael, he built their Church, and placed there forty Nuns. Saving 
to himfclf and SuccefTors, Abbots oiPiterlmgh, the placing of the Prio- 
ri fs, (^t^. referving alfo a Rent of half a Mark yearly to be paid to the 
Church o{ Peterlfurgh. 

iVHiiatn de Humet gave a Rent often Marks per Annum to the Cijlercian 
Monks in Stanford, which was confirm'd to them by King 'John in the 
fixtcenth year of his Reign. Lucy Wife of the (aid William gave certain ^go. 
Rents to the Nuns of St. Michaels at Stanford. 

The Priorefs and Nuns here <1 id by their A£l and Deed acknowledge 
and promife fidelity and obedience lo the Abbot and Cohvent of Peter. 
borough; that the Prior ox Curator of their Monaffery might be placed and- 
difplaccd by the faid Abbot and Convent ; that upon the death of the 
Pnorcfs, no Eleftion of another fhould be made without the Abbots Li- 
cenfe ■, and that the admitting oi the Nuns into the faid Houfe fliouldbe 
wholly in the power of the faid Abbot 5 alfo that the faid Nunnery 
fhould pay a yearly Pention of a Mark of Silver to the faid Abby of 
Tcterhurgh for the-buyirig of Books. Fid. Vul. x.p. B2>o. 
[Valued at 6^ h 19 s. $ d. per Awui/n.'] 

W Y R T H O R P, /« Boit\)mptOt\mtZ. 

IN t!ie zSth. ofEda). 3. Thomas de Nelland and "joan his Wife (the Kings 
Kinfvvoman^ were Patrons of aNunnery at f^r^/^^r/, at which time 
this Houfe wss loimpoveriditdanddecajcd, Ly reafon of the Peffilence, 
and other reafon^, that there was here but one Nun remaining, whereupon, 
by the King's Licenle^he faid Houfe and Church of Wjrthorp, with all 
its Pcffeifions, were by the BiQiop forever united and anncxtto the Nun- 
nery of St. M/c/Wj by Stanford, and the Nun here remaining, was re- 
moved thither. 

I V I N G H o, /« 'BucKingliamajicc* 

T7"ING Edward the \. in the eighth year of liis Reign, gave divers 
XX. Lands, to the Priorefs and 'Numoi' St. Margaret o^ Ivingho, and their 
SuccelTbrs, to hold of the King in free, pure, and perpetual Alms. 

W A B U R N, /« 5I30jf0lfe. 

TH E Priory of U'alurn was founded by Sir Ralph Mejngarjn Knight, 
from whom dciccndcd by the Mothers fide John de Veer Earl of 

[Vilued at 24/, 19;. dd. ob. rcr Annum.'] 




E N E D I C T I N E S. VoL. I. 

C A M P E S S, or Campfey , in Suffolfe. 

TEohafuhis de Falohes gave his Land in Campefs to his two Sifters 
Joand^nd Agnes^ tor the Foundation of a Nunnery there to the ho- 
nour ot God and the glorious Virgin Mary. Which was confirm'd by 
49^' King Joh>i. Matilda de ILattca/iery Countds oiVlfter,6\d in the Reign of 
King Ediv. in. by Licenfe of that King, found a Chantry of five Prielrs to 
officiate in this Church, which Chantry ,was removed afterwards to a Town 
cali'd Brufejard in the MannoTc oi Rokhall ; the Revenues and Scite where- 
of was afterwards, in thefaid King'sReign given to a Priorefs and Nuns 
ol!St. Clares Order t which Nunnery was there ereiTted ( at Brujfejard^iri 
^^^' place of the (aid Chantry Priefts or Chaplains. 

. [Valued at iSz I. 9s. ^ d. per Annim.j 


D E. N N E Y ^%, in cambjitigcQii'rc. 

'N the lad year of Wgel/us Ki{hop of Elj; who died 1169. one Rolert, 

Chamberlain to the Earl of Eritony and Richmond, founded the Mo- 

naitery here as a Cell to £/v, becoming a Monk himfelf. In the year 134 1. 

493' Mana de SanElo Paulo, Countefs o'lPemhroke, gave this Mannor of Denney 

to Sifter Katherine de Bolwyk Abbefs, and to the Nuns of St. C/j/f. or 

Minoreftes, there ferving God, in free, pure, and perpetual Alms. She 

494. alfo annext and united the Advowfon of the Abby-'cf MinoreftTes at iVater- 

495. ZwZ'^tothis at Denney, and tranflated the Nuns onf^/<f/-^(fc/^e hither. AH 
which fhe did by Licenfe oE King Edward the. III. Vid. Vol. 2. /. 883. 

[Valued 31172/. 8 J. 5 d. ob. pr Anmtm7\ 

4P5. SEWARDSLEY, i« Ji5ojtliamponQ)irf. 

Rolert de Vinkiny^ and Simon de Pinkeny, gave certain Lands to the 
Nuns here, and William de Sanclo Johanne, was alfo a Bene- 

[Valued at 12 /. 6 s. ^ di q. perjvmm.'] 


L I XT L EM A R E I S, tiear Yedingham, in I^OjKQjite- 

OgerdeClere, endow'd the Nunnery here with divers Lands. The 
^^ .^ Church oi'Teddingham was dedicated in honour of the moft blefl^ed 
Viigm in the year 1241. on the feventeenth of the Ka/ends of September.^ 
at which time divers indulgences were granted. Richard de Breufe he- 
came Patron of this Houfe in right of y4//ce his Wife who was defcended 
from the t'ouoders. King Eenry the III. in the 30//;. year of his 
Reigti coniirm'd to the Nuns of Teddingham all the Lands given by their 
feveral Benefadors. 
493. • There Was delivered in thisHou(e,to the Priorefs and Convent fixty and 
two Loaves daily ; to nine Brethren twelve Loaves a piece, weekly 5 
to Brother James fourteen Loaves, to three Priefts, to four Chaplains, and 
t{<- ■' • ' other 

V o L. I. Benedictines. 

other Officers accordingly, &c. among the reft of the Deliveries is fet 
down.—Canihus in. [wgulis Maneriis triginta fiovem fanes de pane duriori.-'— 
To the Dogs in each Manor thirty nine Loaves of the courleft fort of 

[Valued at 2 1 /. 1 6 j. (5 d. ob. ^er Amum.l 

N U N B U R. N H A M, in ^^Ojfefljire, 

TH E Anceftors of Roger de Merlay Lord of the Barony of Mor/iath 
VI ere founders of the Nunnery of Brmham. And it was Ibund 
by inquifion 38. Ben. 3. thatthefe Nuns held Lands here of the Fee of 
Thomas de Grayftoc. 

[Valued at 8 /. is. 11 d. per Annum.'] 

L Y T H O M, in JLatlCafllftC, a Cell to ©Ut^aitt. 

Rlchardusjilius Rogeri^ or Richard Fitz-Bogers, gave his Land at Ly- 
thum with the Church there, to the Prior and Movkso{ Durhaviiot 
the ereding and eftabftflnng at Lytham a Cell of their Order, which he 
endow'd with divers Lands. This v\'as confirm'd by King John in the 
fecond year of his Reign. 

A R D E N, /« ^OJfeOllte, 

PEter de Hotona founded and endowed an Abby of Nuns at Arden, and 
dedicated it to St. Andrew j which was confirm'd by Roger de Mow- 
bray Lord of the Fee; and hy Elizabeth Heirof thefaid ff/^rinthe tenth 
year of Edward the I. In the 6th. of Henry the IV. Jeoffrey Pigot, as Heir 
offeterthQ firft Founder, and B//w^f//;abovefaid, was admitted by the 
Nuns here as Founder or Patron. 

[ Valued at 1 2 /. perAmium'\ 

D A V I N T O N, /•» jfeent. 

KI N G Henry the III. in the thirty ninth year of his Reign, confirm'd 
to thePriorefs of the Church of St.Mjri/ Magdalene of Davyntone, 
" " ' 'iversLandb and R.ents, given by feve- 

t X . FOSS, 

and to the Nuns there ferving God, divers Landb and R.ents, given by feve- 
ral Beneladtors. 



C H 1 R B U R. Y, i« ^IjJopOjite. 500. 

TH E Monks here having formerly inhabited at St}ede, and removed 
from thence ; King Edward the I. in the ninth year of his Reign, 
underftanding this place not to be convenient for them removed them back 
again to Snede. 


6o Benedictines. Vol.1. 

501. V OSS, in %into\nfbkz. 

Kl NG Heriry the HI, in the xijl. year of his Reign gave to the 
Priorels and Nuns of Fojs without Tork^fey, fixfcore Acres of Land 
and leven Tofts in Torkefey to hold for €ver at the yearly Rent of forty fix 

[ Valued at 7 /. 3 /. 6 d. per Annum.'] 

WALLING WELLS, i» Botting^amOjire. 

RAlph de Cheurokurt, gave to God and St. Mary a place in his Park of 
Carletuna, for the building a place of Religion ; and to it gave o- 
ttier Lands and Liberties, in pure and perpetual Alms. 
50;, From this Founder, is defcended by a Daughter, the Family of Furneux ^ 

the Male Line of which Family is now in Being in Darhyjhire under the 
name of Rooper. 

[Valuedat 58 /. 9^ \o d. per Annum7\ 

5^ CATHERINES Nunnery, ivithont CjCCtet, in Jatlionfljiw. 

KING John in tke fecond year of his Reign, confirm'd to the Church 
oiSt.Catherine w'vihont Exeter ,2iX\d the Nuns there, the Lands 
given to them by William de Trafcy^ and Benry de Pomerya, with the 
grant of many Liberties. 

FLAMSTED Priory, in JpaCtfOjUfljlW- 

AGatha., Widow of William de Gatejdenfindowed the C hurch of St. Giles 
o( Flantfled with cemia Lands, which Gift was confirm'd by King 
5'-'4« Henry the III. in the twelfth year of his Reign. 

[Valued at 50/. if s. S d. ob. per Annum.'} 

C R E S S E W E L L, /« i^etJfojUtlJite. 


'Alter de Lajcy gave to the Church of St. Mary at Crejeivell, and to 

the Monks there of the Order call'd Grandimontettfes^ divers 

Lands and Revenues; confirm'd hyYiXngHenry the III. who alfo granted 

505. to them divers Liberties. Other Benefadtors gave them other kands, 

all which was confirm'd to them by King Edivard the III. in the firfl year 

of his Reign. Fid. Vol. 3. />. 1 7. 


Vol. I. Benedictines. 6i 

DARBY Priory, in jDatbpQjirC* 

KING Henry the HI. granted to thePriorefs and Nuns de Pratis at 
Deriy, an Augmentation of one hundred Shillings ^fr^»«»»», out 
ot tneFee-tarm ot thcTown of isTomwg^vw. It was found upon an Ex- ro<? ■ 
tent in the 15. B. i. that the Scite oi the Abby at Derl>ji with a Garden 
and Curtilage, was wortli yearly zo s. And that the faid Abby held 
there, in Demean, tour Carucates of Land, each Carucate corftaining 
fixty Acres of Land/i. e. Arable Land,J ^c 

L A M B L E Y Nunnery, in ^OJtljUmbCrlanO. 

KI N G 'John in the fecond year of his Reign, confirm'd to God, and 
St. Mjry,and St. Patrick^, and to the Nuns at Lamheleya, the Scite 
of the Abby of Latnheleya Su^er Tiuam^ and the Lands which Adam de 
Tiridale and Helew'fa his w itt gave to the faid Houfe. 

STEIN FEILD Priory, in JLmCOlnOjire. 

THIS was a Priory of Benediftine Nuns, founded by Henry Son of 
Henry de Percy. The Patronage of this Houfe came to Jocelin de 
Lovein by Agnes his Wife, one of the Daughters and Co-heirs of William 
de Percy. King Edward zh.t\. in the one and twentieth year of his Reign 
granted the Priorefs and Nuns here, free Warren in their Demean Lands' ^**^* 
the fame not being within the bounds of his Forefts. ' 

[Valued at 98 /. 8 s. fer Annum.'] 

M O D B U R Y, i« asclJOttdjirC. 

THE MannorofAW/«r)f,and right of Patronage of the Priory there 
being m Zr/u Widow of Sv. James Exton, Knight, by Virtue of a 
Fine m the 9. Edw. %. the faid Id* through the mediation of Friends re 
leafed all her title to Richard de Campo-Amulphi. ' 

CHESTER Nunnery. 

»H E Monaflery of St. .H^r^ here, was founded for Nuns, and en, 
dow'dby Ranulph Earl o^CheJier with Lands and Liberties. 
[Valued at 66/. 18 s. ^d. per AmiHm.J 



Benedictines, V*ol. J. 


R O S S E D A L E, in ^OJfefljtte* 

Ohert de i'/^/^f z^i// foanded and endow'd theNuHnery at Rojfedals to 
God and St. I^«/-c»c^, which was confirm'd by King John. SibilU 
eie P'aloni/s, Adamde Neuto», &c. gave other Lands to the Priorcfs and 
^°^* Nuns here, all which was contirm'd by Ring Edward the HI. inihe fecond 
J°^' year of bis Reign. 

• [Valued at 37/. iz !. 5^. fer Annum.'] 

5-10. PEMBRO K Friorj. 

W Alter Marefcalks^ and William Mare/callus both Earls of Pemhrok.^ 
gave divers Lands and Endowments to the Priory of St. Nicholas 
at Fef}ihroke. ' 

St.ChEMENT S, adjoyning to ^OJfe. 

THurjlan Archbifliop of 'fork gave to God and St. Clement, and the 
Nuns there, divers Lands 10 hold in pure and perpetual Alms ; 
whofe Letters of Endowment were confirm'd by the Dean and Chapter 
of York. Other Benefaftors gave other Lands, all which was confirm'd 
by King Edward ihtWl. in thefirft year of his Reign. Amo. Dom, 1192. 
Gaufridus Archbilliop of Tork gave the Priory of St. Clements to the Abby 
o{GodeJiave, but the Nuns here refufed to (ubmit to fuch Donation, and 
appeal'd to the Poj^e. 

([Valued at yj/. lis. Jid. per Anmm.~j 



CHESTHUNT, /« ]|)«tfOjl>GliW , 

KI NG He»ry the III. gave to the Priorefs and Nuns here all the 
Lands and'Xenements belonging to the Canons ofCathale, whonvbe 
cauled to be removed. 
' [Valued at 14/. 10 s. pr Annum.'] 

F IN C H ALEy in the Bijhoprick of jDUC^attl- 


^hcbale is a folitary place not far from the City of Durham, where a 
_ certain Hermit named Godricui de Finchale, who in his youth had 
vifited the holy Sepulcher, fpent hisold Age in Devotion, and here died 
with the reputation of great Sanftity. After the death of this Godficuj, 
Rtmulphus B\ihop of Durham gv2inttd this Hermitage, and the Lands ad- 
517. joyningi to ^/^^r«j the Prior, and the Monks of £)«r/;<j«>. //«^/; Biftiop 
oi Durham founded and endow'd the Priory of Finchale for fuch Monks of 
Durhdmzs the Prior of Durham fliould from time to time fend thither in 
the ferviceofGodand 'St. John. 
, ^ ; ^^ ; [Valued at 122 /. 1 5 /. 3 </. ptr Annum.'] 


Vol. I. B E N E D I c't I N E s. 6^ 

The Priory of St. James «^ Briftol, a Cell of %z\jl}li^\)\xt^. 

William Earl ot Gloure/ler ^avc to this Houfe divers Lands and Tithes, 
and the Profits of the Fair at Briflol^ in Whitfm-week, which with 
other Lands given by other Benela£lors was confirm'd by King Henry 
thell. The fam.eKing gave thc^Monks here certain Liberties in his Forreft. 
Hokrt Earl of Gloucejler was buried in this Church of St. James, at 

B U N G E Y, i« ^uefoIK. 

ROger de Ghtivill and Giindreda the Countefs, his Wife, founded a Nun- 
nery in v\t Church of the holy Crofs at Bungey. The En- 5^ A' 
dowmems whereof as well by the faid i^tJgfr and his Wife as by a great ^i%' 
number of other Benefactors, were all confirm'd to the faid Nuns and their 
Succtfibrs to hold in pure and perpetual Alms, by King Henry the II. in 
the ninteenth year of his Reign. 

{^Valued at 6^ /. o s. i </, pb. per Annnm.'] 

SYLLEY 7/^, «e^/- Cojntoall ^i5. 

THIS Ifle was given of old by the Kings oi England to the Abbot 
and Monks ot Taueficck, who ufedtg* lend two of their Monks hi- 
ther to perform the Divine Offices, till the Wars with France in the 
Reign ofKing£^imr^/ the HI. And then that King gave Licenfe to the 
Abbot of Tauejicck, in tlie ninteenth year of his Heign, to place here 
two fecuiar Chaplains inftead of Monks. 

R O W N E Y Pricrj, in IpCttfOjllQjiCC 

IN the 3^, H. 6. Agnes Sclly Priorefs of this Houfe and theCovent of 
Nuns here, in relpeft of the poverty of the place, did by their Deed 
Icafd with their Common-Seal, rcfign up their Church, Houfe, and 
Lands, into the hands of their Patron John Fray who deligned to convert . 
the fame in a better manner. Which John Fray was chief Baron of the 
Exchequer^ and being thus pofleft of this Priory, he would not convert it ^^^' 
to any other u(e but to the fervicc of God, and therefore obtain'd the 
King's Licenfe in the 37. H.6. to found and endow here a Chantry for 
one Prieft, -; f 

The firfl: Founder of the Priory was'Co»<;K Duke of fiW/^^wyand Rich- 
. moHci, who, with others, endow'd it with PofTeffions of the value of ten 
Marks ^er Anmra. 

["Valued at I 5 J. 10 i. 9 r/. po- A^nnm.] 



Benedictines. Vol. L 


518. N u N-E AXON, i« caiactDiCifelbtrc. 

THIS Houfe was founded and endow'd by Rolen Ear! of Ltkejler, 
Son o'l Robert de Mellento,m the Reign of King Henry the II. for 
Nuns of the fan:ie Order with thofe at Font-Eh-av.d. 
tjo Whofe Gifts were confirra'd by his Son Rchrt, and by King HcKry 

the 11. 

The Priorefs and Covent of Font-EhralJ granted to this Houfe the 
immunity to receive and retain to their own proper ufe all fuch gifts as 
iliould be made unto them, without any exaftion of thefaid Abbels.and 
Covent o[ Font-Elrald. Which immunity and feverai others were conr 
firin'd to-'them by Pope Alexander the III. 

[Valued at 25 3 ^ 14 J. $ ^i- oh. per Anmtm.'j 

L U F F E L D, ;•« Jl^OJt^amptOUQji'ce, a Cell to Weaminfler. 

TH E Priory of Luffeild was founded by Rolert Earl o^Wuefter^ for 
the Souls of King I4^il/iam the I, and Qiieen Matilda, ^c. 
King /7^»7 the I. his Daughter yJ/^«-^ the Emprefs, and Kmg Fdward 
the I. were Benefa£lors, and Pope Alexander the III. granted to Ral^h 
Priorof St. Mary's at Luffeild, his Brethren, and their SuccefTors, divers 
Priviledges by his Bull dated 1 1 74. 
511. RaddJHS de Cahienes^ Httgo de Saeflo Martina, and others gave them di- 

J23. vers Churches and Tithes. 

514. King Henry the III. in the fifty fnth year of his Reign.reciting the Priory 

of Luffnld to have been founded by his Predeceflors Kings of England, 
granted to the Prior and Monks there free Chiminage in his Forreft of 
Whitlemod, for five years next enfuing. 


w I L B E R F o s s, in ^ojbOjite. 

THIS was a Houfe of Nuns dedicated to St. Mary, founded by He- 
lias de Cotton, and endow'd hy' Alan his Son with divers L^nds. 
King Henry the II. in the fourth year of his Reign,and King Henry the III. 
in the twelfth year of his Reign, confirm'd their Lands and tfiate. 
Fid. Fol. 3. /. 12. 

[Valued at 2 1 /. 16 s. 10 d. per Annum.'] 

jij.. GODSTOW Priory of Nuns, in €)jCfO?DlI)ftC. 

TH E Church here was built by their Priorefs Editha, and in the 
year 11 38. dedicated in honour of the blefled Virgin Mary and 
St. John Baptifi, by Alexander then Bifliop of Lincoln, in preTence of King 
Steven, and Maud the Queen, with abundance of Bilhops, Earls, and 
Barons, and others of prime quality, who all gave to the faid Church at 
thattimefomc Rents and Endowments : Whereupon Albericus Bifliop of 
Hojlia the Pope's Legate in Ef^gland tdenkd to every of the faid Bene- 


Vol. I. B E N E D I c*t i n e s- 


fa£torsone year of injoyr.'d Penance, and granted moreover a Remif- <x6, 
fion of forty days in every year to all thofe who Ihouid in Devotion vifit 
the faid Church on the day of St. Prifiavhs. Virgin, or on the Nativity of 
St. "John Baptifi. 

Their Lands and Revenues were confirm'd by King Steven, and by 
King RidarJ the I. in the firft year of his Reign. 5-2,74 

In thcyear irpi. /7«g^ Bilhop of Lincoln Vifiting in this part of his >=S. 
Diocefs, and feeing in this Church a Tomb before the Altar with more 
than ordinary Ornaments, and beinginform'd upon enquiry that it was 
the Tomb o[' /?o/<twW Concubine to King Hotr^ the II. he caufed hetbody 
to be removed out of the Church, and to be buried in the Church-yard 
to -avoid the fcandal of Religion, and to deter other Women from 

About the time of the Supprc/non of this Houfe, Rofamonds Tomb was 
op:-^n'd and her pones found inclofed in Leather, and that in Lead. When 
it was opened a very fwcct fmell came out from ir. The following In- 
fcription was formerly read on a Crofs near Godfim, 

. ^i meat haccret, JigHumfalutisadoret, 
ZJtque fihi detfir veniam Rofamttnda precetur. 

Fid. 2. FoL p. S84. 

[Valued at 274 /. •$ s. i o </. ob. fer Annum.l 

L I L L E G H I R G H E, in the County of 

K\ N G John gave to 4he Abby of St. Mary and St. Sulpice at Lille- 
church, and the Priorefs and Nuns there the Mannor of LiUechurch 
It) pure and perpetual Alms, and granted them a Fair to be there held 
yearly on the Feaft of St. Michael, and two days after 5 all which was con- 
firm'd by.King Henry the IlL in the eleventh year of his Reign, who 
alfbin the fiftieth year of his Reign rcleafed and pardon'd their Suit-fer- ^ ^' 
vice to his Court at Si. Murt ins k Grand, in London. 

TYKEHEAD Priory, in P0}lG)itZ. 

KI N G John'm the fifth year of his Reign confirm'd to God and the 
Church of St^Mary oiTykehev^d, and to the Nuns there ferving God, 
tiiC Lands and PofTeflions then given them by feveral Benefaftors. 

In rfie year 1264. thePrior and Canons of EUerton, and the Nuns of 
7'y^f^W, exchanged certain Lands and Houfcs which had been the occa- S^o. 
fions of former Suits and Controvcrhcs. 

Sir Rokrt de Aske Rt the Founder, gave to this Houfe the Rent 

of" 7 J 4 //. per AnHum.icr the maintaining of a yearly Obit for himfelf and 

Eazaheth his Vv'ife, conditionally that if the Obit were not diligently ob- 

ferv'd, I hen the faidSumor Pvcntto be reftoredto his Heirs. Dated ifia. 

[Valued at 20/. 18 J. 10 d. far Annum. ~\ 


(:iS B E N E r< I c T I N E s. Vol. I, 

HUNTINGTON Vriory of I^uus. 

N the time o^ Richard de Gravefend BiHiop of Lincoln, Elena Walenfis 
was elcfted Priorefs ot the Priory of St, 7^??^^^ (Stra Huntedun the 
Lady Dervorgull de Galewidia, being then Pacronefs of the faid Priory, 
and Richard de Fcxton her Sencfcha!, or Steward. 


c L I V E, /« ^omcrfetn^itie. 

'Illium de Romare, who married Lucy Countefs of Lincoln, founded 
the Abby ot the bleflcd Virgin arid St. Lamefice^ at Remhy in 

Wiliam his youngeft Son by the faid Lucy^\v\\o married Phillip Daughter 
^ ^^' of Hubert de Burgh Earl of Kent, founded the Abby of our blelfed Lady of 
. the Cliff, in Somerfet/I;ire, in the c).Rich.i. of which one Ralph was the' 
lirfl Abbot. 

King //fw/-}' the III. confirm'd their Lands and EOate, and moreover, 
granted to the Abbot and Convent oi Clive, the Mannor and Hundred of 
Bramion, in Devotjjhire, to be held of the King and his Heirs at the yearly 
Farm of z2 /. per Annum. 

[Valued at 1 5 5 /. $ s. 5: d q. per Annitm^ 

H A L I W E L Vriory, in ^W^tlifi. 

KING Rid^ard the L in the fixthyear of his Reign confirm'd to the 
NunSol//j/iji;f//thefeveral Lands given to them by Calfredtti Ca- 
merariui and others. 

The fame King in the firft year of his Reign confirm'd to the Church of 
St. John Baptift of FlalnvelL and to theNuns1:here ferving God,the Ground 
on whichthcfaid Church (lands cum ptrtin.viz. the Marifh or Meadow in 
which the Fountain calfd HuliiveU rifes, uith -other Lands given by 
Richardhtc Bifhop of London, IValier Precentor of St. Pauls, &c. 

Thefe Nuns held alfo certain Lands at Camermll and Pecham given to 
them by fevcral Benefactors. 

R E R S E Y Priory, in ^UffolK 

Efla de Cokefeld, Widow of Jhcrnas de Burgo, gave to God, and 
to the Church ofSt.M^ry, and St, At^thony of Kerjey, and to the 
Canons ther.c, divers Lands, ofuhichflie and Ijerfecond Husband paft a 
hnc in the 24. flen. 5. 


V O L. 1, B E N E D I C TU N E S. S-'] 

KINGTON ?rmy, in mMm- 

Robert Burnell Bifliop of Bath and WeUs founded this Houfe to God. 
and St. Mary, tor Nuiis, whofeDecd of Foundation was exemplificct 
by h(feBl>/:us 19. ^. I. 
'/V^<?/. 2.f. S87. 

{^Valued at Z) I. 9 ^. i d, oh. per Anntm.~\ 

GLOUCESTE R-H A L L, in the Suhurhs of ^X^QlXi^ 


' B u R. N H A M, in 0i5ucMnsliamIl)ice. 

A'Nno. Dof»..ir66. i^/c/.'W Kitig . of the i?<?wfl»i founded a Monaftcry 
here j^)r Nuns, which he dedicated to God and St. M^r;-, and en- 
dow'd it wit'h his Manner and Advowlon of Bumbam and other Land?. 
Witnefies to wiiofc Deed or Charter of Foundation, were his Brothpr r.,^. 
King lienrj the III. and Prince ^.Y/ivjn^ his eldeft Son, with others. 
rVaUi'cJ ac p /. 2 j. 4 tl, q. per Annum.'] 

S T O K E-C L A R E Prior;, in g)UffOlK 

THIS Houfe was founded in the year 12^8. by Richard de C/^reEarl 
ofGlouceffer, from whom defcended the Mortimers Earls of March, -^^ 
ana the RoyaJ Houfe of Tcrk, as is fet forth in a long Pedigree in Latin . * 
and Ef7glifh Verfe, in' Dialogue between a Fryer and a Secular at the 
Tomb ol Joan of Acres Daughter of iT^irW the I. and Wife of Gilbert de 
Clare Earl of Gloncejier. This Houfe being an alien Priory and Cell to the ^ .3 
Abby oi' Beekeherlerpj»,'m Normandy, King Richard the 11. in theninteenth 
year ot his fveign, made it Indigena, and gave it as a Cell to St. Peters at 

Vo\)Q John., in the fifth year of his Pontificate, tranflated tfiis Houfe from 
a Priory of Monks into aColledge of a Dean and Secular Canons. This 520. 
was done at the Petition oi £^»7//«^ Earl of Mj/c/j, Heirofthe firfl Foun- 
ders, who by his Deed dated 7. Hen. 5. granted and confirm'd to the 
Dean and Canons here all the Lands and Priviledges belonging to the 
Priory, yid. infra, 1004. Vol. 3. part 2. />. 1 64. 

[V.^laed at 52.;/. 41". \ d. oh. fer AnnuM.] 


THIS was founded and endow'd An. 1283.(11. E. i.) for the main- 
tenance of thirteen Benedi^ine Monks oi' the Abhyoi Gloucefler^hy 
John Giffard Lord oi Br imesjei Id. 19. £. i. That King granted his Liccnie „ 
of Mortmain. 

It appears by the Founders Deed of Foundation, that the Houfe was . 
built upon certain Ground purchafed.of the Knights of St. John oi Jerufa- 
lem, in a Lane commonly then called Stockwelijirect, thatthe Church here 
was dedicated to St. jfo/;K the Apoflic.and St. Benedict the Abbot and Con- 
feflor, and that the Houfe was erefted tor B^nedidine HonksCaufa (ludii. 

K z MIS- 

58 Benedictines. Vol. L 



M I s s E N D E N, /■« 05ucfetng^am(l)tre. 

'T was found by Inquifion taken at ^y/i?jt'//rj', ^i. E. 3. that the Abby 
__ of /^;r^(?»</f» was founded in the year 1293. by fF/Z/iaw ,t/f MuJJenden, 
w no held the Manner di Mujfenden of .the tarl of GlGucefter by Knights 
fervice. In the Chapter-Houfe and Church belonging to this, Auby did 
54^- lie buried feveral of the A//j/f'«<3/e«i defcended from tlie Founder," vvhofe 
names may be feen in the Book at large. Fid. Vol. 5. y. 18. 
[Valued at 2 6 1 /. \\s. 6 d. c^. ^er Annum. \^ 

The M I N O R. E S S E S, at lOnDOH. 

KING Edward thel. in the one and twentieth year of his Reign 
granted his Licenfe o'i Mortmain to £^w««^ his Brother and his Wite, 
Blanch Queen of Nauarre, to build a Houfe in the Parilh of St.Botu/phs with- 
out J /gate, iorNutts oithc Order oiMimreJ/es, there to remain in the 
fervice of God, the bleiled Mary, and St. Francis. 

[Vauedat 318/. 8;. ^ d. fer Annum.'] 

WATERBECHAM, ^« CambjiDgdjirc 

KI N G Edwardihe I- i i the twenty fecond year of his Reign granted 
to Diomju de Monte -Camja, the Mznnoxoi Waterieche, to build a 
tieligious Houle there for Mmoiejjes of the Order of St. Cia,e to be brongnt 
overlrom beyond the Seas. All whicii was-confunid by Hing Edward 
the III. in the eleventh year ol his Reign, 

H o L A N D, ifi lancaQjwe. 

HERE being formerly a Collegiate Church or Chappel ofSt.Thmas 
the Martyr, lervcd by Secular Chaplains, iValter Biihopoi Coventry 
^'^'^' and Litchfeild, in the year 13 19. by conlent oi Robert de Holland thQ 
Patron, alter'd the Foundation into a Priory corififting of a prior and 
twelve Benedi^ine Monks! Upon every Vacation or Death of the Prior, 
the Monks Were to choofe three of their Houfe, one ot which being ap- 
proved by the Patron, and prefented to the Billiopjwas to be by himcon- 
ftituted Prior. Vid. Vol. i.p. 889. 

[Valued at 5 3 /. 3 J. 4 //. ftr Annum,'] 

^^6, Of certain Antient Menageries in WitXi^. 

MOrcant a King in Wales having treacheroufly kili'd his Uncle Frioc^ af- 
ter he had in a moft folemn manner fworn an inviolable peace with 
him before the holy Altar, was by OudoceusBiihopoi Landaff^ in aSyiiodof 
his ClergVjWbich he had aflembled for that purpofe,enjoy ii'd for the faid per- 
jury and homicide, to performFaftings.Prayers, and Alms Deeds; and be- 
ing on his fincere Rcpcntance,received again in the Chrillian Communion, 
he granted and quitclaimed to the Abbics of Catoc, i/</«/, and Doc««, and to 
the Cathedral Church of Landaff, divers Liberties and Immunities. 


Vol. I. B E N E D I c t I N E si 60 

Alien Priories, of Benedidines. 

T/;^. Such Monafteries here in Biglmd as dfd belong to certain 5'47- 
greater and elder Monafteries cf the fame Order beyond 
the Seas, and were fubjed to, and did depend on the fame ; 
and had the nartie ofCells. 

D S R E H U a S T, //; (15l0UCeCec{l)ice, a Cell to St. Denis in France: 

HE B. E was an old A bb} deftroy d by die Danes. But j^tcr the Nor- 
man Conqueft, m the year 1069. King Willkm the Conqueror 
endow'd her- a new Priory and made it a Cell to St. Denis in France : 
orrathcr coiifinTi'd what King tVu-'dfri the Confeflbr had done before. 54^. 
King Henry the .Vl. in tlie twenty firH year of his Reign made this 
Priory Ittdigefia. 

O T E R Y,^ in ©dJOJlfljlW, a. Cell to St. MaryV at Roan. 549: 

THIS -Priory was given to the Church of St. Mary at Roan hy 
King F^ttWi/ the Confeflbr in J:he year ro6o. In the 8. Edw. 3. 
tiie Dean and Chapter of. St. Mary's at Roan, by the King's Licenfe, granted 
their Mannor of 0/erv, and Advowfon of .the Church there, to John de -^^ 
Grdndifon Bi(hop of Exeter, who in the eleventh year of that King founded 
here a CoUedge of Secular Canons. 

L E. V I S H A M, in ^feetttj a Cell to St. Peter j at Gaunt, in Flanders. 

RI N G Henry the I. in the thirteenth year of his Reign confirm'd to 
the Abbot and Monks o^ St. Peters o[Gant, the Mannor ci Levs- 
Jham and Grecmvich,&[c. with divers Liberties, tormerly granted by King 
Edivard and Kinp; WilUum his Father. 
fid. Vol. z. p. 890. 

5/.MlCHAELS^/ the MOUNT, i« CojnUJaH, aCell to St.Ui- „, 
chael, i« Normandy. 55t« 

Robert Earl of Morton gave St. Michaels Mount, in Cornwall, to God 
and the Monks of the Church of St. Michael de ftriculo Maris, in 
Nflrf»ancly, Anno Dom. loS^. 
Fid. z. Vol. t>. 902. 


^o . "Benedictines. V o 





M E R-S E Y, in CfejC. a Cellm St. Owens at Rcsn. 

IT was found by Inquifition 4 E. 3. that theMannovs o( Me rfej Fyngrm-- 
ho and Veet, and' half the hundred oflVene/lr, in the County ofEjfex, 
were given to the Abby of St. Owens, in NorrmrJj, by Sr. Edward ihe 
ConfelTor, and confirm'd by King William., and King A^^»rj the 11. 

A N D E V E R, i» ipailtpHnte, a Cell to St. Florence ^if- Sauraurs. 

KIN G William the Conqueror (or as the Words of the Deed are, 
Willielmus Rex qui armis Anglicam teniim fihifuhJHgnvJt) gave to Sr. 
Jriore^'Ce, the Church of /^W^x-fr, with divers Lands and Revenues to the 
fame Church belonging : Confirm'd by K^ng Eelivard the I!, in the eighth 
year of his Reign. 

B LI T H Triory, in SdnAtVa^mMu, a Cell to St. Catherines 
at Rohan, 

ANnoHom. 1088, Roger de Builly and Muriel his Wife founded and 
endowed this Houle with Lands and great Liberties. All which was 
afterwards confirm.'d to the Monks here by King f/enry the II. and by 
Idjf;ea ie Feteri f>ot!te Daughter and Heir of John de BiiHei, By her Deed 
dated 1251. King John in the fecond year of his Reign gave the Chapel- 
ry oi Ely th, and divers other Churches and Lands to St. Mary^s at R»haa. 

5SS' C O V E N H A M, i« )liftCOlnQ)itC. a Cell o/5f,Kari!eph, ia le Maine 

in France. 

KING W^i//i4»j the Conqueror y^»«<j 1082. gave this Town fltuated 
in that part o{ Lincoln (h re, called Lyndfey to God and Sr. Kartleph. 
■ix.Edw. I- A Writ of Quod Damnum wz-i executed at Lincoln, in order 
to an <iUenation. of this Cell, from f he Abbot and Covent oi St.Karileph 
in . the Diocefs of Mans, to the Abbot and Covenf of Kirl^ftede here ' 
in England. 

ABERGAVENNY, /« ^OnmoUtl^Cb^W a CdlofSt. Vincents 

in Maine, 

THIS Priory was founded by Bamelinus who came into England! 
with the Conqueror, and died in the Reign of King William Rufus. 
William de Brewofa^ and others of the founders Linage were Benefaftors. 
Fid. z. Fol. p. 904. 


Vol. I. Benedictines. 7t 

w o T T o N-w A V E N, /« uUsttoicfcCbite. 

ROlert de Toenio gave this Eflate to the Monks of St. Peter at Con- 
chis, in tJoma»dy -, on whom King Henry the I. conferred great 


F O L K. E S T O N, /;/ ^itli a ^ell to the Ally of Lolley in. Normandy. 

NItielhi de Munevilk, An 109;. ^ave thisChurch of Folkjlon to Ba- ^Cq^ 
''nulph then Abbot ot the Ciiurcli of St. Mar)i de Lonlcyo, and to the 
Monks there, in pure and perpetual Alms. \Ahich, wirh divers ethcr 
Lands and R.evenues, was coniirm'd to them by William de Alrincis Lord 
of Folkejlon, v;ho defcended Irom the faid Ntgellus. 


K I R K B Y, in aaaciWlCKOjijCj a Cell of St. Nicholas in Anjou. ^g^^ 

l^no 1077. Gosfredus de fVirchia ^^ve to God and the Monaftery of 
^ j^ St. Nicholas in Anjott, Lands in Kirkby with other Lands and Pof- 
Icliiuns elfewhere 5 from whom defcended Roger de Mullraio, who gave 
to the Church of St. NicWtfj of /'/r-^% the. Ctmrch oi Newlold. After- ^6^. 
wards Thomas Earl of Nottingham having founded a Houfe of Carthufiutis at 
Epworth in the Ifle of Axholrhe^ the Abbot o[ St. Nicholas at Anjou was 
prevailed with to aflign his Effate in Monks-Kirklj, Newlold, Sec. to the 
faid Houfe ofCarthttJiarts, which w'as confirm'd by King Henry the V. in 
the third year of his R.eign. 

The priory of the Holy Trinity at |0OjK, a Cell to * Majus-Monafterium in * Mamonfticr 

trance. '° Tmrm. 

RAdulphus Paganelltis gave the Church of the holy Trinity at Tork to 
the Monks of St, Martin in the Maius-Monaflery^ with divers other 5:64. 
Poiicilions. It was found by Inquifition taken atTor/^ 34. Ediv.i. That the 565-. 
Heirs of the Founder claim'd no right in the Temporals of this Priory upon 
the death of any Prior, but only to place a Porter to fee that the Goods 
of the Priory be not ftollcn during the Vacation, and that upon the arri- 
val of a new Prior from the Abbot oi Majus ryiomjlerium, he did ufe to 
enter upon the Pofleflion of his Office, without fealty or other duty to 
the Patron. 

H E D L A Y, /» ^OJfenjite, a Cell to the Holy Trinity at York. 

fpolitus de Bram gave to God and St. Mary of Hedlay and the Monks 
there certain Lands in Midelton. AH which was confirm'd to the 
Prior and Convent of the Trimty at Xork,, and to their Cell zxHidlay^ by 
Peter dc Midleton, in the year 1290. 



72 Benedictines. Vol. L 

565. L A N C A S T E R, <j Cell to St. Martins at Seesih France. 

Roger Earl of Poidlien gave the Church of St. Mar_^ at Lanc^fler with 
divers Lands and Revenues to the MonaRery of ^t. Martm. A[\ 
-y6-/. which \\'a,s confirm'd by John Earl of /Jfo/-/c« 5 and by Kw^ Richard 

the II. 
^■63, ^«. 1x46. John Romaniis Archdeacon of Richmond, appropriated the 

Church of £«i;ya{/?f/' and Chappeis thereunto belonging to this Priory, 
referving twenty Marks per Amum for a Vicar prelcatative. 

5 5p. O T T E R Y, i« 3©gljOtin(J)ite, a Cell to the Ahbj of St. Michael pericul. 

mar, in Normandy. 

Tfil S Prjory vc^as founded by King '^ohn for four Monks and endow 'd 
with Lands of 100/. \z\\xtfer Annum. Thcfe Monks v,ere to di- 
ftribute to the Poor at their Gates, bread to the value of i6j. every 


L O D Fl E S,i« BOjfCtCbtCe.fl Ce///o the Ally of St. Mary de Mon-Bur. 


Enediii de Redueriis g^ve this Mannor to the Monaftery of St. Mary 
de Monte Burgo -j confirm'd by Kiiig Henry the I. . • 

^71. A P L E DE R. CO M B, i« the IJle of Wight, a Cell to the Ahby of 

Mont-Burg, in Normandy. .„ ' 

TH I S Priory confifted only of a Prior and two Monks, who were 
removed by Command of King Edivardtha .{[1. to a more Inland 
Habitation, iiift tothe Abby oi' Hyde, and alter that in tiie 13. £. 3. to 
Saliihury. ^ 

F H A M P T O N, in BOjfetQjlCe, a CelltoQzm, in Normandy. 

' I ''H I S was given to St. Stephens at Caen, and the Monks there, by 
J[ King William the Conqueror, and with divers other Lands and 
Liberties confirm'd to them by King Richard the 11. 

5/z. S W A N E S E Y, in CaitlbjU'DgcQjlte (I Cell to St. Sergius, in Anglers. 

^"^HE Cliwcdx ,0^ Swanefe^ with all manner of Titlies there, and in J^e 
.1, Vills thefeunto belonging. weregiveoby^/i» Earl of Britain, to 
^-1. xXvi Abby of Sc.^fA-g/w and St. Buchus zx. Afigiers \ v\ho prefented tliie 
Pi ior to this Priory, as oiten as the OiSce avoided. * • 


Vol. I. Benedictines. 


B L A S E N H A M, i« ©UffOlfe, a Cell to St. Mary at Bcc. 

HIS was given to the Abby abovefaid by Walter Giffard, and 
confirm'd by King William Rufus. 

C O G E S, /■» flDjCfOjtJCbwe, a Cell of ^'iichzm^. 


Annaffes Arfic gave this Eftate with other Tithes and Revenues to 
the Church of F//cJw/>tf, AnrtJ 1103. 

WESTWOOD, in ffiUOJCeftCtfllWC, a Cell to Font-Ebraud. 


Shert Fitz Hugh, and Euffachia efe Say his Mother eredled liere a 
Convent of Nuns oi Fotn-Ehraud. 

PATRICKSBURN,i« l^eilt, a Cell to Beau-Lieu, in Normandy. 

IT was found by Inquifition taken at Canterbury the 6 Edvo. 3 . that this 
Mannor was given to the Priory of Beau-Lieu^ in Normandy, by Jo- 
hannes de PratelUs^ and confirm'd by King John. 



W E L L S, i« BOjfOlfe. a Cell of the Ally at Caen, in Normandy. 

KING Edward the III. in the'.forty feventhyear of his Reign Cbeing 
then in War with Fr<i«fe; committed the Cuftody of the Priory of '^'' 
Tamfeild md Wells to Hugh Faftolf, to hold at the yearly Rent of 40 /. fer 
Annum to the King.and 10 /, per Annum to each VIonk there,for his fupport. 
This Priory being firft given by William de Edoii to the Abby of St. 
Steven it Caen, and after feized into the King's hands by £(/(vW the III. ryQ, 
it continued in the Crown till 9. Edw. 4. at which time that King defirous 
to reftore this Eftate to its antient ufe, the Spiritualty, aod out of the 
Devotion which he bore to St. Stephen, he conferr'd the whole Eftate 
which did formerly belong to this Priory on the Dean and Canons of his 
free Chappel of St. Steven at Weflminftsr. 

S T O K E-C U R C Y, i« BetjOnflbire, a Cell to Lonley, in France. 511- 

HVghde Novilla gave to God and the Monks at Stok-curcy, the Church 
oi St. Andrew of Stoke- curcy, with other Revenues. William de 
Curcy, and }<?/;» deUovilla were aJfo Benefaftors. 


- . Benedictines. Vo l. I. 

S H I R B U R N, in ^amp0)ice, ^ Cell of St. Vigor Cerafius, 

YjEnryefe Portu, or Port gave the l^eji part oiShirlurn with the Church 

578. }r\ there, and divers other Revenues, to God andSt.f^or Cerafm, all 

579. whicn vv'as confirm'd to the Monks at Shirlurn by his Defcendencs. King 
Edward ihz III. gavethc Guftody of the Hofpital of St. Jnlian, or Dcmns 
Dei,ztSouthaniptonio Queens CoUedge in Oat/W; to which Hofpital King 
Edivard the IV. in the firft year of his Reiga gare the ahen Priory ot 
Shirehurtt, in Hampfhire. 


BURWELL, i» 3tintOln(l)irC, a Cell of St. Mary Silv« Majoris. 

JOhn de Hay gave to God and the Monaftery of St. Mary Silv£ Majoris; 
and to the Monks at Burwell.divcrs Poffeffions ; from whom defcended 
' "^' Gilhert de Vmframvill Earl of Anqos, who lived at BurtfeH. 

LANKYWAN, i« OUale^, a Cell to the Ally ofLyt2u 

EDtnmd, Son of King Henry the III. difcharged this Houfe from all 
Exaftions and Troubles from his Heirs or their Bay liffs, in the Vaca- 
tion of a Prior. 

S E L E, in $^\X^Zllif a Cell of St. Florence at Saumurs. 

<8i XTLTJlliamde Braiofa, by his Deed dated 1075'. gave the Church of 
V V St. Peter zi Sele, with other Churches and Revenues both in Eng- 
land and Normandy to the Abbot and Monks of St. Florence. This Priory 
of £ele was made Indigena, or Denifon 19. R. %. 

O K E B U R N, in- CCltUCbtte, a Cell to Bee, in Normandy. 

^^ "Y JfAtiUa de Wallengfort gave to the Church OfSt./?/arj/ of Bee, both 
58;. J\(JL the G^f^<r«i', viz. the greater and the lefs. Richard Earl of Coru-, 
wallby his Deed dated ii5'3. difcharg'd the Abbot and Monks o^ Bee 
from all Exaftions and Suit of Court in his honour of Walingford, except 
only that his Bayliffof Walingford fliould once a year keep a vieu- of 
Frankpledge at Okehurn^ and then be entertain'd for that da)', with four 
Horfes at moft. 

^g^ W I L L E S F O R D, /» %intt\n^\%Z, a Cell to Bee /« Normandy. 

BY Inquifition taken stStranford, it was found that the Prior of the 
Order of Bee held in Willesford and A»caJler,Lmds of the value 1 6 1 
per Annum of the Gift of Hugh de Evermewe. 


Vol. i. Benedictines. 75 

W E D E N P i N K N E V, in iI50Jt|jiampOnCb«e) a Cell to St. Luciati 

near Bcauvoys in France. 

CI //w, Rjlpb, Gillert^ Henry., and Robert de PinkcKz, fuccefTiyely gave 
Jf Lands and Revenues to the Abbyof St. Lucianztid the Monks at 585. 
St. lyiarys oi iVcden. Akko Dom.i^gz-^ The Abbot and Convent of St. 
L«cw« convey'd their Priory of f^f</(?«, and all the Eftate thereunto be- 
longing to the Abbot and Convent of Bttkfden and their Succeffors, in 
conlideration of a Sum of Gold received, and the yearly penfion of ten 
Marks to be paid to the Abbot and Convent of St. Lucian and their Suc- 
ceiTors in the Church of St, Mar^ at Calais, on tlic Feaft of St. John 
Baptifl. ' . 

T Y W A R D R E I T, in Cointjoall a Cell to Aneiers in n . 

France. ' ^ 5 8(J. 

ROkrt de Cardinan gave divers Lands and Revenues in Cornwall, 
to the Church of St. Sergius and St. Bachus at Angiers, and to the 
Ctiurch of St. Andreiv o^ Tywardraity and to the Monks there i all which 587. 
was confirm'd by King HiKry the III. 

B I R S T A L L, 7« P0}lsSbitt, a Cell of Si. Martins at Albamarle. 

THIS was given among other Lands and Revenues to the Church 
and Monks of ^t. Martin without the Caflle of Alhawarie in 
liormandy-, by Steven"^zx\ oi Alhamarlc 1115. Walter Archbilliop of Xork 5^8. 
ftrfl fettled the Monks o'i Albamarle here at Biriial^ and granted, to them 
divers Immunities. Charles the VI. King oi France by his Deed dated i ^95-. 589. 
letting /brth that the Abbot and Convent of St. Martin had pad over to 
his beloved Coufin the Duke ofLancaJler their Priory of Birjlal \n England 
for the Sum of one thoufand Liver?, granted them hisLicenfe to purchafe 
Lands of the like value in />■(»«£■<?. The faid Abbot and Convent of St. 
Martin by their Deed dated 18. Rich. 2. granted all their Lands, Tithes 
and Pcnfions herein £Kg/^»/ to the Abbot and Convent of KirMal (in 

GOLDCLIVE, w ^OnmOUtljdjice, « Cell to Bee in Normandy. 


Robert deCandos^iMC this Church of St. Mary Magdalen of GotdcHve 
with divers other Land.s.e^c. to the Monks of St. Mary at ^rr. All ^0|. 
which was confirm'd by King John in the fecond year of his Reign. This 
Priory was afterwards united to the Abby of Teakeshury, which union, 
was ratified by Pope Eugenius, Anno Dom. 1401. 
yid. X. yol p. 904. 



Benedictines. Vol. I. 


M I N T I N G, i« )l,incDlnll)li;e. a cell c/5^ Benedia Super Leyre. 

~^H I S was given to that Monaftery, by Ranulph Earl of C/^e- 


BOXGRAVE, i« ^nffejP, a Cell o/l'Eflay in Normandy. 

TH r S Priory was founded in the Reign of King Benry the I. Wil- 
liam Earl of /^r«»^e//endow'd itjwitb great Pofleflions,and gave and 

593. confirm'd it to the Monks of the Holy Trinity at I'Pjfay. The firft Founder 

594. of this Houfe,Cdedic2ted to'the bleffed Mary and Si.Blafi) at Boxgrave, was 
Rokrt deHa)a, who placed here three Monks of the Order ot St.BcKC^ 
di^j Roger de SanBo Johanns who married Cesily, his Daughter, doubled 
the number ofMonks,whore Sons William and Robert de Sa»7lo Johame^Hill 
encreas'd them to fifteen,conferring divers Revenues for their maintenance, 
out ot which he referved only an annual Penfion of three Marks to the 

59S- Ahhy of I'Efay.. Thomas Abbot of the Holy Trinity at I'BjJay, granted 
to the Prior of Boicgrave and his Succeflbrs, that they might conftantly 
have fifteen Monks m their Priory, and that upon the deceafe of any, 
they might fupply their number with whom they pleas'd to eled. King 

^9^' Edwardihe III. in the thirteenth year of his Reign difcharged this Priory 
of all feizures as an alien Priory in time of War, and made it Denifon. 

LONG- BENIN GTON, i» UdtCOlntJjll'e, a Cell to Savigny in 

Normandy. * 

567. T3 ^^^^fi^^ Filgeria'rum gave Belintone totheAbby o^ Savigny. The 
J]\_ Monks here held four Carucates of Land each Carucate worth 
4 /. per Annum.' 

G R O M O N D, in I^OJfefibite, a Cell to the Ally of Gramont in 


TH i S was given to the faid Abby by Joan late Wife of Robert de 
Turneham, and confirm'd by King John in the fifteenth year, of 
hisReign* VidFol. i^p. 15- 

MONKENLEN, in J^CrCfOjWW. a Cell to Conchis in Normandy. 

^og. T X rilliam ^\^^o^o^ Hereford 4id by his Epifcopal Authority confirm 
Vv and appropiate to the Abby of St. Peter at Conchis the Manner 
and Church of Monek^flen, and other Revenues, given by Ralph de Tony 



Vol.1 p. jg.i 

Vol. I. Benedictines. 


TOFT Priory in 3I5ojfOlfe, a Cell to Preaux. 

THIS was given by Rolert Earl of Mellent, and with divers other 
Lands confirm'd to the Abby of St. Peter at Premx by King Eenry enn 
the II, and by King £,f/n;W the I. with great Liberties. 

A L V E R. T ON, /» POJfeflbire, a Cell to the MajusMonafterium. 

Richard MaUeverer gave the Church of St. Martin in Aherton to -the ^oo. 
. onks of Majus Mo»aJierium in Aherton, Confirm'd by King 
Henry the II. 

MONMOUTH, a Cell to the Ahhy of St. Florence at Saumurs. 

WIbe-4ocusde Monemue built in hisCaflle of Monemue a Church to 
the honour of God, St. Mary, and St. Florence, and gave it in 
pervejual Almsto the MonksofSt. iTIorMctf at Saumurs. John de Mone- ^qj. 
'tnufa give to the Church of St. Mary of Monmouth, and to the Abby of 
Saumurs, the Hofpital of St. John at Monmouth. 

HAG H, in JLftlCOlnlbite, a Cell to the Ahhy dtWoto near Ch^thMrg. , 

T^T-IN G Henry the If. gave and confirm'd to the Abby and Cannons 
J[\_ .)i'Cherhurg in France, th? Manner and Church o{ Hagh with large 
Libertics,as they were formerly confirm'd by King Henry his Grandfather. 

The particulars and values of their Eftate was iound by Inquifition <r>^ 
x7.Edtv.^. Among other things, that they had certain Rents in Granthaf?t, 

H I'N K L E Y, meftcactCbiW, a Cell to Lyra in Normandy. 

ROhert Earl of Leicejler gave to the Abby of Lyra, the Church of 
Hinkelai with divers Chappels and other Churches adjoyning, with ^°4- 
their Tithes. AH which was confirm'd by King Henry the II. ' 

H O R S E L E G H, i« CffejC, a CeU to St. Martin ^/Troarn. 

THE Abby and CoventofSt. Martin's at Troarn'm Normandy, granted 
the Churches of Horfelegh and fVhitenhirJt, to the Prior and Con- 
vent of Bruton, in exchange for other Lands which the Priory of Bruton 
had in Normandy^ from which'time the Prior oi Bruton placed a Prior in ^°^- 
Horjekg'^ rem among his own Canons, and prefented lecular Vicars to 
the faid two Churches. This was confirm'd by King Edward the III, in the 
forty fifth year of his Rcigrr. 



Benedictines. Vol. I. 

A B BE R B U R Y, in &]^J0p(I)iCC, a Cell to the AUy of Gramomt. 

FUko Fiiz-Warhi founded and gave this Priory to the Monks of Gra- 
mount with divers Lands, (^c. confirm'd by King Benry the II. in the 
^P^- itven'.eenth of his Reign. And by Thomas Corletb in the year iz6i. 

LEVENESTKE, in ^KflfcjCs a Cell to Almenefches. 


TH E Pofl'effions of the BenediHine Nuns of St. Maryo^ Almenefches 
as well in France as £»^/d!w</wereconfirm'd to.thtmby Pope Akx- 
andsr^ and their Lands- in their own hands exempted from Tithes, by his 
Bull dated 1178. 

B\ the Stat, made at CarhU 35". E. i. commonly called De afpor- 
tatis Religioforam, it is anafted th^t no Foreign hhhy,&c. (ball im- 
pole any Tallage, Payment, or Afiefment whatfoever, 00 any of their 
Houfes fubjed to them in England, under the Penalty of forfeiting their 
Eftatehere. In the Parliament held at Weftminjier x-^.R.z it was or- 
dain'd that no alien of the French Nation Ihould enjoy any Benefice in 
this Kingdom ;' notwithflanding feveral Frenchmen having purchafed Let- 
ters of Denization, continued to enjoy Benifices, ^c. wjiereby great Trea- 
fiares were tranfported out of the Kingdom, the King's Council difcovered 
^08. to his Enemies in Frame,^c. It was therefore enadted i H. 5-. ch. 7. that 
the forefaid Ordinance be but in due execution againfl: all, but fuch 
Priors Alien as are conventual, and fuch as have Indudion and Inflitu- 
tion, provided that foch be Catholtcks, and that-they give fecurity not to 
difcover, ^'c. \t was finally eqafted in the Parliament held at Leicefter 
■2 H. %. for the Inconveniencies above-mentioned, and alfo for that the 
Engli(h had their PofleiTions feiz'din France, that all the Pofl^elTions of the 
Prior's aliens ("except Conventuals, @f.) be veiled in the King's hands and 
his Heirs for ever, to the intent that Divine Services in the places afore- 
faid may for the time to come be more duly perform'd by EngUfh peo- 
ple, tlian they have been by French. 



Vol. IP. <Dlt. 

Vol. L 

O F T H E 

DUDLEY, in ^taffOjDfljWe. a CeU 'to Wenlock. 

TH E Church here was dedicated to St. James, which with other 
Churches and Lands, Pope Lucius did confer and appropriate to 
this Priory in the year 1 1 90. granting in the fame Deed divers great 
Priviledges and Immunities to the Monaftery, 
Vid. X. Vol, p. 0OJ. 



Cluniacenfes or Monks of Clugny. 

The firfl Inftitutor of this Order, or rather Reformation of 
Monks^was Abbot 'Berno^to whom W'tUiam then Duke of Aciui- 
tairiy gave the place call'd Clu^ny or Cluny in !Bur^ndy for their 
firft Habitation, in^the year of our Lord 890. This was a 
Reform of St. 'Benmt\ Order. 

W E N L O C K, i» S)^JOpa)We. ^'^* 

HERE was formerly a Nunnery in which MUhurg Neice of Wilphere 
King of Mercid, lived, and died Abbefs, with the Reputation of 
great Sanftity. Which Houfe being totally decayed, Roger Earl of 
Mongomery, built here a Monaftery for the Monks of Cluny. The Church 
here was dedicated to St. Mildred. Ifahel de SayWi'iQ of William Fttz- "'4' 
Alan was a Benefadtrefs. And this Priory was made Indigena 1 8. R. 2. 
lid. 2. Fol p. 907. 

[Vauedat 401 /. os. j d. q. per Annum.'] 


LEWES, i» ^uffejc. 

THIS Houfe was founded by William de WarrenEarl of Surrey in the 
time of King William the Conqueror, Which Earl obtain'd from 
the Abby of St. Pf/^r in Burgundy four Cluniac Monks, to whom he 
gave the Church of St. Pancrace adjoyning to his Caftle of Lewis, and 
cndow'd them with divers Lands and PofTeHions, by the Licenfe, and Con- 
firmation of J^mgWilliam i with a Curfe to the Violators of his Gift, and ^ 
a BlelTing to the Defenders. Y^t this Priory remain'd a Cell to the Vq' 
Abby oiClugHym Burgundy till the forty feventh year of King E. 5. at ' 
which time that King made it indigena, .tnd independant ; fo alfo the 
Priories of C4/?/f4cr^, Prittlewell, Farleigh, Horton, and Stanejgate, which 
were all Cells belonging to the Priory ot Lewis. Fid. 2. Fol. p. 908. 
[Valued at 920/. ^s.Gd. fer/imium,} 


8o B L u N I A c s. Vor,. I. 

(5 P R I T T L E W E L L, i« CffCjC, a Cell to Lewes. 

ROhert Fitz-Saene gave the Church of Pritllemll to the Priory of 
St. Pancracezt Lewes, to be a Cell of that Houfe, and tobefurniftit 
with Monks of the R.ule oiSt.Bemet, and Order oi'Clugny from Lewes j 
ordaining by his Deed of Foundation that the Prior ot Prittkml (hould 
pay yearly to thePriorof ieivM one mark for an acknowledgment. 
[Valuedat ly^'/. li s. z d. oh. per ^ttium.^ 

W E S T A C K E, z« iSojfolfe, a Cell to Lewes. 

TH I S Houfe was granted and confirm'd by Rodnlphns tie Toneio 
Lord of the Soil, to Oliver, Prieft of Acre, and Walter his Son, who 
became Canons regular here. 

[Valued at 260 /, i^s. jd. q. pr AnnHm.~\ 

^2Q f A R L E Y, in t^iXWu, a Cell to Lewes. 

THIS Priory was founded AmoDom. 11 if. and dedicated to God 
and St. Mary Magdalen. It was endow'd by Humphrey de Bohun the 
King's Sewer, and Margery hisWife^ with the Manner of Farley and the 
Park there, and with divers other Lands and Revenues. All which was 
621. confirm'd to them by King Henry the III. in the eleventh year of his 

[Valued at I 53 /. 14 j. 2 d. ob. per AnnHm-'] 

H O R T O N; in ifceilt, a Cell to Lewes. 

522,. ^"T^H I S Houfe was founded and endow'd by Rohert de Ver Cbnftable 
JL oi England, and Adeliza\{\sW\it, and fubjeded to the Priory of 
Lewes, to which they were to pay a Mark per Annum as an acknowledg- 
ment. In this Houfe did inhabit thirteen, or at leaft eight Monks: who 
were to fay three Mafles dayly, viz. the High Mafs, our Lady's Mafs, and 
the third pro defuncts. Their Seal was kept by three Monks, viz. the 
Prior, Sub- prior, and another. 

£Valuedat95' /. 12 s. zd. per Annum.'} 

^ S T A N E S G A T E, 7» Cffcp, « Cell to Lewes. 

A t^no Dom 1 17 f. Alexander Prior o^ this Houfe, and the Covent of 
the fame, with the aflent of the Covent of X,ew«, granted the Tithes 
ot their Fee at Clerkenwell, with their Land there, to the Nuns of St. ^^ry 
at Clerkenwell, they paying to the Prior o^ Stanefgate, a yearly Penfion of 
ten (hillings for the faid Tithes and Lands. 


Vor. I» C L u N I A c s. 8i 

C L I F F O R. D, in IpercfOjUfljirC, ^i cell to Lcwcs. 

Ir appeared bv Inquifition 20. E. j. that this Priory was founded by 
SintoH Fitzj- Richard Fitz-FoHce tormerly Lord of Clifford tin^ Anceftor 
01 cheCountcfsofZ.rwf/«, and that this Houfe was not alien, or dependant 
on any other beyond Sea. It was fubje£led by the Founder to the Priory '^^Hl- 
oi Lewes. " 

[^Valucdat 57/. 7^. 4^. per Ar.num.'] 


Founded /^». DoOT, 1090. William de Warren Earl of Surrey, the firfi: 
of that name, and his Son EarJ I^/Z/mw the II. were great Bcnefa6?-crs, 
and gave to God, and St. Mrry, and to the holy Apoftles Peter and Paul, 62^, 
and to the Cluniac Monks of St. Pancrace (i. e. of the Priory of Lewes') 
ferving God at ^c/^ra, divers Lands and Revenues. Befides whom many 
other Eenefaftors gave other Manners and Lands, Tithes and Churches, as 
may be feen in particular in the Book at large, p. 6z6, 6z'j, 6x8, 6ip. 
, A^/vrf Bifliop of W(?rB'/c^conftituted the Church and Monaftery here, (>30, 
and placed tlierein Cluniac Mo/iks, under the Rule of St. Benedict- Bidiop 
£irW impropriated and confirm'd to them their feveral Churches, given 
to them by the Earls 6fiS'«rr«)/ and other Benefadtors. 

It was certified to King Edm. the I. in the thirty fourth'year of his Reigrj 
tliat the Prior and Convent of Caflle-acre wereEnglifli, and not Aliens of 
theSubjefts of the King of France, or his Adherers 5 and that no Rent 
orPenfion was paid by them to any of his Dominion or Adherents, nor 
did tbey owe obedience to any fuch, except only, that when the Abbot of 
£:/*g«/ comes- fometimes into £«^/i««</ he ufes to vifit in the faid Priory. 
Hereuport this Houfe was allow'd to be Indigena and not Alien'tgena, and 
to be priviledgcd accordingly, i%.E.x. 

[Valued at 306 /. n j. 4 d: ob. q. per Annum.'] ' 

M E N D H A M, 7» Bojfolfe. a Cell to Gaftle-acre. ^^ i. 

William Son of Koger de Huntingfeild gave to God, and St. Mary of 
Acre, and to the MonliS there, the Ifle of St. Maty of Mendham 
to be in the lame manner I'ubjeft to Caflle-aae^ as that Houfe is to St. 
fancrace, and that to the Church oiCkgny. 

The Prior of Caflle-acre and Convent there did grant to Roger de Hunting- ^ , j, . 
feild, who w as their great Benefaftor, to maintain at leaft eight Monks at 
this Priory of Mendfjanty and not to depofe the Prior here unlcls for 
one ot thefe three caufes, Difobedicnce, Incontinence, or Dilapidation 
of the Houfe. 


82 C L u N I A c s. Vol. I. 


BROMHOLM, i» Bojfolfe a Cell ^/CaHle acre. 

^H E Eftate here, with divers other Lands, was given to the Monks 
of Acre, by William de Glaniille, and confirm'd to them by Bar- 
tholmew his Son. 
653. The Prior and Convent o{ Brcmholm, held Lands in Fee-farm of the 

Prior and Convent of ^ae, at the Annual Rent of fourteen Marks, five 
fhilhngs and four pence payable at three terms by the ycar,'z;/2. at the 
FeaftofSt. Michael 6^s. at the Purifi'ation 64 s. and at Penticojl 6^s. 

Controverfie arifing between the Priors of Lems^ and Acre, and the Prior 
ot Bromholm, about placing the Prior of this Houfe. The whole matter 
was refcrr'd by i'ope Gregory the be heard and determin'd by the Prior 
634. oiOfolvejion in Leicejierjbire,znd the Dean of Rutland s who decreed among 
other things, that upon the death of the Prior of BroMholm, the Prior of 
Acre fhould nominate fix Monks, three of /icre and three of Bromholm^ 
out of which number, the Convent of Bromholm Ihould choofe one ior 
their Prior. &c. This Decree was made in the Church of St. Mary near the 
Bridge in Stanford, onWed»efday ntxthefore Palm-Sunday i^z^. 

Pope Celefiin by his Bull dated in 4:he fourth year ot his Pontificate, 
granted that this Priory fliould be free from any fubjeftion to that of 

King//d'«r)'theIH. in the thirteenth year of his Reign granted to the 
Prior and Monks of St. Andrew of Bromholm to have a Fair there yearly at 
6^6. theFeaflof the Exhaltation of the holy Crofs, and a Market weekly on 
t\xt Monday. Vid. Vol. %. p. 909, 

[Valued at 100/. yx. ^i. q. per Annum.-] 


R E I N H A M, in BOlfOlft, a Cell to Caftle-acre. . 

'llliam de Lifews founded here a Houfe for three Monks at lead in a 

place then called Normannesherch, and endow'd it with Lands, in 

honour of theblefled Virgin and St. John the Evangelijijallwhichjeoffi-ey 

his Son gave and confirm'd to the Monks of Wcrf. 

Roger Prior of i?e/»/;d(»>,granted to Lena, a Nun and other Nuns there fer- 

^3 7- ving God,a certain Solitary Place or Hermitage near Winghale.iizrcel of the 

Pofieffions of this Houfe, to be held by them at tbe.yearly Rent of twelve 

pence. To which Houfe of Nuns Riginuld Fitz Hamon gave other Lands 

with his. Daughter whom he made a religious Woman there. 


638 SLEVESHOLM, 7« BOjtOlK, a Cell (?/Caftle-acrc. 

'Ounded by fVilliamEirl o[ Warren, and by him given toMouis of 

Caffle-acre. John Earl of Warren confirmM bU Great Grand fathers 

^ Foundation Anno Dom. 1309, (3, E. z.) and granted, that as often as the 

■^ ' Priory of this Houle Ihould be void, the Prior of Cafile-^cre fhould have 

iull power to confer the place on a Monk of that Houfe, which new Prior 

being firft prefented to the faid John Earl of Warren or his Heirs, and having 

done his Fealty, (hould be admitted with efTed. 

B E R. 

Vol. t C L u N I A c s. 82 

BER.MUNDSEY, w Sutrr?- 

THIS Monaftery of St, Saviours of BurmuHtifey was founded by 
Alwinus Child a Citizen of London, in the year 1082. ' 

Many were the Benefadtors to this Houfe. King Henry the I, in the <^40« 
ye ar 1117. gave to the Monks here the Mannors of BermmdCey, Rederhith, 
and Delwich, the hide of ^ow/^w^jr/^, and other Lands. Walkelims Mant' 
mynot gave them a Moiety of all Greenmch. 

KmgHettry the II. in the year 1159. confirm'd to them the Donation 641. 
of divers Churches, as Camherwell^ . and others. 

Anno 12 1 3. the Prior of 5«f»«««<!^y raifed from the Foundation anew 
Building adjoyning to the Walls of his Houfe, which was call'd the Ele- 
wojittary, or Bofpitale cotrverforum & puerorum, in honour of St. Thomas 
the Martyr. 

Jji 1268. K\ng Henry iht III. granted to the Monks of Burmmdjey a 
Market every Monday at their Mannor of Charleton in Kent^ and a Fair 
to be held there at the Feaft of the Holy Trinity yearly. 

The Mannor of\B(frw«»^^ was ancient Demefn of the Crown, and all 5^3 
the Lands and Tenements m this Mannor ca/» pertin.are impleadable in 
the Court of this Mannor by the King's writ of Right according to the 
Cuflom of the laid Mannor, and not at the Common Law. 

Within the Mannor ofBurmundfey were comprifed the feveral Towns of 
Bermondefiy^ Cambenvell, Rederhith, the Hide of Southwark, Dilwich 
Waddon, and Reyhamf with their Appurtenants. 

[Valued at 474 /. 14^; ^d. ob. q. fer Annum.'] 

The Priory of St. James hy Exeter, in S^el)Ottll)^^$■ , 


BAldwin Earl of Devonfjire founded this Priory without the Walls at 
Exeter forCluniac Monks, and endowed it with Revenues. Con- 
firm'd by Richard E^rl oi Devon(hire, Son of Baldwin, ii ^7. andhyRo- 644 
iert Bilhop oi Exeter, Anno 1146. Alfo by Maud the Emprefs. Infra 6j.r-] 
/. lOlJ. 

[Valued at yoz /. ii s. ^d. per Annum.'] 

L E N T o N, i« l^ottins^amOjite. 

William Peverel built this Houfe for Cluniac Monks, and gave to the 
Abby of Clugny great Revenues for the Maintenance of certain 
Monks of their Order in this Priory, providing however that this Houfe 
ihould be free and difchargcd from all exactions of that Abby, paying on- "^ 
ly one Mark per /4w«w as an acknowledgment. To this Priory ot the 
Holy Trinity at Lenton King Henry the II. was a Benetaftor, fo were alio ^^' 
King Steven, jind King jo/;«, which laft granted them the Tithes of his 
hunting {Decimamven>itionisnoflra)tn the Conntks of Nottinghant and 
Derliy. All wiiofe Grants were confirm'd by King £</ji;WtheIL in the 64S. 
t§nth year of his Reign. Fid. Fol. 3. p. jo. 

[Valued at 529 /. 1 5 r. 10 </. ob. fir Annum!] 



Cluniacs. Vol. J. 

P O N T E F R A C T, in ^OjUflblte. 


'HEfirfl: Founder of this Houfe was Robert de Laceio, who built kin . 
a place then called Kirkehy^ in honour of St. John the Apoftle and 
Evangelift, fubjefting it to the Church o[ Clugny from whence it was 

^49 furnitht with Monks, aad gave them feveral Lands and Revenues; con- 

^^°- firm'd by Hugode la Val. Henry de Lafcy Son of the faid Robert^ gave to 
thefe Monks the Cuftody of the Hofpital of St. Nicholas in Pomfrall, in 

^5'* the year iiS9 Pope Ce/<r/?/« confirm'd the Eftate given to this Mona- 
ftery, and granted them feveral Priviledges, among others, that in the 
time of a general Interdiftion it may be lawful for the Monks here to cele- 
brate the Divine Offices, with a low Voice, their Church-Doors fhut,and 

dcx. without the found of any Bells, Adam FitzSwany gave divers Lands to- 
the Monks of Po»tfraft, he alfo gave them for a Cell, the Priory of 
St. Mary Magdalen ot Lunda, or Monk-Breton, which he had founded on his 
paternal Eftate, After many Controverfies between the Monks of Pont- 
/r4(?:ind the Monks of Breton, it was at laft agreed and determin'dby 

6S3' Deed dated in the year 1x69 that the Monks of Breton (hould payaPi- 
Unce oi zo s. per Annum to the Covent o{ fontfra^^ that the Monks of 
Breton Ihould freely choofe their own Prior, but that he fhould be created 

6$s. or inftall'd by the Prior of rPontfra^, &c. To this Houfe were feveral Per- 
fons of great Quality, Benefaftors ;-whpfe names and parcels by them gi- 
ven may be feen in the Book at large, p. 6i)6i 6s7, 658, 659. 
[Valued at 337/. 14*- ^ ^- fer Annum.'] 

660. M O N R-B R E T O N, i» |aojkQjWe, a Cell to Tontfran. 

TH I S Priory was founded to the glory of God and honour of 
St. Mary Magdalen of Lundu, by Adam the Son of Suanus who en- 
dow'dit with theTownoffire/ow, &c. The then Prior of the Charity 
Cbeing the Capital Houfe of this Order beyond Seas) granted that the 
Monks of this Houfe, might choofe their own Prior, the Prior of ?ontfra£l 
66z. 0^ required) being prefcnt at the Eleftion. Adam Fitz S wane the Foun- 
der gave this Houfe as a Cell to the Priory of St. John at Pontfrad. and 
ordered this Houfe to pay to that Priory a Recognition of one Mark of 
Silver per Annum. Pope Urban the III. confirm'dthe Foundation ii 86. 
[Valued at Z39 /• 3 '• <^ ^- per Annum.'] 



THETFORD, in ^OjfOlfe- 

Founded Anno Dom. \io^. by Roger Bigot., whofe Gifts and Endow- 
ments to this Houfe were all conhrm'd and ratified by his Son Wil- 
liam Bigot Dapifer to the King 5 and alfo by King Henry the L and King 
Henry the 11. This Priory was made Denifon 50. £. ^. 

[Valued at 512/. 14*. ^d. ob. fer Annum: 


Vol. I. C L u N I A c s. ' 35 

M O N T A C U T E, /« ^omtMG)it9 

FIRST founded by Willtam Earl of Moritou in l^ormcmdy^ who en- 
dowed this Priory with three fair Lordfliips, viz. MoMtegue and two 
ocners. King Henry the I. gave and confirm'd to God and the bleffcd 
Apoftles St. Veter and St.. ?aul of Montacute, and the Cluniac Monks there, 
divers Lands, with great Liberties and Exemptions. The like did King ^^' 
HefirjtheW, and King //(fwry the IIL in the four and thirtieth year of his y^' 
Reign. King £(^M;.irrf' the III. in the fourteenth year of Reign, granted 7'* 
the Advovvfon, and Cult ody of this Priory and four Cells thereunto be- 
longing, to William de Monte- acuta Earl of Salisbury, and Marlhal of 
England^ and to his Heirs. Fid. x. Vol. p. 909. 

[Valued at 45<5 /. 14 ^. 7 d. q. per Annum^ 

D A V E N T R E Y, /« BOJtJ^amptOnftrtW- 671. 

THIS Priory was firft founded at ?reJlon by Hugh de Leycefire fcall'd 
the Ficomt) but that place being found inconvenient, they were 
by LAC^nko'i Simon deSeynliz the &\d^Y^ EarlofNorthamptoK, removed to 
Daventre, where he built a Monaftery in honour o{ S^. Augufiine the Apo- 
Itleof the Englijh. King Henry the IL confirm d their Liberties and Fran- 673. 
chifes granted by King Henry the I. to St. Mary of Charity (z.^.theGapital 
Houfeofthis Order beyond SeasJ and to St. Attgufiinc of Dtmentreyztid 
the Monks there. Many were the Benefa£lors to this Houfc, as Matilda de 
Senliz, Richard de Foxton, whofe Daughter Ann was married to Alan Buffet 674. 
o'i Lufphenam(c$m. Rotelandy Steven de Welton, Henry de Bray Lr ok (whoie 6jf. 
Geneologies maybe feen, Fo. 6^7. 678.) 

5^ A N D R E w s, ^; il^ojtbampton. ^^^ 

THl S Priory was founded in the eighteenth year of King William 
the Conqueror, by Simon deSeynliz, who came into £wg/a»</in the 
Army of that King. He ftiarried /'?f<i«<^ Daughter and Co he'vc oi Waldel- 
/«y Earl of Huntiagton, with whom he had the. honour o^ Huntington 't 
Alice the other Daughter was by him given to Ralph de Tonny with 100/. 
per Annum in Land (centum Lilrarum terns) out of the faid honour. In 
the Reign of King Henry the \. the (aid Simon made a Voyage to the 
Holy Land^ and died in his return at the Monaftery of the bleffed /W<jry 
of charity (to which Monaftery he had fubjefted this of St. Andrew.) Alter 
his death King He«r;', having n^arried Maud Sifler of Alexander King of 
Scotland, gave Maud E;:rl Simons Widow to David Brother of Alexander, 
and with her the Cuftody of Earl Simons Son and Heir, Simon de St. Lyzy 
junior. Hugh Bilhop of Lincoln confirm'd the Churches and Tithes given ^^'« 
to this Priory, among which were the Churches of Ryul and Exton in 
Rutland. ^vngHenry the I. alfo conftrrh'd the Lands to' them given, and ^g^^ 
granted them many Libenies and Franchifcs. This Priory was made De- 
nifbn 6 f?. 4. 

To the Hofpital of St. David tt Kittgfthorp built upon the Lands of this 
Priory, for the Relief of Travellers and poor People, Walter Prior of this 
Houfe with the aflent of his Convent, gave two yard Land and a Meliu- 


86 C L u N I A c s. Vol. I. 

age, &c. laThorpi conftituting feveral Orders for the Government of the 
laid Hofpital, among others that there Ihould be three rows of Beds placed 
in length before the Chappel, fo as the Poor, and efpccially the fick Peo- 
ple, might mbft conveniently hear Mafs, &c. fubjefting the Paid Hofpi- 
^82 al to the Prior oi St. Andrews at Northampton, and the Abbot of Sullebi. 
This Deed bears date izoo. being the (econd of Ring John. 

CThis Priory was valued at 263 /. 7 s. i d. q. fer Annum.) 

684. B A R. N E S T A P L E, /•« l^ZWiMtZ- 


^H I S Houfe was founded for Ciuniac Monks, and dedicated to 
the honour of God, and our Lord Jefus Chrift, and St. Mary., the 
holy ApoftlesSt. Ff/erand St. /^W, and St. Mary Magdalen, by Joel Son 
of Alured, who endow'd it with large Poffelhons, fubjcding it to the 
Church of St. Martin de Campis, in which he hirafclf became a Monk, 
Confirm'd by King Benry the I. and by Henry de Tracy, who dcfcended 
"°^* from the Founder, Jin. 1 146. (i i. Stcph.") 

[Valued at 125/. 6 s. 7 i» fer Amium^ 


T I K E F o R D, in 'Butfetogl^amfibiw. 

^Vlcedius Paganellas was the firft Founder of this Priory, who with 

other Benefaftors, endowed it with divers Lands and Rents. All 

which together with a Court-Leet, King Henry the IL confirm'd to the 
°7« Monks here. King Edward the II. in the fifth year of his Reign, granted 
further to William de la Manerere th^n Prior of this Houfe, and his Suc- 
ceflbrs, to have a Pillory and Tumbrel in their Lordfhip of Tikejord, lor 
the punifhment of Malefaftors. 
Vid. Vol. z. />. 910. 


FEVERSHAM, i« Itcnt 

iyr»<?Ii48. King Steven founded the Abby here to the honour of 
of our Saviour, and endow'd it with divers Manners, Lands, Li- 
berties, and free Cuftoms to hold in perpetual Alms, difcharged and quit 
of all fecular Exaftions. King Steven and Maud his Queen, and Eufiacius 
their Son were buried here. King Henry the U. confirm'd to the Ciuniac 
Monks oi Fever jham., all their Lands and Franchifes, granting to them a 
Fair yearly for eight days beginning at the Feaft of St. Feter ad vincula. 
6E8. The like confirmation was made by King Jo^« in the fixteenth year of 
53o his Reign ; and by King Henry the III; in the eleventh year of his Reign, 
ff/er Abbot of C/«g«; granted to King 5/e'z;f», Claremhaldus then Prior of 
Bermnndefey with twelve Monks of that Houfe, for the Compofing an 
Abb; at Feier(ham, and at the fame time abfolved the faid Claremhaldus 
and his Monks from all Obedience and Subjedion to the Church oiClttgny, 
and that of the Charity : The like Emancipation or difcharge of fubjeftion 
was alfb granted by the then Prior of the Chanty. 

[.Valned at 286 /. X2s.6 d. ob. q. Per Annnm^ 


Vol. I. C L u N I A c s, 87 

A R T H I n'g T O N, /« i^OJ^flbwe. 690. 

TH I S was a Priory, of Nuns, built and endow'd by Peers of 
Arthingt^, and confirm'd by Pope Alexander; as is fet forth 
in an award made in the twenty eighth year of the Reign of King ^^ 
Henry the VI. Alicia ele Rome I i was a Benefadrefs to this Nunnery 
whole Gi't was confirm'd by her Son William de Carey the Kings Sq'^qt, 
and by Warinus Fitz Gerald the King's Chamberlain. 
C Valued at 11 /. S s. /\.d. ob. per Anmm,^ 


88 • Vol. I. 

Of the Ciftercian Order. 




Anno f>om. 1098. Robert hhhoz of Molefme hy Licenfe of H«^o 
Archbifhop of Lyons the Pope's Legate, firft inftituted this 
Order, in a. Delert Place called Cijhrdum in the Dutchy of 
'Burgundy^ the Rule of St. Sennet, being not duly oblerved, 
in his old Monaftery. In this Order therefore they betook 

699. themlelves to the fi:ri(5t obfervance of St. 'Bennet's Rule, and 
obtain'd great Priviledge* from the Pope. To avoid Pride 

700. and Superfluity, they were to retain no Crofles of Gold or 
Silver, but only of Wood ; their Chalices were to be of Sil- 
ver and not of Gold, <src: The fecond Abbot of this Order 
was one Stephen an EngUJhman. 

703. WAVE R. L E Y, m ^UWe?. 

THIS Abby was founded in the year of Chrift 1128. by William 
Gifford Biihop o[fVi»chefter. The firft Monks of this Order, being 
twelve and an Abbot, came to this Houfe from a Foreign Abby -call'd 
Elem^na. The faid William Bifliop of Winchefler endow 'd this Houle 
with divers Lands, and with Cowwo« in Fumham Woods, all which was 
by cqnfent of the King, and the Convent of Winchejier, and confirm'd by 
his Succcflbrs. Fid, 2. Fol. />. 912. 

[Valued at 174/. 8 i. 3 d. ob. fcr Aimum.~] 

F u R N E s, in iJLantaCbiw. 

N»(? Dom. 1 127. being twenty nine years from the firft Inftitution 
^ ^ of the Ciftercian Order (i6. H. 1.) This Houfe was founded by 
Steven'E2ix\ oi Morton and Boloign, afterwards King of England. 


The Names of the Abbots oiFVRM ES. 

1» Evanusde Alhrincis, 7.Eudo de Sourde'val. ■^. Michael de Lancadria. 
i^: Petrus de Ehoraco. ^. Richardus de Bajocis. 6. Johanne-s de Cawnesfetld. 
7. Walterus de Milium. 8. Jojkms de Pennington, g. Conamts de Bardoule, 
\O.Willielmns tfiger. il. Giraldus Brifialdon. 12 Michael de Dalton. 
x-^.Richardnsde San£loQuintino. x^. Raduljus de Fletehani. i^. Johannes 
de Newhy. \6StefhanHs de Alverfton. ly. Michoiau! de Meaux, who was 
after Biiliop of Sodor. i8. Rohertus de Denton. 19. Lai'rentiusde Acclom. 
20 Willielmm^e Midleton. 21. Hugo de Br on. xx.Willielmus deCockeravt. 
23. Hugo Skiller. 24. Johannes de Cockeram. '2 'y. Alexander de Walton. 
7.6. Johannes de Cockham, 27. Johanftes de BoUon. 28. Willie Imus de 


Vol. I. 



King Stevens double Relati- 
on to Maud the Emprefs. 

Steven Earl of 
Morton,(jrc. was 
Soft of Steven E. 
tf/Bloys a»dh- 
dcla Daughter ef 
K. William the 
Conqueror, and 
Sijier of K.H.I 

Edgaf Edling had two Sifiert 
Margaret, aud Chriftiana } 
who hadijfue as follows, 




Euftace fi.-y-Mary 
of Bolon j 



William Earl of 
Warren and Bolon. 

' 1 

Margaret Wife of 
Malcolm K. ef Scots. 

Matilda Wife tf 
Hen.I.^. ofEng. 

Maud, firfl married 
to the Emperor, then 
/ffjeoffery Earl of 
Anjou, ly which lafi 
fhe had iffue. . 




Hen. the If. 
K. of£ng. 

William de Lanea}ler,rhQ t\{\xA of that Name was a great Bencfaftor to 
this Abby, as appears by 'his Deeds dated 1140. Q^c. Which William vciSX- 
rkd Agnes de Brus znd had iffue 


ux, Petri 
de Brus 

Alicia UK, 


MX. Alani 
de Multon 

1 1 i f : 1 

Petrus de BruS Agnes ux. Lucia ux, Margarcta laderina! 

ju/i. ob. f. h. Waltef i de Marniaduci ux, Dent. ux. Johannls 
Fawkunbergh. de Thweng. Rob, de Ros. de Belew. 

Pope Eugenius granted to John Abbot of St. Mar/s of Furnes, among 
other Priviledges that they (hould not pay any Tithes for their Lands or 
Cattel held in their own hartds and occupation. And(^/4nno Dom. 1 305^.) 
it was agreed between the Abbot of Furnes and the P'rior of St. Mary of 
Lancajier (which laft was intituled to the Tithes of their Grange of BeU 
lomonte )that in cafe the Abbot of Furnes let the faid Lands, then the Prior 
of Lancajier (hould receive Tithes of the Lands fo let , but in cafe the 
Abbot and Cbvent of Fumes fhould occupy the fame in their owrii 
hands, then the faid Prior to receive only a Pcnfion of two Marks per 





[Valued at 80 5 /, tCs. 5 tli fcr Annum,'} 





710. a U S S I N, i;< the Ifle of ^m, a Cell to Furncs. 

711. '^T^H E Abb/ of /?«/^» was founded in the year 1134. 0/j««^ King of 

J Man, a vei-y devout Frince, gave the Land whtreon tiijs Aoby 
fiiiiTds to Tvo then Abbot oi Furnes^ fbr the erefting of this Mon..ftet-y. 

Certain Antient Synodals, and Ecdefjaflical Conllituaons for the Iile 
of/Wa», madeby iS'iwow Biihop of Sodor \zz9. 

J 12, Other ConftitLUions made in the Church of St, Bmdan'm Mtmir^i. 

under Mark Biftiop of Sodor. 

716. Other Addftional Conftitutions made in the Church of St. Mrdael the 

Archangel, by William Rfiffel Bifliop of Sodor, .and t:ie whole Liert»y.of 
MaMi^$o. All which fee at large in the ^hmfition 

7 1 S. ThoMJs Lord Stanley, Earl o'tD'trhy, and K, ot the Hie of Manhy his Let- 

ters Patents dated at Lathtirn, 2^. Mar 1505- confirm'd to - uan then 
BUhop of 5^W(7r and his Succedbrs, all the Lands, Revenues, Rigti'^ and 
Priviledges belonging to the Church in the Ifle and Kingdt^mOi Man. 

YNE S, 7» 3IrclanD, " Cf///o Fumes. 

THIS was firft founded' in the year i iz6. by a King of Z///?fr nan^ed 
Aiagnellus Makenkfe, in a place call'd Erymcb hut '.har \cm^ A; 
moft deftroyed in the Wars, it wastranflated b» John de f^uny Conqiitr 
of Vlder, and new founded at Tnes, and at the fame time he iubjedtd rhii 
Abbyto Furnes^ An. 1180. 

7 1 p. N E T H E, i« ©lamojganfibtre , 

Richard de Grainvilla gave to God and the Church of the holy Trrmty 
at Savigny, Nethe a;id other LaT^ds ar d PolTe ..ons to tnt lit. nti. 
on that the Abbot and Convent ot Siuigny ihou'd inftitnte here a Cqh* 
vent of Monks under an Abbot. ViiV\%';}ohn confirm'd the laid L:'ntis to 
the Church of the Holy Trinity at Nethe and the Monks there, in the 
ninth year of his Reign granting them alio many Priviledges and Im- 

, [Valued at 1 52 /. 'js.'jd. ob. fer Annum.'] 


720. ^ B A S I N G W E R K Ahhy, in SlixAUtt 

'Oqnded y^»wii3i. by Ranulph Earl of Chefter, confirm'd by King 
_ Henry the II. and by Lertellin Prince o'l North-Wales The like 
7x1. C^^nfirmation to this Monaftery, and the Monks here was mad^ by 
David PrinceotNorthwales, Son of the forefaid Lewelin, who alio gave 
them certain Lands and Revenues, in the year 1240. 

t^aluedat 150/. 7 s. 5 </. fer Annum^ 


Vol. L Cistercians. di 

T I N T E R N, /•« mnlefS, 

Founded 1131. lVilliahi,Maittk\\z\o^ England, and Earl of /'m^rtj/'c', 
in the feventh year oi Henry the III. confirnn'd 10 God, and theblcf 
led Maiy of Tjntern, and to the Abbot and Monks there, all the Lands and 
Revenues given to them by his Anceftors^ granting alio to the faid Ab- 722-. 
by great Liberties and immunities : prohibiting all Men to vex or difturb 
them or theirs, under the penalty of twenty Marks, befides the curfc of 72?. 
God. Their Eftatc was alfo confirm'd by Roger B/godEad o( Merfolkdind 72 1. 
Marefchal of England, Amo 1301. Walter Fitz Richard appears to be the 
Founder of this rioufc"^«w 11^ I. Who dying without iffue, his Bro- n^c, 
ther Gilbert Stronghowe became his Heir, and vvasthe firflEarl o^Pemhrokey 
from whom dcfcended Ifahel ; (lie became the ^' iic of William Marefckall, 
who died 1x19. and lies buried in the Temple at London -. he Iclc five 
Sons all fuccelRvely Earls oi' Pembroke, but they ail died without iffue, 
Matilda theeldefl of their Sifters and Co-heirs, was irrarried to Hugh le 
BigodEad of Norfolk and Suffolk, Sec. 

[Valued at 1 92 /. 1 s. 4^. ob. fer Annum.~\ 

' R I E V A L L, /« I^OjWtC 727, 

ANno n 3 2. Gualterus ^fpeck a Great man in the Court of King Benry 
the I. founded rhis Monaftery in a place called Blachomour near the • 
River Rie^ for the receipt of certain Monks of the Ci(lercian Order ftnt 
over by Bernard A^oto^ Clarevallis, whofe firft Abbot waslVilliam. 

This Walter tfpeck, having unhappily loft his Son and Heir who broke ^2,8. 
his Neck by a lall trom a Horfei built and endow'd with partof hisEftate 
three Monaft;eries, viz Kirkbam, Rievall, and Wardon. The reft: of his 
Eftate was divided between his three Sifters and Co-heirs, one of which 
married to Peter Lord Roos, the Defcent of which Noble family, the 
l^eader may lee fet forth in the Book at large, with their feveral Matches 
and Iffue, down to George Manners.^ Lord /?<?Wj who died An. 151 3. 

Many were theBenefaftors, and large the Pofleffionsof this Monaftery, 
expreft /iv/. 729, 790, 731. 

Po^e Alexander tht\\\. by his Bull dated 1140. granted to Aelredo 
Abbot of St. MMrys of RievaUe and nis Brethren, and their Succeffors in 
that Monaftery, a Confirmation of all their Pofftffions, with divers Pri- - 732- 
viiedges, in particular thattTiey might celebrate the Divine Offices in the 
time of n general Interdift, ^c. 

I Valued at 278 /. 10 s. 2 d. per Annum*'] 

FOUNTAINS, in I^Ojlvflbtte, a Cc//o/Clarevallis. Founded 1131. 


TH E Rule and Difciplinc of St. Benedi^ being rel.ixt in the Abby of 
St. A/.7r/s at York, and a great Diflcntion happening therein on 
that occafion between the Abbot and Prior, Turjlin then Archbifhopof 
Tork gave leave to thirteen of the Monks to retire from the faid Abby. 
Tothcfe the faid Archbilhop appointed a Solitary, and then Defcrt place 739, 

N' X for 


Cistercians, Vol. I, 

for their Habitation, at that time called Skeldale, fincc Fomtaitis. Here 
for a time a great Elme was their only fence ixom the Weather, under 
which they llept, fed, and performed their Offices according to their 
Rule, Rkh.ird^ who had been their Prior at Tork, being eled:ed their firft 
Abbot a/!d confirm'd by the Archbifliop Turjlin afbrefaid. They having 
pad a Winter in this manner, fent to the holy Bermrd Abbot of 
741. claravellis fabmitting themfelves to his Rule and Direftion. Abbot 
£er»Wfends back with the MefTengers one of his Monks named Galfridus 
who taught them the c://?(?rfw» Dilcipline. Hitherto they were in greac 
Want, being forced to drels lor their Food the Leaves ot the Trees and 
7'li. Herbs of the Fields. Yet in their diftrels having in their poor Houfe but 
two Loaves and a half, they gave one of them to a Poor man who de- 
manded an Alms for Chrift his fake. Two years they labour'd under this 
grievous Poverty 5 after which God fent them many Benefaftors , the firfl 
of which was Hugh Dean of Tork. Five years after the firft Foundation of 
7'^5- the Monaftery oi Fountains^ a certain Nobleman called Ramlph de Merlay 
built for them a new Monaffery to which they fent fomc of their Monks 
under the Government ot Abbot Robert formerly a Monk at Withehj. Be- 
■ja6, fides which, many Cells were founded and given to this Hou(e, as Wo'> 
jAj. hume^ Kirkftall,Bitham, otherwife called /^^//w //(?i, Lifa in Nonv^y^ die. 
2, ex. Benefactors to this Houfe were Alanus de Aldeburg\ Roger de Mubrai 

754. de Aldehurg, Svoanus de Tornetun, de Bramlcia, Roger de Laci Conftableof 
ncj, Chefier, Nigellus de Muirdi, Alice de Gant, 8cc. who gave to God and the 
yc2. Church o( St Mary de FoMtilus divers Mannors and Lands. All which 
were confirm'd to the Monks' of the Ciflercian Order here, and their Suc- 
759- ■ cefTors for 'ever by King i?zc)??d[r^ the L 

[VaUied at 998 /. 6 s. 2, d. oh. per Annum.^ 

QU A R R E (Quarrera') in the IJle of iiaigl^t, a Cell to Savigny. 
7 "O- ' Fonrtded 1 1 5 x. 


I Ichard Earl of Exeter, Son of Baldwin, confirm'd to God, the holv 

Virgin, and G<j»/»-/</«J Abbot of Siawgwy, this Houfe and divers Lands 

and Revenues thereunto belonging, firft given by bis Father. Bene- 
fadorsto this Houfe were Henry Fitz Emprefs. whovsrit himfelf Son of 
. the Duke of Normandy and Earl of Anjou, Engelgerius de Bchun 5 William 

' ' de Vervnn Earl ofDevon, &c, 

761. Controverfie arifing between the Abbot and Covent of Lyra, , and this 

Church of ^arre about certain Tithes and Revenues in and about Carif- 
Irok, and other Neighbouring Towns here in this Illand, the Matter was 
agreed and fettled by Deed dated in the year 1289. 

[Valued at i 54/. ■^s. 11 d.fcr Annum] 

y^^ CUMBERMERE, i;? C^cQjWC Foimded 1 1 3 3! 


Iz/go Malhanc founded this Abby in the Honour of the blefted Virgin, 
nnd. St. Michael, and endow'd it with very large Lands and Poflef- 
_^-^ (ions ^ among Oihej-s, with the fourth part of the Town of JViche, and 
, the Tithes of the Salt and Boylries there. Yet by the fame Deed he granted 


Voul. Cistercians. 


that Balph Earl of Chejler his chief Lord, fhould be accounted the Principal 
foynder and Defender of the faid Church and Monks there. King Henry 
thelU. in the fixteenth year of his R.eign, confirm'd all their Polleflions ,- 
and ^gain in the fiftieth year of his Reign.* In the year 1x30. Ralph2.^i\ 
ot Chefier confirm'd their Eftate given by Hugo Malhanc, and granted "^ '^' 
them feVeral Liberties and Immunities. Fid. z. Vol. />• 9 1 3 • 
• (^Valued at 225' /. ^s. 7^. per Annum 1} 

GEROUDON, i« Mceacfdjite. 768. 

TH I S was founded AntJo 1 1 3 3 . as a Cell to Waverle. The Founder, 
.Roiert Earl of LeiceHer.,- endow'd this Monaftery with all his ' 
Lands in DJjfeky, and with the Wood of Shepehed. Many were the Bene- 
faftors who gave to this Church of St. Mary of Geroldon, and the Monks 
here large PoiTeffions, viz. Margaret Countefs oiWynton Sifter of the faid 
Robert^ Margaret de Ferrariis Countefs of Derhy, Roger deOuincy, Gilbert 76^, 
deColeville, VVilliam Son of Richard Wareyn, iVilliam Feverell, &c. AJl 770. 
whofe Gifts were confirm'd to them by King Edward the III. in the four- 771. 
teenth year of his Reign. 

{Yalued it 1 $91. 19 s- tod. oh. per Anmm.'] 

S W I N E S H E A D, /« %tmO\nibiU Founded An. Do. 1 1 34. ^^^ 

THIS was founded and endow'd by Rolen Greflei ; whofe feveral 
Lands and Pofleflions were recited and confirm'd to God and the 
ChurchofSt. /J/rfry of S'liywy^eve^and the Monks there, by King, Hefiry 
the 11. 

[Valued at 167 /. if /. 5 d. per Annum.~\ 

C A LD E R, i« CumbCClanD Founded Ah. Do. 1 134, * yj^, 

KING Henry the II. confirmed to the Abbot and Monks here all the 
Lands and Poffeffions given by Ralph de Mefchin their Founder 
and other Benefaftors. 

*, [Valued at jo /. 9 /. 3 J. ob. per Annum.'] 

B I L A N D, in |aojKfl)lW Founded An.'Do. 11^^. yj^ 

THIS Houfe was at firft foui^.ded for certain Monks of 5^z'/g»)', by 
Roger de Diulhray ; which Roger died in the Holy Land. Walter de --^ 
Sciflings Parfon of Kildale, Hugo de Wake, and others were Benefaftorf. . 
In the ninth of Richard the IL Thomas^^A Mdrefihall and Earl o{ Uot- ^yg 
trngham,Lord Mowbru^' and Segrave, did by hiis Deed recite, ratifie, and 
confirm the Foundation ol this Abby by his faid Progenitor Roger de MhI- 
Iray. Fid. infra, p. 102. j. 

[Valued at 238/. 9 ^. ^d. per Annum ^ 


q^ Cistercians. Vo-l. L 

.^,j B I L D W A S, m ^IjJOpIblte- Fonfidccl An. iij^ . 

.NG Steven in the third year of I\is Reign {An.Dom. 1139 J 

gaveandconhrm'dto God and the Church of St. CeW^e^and to the 

Aobot and Monks here, their Eftate in Uke manner as Roger Biftiop of 

7 go. Chefter had given it, and further, granted them feveral Immunities. Waher 

y3 1 . de Dmflanville, Robert Corhet, and others were Benefaftors. Their Eftate 

was confirm'd to them by King Richard the I. in the firft year of his Reign. 

Vid.Vol.%. p. 914.* 

[Valued at woUi^ s. 5 ^. ob. per A%num7\ 



St. Mary'i tiear Dublin, in '^tZXmXi) a Cell to Bildwas. Founded ii J9. 

KING Henry the II. confirm'd to the white Monks of St. Mar/s 
near Dublin^ all their Lands and Pofiefiions; and by another Deed 
lubjedted the laid Monks to the Abbot of Bildeivas. 

B I T LE S D E N, i« TBUtfeftigl^amdlite Founded An. 1 147. 

TH E Lordfliip of Bitlefden ekheaiin^ in the time o^KmgSteven, from 
one Robert de Meper/c/hall, to the then Earl of Leicejler, the faid 
Earl granted it to his Steward Ernaldm de Bofco, who .founded here an 
Abby, w hich the Earl alfo confirm'd; but after fome time the abovefaid 
Robert de Mepertefhal being about to commence a Suit in Law for this E- 
ftate, the Monks here in confideration of ten Marks obtain'd from the 
(zxdiRobert alfo a Charter of Confirmation. This. Houfe was firft given 
704' by. the abovefaid Artiold de Bofco for a C'el 1 to the Abby of Geroudon. 
[Valued at 1 2 j /. 4 /. 5 d. q. fer Anmm.'] ' 

W A R D O N, in 'BeWOjDCbwe. Founded Art. 1156. 

TH E firft Founder of this Houfe was Walter Efpec, who endow'd it 
for Monks from the Abby of Rieval, which was confirm'd by 
King Steven Amo^Dom. 1135-. and by King Richard thel ?n the tenth 
year of his Reign. 

[Valued at 5 89/. 16 s. 6 J. q, pr Annum.'] 

785. FORD, in j^rtjondiiw. 

IN the year 1 1 3 3 . /?/c/.'W Vifcount or ShtnS o[ Devon/hire, a near 
Kinfman of King William the Conqueror, and to whom that King had 
given theCaftle of Exeter., and Honour and Barony oC Okehampton in De- 
■vonfhire, gave his Land of Brightky, \^'ithin the faid Honour otOktLmp. 
ton. tor the founding of an Abby, and obtained twelve Monks for the 
fame from the Abby of Waverly. Thcfe Monks having remained at 
Brigbtley for five years, were at laft forced through the great want and 


Vor. L 

C 1ST E R C r AN. S. 

. BUG KF AST in mtiOUfbitt* 

'Ounded for Monks and endowed with Lands by Richard Batizath. to 

hold by the 30/^. part of a Knight's Fee, and con finned by King H^.ll. 

[| Valued at 466/. 11 s. z d, oh. per Atmttm.'J ^ ;, . 


ftcriliry of the place, to return back to iVaverlj : Which the Si.fler and 
Heirefs of their Founder feeing, (lie gave them tiie Mahnor oijliorncctnh for 
their maintenance, and her houfc therein, then called Ford, tor tlieir more 
convenient habitation. From this Lady did defccnd Hawif/a \vhov\asimar- 78<j. 
ried to RegimU de c'ourtnay^ who was the Grandfon or Lewis xhe Grofs of 
France, from whomdefcend the noble Family oiConrtniys, Patrons of this 
Abby,and great Bencfadors. Whofedefcent and lineage is fct forth in the 7o7« 
Book at large. One of which Family, namely the Lord 'John- Courtnay , 
was, through the divine Mercy.his great Faith, and his Hope in the Pray- 
ers of thele Monks, miraculoufly delivered from a terrible Storm at Sea m 
the Njght time, when all the Seamen defpair'd of hfe. Hugh Courtnay the 789. 
lecond of that rfame, became Earl of Deaonfiire, and died 9 ^. 3. Jt^linff 
dePemerei, and others, were Benefadlors to this Monaftery ^ all vwiofc 79 '. 
gifts areconfirm'd by King Richard I. in the firft year of his Keign. 
[^Valued at 374 /• 10/. 6 </. oh. per ^mum.l 


M E A U X, in ^0}l((l)tC6. Founded, Anno 1 1 3 6 . 

MEaux was fo called by its Inhabitants, who came into England with 
the Norman Conqueror, and na,med their ^lew Seat according to 
the name ot the City of Mcaux Iv. Normandy from whence they came. 
The Founder of this Abby was William le Grofs Earl of Alhemarl, and 793- 
Lord oiHoldernefs, and in a manner of all Torkjhire 5 who having vow'd 
a Journ> to Jetuft'em and being by realon ot his age, and unweildynefs 
of his Body, not well able to perform fuch a Voyage, built this Monaltery 
by way of comtiiuratioh of his Vow. This he gave to God and the Blefled 794. 
Virgin Mary, introducing a Convent of Monks from the Monailery of 
FouHtaiMS, cf whom one Adam uas made the firft Abbot; which Alcnks 795- 
at firft got iheir hvingby the work of their hands and fwcar of their 
brows : but were not long after pk.ntn" Lilly endow'd with Lands and /Jeve- 
nues by thcfaid 'd^rl. This tVillia^fj le Grofs W3S Grandfon of O^/tf to whom 79(>- 
William tht; Conqueror gave his Sifter in marriage, and the Ifle ot Holder - 
nefs 5 the Archbifhop of Ronn gave him the County of Albemarl to hold of 
Km by the Serviceof being his Standard Bearer in his Expeditions attend- 
ed with ten Knights. The Lme of this ff1f//Mw being not longattercxtinft, 797. 
theCounty oi Alhmarl, an^lionour oi Hoidcrtiejs elcheatedtotheCrcffli'h 
for want of heirs, This Monaftery was bciiun, and the Monks tirftltn. 
tred there under their Xbbot^dam, on the Calends of y^jKHary 1 1 50. Ri. 
chard di Otringham R.e6l ir of the Church ot Schelfvrd in the Dioccls ot Eij^ 799- 
by his Deed dattu, An. Dam. 13 17. gave divers Lands to the Abbot and 
Coavenr here , for tlic maintenance of a perpetual Cliantery of feVen 
Monks of this lioufe, at the Porch of their Ahby Church. The number 
of the Monks in this Abby were 50. Tile Lands givch to this Abby 800. 
were confirm'd to it by King John, in the 6th. j ear of his /?eign. 

(_ Valued at 2^9/. <$t. ^J.q. per. Annum.~\ NEW- 

^6 Cistercians. Vo l. I. 

N E W-M I N S T E R, near Morpeth, /» |^jK(bire. 

THIS was {ounded#and endow'd iathe yetr 1138. by a certain 
Nobleman caird RamljfJe Merky, it was liii'niftit with Monksirom 
sor. th^ Ahhy oi Fountains. Their Lands were confirm'd to them by King 
Henry the III. in the thirty ninth year of his Reign. Fid, Vol. 2. />. 9 1 6. 

8oi. T kyi^i in ^ftl^l^^^Z. Founded i\^%. 

THIS, Houfe was founded and endow'd fay Sir Robert Gait a Krtt. 
Tind was furnifhtwith Ciflercian Monks from fVaverley. Their E- 
fiate was confirm'd to them by King Hcnryll in the eleventh year df his 
Reign, and by King Edward the II. in the tenth year of his Reign. 
[Valued at 2 j 6 /. 1 3 j. 7 </. ob. fcr Atinum. ] ' 

go J. BORDESLEY, i« (DDJOJCeftcrCblfe« Founded, An. 11 ^3. 

THis Abby was founded by Mawd the Emprefsfor CiJlerciMnMdniis, 
in honour of the moft blefled Virgin Mary (^Regina Calorum') io 
are the words of het Charter.) Endowing it with divers Lands and Reve* 
nuestohoid free and quit of all Secular Service. Befides whom, many 
804. other Benefa^ors conferr'd upon this Abby great Poflcflions, all whicli 
were confirm'd by King Richard the Linthefirft year of his Reign. 
[Valued at 388 /. $f. 10 d. ob. q. per AanHm.'} 

gc5. LOU t H - P A RK i» 5lWW0lOfl)tW. Founded, Ati.i 139. 

THe Founder of this Monaftery was Alexander Bifliopof Lincoln^ who' 
procured Monks for it from the Abby of /<>«•/<;/»/, but their firft 
Settlement being at a place called Haverholm, which Seat not being con- 
venient for their Habitation, he removed them from thence to this Place, 
Befides the faid Biftiop they had divers other Benefaftors, all whole do- 
nations were confirm'd to God, and St.M'^r'i,^^{\A the Monks de ParchoLude, 
by King ^(f»ry the /// in the tenth year of his Reign. 

[Valued at 147/. i^u,6d, per Annum.'] 

g^^ K I R K s T E D, V* jtmcolnOiiw 

THIS Houfe was founded in the year 1 1 3 9. by Hugh de Bretone a Ba- 
ron of thofe times, and by him endow'd with divers Lands. Other 
rt Benefaftors were the /«r)»iW/j, D',/4c«c«r/j, and.D'<jr«*i, &c. Richard de 

rt g' Zj<i/r/fl/ gave and annext to this Houfe the Hermitage of St. John m the 
° ■ Parifli of Ecclesfeild, with the Land thereunto belonging. Conan Duke of 
Britain and Earl olRichmundgave to this Abby the Church of Gaiton with 
two Carueates and a half of Land, &e. 

^Valued at '286 /. zt. j d. per Annum. 2 


Vol. I. Cistercians, 9^ 

K 1 N G S W O O D, 7« <!5ImiCeacrfljite. Founded, An. 1 1 3 9. g i , . 

THis Houfe was founded by Wjlliam de Berkeley f&r Cifienian Monks, 
and the Foundation confirm'd by Maud the Emprcls : but^ after- 
wards for many years it became a Grange depending on the Abby ofTp/- 
teliry, ind a long contcfl was had about this Matter, till at iafl: it was from g 
a Grange advaticed to the name of the Abby of Kingefwode. The Lands 
and Endowments given to this Abby by the Founder, were confirm'd by „ 
ff>^,pt■^] nf thp Rfrk/fit hi? nnhlf nefrend.infs. oij,. 

feveral of the Berkleys, his noble Defcendants. 

[Valued at 244 /. 11 s. 2 d. per JnntttK.'] 

[Valued at lyi/. o s. ^ d.oh. fer Annum ^ 


p I P w E L L, in ittojtljamptonHjice. 8i^. 

THis Monaftry was firft founded. An. Dom. 1143. ("and then called 
Sa»&a Maria de Divifis,') among thick Woods, which were in after 
times deftroyed. In theyear 13Z3 the Monks here were difperfed thro' 
Poverty. Their firft Founder was iVilliam Boutevileyn of Cotteshrook 5 gi3, 
ifom whom defcendedone Robert Boutevilejn^ who did many unkindnefles 
to thefe Monks. This was before their difperfion. Hugh Senlize znd 8i$>. 
Emma his Wife one of the Daughters and Heirs of the Lord of Brayhroke^ 
gave to the Monks of PipwcH divers Lands and Tenements in Braj broke, 
confirm'd by the Capital Lord of the Fee Simon de Foxton., and thefe feem 
to be the fecond Founders. King Heury III. granted to ithefe Monks pa- 
fture on J3f»{;ff/^ Laund for 250 Cattle, 

r Valued at 2 8 6/. 1 1 ^. 8 i. q. fer Annum r\ 

STONELEY, in i^attofCfefibltC 820. 

MAudxht Emprefs firft founded the Priory of Rademere'm the Foreft 
Kanoc , confirmed by King Steven. This Priory was afterwards 
advanced to an Abby of Cifiercian VIonks by Henry Fitz Emprefs then 
Dul^e of Normandy. In the year ii5'4. which was thirteen 5'ears after 
the Monks had remained at Rademore, the. forcfaid Henry Fitz Emprefs. 
being now King of Engl.:nd, they changed their habitation of Radmore. 
for Stanley^ and the whole Lordfhip ot the fame, which was before that 
the Kings Demefn. The firft ftone of the Abby Church there was laid on 
the Ides of Afril, An.Vom. 1154. The faid King Henry {. endow'd this 
Houfe with divers other Lands and Revenues elfewhere. 


COGESHAL. iwCffejP. 

THis Abby was founded by King Steven and Muud his Queen, in the 
year i i4x. William de Humherfiane., with the Kings Licenfe, gave 
the Mannorof T^llingham- Hall for the finding of one Wax light to burn 
betbre the High Altar at the Abby Church here in the time of high Ma fs, S23 

O daUy, 


Cistercians 4 Vol. I, 

daily. The Monks of this Houfe were endowed with great Immunities^ 
£Valued at 2ji/. 2 s.perAnmun7\ 

R E V E S B Y, z« tintOlnftjiCC Founded kn. 1 142. 


'He Founders of this Houfe were WiUiam de Rotnara, Earl oi Linroln^ 

and Willum his Son, who gave to the Abbot and Monks of Hie o alky 

Revesby, Thoreshy , and other Lands in Lincolnjhire ior the buildinu and 

Si 3- endowment of this Houfe. This Abby was dedicated to St. Laurence. 

The Lands and Reuenues were confirm'd by Ralph Earl oichejier, and by 

King Rickardl. in the tenth year of his Reign. 

QValued at 287 /. 2 s. a^ d. ob-^er Annunj.'] 

gj^- 'T^His Houfe was founded by Cadwathel apMadok in the year 1145, for 
Q Q ■*- Sixty White Monks, Kidq He»ry III, in the fixteenth year of his 
Reign confirm'd to thefe Monks all their Lands and Revenues, 
f Valued at 24 /« 1 9 /. 4 «^. per Annum. 3 

o, BOXLEYi» ifccnt. 


William delpH a great Commander in King Stevens Army founded 
this Abby oiBoxley for White Monks in the year 1144. K:. g 
Richard the I. in the firft year of his Reign confirm'd their Eftate wiiii 
Sac ^ Soc. 

^Valued at 204 /. 4 fc ii-d. per Annum.'] 

S I N N I N G T H W AIT, /« ^OJfeflbitC. 

"THls Houfe was founded for Nuns, by Bertram F/agef, and confirh^d 
by Roger Ae Mulrci his fuperiour Lord. Jffery Archbilhop o^Tork, 
took thefe Nuns and their PofTeffions into bis proteftion , and denounced 
amalediftion againft thofe who fbould dare to wrong them, and a blef- 
fing to their Bene faftors; i4/ice Widow of Adam de Stanehj gave, with 
her lelf, nine Bovates of Land in Berewik^ C/*'/'?'" Thejeiam) which was after- 
wardschanged with RanulfFitz Henry for other Lands in Lofthows, 
j^'^alued at 60 /. 9 s. 2 d. per AnnuTn."] 

ESSEHOLT, in ^0}H(bttei a Cell to Sinningthwait. 


iOpe Alexander the third, by his Bull dated in the year 1172. con- 
firm'd to C/)ri/?/<7» Priorefs of Sinningthwait, and the Nuns there, and 
their Succeffors, their Houfe and Eftate both at Sinningthayte, and at 
J29, Efeholt, with all Lands already given, or to be given to tncirfaid Houfes. 
With Pfiviledge ot Sanftuary. 

(^Valued at 1 3 /. y j. 4 </. per Atmm.'] 


Vor,. i« C I s T E R c i A N s; ^o 

W O B U a N, i« OSebfOjUnjite. Founded Ax\.ii:^^. 

THIS was founded and endowed by Hugh de Bokiock, by advice 
oi Hairy Abhot o^ FoufftaifiS, from whence a Convent of Monks 
was (ent to this place. King John in the fecond year of his Reign con- 
firmed the Eflate of this Houfc, fodid alfoKing Henry the II. 
[Valued at 391 /. iS s. 2 d. ob. j^er Annum.'] 

M E R E V A L, in muMClDSbitt Founded An. 1 148. g ^^ 

TH I S was founded by Rol>ert Earl of Ferrariis, and by him en- 
dowed wifili all the Forefl o^ Arden, with other Lands. All which 
was confirm'd By" King Henry the II. 

{^Valued at 2 54/. 1 J. Z d. per Anium.'] 

H AMP OLE, i«i^O>feajitC. 

THIS Houfe was founded for Nuns by Avicia de Tanai^ and en- 
dowed by her with divers Lands ofher Inheritance, all which were 
confirmed by Ralph de TiUiUqx Grandfon, by Roger Archbifliop of Tork^, 
and by William Fitz William^ An. 133 i. 

^Valued at 6; /. p. 8 d. pr Amtim.'] 

V A L L E-D E I, alias Vaudey, i» )LinCOlnlIjite. gw. 

TH E Abby here was founded by William Earl of Albemarl in the 
year i ' 47-. ^^ was at firft called Biharri^ but afterwards Vallis-dei, 
and was plamed with Monks from Fountains. The fame Founder, e- 
refted alio the Abby of Memx of v/hich fupra., p. yc)z. Many were' the 
Bene*a£tors to this Houfe, among whom Gilhertus de Gant, Roger de 82 ■• 
Mulhray &:c. all whofc Gifts were recited and confirm'd by King i?ic/w^ 
the r. in the firft year ot his Reign. See the Genealogy ot Gilbert deGant 
Nephew of William the Conqueror, and the Noble Families defcended 834. 
from him in the Book at large. 

[Valued at 124/. 5 j. ir^. q. per Annumi 

SWINE, in^iilWXZ. 

ERinhurch de Burtoiui was the Foundrefs of this Abby, giving divers 
Lands of her Patrimony and Inheritance to God and theCliurchof 
St. Mary ^t Swine, and to the Brethren and Sifters there ferving God. 
Vc^e Alexander exempted the Nuns here from paying Tithes for their 
Lands in their own Occupation, nde infra, fol. ioi6. 
[Valued at 82/. 5 s. >)d, ob-per Annum'] 



CisTERc lANs. Vol. f. 

835. B R U K E, i« ^JCtOiWtt- Fomded An. 1 147. 

TT- 1 N G Henry the III. Roger Earl of Warwick', and others, were Bpne- 
1\. hdiors to this Abby, all whofe Gifts were confirm'd to the Cijlercian 
Monks here, by Kingjo^w in the fixth year of his Reign, 
r Vglaed at I 3 4 ^' I o J. 10 d. per Ann!tm7\ 

R UP E, alias Roche, in ^Ojfe(l)ite. Founded An. 1147. 

"T^lchardde BulU, and Richard FitzTurgiSf were joint Founders of this 

|3 "• Y\ Abby. Befides thofe of the Family of Bnliy, the Monks here tvere 

57- endow'd with Lands and Revenues by other Benefadors, among whom 

829. Edmund de Lacy Con^able o^Chefier, andWilliam Earl Warren, ^c. Pope 

Vri>an the III. confirmed their Eftate and Lands given and to be given, 

and exempted them from Tithes ibr their Lands in their own Tenure 

and this was by his Bull dated iiS(j. Their firft Abbot wasDuraHrJus, who 

governed twelve years 2. Dionijius iz. 3. Roger us de Tikehill 8 4. Hu^o 

de Waddeworth 5. ^ Ofmhfidus ^9. 6 Regrnaldus 15. j Richardus k6. 

i Walter 14. 9 Alamr. 10 Jordanus. 1 1 Phiiippus. 

^Valued at 224 /. 2 •?• f i. ;>er Annum."] ■'?-?». #^K| 

840. H O T O N, i« pojKl^tW. 

'HIS Houfe was founded for Nuns, and endow'd by Radulfde Nevil. 
With the Licenfes of Adam de Brus, and Ernaldde Percy. 


B A S E D A L E, 7» ^ojfefljire. 

JOhnde Ever by his Deed dated An. 1304. releafed to Jean Priorefs of 
B'ifedale, and to the Convent of the fame, and their Succeffnrs. all 
homage and fuit of Court for all their Lands holden of him in Kirhlj^ 
Clivcland, and Ingelly. William de Percy and others were Beneiaftors to 
this Nunnery ; all whofe Gilts were recited and confirm'd bv King 
o Henry the III. in the twentieth year of his Reign. Rolert de Longo Campo 

' Abbot ofSt. Maryszt Torkavid the Convent there, grajited to ihefe Nuns 
a Coemitery forthemfelves, but their Servants and Tenants to be buried at 
the Parifh Church. 

Cuido de Bouincurt was the Founder of this Priory of Nuns. 
C Valued at 20 /. j s. 4 ^. fer Annum.) 

SALLE Y, inpQ%t^itz. 

THIS Abby was founded by William de Percy An. Dom. 1147. Ma- 
tilda de Percy Countefs of Warwick, Daughter of the faid WH'iam^ 
was a great Beneia£rrefs to this Abby, and gave them the Church of J^d- 
843. cafier, and was accounted a fecond Founder 5 Agnes de Percy her Sifter 


Vol. I. Cistercians. 


and Heireft, did add to her bounty. Wiiliatn yavafor gcLve and coniirir\'d Qa':. 
all the Lands which his Father Milgarus f^avafor had given to this Houfe, 
placing his Confirmation (una cum Corpore meo) together with his own 
body on the Altar oi yh^Wt'&.d Mary deS alia)' -^ providing thereby that 
in cafe he happens to die within the Kingdom of EngL»d, tliat his Body be 8^6, 
buried in this Abby. John de Lacy Conhable oichejler was among otiiers 
a Benefactor to thefe Monks, Jn. iiz:;. William de Percy ulio tounded 
this Abby, was Grandfon to IVilliam de Percy who came into Erglmd with 847. 
the Conqjeror. His Eftate came to his two Daughters Mitilda who was 
married to William Earl oi Warwick^, but died without iflue, and ^^gnes 
married to Gofelme Lovain, Brother to the Duke oi' BrahuKt, the ilTue of 
this Match kept the name of their Mothers Family, and are the Progeni- 
tors of the Earls of NorthumherlaHd. This Abby was wafted and part of 
it burnt d«\vn by the Scots m their Wars. 

[Valued at 147 /. jx. 10 d. fer Afmum.'^ 

R U F F O R D, z« jOOttWgi^amtbirC- Founded 1148. g 3 

TAIS Abby was founded and endowed by Gilkrt de Gaunt Earl cf 
Lincoln, Many were the Benefadtors, whofe Gifts were confirm'd 
totne Abbot and Monks here, with the Grant of divers Priviledges in the 
'iox^'Hi oi Shtremod, by King //^wry the III, in the thirty fixth year of his 

[Valued at 176 /. \i s.(icl.^erAnnMm~\ 


KIRKS^TALL, i« |^OJ|i(l)tte 

HIS Abby was firfl: founded by Henry de Laceio in the year 1147. 
and ftrft inftituted with a Convent of Monks under their Abbot 



S A L T R. E , i« tpUntingtOnlljire. Founded, An. 1 147. 

Simon Earl oi Northampton founded and endowed this Abby with all his 
Land at Saltre, a 'd with all the Marifh Ground between that and 
Witlemare,':xnd mlVitlemare,Szc. With very large Immunities and Fran- 
chifcs, fuch ashis Anceftor Judith Countefs of Huntington (Neice ot the o 
Conqueror) had formerly obtain d of herfaid Unkle tor this Town and ^^' 
Lordlhip of Saltre, as {inter alia) to be exempt from the County and 
Hundred Courts, to find neither Man nor Arms for the War,®'<:. The 
abovefaid Counted "Judith had a fpecial Love for this place , and did very o ' ■ 
much frequent it, and on that account did obtain irom her faid Unkle 
as great and large Privi!cda;es as could then be granted for this Lordfhip. 
Which Priviledges, and a!fo the Limits and Bounds of the Eftate of this 
Abby, are particularly and ar large let forth in the MonJiflicon. Contro- 
verfie ariftng between tiv? Abbot of R.mfey and the Abbot of Saltre, a- 
bout their Hightsin Withiefmare and Vlhemare^ the matter was determin'd d^^. 
by a final Concord berore the Kings Juftices at Huntedon, Anno 3. Rich. 
the I. 

[Valued at 141/. is. Sri. fer Anmw.'] 

I02 Cistercians. Vol. f. 

Alexcwda; from the Abby of Fout^tains. Their firfl Habitation was at 

85- 5-. a Town calfd Bernolfwkk, but this place proving to thefe Monks very id- 
convenient on divers accounts, after they had been here (bmewhat above 
fix years, theyren^oved to a place called Khkeflall, in a Vally called 
Aierdale, which place was then only inhabited by feme Hermits ; This 

85" <^- lart.Seat they obtain'd of H'illiam PiHaveKfis who own'd the Soil, at the 
yearly Rent of five Marks. Their firft Abbot Alexander govern'd the 
Monks here thirty five years, and after his death was fucceeded by Ea- 
dulfas Hageth, and aiter him Abbot Lainhert, to whom fucceed Abbot 

^S7- Bellas, who at firft was refufed by the then Patron Roger de Lacy^ but be- 
came afterwards much in his favour. Ring yc/7» did iome ill OfRces to 
this Abby in taking from them fome of their Lan.ds. Rchert de Lacy^ 
who died Amo 1194- was accounted a fecond Founder ol this Abby. 

n King William the Conqueror gave to Ilbertus de Lacy, who came 

^^' into England m [\\s An-i-\y , all Blacklurnjhire (in the County of Tori; 
with the Lordfliip and Honour of Pontfratl, and other Lands. This 
//icr/w built the Caftle 2,t Po»tefra^, and in it a Chappel for a Dean and 
Canons. Son of this Ilhertus was Robert Lacy who built the Monaftery of 
PoMtefraci, who was the Father of Hetiry Lacy the Founder of this Abby of 
Kirk/lall^xhis Henry married the Sifler of William F^efci Redor of Berwick. Of 

860. this Family was Roger Conftahle o^ Chefler, who hearing that his Lord 
Ramlphns Earl oKbefier wasdiftreft in Wales^ raifed on the fudden a great 
Force among the Shoo-makers and Stage-players of Chefler, and with 
them went and relieved his Lord from the Power of the Welch 5 where^ 
upon the faid Earl Ranulph granted to him and his Heirs the Dominion 

Q, and Patronage of the Shoo-makers and Players at C/'(?/?ci* for ever. His 
Son and Heirjfo/;»^(? L«cy became the firfl Earl of I,7»c(7/» of this name, 
AnnoDom. i2zi and died 1240. From the Heirs General of this Fa- 
mily did defcend Our Kings of the Koufe of LancaHer. 

I^Valusd at 3 2 9 /. 2 ^. 1 1 </. fer Annum.'j ' 

D o R E, in ^pcrcfojDCbire. 

2^-2,, T3 OlertE'^ixlo^ Ferrars founded this Monaftery, and endowed it with 
J]Y Lands, to hold free and quit of all fecular Service, by the Rent of 
three (hillings yearly to be paid atthcFeafl of St. Peter advimuU -. and 
this was exprcft tobegiven not only for the Health of the Souls of his 

8 63 . Anceftors and Heirs, but alfo (pro pace ^Jlalilitate totius Angliic & Walli£) 
for the Peace and Stability of all England and Wales. King John by his 
Deed dated in the feventeenth year of his Reign gave divers Lands to the 
Church of the blcfled Mary at Dore and the Ciflercian Monks there. Walter 

8^4- de Clifford 3ind others were Benefaftors. All whofe Gifts were confirm'd to 

^6$. this Houfe by King H(?«r/ the III in the feventeenth year of his Reign. 
yid.Fol. z.p.91%. 

{^Valued at 101 /. 5 s. ^d. fer Annum.~\ 

S I B E T O N, i« 5i50?fOllJ» Founded An. 1 1 50. 

866. 'T^HIS Abby was founded and endowed by William Son of Rchert 
I Fitz Walter. The Lands given to the Monks here were confirm'd 


Vol. L Cistercians 103 

by King Steven and King Henry the II. The faid Rohert FitzWalter was 86'7„ 
the Founder of the Houfe o'( Ht. Faith's at Horpjam, and married Sdill 
Daughter of Radul/us deCayneto, who came into England 'w'xxh the Con- 
queror ; from whom defcended^the Families of Crejji and Vfford. 

VidVol 3. p. Ji. 

[[Valued at 250/. 15 /. 7^, ©b./jf}- ^wj«7»,] 

STAN LEIGH. i^mfltOjitC. 

THIS Abby v*'as firft founded by Maud the Emprefs at Lokefwell'm the 
yean 1 5" I. and three years afterwards tranflated x.o Sfanlegh, by 
her Son King Henry the II. The Monks of this Houfe came from Quane g^^ 
inthe llleof rP%*/. King /?icW</ the 11. confirm'd to them all their '"" 

Lands, and took them into his proteftion. 

[Valued at 177/. o /. 8 d, per AntiKm."^ 

J E a V A L, in ^jKftice, 869. 

AKarius Filz-Bardolf(a potent marj in Torl{[hire, in the time of King 
Steven) gave to Peter de ^inciaco^ and certain other Monks of 
Savigny, a parcel of Land in Wandejleydde^ for the ereftion of an Abby 
of their Order, which Abby was at firfVcall'd Fors, and afterward^ ^ory^Z/^. n 
This Foundation was confirm'd by Alan Earl of Britan and Richmond, 
which Earl Alan, being prefent at the beginning of the Ereftion of 
the firft Buildings, prevailed with feveral of his Knights to be afliftant 
to the Work, and this was in the year 1145'. ^'^g^^ ^^ Moliray gave 
alfo divers Lands to this Houfe before his firft Voyage to Jerufalem. The q 
abovefaid Ff/er inhabited this Houfe at firft with only two Companions '^^' 
labouring with their hands for their fuftentation, but in a while they had 
of the fiid Earl of Richmond's Gift, five Plows, forty Cows, fixteen 
Horfes, three hundred Sheep, ^c. After this Serlo Abbot of Savign'y 
(having a property in this Houfe of Jorevalls by reafon that the firft Monks 
came from thence^ granted the fame to the Abby of Biland. Vi/ here- 
upon the forefaid Peter fubmitted himfelf and Companions being tu'o 
Monks and one Lay-brother (converfus') to the Abbot of Biland. ^72. 
Being fully pofTeft of this Houfe, Roger Abbot of 5//<?»^ appointed s?? 
"John de Kinflan to be Abbot here, inftituting him in thefe words, / cotf 
firm thee Abbot. and I commit to thee the care ofSnuli and the Government of the 
Abby of Joreval, with dl itifubjiance Perfons and Pnffcjions mow had or to he 
bad, as well in Temper jIs as Spiritials, i)t like manner as SerJo Allot of 
Savigny gave the farm to me. And then put into his hands the Rule of 
St. Benediii , &CC- An 1 150. Hereupon the faid Abbot appointed to be of 
his Convent, the albrefaid Peter and his two Companions, with nine 
Monks of fii/W, who removed from thence to JorW/. Ai'rcr this the q^ 
abovcfaid Earl Alan , and his Son Conan Duke of Britan encrcafed '' 
their Kcvenues, with the Gift of many other Lands. In the year 115(5. 
the faid Cowa» tranllated thefe Monks irom Fors, the place being poor and ^7S* 
^tn\,x.oEafiWittcM, upon the River Jor, and this was by permiiTion 
and approbation of the Abbot of Cz/^f^wx and the general Convent of 
taat Order. AlanusEztlot Britan, whowasTogfcat aBenefaftor to this 877, 



Cistercians. Vol.1. 

Monaftery, was Brother and Heir to ALuius Jiufus, who was the Son of 
Eu^j Earl of Britan, who came into EnglaMd with King William the 
Conqueror.and had given him by the faid King ^WRiclmondjhtre. An. 1 26S, 
878. JohnDvikto'i Britan and Earl o'i Richmond, confirmU the Donations of 
^79. his Anceftors. So alio did King Henrji the III. in thetwelftU year of his 

[Valued at 2 54 /. 18;. <^ d. per Anmm.'] 


G a E E N F E I L D, i« xmcolnQjjce. 

RAdulf deAhy gave Lands here and elfewhere for the Foundation and 
Endowmentof a Nunnery in Greenfeild •■, which was confirm'd by 
882. Hugh Eiihop o[' Lincoln, and Budode Greincsby, Sic. John Son and Heir of 
Adamde Welle givcto this Houfe 10 1, per Anmm for the finding of two 
fufficienc Chaplains to c?lebrate for him, and his Anceftors, and all the 
faithful in our Ladies Chappelin the Priory Church here for ever, to the 
finding of which Margaret then Priorefs of this Houfe did oblige her Suc- 
ceffors by her Deed dated J^mo Dom. 1548. 

[Valued at 6 5 /. 4 j. i J. per Annum} 

CUMB, inmwMtWtC 

Richard de Camvilla gave Lands to the Abbot and Monks of Wave^. 
ley, for the founding of this Abby of Ciftercian Monks. Roger de 
*^"^" Moubray confirm'd the Eftate fogiven, to the Monks of C«w^, quit of all 
fecuiar fervice. 

QValued at 511/. i y ^. id. ter Annum.^. 

S T R A T F O R D-L A N G T O N, in CffCjC. 

Founded Anno. 1 1 j f . for Monks by iVilliam de Montefchet, endow'd 
with all the Lordfhip for Stradford in tVefiham^Sic. All which Gifts 
were confirm'd by KmgHenry the II. 

[Valued at fii/. i6i. ^d. per Annum.] 

884. F L E X L E Y, i« d^louceflcrCbiw. 

^H E Abby here was founded and endow'd by Roger Earl diHereford^ 
their Lands were confirm'd by King Henry the If. 
[Valued at 1 1 2 /. 1 5 /. i Annum.} 


THIS was founded by John de Toryton : The Lands given to thefe 
Monks were recited and confirm'd by King John in the fixteenth 
year of his Reign. Fid Vol. z.p.^iS. 

[Valued at 13 j/. 3/. 6 d. per Annum.'] HOLM" 

V o I.. I. Cistercians; 


H O L M C O L T R. U M, /■« CumbCtlanH FotiMded An. 1 150. 88,-. 

King Flenr)! \\ feems to have been the Founder of this Abby, King Ri- 
chard the I. in the firfl: year of his Reign confirm'd their Lands, as 
did alfo K. Henry III. in the 39. year of his Reign. John Gernoun and Mttr- "^^d, 
^£i/-f? his WiL', founded and endow'd a Chantry in this Abby Church for 
iour Chaplains, Monks of this Houfe, and two fecular Chaplains. Tliis 
"John than held two parts of the Manner of l^jggetoM^ byCornage. As 
was found by Inquifition, 6 £. 3. f^id. Vol. ^.p. 34. 

[Valued at 427 /. 1 9 ;. 3 d. ob. q. /)«■ Annum ] 

T A R E N T, i« ©ojfetfljWC. ^Zj. 

THis Abby was founded for Nuns of the Cjflercian Order, by Richard 
Bifhopof D«r/jj/«. '^oan Queen q{ Scots gave to this Houfe (^cum 
corporefuo ) with her Body, Lands in Stanton in Camlridgefhire to the va- 
lue o^zol. per Annum. All the Eftate belonging to this Monaftery was S33. 
confirm'd by King Henr^ III. who was alfo himlelf a Bcnefadtor. 

\_ Valued at 2 1 5 /. 7 j. 51 <l, per Antmm '] • 

T I L T E Y, alias Wudeham, in Cffep. 

Founded Afino 11 $2. This was firft given by Maurice Son oi Jeffery ^^g 
dc teretia to the Canons of the Church of St. John Baptifl of H^ode- 
ham, and endow'd with feveral Lands, confirm'd by King Henry U. Af^ 
ter wards King Richard the firft confirm'd the fame Eflate to the Monks 
here fettled of the Cijiercian Order, in the tenth year of his Reign. 
[Valued at 167 . 2 i. 6ilpcr Annum.^j 

D E^U L A C R E S, in C^cOJlte^ 890. 

ANno 1 1 5" 3. The Abby of F«/^<>« in Chefhire was founded by Rolert 
Pincerna, it was turnifht with JVlonks of the Cijiercian Order from 
CHmbermere, and was therefore called a Daughter of that Houfe. In the 
year 12,14. the Convent was tranflated from Pulton to Denlacres by Ralph 
Earl diChefler. This Ralph afterwards coming fioin his Expedition in 
the Holy Land., was in a great Storm at Sea in the Night, confident of 
deliverance at Midnight, through the Suffrages of thefe Monk?, then at 
their Nocturnal Devotions, accordingly the Storm did then begin to ceafe 
to the wonder of the Seamen. This Ralph and his Succeflors Earls of 891. 
CA(r//er gave and confirm'd divers Lands and Pofllirions to this Abby. 892. 

Vii. Vol. 2. pag. 919. 

C L U N O K- V A U R, in uaaUjj 

''He Original of this Monaftcry was by S. Benow of whom mention is 
made in tlie Life of St. Winefrid. The White Monks here were of a 

P newer 

jo6 C isTERciANs. Vol. J. 

newer Foundation. G«i//;i«,Unkle to one of the Princes oi Norihwales 
gave the Village of CluMok to Befiow. Vide Vol. 2. p.ig. 1 1 9. 


g^, STEIATFLUR.E, i« CatDiganCbttc, 

F"'Ounded and endowed with divers Lands by /Jeif/^ .Prince di South' 
wales. The Eftate of this Houfe, ( called alfo Strata florida) was con- 
firm'd by Ring Henry li. and King Edward I. 

[Valued at 1 18 /. 7 j. 5 d per Annum. ] 

L E G B u R N, /»)Lincolttfl)irc. 


''His Abby was founded for Nuns by Rchertde Lekehurn^ who was bu- 
ried in the Chapter houfe of this Nunnery ; at whofe Interment, his 
Son and Heir William, declared pabtickly his confirmation of his Fathers 
Donations and Endowments, adding ot his own gift the yearly Rent of 
805-. two killings in Franckalmoign. King John in thefirft year of his Reign 
confirm'd the Eflate of this Houfe. 

CValuedat 38/. 85.4^/. ^er Annum. 

S T R A T M A R G E L, or Strata-Marcella, in :^OtttSOmct|>Il)itC. 

Founded An. 11 70. by Madotk ap Griffin ; By his Deed dated ^«. 12 2z 
he endowed it with divers Lands and Revenues. 

[^Valued at 64 /. 14 x. 2 L pr Annum.^ 

896. S T A N L A W, in Cl^edliW. Founded Ax). 1 1 72. 

THefirftFounderof this Houfe was ^o^« Conftable ofChe^er, vvhoen- 
^^^^ dowed it with divers Lands and Liberties, his Deed bearsdate 1178. 

Thefe Monks oi' St anlawwert afterwards tranflated to the Church o{ I'Fla- 
ley., at which the Abbot and Convent of Salley in Jorkfhire were very much 
grieved, alledging among other things that they were nigher to their Ab- 

g g by than the Gonltitutions of their Order do allow of, and that it was to 
their damage i-]l,ios. But the differences were compofed in the year 

890. 1305'- by the Abbots ot ^yi;^//(? and Belland. The Church of Whaley was 
in being in the time when St. AuguHine the Monk came into England. 
The Re£tors of which Church were in atttr times called Deans and not Par- 
fons, and were married men, who alfo had the ordinary Jurlfdiftion of the 

5©o. P^^ce committed to them by the Bilhop. Thefe Deans had an Eflate of in- 
heritance in the Churcli of Whaly., and the Chappels, which went from 
Father to Son, and the Cure of the Churches was fupplied by certain 
Priefls , whom the Deans provided and prefented to the Bifliop for 
his Licenfe. The Names of thefe Deans may be feen in the Book at 
large. But after the Council of Lateran ("1x15.) it was no longer 
permitted that this Church fhould go as an inheritance* Not long atter 
rfais the Church ofiWhaky was given by Henry de Lacy Earl of Uncsln, 


Vol. I. Cistercians. ,07 

N U NA P L E T O N, in |^0?fe(l)frC. 


and Lord of B'ajhornfhire, to the Monks of Stanlaw, who enter'd upon 
this their nsw Scat in the year 1x96. Don. George- Je Norhnry being then 
their Abbot; which TranHation was ratified by the Bull of" Tope Nicholas 
the IV. The Deed of the faid Henry, whereby he gave this Church of 902. 
Whally with all its Rights, Liberties and Appurtenants, bears date in the 
year 1283. In the thirty fourth year q{ Edward the III. Henry Duke of 903. 
LuKcafter^ Earl of Derly^ Lincoln, and Ixicejier^ gave divers' Lands to 
the Abbot and Convent of /f'y^rf//i?>', for the maintaining of a Reclufe, or 
Anchorite, and his SuccelTors, dwelling in a place within the Church-yard 
ofthe Parilh-Church of Whalleji^ and for two Women their Servants, 
who fhall be there continually priying for the faid Duke his Anceflors 
and Heirs,w:: to find them every Week throughout the year fifteen Loaves 
ot the Convent Bread, each Loaf weighing titty Ihillings fterling, and 
feven Loaves ofthe fecond forr, of the fame weight ; eight Gallons ofthe 
beft Ale of the Convent, and three pence tor their Companage; to de- 
liver them yearly at the Feaft of all Saints ten Stock-fitli, and ten great 
Ling filh, one bulhel of Oats for their Potage, one bufhel of Salt, two 904. 
Gallons of Oyl for their Lamps, one done of Tallow for Candles, fix: 
Load of Turf, and one of Brulhwood for Fuel, to keep their Houfe in re- 
pair, and to find one of their Monks and a Clark to fay Mais in the Chap- 
pel of the faid Reclafe, daily, ^c. 

The firfl: Founder of this Houfe, John de Lacy, Conftable of Chejler g-,- 
and Lord of Hdton married Alice Sitter of William de Mmdeville^ and 
died in the Holy Land. Ot this Family was Henry de Lacy Founder of 
the Ahby oiKirk/lall(^oi' whom before. J 


TH I S Priory of Nuns was founded by Adelizade Sam'Io-^iniino, and 
Robert her Son and Heir, dedicated to God, St. A/<?ry, andSt. jftf/;« 
th-; Apoftle, and ccnfirm'd by Thctnas Archbithop of Canterhury. The 
feveral Donations made by the Founders and other Benefaftors to this ^ 
Houfe were confirm'd by King "john, in the fixth year of his Reign. Among ^°^' 
the Injundions pretcribed to the Nuns of this Houfe, ^», 1489. Thele ^^°' 
w ere fome. That the Cloiftcr Doors be Ihut up in Winter at Seven, and 
in Sufimer at Eight a Clock at night.and the Keys delivered to the Priorefs. 
That the i^ri )reis and all the Silvers lodge nightly in the Dorter, uhlefs 
fick ordifeafed. That none of the Sifters ufe the Ale-houfe, nor the 
VVater- fide where courfe of Strangers daily rcfort. That none of the Si- 
fters have dicir fer vice of Meat and Drink to the Chamber, but keep the 
Frater and the Hall, unh fs fick. That no Sifter bring in any Man, reli- 
gioos or iecular, into their Chamber or any fecret place day or night, c^c 
That the Priorefs Licenfe no Sifter to go Pilgrimage, or vifit their Friends 
without great Caufc, and then to have a Companion. That the Con- 
vent grant no Corodiesor Liveries of Bread, or Ale, or other Viftual, to 
any Pcrfon, without (pccial Licenfe. That they take no Perhendinauncers 
or jcjourners.unlefs Children, or old Perfons, ^c. 

[Valued at 7 5 /. 9;. 10 d. fer Atmum.'] 

P 7- GODEN- 

it>8 CisTERG lANS. Vol. r. 

CODENHAM Vriory, in 

\Odenham was given to God, St. Mary, and St. Johnyby Eudachim de 
Merch^^or Nuns of the Profeffionand Order of the Nuns of Jpeltun. 


5 n. B I N E D o N, /« BojCetfljitc 

'Oanded An. nyx. by Roger de Novo-Burgo and Matilda his Wife, 
__ endow'dwith divers Lands by them and other Benefaftors. All 
which was confirm'd to the Church of St. Mary of Bynedone and the 
Monks there, by King Henry the III. in the eighteenth year of his Reign. 
911. Henry de Now 5«rg<? granted power to the Abbot and Monks to choojfe 
whom they pleafed tor their Patron, who thereupon chofe King Henry 
the HI. and ^/wwcr the Queen for their Patrons, which King accordingly 
took to him the Patronage, Advowfon, and Protedion of this Abby in the 
fifty fixth year of his Reign. 

[Valued at 147 /. 7 j. S> d. ob. q. ferAnmm,'] 

c R o X D E N, /» ^taffojOflbire. 

BErtram de yerdmhmk an Abby for Monks at Chotesy Anno Dem. 1 1 y6. 
Anno 1 1 79. The Convent removed from thence to Crokejden. 

Abbots of this Houfe. 

I. Thomas, ob. iiip. 6. William de Howton^ oh. 1278. 

X. Willi ant de Choucomi. 7. Henry de Moyfam. 

^.William de EJfelurn,do. 1157. S. John de BiHeJdon, ob. 1295. 
/^.John de Tilton. ^.Richard de Twiford, ob. l^9J. 

J, Walter de London, ob. 1268. 

A vacancy of above feven Months. 
1 o. William de Ever a . Richard de Ejjely reftored 1320. 

913, ii.jf?ici(><?r<i</«?fcj/*tf/')',difplaced,i3i3. 15. Richard de SchepeJIieved it,^^, 
jz. Thomas deCafterton. 

The Founder of this Houfe Bertram de Verdun died in the Holy Land, 
and was buried at Acon^ but molt of his defcendants were buried in the 
Church of thisjAbby. Fid. Vol. 3. y. 40. 

[Valued at 90/. 5^. ix d. per Amum.'] 

914. KELDEHOLM, i« pojfeQjWC 

THE Abby at Keldeholm was founded for Nuns by William de 
StfAtevill, and endow'd by the fame William and (everal others of 
that Family. Confirm'd by King John in the fecond year of his Reign, 
L Valued at 2$ U 6 s. 1 d. per Annum-'] 


Vol. I. Cistercians. 

N U NC O T U N, in ^inCOluOjiW. 

D U N K E W E L L, r« Bctotlflbwe. 

Founded An. izoi. By William Briber. Their Lands were confirm'd 
'o theMonksof this Abby, by King Hen. III. in the nth. year of 

^Valued at 294 /. 1 8 /. 6 </. ftr Annum.'] 



PON T-R. O B E R T, or Roberts- Bridge, in ^UffejC. 9^6. 

Founded for Monks by Rol>ert de Santh-Martino, in the Reign of 
King Henry the 11. Anno Dom. iiy6. Their Eftate was confirm'd 
hy&ingFJiv. the III. in the tenth year of his Reign, nd. F«l. 2./>. 920. 
I Valued at 248 /. 10^, 6d. per^Anunm.'] 

W r C K H A M, /•» PQ%\mz 

THIS Nunnery was founded hy Paganus de iVicham, whofe Son 917, 
Theohald^ Alan Bufcell de Hoton, and the Prior ol Bridlington,yNCXQ 
Benefaftors. King John confirm'd their Eftate in the 2.d. year of his Reign. 

[Valued 3125/. 17 s. 6d. per Annum.'] 

A B E R C O N W A Y, 7« Caifma«^en(|;ite. Founded An. 1 1 8 5. p J g^ 

THIS Abby of Monks was founded by Lewelin Son of Gerva/m, 
Prince of Morth iVakf, and by him endow'd not only witn large 
Polleffionsin Lands, but with great Immunities and Priviledges, as to be 
quit from maintaining for their Founder any Men, Horles, Dogs, or 910. 
Hawks, to have the Ele6lion of their Abbot free to themfelves, to have 
and enjoy Wreck of the Sea in all their Lands, to be Tole free, &c. Whofe 
Grant bears date An. 1198. King Edward the- 1, in the twelfth year of g, ^^ 
his Reign, tranflated this Abby from ^^erwwwzy to a place called Maymn 
which he had built to the honour of God,St. Marjiy and all Saints, endowing 
it with Lands and Franchifes. 

[^Valued at 162 /. 15 s: per Annum.'] 


INgeram de Muncels confirm'd the Gift of his Father Alan de Mancelh of 
the Town of Cotun, and other Lands, to the Church of^the bleffed 
iVl4ryofCo?a» and the Nuns there. Pope Alexander granted them divers g^, 
Priviledges, and Hu^o Bilhop of Lincoln fettled the Conflitutions of p, ' 
their Houfc, ordering among otllbr things, that the number of the " 
Nuns fhould not exceed thirty, that no Nun alter Profeflion Ifiould have 
property inany thinjj, that no Nun (hould be or fpeakwith any Perfon, 
whether fecular or religious, alone, without witnefs, &c. 
[Valued at 46 /. 17J. y d. per Annum.'] 


lOo Cistercians. Vol. L 

B E A U-L E I U, in ^^atttpOjiw. 

KI N G John being offended with the Ciflercian Order in England, md the 
Abbots of that Order coming to him to reconcile thernfel ves, he caufed 
them to be trod under his Horfes Feet, for which Aftion being terrified in a 
Dream, he built and endowed the Abby ofBeau-leiu in Newforejl, for thirty 
Monks of that Order, An. 1104. 
Fid. Vol. z. p. 911. 

[Valued at 326 /. 1 5 r. 2 d. ob. q. fer Annum.'] 

M E N D H A M, in 23ucfetng^am(l)itc. 

TH I S was a Cell to Wohurne, founded by Hugh de Bolehec, and con- 
firmed by ^m^John in the fecond year of his Reign. The Con- 
vent of this Abby came hither from iVohurne'm the year 1204. 
[Valued at 20 /. 6 s. 2 d. per Amutn. ] 

G R. A C E.D I E U, /« £0alCjS. 

THIS Abby was founded by Johtt oi^ Monmouth An. 1x29. or accord- 
ing toothers 1233. King Ediv. 3. in the thirty fifth year of his 
Reign granted to this Abby the Hermitage of St. Briazello in the Forefl of 
£)f»e for the finding and maintainingofaChantery of two of their Monks, 
to celebrate there for the Souls of his Anceftors; 

9iS. H A Y L ES, in mmmtUtZ 

ANno 1246. Richard Ezrlo^ Cornwall and King of the Romans founded 
this Abby ot Hayles for twenty Monks who came from Beau-lien. 
An. 125-1. the Abby-Church was dedicated^ the King, and Queen, and 
thirteen Bifhops, being prefent at the Solemnity. 

[Valued at 357/. 7 j. ^ d. ob. per Annum.! 

N E w E N H A M, itt BeljotiUjite. 

Founded ^«. 1 24 1, by Reginald de Mouny in his Mannor of y^A-f^//*- 
Jler, with which and other Lands it was endowed. Confirmed by 
YJingEdw. 3. This Reginald de Mohan was the Son ot Reginald Lord of 
9^0. Duttfierre, and Alice Daughter oilVilliam Bruer, by whom he inherited 
the Mannorot Axeminfter. See in the Book at large the Prcgcny of the 
noble Family ot Mehuns. 


Vol. I. Cistercians. ,,, 

Abbots of this Houfe. 

JoJTnGodard. John tie Northampton. Ralph de Si)apewike. 93 r. 

HevrySperfholt. William de Cornuhia. Robert de Tuplfuirie. 932. 

John de Ponte-Rolerlo. Richard de Chichefire. John de Cokyjwill. 
Jeffrey de Blanchvil. Richard de Piderton. Johnde Geyti»gto»e,oh.i^ 58. 
Hi'gh de Coke/well, William le Fria. Walter de Hous. 

[^Valued at 227 I. j s, 8 d. per Annum.'] 


G R A c E-D I E u, i« HciccaecOjirc. 953. 

Founded by Roefm de Perdim, for Nuns. Endow'd by her with her 
Manner of 5(?/(f^c», &c. 

L E T L E Y, i» i^ampOjite. 

KING Henry the III. was-the Founder ofthis Abbyof Lnley^ other- 
wile call'd Ij)cum Sa»^i Edwardi^ and endo<v'd it with Lauds in th6 
thirty fifth year ot his Reign. 

[Valued at loo /. 12/. 8di fcr Annum.'] 

R E VV L E Y, in the Sulurhs of^jifott). 



THIS was founded in the year I281. for Ci/lercian Monks, by 
RichardEarl of Cornwall, and King of the Romans, who endow'd 
thii Abby with divers Lands. They were found by Inquifition to be ex- 
empt from fuit to the County and Hundred Courts. ^^^' 

[Valued at 174/. 3-f. ob*. j>er Annum.] 


D E R. N H A L L, 7» Cl^efl[)iW. 

I N G Edward the I. founded and endow'd this Abby in performance 
JX, of a Vow made in a great danger at Sea, his Deed of endowment 
bears date before he came to the Crown, in the lour and fiftieth year of 
his Father's Reign. Kinj> Henry the III. granted his Letter of Requeft to 
all Religious Houfesin England [or the furniihing this Houfe with Books. 
After King Edward came to the Crown in the (even and twentieth year 
of his Reign he tranOated thefe Monks to Vale- Royal, and granted them ^ 'o 
many great Immunities and Franchifes. ^^ 

Fid. X. Vol p. 911. 

[The Abby oiVak-Royal was valued at 118 /. 7/. 6 d. ob. ptr Annum.'] 


Cistercians. Vol. I. 

B O C L A N D, in J^CtJOnQjitC 

Oundcd by Amicia CountefsofPfWw, hrCi/lercian Monks 5 endowed 
-^ by her and her Daughter Ifahella d& Fortihus Countefs of Alhemarl 
and Dez^w, with many Lands and Liberties. Confirm'd by King fij/w^r*/ 
^ ^ ■ the IL Anno 4. 

[Valued at 241 /. 17 -'. 9 ^- ob. fer Amtim.'] 




P42. H I L T o N, i» ^taffojDHiitc 

ANfio. ixx^. Henry de Audiddelsy founded and endow'd this Abby 
with many Lands and Liberties to hold in pure and perpetual 
943. Almes. Kingfizc/^-WthelL inthe i^^^ year of his Reign, attherequelt 
of Elizakth reliftof Sir Nicholas deAudley, Licenfed the Abbot and Con- 
vent of £Wi^/<?»^ in Norw.iw^'' ^° transfer to this Houfe the Priory and 
Mannor of Cameryngham^ which was thence forward united to this 


LValued atyj/. 14^. perAnttHm.} 


The Ally of Grace, near the Tower at JliOtlDOtt* 

'ING Edward th&lM. founded this Houle in the Church-yard of 

_ the Holy Trinity near the Tower at London^ and endow'd it with 

all the Meffuages and Gardens lying on and about the Tower Hill, Annt 
944. /?fg»2.4' (1350-) Afterwards inthe fiftieth year of his Reign hegave the 
Mannor of Gravefend, and other Mannors in Kent to be fettled upon 
this Houfe. All which was after done and confirnm'd by King Richard the IL 
Anno Regn. xi. 

£ Valued at 546/. 10 s. fer Annum ^ 


A Carthvsian MokK 

Vol. 1 . i^. J'4^<7 

V O L. I. , , 

Of the Carthufians. 

This Order was firft founded, Anno Vom. 1080. By a certain P49. 
learned man named Sr«?i9, who profefling Philofophy at 
fpam and hearing the dead Body of his Friend, who had the 
Efteem of a very good Man when living, cry out as chey 
were about to bury him, Jujlo del judicio damn.itus fum^ he 
and fix Companions foriook the World ; and betook them- 
fclves to a mofl auftere Life in a Deferc and Melancholy 
Place call'd Cartufidj in the Diocefs of Grenoble in France^, 
Their inward Habit is of Hair-Cloath j they never eat flefh ; 
on Fridays faft with Bread and Water ; never ftir out of their 
Monafteries, except the Prior and Procurator; obfervcal- 
moft continual filence j and fuflfcr no Women to enter into 
any part of their Houles, no, noc their Churches. See more 
of their Rules in the Mjmftion at laroe. 

w I T H A M, i» BomttUtQ)ite. ' g-^, 

KING Henry the IF. founded this MonaHery in the honour of the 
hkllcd Mary, St. John Bapt/J}^ and ali Saints, for the Order of Car- 
thuji.ins, an:; endo.v'd it with divers Lands and Franchifes. Innprecating n^jo. 
on the Violator of that his pious Donation, the wrath of Almighty God, 
and hisownCurfe, unlefs the Party make Condign Satisfaftion 5 but to 
ailfiichas augment his Gift, or favour the Peace of the Houfc, he wifht 
the Peace and R.eward of the Eternal Father tor ever. 

H E N T o N, /« iaiiitfljirc. 

ELa Countefs of Salishry, Widow o^Willim Longefpee Earl q^ Salisbury, 
founded this Monalf cry in her Park of Henton, tor Carthufians, to the 
honour ot God, the blelTedyJlTry, St. 7<?/ji» £<}/>///?, and all Saints, anden- 
dow'd it with Lands and Liberties. 

King //fwrj' the III. in the tour and twentieth year of his Reign granted 
and confirnVd to this Houfc the fame Liberties and free Cuftoms which 
hi^ Grandfather King Henry the \\. had formerly granted to the Carthuft.i»s 
oi Withant, with other Exemptions. 

7/je Carthufians in the Shhurhs ^/JlOnDOU. 

KING Edward the \\\. in the forty fifth year of his Reign granted 
hisLiccnlcto Sir Walter hoxdi of Manny ^to'iown^ this -Monaltery for 
^ Q^ Carthufiait 


Carthusians. Vol, f. 

9'5 5- 


Carthu/ianMonksma certain place without the Bars of WeJl-SmithlfieeJ, 
calkd Newe-chercbehawe, which Houle was tobe called la Salutation mere 
elieu, and to endow the fame with twenty Acres of Land there adjoy ning. 

Pope Vrhan, reciting that in the time of a great Peftilence Sir Walter 
Manny \^\\rc\\2.kdi this ground for a Church-yard to bury poor People in, 
and there intended to ereft a Chappel andaCoUedge of twelve Chaplains, 
by the Licenfe oi Pope Clement the VI. but afterwards the faid Sir Walter 
changing his intention, and ereded here a Convent of Carthufians -. the faid 
Vo^QVrhan granted his Bull of Licenfe lor uniting to the faid Houfe of 
Carthufians, Ecclefialtical Benefices to the value of xoo /. p^r Anmm. 

062,. B E A U V A L, e^r Bella-valle, in Botting!)am(l)ii;e. 

IN the year 1343. Nicholas de Cantilupo Lord of Ilkefion, by Licenfe of 
Kmg Edward the \\\. founded this Houfe in his Park of Gryfeleye, in 
the County of Nottingham^ for a Prior and twelve Carthufian Monks, to the 
glory of God, the bleffcd Virgin Mary^ and all Saints, and endow'd it 
with Lands and R^^nts in Grejekye and Sdefton. 
g(j2 This Nicholas de Cantilupo was lineally defcended from Robert de Musk^m^ 

Senefchal or Steward to Gilbert de Gaunt that famous Souldier in the Army 
o^ William the Conqueror, from v^hich Gillert the faid Robert de Muskam 
enjoy d the Lordlhip of //4/?«'«, conferr'd upon him in the Reign of King 
Henrji the I. 

Elizabeth Widow o^ Brian Stapkton Knt. and William Rjther Knt. and 
Sibillahis Wife, by Licenfe of King Richard thelL founded in this Church 
a Chantry, for the maintenance of two Chaplains, Monks of this Houfe, to 
celebrate day ly for the Soul of William deAldeburgh^^c. 

St. k'^^ E, adjoyning to ColjentCp. 

THIS was firft founded in the year 13 81. by William Lord de la 
Zowche^ and firft fupplied with three Monks from the Carthuftans 
at Low^i'ff, and with three others from Sf/ZirW/^. Befidts the faid Lord 
^^' Sovoche they had many other Benefaftors, as Richard I,?/^Mayor of Coven- 
try^ John Holmeton oi' Slefard, John BokingtonYA^o^oi Lincoln, Thomas de 
Beauchamp Earl of Warwick, &c. who eredted feveral Parts of their 
Buildings. In the year 1385. King i?/c/;Wthe IL became the principal 
Founder,with his own hands laying the firft Stone in the Foundation of their 
Church, protefting publickly to be the Founder and to finifh the Buildings. 
To this Houfe were divers Churches appropriated and divers Lands given, 
among others the Mannor of Ediwejlon in the County of Rutland, by the 
Ahhot QXxdQonv tnt oi St.George de Bauftervilk, in Normandy, with other 
Prior alians Lands, ^c. 

K I N G S T O N »/<»« Hull, in ptS^WtZ. 

Michael de la P ole Knt. Lord oiWingfeild, by his Deed dated ztKing- 
jion upon /;/«// 1378. Founded and endowed this Houfe without the 
Walls of ^«// for a Prior and twelve Cartl'uJians,Monks, in lieu of A^hwore/s 

. Nuns 

Vol. I. C A R T H U S I A i^ S. I 

SHEEN Momftery, in ^Utrcp. 

AA'wo Dow, 1414. Y^x'ng Henry the V. founded three Monafteries near 
his Royal Seat at Schene^ one of CartbtiCians, one of Celeftin Monks 
proteffing the Rule of St.Bennet,mA one of Brigettines under the Rule of 
St. Augujiht. The laft was a Monaflery of fixty Nuns, thirteen Priefls, 
four Deacons, and eight Lay- Brothers; the Men and VVo.nen had two 
feparate Convents, but one Church, in which the Nuns kept above in a 
kind of Gallery, and the men below. Q; z King 


Nuns of the Order of St. Clare, as his Father in his life time had once in- 
tended. The Houfe was founded to the honour of God, and the glorious o,6j. 
Virgin M^ry, and of St, Michael the Archangel, and all Angels, and holy Spi- 
rits, St. //^owj^ the Martyr, late Archbifhop of Cii^/'er/ar;, and of all other 
Saints of God. And by aflent of the Prior of thcGrea.t Carthujians in Savoy, 
the chief Houfe of the Order, Pf alter ds Kele was by the Founder made 
the'firft Prior of this Houfe. 
Vid. 2. Vol /'.930. 


MOUNT-GRACE, in ^Q%\ii)VCZ. 

THomai de Holland Duke o^ Surrey, Earl of Kent, and Lord Wake^ founded 
this Houfe for Carthujians in his Mannor oi Bordelhy^ near Cleavelatid 
in Torkfhire, to the honour of God, the Virgin Mary, and St. Micholas, 
willing the Houfe to becalled the Houfe of /'^/(j««/-6/-./cf o^ Jngeliy, and by 
alTent of the Prior of the Grand Ca)thv.Jians, made Robert Tredewy th^^xii 
Prior of the fame. 

King /i^ewr; the VL ratified and confirm'd this Foundation, inParlia- q^q 
ment, m the ninteenth year of his Reign. ^ ^' 

E p w o R T H, i« the jjie t^/ajc^olttte, in XLificolnOifee. 

KING Richard t\iQ \\. in the twentieth year of his Reign granted his 
Licenfe of Mortmain to Thomas Earl of Nottingham Marlhal of Eng- 
land CO found a Convent for Carthujian Monks on, his Land at Epwortb, m 
thelflc oiAxhoime^'m Lincolnjhire, and to name it the Vifitation of the 
Mother of God, to the honour of God, the Virgin Mary, St. John the 
Evangelift.andSt.^d'wAr^the King and Confeflbr, and to endow the Came 
with one hundred Acres of Land , Licenfing alio to the Abbot of St. Nicho- 
las in Ang'ers, of the Order of St. Benedi^, to grant over to this Houfe their 
Priory ot' Monks Kirkely, in Warroickjhire^ &c. to be appropriated to 
thefe Carthujians for ever, in pure and perpetual Alms. 

Pope Boniface thtYK.. in the eighth year of his Pontificate granted In- 
dulgence tofuchwho fliould vifit this Church of the Carthujians on the ^'^^' 
fecond of 3f«/y being the Feafl of the Vifitation of thebleffed Mzrv, and con- 
tribute to the Buildings here. 

This was a plenary Indulgence, and of the fame manner with that 
which was formerly granted to the Church of the Angeis without the 
Walls o^Ajfifmm in Ital}, of which you may read in the Monafticon at 


97 h 

ji6 Carthusians. Vo l. I. 

974. King Heury the V. by his Charter of Foundation dated in the third year 

of his Reign, appointed the Houfe of C^rthufians, which he founded at 
Shene^ on the Nor/^- fide of his Mannor there, to be call'd the Houfe of 
Jefus of Bethkem at Skene ; and to this Houfe he gave the Lands of 

975- (everal Priors alians here in England, belonging to Abbies in /7-<??/ci?,granting 
in the faid Charter that if any of the Lands fo given (hould in tim| to 
come be evi£ted or recovered from the Prior and Monks of this Houie or 
their Succeffors, that then they fliould receive the hke value yearly out 
of the Profits of the Hamper in the Chancery, and out of the Cuftoms 
arifingin the Ports oi London, St. Botulphs^-SoMtbawpton, Lenn.^ndCkeJler, 
He gave alfo feveral other Benefaftions, as the Filhery at Shene, four 

^7 Pipes of Gajcon Wine yearly at the Purification of the bleOed Mary for ever, 
with divers great Liberties and Exemptions fi'om all manner of Taxes 
and Impofitions, granting to the faid Prior, and Monks, and their Sue- 
cellbrs Felons Goods, &c and that they (hould'have the return and exe- 
cution of Writs in their Lands, with fines /);•<? Lkencia Concordandi, and all 
Amerciaments ©c. Deodands, Treafure trove, d^c. Clerk of theMercate, 
Wreckof theSea, ©"c. Free Warren in all their Demefnes and Lands al- 
ready given or to be giVcn,tho' within the Bounds of a Foreft, Soc and Sac, 
Infangentkef, and Outfangendef,and view of Frankpledge of all their Tenants 
and Refidents, with a Pillory and Tumbrel, and that they may erect 
Gallows on their Lands for the execution of Malefadors, whom they fhould 
apprehend on their Lands according to the (aid Liberty of Infangenthefind 
Outfangenthef, and that they fliould have a Market weekly every Tuefday 
at their Town of Efthenreth in Berk/hire, and two Fairs yearly, with othpr 
fuch like great Priviledges and Immunities. 


Vol. L II 

Additions, relating to the Benedidine Order. 




WINCHESTER Cathedral Church. Supra />. 38. 

SOme Remarks of the Founder and Royal Benefaftors 10 the Church of 
0^/»c/je//fr, Kings and Saints buried there, out oi Lelutief. Pope /«- g^ 
wcffff confirmed to this Church all their PoflelTions with tlie grant of di- 
vers Priviledges, as not to pay any Tithes for their Lands or Cattle in g^i. 
their own proper hands,to celebrate Divine Offices in the time of a general 
Interdift, v\ith a low Voice, '^c. King EJgar reftored Monks m this 5,82. 
Ctiurch confirming their PofielTions and Liberties with grievous Curfes 
to the Violators. Kin a; Edward the Elder conferr'd on them certain Lands 
to hold free from any fecular fervice except what related tov/ards the 
building ofForts and Bridges. 

SHAFTESBURY, in J^OjCctCbitC Supra xij. ^ g^ 

KING John in the feventh year of his Reiga confirm'd to the 
Church of St il/^r;', and St. Edward UlI Shaftesbury, and to the Nuns 
there, their Lands and Liberties, among which waithe whole hundred 
of the Mdxmotoi Bradford, t^c. 

5?. F R I D I S W I D E, in ©jCfOjD Sn^ra 17^. 

TH E Pofleffions of this Houfe were enjov'd by fecular Canons for o 
many years, till in the year 11 2x. (■^z IL i.) they were again re- ^ '^' 
llortd to Regukrs. Mahd the Emprcls confirm'd to the Church of St. 
Frithefwithe and the Canons Regulars, divers Lands and Churches, arid 
granted them a Fair. The like did King ;?«/;« in his firft year. « 

5/. W E R B U R G, at C^CftCt- Supra njc). 

Nwtiip. Richard E&rl of Chejfer con^rm^d the Poffelfions of this 
__ _ Houfj given by mmy Benefaftors, granting to the Abbot of this 
Monaftery a Court ot Picas, and that the laid Abbot fhould not be fued ggg 
nor be forced to fiie out of his ov/n Court. Ra/ph de Mejchinei Earl of 
Chefrer^and his Son of the fame name, were great benefaftors to the Abbot 
and Convent oi St. WtY/wrg J fo alfo were Richard de Rullos and Robert 
his Brother. 987. 

W H I T B Y, i» Pti%Wxt. Snpr.i 75. ^gg 

lllUmde Perc\! havlnp; built and endow'd in a Grove or Wood at 
Dmief.e, a Hermitage in honour of St. James the Apoflle, he 


iiS Additions. Vol. L 

gave it for ever into the Obedience and Siibje£tion of the Church of 
Sr. Peter and Sc Hyya of Whithj, fo that they continually cellebrate the 
Divine Office thereby fome Prieft of their Hoilfe. 


W U L V E R H A M T O N, in ^taffOjDOjite- 

'\>^\.\\\sTo^Mno^ Hampton, ontWulfrma, a religious Matron erciHred a 

Monafterytothe honour of God, the ever blelied Virgin Maty (then 

lerm'd Stella maris ^Domim gentiunt) and of all Saints, and endow 'd the 
fame with divers Lands, all which was ratified and eftabliflit by Sigerich 

991' Archbifliop oiCan'erhuryim the year 996. by the Confent of King Ethelred. 

5'5'2- The Eftate of this Houfe was afterwards confirm'd by Ring Edward the 
Confeflbr, King William the Conqueror, King Hemj thelL and King 
John, who gave Timber out oi iiis Woods towards the buildings in this 


993. G L O U C E S T E R, i» (BlOUCClfCrCblte. Supra. 108. 

iLoHcefler became a Biftiop's Seat in the year 189. fooii after the Con- 
verfion of King Lucius. Eldadym in the year 489. and Duhricias in 
the year ^ii. were Bifhops there. But the Seat was afterwards removed 
to Menevia, now call'd St. DaviJs. Wolpherus Sonjof PenJa King of Mercia^ 
according to Malmeshury, laid thefirfl Fonndations of theMonaftery here, 
after whofe deaxh Ethelred liiis Brother and Succeflbr carried on the Work, 
committing it to the care of Ofric^ who for this purpofe he made his 
Trorex or Lieutenant of this Province. This Houfe was firft a Nunnery 

094, and continued fuch under three Abbefl'es fucceflively. Afterwards Bemul- 
/i^wKing of /I/frcM, placed here fecular Canons, who, though Clerks and 
Preachers, were married-men, anddiffer'd not much in their Habit from 
fecular Chriftians; thus it continued till in the year io2z. King CaHutus 
difplaced the Canons, and in their room put Regular Monks ot St. Bene- 
diils Order. This Monaftery being after wards burnt down, Aldredus Bi- 
fhop oiWorader rebuilt it in the time of King f^/u'W the Confeflbr, fome- 
thing diftant from the place where it firft flood, and more to the outfide of 
the Town. It was twice deftroy'd by firefincethe Conqueft, vi%. in the 
years 11 14. and 1223. in the Reigns of Henry the IIL and Edward the L 

995- The Buildings in and about this Church were increafed and beautified by 
feveral Abbots of this Monaftcry, as Thomas Seahrook,, Richard Hanlaces; 
and Parker, who was the laft Abbot here, and built the South Porch, of 
this Church. 

TAVISTOCK, in ©Cbonlbwe Supra xio. 

IN the time of King Edgar, Earl Qtdulphus Son of Ordgarus begun this 
Houfe in a place appointed by Revelation^ finifht and confirm'd in the 
998. ti ne of King Ethelred, An 981. PopeCelefiiMe in the year 1193. granted 
i-Qoi. to this Abby divers Priviledges and Exemptions. In the year 1304. The 
Prior of Plympton, of the Order of St. Auguftin, did oblige him felt and Suc- 
ceflors to the Abbot of Taveftock and his Succeflbrs for the performance 


Vol. I. Additions. 119 

of clivers Services and Offices in his Deed mentioned. King Henry the VIII. j^^^ ,_ 
in the fifrhyear of his R.eign granted to Richard Banham then Abbot of ^' 

Tavrjlock and his Succcflbrs to be Lords of ParUament, and to enjoy all 
Honours and Priviledges of fuch 5 and moreover in cafe they ftiould at 
any time be abfent from Parliament on the Affairs of then- Houfe he 
pardon'd fuch their abfence, they paying for every whole Parliament that 
they fhall be abfent five Marks. 

NORWICH. Supra ^i^. 

HErlert Bifliop of Nonvkh tranflated the Monks hither from Thetford. 
This Bilhop befides the Church at Norwich^ caufed to be built the 
^tia^c'aes at Elmbam, Lyn^ and Tarmoutb, and died An. 11 19. °'^4' 

S T O K E C L A R E. Supra 535-. 

Richard de Clare E^rl oi Hertford gave to this Houfe the Hermitage 
o: Standune, that Divine Service might be there celebrated for htm 
andius. Ibe Donations and Endowments given to this Houfe were con- igoc. 
firm'd by 7 homas Archbiihop oi Canterhitrj -^ and by Vo^& Alexander, iqio 
AnnoDom. 1174. * 

St. Mary de Pratis, at IC^OJtl^amptOtl. 

THIS was a Priory ofCluniac Nuns founded by Simon de St. Liz, 
Earl of Northampton, which Foundation, and all the Lands given 
thereuntoas well by tht faid Earl Simon as others, was all at large recited 
and confirm'd by the Charter of King Edward the IIL in the fecond year of 
his Reign. Which may be feen from p. loii. to p. 1019. 
[Valued at 1 1 9 /. ^ /. 7 <l. q. per Jnnum.l 

H E N I N G H A M, /■« CfliBJC. 


P I L L A Priory, in UlUU^. 1019. 

A Dam de Rupe founded here a Priory for Benedidine Monks oiTiron, 
vvhichPriory he endow d with divers Lands and Liberties. Dedi- 
cated to God, St. Mary.^ and St. Budoco. 


Founded and endow'dfor Benediciine Nuns, by Ahericus de Fer, Earl of 
Oxon, p.iid dedicated to God, St. Mary, St. James, and the holy Crofs. 
Hugh dc For Earl of Ox/W founded without the Gates ot the Caffle of lO-t. 
Hegham, an Hofpital for poor and impotent People ^ which that it might 
not bc' CO t'lc prejudice of ths Priory of the holy Crofs at Hegham, nor to 
the Parilh-ChurcU there, was to be govern'd by certain Ordmances then 
made, among others, that the faid Hofpital Ihould pay Tithes as well 




A D D I T I o N s. Vol. J. 

great asfmall to the Pari fh Church, and that the Chaplains of the faid 
Hofpital belorethey areadmiited, Ihould fwear fealty to the Priorefs of 
that Priory. 

[Valued at 2 9 /. 1 2 j. 10 d. per Annura?^ 

L A P L E Y, i«^taffOjDll)frC, a Cell to St. Kemigius, at Rhemes. 

Given by A^gamsmY.zx\ o'iEngUnd^ the Appropriations bclongingto 
this Priory were allow'd by i^alter Bilhop of Coventry and Litchjeild, 
Afint) 1 3 1 9. King Edward tht I. in the rwentieth year of his Reign, granted 
to the Abbot and Convent of St. Remizius at Rhemes, a Market in their 
Mannor oiAfton in Stafordfhire on the Tuefday, weekly, and a yearly Fair. 
on the Eve and Day oi St. Peter Ad vinatla^ with free Warren in their 
Demefnes of Lapley, Merfion, and Affon. 

T o T N E s, i« j©ei)onfl)iw. 

JVhellus Son of Akred gave the Religious Houfe here for a Cell to God 
and the holy Martyrs St. Sergius, and St. Backus, and to the Abbot of 
ttiat Monaftery at Anglers in France That they fliould pray for the good 
Eftate of King Willum the Conqueror while living, and after his death for 
his Soul, and for him the faid J iihe llus znd all his Relations. 

BARNSTAPLE Priory of St. Mary Magdalen, in the Diocefs 


^H I S was founded for a Prior and fix Monks 5 given by the faid 

Juhellus, and confirm'd by i^ing IVtlliam the Conqueror to the 
Cluniac Monks of the Abby of St. Martin de Campis at Paris. The 
jQj_ Church oi' St. Peter at Darnjiaple was apppropriated to this Priory by 
ff///w>«Pifliop of Exe/'er, by Deed dated, ^«. 1x33. The fame William 
Biftiop of Exeter did aho by his Deed recite and confirm the Lands and 
Priviledges given to this Priory by Joel Son of Alured, before named. 

Tie Priory of St. James rvithout the Walls at <^%tXZt, for a Prior aud fettr 
Monks. Supra 64?;. 

*H I S Priorv, with divers Lands and PriViledges, were given by 
Baldeivin de Riveriis Earl of i^xf^er, to the forefaid Cluniac Monks 
I o 1 6. of 5t. Martins Abby at Paris, 

The Priory of St. Clare, Jn ilQalC^. 

FO R a Prior and three Monks. This was given with nine Houfes at 
Lundon^y William Giffard Bifhop of WinchcJJer, to the forefaid Cluni^iC 
Monks of St. Martinshbby at Paris. Confirm'd by King Hen. the I. 


Voi. L Addition 

SWINE ^%, i» I^OjKfljire. Supra /). 834. 


M^//A/j Priorcfs of 5ir//7e. and the Convent of Nuns there, did cove- 
nant with Sit Alexander IIilto»,\<Li\\^t, who had given them nine 
Bovates ot Land in Swine, that in cafe the faid Sir Alexander Ihould die in 
the year 1241. or in tho fccond year alter, that then three Bovates of ^^'' 
the nine fliould return back to the Heirs of the faid Sir Alexander 'j in cafj 
he die in the third year, then fix of the laid Bovates fliould return to the 
Heirs of the (aid Knight, but in cafe the faid Sir Alexander fliould keep the 
faid Nuns indempnified for the faid three years, then the Nuns to give 
back the faid Land with the Deed of FeofTment after the expiration oi the 
term of fix years, C^c 

B YLAND, in ^OjWce. Sup. 775:. 

THEHifl:ory of the Foundation of this Abby was writ at large by 
FbilUp the third Ai)bot of this Houfe 5 and is in ihort as follows. 
In tnc Reign of Ring /;/f«ry the I. AnnoDom. 1134. After the Foundation 
of the Abby of Furnes, whofe Monks caine from Savigny in France, an 
Abbot and Convent of twelve Monks went from the Abby of Furnes^ to 
C aid in Copland, then newly ere£ted, the Abbots name was (jfr.i/w'«j 5 here 
they remained for about four years, till in the year 1157. being plunder'd 
and their Houfe almofl wholly deftroy'd, they were forced to return 
back to Furnei, but beingrefufcd entrance there, anddiflrefl for wantofa loai. 
Habitation, they were partly through the recommendation of Thurllan 
Archbifliopoflor^jandparcly out of pitty to their Condition, relieved 
by Gundrea reli£l of Nigdlus de Alheney, and Roger de Molhray her Son ; 
which Roger fettled them tbr a time at a place call'd Hod'e^ a Hermitage be- 
longing to one Robert de Alneio ^ Hex m'iZ; who upon their arrival refign'd 
the place to them, and became a Monk among them, this was in the 
year 1 1 58. The faid Roger gave thefe Monks for their maintenance the 
Tithe ot all the Provifionfpent in his Houfe, for the coUefting of which 
they had a Lay-brother CCo«i'fr//« J always remaining in his Houfe, who 
colleftedthe faid Tithe, and fentit totheMoniflcry^but this bcingfound, 
in time, inconvenient, was not long alter chang'd into an Endowment of 
Land, An. 1140. After this Abbot, Geraldus feeing the Eflate of his Mo- 
nailery encrcafe, and fearing that the Abbot of /7//»fj would claim it, by 1029. 
reafon that he and bis Convent came from thence at firft, and had there- 
fore a kind of filial Relation, tW ilicy were fince rctufed aHiftancc from 
thence, when in diftrefs, hereupon he made a Journey to Savigny^ the Mo- 
ther Houfe of /"«/»fi-, and obtain*d from the Abbot there m a general 
Cliapter of the whole Order (.-?«. 11 ]2.) to bedifchargcdofall fubjc£lion 
to Furnes^ and to be immediately fubjeft loSivrgny. This Abbot Geral- 
f^/tfx dying in liis return home, Roger then Maffer of the Novices, was un- 
animoufly chofen Abbot, andfo confirm'd by the Archbifhop oi'Tork, at 
the Prefentation oi Roger Mollray their Patron. After this the Abbot o(Fnr- 
»« placed another Abbot and Convent ztCald. An. 1149. Roger de Molhray 
gave to thefe Monks the Town and Church oi' Bellalanda, or Biland, with 
the x'\ppurtenants, whether they • altcrward removed their Habitation. 
When Abbot Roger perceived the Inhabitants oi' Sca/fon (a Vill belonging j-.^ 
to Biland) to fuffer divers Inconvcniencies in coming to the Mother 

ti Church 


Additions. Vol. f. 

Church ofSi/Waswell for Divine Service, as Sacraments, he obtain'd 
of Henry Murdac then Archbilhop oiTork, Licenfe to build a Chappei at 
ScahoH tor the cafe- of the Inhabitants there. An. 1146. referving the 
burial of the dead to the Mother Church at Bihnd. The Licen(c thus 
obtain'd, the faid khhox. Roger and his Monks foon built a Churrh 3t Seal- 
r£)», and furniiht it with Books, Veflments, Font, and other neccfjanes, 
and caufed one of the Bells of the Mother Church to be removed thither. 
This being finiHit, the faid Roger prefcnted a Clerk to the Archbilhop, 
who was accordingly inftituted to the Cure of the faid Chappei. Afrer 
this, this Abby of Bilaml had many Donations , the faid Roger de Moliray 
giving fo much,that the Abbot did at laft refufe to accept an v more, layn g 
he had fufficient.^».i 147. It was decreed in the Council of Rhernes held un- 
jQ J J der Pope EngenJus the III. that the Church of Savigny M'iththirtecn Abbirs, 
Daughters o\ that Church, ftiould be all fubjefted to the Church of Clare- 
vallis,o[ the Ciflerc'ian Order. An.i i jo.The Abbot of Ca/</,arid th^' ALbof of 
Fumes feeing the Riches and Profperity of this Houfe ot Biland^ began to 
fet a Foot a Title and Pretence to a Jurifdiclion over this Houfe, b) real<>ni 
of Paternity (ot Maternity) againft the Abbot of Savigny j which u s io 
far prolecuted by the Abbot of /7<rwff/, thatatlafl the generalC hapttr '-f 
Ciffercians did delegate the Caufe to be heard and adjudged by the \bb' n 
10] 3. of/?^fW/ej who determin'dit ioic the Ahhox o\' Savigny. The torefaid 
10? 4. Roger Abbot of Biland^ lived Abbot of the fame fifty four years, and then 
by reafon of his decrepid a^e, refign'd, lurviving near three years after. 
To him fucceedcd in this Office Abbot Fhillip, who writ this Hiilory, as 
he had heard it related from his faid Predeceilor Roger and others, An. 1 1 9j. 


1035. 'TpHE Alien Priories, fuppreft in the fecond year of Henry the V. 
f An. Dont. 1^14. were in number one hundred and iorty two, whole 
names lee in the Book at large. 

1037. The Religious Houfes fuppreft by Pope Clemnt the VII. and granted to 
Caidina] m/fey by King Henry the VIII. in the feventeenth year of his 
Reign for the building of twoCoUedges, at Oxford and Ipjwich, w^re in 
number one and twenty ; and afterwards fix more by another Bull of the 
fame Pope, which were granted alfo to the faid Cardinal for the famepur- 
.pofe, by King Hemy the VIII. in the twentieth year of his Reign. 

10^7 i An exaft Catalogue of the Religious Houfes was made in the twenty 
ufrad fixth year of King Henry the Vlll. with the Annual Values of almoft 
1 046. all of them, as well in Wales as England. Which Catalogue was afterwards 
incerted into the Books of Firjl Fruits and Tend'S. 

Out of whit "1 Catalogue I have fet down the Valuation of the Annual 
Rents ot each Houfe, under the proper Head, in the foregoing Epitome, 
except forae few not then valued. 

Having faid fomething in the beginning, of the Inftitution of the Mo- 
^^'^^^ radical Liie, Ifhallhere add what Opinion Men had of the Subverfion 
of Monafteries, even among Protef^ants. 


Vol. I. 115 

The AuguJl'iHe ConfefTion, fays, That Monafteries were heretokire 
Schools of (acred Learning, advantagious to the Church, and that 
Pallors and Bi(hops came from thence. Calvin in his Inrtitutions, fays, 
Monaftick CoUedges were then as Seminaries oi" the Ecclefiqflkk Order 5 
and gives a very great Encomium of their manner of Lite and Piety .Charity 
to the Poor, and Humanity, out of St. Augnfthes EpilUes. 

Hjperius" fays, That Monafteries at their Inftitution were no other than 
Convents of Good men, and Students ^ Schools where the Elder did teach 
the younger ReUgion, where they did fpend their time in writing, and 
dilputing, and inltituting thofe who afterwards arrived to eminent places \ 

in the Church, as to be Billsops or Priefts, d'c. William Perkins, kys. That to4^. 
the Monafteries of the Ancients were for the moft part Publick Schools, 
that is, Communities of Teachers and Learners. 

The Preamble of the Stat. 27 /^.S.c.xS. (omitted in the printed A£l,)for 
the Suppreflion of certain Religious Houfes, (viz. under the value ot 200 /. 
per Annum ) hath thefe Words, Forafmuh as manifefl fin is doyly nfed, and 
commonlycommitted in fuch little and f mall Ahhiet and Pritries, &c. tvhere the 
Congi egatioH of fuch religious Perfons is under the number of twelve perfons, &c. 
Confide ring aljo that divers and great folemn Monafteries of this Realm, where- 
in., thanks he to God, Religion is well kept and ohferved, he defitute of fuch full 
tiumhers of religious Perjons as they might and may keep,&c. Therefore the 
faid leffer Monafteries were diiiblved, and their Lands given to the 

Sir Edward Coke^ in his 4//;. Injiitut. p. ^^. Cay s,ln the Reign of Henry 1049. 
the VIU. the Members of both Houfes of Parliament were informed, on 
the King's behalf, That no Ring or Kingdom was fafe but where the King 
had ability to live of his own, and to defend his Kingdom upon any fud- 
den Invafion or Infurreftion, &c. It was therefore projeftcd, that if the Par- 
liament would give unto him all the Abbies, Priories, Nunneries, ^c. that 
forever in time then to come, he would take order that the fame fhould 
not be converted to private ufe, but firft that his ExcLequer for tlie Pur- 
pofes aforefatd fliould be enriched, idly. The Kingdom ftrengthcned by 
a continual maintenance of forty thoufand well trained Souldiers with 
skillful Captains and Commanders, ^dly. tor the Benefit and Eafe of the 
Subje£^, who fliould never afterwards in any time to come, be charged 
with Subfidies, Fifteenths, Loans, or other common Aides, ^thlj, Leall 
the honour of the Healm fhould receive any diminution (there being nine 
and twenty Lords of Parliament among the Abbots and Priors, who held 
of the King /)fr B^ro»7dfw) the King would create a number of Nobles. The 
faid Monafteries and their Poffcllions were given to the King, his Heirs 
and SuccefTors. Now obfervc the. Cataftrophe ^ not long after the difto- 
lution of the Monafteries, the faid King demanded and ha^wo Subfidies, 
and exacted divers Loans. * 

There were in the Reign of Henry ihtVlll. 645-. Monafteries and Re- 
ligious Houfes, forty of which being granted to Cardinal IVolJey for the 
Endowment of his two, Collcdges : Soon after, as the l^ope had given 
thefe to the Cardinal, the King with the Parliaments aflent took the reft. 
.dfi. 1596. thofe under xoo /. /xfry^www**, were granted, amounting to 376, 
and loon after the Remainder, being in all 605 Monaftxrits. Bcfides them, 
were given 96 Collcdges, no Hofpitals, and 1974 Chantries and 
free Chappells. The Revenue of all which, is wilht to have been bcftow'd 
for the Advancement of the Church, Relief.of the Poor, (^c. rather than; 

R z ronferr'd 

124 Vol. t. 

cnnferr'd with fuel) a prodigal Difpenfation on thofe who flood ready to 
icjo. detour what was fitithficd. To this purpofe one //fwry Br/»/t/</iD a Merchant 
o\^ London, made a Complaint to the Parliament of the Abufe that follow'd 
in relation to Appropriations, which as he faid were the befl: BcnificcsL, 
and did amount ro the third part of all the Parifli Churches in Engla>7d. 
Touching the Alms {fays he) that they dealt, and the Hofpitality that 
they kept, every man knoweth that many thoufands were well received 
of them, and might have been better, \!l they had not fo many Great 
mens Horfesto feed, and had not been overcharged with fuch idle Gentle- 
men as were never out of the Abbies. But now that all the Abbies with 
their Lands and Impropriated Parfonages are in Temporal mens hands, 
where 10/ was given formerly to the poor more than one hundred 
places in England, is not one meals meat given; where they had always 
one or other Vicar that either preached or hired (bme to preach, now 
there is no Vicar at all, but the Farmer is Vicar and Parfon too. 

Tht "Lord Herbert in hisHiftory oi Hen.VWl. fays, That the King was 
petition'd that (omc of the Houfes, both tbr the Vertue of the Perfons in 
them, and for the Benefit of the Country, ("the Poor receiving thence 
great Relief, and the richer fort good Education for their Children) might 
be left for pious Ufes ; Bilhop Latimer alfo moved that two or three might 
for thofe ends be left in every Shire. But Cromvoell ("by the King's per- 
miflion) invaded all.. However the King thought fit to have this Pro- 
ceeding confirm'd by A^ of Parliament. But the Chriftian World (fays 
my Lord Herbert) was aftonilht at thefe doings. Befides the Houles 
and Lands taken away, there was much mony made of the prefent Stock 
of Cattle and Corn, of the Timber, Lead, Bells, ^c. and chiefly o{ the 
Phteand Church Ornaments, which is not valued, but may be conjefl-ured 
by that one Monaftery of St. Edmunds Bary.whence was taken five thoufand 
Marks of Gold and Silver, befides divers Stones of great Value. 


The End of the Firfi Volum^ 



A B R I D G E D. 



Canons Regular 






Vol. II. ,27 



O F 


OF the Author of this Infticution there is great variety ^** '^^^ 
of Opinion. Some afcribe it to the Apoftles, o- ^^°^'^' 
thers to Pope Xirhan the I. about the year of 
Chrift 130. Others to St Augujim \ Others to Pope 
Gelafius the I. about the year 495. i(src. Canons were firft in- 
troduced in England by one Berinus, Jn.Cbnfit6]6. The Ca- 
nonical Life being by hccle and hctle relaxt and fallen off, Ca» 
nonical Clerks were in the Council ofA/ernr^, At. 81 5. reduced 
back to their firft manner of living, '^i;?:- to live in Common, to 
have but one Table, one Purle, and one Dormitory. About 
^n. I o 8 5. it was en joyn'd that no Canon (hould dare to become 
an Abbot or Monk under the penalcy of Excommunication. In 
procefs of time Canons becoming loofe and diforderly, ano- 
ther fort of Canons began to be taken notice of, who obferving 
a ftrider Difcipline, were call'd Canons Regular, and the 
others Canons Secular. The Canons Habit is a white Tunick 
with a Linnen Gown, under a black Cloak.St. James the Apoflle 
and the firft BKliop of Jemfalem, is faid firft to haveaffumed the 
Linnen Tunick, atcer the manner ofthe ancient Levitical Priefls. 
• This Order had formerly in Europe four thoufand five 
hundred and filcy five Monafteries, hi Italy feven hundred. 
Popes of this Order there have been thirty fix., Cardinals three 
hundred, Holy men and fuch who have been reckon'd in the 
Catolo^zue of Saints feven thoufand five hundred. 



Vol. II. 

The firft Rule which St. Augujl'm made for 
his Brethren, who pronniied to live together in 
Common, confifts of nine Chapters; and treats 
of the Community of Goods, Self-denial, <(src. 

For the Canons I The fecond Rule of St. Auguji'm appoints the 
of this Order mannerandtimeof Praying, Singing, Reading, 
were made ^ Working, Living, and Converfing, and con- 
three Rules. fifts of Five Chapters. 

The third Rule of St. Auguftin^ treats more 
largely of thofe things which appertain to the 
Community of living among Clerks, and 
confifts of Forty Five Chapters. 


A Cannon Regvxar of s. avgvstik^ 

Vcl. z.Tl. 

Vol. II. 



Vol. II. 

Of the Order 0/ 5r. A u g u s t i n. 

D o V E R, r« ^cnt. 

Z/liui Cicfir having Cooqucr'd Britain (now call'd £»*- 
la«d) torty feven years before the Birth of Chrift, built 
a Tower ^t Dover where the Caftic now ftands. In 
the year of Grace i8o, King Luc/ms then reigning in 
Britain, became a Chriftian under Pope Elutherius, and 
among other Pious Deeds built a Church in theCaftle 
of Dover. An. 469, King Arthur repair'd the faid 
Caitle, and built the Hall there call'd Arthur s-hz\\. After this the Sasofii 
cameoutofG^rwawj', Conqucr'd Britany, beat the Britous into Wales, who 
afterwards were call'd VVekhmen, and the Saxotts Ejtglijhmen, and being 
Pagans, demolifnt Churches, and fupprefl: Chriftianity throughout tlje 
Land. An. 586. Pope Gregory fent St. Augujlin the Monk with others in- 
tQE»g/aaJ, who converted to Chrift the King then reigning in AVwr, 
named Addkrt, whcfe Son and SuccclTor AdelboU placed twenty four 
Secular Canons in the faid Cafllc to ferve in his Chappel there. An. 6^6 
VVtthred King of Kent built the Church of St. Martin, in the Town of 
Dover, and removed the faid Canons thither, from the Caftlci here they 
remain'd 400 years after. He built alfo three other Churches for the ufe of 
the Parilhoners, which were however Chappels fubordinate to St. Martins. 
Bat thefe Canons being very licentious by reafon of their great Priviledges 
and Exemptions from the ordinary Jurifdi.fl:ion. King Henry the \. in 1130. 
did j^ive the faid Church of St. Martin to the Archbifliop of Canterbury 
and his Succeflbrs, and tho' William Corioil then Archbilhop, built the 
Nen> Minjier, and defign'd to have made it an Abby of Canons of St. 
Augujlin, yet after his death Theobald Archbifhop oi Canterbury, in the 
Reign oiHenrjthe 11. put Monks of St. Bennet therein. The faid King 
Henry the il. by his Chirter fub^e.T:ing the Government of this Houfe to 
the Archbilhop of Crf»/er /wryintirely, and that no other Order but that of 
St, Benret (hould be herein. King Edward the III. in the thirtieth year of 
his Reign did unite and annex this Houle to the Priory oi chrift Church 
in Canter bury for ever, fo that none for the future (hould be Prior here, 
but a Monk o'i Canterbury . 

[Valued at the Supprellion at 170 /, 14/. 11 </. ob. ptrAanum.] 

Pag. i. 



Canons Regular. Vol. !l. 

B o D M Y N, in Cojntoall 

KING /yf^ij the III in the feven and fiftieth year ofhis Reign con- 
firm'd to the Prior and Canons of 5o<?/w/»if, the Mannor q[ Niwton, in 
tlie County of DevoH^ formerly given them by King Eadred, with Ex- 
emption from fuit to the County of Devon and Hundred oiShejburY, &c. 
[Valued at 270 /. o s. 11 d. per Annum.'] 

5^ G E R. iM A I N S, in CO^tltDall. 

Ir was found by Iflquifition in the thitfieth of Edw. the IIL That King 
Canute tn^ovi'd this Church, and that here was then a Bifliops Seat for 
Cornwall, which was after united to Cryditm, and in the Reign 01 Edward 
the Confeflor, removed from thence to £xf/<f/-; and that foon after, Leo- 
/ricwthcn Bifhop of Exeter did remove from hence the Secular Canons, 
and did found here a Priory of Canons Regular, and that hereupon the 
Bifln^psofEx^/fz-forthe time being became Patrons of this Priory, and 
enjoy'd the Profits of the Vacations of the faid Priory when they 'hap. 

[Valued at 24 5/. 8 s. per Ann/m.'] 

^ p L I M T O N, i» Bebondiite. 

HERE was formerly a Colledge confifling of a Dean and four Pre- 
bendaries founded by fome of the 5^xo» Kings, which Canons or 
l^bendariesweredifplaced by fVil.fVarwiJi Q'lQiop ot Exeter, bccaufethey 

7. would noc leave their Concubines.and a Priory of Canons Regiilir ere<^ed 
here,wbich Priory wasfounded in the Manfionhoufc of the Pvcilory ofthe 

8. faid Church oiPliwpfott, and the faid Foundation confirm'd by King f-len. 
p. the L whoalfo granted and confirm'd to the Canons there, divers Lands, 

Liberties, and Immunities. Among other Benefaftcrs to this Priory,' 
King ii^g^jrgave them divers Lands for the Maintenance of two Canons, 

ad divinaihi^em eekbranda, & pro peregri»is ^ aliis hofpifandis. Alier- 

10. wards King Edward ih&l. granted to the faid Canons, that for the future 
they might appoint and place in the Church of Landoho, where the faid 
Revenue did arife, a Secular Vicar and Chaplain to celebrate there, and 
to perform the faid Aljms and Hofpitality, mmtKe di^orum Prior/s ^ 

[^Valued a: 9 1 2 7. 12/. 8 «/. ob- fer Annum!] 

II. W A L T H A M, i« (eileiC. 

THTS Monaftery was built to the praifeof our Lord Jcfus Chrifl, 
and of the holy Crofs, by Earl Harold (afterwards King; who en- 
dow'd the fame with divers Lands and Goods. All which were con- 
firm'd, with the Grant of great Liberties, by Kiog Edward xht Confeflor, 
An, Dom. 1062. Which Harddb^in^ flain in Battle, by William the Con- 

Vol. 1L of St. A u g u s t i n; iji 

queror, was buried in this Abby-Church. An. Dom. 1 1 77. The Secular 13. 
Canons here were removed and Canons Regular placed in their room, by 
King//f«ry thell. who confirm'd their EAacc and Liberties, and ordain'd j^, 
that in the faid Abby, no Kinfman of the Abbot fliould be made Steward 
or other Officer, nor any Officer to hold his place by Inheritance, but re- 
movable at the Will of the Abbot and Canons. The like Confirmation ^S- 
was made by King iJic/^^r^/. **^' 

[Valued at 900 /. 4^. 3 A. per Annum,'\ 

P E N T N E Y, i« iliOjfolK. 19. 

Founded to the honour of God, the glorious Virgin Mar)\, and the 
hkiled Mary MagJu/en, by flohert de f^MZ.^ and by him endow 'd 
with divers Lands and Churches. This iJ^j^er/^ came into Etig'and with 
the Conqueror, from whom defcended by an Heir General the Lords Roos 2,0* 
who became thereupon Patrons of this Priory. 

[_Valued at 170 /. 4 ^. <)d. per Annum^ 


GAlfridus de FavarcheitvAawftd a Chappcl here, which his Mother iiad 
founded in honour of the perpetual Virgin Marjf^ with divers Re- 
venues ^ confirm'd by /?i'/fr^ 5r//f«'/, and /?<7?<?/- Earl of C/t/m The Chap- ^x. 
pel here was fiirft begun in the Reign oi Edward the ConfelTor, but the 
Canons introduced in the time of J^'///ww the Conqueror. Here was a rz, 
perpetual Chantry eflablifht for the Souls of Thomas de FeUon.Scc. in the 
Chappel of St. Am in the Priory, confifting of four Chaplains. S. R.z. 
^Valued at 391/. 1 1 /. 7 ^. per Annum.'] 

T H R E M H A L E, 7« CgffejC. 2^, 

C"^ Ulen de Montefiico, or Mu}7fchet, who was a Roman by birth, and 
'J[ Kinfman to the Conqueror, came into England in his Army, and 
having attained large PclTelTions here, gave Land in Thremhale for the 
building a Religious Houfe with fome fmall Poffeflions; and returning to 2,4. 
Italy^ the place of his Nativity, left ifTue Richard de Munjichet uho gave to 
God and the Church of St. James the Apoftlc at Thremfjale, divers Lands 
and Priviledges^ from this /f/c/'Ware defcended by an Heir General the 
yeres EaiIs ot Oxford, who became Bencfaftors to this Houfe. 
[Valued at 60 I. iS s. -</. ob. per Annum.'] 

The rriory of DuntltigtOtl. 

EVflachius the Vifcount, who alfo held the Barony of Lozf?^.?/, founded 
the Priory of St. Mary of Huntingdon^ and cndowd it uith divers 15. 
Lands, confirm'd by Kvng Henry the I. lathe Town of Huntingdon were 
in former time-firtcen Parifh-Churchis, tho' at prcfent there remains but 26. 

S 2 four. 


Canons Regular Vol. If. 

- i 

four. David Bruce Earl of Hnnt'tyiyion was buried in this Priory. Pope 
Euge»m confirm'd to the Canons here all their Lands and Priviledges, An. 
Dom. 1147. andfo did King Henry the IIL in the feven and thirtieth 
year of his Reign. 

{"Valued at 187/. 13/. 8</. fer Annum.! 

St. OSW ALUS, near <!5!0UtCaCt 

Founded by Ethelred Earl of Marches and Ethel_fieJ<t his Wife before 
theConqueft, for Prebendaries, who tranflated hither the Body of 
it. Ofivald h-om Barduey. But foon after the Conqueft, this Col ledge bfing 
impropriated to the See oiTorkjhdX A rchbifhop 'changed the Prcbcada^ries 
here to Canons Regular. 

^Valued at 90 /. 10 -i. 2 d. ob. fer Jmiim. j 

BARNEWELL, »e^r CambiiiDgc 

IN the time of W^i//w>» the Conqueror lived one P/cP/, a Zs?<>rw4», a Per- 
fon of great Note, who was Vifcount or Sheriff in this County, he had 
'"' alto a Barony here. Hugolinhis Wife being much devoted to St. Gi/es^ 
made a Vow in her ficknefs to ere£t a Monaft ery to that Saint, w hich Vow 
her Husband confirm'd 5 this was creded near the Caftle in Camirid^e,sind 
fix Canons Regular placed therein under the Rule of one Galfridus ds 
HmtedoH. But Pkot and his Wife dying before their intended Charity 
was fully compleated, and Rchert their Son being after their death.accufed 
of Treafonable Practices for which he fled the Kingdom, King Henry the f . 
feized upon his Barony, and gave it to a Pagamt Peverelle^ who finding 
this Houfe fallen to decay, undertook to rertorc it, and increafe the 
Canons to the number of thirty. To this end he obtained of the King a 
peice of Ground lying without the Town of Cambridge, cail'd Barnewelt, 
30* of Iweet and delicate Situation : here he built a very fair Church, and 
removed the faid Canons hither with great Solemnity from the place of 
their fitft Foundation in Cambridge^ Dom. 11 12. alter they had con- 
tinued there juft twenty years. From th'vsPaganus PevereH the Patronage 
of this Priory defcended by an Heir General to the Feches. An. Dom. 1184. 
Gi/^f/-/ Feck gave the Patronage of this Monaftery to King £</irdr^/, for 
ever. The abovefaid Paganus PevereU was Standard-bearer to Roiert Son 
^2^ of WilliannhQ Conqueror in the holy Land. The Particulars of their 
^ * Revenue was found by Inquifition 3 £. i. which fee ia the Cook at 
large. Theforefaid Gillcrt Peche, by his Deed dated 12.56. granted to 
the Canons of this Houfe liberty to choofe their own Prior, but that upon 
the death ot the Prior, one or two of the Canons (hould conns to him, if 
in England^ and acquaint him therewith, and defire his leave (as Patron) 
to proceed to a new Eleftion, that thereupon they Ihouid proceed, and 
„ , having made their Ele6tion, they fliould prefent the Perfon eieded jo him, 
^ and require his confent, that during the time of Va,cation, he, his Heirs, 
or SuccefTors, fhould not commit any Waft on the Goods of tlic faid Mona- 
flery, nor have there more than one Servant with a Horfe and a Boy. 

f Valued at 256/. iis,xod. pr Annum.'] 


Vol. 1L of St. A II ^ us t i n. 

B R E D o N, /;» LciccOetCbire. 

ROhert Earl of Notthgkam gave to the Church and Canons oiSt.OfwaU 
ofNofiU, the Church otSt. Mary, and St. Hardulf o[ Eredon with 
divers Lands and Revenues to the fame appertaining. Whereupon this 
Houfe became a Cell to that of N^j?(f// immediately before treated of ; yet 
by fubfequent agreement beiv een the Prior and Convent of Niflell, an4 
ffjiVfr, Advocate, or Patron of firf^w, the faid Prior Ihould upon a Va- 
cancy at BredoH^ choofc two of the Canons there, or in cafe there fliould 
not be two fie Perfons there then two of his own Houfe, ot which two 
the laid Walter Ihould choofe one, and then the faid Prior and Walter 
joyntly to prefent the party fochofen to the Diccefan, to be Prior of 
BreJon. Vtd ^1?/. 3 . />. 4 r . 

fValued at24/. 10 j. ^d.fa AKnum.l 

N other Cell to Nojlell was IVoodkirk for Wodechurche) in Tor k (hire ^^n- 
dow'd for Canons by the Earls of IVarren. 




N o s T E L L, w i^o^Kftire. 

Robert de Lad founded the Charcli of St. Ofiv.dd at Koftcli^ and en- 
dowd tlie fame with divers Lands and Revenues, for Canons Re- 
gular, granting them free liberty to Elect their own Prior. K\nv Henry 
theL recited and confirm'd the feveral Grants of their BeneUclors^ the 
like did King Henrf the II. to this Priory, by the name of the Church of ■iC, 
the blefled Ojwald the King and Martyr adjoyning to the Caftle of Ponte 
fraH, in a place called Nj/?/?. In the year 1231. the Prior and Convent 
here leafed their Eftaie at Cancnthtp 10 Willi jm de RHne,s,\kni. lor his ^*' 
Life, at the Rent oft 5 ;. 4/ per A^nuai^ thefaid William caufing Divine 
Service to be celebrated at the Chappel there three days in every 
Week, viz. Sunday, Wedxefduyy and Frida , with other Covenants. 
I Valued ac 4P 1 /. 1 8 t zd.per Annum.'\ 



uXKSr,inth ijie of aic^olmc, in tm^iXxmiz. 

THIS was a Cell belonging to l^oftell, endowM with Lands Ijy 
Ui^llui de Al'vani^ and Roger de Mouhray. 

1^ Valued at 5 /. 10;. i d. ftr An;mm.~\ 

SCOKIRK. wf^feOjlW, 

Was another Cell to the forefaid Priory oi No/Iel/. To whkhGaii/ri- "^^ 
dus Fitz-Pagan and others gave Lands and Tithes. William de AnLis 
granted to the Canons here half tf e Tithe of his Bread made in his Houfe 
for ever in pure and perpetual Alms. 

[Valued at 8 /. ptr Anntm.'] 





CAt^oNS Regular Vol. IL 

C O L C H E S T E R, /« (£ffC]C. 


■ I N G Henry the I. gave to the Church of St. Julia»,^nd Si. BotoJph of 

_ Cokhefter, and to the Canons there the Tithes of all his Demefnesia 

tietfeld, wuh divers Lands in and about Colcbejier; confirming to them 
other Lands which they had of the Gift of Hagh Fitz-Stephen to hold i;i 
Serjeancy by the finding of one Horfe of the price of five IhiUings, and 
one Sack and one Prick, at the King's charges when he makes War againft 

45-. the PTe/c/' for forty days. Pope P<?/f/ja//the II. by his Bull dated ^.D.iii(^. 
granted to the Canons of thisHoule, that as they were the firft of this 
Order in EngUnd, fo they fhould be the firft in Dignity, and exempted 

.5^ them from all Secular or Ecclefiaftical Jurifdiftion other than that only of 
theSeeofi^pwe, and finally that they fiiould choofe their Own Superior^ 
but prefenthim when chofento the Bilhopof Lmdon to be Confecrated, 
[Valued at 5 2 5 /. 17 x. per Annum.'] 

H A G H M O N, m ©^JOpCblte. 

THIS was founded. in the year 11 00. (i.H.i.) by William Piti» 
Allen. King Edward in the thirteenth year of his Reign 
'^' ' confirmed to the Church of St. John the Evangelift of Haghmtm^ and to the 
Canons there, all their Lands and Revenuesgiven by feveral Benefadors, 
among whom were fome of the Welch Princes. Vide infra 933. 
[ Vdlued at 2 J 9 /. i ; x. 7 ■«/. per Anmm.'] 

49. 5/. J A M E S at 3Eio?t!iampto». 

Founded and endowed by William Feverell. Confirm'd by King 
Henrji the II. With the grant of divers Liberties. 
[Valued at 17 y/. 8 s. 2d. ob. per Annum.] 

w I R K s o p, in mMtiQj^m^iu 


'Ounded and endowed by William de Lovetoi, 3 fJen, i. and dedicated 
_ to God and St. Cuthhert : W hich Eftate was confirm'd and encreafcd, 
by his Heirs. Pope Alexander the III. by his Bull dated An. Dam. 1161. 

^^' confirm'd the Eftate of the Canons here, and granted them divers Privi- 
ledges, as to pay no Tithes for the Cattle and Lands in their own occu- 
pation 5 to prefent Priefts from among their own Brethren to the Bifliop 
to be inftituted to the PariUi Churches which they hold, who Uiall be 
anfwerable to the Bi(hop for the Cure of the People, and to tbe Priory 
for the Profit of the Livings ; to have a C^eanitary free ibr the burial of 
fuch as defire to be buried with them, faving the Rights and Dues of the 
Parifli-Churches from whence the dead are brought ; and to celebrate 

-. the Divine Offices, privately, in the time of a general InterdJcV. Their 
Lands and Liberties were aifo confirm'd by King Hen. If. Fid. infra 997; 

[Valued at 2 3 9 /. 10 -r. 5 <•/. per A'lnum.l 


Vol. n. of St. Augustiu. 135 

F E L L E Y, if! BotUns^amfljite. 56. 

THIS was a Cell belonging to Wyrkfop (alias Raefeford) given to that 
Houfe by Radulphui de Amefley andi?«wWhisSon, AnDom. 1151. 
("-2 //a.) In the year 134J. ^Ti/Ziaw Archbilliop 0*1 Tor k^ appropriated ^7« 
the Church oi" Adingburgh to this Priory of Felley for the encreafe of four 
Canons more, there being but five before, fo tliat for the future there 
ihould be nine, of vi'hich one to be Prior, referving out of the Fruits and . 

Profits of the faid Church a fufficient fubfiftance tor a perpetual Vicar, ^ * 
which Vicar was to be prefemey by the Prior and Canons of this Mona- 

[Valued at 40 /. 1 9 y. i d. per Annum.l 

L A N T H O N Y, i« OLJalCjS (after TranJIated to (SlOttCCdCt.) 

HERE was of old time a finall Chappel of St. David., in a very fo- 
litary place, where a Knight called Wdliarrt, belonging to the Fa- ^^* 
iiuly of Hughde Lacy, forfakingthe World.led ao Heremitical Life; whofe Co» 
eminent Fame for Holincfs drew to him one Ernifius Chaplain to Queen 
/y<?i«/,Wifeof King Hetfry the I. who became his afTcciate in his Devo- 
tions and Aufterity; this wzs An. Dom. iio^. under the Reign of King 
Henry t\i,Q\. In the year 1 108. theyereded here a mean Church which 
was dedicated to St.Jchn Baptiji, by the Bifliop of that * Diocefs, and the * Landaff. 
Bifliop of Hereford. Ofr.thefe two Heremits Hugh de Lacy became a Pro- 
teftor and Benelactor. After fome time, thefe two, through the Advice ^j. 
and Approbation o^ Aufelme ArchbiQiop of CanUrhury were willing to en- 
creafe their number and to alter their poor Houfc from a-Heremits Cell to 
be a Monaftery, and they chofe from all the Religious Orders then in 
being, that of the Canons Regular, A certain number of Canons were 
thereupon aflemblcd from the Monafteries of Meretou, the holy Trinity 
at London, and Cokhefier, and eftablifht here at Lcmthony, over whom the 
forefaid Emifius was made l^rior ; the number of Canons being about that 
time forty, or more. And many their Benefaftors befides Hugh de Lacy ^ 
who conferr'd on them more Revenues than they were willing to receive. 
}f alter the Conftablc, being tiie chief Officer in the King's Court, and one 6 
of the Grcatcft Men of the Kingdom^ took on him a Religious Habit, and 
fpent the remainder of his days m this Houfe. On the death oiErniftus, 
Robert de Retun was chofcn Prior, but he being aft:erwards made Bifti^p 
o\ Hereford, Robert de Braci wzs choknto {\xccccd \\{vc\. After the death 6^, 
Oi Henry the I. the Canons of this Houfe were much ifflifted and diflurb'd 
i"ntlieir PofleiTions here, whereupon Milo Earl of Hereford, the Kings 
Conflable (andSonof that ^Td/z^r who became a Religious man among 
theCanons^ gave them a piece of Ground without the Walls of GA'«c-e/?fr 
for a new Seat, here they built a new Church, which in the year 11 j<j. 
was folemnly dedicated by the Bifhops of iVorceJler and Hereford \n honour 
of the blefied Mary, yet flill thti Houfe retain'd the name oi' Lantho»y. 
After this Robert de Bract died rnd was buried in the new Monaflery at 64. 
Gloucefier, to whom fucceedcd Willi m de W)cumb. And now it was, that 
by Papal Authgrity the Church of St. Mary at Cloucejitr was con£rm'd as 


1^6 Canons Re g u l a ii*\ Vo l, If. 

6j. a Cell to that of St. John B^ptifi at Lanthony. However the Canons being 
better pleafed with thCir new Habitation, which was much bravc^ and 
richer than their old Seat infVaks^ cliofe to inhabit at Gloucejler, removing 
and fpoihng what they had at Lanthony. They became alfo very hcentioui 
in their way of living. During this William their Prior falHng into 
Troubles and Vexation as well with the Canons of his own Houfe, as 
Roger Earl of Hereford the Patron, was forced to rfefign iiis (Office 5 to 

'■°' whom fucceeded Clement the Sub-prior. This man reform 'd the Abufes that 
were in the Monaftery, efpeciaily as to the Church Service. From tlie 
aforenamed Milo Earl of Hereford, delcendcd by an Heir General the Noble 

6j. family o^ DohuKsE3.r\oi^]SIorthamptc», Hereford, and Ejfex, vvhobyrea(ori 

68. thereof were Patrons of this Monaftery. The Hrll Founder, Ht4gh de l-acy^ 
came into £k2;/^«^ with the Conqueror, but died without iflue, and his 

^" Inheritance went to his two Sifter.s, from whom are defcended divers 
Noble Families, of which Defcents fee the Book at large. King "john in 

' ' the firfl year of his Reign recited and confirm'd to the Canons ot Lantho- 
ny ihefeveral Lands and Revenues given thtm by their Benefaftors. The 

72^ like did King £^H)jr<;i the II. in his eigbteenth year. King f^VjrWthe IV, 
in the one and twentieth year of his Reign gave the Priory of Lanihmy 
and all the Lands, (S'c. belonging to the lame, to Henry Been, then Prior of 
the Priory of the blefled Mary oi Lanthony zzGloucefier, and to the Canons 
there to be confolidated and united thereunto for ever, providing that 
the Prior and Canons ztGlouceJler (hall for the future maintain at Lanthony 
one Prior dative and removeable at will, with four Canons to celebrate 

'^^' Mafles and other Divine Offices there for ever, if not hiadred by Rebels 
and Wars. 

[^Valued at 648 /. 1 9 j. 11 d. per Annum.'] 



c A R L I L E, /•« CumbetlanD. 

"ING Henry the I. gave the Churches of Nlfiu-C*?/?/^ upon Tjne, and 
Nlfjv^<?«r»r, to the Canons of St. iW^ry of Carlile. Befides that King, 
74' the King oiScotland and many others were Benefactors, all whofe Gifts 
were confirm'd by King //(?»ry the II. And others given by King Edward 
the I. and II. 

[Valued at 418 /, ^ s. ^d. per Annum.'] 

DUNMO W, i«Clftjf. 


HE Church here was built in honour of the blqfTed Virgin Mary by 
j^ Juga Baynard Lady of little Dutimow, w hofe Son and Heir Goljridus 
Baynurd by the affent oiAnfelm Archbilhop of Canterluryphccd Canons 
herein, An- Dom. 1106. The Eftate here and that at CaJ}!e Baynard, ia 
ioK^e«, being forfeited by William Baynard (An. uli.) was given by 
King Henry to Robert GnndCon of Gilkrt Earl oi Clare, whofe ifTue be- 
7 6- came Patrons of this Houfe, till in the year 1216. Robert Fitz Walter re- 
fufingtoconfenttoKing Jfj/ws unlawful love to his Daughter Afa/iA/a the 
Fair, that King feized upon his Eftate and Barony, and his Caftle of 
Baynard^t London ; and Matilda, who was tfecn here at Durmow, not ad- 
> ' mittln'g 

Vol. IL of St. A u g u s t i n. ■ ijn 

mittingthe Kings Suit, waspoifon'd in a mefs of BrQili. Thefe thirgs 
occafioned the Barons Wars, which alter a while were ngain compoftd, 
and RokrtFitz Walter rellored to his Barony and tbcKiogs Favour as 
formerly, ^«. ix68. Jehn Prior of this Church was fufpendfid, and the 
Conventual Church intcrdided, bccaufe his tenth was unpaid the fpace 
of four days, but Appeal being made, the Sufpenfion was denied, and 

Priors of D U N M O W. 

Briticus, ob. T120. Hugo de Steveinheth, ah, 1246. 

yiugujiinus, oh. 116^. Edmundus, ob. 1x47. 

Robert us, ob. 1179- Galjridus, ob. 1248. 

Radtdphus^oo. 1208. Johannes de Codham, ob. 1 2 70. 

DwrWw, ob. 1 2 1 9. Hugo de Pofflington Cefit^ i'^l9-' 

Willielinus,ob.izzi. Ricbardus de IVicham. -•• 

Tboatas, ob. 1238. Stefihams de Noble, ob. 1312. 

JohaHKd Pateford, oh. 1245'. Rohrtus. 

10 Augufi 1502. The Bells in the Steeplp at r)««wcji> were confecrated 5 rj. 
the firft in honour of St. Michael ; the fecond in honour of St. John Evan- 
geliih the th'itd in honour ot Sc. John Bapiiff ; the fourth in honour of 
the AlTumption of the blcffed Mary ; the fifth in honour of the Holy 
Trinity and all Saints. yS. 

Here was an ancient Cuflom continued till the difiblution of this Priory, 
thatif any married mfin would come and take his Oath before the Prior 
and Convent, kneeling in the Church-yard upon two hard pointed Stones, 79. 
That be never repented of his marriage, nor bad any brawls or contention with 
his Vv^ife ivithin a year and a diy, nor ever made any nuptial Tranlgrejfion in 
that tinte^ then he was to have delivered to him with great Solemnity, a 
Gammon or Fhtch of Bacon. The Records of the Houfe mention three 
People that have performed this, Steven S^imtieloi Pjfes, 7 £.4. Richard 
Wright of Norfolk, z I H,. 6. and Thomas le Fidlero'i EJfex^ 2 H. 8. 
(^Valued at i jo /. jr. 4 c/. per Anmim,^ 

The Priory of the Holy Triuity, in ^tOttDOtl- 

THIS Church was founded by Richard Beumejs Biftiop of London f 
and as it feems, then called Chriji Church, who placed herein ma- 
ny Canpns. Maud\yiie of King Steven, DuvidKlng oi Scots, and many 
others gave Lands to this Priory. Kin§^ Henry the 1. gave to thele Canons 
of the holy Trinity the SoJ^e called Cui/.tengild, and the Church of Sc..B«- 
tidph, with Sccznd Sac, Tol and Thea/M, Qc. King Henry the III. in the 
eleventh of his Reign recited and confirm'd the fevcral Lands and Re- 
venues given to this Priory, in which Deed he mentions Queea Maud 
Witaot KingZ/fw/-)/ the L to bethe Foundrcfsof this Houfe. 




Canons REGULARi VoLi If. 

e^. TAUNTON,;* ^mttittfbitt 

IT was found by Inquifition, A». 10.E.2. that this Monaftery \vas 
founded by PVilhamGiffordBlihopoilViKchefler, on a piece o{ Ground 
on the North-fide of the Town of Taamon, without the Eafl-Gate. A- 
mong other of their Benefadors, wzsWiliiam de MonteacHto^^x\o[ SalH- 
hury, who granted to the Canons here, the Mannor and Hundred of Dul' 
verton, cumpertin. to hold in Fee-farm, at the yearly Rent of 10 /. Which 
demife is dated in the Ghapter of the Priory of Taunton, ii.£. 3. 
[Valued at 286/. 8^, lod, fer AnmiToy 




THIS Priory Was ereded here, by one Sir Walter Britet a Knight, 
and dedicated to the holy Trinity. But by reafonof the Inunda- 
tion of the Sea the Canons were not able to remain here, whereupon Sir 
John Pelham Knight, by Licenfe of King Henry the IV. founded for them 
another Church and Habitation at fVarhilton, towards the Support of 
which the faid King Henry the IV. in the fourteenth year of his R.eign 
granted the Mannor of Withiam, then valued at if /. 51. 5- d.per Annum, 
for twenty years, which Eftate was part of the PofTeffions of Morteynah 
alien Priory, at that time feized into the King's hands by reafon of his 
Wars with France. 

[Valued at 5 1 /. 9 J. 5 </. ob. per Annu?n\ 

■:St. MAR Y.O V E R. I E, /« g)OUt]^U)Stls. 

Founded by William Gifford Bifliop of Wtnchejler, who here inftitut'ed 
Secular Ganons, divers of the Family of the Earls of Warren, and of 
the Mohhrays were Benefadors to his Priory. King Steven gave the Ca- 
nons here (then Regulars) the tenth of his Farm of Southwark ; Cicely 
Countefs of Hereford gave them her Lands at Ketebrok^ confirm'd by King 
John. Vid, infra^ 940. 

[Valued at ^24/; 65. 6 d. per Annum.'] 

BRISE T, in %\xmK 

THIS Priory was founded in time of Herlert Bilhop of Norwich by 
Kadulphus Fitz'Btian and Emmi his Wife, to God, St. Mary, and the 
holy Confeflbr St. Leonard. Which Founders endow'd it with divers 
^7' Lands and Tithes, among which was the Tnhes oi' SmithfieUl zt London. 
. From this Radulph Fitz-Bryan defcended Almaricus Peche, who confirm'd 
on all his Anceftors Donations to this Houfe. Walter Bifbop of Norwich 
granted to this Almark Peche to have a Chantery in his Chappel at Brjfet, 
but that the Chaplain at his firft admittance fhould make Oath in prefence 
of the Prior or hisProcmaXor iin/pe^isfacrofanHis Evangeliis) that he would 
pay over all the Oblations which he ihould receive in the faid Chappel, 


Vol. If. of St, A u g u s t i k. 139 

to the Mother Church ; and that he (hould not admit any Parillioner of 
the Mother Church to;iny Slcramcnt unlefs in imminent p:;ril of death ^ 
andiafignoffubjoaion to the Mother Church, that the laid Almaric 
and all his Family ihould repair thither to the Great Mafs on five days 
yearly, viz. Chrijlmafsday, Eafler day, Whitfunday, the Affumption of 
the glorious Virgin, and St. Leomrdi-day. 

C I H E N C E S T E R, in (ffJlOUCeflMrOjiCe. 89. 

KING //t'«ry the I. founded this Priory, by the Confent and Autho- . 

thority ot Pope Innocent; and by the Council and common Ap- ^ ^ 
piaiteofthe Archbilhopsand Bifliops, Princes and Barons of the King- 
dom, endowed it with divers Lands and Revenues, as well in the Town 
of Cirencejier and Cowniy oi Gloucefier, as'mlVihJhire, Somerfet/hire, Dor- 
fetJhire^Oxfordjhre, and t^orthamptonfljire, alfo with the Liberties of Sec 
and Sac, Toll and Theam, &cc. Whofe Royal Grant bears date A.D.iis^. 9^- 
King John was alfo a Benefaftor to this Houfe. '' (N- 2.) 

[Valued at 1 o j i /» ys. id. fer Annumi] 

H E X H A M, (T Haguftald in Bojt^umbetlanO 

TH I S Town fituate on the South Banks of Tine, was of oid time 
magnificent and great, and made a Bifhops Seat by the blefled 
Wilfrid in the year 674. and fo it continued for above one hundred and 9^' 
forty four years under the Government of twelve Bifliops fuccefllve- (N. 3O 
ly^viz. l.if'ilfridiis, x. Eata, -^.Tunhertus, ^. John, ^.St.Acca, 6 Fred- 
hertus, 7. St.Alcmutidus, 8. Tilhertus, 9. Ethdbertas, 10 Eadfredus^ 
ji.Oihertus, 12. 7}^/<?''^«^i after whichit ceafed to be govcrn'd by a Bi- 
fliopof its own. The Bifliop of Durham exercifmg Ecclefiaftical Jurif- 
diftion here, till is the Reign ol King Henry tiie I. it was given to the 
SetoiTork. In the year 11 1^. Thomas then Archbiftiop of Tork placed 
here Canons Regular. John de b^ormanville , and Robert de Infula were 
Benefaftors to the Canons here. It was found by Inquifition taken in 
the four and twentieth year of £. i. That Thomas the fecond, Archbifhop 
of Tork, did found and endow this Priory, the Lands by him given and by 
many other Benefactors, were all found and fet forth in particular ; which 
fee in the Book at large, />, 93. 94, ^c. 

[Valued at 122 /. ii r. i d, fer A?jnum.'] 


s T o D E L Y, i» i©attDwKflblce. 

Hefe Canons were firft eftablifht at Wi^ou by Peter de Stodky, and ^q^' 4 

bv himafreru/arH<; remnuprl from rhf'nre rr» HtnAlpv '\n,\ Ki- Mm \^' ^J 

T - 

by him afterwards removed from thence to Stod'ey, and by him 

endow'd with Lands, confirm'd by King Henry the II. and King Edward 
the in. inthefirftyear of his Reign. To this Houfe William de Cunti- 
lupo, William Comin, and others were Bcnefadors. 

[Valuad at 117/. is. i J. ob- per Amum.'] 


140 Ganons Regular Vol. I[. 


(O. 2.) 



L A u N D, in IdceOerQjice. 

TH E Priory here was founded by Richard Bajfet and Matildis Ridel 
his Wife, for Canons Regular, and dedicated to St. John Baptijl. it 
was endowed with the Town and Manner oi Lodington ('within the 
Bounds ofwhichitilands)asairo thatof/v-i/f^j', withtlie Tythsotfeve- 
ral Churches, in the Neighbourhood, among others with the Church of 
f^V/f^andChappelof Belton, and the Church olGlaeflon^ in Rutland. 
Confirm'd by ^vc^^Henry the I. and King Benry the H. 
[^Valued at 399/. 3^ 3 '/^ per Anmm.^ 

T H U R G A R T O N, i« 0Qttin^\)mmtt. 

92. nPH E Priory of ^t. Peter at Thnrgarten was founded and endow'd 

-■- with divers Lands and Tithes by Radulphus de Ayncourt. Many 

were the Benefaftors to this Houfe, among whom feveral of the Faoiily 

^4. of Filers, all whofe Gifts were recited and confirm'd by King Henry the If. 

95- and by King Edward the IIL in the feventeenth year of his Reign, 

Valued at ZS9I. 9 s. ^d. per Annum.'] 

D R A X, in pojikQjtrc. 

nPH I S Priory dedicated to St. Nicholas^ was founded and endowed 
-*- with divers Lands and Liberties by WiUiam Paganell. By Inden- 
ture dated <r4». 1385. ThePnor and Convent of this Houfe did oblige 
themfelves, in confideration of twenty Marks received, to perform a 
yearly Obit on the day of the Epiphany, for the Soul ofGilkrt de Oun- 
fravile late Husband of Maud Countefs of Northumlerlard. 
(^Valued at 104 /. l^ s. 9 4. per Annum.'] 

9^' M A R T O N, i» ^OJfetljirc. 

Founded and endow'd by Bertram de Bulemer, and confirmed by his 
Grandfon Henry de Nevill. This Priory, as appears by the Char- 
ter of King Henry the IL was at firft given to Canons and Nuns, but the 
Nuns were afterwards tranflated to a place called Moleshi. 

[_ Valued at i J 1 /. y r. 4 ^. per AnnumJ 

too. B E T H K E L E R T, /•« 

KING Edwardihel. in the fourteenth year of his Reign confirm'd 
the Eftateand Lands given to this Houfe by Leivelin the Great, and 

[Valued at 70 /. 3 x. 8 d. per Annum.'] 


Vol. IL of St, A u G u ^ T I n> i^i 

BOLTON, /« poiimt 

A Mho I izo. iVilliam Mcfchines, and Cecilia his Wife Lady and Heircfs 
oi the honour oi Ski^ton, founded and cndow'd a Monadcry of 
Canons at Emmefey, which Houfe was dedicated in honour of the blefled 
Virgin and %t.Cuthhert rheBilhop. In the year ii-ji. tliefe Canons were 
tranflated from htnce to 5o//o«, ^hkh Alice de Rufnelli gzsiQ th^^m in cx- 
dunge for other Lands of thcirs.Which ////ce- being Heircfs to their Founder, 
confirm'd all his Grants, and further granted them Free chace in her 
Q\uc& o^ Craven Their Lands givn by their feveral BeneiaiTcors were 
recited and confirm'd by King Edav.rdtV.L II. in the riicii year of his Reign. 
This Priory was in Ibme fort fubjed to tliat o\ HutttiKgdon rill difcharged 
of ihatfubjeftion in the time ot Pope Cekflin the III. The Prior and Con- 
vent here granted to John ffe Infula Lord of Rougemount to maintain a 
Chantcry of fix Chaplains m the Church of //^rfiv^^'f/, 6<c. 
[Valued at 212 /. ^s. j{.d. per Anmm.~\ 

K I R K H A M, i« l^ojikajire. 


IG t. 



W Alter Efpec and A^elina his Wife by the confent of King f/eMry the I. 
founded the Priory of Canons of the Holy Trinity zt Kirkham, 
and endow'd the fame with divers Lands andrXithes; inter alia, with the' 
Tithes of Venifon, (^ ferarumjilvefirium, which he and his po/ferity (hould 
take, and of all Foul taken in his Rivers. Likcwife the faid Walter 
granted them the tenth Penny, or Tith, of his Rents of his Lands in 
Nortkutnherland. This iValter Efpec was a man of a Giant-like ftatur* 
with a Voice like a Trumpet, of Noble Blood, but more noble in his 
Chriftian Piety 5 who having no Childien of his own, tho'he had Ne- 
phews, gave thebefl of his Polfefiions to Chrift, founding and endowing 
the Monaftery of y^ir/f/.ww for Canons Regular. In the year ix6i. Wif. 
Ham deRoos 'Lovd o( Hamlak, among other things, granted to the Prior '''^^ 
and Convent of iCir/t^dw and their SuccefFors, in lieu of the Tithes of 
his hunting, three good wild Beafis (^tres /eras competentcs) alfo the Rene 
of ICO s. per Annum for other Tithes, for which confideration the faid 
Canons did quit their claim of Free- chace in /i/^wf/^if. ^ 

[Valued at 269/. 5^. 9^. fer Annum.-] 


TH I S Priory did ftand on the Weft South-Weft part of the Suburb of 
the Town, and was eredted by William Warwift Bifliop o{ Exeter, for 
which hefupprelf a Collegiate Church of St. Steven, having Prebendaries, 
and gave the belt part ot their Lands to the Priory, and took the Refiduc 
bimlcU. Kxngjobn, and King He«r/ the HI. confirm'd the Lands given o 

them by fcveral Benciacfors. '^ ■ 

[Valued at ;; 5-4/. o f. ltd. per Annum, j 



Canons Regular Vol. II. 

5/. D E N N I S, near ^OUtyamptOtt 

THIS Priory was founded by King He«r;' the L endowed with Re- 
.w^. venues by K\agHe»rjt the II. King Seven, lilo^ Richard the I. Hum- 

phrej de BoIjuh, &c. 

[ Valued at 80 /. 1 1 /. 6 d, per Annum ] 

no. L ED E S, in Jfecnt 

^TpHIS Monaftery was founded A», 11 19. by Rohert deCrepitoCorde,, 
■^ in ¥renchCreveceur, Anglic^ Creator, for Canons Regular. Dedicated 
to St. Mary and St. Nicholas. Divers of the Name and Family oKreveceur 
i*2,' were Benefaftors, granting to them divers Revenues and Liberties, and 
that the Canons here (hould have the Guftody of their Houfe and Goods 
in thetimeof Vacationjwithoutany Impediment of them, the Patrons or 
their Heirs, and that upon the death of their Prior, they might freely 
proceed to the Eledion of another without leave-asking, however after 
Eleftion, the new Prior muft be prefented to the Patron according to 
Cuftom. Confirm'd by King Edward the IIL in the pne and fortieth 
year of his Reign. 

[Valued at 362/. 7 j. '] d. per A»numr\ 



HASELBERGE, i» ^ommctfCtQj«0. 

IN the Reign of King //e»r)' the I. lived at Hafelhurge a certain Priefl: 
much famed for Sandity and for the Spirit of Prophefie, called iVul- 
fricus. la histxmelViliiam Fitz-Gualter inftitutcd Canons Regular here 
andendow'd them with Poffeflions. But at his iirft undertaking this 
Foundation, Wulfricus told him, that Thofe whom he defigned to introduce 
here would not profper in this place. The faid i4^nlfric died An. 1154. 

K E N I L w o R T H, i» mattoicKOiiw. 


l/4/fri</«J^<?C'//a^i)», Chamberlain to King Hew^' the L founded this 

Church for Canons Regular, in honour of St. M^try, to whom he 

gave all his Lands at Kenilworth, Cexccpt what he had retain'd to his 
Caftle, and for making a Park) with many other Lands and Liberties, all 
which he enjoyn'd his Heir to obferve and not to violate on pain of his 
1 1 5". Curfe and Gods Wrath. Gaufridus his Son confirm'd bis Father's Gifts, 
and granted them Tithes of all manner of Provifions whatfoever that came 
11(5. to his Caftle oi K iUingworth. Henry his Son made the like Confirmation, 
117. and granted ftill more- King Henr^ the I. recited and confirm'd all for- 
mer Benefaftions, and granted the Canons here great Liberties and Im- 
^ ^ • munities. The like Confirmation was made by King Henry the IL 
[Valued at 538 /. 19 s. per Am;im-^ 


Vol. II. o/' S^ A u G us T I N. i^^ 

STONE, /« ^taefojDititt i 1 9. 

WVlfer^\ngo[ Mercia, was SonandSucceflbr to P^j, a Pagan and 120. 
Perfecutor ; he after his Father's death became a Chriftian and 
married £/-wf»i/^<j a Chriftian Lady, Daughter of Exhert King of Ketit, 
by whom the hadtwoSoos Wuljad, and Ruffin; and a Daughter named 
Werburg : which two Sons being baptized by St. Cec/da then a Hermit, and izx. 
by him privately inftrufted and incouraged in Chriftianity, This did in ixz. 
ddcnd their Father I4^ulfer who had apoftatized from the taith of Chrifl^, 1x3. 
that finding them at Prayers at St. Ce</^'s Cell, he killed them both with 
his own handSi their Martyrdom liappeqed on the ^th. Caknd. Auguft. 
This fad News beingknown to the Queen, flie caufcd their Bodies to bd 
inclofedin a Stone Monument, and in procefs of time a Church to be '^'' 

ereded in the place where they were martyr'd. Wulfer the King being 
horribly tormented in mind could find no eafc till he repair'd to St. Cedd, 
who apon his repentance and contrition, abfblved him and enjo) n'd him |, e 
for Pennance, to fupprefs Idolatry throughout his Kingdom of Mercia, 
and eftablifh the Chriftian Religion. This King hereupon built many 
Churches and Monafleries, among others Peterborough Abby^ and in tiie 
place where the Martyrs fufFered, was ereded a Collcdge for Canons then 
called StaneSy now StoMC. In after-times one of this Houfe w6nt to 
Rome as a Procurator from the reft, and obtain'd from the Pope a Cano- 
nization for St.Wulfa'd arid St. Ruffitt. In the time of the Normans Con- ix6, 
queft one Robert Lord oi Staford^ (from whom the Barons o^ Stafford 
did defcend) was chief Lord of this Place; here did Inhabit at that time 
two Nuns and a Prieft, who were all flain by one Enyfan de Walton, af- 
ter which Murther, the abovefaid Robert by advice ot Geffry de Clinton, 
did Eftablifli here. Canons inftead of Nuns. Kicbolds de Stafford Son of 
Robert, gave this Houfe as a Cell to Kendworth. King Henry the II. con- ^^°' 
firmed all the Benefaftions. The Church here was dedicated to St. 

[Valued at 1 1 9 /. 14 i. 1 1 <^. per Annum.'] 

B R O K E, /« JIStttlanD, a Cell to Kenilworth. 1 30. 

HZJgh de Ferrariis granted to the Canons of Kenilworth tiie Land of 
Broch, with the Wood-ground and EITarts, and this v\as by the 
allent of Walc/jelin h\s Nephew, znd William his Brother, all which was 
confirm'd to the faid Canons by King Henry the II. 

[Valued at 40/. fir Annum.~\ 

L ANERCosT, wCumbwlanD. 

THIS Houfe dedicated to God znd St. Mary Magdalen, was founded 
and endowed with large Revenues by Robert dc FallibHs Son of 
Hubert de Fallibus^ he granted to the Canons here, inter alia, Pafturc and 
feeding in his Forci\.o[ Walton, for thirty Cows, and tvvcnty Sows 5 with 
all the Bark of his Timber-Trees in the Woods of his Barony, with all 



II r. 


CanonsRegular. y o u \Ji 

all the dry Wood lying any where in his Fcrefl: for the fupport of their 
Houfe. The Church here w^s: dedicated by Bernard Biiliop of Car- 
lile^An.i\69. King Rkhardihel. confirm'd the feveral Lands, (S)c. given 
to tlic Canons of this Monaftery. The abovefaid Herbert Ae Vallilus was 
thefirfl; Ytzxono^ Gillefland, wliich B.'.rony went by a Daughter to the 
Name and Family of Multan, and in like manner from them to the Fami- 
ly of Dacres- 

[Valued at 77 /. 7 s. 11 <•/. per Annum ] 


DUNSTABLE, /« 'BeUfo^HOjirc 

^Ere was formerlya very Woody place juft in the meeting of tho(e 
_ two Royal Ways of Catling, and Ic/{neU, which made the Paflage 
lo unfafe and full of Thieves, that there was hardly any Travelling. 
King He»rji the I. defiroustoredtifiethis, caufed the Woods to be cut up, 
and a Royal Manfion to be built near the place which was called Ahi(^s- 
hury. He alfo caufed Proclamation ail over the Kingdom that who ever 
would come and inhabit in that place, (hould have Land i&t ixd, an Acre 
per Annum, and enjoy the fame Liberties and Freedoms as the City of 
London doth, or any other ancient Borough in the Kingdom, by this means 
People flock'd hither and built the Town, which from Dmning a noted 
^5' Robber, whoufed to rob here, was named Dmmngdalle. Befides the Li- 
berties abovementioned this Town had two Markets weekly, and a Fair 
at St. Peter ad Fificula for three days, and a Gallows for Felons. Within 
the Limits ofthis Borough that King ereded a Church in honour of St. 
Peter, and built a Monaftery for Canons Regular, to whom he gave the 
faid Church, and all the Borough with its Markets, Fairs,and Liberties, re- 
taining only in his own hands the Capital Manfion. All which, with the 
Grants of other Matters, were afterwards confirm'd to them by King Hen. 
the II. and King Rich, the I. King John did the like, and granted them 
alfo his Houfe of Kingshnry, The faid Canons had alfo a Court of Pleas 
there of their own. Some of the Tenants held i» Ca^/Ve of the Abbot, 
and fome by Services to be done to the faid Canons, but all were Free- 

[Valued at 944/. 13/. ^ d. pr Annum. -^ 

134. s u T H w I K E, ?« jpantQjwe. 

THIS Monaftery was founded and endowed with divers Lands 
by King Hf writhe I. who granted them all forts of Liberties, and 
Freedom from Tributes, Taxes, and Exadions, and that they Ihould not 
be impleaded for any matter or thing unlefs in the prefence of him 
or his Heirs, 

CValued at 2^7 /. 4 ^. 4^/. pr Annum 3 

Vol. II. of 5f. August IN. 145 

MERTGN, /« ^Ulte^. '35- 

Founded by King Henry the T. Ah. iizi. and by hirii endowdd 
with the Town of Merton belonging to his Crown, and large 

QValued at 957 /. 19 j. 5 ^. fer Annum.'] 

\ J ^ 

OSENEY, »Mr SDjCfOjD. ,j^^ 

ROkrt de O/l/ey (whoCe Uncle of the fame name came intofiag/W 
w ith theConquerour,and obtained from him the Baronies oiOxjord, 
and ^t. ^Tj/ierzw) founded this Priory lor black Canons among the Ifles 
niAde by the Kiver Ifis near Oxford. It is Paid that his Wife Edith took 
occafion to incite her Husband to this Foundation, ii-om the conftant af- 
fembling and chattering of certain Magpies in that place whenever (he 
walkt out thither for her recreation. The Church here dedicated to 
St. Mary was built, ^«. 112^. Which faid Robert endowed the Canons 
here with divers Tenements in Oxford, and feveral Lands and Churches '37« 
in the Neighbouring Towns. Robert one of the natural Sons of King j.g. 
Benry the \. having married a Daughter of the Founder, devoted him- 
felf to thefe Canons alive, or dead 5 and gave them ic/. of Land in his 
lASinaor o^Waneting. The like did Henry de Oily his Brother-in-law out 
of hisMannor of/f<7f»(7r/o». The other Lands granted by divers Bene* 140. 
faftors to thefe Canons fee in the Book at large. i ai. 

r Valued at 654/. \0s.2. d. fer Annum.'] l^%> 

RONTON, in 3>taffOjDa>itC. 

TH I S Priory was founded by Rokrt the Son of l^oel, in a place 
then called St. Mary des Effarz,ind was a Cell to Haghmon in Shrop- 
(hire Whofe Foundation and Endowment was afterwards confirm'd by 
Tfjomas his Son, and by R. ArchbiOiop of Canterbury. Fid. inf. 940. 
CValucd at jjo /. 2 /, 1 1 d. ob. fer Annum.'} 


P Y N H A M, near Arundell in d>U(ftjp. 

ADeliza, fecond Wife, and Widow of King Henry the L Cafterwards 
m, rned to William Earl of Arundel) gave a parcel of Land then 
called Fyw^jw adjoyning to Arundell, for the maintenance of two Chap- 
lams. mUiamExrl of Arundell give the fame Land and more, for the 
maintenance of Regular Canons, and building a Church to the honour 
oiGod^nd St. Bar tlemeiv; he gave themalfo Common of Pafture in his 
Medow of Arundell for fourteen Cows, and two Bulls, ^c. All which Gifts <44- 
were confirni'd by Ratiulih Bifhop aiChkhefler. 


Canons Regular Vol. II. 

LILLESHULL. in @>^JopQ)iK. 

TH E Church here, dedicated to St. Akmmd, is faid to have been 
firft founded by Adelfleda a Queen of Mercia, but afterwards mucli 
amplified, andendow'd with ten Prebends, by Kmg Eefgar. Afterwards 
*45' Richard Beumeys Dean of this Church, by aflent of King Steven, 
and Authority of the Pope, gave this Church over to Canons Regular, 
. coming from St. Peters at Dorchefter, which new Mcttaflery was dedi- 
cated to St. Mary ever Virgin. Benefadors to this Houfe were Alau la 
^^^- Zouche, the Lady Hillaria de Trujfehut, &c. Ring Henry the IIL confirna'd 
'47- their Eftate. Vid.inf.^^i. 

tValuedat 22^ Z, jj. d. fer Annum-'] 


G I S E B U R N E, in ^OJftdJlW. 

ROiert de Brus, by the Council of Pope Calixtus the U. and Jhurjiin 
Achbifliop of ror^, founded this Priory to the honour of God and 

J .§_ bt. Mary^zxid endow'd it with divers Landsjas well at Gyfehur» aselfewhere, 
and with the Churches of Skekon, and Herte, Sic. Robert de Brus was a 
noble l^orman Knight, who came into England with the Conqueror, 
A». 1066. and obtain'd to himfclf theCaftle of Skeltbn, the Lordftiipsof 
Danhy^ Kendal^ Anendale, Herte and Hertnejfe^ Karlton, and divers other 
Lands in the North. This Robert gsive to his fecond Son, of his own 
name, Anandal in Scotland, and Herte and Hertnejfe in England^ and dying 

149.' An. 1 141. lies buried at GwWwe Priory of his own Foundation, to whole 
Ellate fucceeded Adarri de Brufe, from whom defcended Peier de Brufe, 
who dying without iflue, /4». 1273. his inheritance became divided a- 
mong his four Sifters, viz. Agnes^ married to the Lord VValter Fauconherg, 
who had for her purparty theCaftle of Skelton^&ic. Lucia married to the 
Lord Marwaduh deTwengy who had with her Djw^^/.&c. Margaret who 
married the Lord Robert de Rofe^ and with her went Kendale^ and laftly 

*5C*' £tf^m«^ married to the Lord 'john de Bellew^ and had for her parr Charle- 
ton^ &c. From Robert the fecond Son of the firft mention'd Robert de 
Brus, defcended lineally Robert de Brus King of Scotland, who making 
War againft King Edward the L that King feiz'd upon his Lands of Herte 

^^ ' and Hertmffty as forfeited, and granted them to the Lord Clifford. Thefe 
^ ■ Brufis of the younger Houfe gave divers Churches in Ssotland to this 
Priory, confirm'd by William King oi Scotland. Fid. Fol. ^.f. 46. 
^V^Iuedat 628/. 5/. 4*;. ftr Amum.] 

SC ART HE, mar Wharlton, in ^i^d)iu. 

nPH I S Houfe founded and endowed by Steven de Manilio, was giveo 
-*- as a Cell to Guisbume by Hugo de Rudby, Chaplain to the (aid Steven^ 
and by him appointed Tmflec for thii purpofe. 


Vol. Ji. ofSt.AuGUstii^o 147 

N u T L E Y, /« 'Buc!\mg^am(ljit?. 154. 

'~I"^H I S Abby, other wife called, Sanaa Maria ^e Parch, was founded 
J^ &nd e\^di\s/cdhy IValter'jjffonJ Eul oi. Buckingham, and Ermigar- 
dii ;;is Wife. Confirm'dby King //e/frj the II. and by King John with icy. 
the Addition o( great Liberiies and ImmuniiicK, who alfo granted to i^6. 
Willi Jrfi Marefcal znd Ins li\:\rs^ the Gift of the Paftoral Staff of the 
Abby ot Nuteley. To the Canons here was given the Church of all 
Saints at B-adley in the Diocerso{\S'jr//w -■, in whirh Parilli was founded a 
Chappel iorLt-perous Women :i which Chappel, belbrc it couW be dedU 
cated by Jocelin then Bilhop of Saram, was publickly and folemnly de- 
clared by Oath not to be anyways prejudicial to the Mother Church in 
Tillies or Obvemions, €^c. 

[Valued at 437 /. 6 s. 8 d. per Annum.'] 

bTssemede, i« 25et)fojt)fl)(ce. 1^7. 

HZJgh de Bellocawpo founded, and endow'd this Priory with divers 
Lands and Commons, C^c. He granted the Canons here befideso- 
iiier things, the Privilcdge to have their Corn firit ground at his MilK at 
Hetune, after that whicn fliould be found on. All which was confirm'd 
by Roger de BcUocatnpo. He granted alfo the Tithes of his Park oiEttune^ i j8. 
(jam ^<?^(7/coj'«rfw </(?(?^jrm) as well of his Woods as arable Lands. Pope 159. 
Grf^or^ granted to this Hoafe divers Priviledges, as not to pay Tithes of 160. 
iheir own Stock, to cellebrate privately in time of a general Interdi{l,^c. >- 

Here was formerly a Hermitage ot great Veneration. ^ 

. i Valiied at 7 1 i i 3 a p <i. ob. pr Annum.'] 


W Alter de Gant ellablifht Canons in the Church of St.Marf of 
Bridlinton, and gave them all his Eftate in that Town, and con- 
firm'd to them all other Lands which his (homines') Tenants who held of 
him, had given them. Gi/lert dcGant, his Son, Earl o[ Lincoln, confirm'd i6i. 
all that his Father gave, ^c. The like did King Henry the II. Gilhert de 163. 
Gant was born, baptized, and educated in this Priory, and therefore dif- 165, 
pofed his Body to be buried here. The Archdeacon of Richmondd'id ufe in 
time of his Vifitation to come to a Church belonging to thcfe Canons 
with a train of ninety feven Horfe, one and twenty Dogs, and three 
Hawks, and in an hours time all their Provifion was utterly confumcd, 
till at laft this great Opprcffion was prohibited by the Bull of Pope 
Innocent the 1 1 1. Raljih de Nevil granted to thefe Canons to take Stone 
out of his Quarry of //z/f/e, with a way over his Ground, for the ufe of 
their Monaftery, for ever. 

[jValiied at 547 /. 6 s. \i d. per Jrmm.'] 

V 2 St, 


Canons Regular Vol. H. 


X 55. 5/. B A R T L E M E W, w . Saiichfield, JLonDon. 

Aherus founded the Church here in honour of St. Bartbo'men^ for 

Canons of St. ^«gMJ?i«'s Evule, and himreif became their Prior ior 

t6j. thelpace of two and twenty years. This man had been formerly when 
young, a noted Drole or Jefter, and by fuch means had become accep- 
table and familar to the great Ones at Court, and to the King himfelf. 
But being infpired with God's grace, he faw the FoUiesof that Courfe of 
Life 5 and finding his Confciencebarden'd with many fins, he undertook a 
Journey to i?«?we ; while he remain'd tiierehe fell fick, and in hisficknefs 
made a Vow upon his return to Health, and his Country, to build there 
an Hofpital for the Relief and Solace of Poor People. After this being 
reflored to his Health, he began his journey homeward. On the Way 
St. Bartholrnew appeared to him in a Nofturnal Vifionor Dream, and di- 
reded him to build a Church in 5w///^e/<;/ at Iw</(7«, and name it to him. 

169. Being return'd \o London, he obtain'd the King's Licenfe for this Foundati- 
on, without which it could not be efl[efted,the Ground where the Building 
was appointed, being within the Kings Market-place. He began here- 
upon a double Work of Piety, the Hofpital in performance of his Vow, 
and the Church according as diredled, both not far diflant 5 which !aft 
was founded, An. naj. in the name of opr Lord JefusChrjfl, and me- 
mory oiSx.. Bartholrnew the Apoflle. It is (aid that this very Foundation 
in this place, was foretold long before in a Vifion, to King Edward the 
Confeflbr. Before /?<ikr»j began the Foundation of this Monaftery, rhe 
Ground here was all overfpread with Filth and Durt, and was the com- 

J -Q^ men place of Execution of Malefadors. The Priory being built and Can- 

' nonsafTemblcd to inhabit it, /Ja/^^w became their Prior, who obtain'd 

for their maintenance fufficient from the Oblations of pious People, and 

froni the King as large Liberties as any Church in Efjglatid erjoy'd. 

*^'' ViivikHettry the III. confirm'd all the Lands and Churches given thetn by 
divers Benefadors, namely, the place call'd Smithjeld, tJie Church of 
St. Sepulcher de BalliOy London, cum fertinentih fitii infra Burgum & extra ^ 
the Church of St. Michael Baffwgfhagh, &c. and that the Hofpital of 
St. Bartkmew in Smithfield fhould be m the Difpofition and Subjedon of 
the faid Prior and Canons. 

[Valued at 65 3 /. ifx. fer Annum.'] 

17^. WART RE, ifjpoiWtt 

Founded y^». 1131. by CalfridusTrushut., and by him endow'd with 
the Church oiWartre., and eleven Bovates of Land in the Field of 
that Town. Confirm'd by Pope Innocent the II. 

Priors and Abbots of this Houfe. 

^:JoJeph,Vrior. 7. Thomas, VtiQt. ' 

^. Radulphus, Prior. 8, Radnlphus. 

3. Richard, Abbot; 9. John Ledyngham. 

4. 3^0, Abbot. 10. John de Dmelmia. 

5. Nicholatf Prior. H. Rohert de Lundt. 

<5. Richard^ Vr'ior. ix. John Qne/drekey in his time the 


V o L. if. <?/ ^^ A u G u s T i N. 149 

Hofpital o^ St. Giles oi Beverly 19. William Tjnyttgtcn^ depofed by 
uasanntxt tothis Houfc./^.ra/S. the Archbifhop oi. Tork. 

13. JoLn /^e Thorpe. zo. Rolert Takel. 

14. Richard de iVelwyk. zi. Thomas Ruland. 173. 

15. B.ib-jrt Balnc. zz. William IV urtre. 
\6. Vi^ilUam Feryhy. 23. Robert Hedon. 

I J. Heur) Uolme. 24, WiWamTork. 

18. John //ewyf!ghrgh. 25, William Spenfer. 

Several of the TruJJeLnis de(cendants of the Founder confirmed thd Pof- 

felFiuns of thefe Canons ^ and Co did Rolert de Ros Lord oC Betever^ '74- 

An. 1279. being then Patron ("i4<^ww/rtj) of this Priory. Pope Innocent '75'' 
granted to thele Canons of St. fames oi' Wan re divers Priviledges, in the 

Oife of non- payment of Tithes for their own Goods and Stock, in the ,-5 

Cafe o( a general Interdift, &c. ' 

Valued at 221/. 3 /. 10^/. ftr Annum. 

T W Y N E H A M, in \^mX%XZ. 



IN the Reign of King Fdward the Coofeflbr, there were Secular Canons 
in Chrijl Church at Tivyneham. Ranulph Flammard^ a great Favourite 
under King William Rufus^ and afterwards Bifhop of Durham, was Dean 
of this Church. In the Heign of King Steven Canons Regular were firft 
introduced here. The aforefaid Ranulphus, or Randulfhus, new built the 178. 
Church or Tivynham, which at that time bore the name of the Holy Tri* 
nitv. Jiichard de Redrers cndow'd it with Lands in the Ifle of Wight and 
ellewhere. Which Ricfjurd de Redvers was by King Henry the I. made 1 

Earl of Devon, and had the Ifle of Wight, and the Inheritance of this '^^* 
Town oiTwineham, sivcn to him. From whom defcend the Courtney's 
^irho'i Devon. Baldwin de Redi^riis conBrm'd the Eftate given by his iga. 
Father Richard to this Church, with the Grant of large Liberties ; which 
Baldwin was the firft who introduced Canons Regular into this Church, to 
whom his Son Richard de Redveriis junior, granted the free Eledion of 
their Prior, and confirm'd all their Pofleffions, An. ii6t. Vid. Vol. 3. 

[Valued at 512/, 7 ;. per Annum,] 


KI N G Edwjrd the I. granted his Licenfe to William Payrtel to grant 
certain Lands to the Prior and Canons of this Houfe, for the finding 
o, tour Secular Chaplains to celebrate for his Soul, in their Church, 
Statuto de tcrris ad mantm mortuamnon ponend. edito^ nonohflante. After- 
wards, upon the Petition ol' Matilda Ncicc, and heir of the laid William, 'o^* 
exhibited to King Edward the II. in Parliament, that King granted that 
inflcadof rhcfour Secular Chaplains, the faid Prior might for the future 
ap|)oint four Regular Canons of his own Houfe for that OSice. King 
Edward the 111. granted his Licenfe to appropriate the Hofpital of St. ii«- 
ihony at Ccukham 10 this Houfe. 



Canons Regular Vol. II. 

St.OSn U at Chich,- in effCf. 

'T^HE Priory of St. OJith the Virgin and Martyr at Chkh, was foun- 

jJL tied by Rkhurd de Belmds Btthop of Loridon, who defjgn'd to re- 

fign his Bilhoprick and become a Canon Regular here himfell, but was 

prevented by death. The fccond Prior ot this Houfe was Ral^h afcer- 

183. wards Archbidiop of Cd!A?ra/5«ry. King flef^ry the II. confirm'd all the Pof- 
fcffions given to this Priory by feveral Benefiftors, with the grant of 

184. ample Liberties, free VVaren and a Market at Chkhe. King Jokn granted 
the Patronage or Advovvionof this Abby to William thenBi{l:op oi' Lon- 
don and his Succeilors. 

^Valued at 677 /. i j, 2 d. per Annum-'] 

IXWORTH, i» ^UffolK 

G//^er/B/««i'/w who came into £/;^/drv^ with the Coaqueror, founded 
this Priory of the blefled Mary of Ixworth near the Parifh-Church of 
tliat Town. 

[Valued at 280 /. 9 i. 5 d. per Aniinm.'] 

185. N o R T o N, i« CljcCbice. 

THIS Priory of the blefled Mary o^ Norton was founded and endowed 
by William the Son o^Nigellus Gonftable of Chejler. Roger Cdnftable 
of chejler confirm'd the Lands and Pofledions given to thefe Canons in 
Nottingbamfhire, Leicefierflpire, and Oxford/hire, who alfo granted tlicm 
divers Priviledges, inter alia, to have tv^o Deer, yearly, on the Feaft of 
the AfTumption, out of his Park of Haltoti. When William Ballard, to 

'°7' whom King bldward the Confeflbr had afllgned the Inheritance of his King- 
dom as his moft worthy and nearefl Kinlman, came into England, with 
him came Bugh to whom he gave the Earldom of Chejler. With this 
Hugh came a Nobleman called Nigellus, to whom the faid Earl gave the 
Barony of H<i//tf« and made him his Marfhal, and Conftable oi Chejler, and 
further conferr'd on him many and great Priviledges, fuch as (hew'd a 
particular favour to him more than any other Baron of Chefhire. William 
Son of this N/^<?//«j founded this Priory firfl: at Runcorn, An. 11^^. which 

J g g was afterwards removed to Norton. From him defcended Roger Con- 
flable oi Chejler abovementioned, to whom RanulJEzx\ o{ Chejler, for a par, 
ticalar Service done him in Wales., gave the Dominion of Shoo-makers and 
Siage-playerSjto hold to him and his Heirs for ever.This Roger died /4. 1 2 1 r. 
and lies buried in the Monaftery of Stanloive. Of this Line defcended the 

189. Lades Earls oi Lincoln, and theEarh oi Lancajler, Leicejler, and Derlj. 
[^Valued at 180/, 7/. ^ d, ob. ferAnrnm,"] 


Vol. II. 0/ 5^. A u G u s T 1 N. 151 

NEWBURGH, i// poi^mt 



F Ounded by Roger de Molhray^ and endowed with divers Lands and 
Churches ; who alfo confirm'd what the Freemen of his Fee had 
given, or (hould give to the Canons here. In the time ot Ki.ig William. 
the Conqueror Robert de Moivhray was Earl of Northuml>erland,\\/lio taking '^^* 
part with other Great inenj who rife again ft King William Rufits for having 
baniflid ^»/i°/»> Archbifhop oi Canterbury^ and deftroy'd eighty Rehgious 
Houfes to enlarge hisForreft, was taken by the King, beheaded, ano Iiis 
Eftate feized ^ and afterwards given by King Henry the I. to Negellus de 
Alhenei, whofc Mother was a y,oivhrayu atccr which time the Allanies la-i. 
took on them the name of Molhray. Son of that Nigellus was the firft 
aboventention'd Roger de Molhray , who founded this Priory, An. 1145. he 
founded alfo the Abby of Be//d?<j»^, and many other Religious Houfes to 
the number of thirty five. From whom defcended Thomas Mowhray who in 
the Reign of King ^ic^. IL sNQ.smid^Xivkeo'i tJorfolk^'E^rXoi Nottingham, 
Lord Marilial oi England, ^c. Fsom whom defcended two Co-heirs, the *^4- 
eldeft of which ^»», was married to the Lord Thomas Howard^ who in 
thefccond year of King Edvpard the IV. was created Ouke oi Norfolk. 
[Valued at 5^7 /. 8 j. 3 d. per Annum^ 

H O D E, in I^OjKfljif C, a Cell to Newburgh. 

HOde was at firft demifed to the Canons oi BillalMida, by Robert de 195- 
Alneto, on condition that they ihould here found an Abby of their 
Canons. This was confirm'd by Roger de Mowbray. Adam Fojkrd gave 
Hode to the Canons oi Newburgh with Lands lying about the fame, which 
Canons did acknowledge the laid ^^<j»i to be the Patron (^Advocatui') oi 
the faid place, and of all belonging thereunto. 

E G L E S T O N, in the Bijhoprick of J^url^attl. ,05 

Hilip Biftiop of Durham confirm'd to God, St. Mary, and St. John 
_ B4^/7?, and to the Canons of £g/f/?c»j divers Lands which G//^^r/ <<fe 
Ley held of him by the lervice of one Knights Fee, and had given thenaw 
i4».i273.the Abbot and Canons of this Houfe covenanted with John Duke 
of J3r/Vtf»y,and Earl o[ Richmond, to find fix Chaplains Canons of this Houfe» 
to fay fix Mafles daily in the Caftleof Richmond, forever, the iaid Ganons 
to be conftantly refident in the faid Cafile, in confideration whereof the 
faid Earl of Richmond granted to the Abbot and Convent of Egleflon 
divers Lands and Poflellions, and a place apart in his (aid Caftle tor the 
Habitation ©f the faid fix Chaplains, ^c. 

DORCHESTER,iw ©JCfOjUfljfre. 197. 

BEfore the Norman Conqueft here was a Bilhops Seat ; Remigius tran- 
flated it to Lincoln. Alexander Biftiop o< Uncol/i erefted here an 
Abby of black Caaons 5 the Body of which Church ferVed ior the Parifh 
Church. After the Suppreffion the £<j/?-part of the Abby-Church 



Canons Regular. Vol. 11. 


was bought by a rich man of this Town for 140 /. and given to aug- 
ment the Parifti Church. 

[Valued at 2 1 9 /. 1 2 j. per Annum.'} 


T H O a N T O N, «/o« Huraber, in UinCOlnQjWe 

^Ounded by William Grofe Earl of Alhemarl, Amo Dom. 1 1 3 9. Canons 
_^ Regular were introduced here from Kyrkham, under the Govern- 
ment of one Richard their Prior, who was afterwards made Abbot in the 
year 1148. hy 9 o^e Eugeni us the IIL Earl' W^iZ/ww the Founder died, 
An.x\?>o. having endow'd this Abby with many Lands and Revenue;--. 
^" King Richard the I confirm'd all the Pofleffions given to the Abby of St. 
Mary of TborntoH and the Canons there, with the Grant of large Liberties 
and Immunities. Pope Celefttne the IIL granted them the Privjedge not 
to pay any Tithes of Cattle, ^c for their own ufe. 

Abbots of this Houfe were 

1 . Richard. 7- Jeffrey Holme, 1233. 

2. Philip., iifz. 8. Rohert, 1245. 

3 . Thomas, 1175". 9- ^^^^'<"» Lyncoln^ 1 2 f 7- 

4. John Benten^ 1184. lo. Walter Hotoft^ 12-73. 

5. Jordan de Villa, 1 203. II. Thomas de Ponte, 1190. 

6. Richard de Filial 1223. 

The Advowfon of this Abby, together with all the Lands, and PoC 
20 1, feflions of the Earl of Alhemarl, did efcheat to King Edward the I. Which 
being thus in the Crown, King Edward the IIL in the fixth year of his 
Reign granted, by advice of the Prelates and Barons in Parliament, that 
the faid Advowfon fhould remain ^ver annext to the Crown; and that the 
faid Abbot Ihould not be oblig'd to attorn to any, in cafe any grant of 
the faid Advowfon (hould be made. 

(^Valued at f 94/. 17^. 10^, per Anmm.'] 


BAldwin de Riveris and Hugh his Unkic, were the Founders of this 
Monaftery for Canons Regular, King Henry the II. confirm'd the 
Lands given them, and granted them feeding for one hundred Cattle^ and 
one hundred Hogs in tJewforeJiy and dead Wood for their fuel as much 
as neceffary. 

H A R E W O L D, i» 05cllf0jDIljfte. 

THIS was a Priory of Nuns of SuAuguHin, founded by Sampfon de 
Forte, Malcolm King of Scotland, as Earl of Huntington confirm'd 
certain L^nds to this Church of St. Peter of Haremld, and to the Prior, 
305. and Canons, and Sifters there ferving God. The like did King PT/V/ww of 
Scotland. King Henry the IV. o{ England gave to the Pi iorefs and Nuns of 
//«7re»poW, oneMe(ruageinC/5><i^/^fl«f of the yearly valucofix. with the 
Advowfon of that Church. BRIN- 

Vol. II. of St. A u g u s t i fT* 153 

BRiNKEBURNE, in l5ojt^umbetlanli 

FO II N D E D by Wiliiam Bertram^ Bawys his Wife, and Roger his 
Son, for Canons. Their PofTeflions were confirm'd by iVilliamHrl 
ot Nortfjuml'erlatn/y Henry Earl of Hortbumkrlitnei Son to the King oiScot- io> 
land, and by King Henry. III. 

[Valued at 68 /. 15?;. i ^.] 

LEY E, in the He o/Gerfey, Diocejfe of €5jC0rt. 

THIS was at firfl a Priory of Canons, but afterwards in the Reign 
of King Edward. I. it was changed to a Nunnery of CanoKeJjei ', it 
was dedicated to St. yWar^andSt. John Evangelijt. 

B R I w E T o N, /» ^omctfetfiliiw. 

William it Mope Earl of Smerfet gave divers Lands, &c. to the G*» 
nons Regular of this Houfe, which was before the Conqueft an , 

Abby of Monks founded by Algams Earl oiComwal , but the faid Moyney 
or MobuHy placed Canons here fince the Conquefl, Sauvaricus Bifhop of 
Ba^h and Glauflorihury confirm'd to God and the Blefled Mary of BriweiOft, 
and the Canons Regular there, the Lands.Csrc. given by their Benefaftors. 
..... [Valued at 43 9 /. 6 s. 8 d.'ji 

■ ■ — 1 — ■ 

BRADENSTOKE, i« }|9flt^fce- 

"Pounded and endowed by Fatricius Earl of Salisbury and iValtd^ his 
^ Father. William Bifhop oiSarum appropriated divers Churches to ao^- 
the proper ufe of thefe Canons, falvis Ficariis orditianJis d^ taxattdis. 
King Henry. III. confirm'd all their Pofleflions. zOj>, 

[Valued at 2 iz /. j 9 j, 5 </. . fer Annnm.'] 

N o c T o N /;» /LtocolnOjert 


THE Priory ofMo^on Park was founded by Rohertde Ared, Lord 
of No^m. U was dedicated to St. Mary Magdelen. The Heir ge- 
neral of Uerman de Arc) defcended from the Founder, married to John de 
Lymbury^ The PofTeflions given by feveral Bcnefad:ors were recited and 
confirm'd by King Henry. HI. in the ^')th. year of his Reign. zi». 

[Valued at 44 /. ^s. 8 d. per Annum.'] 

W I G M O R E w, ii)ctefbH)(|jiw 

O Liver de MerlymondcheliScndchaA of all the Landsof ^«fi& de Morti ^ ''' 
mtr^ in the time of KingS/f ven, built the Church of Schebkdtm^ which 
Town his faid Lord Hugh de Mortimer had given him in Confideration of 

X bis 

154 Canons Regular. Vol. II. 

214. his Service. This Oliver being kindly enteriain'd at St. T7c7<?rj Abby 
at Parisin his return" from a Pilgrimage, he wasfo highly pleafed with 
their good life and Regular devotion, that he afterwards obtain'd from 
thu Abby tvvo of their Canons to come over and Inftitute a Houfe of Re^ 
ligion at his new built Church of Schohhedon^ to which he annext divers 

M Lands and profits. But after this a great diffention arifing between the 

faid Hugh de Mortimer and Olner de Merlymond, in fo much that the faid 
Oliver departed from his Service and went to Miles Earl o'i Hereford, Mor- 
timer feized upon all his Eftates, and took from the Canons all the Goods 
which Oliver had given them, whereby the faid Canons were reduced 
to fuch extreamity that they were about to leave their Houfe. But this 
^' difference, being at lafl; compofed by the mediation of the Bifliop o'i Here- 
ford, Mortimer not on\y reftored them their Lands,©c. of which he had de- 
prived them.but gave them more, among other Benefaftions, the Church 
ol JVtgmore, and advanced their Prior to the title of an Abbot. But foon al- 
ter he took from them again the TownofScbo^kdon^znd it was once more 
reftored by mediation. After this thefe Canons removed their habitation 

zi6. to a place call'd £;.*>., arid fromthenceto Wigmore. Alter this they remov- 
ed once more into the Field ofBeodune, where theybuilt from the ground 
aMonaftery and Church, which Church waS dedicated to St. Jamsby 

a 17. Robert Folyoth then Bilhop of Hereford, xht aforelaid Sir Hugfj de Mortmer^ 
conferring thereon at the Dedication great Benefaftions both in Lands, and 
Plate forthe Altar. Which Sir Hugh died a Chanon of this Houfe, being ve- 
ry antient. Whofe Son and heir Sir Roger de Mortimer behaved himfdf fo 
unkindly to the Canons of this Houfe^that the Abbot and moft of the Con- 
vent were forced, for fome time to retire to Scholledon-, but the differs 
rence was made up by the Interpofition of King Henry. Jfahe II de Ferrers 
Widow of the faid Sir Roger^ built a Houfe of Religion at Lechetttde zi- 
ter her Husbands. deceafe, and endow'd it with Lands for the good of 
his Soul. The faid Sir 'Roger tho' unkind at firft, yet before his death 

2 ip. confirmed all that his Father had given to thefe Canons,; with other Lands 

--- given by himfelf.: 

**°' 'Among thofea^omod famous and valiant Knights that King WHliatn 
the Conqueror brought into England w ich him in his Army, was Ralph 
de Mortuotnari one of the chict ; which llalpb obtain'd to himfelfthe 
Lordfhip of Wigmore, and other Poflellions in the Marches oi Wales. 

This Ralph built the Caflle of Wigmore, and left iflue Hugh and ff//- 
liam, Hugh became ^the Founcier cf the Abby of Wigmore, as has been 
faid, and endow'd it largely J» 11 79. and dyed in this Monaftery /}». 

112. 1 155.. firandibn of. this Hugh was Ralph de Mortuomari, who t^g 
fent over into blorhtaHdy hy King John'xn order to dsfend that Country'; a- 
gairiftlthe King of France, who had invaded and Seized all Norman dy( bo-. 
taufs King John refuted tho feveral times fummon'd, to do homage for 
the luiTie ) was by the faid- King of France taken Pnfoner. Diiring 
whofe abfence from' thefe Parts the' Welch invaded this Monaftery oi Wig- 
more, plundered the Canons of all their movables, and burnt all the Build- 

«i3. ings except" itie Church. Son of which /?/r//>A was i?«g<?r, who marry ed 
Matilda daughter oi\^(,Breufe hord of Bregnoc, and wasfo faith- 
ful an adherent to liihg Henry lU. againft his rebellious Barons, that he 
was thechicfmeans of defeating that formidable Commotion, and ^fta- 

124. blilhingthe King in hi* Throne. Grandfon of this Roger, was Roger Mor- 
^/W/J*tMb;Wa.sSf6^edi!^?firl^E^rl of March, ^n.j,.kdmrj, III^ .i ,WJh^ 
iid "' Earl 

Vol. If. of St. A u G u s T I ^f. 1^5 

Earl Roger was great grandfather o( £V/M««/yJ/o///wf/' who married P/^i- 2 2.<. 
lippaon\y daughter and heir of Leouei Duke of Clarence, fccond Son of 
King Edward. III. Which Edmund hAMin^ buried his faid Wite went over 
into /rf/rf«^ the Kings Lieutenant, und An. 1381. departed this life in that 22.7. 
Kingdomcbting but twenty nine years of age. His body was brought overj 
ai)d buried in this Abby Church of Wigmore., with his Countefs, and 
mod of his Anceflors. Which Edmund and Philippj had ilTue two Sons 228. 
Roger, and Edmund, and two Daughters Eiizahetb and Pbilippa. Roger 
Mortimer \\2iS flain in Ireland, An. i J98. But left Iliueby his Wire Alianora 229. 
daughter and coheir of Thomas HolLnd E^ixX of Kent, two Sons Edmund and 
Roger, and two daughters Anne and Alianore, Anne was marriedto /?/- 
chard deCondshorough Earl oi Cambridge. The two Sons, and the other 
daughter died all without ilVue. 

[Valued at 267 /. 2 /. 1 o </. ob per Annum. I 

THORNHOLME, i« }iMICOln(l)We* 2 30, 

IT was found upon Inquifition at the Affizes at Lincoln, 4 jfo)&//, that King 
Steven founded this Priory and placed Canons in it. Thit Henry. U. 
gave the Mannour of <^/)/e^/, in which the Priory is Icituated, to ^ViUiam 
de Lungefpe his Brother, who after gave the Manour to John Maleierhe, 

DERLE Y, i^BatbpOifte. 

H7jgh thePrieft, intitled Dean oWerly, gave to Alhims, and his Ca- 
nons of St. Helens near Derhj, the Land which he held at Little 
Derby ^ for the erefting of a Church and Habitation for him and the faid 
Canons, with divers Lands of his Patrimony. Which Eftate the faid 231. 
Alhin and his Succeflors, Abbots of this Houfe, quietly enjoyed all the 
time of the life of the faid Hugh, and oi Henry his Son, which Son he be- 
gat in lawful marriage belore he received holy Orders, and of two 
daughters and heireffes of the faid Henry, who dying in the R.eign of 
King Henry. III. that King fuppofing the faid two daughters to dve with- 
out heirs, claim'dthe ^^wh^« of this Abby as an Efcheat Vid. Vol 3. v. 

[Valued at 2 j8 /. xA,i.^l per Annum.'} 

St. A U G U S T I N S ^r Briftol, ;« ^lOUCeOetftltC. 

ROBERT Fiiz Hirding a Burgeffe of Brijiol, to whom King Henry 
U. gave the Ba/onyoi Berkly, built this Abby, and gave to°he Ca- 
nons Regular of this Houfe, the Church o^Berkly, with divers others. 
>A''hofe Eftate was confirm'd to them by King Henry. U, while he was 
yet Duke of AV«rW/ and Earl of ^»/(7« : alfo by John Earl q[ Morton, 

[Valued at ^70 /. 1 3 /. 11 d, oh per Annum. " 





Canons Regular. Vol. IL 


2-3 -I- COKESFORD fiear Rudham, /« l50jfolt 

JOhfi de Querceto ("or Cheney) gave to God, and St. Mary, and the Canons 
of RuSam divers Lands, Churches, and Mills, & Duos homiKCsfcilUei 
G. & V. &terram il/orum, two of his Tenants with the Land which they 
*35' held of him. Hervey Beleth gave them the Manner of Rudham for the aiaia^. 
tenance of an Hofpita), by him founded at Bojcodefwade. 

[Valued at 121 /. 18;. lo ^. oh. fer Annum^ 

B R U N N E, i« tinC0ln(!)ice. CBourn ) 

FOiinded by Balmn Son of Giflehert, who endow'd it with divers 
Lands, Churches, and Tithes of fundry kinds, An. 11 38. The 
136. PKdfyfa were principal Benefaftors to this Koufe, and became Patrons of 
the fame, being Lords of the Manner of fi(?«r«, and defcended from the 
Founder, and as Patrons had the Cuftody of the Abby in time of Vaca- 
tion, ^f. which was allowed by King Edward the 11. who for that pur- 
pofe granted his mandate to Matthew Broun Efcheator for the Counties of 
Lt»co!ti, Northampton^ and Rotelaitd, in the lev-enteenth year of his 
Reign, notwithftanding that fome of the Pofleflions of this Abby were 
held of the King in Capite. 

N E W E N H A M, i« XeDfOjDCbitC 

J.3 8. XJ Efore the Conqueft, the Church of St. Paul in Bedford was a CoUedge 
|j of Prebendaries or Secular Canons, till one of the Canons killing a 
Butcher, they were forced to remove their Habitation to a place cajl'd 
Newenhant, a Mile diftant from Bedford, and there they becarne Regular 
Canons. Roijia Wife of Paga^Hs de Bellocampo^ to whom King William 
23P. the Conqueror gave the Barony of Bedford, and Simon her Son, were 
the founders of their Houfe at Newenham. Which Simon endow'd them 
with divers Lands and Pofleffions, among others the Church of St. Paul 
at Bedford mth all its Pofleffions, and the Tithes of the Mill oftheCaftle 
2'40' o[ Bedford, $x.c. Thefe Canons had alfo large Liberties granted them on the 
River,for filbing, and for keeping Swans as many as they pleafed 3 feeding 
x\i. for thirty Hogs yearly quit of Paunage in the Wood of Kerdington, free 
r^z. Failure for twelve Oxen, in all the Grounds of the Patron where his own 
Z43. Oxen fed, with Liberty to eleft their own Prior, faving to the Patron the 
Cuftody of the outward Gate of ^he Monaftery in time of Vacation, ^c. 
All whofe Lands and Liberties were confirrn'd to tljemin 15 ii.2. by Tho- 
mas Earl Marejchal, and Earl of Nottingham, Lord Moulray and Segravt^ 
then Patron of this Priory. 

[Valued at 293 /. 5^ x. 1 1 d. per AiinHm-~\ 

Vol. II. of St. A \Ji G us T I H. 


5^ R A D E G U N D I S 4f Bradfole, /« Mtlt 

KING Flenryxht Ilf. confirm'd the fever j1 Lands and Revenues given 
to this Houtc byfundry "Qtnth^Xors, ^mong whom Henry dcWcng- 
bam Uean ot St. jyUrtm in London. Vid. Vol. j. p. 6^1. 
[_ Valued at j?8 /. $ s. z d. oh per Annum.'] 

N E W-S TED near Guildford, in ^muy. 

Founded by Rualdus de Caluu and Beatrix his Wife with the aflent 
of William Malhancth€\x Heir, in honour of the blelfed Virgin /l/rfn', 
and St, 27'sw4i- the Martyr, in a place cal I'd ^/d'^^wri in the Manner of 
Sandesy for Canons Regular ^ whole Eftate was confirna'd by King Henry 
the III. and King f^wW the IF. 

B E R L I Z, in ©omwfCtOjiC^- 

W O M B R. I G G E, /» ^^JOpQlrte 


K I M E, in Lincolnlljice. 245, 

^H E firft founder of this Priory was Sir Philip de Kyme Knt. the 
Canons ofthtsHovife held Lands in 7/^07)1?, and Billingey. 
[Valued at lor /. o ^. 4</. cer Annum.~\ 

BUTLE Y, i«g)affblfe. 

Founded by Ranulph de Glanvilla, and by him endowed with divers 
Churches and the year 1 1 7 1. This Ranulph de Glatroill was .^ 

hcetoibre Chief Juftice oi England^ and left only three Daughters, among ' 

whom he parted his Land before he made his Voyage to the Holy Land, 
to the eldeft who married one WilltAm de Auhrvil, he gave the intire 
Mannorot\Be«^<i//andthe Advowfon of the Monaftery of the blelTed 
Alary of But/e!e, and to the other Sifters other parts of bis Eftate. 
Fid. Vol: IP no. 

[Valued at 518 /. ij s. zd. per Annum.'] '; 



T^HE feveral Lands, Churches, and Tithes given to the Prior andCi- 
-*■ nons ol thisHoufe, dedicated to St. Nicholas, by Matilda de Say ttj/A 
others, were confirm'd by Y^it\^Henry the III. Ah. Revni 40. and by Edw. 
the HI. A ,5. ^ ^ M"* 


FOundcii by iVilliam Fitz-Alan. Dedicated to God, St. Mary, and 
St. I eonard Many were the Benefaftors to this Houfe, among 
whom the Lords of C^fr/»^()» gave divers Lauds and P\.c venues in tliat ^S5- 



Canons Regular 



Town,&c. All the PoffenTions of thefe Canons, with divers Liberties to 
them granted by their levereal Benefaftors were recited and conftrm'd 
by King £^H'W the II. An. Reg. \z. 

[Valued at 6 J /. "J s. ^ d. per Annum.'] 

G A L D E W E L L, in O^CDfojDCbite. 

Simon Basket an Alderman of £f<//orri' was the firft founder of this Houfe, 
but the Advowfon came afterwards to the Lords Latymer. Robert 
Sonoi William de Houtong3Me Lands to the Order of Fryers of the Holy 
Crofs at Caldewelly confirrcid by King He» the III. An. Reg. 5 7. 

[Valued at 109/. S s. ^ d. per Annum^ 

TONEBRIGGE, i« itcnt. 

Founded by Richard de Clare Eirl of Hertford, for Canons Regular, 
and by him endow'd with certain Rents, the feeding of one hundred 
and twenty Hogs yearly in his Forreft of Tonehrigge freely, and to have 
yearly one Buck at the Feaft of St. Mary -Magdalen. 


A N G L E s E Y E, ;« cambjiDgeQjitg. 

^Lrzaieth de Burgo Sifter and one of the Heirs of Gilhert de Clare Earl 

oiGlouce^er and Hertford, Patroncfs of this Priory, granted the 

Monks here liberty to choofe their Prior, An. 1533- The fame EUzahetb 
2?Q granted a Rent of ao /. per Annum to the Prior and Convent of this Houfe, 
in confideration of .which they obliged themfelves to find two Chantry 
Priefts, Seculars, to celebrate at the Altar of the holy Crofs in their 
Church for ever, for the faid Elizabeth her Anceftors and Heirs, and to 
allow to the faid two Priefts their Lodging and Diet, and to each zo s. per 
Annum^ or elfe twelve Marks yearly, which they (hall think moft con- 
venient ; which Grant bears date 6.E. ^. 

[Valued at 24 /. 19 s. per Anmtm^ 

2^Q T R E N T H A M, /» ^taffOjOCblW. 

RAlph Earl of Chefier was the Founder, or rather Reftorer, of this 
Houfe; granting to the Canons here a yearly Rent ol loo^. 
per Annum. Confirm'd by King Benry the II. with the grant of large Li- 
berties and Immunities. 

[Valued it 106 1, ^s: lo d. per Annum.] 


Vol. II. of St, A n G us 1 1 i^, * i^p 

W O R. M L E Y, ;« l^mtm^K^* i^t. 

STeven de Ebroicis gave to this Church, dedicated to God, and St. £?¥ 
nard^ and to the Canons here, certain Mills, Lands, and rithcs/jl 
Lenhaie, for the maintenance of thrtc Chaplains. Confirm'd by Gilbert y 
</!?X^cy inconfiderationof 100 J. by the faid Canotls to him paid. And ^ ^' 
by William Son of the faid Steven, An. 1240. Vid. Vol. 3.^. 48; 
[Valued at 83 /. lO r. 2 d. per Ahnntn,'] 

R o Y s T o N. /> CambjiDgcOifrc. 264. 

Founded and endow'd by ^Eujlach de Merc. King Richard the I. coij, 
firm'd to this Monaftery by the Name of the Monaftery ofSt. Th^ 
mas the Mi^rtyrapHd Cruceni Rhofi£, and to the Canons here, all their Pof- 
fcfliors given by feveral Benefaftors, and further granted a yearly Fair 
during all Whitfun-week,, and a Market every Wednefdaj, with the fame 
Liberties as were enjoy'd by the Canons at Dunfiahle, with very large Im* 
munitits in his Grant fpecified, dated in thefirft year ofhisReign. 

E R D B U R Y, i« mwtmWn. x6s- 

RJlph de Sadie WIS a principal Benefador to the Caiioiis of this 
Houfe. y4». iz^z. A/exander then hi(hop of Covefjrrjiahd Litch- 
jeiU^ order'd the following Settlement between tile Prior of - Erdhury^ 
and the Vicar of Dfrcf/,- and their Succeflbrs,x»/>:.- that the Vicar ihould 
have all the Altarage of the faid Church, and TithCorn of eight yards 
Land in Rademy, and of two yard Land in Derced in the Demeans Of 
the faid Prior, with a Houfe, ^c. That the Vicar pf the faid Church x66. 
ihould be a PrieTl and not of any lefler Order, and fhall have an Aflociate -^ " - 
conflantly, and a Deacqn, who together with hipi.ftia]! officiate in 'tile 
iaid Church, the Vicar to bear all ufual Charges exqept the Repairs of 
.the jChancel, for which the Prior and he are to jpyn proportionably. 
This Monaftery being decay'd in its Revenues, King iaT^^ry the VL 
An. z^. granted the Prior and Convent Licenfe Ijoobtaia, and receive 
Lands and Tenements to the value of one hundred Marks without fine 
toiheKing. . .,...,.. , 

, [Valued at 9.4 L 6 s. ,1 ij pr A/miip.}} 

^inoHctri lO ;i»ia;: ' ' '. . ' ■; rW-\\ f.' "J 1 M| 

Ar .i tr.h.-,; POGHELE, i«03atKII)IW. ^'1 -iniii3iJ3 j/t 

_^->i. r,: <;<;o:> „;•: .: .^t'= ^'■, .-. ..;j;; ' , 'OJI .j:>JflU;^ .K 1 ^,1J 

T/Punded by Ralph de ,Chadelewurtii,^(^dkated: to GW arid; St il/jr* 
Xj g^fct, endow'd with divers Lands and Revenues by the feid Ralph 
and others, all which w^ recited and confirm'ii by King ^<f»r/ the 111. 


i6o Canons Regular Vol. II: 

■L^i. R o U c E s T R E, /« ^taffojDIliire. 

Richard Bacm founded and endowed this Houfe for Canons Regular, 
with large Poffeffions and Liberties : All which were confirm'd to 
268. the faid Canons by Ratmlph Earl of Chejler^ to hold in pure and perpetual 
270* Aims. Confirni'd alfo by King Henr^ the III. in the thirtieth year of 
bis Reign. - >' L- 

[Valued at tool, zs.iod. ob. fer Annum.~\ 


CUM B WELL, inMnl- 

Founded by Rchert de Turneham, dedicated to God, and St. Mary 
MagdaJett^ endow'd with divers Lands and Poffeffions, all which were 
confirmed by S/ffz/ff« de T^rtthafJt, Son of the (zid Rokn^ and by King 
Henry ih.Q 111. Att. Reg' 11. 

'V.. CValued at 80 /. ij s. ^ d. fer Annumi\ 

i7j. W O S P R I N G, in ^mXtUXMtt 

THE feveral Lands, Rents, ©"c. given to this Church, dedicated to 
God, St. Mary, and St. Thomas the Martyr, by iVilliam de Court e»ey 
and others, were recited and confirm'd to the Prior and Canons here, by 
King Edi3>.thR U. An. Reg, 18. f^id. Vol. 3. />. 47. 

CValued at 87 7. 2 /. i\ i. ob.jper Anmmr\ ' 

■ ■■■- ■ ■ ' \- I ■ : ■ : -j'tsjl 

i l5l r.fi3 ^ A B. L E B U R G H, i« mWiS^iX^. 

KING Richard thtW: An. Reg. ^^. granted his Pardon to the Prior and 
. Convent of St. Margaret near Marlhergh ("which Houfe was founded 
by his Progenitors) for having accepted divers Lands of John Lovel Che- 
vMer, without Licenfe firft obtain'd j and further ratified and confit'm'd 
the PddeffioA of thbfe Lands to the faid Convetit. 

273, I V I C H U R C H, in SaifltQjfeC. 

KINtJ i?5^«7'fhe1TT. granted to the Prior and Canons ofthisHoute 
certain Lands and Priviledgc in his Forreft oi Clarendon 5 King Edw. 
the III. granted more, alfo Pafture for forty Oxen and Cows in his Mea- 
dow of Ckrexdm, and 100 j. of Rent out of Ms Mannar of Clctrendipt. 
2.74. King Hek.rSa^lV founded thisMonarflery for four Canons. -L 

>' CValacd atizj/'. 18/. 6 i, oh. pr Annum."] 


Vol. 11. of St. A u g u s T i n. i6i 

B U C K E N H A xM, /» J!5ojfOlk 

FJunded by WiUum Earl of Chichefler in honour of God» St. Mury^ 
and Ht. jumes, and by himendovved with Churches, Lands, and 
l iches. Confirm d by King £«/u>, the II. Jh. Reg. 1 1. 
[Valued «t lo8/. jo i. 2 J. per Amum.] 

C O L D EN O R T O N. w €))BfOjDfl)We. ^^^ 

T.T'iNG Hen in. An.Reg. 15, coniirm'd to the Prior and Canons of this 
IV Houfe, dedicated to St. John the Evangelift, their feveral Lands and 
Poflelfions given by Reginald E^r\oi Bolon, and Ida his Wife, and divers 
other Benetaftors. Vid.Vol. 3.^ jj. 

osuLVESTON, (Ouaon) in iLeiceO«Q)irt 175. 

"POunded by Robert Qrimhold in honour of our Lord Jefus Chrift, S,l. 
-*- Mary, St. y^Wrew the Apoftle, and all Saints, for Canons ■( to whom 
he gave the Church and Town of Ofoheftone.^c. in pure and perpetual 
A\a\s.Rohe/t Bilhop of Liacoln confirni'd the feveral Churches granted to this 
Monaltery, and further, granted tothefe Canons tobe for ever free and 
quit from the Payment ot Sinodals, and all other Epifcopal Cuftoms ex- 
cept Ff/tfr/>MC(r, denouncing a Curfe to fuch as Ihall infringe or violate his 
Grant. /?o^<?r/Gr/w^e/«/was a Judge under King H?«fr/ the 11. whofeSeal 2,7?. 
did repre(ent a Figure fetting in Judgment, holding in one hand a pointed 
Sword, flgnifying Juftice, and in the other a Sword with the point abated 
or broken off, reprefenting Mercy. Among other Bcnefadlors to this 
Houfe was {VilUaut de Ros Lord of Beaver, &c. 

[Valued at 161 /. 14/. i J. per Jnnum-^ 

THORKESEY. in YLitlCOlnQltte. 

KI N G Henry the III. /». Reg ii. granted to the Prior and Canons 
of this Houfe the Scite ot their Monaftery in Franka/ntoitte, and four 
hundred and ninety eight Acres of Land, and fifty Tofts in Torkejey to hold 
at the yearly Rent of 10 / for ever. Befide which the Priorefs and Con- 
vent oi Fofa near Tor^(f/fy held one hundred and twenty Acres of Land 
and Meadow, and feven Totts in Torktfey at the yearly Rent of 46 s. 
Valued at I } /. I J. 4 (/. per Annum. 

c H A u c u M B E, i» lao^t^jmttptonOjire 

Founded and endow'd by FItigo de CbaHcumb. Amahilia de Segrave 
Lady of Cbaucumbe, and others of the Segraves were Benefadrors ; 
all whofe Gifts were recited and con fir m'd by King E^tvart/ the III. A». 
Reg. 2. 

lYaluzd ztS^ I. iS J. 9 J. oh. ftr Annum.-] Y REPIN- 


162 CAhiONS Regular. Vol. Ih 


1 80. R E p I N D o N, z« BacbpGjicc 

Founded Jm. 117a. ("i 8 H. 2.) by Matilda Widow of Ranulph Earl of 
Chefler, and dedicated to thehoiy Trinity. King Hen. the III. An. 
Reg. 5-7. confirm'd to the Canons of the holy Trinity of Repen^ene, and 
P ot .St. Giles oiCqlc. all the Lands and Pofleffions given them by the (aid 
Matilda, and others ^ the like did King^a'w. the H. Art. Reg. 18. 
[^Valued at 118/. % s. 6 d. per Annum,^ 

KAERMERDIN, i» V^t^i$. 

K\ N G Henry the TI. gave and confirm'd to the Church of St. John 
the Evatigelijl at Kayrmereiin, and the Canons there, the old City 
ot L\.afrm{rdy» with its appurtenances, with the Church of St. Peterxhctt, 
and the Chappel in the Cal\le. 

•f Valued at 164/, ^d. ferAnnMrn."] 

WIRES, in CffejC. 

KI N G Henry the U. gave to God and the Nuns of St. Mary at Wikes, 
the Church ot W^i/f«, with certain Land and feven Villains in that 
^^3* lown. He alfo granted them two Grayhounds, and tour other Dogs 
(Bracatos) for taking Hares in his Forreflof£/7fx; with divers other Li- 
berties and Immunities. 

B I S S E T E R, inMOiWu 

284. /^Ilkrt Bafet gave to the Canons of this Houfe large PoffefTions, fo 
VJ did miliam Luftgefpeye,amonQother things Pafture lor fitry Cattle at 
Erdintone, to feed among his own Cattle there ^ another Cenelaftor was 
Phi/ipBaJlet Brother of Fulc Bajfet Bifliop of London. AH whole Gilts 
were recited and confirm'd by King Edw. the II. An. Reg, <). 
("Valued at 147 /. 2 /. 10 d. ter Annum.'] 

HER.TLAND, i« j^ebonQjite. 

Founded by Gaufrtdus Son of Oliver de Dy»^tn 5 ar.d the Canons Se- 
cular, chanjied to Canons Regular of St. Auguliin by the Authority 
of Bartholomew BilViop of Exeter. AH whofe Pofleffions King Richard 
l85. the \. in thcfirft year of his Reign, confirm'd with the Grant of great 
Immunities, and Liberties,namely to have a Court to hold plea of all things, 
hut Life and Member, arifing in their own Lands and Ellate, ^c. 
[Valued at 306 /. :j /. z d.per Annum.] 


Vol. II. of Su A 

U G U S T 1 N. 


H E L A G H E, /•« pojfeCijice. 

ipOunded by Bertramus Haget, in a place where formerly was a Her- 
" mitage in fome fort belonging to the Prior and Convent of Marton 
who by their Deed, under their Convent Seal, did difciaim, refign, and' 
quit all title to the f-me. An. I203. The Lord Jordan de Sanda Maria 
marrying Alice zw Heir General 01 the forefaid Bertram^ became a fecond 
t'ounder of this Priory, who confirm'd their Eftate, and fo did Alice his 
Widow after his deceafe. 


Priors of Helaghe Park. 




William de Hamekcii. 

John tJocus. 
Hamo de Eboraco. 
Henry de Qttetelay. 
Adam de Blide. 
Willtam de Grim^me. 
Robert de Sposford, 
Steven Levington. 

Thomas de Tarum. 
Steven Clarell^ ijj years. 
John Bnkyn, 
Thomas Tori, 

143 J. Richard Areton, tranflated 

to Gisburn. 
143 7. Thomas Botfon, tranflated to 

1 440. Thomas Collinghafu. 
1460. Chriflopher Lofthous, under 

an ill Charader, for the Book 

fays, furatus eft bona hujus domus. 
147 1 William Berwick. 
1475-. William Brammamy Vicar of 

1480. William Ellington. 
145)9. Peter Kevdajl. 

William de Percey Lord oiKildale gave to the Canons of St. John the 
Evangeliji of Felagh-Park, the Chappcl of St. Hilda at KUdale with divers 
Lands, for which the faid Canons were to find two of their own Houfe 
or two Secular Priefts, to celebrate the Divine Offices in the faid Chap- 
pel for ever. 

[Valued at 72 /. los.j d. per Annum.'] 





c A N o N s . A s H B Y, 7;; iliojtI>amptonIl)ice. 

^T^He Pynk^neyes Lords ofWedont were great Benefaftors to the Canons 
-■- here, giving them divers Lands in Wedone and Weflon, with Com- 
mon for 100 Sheep, 8 Oxen, 5 Cows, and f Mares in the Pafture 
of Wapham, and feeding for Sixfcore Hogs in the Woods there. ^9^- 

[Valued at 1 1 9 /. 4 d. per Annnm.'] 

H A V E R F O R D, /» CBaJCjJ, 

Robert de Haverford gave to the Canons here divers Churches and 
Tithes in his Barony ofHaverford, all which were confirm'd to them 
by KinQ Edward. IIL A». Reg. j. 

[Valued at 1 5 3 /. tJ s. id.pir Annum.'} 



1^4 Canons Regular. Vol. II. 

,^^. WODH AM, i^CCfOC* 

THis place being formerly a Hermitage of St. John Baptiji, Maurice 
de Ttretia founded here a Prioryof Canons, and gave them divers 
Lands, confirm'd by King Henry. IL 


19^. IPSWICH, in SuffOllt, 

Klngjohn in the fifth year of his Reign confirm'd to the Canons Jdf 
the Church of the holy Trinity zz]Gypewic, the feveral Lands, Chur- 
ches, and Polleffion, given them by many Beriefaftors, among the reft 
aFairtolaftfor three days at the Feafl of the holy Crois in Se/>temler. 


29^' F I N s H E V E D, /> i5ojt^amptontl)iw. 

Founded and endow 'd with divers Lands and PofTeffions by /?/- 
chdrel Engaine, Lord of Blatherwick, in the Reign of King John. Af- 
ter the year 1367 the Male Line of the faid Founder failing, his eftate he- 
came divided among three Sifters, married to the Families of Goldinten^ 
Palenham, and Bernake. JohuEngayne gave divers Lands in Blathermck. 
^9^* and LaxtoH, to the Canons of the bleffed Mary of Finnijheved for the 
maintenance of two Chaplains in the Chappel at Finnijheved^zadi two other 
Chaplains in the Chappel of Blathervoick, 

[Valued at 56 /. 10/. n ^, ob. fer Jnnum.J 

KEiNSHAM, in mommQ)ive. 

'Ounded by William Earl of Gloucefier, at the defire of Rolert his Son, 
_ then dying. Dedicated to God, the blefled Mary^ and the Apofllcs 
299. St. Peter and St. Paul. Gilbert de Clare Earl of Gloucefler and Hertford 
cdnfirm'd the feveral Lands, PofTeffions and Liberties, given to the Ca- 
nons of this Houfe, and fo did alfo King Edward II An. Reg. i r. 


K I R T M E L E, i» jLancaHn'rc. 

WIlliaM Mare/callus founded and endow'd this Priory for Canons, 
providing that it (hould always remain a Priory independent of 
any other Houfe, yet it fliould never be made an Abby, and upon the 
death of the Prior,two Canons to be chofeO and prefented to him or his heirs, 
of which he or his heirs to eleft one to be made Prior. Confirm'd by King 
Edward II. An. Reg. 1 7. 

L E S N E S, in itcnt- 

F Ounded by Richard LKC^?TekQ:o^ England, An. iiy^. ta the yc 
, X 1 79, the fame Richard quitting his OiBce of Chief Juftice, becar 


V O L. II. of St. A U G U S T I N. 165 

himfelf a Canon Regular of this Houfe, and foon after died and was here, 
buried. The Lands and Porieflions given to thefe Canons by their foun- 
der, and others, were confirm'd to them by Kin^^Joh, and King Edward. \\. 

B U R S C O U G H, in %mt^HXi- 


FDunded and endovv'd with large Poffeflions by Robert Lord of Zi- 
tham. K\ng Edward \. granted to thefe Canons to have a mercatee- 
very Thurfday^ and a Fair tor hve days at the Fcaft ofthc Decollation of St. 
']ohn Baptiji yearly, at their Mannour of Orrw«^/r^. Walter Lord oi Scare- 304. 
y^rei and many others were Benefaftors, all whofc gitirs were recited and 305. 
confirm'd by King Edward. II. An. Reg. 1 7. 

([Valued at 80/. -j s. 6 d. per Annum.'} 

S T E V E R D A L E, in @>omecCctfl)lW. 30^. 

13 Ichard Z(n/f/Chivaler, gave certain Lands of the value of 40 s. to the 
*^ Prior and Convent here for the finding of one Chaplain to celebrate 
daily for the Souls of the faid Richard and his Anceftors, in the Church of 
this Priory. This Houfe was founded by the Anceftors ot Richard de 307. 
SaM^o maitrey and united to the Monaftery of /^^ww/o;*, 24. Henrji. Will. 

D O D F O R D, in ^lOJCeftetdJJtC. 

F")an Jed and endow'd by King Henry I. But In procefs of time 
th*^ Revenues of this Koufe being fodscay'd that there rcmain'd here ^qo' 
but one Canon, it was united to the Abby of Hales Owen, An. 4. Edward IV. 

The Abby de P R A T I S, iiear tmtfitt 

Founded An. 1143. by Rohert Ezt\ 0^ Melent and Leicejier, and 
largely endow'd by him and others with Churches, Lands, Rents, 
Tithes, and Liberties, in and about Leicejierzad elfcwhere with the grant 30J?. 
of two Bucks yearly,one at the Fcaft of the AlTumption,and one at the Fcaft 
of the Nativity of the Virgin Marj, 6cc. Margaret de ^incy granted to the ^ , ^^ 
Canons here divers PolTeiliDns, among }other things Houfe-bote and hay- ^ 
bote, and timber for repairs, out of her Forreft of Ch^rnwood, as often as 
occafion requires ; alfo one Buck yearly out of the faid Forreft, Roger de 
Quincy granted them among other things the right Shoulder of every Deer 
taken in his Park of ^cAr, and free pafture for all their Cattle throughout _ 
the Forreft of Leicejler. Their PolTcftions were confirm'd by King Steven^ | ^ ^ 
and King Henry. II. Robert Earl of Mellent came into England w ith 
the Conqueror who gave him the Earldom oiLeiceJfer, which City being 
dcftroy'd with the Caftle there, he rc-ediftcd the Church ot St, Mary in 
the faid Caftle, and placed in it twelve Secular Canons and a ff^jw, ap- 
propriating thereunto all the Churclies in Lcicejier(^ except St. Margarets 
which is a Prebend of Lincoln) with divtrs Lands. Robert his Son and 
Heir having founded the hbby dePratis transtcrrcd all the PofTeliions 



66 C A N ON S R E G U L A R VoL. I[. 

and Prebends of the Church of ^t. Mary to his new built Abby. This 
kft mentioned Roltrt (commonly call'd Bo^ti) took the Habit ot a Canon 
Regular in this Abby, and died here, ^w. 1167. He alfo founded an 
Abby of Monks at Gercudon, and a Nunnery at Eaton^ in which his 
Countefsi^wicM became a Nun. Alter fome time the Male Line of this 
Rol£rtW\\\i\g-> theEftaCe became divided between two Sifters Co-heirs, 
Amicia mzxntd to Simon de Montefort, and Margaret married toSajer di 
3^5"' Qwmy. Thefe Canons h^d alfo a Grant of one Load of Wood, daily, out 
ot the Forreft of Leiceftar^ ad focum domus infirmarU CdtionkorHm, for 
Fewel to ferve in the Infirmary. 

[Valued at 9 5" I I. x4j. "y d. ob' per Annum.J 


GRiMESBY, i» tincolttQjice 

3 16. 

KING fJenry the I. founded and endowed this Priory, granting to 
the Canons here among other things, the tenth Penny of all his 
Farmes in Lei/ehy, and Grjmeshy^ and the Tith of all Fifli in his Port of 
Honflet, in pure and perpetual Alms,^ with large Liberties and Immuni- 
ties. All w hich were confirm'd by King Henry the If. 
l^ Valued at j> /. 14 ^. yd. per Annum.'] 

5^. T H O M A S the Martyr near ^taffOjD. 

Founded hy Richard Teche (Bifhop of Coventry and Litchfield., 116%.} 
who in his later days became a Canon Regular in this Houfe, in which 
Habit he died and was buried i his Epifcopal Habit being taken away by 
, VxsCdAtiG.Peche ^iHQriko'l Coventry. Robert di Ferrars E^rl of Deriy 
3 * 7' gave to this Priory certain Lands together with his Body, after hisdeceafe^ 
to be buried here. 

^Valued at 141 /. i^s.2d. per Annum. ^ 

N E W-S T E AD, in the Forrejl 0/ Sherwood, in ^Mti^^im^ittp 

Founded by King /7(?«ry the II, for Canons Regular, to whom be gave 
the Town and Church ofPaplewic and other Lands, with large Liber- 
tie?. Alfo two great Waftes called Kygell, and Ravenfhede. Kmg John 
5 * °' while Earl of Morton gave other Lands, all which he confirm'd after he was 
King, An. 6. 

[Valued at 1 ^ 7 /. i6s. n d. ob: per Annum.^ 

H I C K L I N G, i« l5ojfOlK. 

w'd by Theolaldus de Vakines. 

[Valued at 100 /. 18 j. 7 d, ob. pet Annum.] 

"pOunded and cndow'd by Theolaldus de Faleines. CcHifirni'd by King 
■*- Joh»i An. Reg. S'. 


Vol. II. of St. A u G us T 1 a. 167 

S T O N E L E Y, near Kimbclton, in I^UntingtOnQjirC 

THIS was a Prioy of feven Canons, founded by tVilliata Mandeville 
Earlof£^(?x. To this Houfe the Rcftory of Kymotton was appro- 
piiaced. The Bigratnes were Benefa(9-ors and lay liere buried. 
[Valued at 46 /. o f. ^d. ob. fer Amum'^ 


M O D B E R L E Y, in C^cdjite. 

F3unded by Patricius de Modlerky for CanonS Regular, and by him 
endow'd with feveral Lands and Commons of Pafture. He alfo 
granted the Canons free power, upon thedeceale of their Prior, to ele6t 
another accordi^ig to their own pleafure. 

s p I N E y, i« CambjiDgcOjire. 

FIRST founded by Beatrice Makhijfe one of the Co-heirs of the Lord- 
(hip of Wikes, within the faid Lordfhip, for three Canons Regular. 
Afterwards Maria de Bajinghurne, encreafed the number to four, two of 
which were to come daily and o/ficiate in the Church oi Wykes. She 3^' 
alfo gave aMelTuage and other Lands for the Prior and Canons to main- 
tain therein feven Poor men, allowing to each daily a Loaf of a Farthing, 
and among all a meafure of Ale of a Penny, to each three Ells ofLinnen 
Cloath at two pence per Ell, and every two years a Woollen Garment 
price two (hillings and fix pence, c^c. Alfo to make three diflributions 
of Aln:«/>fr^«««»» to three thoufahd poor People. But thefe Charges 
being found to extend to much more then the Revenue of the Lands by 
her given, Richard Aithilwald and Matilda his Wife Coufin and Heir of 
the Foundreffes, did Att. 6. H. 5-. releafe the coming of the two Canons 
to the Church o{Wykes,zx\d changed the three diftributionsabovefaid,tothe 
giving thirteen Ihillings and four pence yearly in Alms to the Poor of 
Wyke$,^z. King Henry the VI. Jn 27. granted ins Licenfe to the Prior 
and Convent of this Houfe to give their Convent and all their Revenues 
to the Prior and Convent of Ely. 


MOTESFONT. 7« jpantQjitc. 

"pOunded by William Briwer who endowed this Priory with divers 
■T Lands, and gave his Manner of Merton for the maintenance of four 
poor men in Diet and Aparcl, &c. Divers others were great Benefaftors, 
aroongwhom Peter de Rivallis Brother of the Founder then commonly 
call'd The Holy Man in the Wall: Alienora Wile of King Edward xhtl. gave 
divers PolTeflions for an Anniverfary, and for daily Alms to kyen poor Wi- 
dows, &*<:. Conf\rm'd by Margery de la ferte or Feritate Dmghtet of 324- 
William Briwer, and Coheir alter the death of Wdliam her Brother j Wd. 
luim Soa ol Reginald de Brm married Grace cldeft Daughter and Co-heir 325. 


,1^8 C A N o w s K E G u L A R Vol. .ll 

315. oHhislfiUiam Brewere, (torn whom ddccnded lour Daughters, married 
to the F.arl of Hereford, Cantelvw. Fitzherhert, and Morttmer. Tl.t Lftiite 
of tliefe Canons ur<s confirm'db) King John, An. 6. 

[Valued at I 4 /. 3 i. 5 «'• ob. per Aunnm.'] 



IT was found by Inquifltion 1 ^ 7<'^-"'- That Rolert Son of /Jo^rr/ riV 
BetloCampo founded and endow d thr Priory of Canons here dedicated 
to God, the bkiled /Wj/-y and Sti G<?<>r^f 5 fiving to the Patrons the hbtr- 
ty of appointing one to guard the Gate ot the faid Priory in tinae of Va- 
cation, and take care tliat the Goods of the fame be not wafted, the faid 
Guardian to have nothing but his fuftenence, and upon confirmation of 
a new Prior to retire. 

• t Valued at 127 /. a i. 4 f/. /x'r AnnHm^ 

w R o X T o N, /> fl))c(ojD(ljire 

Founded by Mailer Michael BeUt in the time of Hu^h Bifhop of Liti- 
cetft^ andbyi)im endowed with hisMannorsol Wroxton, where it 
was lounded, and Jhorpc near Roivell in tferthamptortfhtre. Confirm'd by 
King Heft, the III. with Liberties of Sac and Soc, &c. 

[Valued at 78 /. 13 ^. ^d. per AnmmJ 


^tj, DE PRATO, iitween North -Crey ke anti Burnham, in J^OjfOlfc 

Nf/0 I Z06. Robert de tJerford founded a Church here, which Rvkrt 
^ was principal Warden oi Dover Cajile under Hulertdc Burgo then 
Chict Julliceoffffg/dw// He alfobuilt a Chappel to the honour of St. 
■>2 8. ^'"■'*'''<"»''«' with an Hofpital for thirteen poor men, and four Chaplains j^ 
^ * andaMaftcr. After the death of the faid Founder, the faid Mallei aii(J^ 
his Brethren took the Habit of Canons Regular, and trom that tim|^ we re- 
called Prior and Canons. The Chappel and new ercfted Priory was de- 
dicated, An. 1 12 1. Alice Widow of the faid Rolert made feveral Orders 
for the Government of the faid Hofpital, amoag others that the Brethren 
^ip. who ihouldbe admitted into the faid Hofpital (hould at their entry pro- 
mife Chaftity, and Obedience to the Mafter, that none fliould have pro- 
perty. and that a Light (hould burn night and day in the Church. After 
that the faid Alice confirm'd with Warranty all the Lands and PofTcnions 
given to this Houfe, to the Canons for the lame. She at laft convcy'd the 
Advowfon and Patronage of this Priory to King Hen. the III. who made it 
an Abby, and confirm'd all their Pofleffions, i4». Reg. 15. 


Vol. If. of St. A u g li s t i n. 169 

A c o R N B u R. y, in j^ctefojUlbitc • 3 30. 

^TT^H E Lady Margery de L<icy founded this Priory for Nuns, and en- 
X dow'd it with the Forrell of Acornhury^ as was found by Inquifiiion, 
Jn.^g. H. ■\. which King in the fiftieth year of his Reign confirmed their 
Eftatc. C<7r/;m«e </(? £^9 Daughter of the Foundrefs gave certain Lands to 33'* 
thefe Nuns lor the finding of a Chaplain to celebrate daily in their Church 
for the Souls of her Anceftors, and in cafe the faid fervice (hould not be 
duly performed, then the Bifliop of //(?r(?/or^/ to compel the Priorefs and 
Nuns to the performance. Margaret Widow of Walter de Clifford gave 
her Heart to thefe Nuns, to be buried in their Church, and with her 
Heart, filteen Marks llerling, in Alms; this was by Deed dated, 1260. i>2. 
John de Brenfega.viz to xht Nuns of Cornelery the Kents oi ten (^Burgagid^ 
Boroughhoufes in Tettebiri, which Gift was confirm'd by William his 
Son, 18 E. I. 

[Valued at 6-j l.i^s: 2 d. ob. fer Annum J] 

BILSINGTON, in itetlt 


Founded /4m. 12 ^S. by John Manfel Provofl of Beverley, who endow'd 
it with certain Land ; w Bilfington, and granted that upon the death 
or the Prior, the Superior ana Convent fliould have the Cuftody of their 
own Houfe and all their PoflefTions, and might proceed to the Eleftion 
of a new Prior without Licenfe firft. obtain'd from any one. Some of the 
Lands ofthis Priory being; overflow'd by the Sea, King Edw, the III. granted ^,^^ 
the Canons Licenfe to drain, and include the fame with Walls according 
to the Law of the Marifn. This was after a writ of ad quoddampnum firft 
fued out and return'd. 

£Valucd at 81/. X s. 6 d. per /innum."] 

BRADLEY, in jdeiCCftettttW. 

^Ound^d by Rolert Bundy, it had but two Canons. Of later time, 
the Lord Scrope had the Patronage. 

[Valued at 20 /. 5 f. 4</. per Annum.'] 

o M I C H E L H A M, i» ^uffCJP. 

Founded by Gilbert de Jquila in honour of the Holy Trinity, for Ca- 
nons, and endowed with divers Lands, free Paftures, and Privilcdges 
in his Wood Grounds in Suffix. All which with other Lands given by ^2^^ 
many other Benefactors were recited ind confirm'd by King Edward the IL 
An. Reg. i^. 

[Valued at i5o /, iz s. 6 d. per Annum.] 



Canons Regular. Vol. H. 

35^. R A T L I N G C O P E, i« ^l^JOpQlitC 

LEwelin Prince of North Wales granted his Letters of Prote£bion to the 
Canons of this Houfe, to exempt them and theirs, from all Rapine 
and Depredation or any other moleftation by the bordering ^elch, and 
this was on the account of one Walter Corbet a Canon of this Houfe, his 

537. R A V E N s T o N, /« ^LmtoInOirrc. 


^Eter Chaceport Keeper of the Kings Wardrobe, having bought certain 
^ Lands here with the Advowfon of the Church, Hugh his Son and Heir 
iurrender'd them into the hands of King Hf^ry the III. who with them 
founded and endow'd a Priory of Canons, granting them to have the cU' 
ftody of their own Houfe in time of vacation, and not to be charg'd with 
- ,g^ any Suflentation or Penfionto any Clerk, Servant, ©c. or keeping any of 
the Kings Horfes. 

GLANNAUCH, in m^\Z^ 

Founded and endow'd by Lewellin Prince of North-Wales, Ah. izii. 
After him feveral other Welch Princes confirm 'd the Eftate and Pof- 
lelfions of the Canons of the Ifle of GlanKauch. So alfo did King £^11;. 
the L An. Reg. 25. 

339. c H E T w o D E, i« xucfeingj^amOjitc 

Founded by Robert Grofiefle Bifhop of Lincoln. Here was formerly a 
Hermitage and Chappel of the holy Martyrs St. Steven and St. Lau- 
rence^ founded by Sir Robert de ChetwoJe Knt. It was vulgarly called a 
Hermitage, not that it was the Habitation of a Hermit, but becaufe it was 
340- fituated in a folitary Place. This Priory was given with all its Poffeffions 
to the Abby oiNotteky, 1 E. 4. 

341- L A c o c K, i« miltfbm, 

P^O^^O'l^'^ t)y ^^'^ Widow of William Longafpata^ for Nuns,*among whom 
•■- file her felf took the Habit, An. 1236. and after became Abbels of 
this Houfe. T\x\sWilliam Longefpee was Son of King /^ewry the II. and 
¥:ax\o{ Rofmarznd Salisbury in Right of £/« his Wife, dtfccnded tirom Wal- 
ter de EwroHS, to whom King William gave the faid Earldom of Salisbury. 
3 42. The iaid Couniefs Ela founded two Monafteries in one day, viz. 16 Col. 
Maii^Anno. Dom. 1152 Namely Henton for -.Carthufmns, and this of La- 
cock for CanonefTes. The faid Ela became Abbefs here, An. 1 240. refign'd 
i4«. 1257. died iz6i. aged 74. 

[Valued a.t i6i I. ^ I, 2d. per Annum, ] 


Vol.. II. of St. AuGusTiii. xyi 

s E L E B u R N E, /« i^antlbtre 3^3, 

Founded by feter de Rupihus Billiop o^WiHcheJier, and by him cndovv'd 
with divers Lands and Cimrches, faviug to the Vicars of the Caid 
Churches a Sufficient (uftentation, the Prefentation to the faid Vicarages 
to belong to the Prior and Canons, 

K I R K B Y Beler, w )lc(wQctfl)<tC. 

ANao 13 EdivardX Roger Beler of Kirkeh founded a Houfe of one 
Cufios and 12 Chaplains to Celebrate in the Chappclot St. Peter at 
Kirkhy, and gave them the Advowfon of the faid Church, and theMan- 
nour o( Biickmiti^er. Fid inf. 246. 

[Valued a: I42 /. 10 s. id. fer Annum*'] 

K I R K B Y Belar. 

AN. 1316. Roger Beler was flainia Leicefler. After whofe death, his 
Widow with the alTent of his Son and heir tranflated the Chantry 
ot secular Priefts by him founded at iC?r^/y to the ufe of Canons Regular, 
of whom the firft Prior came from the Abby oi Olufione (Oujioft). 

The iflbe of Roger Btlar the firft Founder tailing, the Bilhopot tincolv, 
became Patron. 

More of k^SHB^nG. 

THe Lord Edmund Eirl of Cornmal, who founded this Houfe ofReli- 
gious Men call'd Bones homines, or Bonhomes, was buryed in the 
Church here, wherein was carefully preferved a fmall parcel of our Lords 
Bloud, with the heart of Thomas deCantilnpo Biftiop of Hereford the ho- 
ly ConfelTor, and other Reliques. 



A s H E R u G G E, iir ©ucWng^amaiite. 

EDmund Son o( Richard Kxx)g of the Romans and Earl of Cormv.jl, 
founded here a Houfe tor a Rcftor of Good men Brothers of the 
Church, in honour of the precious bloud of Jtfus Chriftihere were to be 
ao Brethren, of which i ? at lead to be Prietfs. For the maintenance of „ .^ 
thefe he gave divers Lands, PofTelfions, Liberties , and Priviledges, ^' 

among other things to be free and quit of all Tolls, ^c. and to be quit of 
Scutage as oft as it ftiould happen^ alfo to have the Cuftody of their own ^^^j 
Houfe on the death ot their Reftor, and Liberty to chofc another with- 
out prefcnting him to the Patron. Fid. infra. 

[Valued at 41 6 /. i6s. 4 / f «r Annum.'] 


Canons Regular Vol. If. 

R I G A T E, in ^ViXU^ 

SEems to be founded by fome of the Warens Earls oi Surrey, John de 
Warm Earl of Surrey relealcd to the Canons of this Houfe a Rent 
otigj. 4</. one plow-fbare, four horfe-ftiooes and nails, which the faid 
Canons ufed to pay yearly to hisAncellors for certain Tenements in /ffj- 
;47. gate, healfo granted to thefe Canons 46 x. 1 1 Amuat. for the Ccle- 
braieing one Made daily in his Caflle of Rejgate, for ever, 
r Valued at 68 /. i6 /. 8 </. . perJmum.j 


HALTEMPRisE, i» pojKCbtre. 

'TP'His Monaflery was firfl; founded and endow 'd at Cotthgham by 
I Thomas vfake,Lord of Lydel, with Licenfe of King Edw. II. Pope 
"p^ XXn. granted to the faid Thomas WakeWiCvty to tranflate the faid 
548 Monaftery from thence to Allemprife. The faid Thomas ff<?/ftf granted 
to the Canons, Regular of this Houfe feveral Mannours and Lands with 
, 40 Great Liberties of Leets, ^c. and Commons of Paflure, ^c. in pure and per- 
petual Alms, with general Warranty, John de Meaux of Bewyke by his 
Deed dated An. 1361 (" 31 Edward Ml.') gave to the Prior and Con- 
vent of this Houfe his Mannour of Willardby, &c. conditionally for fix 
Canons to celebrate for the Souls of him and his Anceflors, &c. Matins 
Mafle, Vefpers and Complin, S>c. and in the cafe of wo» performance of 
the Conditions his heirs to re-enter. 

[Valued at 1 00 /. o /. j i. ob. fir Annum^ 

BADLESMERE, i» Ifeetlt. 

King Edward U. An.i}. granted his Licenfe to Barthelmew de Bad- 
/efmere to io\ind and endow a Houfe of Canons Regular in his Man- 
nour of Badlejmere, with a Nm ohflante to the Statute of Mortmain. 

MAXSTOKE, in i©arlJoicfcfl)ite* 

Founded by William Clinton Earl of Huntington, in honour of the ho- 
ly Trinity, the BlefTed F'irgin,Sx.. Michael, and all the Saints, iorCa- 
^^^' nons Regular, viz. One Prior elective, and a Convent of twelve Canons. 
In whofe deed of Foundation, dated An. 1336, he appointed feveral Or- 
dinances relating to their habit, the Eleftion of the Prior, none to med- 
dle with the Cuftody ofthe Houfe in time of the Vacation but who the 
Superior and Convent ihall appoint, Of the quality of luch as are to be re- 
ceived for Canons, Ot the Number of Canons to be encreafed, astheRe- 
353- venue increafes, The Prior and Convent not to fell or grant any Cor- 
rodies or Penfions unleflTe compelled by inevitable neceffity. Of the Ac- 
compt, Of the founders Anniverfary, Ofthe number of MafTe?, That at 
■the end of every Office of our Lady the Prieft who Officiate fhall fay the 
Angelic Salutation, in manner following, Ave Maria, gracia plena Domi- 
nus tecnm^ Benedi^a tu in Aiulierilus ^ henedi^nsfruflus ventris tui JhefMS^ 
' ■ ' Amen. 

Vol. IL of St. A u G vi s T 1 a. 17^ 

Amen. Et benedi&afit veneralilis mater rua Anna, ex(iua tita Caro "jirgijiea. 
^ mmacttlataprocejjit. Amen. With Come other Orders^ all which were j^. , 
confirm'd by Roger Bi(hop of Coventry and Litchfield, An. 13^7. King * 

Edvo the III. granted his Licenfe to thefe Canons to exchange their Man* 
nor of Shujioke, for certain Lands in Maxfloke. 

f Valued 3187/, ij^. 5 d. ob. fsr Annum.'] 

BI S H A M, in loatUfbiW- 3>5- 

Founded by VVilliam de Monteacuto Earl of Sarum and Lord of Man^ 
and Djnheghe, who by his Deed dated /^«. 1338. endow'd the Ca- 
nons here with divers Lands, Churches, and Rents, and granted that up- 
on the death of the Prior, neither he nor his Heirs fhouid intermeddle with 
Cuftody of the Houfe, or any of their Poffeffions. King Henry the V. 35^. 
An. 8. gave Licenfe to Matilda Widow of John de Monteacuto Earl ot" 
Sarum., to remove the Bones of her faid Husband buried in the Abby of 
Cirencefier, to this Priory of Bujlle/ham and bury them here. 
[.Valued at iSj /. 11/. ob. per Annum."] 

FLANESFORD, i* J^etifojDCbite. 

Founded by Richard Takhot, in honour of God, St. Mary the Virgin, 
and St. John BaptiH, for Canons Regular, and by him endow'd with 
divers Lands and Pofleflions, which Lands being held of the King in 
Capite^ Ring Edw. the III. An. xo. granted his Licenfe for fo doing, 
[Valued at 14 /. Z s. <)d. per Annum.'] 

ED I N D o N, z/i miltOitte. 3^7. 

WlUiain de Edindon Bilhop of Winchcfler being born in this Town, 
founded in the Pariih-Church of Edindon a perpetual Chantry 
for Secular Chaplains, and endowed the lame with fufficient Revenues, 
but being afterwards minded to turn the fame to a Priory of Brethren ot' 
St. Augujiines Order called Boni homines (or Bonhomes) he laid the Founda- 
tion of a Monaftery, An. 1351. which was dedicated in honour of St. 
James the Apoftle, St. Catherine, and all Saints, by Rolert Biftiop oiSarnnt, 
An. 1 3 61. W'illiamde Edyndon the Founder died, /4». 1366. 
[Valued at 442 /. 9 ;. 7 d, ob. fer Annum.'] 

DERTFORD, i« *ent. 

Founded by King Edward the III. for Nuns of St. Augudines Order, 
living under the Care of the Friers of the Order of Preachers, and 
and by him endow'd with Lands and Revcnnes in Kent., and elfewhere, ., g 
they enjoy 'd alfo divers Houfes and Rents in London^ all which was con- "' 
firm'd to them to hold in Frankalmoine, by the Grant ot the faid King, ^^rj. 
dated in the fix and fortieth year of his Reign. King Richard II. 



Canons Regular. Vol. II. 

An- 8. granted to the Priorefs ^and Convent of this Houfe {Motiajieri- 
urn Siinrum Pr£clkatijjarum de Derford) the Manner o^ M.ijji»gham in Nor- 
folk with its Fairs, Markets, and Liberties, ^c for the findmg of one Chap- 
lain to celebrate in the Ghappelot the Infirmary ot this Hovife, and. for 
the Relief and Sullentation of the Sifters and Brethren in the faid Infir- 


QValued at 380 /. ^ s. ob. ftr Annum,} 

360. S Y O N, in 99tllWcfC]C. 


'Ounded by King Henry the V. An- Reg. 2. To the honour of the hply 
Trinity, the glorious Virgin Mary, the Apollles and Difciples of 
God, and all Saints, efpecially St. Briget, for iixty Nuns of which num- 
ber one to be Abbefs, of the Order ot St. Auguftin, and for five and twenty 
Rejigious Men, of which number thirteen to be Priefts, four Deacons, and 
CTghc Laymen, all to be under the Government of the Conftflbr. To live 
feparately, v/jt. TheNunaina part of theHoufe by themfelves, and the 
Confellor and Brothers in a part diftinft, chaftclv both in mind and 
body, according to the Regular Inftitute of St. Bridget. This Religious 
^^^ Houfe was founded in his Manner of //?^/tt»<>r/^ in the Vz.n^i oiTwjkenham^ 
^ ' near the Ti&^wej, »nd called by the name of/^<r Mottajiery o/ 5^ Saviour, 
afiJSt. Briget */Syon, of the Order of St. Auguftin: by which name or 
Title the (aid Abbefs and Nuns were enabled to purchafe Lands, to fue, 
and be fued. Matilda Newton was appointed the firfl Abbefs, and H^U- 
Ham AlnevDjk the firft Confeflbr. The faid King Henry the V. endow'd 
this Houfe with the Rent of one thoufand Marks to be paid yearly out of 
the E^cchequer, till he or his Heirs ftiould fettle Lands of that value. 
[Valued at 1751 /. 8 j. 4 </. ob. ftr A^num^ 

3^1- r^^Ome other Houles arc reckon'd of this Order, of which there remains 
O little or nothing ofnote but only their Names, which are Fbxton^ in 
Suffolk^ Hempton, in Norfolk'-, Wodeirigge, in Suffolk; Leyes, in EJ/ex:, Five- 
fcrofte, in Leiceflerffire', St. Join Baptifi at Exeter-^ Canonleghe, in Devonfhire-., 
Shelhrede, in SuQex-i Torpington, in Suffex--^ Merkehy, in Lincoln; Weftwde, 
Kenf-i St John^ Northampton. 


Vol. II. 175 

Hofpitals for the Infirme^ 

Of St, AuGQSTms Order, 

It was Decreed in the Council of Lateran, An. Vom. 1 179. 

That where a Number ofLeperous People are gather'cl to=» ^^'^^ 
gether in Community they fhall be permitted to enjoy to 
thcmlelves a Church, Church-yard, and Prieft of their own. 
But they mud take care that this be no ways injurious or jprf 
judicial to the Rights of Parifh-Churches. Yet fliall 
not the Leprous or Lazer-houles be compelled to pay Tithes 
of the increale of their own proper Cattle. 

Sf. L E O N A R D's Hofpkal, in ^ojft- ^67* 

\ A Nno Dont. 800. King Egbert in a Parliament at Winchejler, changM 
J^\^ the name of his Kingdom of Britain, into that of England. A. 934. 
Athejian fucceeding his Father King EJivarefihe elder in this Kingdom, he 
(uhtt'nnted Homel, King o( (Va/es, and 0«/?<?»//», King of Scotland, (aying, 
it vpas more glorioHi to wake a King than to he one. Which Ccnflantin (more Scot- 
torum perjurium non timens (the)' are the Authors words ) foon after rebell'd 
againlt him. and wafted the Northern parts about Northumberland. Here- 
upon King Atkelflan rais d an Army and in his Journey towards Scotland 
made his Supphcations to God for Vi6lory, at Bevetlay, Tork., and D/»r- 
bam; after which he overcame C"o»/?<i»//« 5 and imploring Almighty God 
to fliew fome token whereby the prefent and future Ages might know 
that the i'cor^ ought to be fubjeft to the Kings of England, he ftrook his 
Sword into a Rock of Stone near Dmhar Caflle, and made therein 
a galh of an EU deep, which remains Clays my Author)to this day. This King 
returning out o{ Scotland Yi^orxoui, did divers works of Charity, in par- 
ticular, he gave to the Clergy or Miniftersof the Church of St. Peter at 
Torky call'd Colidei, for the better Relief of the Poor, and Maintenance 
of Hofpitallity, certain Revenues, and a piece of Ground for ercftion of 
an Hofpital 5 which Hofpital when built was call'd the Hofpl- 
tal of St. peter, until the Reign of King Steven, who built there 
a Church in honour of St. Leonard, after which it was called the Hofpital 
oi Si. Leonard. King iVilliam Rftfus, King Henry thcl. King Ho/, the II. ,,5^ 
and others were Benefaflors to this Hofpital. Walter de Langton Mafler 170, 
of this Hofpital in the 22 E. i. made certain Orders for Government of 
the Brothers and Sifters in the fame, containing an cxaft dirediion how 
the Chaplains were to fpendtheday both in the Church and out of ir, in 
their Religious Offices, d'c. That the Lay Brothers Ihould not go beyond 
the Door of the Nave of the Church unlcfs in procclhons, that the Si- 37* 
fters have a convenient place appointed for th^m in the Church, that 



^^5 Hospital. Vol. IL 

neither any of them, nor the Lay-Brothers, go out of the Bounds of the 
Bofpital without leave, ^c. 

[Valued at 362 /. ix s- i<l- oh.fer Anntttn^ 

C A Pv M A N S Sptlle, in I^OjUftjlCe. 

372. TpOunded by one Acehorne in the time of King Alhelflan, for one Alder- 
IT man and fourteen' Brothers and Sifters, in the Town of Flixton. 
Defignedfor the Relief of Travellers that they might not be expofed to 
Wolves and other wild Beafts ofthe Woods ^ the (aid Founder endowing it 
with divers Poffeffions in Flixton, with common of Failure for twenty 
four Cows and one Bull, ©"c The Vicar of the Church of Folketon, in 
which Parifh this Hofpital wasfituate, was ufed yearly on the Feaft of 
St.Ardrew the Apoftle, to cellebrate a Solemn Mafs in the Chappel of 
this Hofpital j the Afliftants at which Mafs enjoy 'd feveral Indulgences. 
King /^fwr)' the VI. /!n.x$, confirm'd the Poffeflions and Liberties of 

373' this Hofpital naming it for the 'inmxtCarmans S^itell. 


5^ G R E G O R Y's Hofpital^ in CfllltCCbUrp. 

^Ounded by Lanfranc Archbifliop of Canterbury without the North- 
_ Gate ofthe City. -For infirm Men, and Women to live a part in 
leparate Divifions of the Hcufe. The faid Lanfranc built near this Hofpi- 
tal a Church in honour of St. Gregory the Pope, placing Canons therein 
374' who were to take care of the Souls ofthe faid Poor, and were to receive 
their Provifion daily from the Hofpital, thefe Canons were endow 'd with 
fair Revenues, which in the year 1384. were taxt or eflimated in the 
whole at 13 3 /. 1 5 j. Thefe Canons were at firfl Secular, as cftabliHit, by 
375'' Lanfranc^ but afterwards they were changed into Regulars by William 
Archbifhop of Canterhnry. 

[Valued at 121 /. x^ s. id. per AnnHm7\ 

BRACKLEY, i« i9ojtbampton(l)ite. 

ROkrt Earl of Mellent, who came into England with the Conqueror, 
founded this Hofpital, where his Heart was kept intire, preferved 
with Salt. An. 6 Hen. 5. Matilda Widow of John Lord Lovel granted 
her Mannor o{ Bagworth diXxd Thornton xn Leicefter(hire to certain Truflees 
and their Heirs, for them to grant to Thomas Coltone, and (everal others 
then Members of this Hofpital, Penfionsfor Life 5 and by another Deed 
dated 8 H. 5-. declared her Intention and Will to be to change this Ho- 
fpital into a Priory of Friers, Preachers, confifling of twelve and a Prior, 
the Kings Licenfe being firfl: obtain'd ; after which the faid Truflees to re- 
enleofF her or her Heirs with the faid Mannor, or convey it to them back 
again. Vid. FoL 3./. 83. 


Vol. II. Hospitals. 

St. JULIAN Sfiear .J/. Albans, /« i^rtrfOjDCbiW. 375. 

TH E Church and Hoiikoi^St.JuliaH near EyewoJe was founded for 
Lazaresi by Gaufridus Abbot of St. Allans with the advice and con- 
fent of his Convent, and endovv'd with divers Tithes and parcells of 
'I'ithtsinSx..Alhans,Bradervey, and elfewhere. Confirm'd by King^^rji 
the II. For the Government of thefe Brethren feveral Orders were made, g^^. 
as that their Habit ftiould be a Tunick, and Supertunick of plain Ruf- 
fit, that they fliould be fingle, or if married to feparate from their 
Wives, both parties being willing ; that no Woman fliould enter into the 57$. 
Houfe except the common Laundrefs, or a Mother, or SiHer, to vifit 
their Relation when fick with Licenfe of the Cufios^ that every Brother at 
his adraitance fliould make Oath to obey the Abbot of St. Albans and his 
Archdeacon, &c. 

R I p p o N, i« i^ojftQjire 3 80. 

FOund by Inquifitioo, that it was founded by Thurftan Archbifliop 
o^Tork, for the Relief of Poor and Leprous People. Endow'd with 
Revenues given at firfl: to certain Sifters who lived here, wherewith to 
find a Chaplain to celebrate in the faid Hofpital, and to relieve all fuch 
Leperous People, who, being born in Ripfchire, ftiould repair tothisHoufe, 
where they were to receive one Garment called Bak, and two pair of 
Shooes per Annum, and every day to each man one Loaf, half a Flagon of 
Ale, &c. Which faid Sifters being dead, the Archbifliop that then was gave 
the Hofpital to the Pofleflion and Government of a Mafter and certain 
Chaplains, but in time Leperous People decaying, in the ij £. 3. there 
were neither Brothers nor Sifters in this Hofpital, otherwife it remain'd 
as it ought. FiJ. Vol. 3-/>. 89. 

St. GILES, in the Suburhs of KLOtlDOtt- 

QUeen Maud Wife of King Henry the I. built on the Weflfide of 
, London a Houfe for the Relief of Leperous People, with an Oratory, 
and call'd it the Hofpital of St.Giles. It was endowed with feveral Re- 
venues by the faid Queen and others, all which were confirmed by her 
Grandfon King f^enry the II. Fid. inf. p. 400. 

5/. M A R Y of Bethelem without Biftiopfgate, in the Suburbs of 


Simon FitzMary Cittlzcn of London, having an extraordinary adeftion 
to the memory of the Incarnation and Nativity of our Saviour which 
was wrought in Bethelem, gave all his Lands in the Parifh of St. Butolph 381. 
without Bijhopfgdte, to 4 Church of St. Mary of Bethelem by him there 
feredcd. and fortheinftituting of a Priory of a Prior, Canons, Brcihreh 
»nd Sifters, to live according to the Rule and Order of tlie Church of 

A a St. 


Hospitals. Vol. IL 

St. Mary at Bethekm, all which were to wear the Sign of a Star on their 
outward Garment 5 this Priory was alfo for the reception of the Bifhop of 
Bethekm, or any of the Canons or others belonging to tliat Church when 
they Ihould come into England, to which Bilhop as a fign of Subjeftion, 
this Priory was to pay a Mark yearly at the Feaftof Eajler in nature of a 
Rent. The Deed of Foundation and Endowment of this Houfe by the 
faid Sim>» Fitz Mary bears date, An. 1147. 

383. St, M k^ Y's Hofpital without Bifliopfgate, at JdonHOtl. 

"OOunded by Walter Brun Citizen of London, and Reifia his Wife, on i 
^ a parcel of Land given for that purpofc by Walter Fitz Aldred Alder- 
man, and endowed with divers parcells of Land and Events of Tenements 
in feveral Pariflies in and about London. 
i^S- A Compofition was made between John Witing Re£lor of the 

Church of St. Butolph without Bifhopfgate, and Godefrey then Prior; 
and the Canons, and Brethren of this Holpital, about Parochial Rights; 
containing, that the faid Prior fhould pay to the faid Reftor, in lieu of 
Tithes and Offerings for the territory and fpace of Ground belonging tohir 
Priory, 10 J. yearly, at four quarterly Payments; in all other their Landj 
without the (aid Bounds Tithes to be paid; the faid Prior and Canons to 
admit no Parilhoner of the faid Church to make oblation, or pay any 
Right that is due to the Parifli Church, nor to be buried with them, un- 
lefs the Parifh Church be firft fatisfied, and for the Performance hereof the 
faid Prior made Oath before the Bilhop of London.^ and fo were all his 
Succeffors to do. The firft Stone of this Hofpital was laid by Walter 
Atchdtzconoi London, A». 119 j. 

[Valued at 478/. 6 s. 6 d. per Jimum.'] 

^86. 5/. B A R T L E M E W S Hofpital in the Suhurh o/)!Lotrt)Ot|. 

TNG /if<?«ry the I. granted and confirm'd to the Prior and Canons 
of St.Bartholomivs and to the Poor of the Hofpital belonging to that 
Church, very great Liberties, (Et liheram ejfe fcut coronam meam) whofe 
^87. Charterbearsdate^w. 1133. {z^ H. i.) This Hofpital was founded for 
the receit of all poor infirm People, till fuchtime as they fhould be cured 
of their Infirmities, and for the lying in of poor Women, and maintenance 
of their Children (in cafe the Mothers fliould die in Childbed in the 
Hofpital^ till the faid Children be feven years old. On this Account King 
Edward thtlW. freed the Maflcr, Brethren, and Sifters, of this Houfe, from 
being taxt to the Publick Taxes of that time. 

[Valued at 305 /. 6 s. 7//. per Anmn^."] 


388. St. I N N O C E N r S T/ear timoln 

Founded by King Henry theL for ten Lepers and a Warden, utth 
two Chaplains and a Clerk, and endowed with feveral Rents, dc 
as appeared by Inquifition in the Reign of King Edward the III. at which 


Vol. II. Hospitals. ij^. 

,mt^ — ■ c 

trme there was here, nine Brethren and Sifters, and but one of thofea 
Leper, and he taken in not of Charity, but for loo s. paid for his entrance; 
Jiere were alfo fcven Women taken in for money, contrary to the fii (t 
Inftitution. King Hfw/^ the VI. An.-^S- granted this Hofpital and all 3^9- 
the Revenues thereunto belonging, alter the death of the then Warden, 
to William Sa//*?* Mafter of the Order of Burton, St. Lazarus, Warden of 
the Hofpital of St. Giles of Lepers without Z-o«^o», and to the Brethren of 
the faid Order and their Succeilbrs, for the finding and maintenance of 
three Lepers of the Kings Hou(hcld Servants, if any fuch fliallbe, ^c. 

illefoud, 7«ecrejc. 390. 

THis Hojpitdlwas Founded by the Abbefs and Convent of Barking for 
thirteen Leperous Brethren, two Chaplains, and a Clerk. For 
Whofe Regular Government Ralph de Baldock Bifhop of London made Cer- 
tain Orders, viz. That the Lepers were to be chofen out of the Demcaf»s 
of the Abby of Barking if any fuch there. That the Abbefs prefent to one 
J)lace, and the Matter and Brothers to the next alternately, Thatnognar- 
ried Leper fliall be adm'itted unlefs the Wife is minded to vow Chaftity, 
That every Brother fhall conftantly frequent the Divine Offices at the 31^1. 
Church unlefs hinder'd by Sicknefs, &c. That no Woman be admitted 
to enter the faid Hofpital^ unlefs the Abbefs, near Relations to vifit 
when Sick, or the Common Laundrefs, and that at open day, That no 
Leper fliall go abroad without fpecial Licenfe, That the Abbefs fhall ap- 
point the Matter of the faid Hofpital^ That every Leper (hall at his recepti- 39?. 
on make Oath to live chaftly, to be obedient to the Abbefs and Convent 
of Barkings to have nothing in propriety, &c. Which Orders bear date 
An. Dom. 1346. 

[Vdued at 1 6 /. 1 3 ^ 3 </. per An7nm7\ 

St. P E T E a S in the City of ^OJfe- 

"IT'Ing Henry. \. gave and confirm'd to the Bofpital of St. Peter at Tork 
■*^ divers Lands by him,and Euflachius Fitz-John, and ot!icrs,granted toge- 
ther with divers Liberties, as Sac & Sec, Tol & Them, t^c. and as a more 
efpccial Mark of his favour to this Houfe took to himfelf the name of a Bro- 
ther and Warden of the fame (^F rater enim (£j Cuflos ejufdem Domus Deijttm) 393. 
The Like did Ring Henry III. and King John. Their PoflblTions were . 
alfo confirm'd by king Henry 11. and Ring Edward I. Other Bcnefa£tors 394, 
were William de Fortihs, Earl of Alhemarl, Several of the Percys, and 395. 
Moubrays, &c. _^__ . 

St. MARY MAGDALEN at Colchefter, wCffe.r 19^- 

Founded by Eudo Senefchal of King Henry I. by tiut Rings Command. 
King Richard \. granted to the Lepers of this Hofpital i fair two days 
yearly, "vh. on the K/^i/ and day of St. Mary Magdalen. 

A a a Sf. 

iSo Hospitals. Vol. II 

Sf. JOHN, and St. Leonard, at Akshury, /« 13UCKing^aml|lice. 

Founded andendow'd by Robert Ilhale, Rolert atte Hide, &c. for the 
maintenance oi'Leperous and ether poor People oi Aylesbury :C.ov\^tm'd 
by King //<r/?/;)r I. and King //<?A?r; M. Thefe were two Ho/pita/s. That 
ot St. John valued at ^ 3 s. 4 d. per Anmm^z.nd that of St. Leonard ^x. 20 s.per 
Jmmm. Butit was found by Inquifition, ^^ Edward. III. that for eleven 
3'ears before, they were boih decay'd, and their Poffefiions come to the 
hands ofLaymen. 



BURTON Lazers, in JLcfCCCerCbirC. 


""Ounded for Leperous people by Eo^r de Moulray, and deJIcatecI to 
God, St. Mary, and St, Lizerus oi Jertifalem, and byhimeadow'd 
with divers Lands in Burton. Nigellns de Mouhray granted to this Hou(q 
the Tith of all the Meat and Drink of his Family wherever he (hould in-; 
habit, and charged his Heirs diligently to perform the fame. William de 
598. Eurdefgi.'jQ. to Burton St. Lazarus^ and the infirm Brethren of Jerufalem^ 
the HoTpital of Tilton, and the Church of Loufehy, &c. Sir John Dighy 
3^^' Knight, and Tkurhert de Rochehi, &c. were alio Benefaftors. Confirm'd 
by King Henry II. and King J<?/j». KxngEdward III. granted to theMafter 
and Bretjbrenof ^t. Lazarus oijerufalemxn England, Founded for Lepers, 
and Souldiers that fight againft the Enemies of the Crofs, to be free and 
quit of all Tenths, Tallages, and other Aids and Contributions granted or 
to be granted to the Ring and his Heirs, 

[Valued at 265 /. 10 j. 2 d. oh -fer Annum.'^ 

^cic. ^/. G 1 L E S, without lonHOH. Sup. p.. 381. 

KING Edward the III. An. 27. at theRequeft of the Maflerofthe 
Order oi Burton St. Lazarus m England, and in confideration oftlie 
Releafeofa yearly Rent of forty Marl<s formerly granted out of the 
Exchequer^ to the faid Mafter and Brethren of that Order, granted to the 
faid Brethren and their SuccefTors the Cuflody of the Hofpital of St. Giles 
without Loiidon. 

Y A R U M, i« ^OJ^feCbl'te- 

Tj^Ounded by Alan de Wilton, whogave tothisHefpitaK- divers Lanrfy 
401. . ^^^ooto" to hold at the yearly Rent of two Marks, alfo other Lands 
m/J^rf'//ift?«,fbrthemaintenanceofthree Chaplains in the faid Hofpital 
and thirteen poor people. The fame Ahn did afterwards grant this Hofpi' 
taland all its Appurtenances in pure and, perpetual Aims, to the Canons- 
oi Helagh-Park. The like grant M'as made to the faid Canons by Peter de 
Brus, which Peter deBrus gave'divers Lands to the Brethren cf thi"* Hofpi- 
tal, vyith free grinding in all his MiHs, and free Pafture for alltheir pro- 
per Cattle, in his Land. ^ 


Vol. IL B o s p 1 T A L s. i8i 

St. {AMES near OLUftmmftec 

TH E Mafter oF thcHofpltal of Sc, James neur Wefimnjler being fjm-. 
mond 'm-:i Quo i^'ur anto^ X2 E. I. appear'd and pleaded,, that King 
Henry the III. granted to the Lepcrous Women of 6t. James without 
London, near iVeJlmiHjlcr, their Lands then given, or to be given, to be 
held with 5flf, and 5^^', Thi and Tbem-^ and that King £^wW the I. 
granted thcrti a Fair yearly on the Vigil, day, and Nforrow o'l St James, 
and for four days foUo^ving, ^ profert, &c. iJeo ^udithis Magijier^ quoad 
hoc fine die. Sec. 

TANREGGE, 7«^mrcr. 40: 

ODo Dammartin gave to God and the Hofpital of St, James in his YW- 
hgtioi Tanregge, and to three Priefts there ferving God, certain 
Lands, ©c lor the maintenance of Infirm and poor People, and Travellers, 
he alfo gave them ias Rel? :ks, two Silver Cups (&r the making a Chalice, 
with all theVeftments. Books and other Furniture of his ownGhappel. 
[Valued at 78 I. 8 s. 10 d. oh.per Annum^ 

.Sr. J O H N B A P T I S T 4* Stamford, in jdmCOltlCbice. 

TH I S Hofpital dedicated to St. John Bapli^ and Sc. Thomas the Mar- 
tyr, confifting of a Mailer and Brethren, was founded by one 
Syivard; amongother Benefadors were /^/c-/'(7r</</<? llumez md Bertram de 
f^erduH who gave part of a Meadow lying near the Bridge towards the 
IvV/'/^5 wherein to build a Church and make a Cccmitery. Confirm'd by 
King Richard I. and by Pope Alexander. It was fituated at the end of 
Stamford-Bridge, on the South'fidej for the Reception of Travellers and aq. 
poor People. 



ING Henry the II. confirm'd divers Lands to this Hofpital and to 
the Brethren here ferving God. 

scARDEBuacH, in i^ojKdji're. 

*HK Hofpitalsof St. Nicholas, and St. Thomas the Martyr, were e- 
_ refted by certain Burgefles of Scardehurgh, and were both under 
the Infpeftion of the BaylifS and Burgefles ot that Town,&'c-. as was 
found by Inquifuion, An. 26 Edw. the I. 



i82 Hospitals. Vol. \t. 


40 7. 

St. GILES, wrthout ^J^jetDiSburi?. 

KING Henrj/ the IL granted tot^ePoorof this Houfea Rent of 301. 
out oi IvsVavm o^Shrop/hire. King Henry the lU. granted them out 
of every Sack of Corn coming to Shrewshurj Market, a handful of 
both hands, and out of every Sack of Wheat a handful of one hand, alfo 
aHorfe-load ofdea^ Wood daily in his Wood cali'd Linewood^ fortheii 



'i R S T founded by Adam de Cherrings in honour of the bleffed Mar- 

_^ tyrs St. 5f<?i;e«, and St. Thomas Archbilhop of Canterhwry., and by him 

endow 'd with Lands, Rents, and Pofleffions lor the maintenance of cer- 

tain Lepers, and one Chaplain. But in procefs of time this Hofpital ba^ 

coming decay'd and neglefted, by reafon, chiefly, that no Lepers could be 

found to inhabit here for' many years, '^ohn Frmceys Patron of this Hofpi. 

tal. An. 37. Edward the IIL in order to revive and reftore the fame, made 

divers Orders, viz. That in lieu of the Lepers that ufed to be here, there 

.(^^ Ihould for the future be two Priefts to celebrate for the Founders and 

* Benefaftors, one of which to be Cuftos or Mafter, to be inftituted and 

indui^ted by the Archbifhop of Canterhury, and to be Refident, whicli 

two Priefls Ihall celebrate daily in the Chappel of this Hofpital^ 

Matins, and the Canonical hours j that upon the death of the Cuftos, the 

Patron to prefent another to the Archbifhop of Canterhiry to be admitted 

' Cuflos, within the fpace of two Months, or in default of the Patron, the 

Jurates of the Town of Romenale, or the major part of them, dfc. 

St. BARTHOLMEWS without ©]Cfojl>. 


^H|E following Orders were made in the Parliament at Lmcoh, 
_ An. 9. Edward theXl. That there fhould be fix infirm Brothers of 
this Hofpital, and two found Brcthers to labour about the Affairs of the 
Houfe, each of whkh eight, to receive 9 </. a Wcekj that there fhould 
be a Prieft to be the Mafter of the faid Hofpital to (ay Mafs daily, and :td 
adminifter the Sacraments to the Infirm, his Salary fix Marks perAmiim. 
Queen Margaret Widow of Edward the L was during her Life Patronefs 
and Vifitor, and after her death the King or bis Chancellor. The faid 
. g King Edward the«. An.i^. granted his Licenfe,. the former Ordina- 
^ ' tion non ohjlante, for the Mafter and Brothers of this Hofpital to admit 
"John Serthe into the next void Place, the faid John having givent 
eighteen Marks, to the Repairs of the Chappel, then ruinous. 


Vol. 11. H o s i' I T A L s, 189 

MAIDEN-BRADLEY, /« 2Btlt(birC. 

MAnftrus hyfet^ a Baron, did firft inftitute this Houfe for Lepsrous 
Women, and appointed there certain Secular Priefls, who he n^i- 
mtd Curators of the Women. Hubert ^\1ho^ oi Salishur)/ tranflated thofe 
Priefts into Canons Regular. The Church of Kiderminjier was appropri- 4C$>. 
ated to this Houfe, by Roger Bilhop of Worcejler, after the death of Ro- 
hert then Parfon. This Manferus, or Manafferus B\fet w« Dapifer, or Sew- 
er, to King HcnryW. King Henry III. confirra'd the feveral Lands and 
PolTelfions given to the Leperous Siflers Qi\Maiden.Bradilegh^ and to the 
Prior and Brethren there. 

[Valued at i8o/. los. ^d. per jinn um.^ 

St. T ROM AS of Aeon, in ^lOllllOt)- 411, 

King Edw. III. A. 14. confirm'd to the Mafter and Brethren of this Ho- 
fpital divers Lands, Tenements,and Rents in London, and eifewhere. 
as H^ejihame, Stratford, Bromley, and Stepney, Sec. Jeffrey Fitz- Peter Earl 
of Ejjex granted ro the Brethren of this Hofpital of St. TAontas the Mar- 
tyr of Aeon, theCuftody of the Hofpital of St. John Evangetifi at Ber- 
chamjfede. ^ j 2^ 

Anno z^. Heney the VI. John 1^ eel then Mafter, and his Brethren 
of this Houfe, exhibited their Petition in Parliament, fetting forth, that 
Thomai Son of Theobald de Belles, and Agnes his Wife, Sifter of St. Thomas 
the Martyr Archbilhop o^ Canterbury, gave to the Mafter and Brethren 
of this Houfe then being, all the Land with the Appurtenances fomctimes 
belonging to Gilbert Beekit Father of the faid St. Thomas, in which Land 
thefaid Ma'rtyr was born, to make there a Church in Worfhip of God, 
theblefTed Virgin, and the faid Martyr, which Lands lye in the Pariih 
of St. Mary oiColchirche in London, that the Endowment of tlie faid Hofpi- 
tal was enlarg'dby King/7(?/?r;the III. ^«. 51. in which houfe have al- 
waysbeen, ever fince, a Mafter and Brethren profefting the Rule of St. 
Aujiin, and Priefts and Clerks to the number of twelve or more, that of 
old time this Houfe hath been difpoiled, and great part of their Evidences 
loft and deftroyed, they pray therefore that his Majefty by the aftent of 
the Lords Spiritual and Teraporal.and by the Authority of this prcfent Par- 
liament would ordain, ftablifh and approve, that the Mafter and Brethren 
of the Houfe or Hofpital of Si. Thomas the Martyr of Acres in the City of ,ai j. 
London, may by that name plead and be impleaded, purchafe Lands, have 
a Common Seal, andchoofe their own Mafter, prefenting him to tljfc 
Ordinary, and that they maynotbecharged withany CorrodyorPenfion, 
and that their prefent Lands and PoflefTions may be confirm'd to them ^ 
all which was granted as de fired, by the King, with the advice and aflent 
of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons in that Parliament, 
and by Authority of the fame. 

[Valuetl at 277 /. } ^ 4 «i per Annum.] 




Hospitals. Vol. IL 

St. JOHN BAPTIST at Lynn, i» JSojfOlfe. 

Founded by V I fl^tel Son oitht Nun of Scerzuges, and by himendow'3 
with a parcel of Land in £/»», to hold in pure and perpetual Alnis. 
The Mayor and Burgefles of Linn did ufe to prefent and eftablilh the 
Mafterand Warden of thisHofpital, till the time oi John oi Ely Bilhop 
qT Norwich, 

[^Valued at 7 /. 6 s. tld. fer Jnnum.'] 

St. MAKY MAGD ALEN S^? Lenne. 


''Homas de Cant, and Rohert Winchelfey Archbifliops of Canterlury, in 
their Vifitations, and Veter the Chaplain, the Founder, made feveral 
Orders for the Government of thisHofpital ; as, that any Brother being 
a detraftor or vexatious to the reft to be puniftit by the Prior and Brethren, 
and if incorrigible to be expell'd 5 founded with a Church and Coemitary 
for twelve Brothers and Sifters, fome found, and fome infirm, witha 
Chaplain; to dwell in the Houfe, the infirm not to come into the Chan- 
cel, Cellar,' Kitchin, orCurtelage, nor to intermeddle with the Offices of 
the Houfe, to have a Common Seal, Sic. All the Brothers and Sifters to 
have equal Portions in the Revenues with the Prior, if any of the lnfirrr» 
withdraws himfelf for one month, his Salary for a year to be forfeited, if 
for a year, he to be expell'd; a general Chapter to be held yearly the 
next day after the Feail of St. yWary yy<srg^'«/e«, &c. Which Orders were 
'' ratified and confirm'd by William de Turhus Bilhop of Nomichy Ann» 
Dom. 1174. 


ROger Archbifliopof Tork, and other Archbifhops of that See were Be- 
nefaftors to the poor Sifters of this Hofpital dedicated to St. Mary 
Magdalen, all confirm'd by Thomas Archbifliop of Torh, /^». 1 501. Which 
with many other PofTeffions by others given were all recited and confirm'd 
by King Edward \ht HI. An. i. 

Hi 7. -s^ M A R G A R E T s', ^/ ^untingtJoti. 

SEemsto be founded by Malcolm King o^ Scotland, who gave to the In- 
firm of this Hofpital, Lands, and Rents, fo did I(ahel de 5w,Davgh- 
ter of Earl David j Roiert de Brus, Son of the faidT/^M Lord of aZh- 
dale gave them divers Tenements in CunyngtonCy with v\tv/ ai Frank ■ 
fledge to be held there twice per Amum, viz. after Eajler, and after Mi- 
chaelmafs, with fmall Courts to be held there at their Will as oft as expe- 
dient. The like Grant hy Bernard de Bruys, all which was confirm'd 
to the Mafter and Brethren of this Houfe by Ring Edvo. Ill An. ' 



Vol. if. Hospitals. i^^ 

HORNECHIRCHE, in efffjC. 41! 

TH E Mafter and Confraters of the Hofpital of Hornchurch were re- 
movable at the Will of the Mafter ofthe Hofpital of Sr, Bernard de 
Mottte in Savoji , to which Hofpital this was only a Cell, having no 
Common Seal of their own, nor power to fue or be fued. 

HERBALDOUNE, /« j&«nt 

pOunded by King HcKryll. whoaffigned to the Lepers of this Hofi 
-■- pital a Rent of twenty marks />er AMnum out of his Revenue of Can- 
terhury, till fuch timcasheaffigns them other Provifions in Churches or 
Rents elfewherc. 

[Valued at lofl. 7 j. 2 d. per Annum.-] 

S/. SEPULCHERS^j/ Hedon in pof^WfiXi. 

ALanSon of 0«^fr««j gave a parcel of Land to God and the Lepers of 
St. Sepulchres at Hedon ^ Alexander de Thuneflal zndi many others 419. 
were '5eneta6lors to this Hofpital, all whofe Gifts were recited and con- 
firm'd by King Edw. tliell. ^«. Reg. 19. 

H A VERING, i» (£Cfe)C. 420. 

KING Henry the IL gave the Church of Havering to the poor Bre- 
thren ofthe Church oi Si. Bernard de Monte Jovis. Confirm'd to 
them with other Lands by King Richard the I. and King Henry the III. 
An. 37- 

ELLESHAM, in tillCOlnflbwe. 411. 

THIS Hofpital, begun by Beatrix, and finiflit and confirm'd by 
Walter de AmnndevH, was by him conferr'd upon Canons Regular, 411. 
to whom he gave divers Lands and Churches, for the maintenance of Ho- 
fpitality and Suftentation of poor People. Confirm'd to the Canons by 
Johnson o{ William de Dyve, An.Dom. 1x77. The abovefaid Walter 4^3 • 
de Amundevile became a Canon here, and was here buried- The Hofpi- 
tallers of Jerufalem having by fraud obtained this Houfe from the then 
Patron, were by Letter from Pope Alexander, made to rclinquifli their 

([Valtted at 70 l.oti Sd.jxr Annum!] 

B b St. 

i8/> H 6 s P 1 T A L Si Vol. il: 

St. MAR. Y's ai Dover, /» licnt* 

Founded by Hukrt cle Burgo Earl of Kent. King i^V^ry III. ^». 1 1, 
granted to the Brothers and Sifters of this Hofpital theTithof all 
profitsarifing from the Paflage of the Port of Dover, to hold to them and 
their Sacctttors in FraKkalwoigtt. The fame King, ^». 15. granted them 
a yearly Rentof lo /. at the teaft ol St. Michaelio te paid out of the profits 
of hisPortof£><?x'fr, befide the tith above mention'd. Fid. Tol. 3./*. 86. 

424- CONYNGESHED, in ImttiMU 




'Illiam de Lancafter gave to God and St. Mary and to the Brethren 
of this Hofpital, all Cctiyngjiktved , and divers other Lands, 

4^5* Pofleflions, and Commons of Pafture , ^c. He alfogave the Canons of this 
Houfe the Advowfon of the Houfe of Lepers of St, Leonard at Kirkehy in 
Kendale, &c. Divers other Bencfaftors gave Many Lands and parcels, all 

417. which were recited and confirm'd by King Edward \l. An. 12. Magms 
King of Man and the Iks, by his deed dated An. Dom. 1x5-5. granted to 
the Prior and Convent of this Houfe that their Ships and Goods (houidbe 
free from toll , and all other demands and Cuftoms, throughout all his 

6"^. } O JH N Baptift, at CotJCtltCp. 

LAurence Prior of Coventry^ and the Convent there granted the Scitc 
of this Houfe.and the apurtenances,in perpetual Alms tor the Receit of 
Poor and infirm people. And this was at the petition oi Fd^md Arch- 
deacon of Coventry. Confirm'd by Richard Archbilliop of Canterbury 
and by Bullof Pope/;/c«^ri«jin, dated, y4». hit. King i/f^ry III. An. ^s- 
granted to the Brethren and Sifters of this Hofpital liberty and protedlion 
by themfelves or Meflengersto ask, gather, and receive A.lmes abroad, fcr 
Releif of their Houfe, for the fpace of feven years. An. Dom. 1425-, Ri- 
chard Crosby being then Prior ofthe Cathedral and Regular Church of 
the Blefled Mary of Coventry, and Thomas Everdcn Mafter or Cuftos of 
this Hofpital, Several Orders were made for the Government of this Houfe, 
containing, That the Prior and Convent aforefaid ftiaU be accounted 
Founders of this Hofpital, and frf'wwW formerly Archdeacon of Coventry 
Principal Benefaftor, that the Mafter of the Hofpital be Subje£l to the Pri- 
or, who is to have the placing, Creation, and reception of the faid Maft- 
er and all the Brethren and Sifters, that the faid Prigr and his Succtflbrs 
may Vifit in the faid Hofpital once a year, attended with eight perfonson- 
A.,Q^ ly, the Mafter to make Oath of Fidelity to the Prior at his admiflion, the 
Brothers and Sifters a Promife in Writing fign'd and Seard,.Tlie Mafter 
to be in Priefts Orders, the Habit of the Mafterand Brothers to be of 
Dark Colour fign'd with a black Grolle, and on their Mantles alfo a black 
Crofte 5 without which habit they ought not to appear abroad. The 
Mafter to hold Chapter every Frjday, or however once a week, The Di- 
vine Offices 10 be devoutly celebrated in the faid Hofpital at the ufual hours 
Secundum nfumfurunt, The Lay Brothers and Sifters that are iilerate to lay 



AT COVENTRY Vcl.~P..i.2.8 

Vol.. I[» Hospitals. 187 

inftead o^Muthis thirty Paters^ and as many Aves^ with the Creed, and 
for every of the other hours feven, But thofe Brothers that have learning, 
JTufficienr, to fay the Office of theBlciled r/rg/wjTheSidcrs to bcakva>s 
intent and Solicitous aboutthe Care and Service of the Infirm in the laid 
ilofpital. The Common Seal to be kept under three K.eys, one to remain 431 
with the Mafler, the other two with the Senior Brother and Sifter, 
"That the Mafler ihill pay predial Tithes to the Prior, but not ot Cattle nor 
Wood, That the laid Hofpital Ihall have a free Sepulture for thofe who 
choofe to be buried with them, ^c. 

[A^alued at 8 3 /. 5 i. 3 ^. ftr Annum.~\ 

B K U G W A L T E Pv /•« ^\imxiiWu, v 432. 

F Dundedhy fVilliam Brieiverr, for thirteen poor People, beHde Religi- 
ous men , and Travailers. Several Churches being ot the Ad' 
vowfon of the Mafler and Brethren of this Hofpital of St. John Baptift at 
Brudgwulter^ were appropriated hereunto by the BiHaop of Batb and Wells 433' 
and the Bilhop of £xf/fr, An. 1184. The Patronage of this Hofpital 
coming to the handsof the Lord<('^/<j-2o«c^ein Cuftody of King Henry VI. 
by realbn of his Nonage, that King granted his Licenfe to the Prefident 
and Brethren of this Houfe to eleft a New Mafter, on the death of the 

[Valued at 120 /. ip j. i ^. ob. pr Annum.~\ v 


IT was found by Inquifition, 14 Edward W. tliat Radulf le Strange 
Founded and endow'd this /i^^i^^j/ in honour ot thebleffed Trwitj,i[\c 
Virgin, and St. JohnBaptifl-,Yrom which Ralfle Strange did lineally defcend 
John Talbot^ created firft Earl Salisbury of that name. And it was tlien 434; 
turther found that the name of Cuflos of this Hofpital v\ as in Procefs of time 
changed to that of Prior. 

[Valued at 4 /. per Annum''] 

St. J O H N'S in the City of aUHlS- 

Flrfl: Founded by Hugh Bifliop o'l Lincbln. Jofdin BiQiopofB^j/^, and 
Sir Edmund Lyons were Benefaftors. Thefe were fo bountiful to this 
Hofpital, that at firft this Houfe had two hundred marks ot annual Rents. 

f Valued at 40/. or: 2</. oh fer Annum ] 

STRODE, iniient. 

■pOunded by Gilbert Bift^ppof /?oc/;<r/?<rr, for the Receit of Poor, Weak 
^ and infirm People, as well known, as Strangers, and Travellers, and 
for their releif with Bed, Meat, and Drink, till they cither die or depart 
in health , The Mafter or Governour of which Houlc by the name and title 

B b 2 of 

[88 Hospitals. V o l. li. 

DUcotwmtiSf he appointed to be a Regular, and to have with him at leaft 
twoPnefls to celebrate daily two Mafles. The faid Biihopendow'd this 
425- F/ofpital with divers Churches and Tithes &c. All which Revenues were 
7,^ coiifinn'd by the Prior and Convent of y?<>f/^e/?fr, Hubert Archbiihopof 
^" Cavierlury, aOd lling Richard the fir ft. \/\ hole Several Deeds were all Re- 
cited and confirm'd by King f^wWlIf. An. 6. hy JnfpexintHS. The fame 
"^ 5 '^' King Edward \\{. An. 1 6. granted his Licenfe to Mary of St. i'WCountefs 
of Vembroke to grant licr Mannour of Strode to any Houfe of Religious 
Men or Women, already built, or to be built by her, wkha No» c^Jiante 
to the Statute of Mortmain. 

[Valued at fa Z. 9 5.-10 «?. ob. fer Annum.'] 

S H I R E B U R N E, in the Bifhoprick of 5^Ur^am. 

Founded and endow'd with Lands and Churches by HughJe Pmeaca 
C or Pudfey) who placed there Leperous People colleded all over his 
Dioce(s» endowing it with Lands and Churches. 

SUTTON, /« poi^mu- 

JEffrey FitzPeter Earl ofEpx gave certain Lands here to William de 
tVrotham Archdeacon of Tanton, for the ereftion of an Bofpital in 
honour of the holy and individual Trinity, and the blefled Virgin, and 
of all Celeflial Virtues, and all Saints, and for the maintenance ot thirteen 
poor People and three Chaplains. 

M E R L E B E R G E, in V^JM^ixZ. 

TO this Hofpital dedicated to St. John Baptifi, and to the Brothers 
and Sifters here. King John, An. 1 6. confirm'd divers Lands given 
hy Henry de Kef' et^ Levenot SonofLevenot^ and others. 
[Valued at 6 /. 1 8 a 4 //. per AtuiHrn*'] 

.-g 5^ L A U R E N C E Hear Briftol, in ^mztlitMtt- 

KING John, An. Reg, 9. and King Henry the III. A. 31. confirmed 
divers Lands to the Maftersand Brethren of this Hoffiital of Leper* 
of St. Lattrence in the Suburbs oiBriflol. 

DOCKLAND, in ©omctfet(JjitC. 

LOretta Countefs of Leicefler^ Widow of Earl Rohert, gave diverS 
Lands to God add the bleffed Mary^ and §f . John Baptifi, and to the 
blelTed Poor of the Hofpital- houfe of jerufalent, for the Sufteotation of 
the Sifters of Bocklaand, and fijir the finding of a Chaplain to celebrate 
daily in the Charditt Boklatuf^.i-.'/ 


Vol. 11. Hospitals. 180 

6V. T H O M A S, in i&OUt^tiOaife. 43^. 

Founded by Peter de Rufihus, and endowed with a Rent of 343 / 
Gilbert deClareE^tXofGlouce^er^nd Hertford, ^n. 7. E. I. exchanged 
with the Mailer and Brtthren ot the Hofpital ol St. Thomas the Martyr 
iaSouthwark, the Church of Blechyngelegh for certain Lands in Surrey ; 
which Church King £^wW the If. gave tliem Licenfe to impropriate to 
their Hofpital, and to hold it to them and their Succeffors, fo impro- 

r Valued at 2^6 /< J7 i. 11 d. ferAmmm7\ 

D o M u s DEI, ;« sotttljamptort. 

GErvafe de Hamton, Margaret de RedvariiSf and many others gave 
divers Lands, ©c. to this Holpital, all whofe Gifts were recited and 
contirm'd by King Edward xht III. An. Reg. 6. The fame King, ^«. 17. 
gave the Cuftody of this Hofpital, then being of his Patronage, to the* ^'^ 
Prepofitus and Scholars of §lueem-hall in Oxford., and to their Succeflors 
for ever, which Hall was then newly founded and cndow'd with Pof- 
feffions by Queen Vhilip^a Wife of that King, He alfo granted to tlie aau 
Cuftos, Scholars, Brothers and Sifters of this Hofpital, to be freed for 
themfelves and Lands from all Taxes and Tallages, ^c. for ever. King 
Edward the IV. An. i. granted to the Cuftos, Chaplain, and Brethren of 
this Hofpital, and their Succeffors, the Alien Priory oi Shirhume in the 
Co\xn\.y of Southampton, with all its Lands, ^c. Richard Duke of Xork the 
Father, and Richard Earl of Cambridge the Grandfather of that King, arc 
in the faid Grant allcdged to be buried in this Hofpital. 

SAN DONE, i» ^nicep. 

To die Mafterand Brethren of this Hofpital dedicated to the Holy 
Gheji, William de Perci Son and Heir of Henry de Perci gave and 
contirm'd divers Lands and Rents for the Maintenance of fix Chaplains 
The Heart of which William being buried here, the Prior and Brethren 
of this Houfe oblig'd themfelves to find a Lamp and Wax-Candle to burn 
for him in the Church oiStandone at the time of Mafs, for ever, An ia 
Henry 6. That King granted his Licenfe to the Cardinal Biftiop of 
Winchefier to annex and unite for ever this Hofpital, being founded by his 
Predeceffors, to that of St. Thomas inSouthwark. 

R.OUNCEVAL, Ay Chaiing-Crofs in the Sulnrhs rf Imtwa. 

JT was found by Inquifition 7R.2. that William MsrechaU Earl of 
/^'^roke gave to the Prior and Convent of the Hofpital of the 
Red Mary oi Romcyvall and his Succeffors forever, one Meffuageand 
c^tain Lands and Tenements in Charing, where the Chappel and Hofpi- 
tal arc Gtuased. Confirmed by King /^fwrj. ^ 




Hospitals. Vol. 11. 

St. ] OH N's Hojpital at £>JcfOjD. 

"ING //f«.7thelll. in the fcventecnth year of his Reign, ercfled 
i X. a noble Inn, or Hofpital, not far from the Ea^ gate, in Ox/"W, for 
the R.eception and Relief of the Neceffities of the Inrirm and "Itavellers, 
4 14. h.mfeif laying the firft Stone. The Dme King gave the Mafter and Bre- 
thren ot this Hofpital his Mill at Edendon, and the Jews Garden in the 
Suburbs of Oxford without the faid Eajl-gate, and granted that as often as 
he came to Oxford they fliould receive ot him Alms for one hundred poor 
People on the firft day of his coming to Town. He alfo granted to this 
tlofpital of St. John Baptift at Oxford a parcel of his Wood of ShottoMe, 
with the Pafture adjoyning, @c. 



NEWSTEDE near Stamford, in UitlCOlnQjWe. 

'Ill'tam de Alhinuco the III. gave to this Hofpital, fonnded in honour 
of the blefled Mary ever Virgin, at the Bridge of iVafs between 

44^' Stamford 3S\d Offington, and to the Brethren there, divers Lands, ©c. With 
the Tich of all the Bread, Flefli, and Fi(h, fpent in his Family, and free 
Pafture for one hundred Iheep, ^c. The Mafter of the faid Hofpital to be 
aPrieft and a Canon Regular of fome Houfe, and to have with him fome 
other Canons living according to the Rule of St. Auguflin, and fevcn 
poor and infirm men to be maintain'd in the Hofpital. The fame WH- 

445. liam^ the Founder of this Houfe, by another Deed appointed the num- 
ber of the Brothers here to be as follows, two Priefts, one Deacon, one 
Clerk, and thirteen infirm People. William Alhiniaco the IV. confirm'd 
what his Father had ^ven, and granted that upon death of the Prior, the 
Canons here might freely choofe another and prefent him to the Patron, 
and in the mean time, the Canons to have the Cuftody of the Houle, 
and Liberties of the fame. All which things were confirm'd by' Ring 

44-7' EdivardihQlll. Ah. Reg. 11. 

[Valued at 57 i 6 s. fer Annum. ] 

5^ J o H N B A p T I s T, «/ Bottitigi^am. 

ANuoDofft. 1 241. Walter de Gray Avchhi(hop o{ tork made the fol- 
lowing Order and Rule for the Brothers and Sifters of this Hofpital. 
That the Mafter or Cuftos provide two Chaplains or more to celebrate 
there for ever, that all the Brethren rife together to Matines, which 
are to be lo early that they maybe finillit by or before day break, from 
the Feaft of St. Michael to Eafler-^ which done then fliall follow Frime 
znd Terce. thenMafs, and after Mafs, Sext tind None ^ the Brothers fhali 
mind their bufinefs in the Houfe, and if not hindred with necefTary Oc- 
cafions, they fhall hear ^e/^rj and Co»;;?//»i that they fball be all obedi^ 
ent to the Cuftos, and none fhall have any thing in property for (even 
days under pain of Excommunication ; they (hall be all cloathed and fed 
in common, eat no flcfh but three days in the Week, Sundaj, Tuefday^ and 
448. T'/S'aJ'y^-^y ; lie in one Dormitory 5 they fhall be chart and fober j their 
Habit of RufTet and Black, ^c. 


Vol. II. H d s p I T A L §, 

Here was in this Town of Nottingham, another Holpital, toundcd by 
John PlHmtre, byLicenfeof King Richarii the II. An. Reg. i6. tor two 
Chaplains, one of which tobe Mafter or Cuftos, and for thirteen old 
and poor Widows (Jeftio co»/raBs& paupertate deprefn) which faid Jchn 
en'dow'd the fame with ten Mefliiagcs and two Tofts in Nottingham , an.d 
ordained that the Community of the Town o^ Nottingham^ and the Prior 
of Lenton fhould prcfent to the Chantry in tlie Ghappsl of this Hofpital, 
and that the two Chantry Priefts ftiould receive for their llipends loo j. 
to each yearly. Whofe Orders bear date An. Dom. 1400. 

5^ J O H N BAPTIST <j/ Ludlow, in ^^yopfljlrc. 

X^Oviindtd by PeterTJmfergod, near the Bridge at Liullctv, and by him 
•*■ endow'd with divers Lands, (^<r. for the maintenance of certain Reli- 
gious Brethren, and for the Suftenance of poor and infirm People. He 
alfo granted to the Brothers, that after his deccafe, they might freely 
choole one of themfelves to be their Mafler or Cuflos : and fo as often as 
occafion fliouid be, and the Mafter and Brothers to admit the Poor, &c. 
which Lands, G^c. lo given as abovcfaid were coniirnVd by Walter de 
Lacy the Chief Lord ot the Fee, and by King Hem^ the III. An. 5. 

.^..^— —^^ ^ . . ^ £'Valued at- 1-7-/. ^i' 3 «i> -fer-zimum.'] 

The Houfe of Converts, in the Suhitrhs of ^totlDatl- 

Founded by King Benry the III. in a place then called Newfi'rete, and 
by him endow'd with feven hundred Marks for the Maintenance 
of Converts, and for the building their Church, (sc. to be paid yearly 
out of the £xc/;(ri^«(rr, one Moiety at Eafer and the other at Michaelmas, 
till other Provifion (hall be made, in Lands or Rents. And by another 
Charter dated 33 H. 3. that King gave to this Houfe by him founded fer 
Convert "Jews, between the old and new Temple at London, certain Ef- 
cheated Lands to hold to the Mafter and Brethren of the faid Houfe con- 
verted andto be converted from Judaifm to theCathohck Faith. 

LECHELADE, i« <!51ouce(lcrfl)ice 





Founded by Richard Earl of Comvcal Br6tl>er of King Henry III. 
and Senchia his Wife. Confirm'd by King Henry Ilf. Which King 
An. 54. granted to the Brethren of this Hofpital, dedicated to St. Jd>H 
Baptift, tht Hermitage of LoT^e^^r)* in the Forrcd of iVhichewode, they 
providing one Chaplain to celebrate daily in the faid Hermitage. King 
Edwird the IV. An. 1 2. granted the Patronage or Advowfon ot this 
Hofpital to his Mother Cecily Dutchefs of Tor/;, with Licenfe tn change 
it into a Chantry of three perpetual Chaplains to celebrate the Divine 
Offices daily at the Altar of our Lady in the C\v^xc\\o'i Tjechkidc,w\\\c\\ 
three Chaplains to be a Body incorporate, able to purchafe Lands (Sc 
and to have a Common Seal. By the fame Deed he granted Li- 4j3. 
cenfe to Jihn Twynvho to found another Chaotry at tiie Altar of 



Hospitals. Vol. IL 

St. £/ay^ in the fame Church tor one perpetual Chaplain, and that the 
other three Chaplains may grant to this Chantry Prieft of St. Blajcy a 
yearly Rent of ten Marks. 

LEDBURY, in jpctefojDOjfre. 

X XT^Ounded by Fugh Foliot Bilhop of Hereford for the Reception of 

^'^' \j poor People and Travellers, and dedicated in honour of God and 

St. Katherine the Virgin ; he endow'd it with feveral Churches, and 

Tenements, «^c. all which with other Lands given by others, VxngMdvBi, 

the III. An.x. coniirm'd. 

[Valued at 22 /. f /. fer AnnHtn.'} 

454 5/. L E O N A R D S, tf* %iiimt- 

Robert ih.c \\\. call'd fordiftinftion B/fl»fw<7iw, Earl o{ Leicefter, had 
iflue, among others, fVilliam a Leper, who founded this Hofpi- 

L A N G R I G H, /« 

Richard tie Sin^eltOH, and Walter Nutun of Ribelcefter gave to the Ma- 
fter and Brethren of this Hofpital, dedicated to God and St. Saviour ^ 
Divers Lands in Ribelcefter and elfewhere. 

^ j5^ B I L L E S W I K E »f«r Briftol, in 6lOUCea«Ql(tC 

■pOunded by Robert de Gwrw^y/and by him endow'd with the Mannor 
■*^ oiPoulet, &c. for the Maintenance ofaMafterand three Chaplains, 
and for the refeftioir of one hundred poor People daily, for ever, each of 
the faid Poor to have a quantity of Bread of the weight of 45 j. with a 
fufficient quantity of Potage made of Oat-meal: the Bread to be made 
of an equal mixture of Bean- flower and Barly (de frumentofabanan,^ 

[Valued at 1 1 2 /. 9 /. p d. per Annum:] 


.J 5^ T^Ounded by the Anceflorsof Sir Ralph Paynel Knt. but the Abbot and 
X^ Convent of Sekby had the power of placing one of their Brother- 
hood, in this Hofpital, to hare the Cuftody of the fame, yet fo that he 
Ihould not convert the Goods of the Hofpital to any other ufe but only to 

the Suftcntation of the Poor and Needy. 


Vol. IL Hospitals. 19^ 

.S^ B A R. T L E M E W's, in (BloUCCftcr. 

IT was found by Inquifition 3o£. 3. That in the timeof >%«. the If: 
one Nicholas Walred, a Chaplain, undertook thcbuildingot thtWell. 
Bridge here, to whom many Workmen refortiiig, one iVilliam M)party i 
Burgefs oiGlouccfier, ereftcd a certain Habitation for the faid Nicholas av.d 
the other Workmen, in which Houfe for a long time after the faid Nkhol.u 
and William did dwell together, with the Workmen and divers infirm 
People of both Sexes, having always a Pried: for their Governor all living 
on Alms, till King Henry x\\q\\\. Ah. 13. gave them the Church of St. 
N/f/W4X in this City, with other Lands, from which time the faid Houfe 
became an Hofpital bearing the name o[ St. Bartkme.v, the fame King 
granted them Liberty a Ifo to choofe a Prior, which accordingly they did. 
This Hofpital confided of a Mafter, and three Brothers, ' befide the 

[Valued 3144/. 7y. z d, Annum-'] 

G R E T H A M, w the Bifhoprick of BUtljam. 'I ^7' 

Founded by Rohrt Bilhop of Durham in honour of God, St. Alan, and 
St.Cuthkrt, for a Mafter and Brethren, and for theSuffentation of 
the poor and needy People that fhould refort thither 5 w ho alfo en- 
dow'd it with the Mannorol Gretham, S(.c. He granted alfo that the Maflfir 
and Brethren of this Houfe fliould be free from all Tolls, Aids, and Tal- 
lages ; and to all their Benefaftors, being contrite and confcfs'd, he rcleas'J 
fortv days Penance. Whofe Deed, confirm'd by Hugh Prior of Durhum and 
the Convent there, bears date /4«. Do«f. xx6%. 

[Valued at 97 /. 6 s. 3 ^. oh.fer Annum.^ 

ESTBRIGGE, ift CantCtbttCp. ^.g 

TH I S Hofpital founded in lionour of St. Nicholas, St, cmherine, and 
St. Thomas the Martyr, was compounded of fcvtral, united into 
one 3 the poor and infirm Brethren of which, William Cokyn Citizen of 
Canterbury made his Heirs of all his Lands, Pofleirions, and Chatties, which 
with divers other Gifts from other Men, King Edward tjie If. A». 7. recited 
and confirm'd to theMaffcr and Brethren here, and their Succeifors. 
[Valued at 25/. \'i i. 9 i. ob. per Afinum.j 

B o L T o N, /» BojtIjumbetlanD 

Founded and endow'd by Robert de Roos for three Brothers and Chap- 
lains, and thirteen Leperous Men, and certain Lay Prothtrs. Con- . .,, 
ftituting the Abbot of /?/z;j//, and the Prior of Kyrkham joyntly to be the •"**• 
principal Wardens or Governors of this Hofpital to whofc Powsr, Ik com- 
mitted the placing the Maffer, or difplacing him if occadon Lc. 





Hospitals. Vol. IL 

BASINGSTOKE, in ©ottt^amptonQjire. 

Dunded by King Henry the III. ad fuftentatiom minidrcrum Altarh 
ChrJfti, For the fupport of thofe who ferve at God's Altar. 

460. St. KATHER.INES near the Tovcer, at jLonUotl. 

Founded by Queen Alianore Widow of King Hewyll.For aMafterand 
Brethren,and by her largely endow'd with Lands,Rents,and Tenements 
Iw Eafl-SmJthfield, Kent^ iss^Hertfordfhire. Relerving to her felt and the 
fucceeding Queens o{ England full Power to place the Mafier or Cuftos of 
the Hofpital, for ever. Ordaining that out of the Revenues of this HouCs 
fhould be maintain'd three Priefts together with the faid Mafter, tocele- 
brate daily in the faid Hofpital 5 that on the 1 6th of November on which 
day King Henry the II. died, a half-penny a peice fhould be diftributed in 
Alms to one thoufand poor People, and on every day in the year 12 d. to 
twenty four poor Pcople,that upon the deatli of any Brother or Silver, ano- 
ther to be fubftituted by her, or the fucceeding Quesns of England, who 
are after her death, to be the Patronefles and Conlcrvators of this Houfe, 
Whofe Deed of Foundation and Settlement, bears.dat€ An. Dm. 1273. 

[Valued at JI 5 /. 14 j, 2 </. per Annum.'] 

5/. J O H N BAPTIST, in €jCetCr. 

'Ounded by Gilbert and John, Merchants of Exeter, here were five 
Priefts, nine Boys, and twelve poor People. 

St. ?A\JL at I^OjtotC^ 

"pOunded by Edward (or Ehorard) the II. Bifliop of Norwich. Vid. 

5^ GILES fl/ Bo jtoiC^. 

Founded \fj Walter Suffeld, alias Calthorpe, Biftiop of iV<?rwic/A for a 
Mafter, three Priefts, and twelve poor Women. 

[Valued at 90 /. \zt. per Aununt'^ 

WELLE, i« 

Founded by Ralph Neville for three Chaplains, and certain poor and 
infirm People, and by himendow'd with divers Lands which he held 
of the honour of Richmond, for which he had the Licenfe of King Edward 
the III. An. 16. Vid. Vol. 3./. 8p. 


Vol. II. Hospitals, 

p o N T F R A c T, /•« ^o^KHjite. 

Founded by William leTahour ere Soy one Chaplain and eight poor People, 
and endow 'd by him and others, with the Licenfc ot King Edward 
the III. granted /4«. 8. '._.., 


E L S I N G - S P i T T E L, i« lOlltO?!. 462. 

Wllliarrt £//y»g Citizen of London founded here a Col ledge con fi fling 
of(jneWardenand lour Secular Pricfts, and an Hofpita! of poor 
People in the PariOics oi St. Alphege, and St, Mary Aldermaniury, on which 
Colledge and Hofpital he bed ow'd certain Tenements an-d Rents in the faid 
PariQies and eUewhcre in London^ and gave the Patronage of the^amc to the 
Dean and Chapter ot St Paul's^ v\ ho united to this Houfc, and appropriated 
the Church ot Aldermanhury, &c. The faid Dean and Chapter to place 
the Warden and two of the Priefts, and the faid William Elfyug, the otl:er 
two; the Cuftos to be in Prieftly orders, and unbenificed elfeuhere^ "^ *'" 
fo alfo the four Priefts. Other Rules and Orders were n)ade for the Go- 
vernment of this Houfe, as that the Cuftos or Warden fiiaU at his admit- 
tance be fworn to the due Adminiftrarion of his Office ; that the VVarden 
and Priefts fhajl daily fay Mattins, JVIafles, and the Hours, Vefpersand '^' 

Complin in the Chappel of the Hofpital, and vifit the infirm People there ^ 
that within three days alter the Nativity of the bieiled Virgin yearly the 
four Priefts and Warden be new cloathed, in like manner, rhc four Priefts 
Apparel not exceeding 50 s. for each, and the Warden in a Garment of 
the fame colour not exceeding 40 s. and that the Priefts be iilowcd more 
for Linnen and Shooes, ^c. xos. per Anm»it.o each, and the Warden 40 j. 
to be paid yearly, eight days after Ea[fer 5 tliat ninety eight blind and poor 465. 
People of both Sexes be received and lodged in this hofpital, and Poor, 
Blind, or paralitick Priefts, it any fach offer themfclves, to be received 
be ore any others, e'^c. Which orders were fcard by the faid ff////d«£/- a66. 
fyng. A*!. Dcm 1331. (5 E. 3.) in the prcfcncc of John de Foltcney then 
Mayor of London, the two SiierifFs, and fcveral Alderman, c^c. Not \ox\<^ 
after this, i/.'s. An. 1340. Ralph Bifliop ot io»i^(7« changed the Warden 
and Secular Priefts ot this Hofpital of St, Mar^ within Cripp'egate, into a 
Prior and Cations Regular of St. ^/<g«7?/», under the Patronage ot the 
Dean and Chapter ot /'Ws, ftill; all otler things concerning tiie faid 
Hofpital relating to the poor, c^c. to rema'-n :is b'brc; and this Com- 
mutation was upon the Petition of the Founder William Elfjng. 

[Valued at 193/. 1 y *■. y^. fa AnnutK'^ 

BERKING-CHlRCHf:, rear the Tower at JiLoiiDOtl. .\67. 

KI N G Eiward t\\c \\\. An. 44. granted his Licenfc to Robert Denton 
Chaplain, to found an Hofpital in his Houfe or Mciiiaage within the 
Parilh of Berki»g-Q\\nxc\i, London, \'or tJie Habitation of poor Priefts and 
other poor men and Women, who fall iHto Frenfies and lofe their Memo- 
ry ; he alio Licenfcd him togive and aftign the fame fioule aad another 
Mefluagc intheParifh of St. Laurence Pottnteney (both which Melfuagcs 

Cc 1 wue 


Hospitals. V6l. II. 

were held of him in Burgage) to certain Chaplains,^c. for the celebrating 
the Divine Offices, &c. But the intended Foundation here not taking 
effea.Ring Rich, the II. Jn. z. at the Petition of the faid Rokrt, granted 
him Licenfe to affign the Premiffes,^c. to the Hofpital of Si. Katherint 

near the Tower. 

468. St. MAR Y's in idcettee. 

Founded by Henry Duke of Lancajler near the Caftle in Leicefier^ 
An.Dcm. 13^0. And by him endow'd with divers Lands, ^c. Here 
wasalfo of his ^-edion a Collegiate Church, in which he was buried 
An. 1361- The whole was to maintain a Dean and twelve Canons, and 
as many Vicars, one hundred poor People and t«n able Women to ferve 
them. Fid. Vol. ^.part z. p. 1 59. 

I [Valued at 2 j /. 12 ^. 11 d. ptr Amum.") 

HEHTE, w i«nt. 

KI N G Eelward the III. An. 1 6. granted his Licenfe to Bamn Biftiop 
of Rochefler for the founding ot this Ho(pitallor thirteen poor Peo- 
ple, with a«o» ohjlatitex.0 the Statute oi Mortmain, 

469. H O L B EC HE, in %iXitsMg^. 

Founded with Licenfe of King £</HMr</ the m. by John de Kirktone i&[ 
a Warden being a Chaplain, and fifteen poor People. Dedicated in 
honour otall Saints, and by the faid fohn endowed with divers Lands, 
held of the Abbot and Convent oiCroyland. 

5^ N I C H O L A S near 

THis Hofpital being of the Advowfonor Patronage of theKing50f£«gr 
land, was An. 1 503. Vifited by William de Grenefeud at that time 
Lord Chancellor, at which time he made certain Orders for the Govern- 
470. inentofthisHoufe,i;i2. that all the Brothers and Sifters of this Hofpitsi 
(hould at their Admittance profefs due Obedience to the Mafter asnd War- 
den, and inviolaby obferve perpetpal Ghaflity, That both Brothers and 
Siflers fhould be prefent at Matins, Mafs, and the other hours, unlefs 
hinder'dby Sicknefs, ^c. and that they iliould fay during the time of Di- 
vine Service, the Lord's Prayer and Angelick Salutation, with due devoti- 
on, iterating the fame as often asthellord fhall infpire them; That the 
Brothers and Sifters Ihould not live under the fame Roof, ©c. That what 
ever they have for their feveral ufes fliall after their death come to the 
Houfe ; That they (hall have a Common Seal ; that they fhall notdemife, 
or bind any of their Pofleflions, unknown to the Chancellor of £»g/W or 
his Succeflbrs ; That for the future none fliall be Mafter or Cuftosof this- 
Houfe but fuch only as will undertake the Government in his own perfon 5 


Vol. n. Hospitals. \^y 

If anytranlgrefs againfl: their due obedience theMaftcr cr Cuftosfhall for 471. 
the firft Oi4encerpuni{h the Offenders by vvith-bolding their Commons for 
feme days, as the offence requires, which punifliment ftiall forthefecond 
offcQcc be doubled, for the third the party (hallbe expcH'd d'c. 

[Valued at 2 c^ /. \ s. 4^. ferAnnum'\ , 

BOWES, in the lie oj (BZimUVt- 

Founded with Licenfe of King f/Zjyjr^ III. Au. 55-. by Peter o^'^t. Pe- 
ters mGernfey^ in the Parilh ot Saint fierport in that Hand, for aMa- 
fteror Cuftos, Brethren, and Sifters; and by him endow'd with twenty 
yardland, and the delivery of fourfcore quarters of wheat yearly, arifmg 
out of certain Land in the faid Parilh ^ which Land was lield in Capite of 
the King, by a Service call'd Chaumpert, viz. the payment of the eleventh 
Sheaf arifing on the faid "Lands yearly. 


*0unded, with Licenfe of King Richard \\. An. 16. by Clement Lu- 
Jcne^ and William Waterfall, for one Chaplsun and fix poor people. 

The Holy Trinity in New Sarum. 

"17' Ing RichardW. An. 1 7. granted his Licenfe to John Chaundelcr to make 
**" an Hofpital in honour ot the holy Trinity of two raeffuages m a Street 
call'd Neirejireet in Nt^ Sarum, for. the Releifof poor weak and Infirm 
people, whereof the Mayor of the Said City for the time being to be Ma- 
fter, and to rule and govern the fame, and to endow the lame witJi a cer- 
tain R'ent of 13X. 4</. King Hewji IV. An. i. granted Licenfe to the 
then Mafter to purchafc Lands of 20 /. value per Annttm. 

K N O L S Alms houfe <ir Pontfraft, /« ^0)i(Cbtte- 

Founded by Sir Robert Knolls Knight Citizen of London, and Ccnflance 
his Wife, in honour of the Holy Trinity, and blefled Virgin Mjry., 
tor certain Chaplains whereof one to be Matter, two Clerks, and thirteen 
Poor people, fach efpecially as by misfortune come to want, and two 
Servants to help the faid Poor. The Mafler to have twenty marks for 
his fiiftenance, the two Clerks each ten marks, and the thirteen Poor a- 
mongft them 34/. 4 j. 3 </. ob, per Annum, viz, i d. ob, a day to each^ 
Which Deed ot the Said Rolerts Foundation bears date An. Dom. 1385'^ 
[Valued at 182 /. 14 /. 4 «/. per Annuml] 






Hospitals. V o l. II. 

O K E H A M, i« ^sutianD* 


Ing Richard II. An.'ir. granted his Licenfcto WHliam Dalhy o[ Extoxe 
^ ^ to found this Hofpital lor two Chaplains, gf v^jmchoae to be Guftos, 
•ancTthirteen poor Men, and to endow the fame with one Mtiluage 
and two acres of Land at Okeham, and to grant the Patronage of the fame 
474' to the Prior and Convent of St. Anne of the Order of Carthufians at Co- 
ventry, with a further Licenfe to the faid Prior and Convent to give a 
yearly Rent of 40 /. to be iffuing out of fome of their Poilv;irions where 
ever they pleafed to aflign, to the Cullos of tliefaid Hofpital and the faid 
Poor men for their maintenance, for ever. 

[_Valued at izl. 1 2 ^. 1 1 «^. fer Anmm7\ 

D o N Y N G T o N, i« xacKCbire^ 

King Richard II. An. 16. gave Licenfe to Richard A' hrlurji to found 
an Hofpital in his Mannor of Donjvgton, which he held of the 
King, as of his honom ' of iValingford , tor certain poor people, _ of 
which one to be chief, by the name and Title of The Mif^ijier of Ged of 
the poor Houfe ofDonyngtvn , and to endow the lame with divers Lands. 
CValued at 1 9 /. 3 j. 10^. ^erAnnum.'] ,__«. 

THORNTONS Hofpital in MewCafik upon Tine, 

Founded by Roger Thorntm in honour of St. Catherine for one Chap- 
lain, who is Guftos, nine poor men, and four Poor Women, to be con- 
tinually refident, for which foundation King H<f»ry IV. An. 15. granted 
his Licenfe , and that they might have a Common Seal. Endow'd by 
the faid i?«gfr with yearly Rents of 10/. 


E w E L M E, 7« ©jcfojtJQjire. 

"Ing Henry VI, An. 1 5-. granted his Licenfe to his Coufin William de 
lit Pole Eitlo^ Suffolk, and Alice his Wife to found an Alms Hoafe 
in this Town, for two Chaplains and thirteen poor men, and that they 
fhould be a Body Corporate, and that he might endow the fame with one 
i^g^ hundred Marks/er /4»»«»?. This Hofpital was Founded ^«. /Dow, 1448. 
andcall'd Gods Houfe. The two Priefts were one to inflruft the Poor 
in Religious Dutyes, the other to be a Schoolmafter and teach the poorj 
both to have for Salery 10 1, the Mini/fer 16 d. a. week, the other twelve 
poor men, i^d. z week. 

[Valued at 20 i per Annum 1} 


Vol. If. Hospitals. 

S H I R E B U R N E, in 330jftt(ljice, 

Founded, with Licenle of King Henry thtVl. An. 15-. by Roiert Nevyle 
Bifliop of Sarum^ Humfre)' Stafford, Knt. Margaret Gogbe, John Faunt^ 
kroy, and John Bar st, to the honour of God, St. John Baptift, and St. 
John Evangeliji, for twenty Brethren, twelve poor and impotent men" 
and four poor and in:i potent Women,and for a perpetual Chaplain ;and that 
the Brothers of this Houfe might eleft one among themfelves to be their 
Mafter from year to year, and upon the death of any of theirnumber the 
reft might eled others to fuccced in their room, &c. 


B O C K I N G, z« CffeiC. 477 

KING Henry the IV. granted hisLicenfeto John Doreward to ered: 
a perpetual Chantry of one Chaplain intheParilh-Churchof^/^wf. 
wej in Effex, and to endow the fame with a Manfion lying near the 
Church yard there, and with 7 ^- of yearly Rent. Which Licenfed Foun- 
dation not being effefted in the Life of the faid John, King Henry the VI. 
did afterward grant Licenfe to John DorewarJEiq:, his Son, to found a 
certain Houfe at Backing to be called Mai/on Dieu, for feven poor Peo- 
ple, one of which to be call'd Pr£pofuus Villa de Bokking, and to have the 
Government of the faid poor, &c. and to endow the fame, and a Ciiantry 
by him founded in the Parifh Qhwxcho'i Bokking, with Lands and Rents. 

T O D 1 N G T O N, ;« 'BeWojDCbite 478. 

KI N G Henry the VI. An, 2.1. granted his Licenfe that John Broughton 
or his Feoffees might eredlan Hofpitalin honour of St. John Baptifi 
in Todyiigdone^ for one Chaplain, and three poor Men, to be a perpetual 
Community and Body Corporate. Alfo that he might give to the Prio- 
refs and Nuns of St. Margaret at Dertford an Annual Rent of 8 /. and that 
the faid Nuns might alTign the faid Rent, and alio another Rent of 5 /, per 
Annum to be ilfuing out of their own Lands to 'this Hofpital, which Houfe 
of Dertford was of the faid Kings Patronage being founded by his Proge- 

RICHMOND, in ^OJfeHJire. 

HERE being of old time a poor Hofpital dedicated to St. tfichoUs 
in which was only one Chaplain, of the Kings Patronage by rea-. 
Ion 01 the honour of Richmond, and that Hofpital being fallen ta extream 
decay, William Ayfcogh one of the Juftices of the Common-Pleas, rcpair'd it, 
and added another Oiantry Chaplain, in confideration whereof, and that 
he was become as a fecond Founder, King ^ew;^ the VI. An. x6. granted 
him the Patronage. 

[Valued at i o /. per AnnHw.] 


200 Hospitals. Vol. IL 

D E Pv T F O R D, i» %tnl 

KIN G Henry the VI. Jtt. 3 r. gave Licenfc to John Bamlurgh, WillioM 
Rothele, Roger Jo»et, zndThomas Booji, and to the Survivors of them 
to found an Alms Houfein honour ofthehoIyTrinityCto which the Parifh 
Churchthere isdedicated) for the perpetual Vicar of that Church, and the 
Gardians of the Goods, and Chattlesof the faid Church, and for five poor 
decrepidMen; and that the faid Vicar, and Gardians, and their Succeflbrs 
Ihould be Majler of the faid Houfe, and a Body Corporate, and have a 
480. Common Seal. With Licenfe to give and affign Lands and Rents to the 
faid Hofpital of the value of 20 /. per Anmm. 

the Alms- houfe voithin the VrecM o/5/. Crofles at Winchefter, in 

Founded by Henry, Cardinal, and Bifliop of Wincheder^ half Brother 
of King Henry IV. who by Licenfe of King Henry the VI. An. zi. 
o granted to the Mailer and Brethren of the Hofpital of the Holy Crofs 
^ '* near Winchefter, divers Mannors, and Lands, &■£• to the yearly value of 
500 /. Within which this Alms-houfe was ereded for two Chaplains, 
five and thirty poor Men, and thtee Women, to be govern'd by the 
Mafter of that Hofpital ; but the Cardinal dying before this Foundation 
was perfeftly compleated, KmgBenry the VI. An. 33. did incorporate 
^82, them underaReftorof their own, by the name of 7 he New Alms-houfe of 
Ndle Poverty, eflahliftit near Winchefter hy Henry Cardinal of Eng;land, 
and Bi/hopofWittchc&er, Son of ]ohn late Duke of Lar\CA({cr of ndli Me- 
mory 5 with grant of a Common Seal, and Power to purchafe, ^c. 
£Valuedat 84/. 4 /. 2 d. per Annum,'] 

STOKFASTON (Stockerfon) in tiXtt^ZtHm- 

Founded with Licenfe of King Edward the IV. An. 5. by John de 
Boyville Efqj near the Town Church, for one Chaplain, and three 
poor men, who were a Body Corporate, and might retain Lands to the 
value of 10 /. per Annum. 


,j83. H E IT S B U R Y, in miXXUl^' 

^Ounded with Licenfe of King Edward the IV. An.ii. by Margaret 
Widow of Rolert Lord Hungerford, ^ohn Cheyns of Fynne Efq^ and 
John Mervyn Efq; for one (5h^plain, twelve poor Men, and ooe poor Wo- 
man, of whom the Chaplain to beCuftos or Warden. Which Hofpital 
was made a Body Corporate, ^c. and endow'd with divers Lands, and 
« had a grant of twenty Load of Wood for firing, out of the Wood of 
^^^' SoHthleghe\nWtlt[hire. 


Vol. II. ti b s p I T A L s. 221 

The Savoy, in the Suhurhs o/UonDOtl 

KING Henry the VIII. An 2. granted the place, or peice of Ground, 
called the Savoy, parcel of the Dutchy oi La«cajier^ and lying in the 
Panthesof St.CUments Danesv^\x\\o\M the Bars of the l^ew Temple at Lc»- 
Jon, and St.. Marf of the StroHtfc in the County of Middlcfex, to Richard 
Y>\\['iO^ o^ iVinchejier, Richard Billiop o^ London, Thomas Bifliop of D«r3 
/;dOT, Edmund Biihop of Sarttm, William Billiop of Lincoln, John Bifhop o{ 
Rcche/ler.ThomasEdirloi Arundel, Thomas Earl oi Surrey, Charles Lord Herbert, 
Sir yo/;* /"yweax Chief Juftice of the Kings- Bench, Sir Roiert /?f^(? Chief Ju- 
flice of the Common Pleas,jfo/;« Toung Mafter of the Roles, Sir John Lovell, 
and Jfihn Cutte, Excutors of King Henry the VII. for the founding 
andeftabliftiing of an Hofpital. And by another Deed dated An 4. he 
granted Liccnfe to the faid Executors to found fuch Hofpital for five Se- 
cular Chaplains, one of which to be Mafter, to pray for the good 
Eftate of him and Catherine his Confort , and for the Souls of King 
Henry the VII. and Elizabeth his Confort, and oi Arthur Prince of Wales. 
Which Hofpital was to be called The Hofpital of Henry the VII. late -g^^ 
JC;*g 0/ England, at the Savoy 5 to be a Body Corporate, to have a Com- 
mon Seal, and yearly Revenues, to the value of five hundred Marks 
■fer Annum, for maintenance of the faid Chaplains, and for performance 
of fuch other Works of Mercy and Piety as by the faid Executors 
fhall be appointed and expreft. With a No« obftante to the Statute of 

[Valued at 529 /. 5 j. 7</. ob. per Annum.'] 

Dd Of 


Knights Vol. IF. 

Of the Knights, Ho f pit allers ^/i>Jolin 

TH E Patron of this Order of Knights was St. J^hn Baftii^ from 
whom they took their Denomination. The Holpitaloi St- .jFffi« 
iBi/'/i/^andthe Poor at Jerufalem, is faid to be firft bu^t in the 
time of Julius C^far Emperor of Rome, and Antiochus Prince oiAetiech^ veith 
certain Treafure which one Melcbiar, a Prieft in theTempie, had takcaout 
of the Sepulcher of D<jw// ; here the Poor and Infirm were kindlj re- 
49 1' ceivedand entertain'd from all parts of the World. The lame Author 
delivers that when our Saviour Chrift became incarnate and coav^eried on 
Earth, when he came to Jerufaktn, he reforted frequently to this Houfe, 
and that it was in this ;Houfe that he appear'd to his Apoftksafeer his Paf- 
fion and Refurreftion, the Doors being all fhut. Afftr his Alfceoiioo, St. 
"^ ■ Steven in^ others of his Difciples ferved the poor in this HofpitallMsnfe ac- 
cording to our Lord's Precept. When the Chriftians were expelfd from 
Jerufalem, and the City was pofleft by the Saracens^ ont CoBTaJus^ or 
Gerardus, a devout Servant of God, lived here and ferved the Poo? in like 
manner, who at fuch tim^as Jerufalem was befieg'd by GoJfrfy of Bml^ex, 
and the Chriftian Pilgrims, and a great Famine being in the Chrsftian 
Camp,was accuftomed to go upon the Walls and throw over Loav£s,%bidj 
he carried fecretly about him for that purpofe, as i! he vierecsgcrJuiSirow- 
ing Stones againft the Befiegers. Thij. Gerard was the firft MaJJeroi this 
Hofpiral, which after the City was taken by the Chriftiars uas very 
much f p.vour'd, and its Revenues augmented by the Kings otyenif^m,Scc. 
After the death of this Gerard, Frier RaymuKrf ds Fuy became Mafter, who 
>QO_ eftablifhtaRule for the Hofpitallers, confirm'd by Pope hmrem the IL 
and Pope Bomface. This Rule confifts of nine and twenty Articles, aajong 
which it is ordainM that every Brother or Frier, at his admiiflioa to the 
Service of the Poor here, is to profefs thefe three things. Charity. Obc- 
4.04. dience, and to live without Property, that when the Friers go ahaa^thty 
. g -^ Iball not go alone,but two or three together,that if any be publadiLly guiliy 
of Fornication, hefhali bepublickly whipt, and then expeJi'd the Society. 
. The Infirm at their firft Reception into the Hofpital, fhallbe coollHl, and 
^" ' communicate, and then carried to bed, and there ferved and anecded as 
^ Lords and Maflers of the Houfe, That all the Brothers iliall wear jiCro£s 
^ '* on their upper Garments as a Badge of their Faith, &c. 

Others give another account oi' the Original of the Hofpitalkrs^afBnn^ 
ing that alter the Turks oi Arabia had overrun Sjria and E^fi zbmm. the 
year 6 1 2. certain /f^/iaw Merchants of the City of Malfe, traiingioro 
thefe parts, and being favour'd by tJie Turks on the acoiSinc of loeir 
Trade, they obtain'd from the Calife of Egypt a peice of Grouad Ijii^ be- 
^58. fore the Temple of theSepulchcr.fbr their Habitation ^ here tSsofe Mer- 
chants built a Monaftery and Church in honour of tlie bkifed Virgin, 
placing therein an Abbot and Monks: After that they buik assoiber little 


Vor. IL 

of St.] 

O H 

N^ &•€, 


Church in honour of St. Mary Mjgdalen, for the Reception of VVomen Pil- 
grims, and placed therein certain Nuns, and ladly conftdering the danger 
o.' thofe wiio caire in Pilgrimage to the holy places,uho were often robbed 
by the Turks, they built an Hofpital or Domus Dei for the Reception of 
Men. ahcth-T Weil or Sick, who arrived here in Pilgrimage, and ano* 
ther Church lor them, dedicated to St John Elcmon, Patriarch o{ Alesatt- 
tfria. ilKle three Houfes fubfifted only by Alms, collefted for them, 
ycaiiy, by the (aid Merchants of Malfy, till theChrlftiansconquer'd "Jerw 
Jalem and expelled the Saracens : At which time lived in the Abby of 
Monki, the before- mentioned Giraldto whom the Abbot committed the 
Reception and Relief of the Poor and Pilgrims in the forefaid Domus Dei 
or Hofpital ^ and after fuch reduftion ot the City, the faid Hofpital 
flouriiht daily more and more, procuritigto it felf great Revenues, and to 
bedifcharged from its lubjeftion not only to the Abbot, but Patriarch 
a-ft). Thefe and the like mighty Priviledges granted them by the Court 
ft R(me^ were the occafion of great Troubles and Diforders between 
the' Hofnirallers and the Patriarch of JernfaleM. Thefe Hofpitallers on 
thr'r admdfion were to make Oath upon the Mijfal^ as follows, Toupromife 
an^ivo'v toGod, our LaJy^ and my Lor A St. John Baptifl, to live and die under 
the obedience of fmh Superior, whoever he he, as God fhall give you, you vou) fur- 
ther a-'-.d promife to live cha^l/ until deaths and alfo without property ^ we alfo 
make auet her promife^ which no Religious Menhefides «x, make, for we promife to 
he Servmts and Staves of the Infirm our Maflers. After the making this Vow, 
he u ho admits him fays, And we promife you Bread andWater, andhuntlle 
C bathinq^, for nothing moreyov. can require^ and we make you a Partaker of 
all the good Works done in our Order ^ &c. 



A Lifl of fuch who have been Maflers. 

I, Girardus. 

X. fiajmundus de Podio. 

3 . Augter de Ballen. 

4. Arnaudns de Comps. 
f. Gilhirtus Affailli. 

6. Cajlus. 

7. Johertus. 

8. Gaufridus de Dinfono. 

p. Hermengandus Daps, in his time 

the Chriflians lofl Jerufalem. 
1 o. Roger lus de Molins. 

II. Garnerius de Neapoli, he had 
been Prior of St. Johns at London. 
nd. p. f 50. 

Ti. Alfonfus de Portugalia,rQfi^ned. 
1:5. Gaufridus Rat. 

1 4. Gar inns de Monteacuto. 

15. Bertrandus de Gexi, 

16. Garinus- 

1 7. Berirattdus dc CoHS. 

1 8. Petrus de mia Brida. 

1 9. WillielmHs Cajlello tfovo. 
10. Hugo Ryvell. 

2 1 . Nicholaus de Lorgne. 

22. Odde. 

2 3 . Guillelmus de Villareto. 

24. Fulco de f^ilareto, in his time 
the Knights Hofpitallers took 
the Ifland oi Rhodes, and removed 
the Convent from Cjprus.WQ was 

25. Mauricius de Paygnaco. 

26. Elionnus de FilU Nova, 

27. Deodatut de Gofono. 

28. Petrus Cornelian. 



Dd a 



Knights Vol. II. 

-o^. The Hofpiul cf St. John of Jerufalem, in theSuhurls of 'jlonDon. 

Founded by Jordan Brifet, a Baron, about the year iico. on ten 
Acres of Land which he had in exchange from the Nuns of Clerhen- 
well, which Nunnery he had founded not long before. Tiie Church of 
this Hofpital was dedicated in honour of St. John Baptiji by Heraclius Pa.- . 
.Q^ m%tc\\ oi Jerufalem, An. Dmo. 1185. The torefaid JWj« endow 'd this 
' Houfe with fourteen Acres of Land adjoyning upon the ClerksWeU. Ro- 
bert de FuH gave to the Brethren of this Houfe the flermitage of Tevdk, 
with a Condition that the faid Brothers fhould admit him into their Or- 
der, atfuch timeashe pleafed, whether in Heahh or Sicknefs. .Many o- 

507. thers were Benefadlrors, among the reft Robert de Vere Earl of Oxford gave 
to the Prior and Brothers of the Hofpital of St.JoLtiot Jerujakm in Eng- 

508. /W two Knights Fees, William Ezr\ oi Ferrars, Hugh de Bellocampo, Gil^ 
iert de Montejchet, Si.c. gave divers other Lands, and Churches, ©c. re- 

^ '^' cited and confirm'd by King Joh, An. i . Thefe Knights cf St.Johtt claimed 

^''' aPriviledge to bury the Bodiesof fuch who had given Alms to their Fra- 
ternity, however they came to their death, whereupon it happen'd. 
An. 4 £. I. that certain Fellons having been executed, fome of the Ser- 
vants of thefe Knights went to the Gallowt 2ind took 'cm down to bury, 
pne ofwhicl^ Fellons, Adamle MeJJer by name, being laid in the Grave 
came to life again, and fled to the Neighbouring Church for Sanftuary, 
where he remain'd till he abjured the Realm, Pope Clemens having m 
the Council of ri<?»MfMPpreft the Order of KnightsJ Templers, and given 
all their Lands and Poffeflions, moveable dpd iqamoveable to thefe Knights 

511; Hofpitallers of St. John of Jerufalem, King Edw.thc II. An. 7. granted his 
Letters of Mandamus all over England, tor putting the fame in execution, 
in this Kingdom. The like Grant was made by A6t of Parliament, An. 1 7. 

J * 3 • E.i .However Hugh Spencer the younger by force feizcd and held from them 
their Mannor of the Ncu; Temple, London, which upon his Attainder came 
^ to the hands of King Edward the HI. who in the twelfth year of his 
Reign, did, give, grant,and fell, in confideration of 100/. part ofthe faid 
Mannor ofthe i^ew Temple then valued at 7 /. 5 /. 2 d together with the 
Church, Cosmitary, indCloyfler^Sic. to the Prior of St. John s and his 

ridro{y.^.sf.i9^. ' 

. i»; ^i.i ni i^-^"^'-' '- ' y^^ ' ' ■'■■'■■■' \ ^ L. 

.w.,x%. Of Abt^Knights Templers in €n^m^- 

AMno Dom. 1118. Certain Religious Knights, of whom the principal 
were Hngh d& P^&tttis, and Godfrey de S. Audomaro, engaged thcm- 
felves to the Qf.Chrift, before the Patriarch of Jertfalem, and un- 
dertook to liveafterthe MaDrtor of Canons Regular. King Baldwin granted 
them a Habitationinpartof bis Palace adjoyning to the Temple, and he 
and others gave them other Gifts whereon to fubfifl. Their chief profef- 
fion was to guard the Roads from Theives for the fafety of Pilgrims. 
Their Habit was white with a red Crofs. Their number did in a little 
time fo increafe, that they had in their Convent above three hundred 
Knights, befides others, and as their number fo their Pofleffions 
didiwell to a vaft and invidious value. An, Dom. 1240. the Church be- 




v.-/. a P.$iT 

Vol.. IL of ^t J O H N, &C, -205 

longing to thele Knights at the Place call'dthe A^^'iu 7(?w/»/(f in LondoH was 
dedicated on Afcentionday, the King and a great Concourfc ot Peers and 
great Perfons being preient. An. Dom. 1147. Conrud Emipcror oi Germa»Yi 
and Lewis King ot I'rance, with great forces of French, Englirti, Normans, 
and Britains, made an expedition againfl: the Pagam in the Holy Land, 
but returned with Little or no fucccfs at that time 5 Thefe Knights Tcm- 519= 
piers having been very Treacherous to the Chriliians at the Seigc of Pa- 
tnafcus, which City had been taken by King i>iwi but for them, Ah. Dim 
1307. ( I Edw.irdi. ) Thcfe Knights were Imprifon'd throughout all 
Chriftendome, for certain Enormities and Superftitions crept into their 
Order, and all their Eftates real and perfonal Seized. 

Of the New Temple at lotlDon 


King Flenrji III. by a folemn and formal Deed of Grant dated the nine- 
teenth year of his R.eign,gavc his Body to be buried, when it Iball 
pieale God to take him out of this Life, at the New Temple in Lend » 
The likcdid Queen Aiia»or. Tliefaid King Henry III. grajnred to the Ma- 
fler and Brothers of this Houfe ( M.tgillro CS" Fratrihs militU Ternp^i Su^ 
lomonis Jerufalem ) and to their SucceHors 8 /. yearly out of the Exchequer 
for the Maintenance of three Chaplains in the M^w Temple at Lindou. 
King Henry the H. gave the faid Knights the whole Water Courfe of Fleet 
with a place near Caftle S-/ixflf^ for the making a Mill, with a Mcflbagc S^'^* 
upon the Fleet near the Bridge. He alfo granted the Church of Sr. Cle- 
ments Danes with all it appurtenances. Pope InHCcent granted that none 
who Ibould fly into the Houfes of thefe Knights Templcrs lor fafcty or 
Proteftion, (liould be difturb'd, nor their Goods taken, under Pain of 
Excommunication. One of thefe Priviledged Places belonging to thcfe 
Knights was P<ir//Z'=Gar^«, otherwife call'd PP/^/(?/?le/f , in Suthivark^( vid^ 
fag,, 543 ) CoocerninG; which divers Statutes and Orders were made by 
John Ouke oi Bedford, Farmer of that place. An. 1310. Some of which 
vi^ere, That every perfon flying thither for fafety fhould be examined for 
what Caufe he flyes, whether tor another mans Debt, or Felony, orTref- 
pafs; and then his name and the C:iufe to be regillred, That he fball bj 
fworn to be oF good behaviour in the fiid Priviledged place, while he re- 
mains there, ^c. If his flight be for Fellony he lliall be kept under a 
Guardof fix men of the Society, Ifany perfon ftrike another he Hull pay ^23. 
to the Lord 6 j. ^ d. if he draw blond, 1 3 j. 4 </. Ifany one commit fel- 
lony after his reception he fliall lofe his Priviledged and be committed to 
the Prifon of the Kings Bench. If any perfon take in a Whore or be con- 
vi£t of Fornication or Adultery within the Priviicdged places, he flinll 
forfeit to the Lord 6f. 8/ and lofe his Priviledge. Bernard deBullolio 
gave to thcfe Knights 15/. ^er Annum, of his Lands in England., arifuig at 
fiichen in Hurtfordfhire. Thij guift was made at Paris, in the Prcfence 
of ttie Apotlolick Lord ^w^ffw/wj, theKing; ofFr<j«f<f, Several Arch-Bifhops 
and one hundred and thirty Knights of this Order. Confirm'd afterwards '^^\ 
byKing5/eT/c«. An. Dom. 1 185", an Inquifition was made by /Y/VrGj/yr/ J 5^ ' 
Son of Steven, of all the Lands, Churches, Mills, Rents ot AlTize, (Sc. 
belonging to this Order in England ^ which Pcrticulars take up fifteen pa- 
ges, and being as 1 conceive, of no ufe in this Abridgment, ( Qiall not 
take any further notice of them, but refer the Curious to the Book at 
large. An. Dom 1434. Frier John Stillingflett compiled a Book ol the names, 



Knights V o l. II. 

< 1, of all the Several Founders or Benefaftors of the Hofpita! ot St. John of 

" Jerufalem in England, and of all the Lands , Churches , Preceptories 

Mannors, Houfts, Rents, ©c given as well tothefaid Hofpital, as to the 

Knights Templers in EnglmdMc begins with the Lord Jordan Brjjtt who in 

the tleign of King Hen. 1. Founded the Houfe and Hofpital of St. John at 

542. ClerkenwelLzuii fince him reckons up fome hundreds of other Benetaftors, 
with the Lands,C^f by them given,among whom.I iliall obferve, Wil. Maun- 
deville Earl oiEjfexg^ve to the Brothers of this Hofpital five Bucks to be 
received yearly "between the Feafls ol St. John Ba/>lifi,znd Si. Mrchjel, and 
jfive Does between St. Mic/^ae/ and Lent, {or ever out of his Park o{ Enfe/de. 
William LongefordKnx. William Coterell and others gave divers Tenements 
in the Pariflj of St.DunflaKS Wefl, wirh divers Rents in Fleet Jlreet, the 

543- V-^^virt c3\Vd Fiketzfeld, xhcM\\\s o'iWidefiete, with the Garden called 
Parijh-Garden, with many other Lands, Tenements, and Pafturts in South- 
wark. Lamhethe, and Newington,Scc. The Lady Joan Gray Widow of §ir 
Robert Gray Knt. gave them the Mannor of Hampton near Kingflon with 
all xXv: Appurtenances, An.ixi 1. with other Lands elfewhcre. Sir Thomas 

5'44. de Samford^at.g^VQthtmth&yiAnuoxoiSaHnford'm Oxford (hire. Roger 
dc Mouhray gave to the Templers many Lands, among the reif, he gave 

545". them the Preceptory of Balfulle, in Warwickjhire. Maud Coxxnitkoi Clare., 
Widow o^ William, and Mother of Richard Earl? ot Clare, gave divers 

^4'^' Lands. H«^fr/^f i?i<i, gave the Templers divers Revenues in the fame 

5^7' year that Thomas Archlijhop of Canterbury out of anger and ill will departed 
from the King at Northampton ; So runs the Date of the Deed, Rolert 
de Everyngham gave the Templers the Mannor of Ron/lone, Sec. and Gilkn 
de 6rf/^ gave them, there, two Quarentenes or Furlongs oiHczth {hruene) 
and Pafturs for five hundred Sheep, this Preceptory was call'd Temple 

5'48- Bruer. Simon de MontefortEitloiLeiceJlergixe the Templers large Pof- 

55'0- feffions near Leicefler. William de Erlegh had given Bucklande to he a 
Monadery of CanonSjbut they having misbehaved thcmlelvesand forfeited 
their Eftate there, King Henry the 11. about the year 1180. gave their 
Houfe and Eftate thereto belonging, to the Prior of St. John ot Jerufalem^ 
for the Habitation of certain Sifters of that Order, conditioning that this 
Ihould be the only Houfe in England for fuch Sifters. Robert de Ros and 

' ■ abundance of thegreateft Lords of this Kingdom were Benefadors to thefe 
Knights. But above all they held themfelves fo far obliged to Roger de 
Mottbray, that the Templers granted to the faid Roger and his Heirs, that 
if at any time they (hould happen to find any Brother of the faid Order 
put to publickPenancefor any Fault or Offence againfl his Rule, yet the 
faid Roger or his Heirs (hould have power to releafe him from his faid 
Penance, without any contradidton. And the Hofpitallers granted 
An. 1330. to John Lord Mottbray ind his Heirs forever, that in cafe he 
or they come at any time in deVction to any of their Convents beyond the 
Seas , to be as honourably received and ferved as any under the fJegree of 
552. their King. KingSteve», King H(?«ry the II. Kingyo/;«, and King Henry 
the III. were great Benefaftors to the Templers^ the lafb of which granted 
them free Warren, Fairs and Markets, in many of their Mannors and 
55 J, Towns. King Richard the I. had a fpecial love for the Knights Hofpital- 
lers by reafon he had received from the Mafler and Brothers of the Hof- 
pital many benefits for himfelf and foUowcrs.when in the holy Land. King 
Richard ihe L granted to the Templers, and alfo to the Hofpitallers, 
Markets and Fairs in divers of their Towns. Kicg Edward the If granted 



\ol.z.P. SSf 


8 Knights, &-c. Vol. Jh 

thefaid Order, but not any thing appear 'd to be criminal, ablolutely deny- 
^ , ing that any are received in any other manner. The hkelnquifitors fate 
atToik, and tho' bcth at Loudun and Tirk they were acculed of many 
things, yet nothing appear'd for which the Order de(erved m Jullice to 
be fuppreffed (»//;// invent um e[i quod dc jure videretur ftatum illorum atml- 
lare^ However they were all in one day feized on throughout £«g/<?«<^, 
and imprifon'd. And in the Council o{ Vienna, An. Do/ft. 1 3 1 2. the uhole 
Order of the Tem piers was condemn'd and perpetually annulled ; withan 
Inhibition that none for the future ftiould take that Order, Profeflion or 
Habit, under pain of the greater Excommunication. After which the 
Kraghts Hofpitallers of St. John obtain'd moft part of their PclTeffions. 
At ?jbis time ff///ww Archbifhop o^Tork, moved with Charity to confider 
the nclp!efs condition of the Tem piers in his Diocefsjplactd them inleveral 
? '--nafteries in that County, and order'd them maintenance durirg Lile. 
/ '?/^94^ and Fid. Vol. 3. p. 6z. 108. 

^Valued at 238^ /. 11 s. S d. per Annum.~\ 

THowaslVolfeyCdX^\m\?m^oi St. Cicily, and Arehbifliop of Tor;^, 
by Virtue of a Commiflion from Pope Leo X. J». Dom 1 5 1 9. 
Compofed certain Ordinances and Decrees for the better Government of 
the Canons Regular of St. Auguftin in England: Confifting of thefe 

565. feveral Heads. Of the Union, and General Chapter of all the Canons 
Regular in England., to be once every three years. Of their admittance 
into the Order, and form of Proteffion. Of their Obedience, Poverty, 
Claufurc, Habit andTonfure 5 Of the Canonical Hours and Offices in the 

^^7' Church, and the manner of their Divine Service in their lefTer Houfes. 

-zg Of their Dormitory, and Refeftory. The Duty of Abbots and Priors j 
r * of Recreations, of the Accounts of the Houfes, of forreign Affairs, of 

^ ^' teaching Latin and fending their Students to the Univerfiry of Oxford^ 
and of the number of Canons in their Houfes or Monafteries. 

570. Thefe Statutes to be publifht and obferved in every Houfe or Mona- 

flery of Canons Regular in England, by their feveral Abbots, &c. 



volzP. isrs 

Vol. If. 109 

Of the Canons of the Holy Seputcher. 

The Priory of the Holy Sepulcher iu the Suhurh of V^X\XAVSi. 573. 

ANm Dcm. 1109. Black Canons were firft brought into England^ 
and (ettled firft at Colchejier, then at London, &c. Henry Earl of 
H'arwick erefted the Priory ot the Holy Sepulcher at Warwick. About 
that time the Chriftians had newly taken the Holy Land, and had infti- 
tuted Canons in the Church of the Sepulcher at Jertifalem, which Canons 
wore the fame Habit with other Canons Regular, without any diftindioa 
befides a double Crofs of red in the Breaft of their upper Garment. This 
Houfe in Warwick was the firft and Superiour of this Order in all En^land^ 
Wales, Scotland, and Irelaud, till the lofs of Jerufalem, after which this 
Order deca) d almoft to nothing, their Profits and Priviledges being trans- 
ferr'd to the Trinitarians. Smon Bifhop of prorcf/?fr dedicated their Altar, 
and Cimitery at Warwick^ with exprcfs provifion that the Parifh- Churches 
of All-Saint s,^nd St./Wi?/-i«,fhouId not fuffer any diminution or detriment in 
theirTuhes,Buryings, Oblations, Confeffions, vifiting the Sick, or any 
other accuftoraed Benefits to the faid Churches belonging; and that thcfe 
Canons fliould pay to theParifli or Mother Church o^ All Saints, an ac- 
knowledgment of %od. yearly at tl^ Feaftof all Saints. 
[Valued at 41 /. 1 o /. z d. j>er Annum.'] 

THETFORD, i« I30jf0lfe. ^74. 

Built and endow'd with Lands and Revenues by the old Earls o[ War- 
ren^ tor Canons of the Holy Sepulcher. Who enjoy 'd here large 
Liberties. Hamelin Earl of Warren bafe Brother of King Henr^ the II. 
granted to thefe Canons among other things, three Fairs, viz. One on 
the Invention of the Holy Crols in iWay, another on the Fcaft of the 
Holy Sepulcher, and the third on the Feaftof the Exaltation of the 575*. 
Crofs, &'c. All which Grants of his Anceftors were confirm'd by John 
Earl ot Warren.^ An. Dom, 1 3 1 j". (8 £. i.) 

[Valued at 59/. 6 s. 8 </. pr Anmtm.^ 

•E e . . ^ Of 

210 Vol. IL 

Of the Order of Premonftratenfes. 

S 79' 'T^H E Founder of this Order was St. Norkrt, born in the Diocefs of 
' J^ Coleift, of noble Parents, About the Age of thirty three years he 
was made Deacon, and Prieft ; and renouncing all Church Preferments 
and a large Partimony, he diilributed what he had among the poor. 
An. Don. 1170. he retired to a place c^XdPrcemonflratum v^'im thirteen 
Companions, in the Diocefs of L<w«/«««w, or i^ow, a City in Piwr^a^, and 
there began this Order, called from the place, Frt«»o»/?rd[/f;7/^j, according 

580. to the Rule of St. /^agK/?i«^. Being called from this retirement to op- 
pofetheHerefie of 7<j«C(^f/i»aiaty4«/H>fr/',^». 1124. he in a little time re- 
duced the Perfonsinfefted, to the Catholick Faith. After this he was 
Ctho'againfl his will) made ArchbiQiop of Magdeburg, and became very 
Inftrumental in planting the Chriftian Religion in the Northern parts of 

581. Europe, andalfoin healing the Schifrn between /»wc<f»/ the 1 1 1, and Peter 
Leo the Aotipope. The Place called PreMonJlratum and a Chappel there, 
of St. John Baptift, was given to St. Norhert by Bartholmew fiiihop of 
Laudknum, with the approbation of Icw/f the VI. call'd the Grcfs, King of^ 

5° 5' France. This place was fo called, becaufe (as is faid) it was fore-Jhewn or 
Pr^monfirated to be the Head Seat and Mother Church of this Order, by 
the BlefTed Virgin, who alfo gave and appointed them their white 

jg6. Habit. It lies in a Vally formed by natxire into the fhape of a Crofs, the 
four Arms of which extend Eafi and PFg/?, North and South^ of equal 

587. proportion. This Order being begun in the year 1 1 xo. as is before ob- 
ferved, was firft introduced into England in the ninth year of King 
Steven^ and about An. Dotn. 1146^ fettled at Newhoufe. 

g NE w H u s, in ttwttAnfbiw 

Founded by Peter deGop for an Abbot and Canons of the Order of 
Premonfiratenfes, which Abby and Church dedicated to St. Martial, 
wasbyhimendow'd with Lands and Revenues^ among other things he 
granted them free fifhing in Humber, and Tithes of his Wood, &c. All 
which was confirm'd, by thofeof whom he held his Effate, Radelf de 

590. Bajocis, and William Lzrl oi Lincoln. This Abby was founded at Neukus 

591. in the place ^where the Caftle formerly flood. Peter de Go/la held 
Lands at Newhoufe by the fervice of five Knights Fees, of the Barons de 
Bajocis, who helcj the Qnxae of the King in Capite. 

A L N E w I K E, i» 0ojt^umbec!anti. 

'Ounded and endowed fbr Canons of this Order, An. 1 147. by Eu- 
^^ Jtace Fitz John, who married the Daughter and Heir of Tvo de Fefcy^ 
and by her bad the Baronies of Ainewyk ^6 Maltone, from whom de- 
>>^' fcendcd 


A Cannon regvlar of y orderof PRy^MOArsTat 

Vol. 3..P.JS9 

Vol. II. Premonstratenses. 211 

Icended the noble Family of Fefcy, whofe Heirs General were married to 
Mufcarnp, and Bolbek. 

[Valued at 189/. Ij s. fer Annum.'] 

B L I B U R G, i» auffblfe. 593- 

KI NG Rii hare/ thG I. recited and confirm'd to thcfe Canons the fe- 
veral Lands and Rents given them by many Benefaftors. The 
Vounder and Patron of this Priory was the Abbot of St. OJiths. 594. 

[Valued at 48 /. 8^. 10 d. ftr Annum.'] 

H E p P E, /« aaieamcrlanD 

TH IS Priory was firft founded in honour of St. Mary Magdakn at 
Prejlon, by Thomas Son of Gojpatrk^ and by liim endow'd vs iih 
divtrs Lands ^ among other things he gave the Canons here as much Wood ^ ° ^ ' 
as they would take out of his Woods, and to grind at his Mill toll-free. 
The {zATh'^mas gzvc them alfo Paflure in and about SwiKc/ale, for fixty 
Cows, twenty Marcs, five hundred Sheep, (^c. Withocher Poilcllions in 
the Territory ot the Town oi Hrpfe where this Convent was new trtdtcd. 
Confirm'd hy Robert deVetetiponte. 

[^Valued at I 94 /. i-j i.J d. ob, fer Annum^] 

'T u p H o L M E, in ^a^incoinOjice. 59^. 

KING Henry the lU. Confirmed to the Abbot and Canons 
ot Sc. Mary of Tupbolm, the feveral Lands and Polleflions given them 
by Gilbert Je Neville and Ahn de Nevill his Brother, and divers other 
Benefaftors. The firft Founder u as Rolert de Neva FiUa, or Nevill.^ who ^^7. 
held Lands of the Kmg ;» C<2/)i/c iirom the time ot the Conqucif, where- 
with he endow'd this Houfe. 

[Valued at 100/. 14^. 10 d. fer Annum.'] 


WELLEBEC, i« Bmingflftmfbitc 

Oceusle F/enia»ghcamc inio England in the Conquerours Army and ob- 
_ tain'd from ttiat King divers Lands in Cukcney, &c. In this Tuu n 
lived on Gamelbere, an old Tenant i» O/)//^ before the Copqueft, who 59-" 
held of the King two Carucates of Land, by the Service of Ihooing the 
Kings Palfrey on all four leet, with the Kinps Nails ( de clujrio Dor,.h>i 
Regis) as oitas the King (hould lie at hisMannour oiAlaunsJe/d, and it 
he Ihould lame (^/«c/Wf^ J the Palfrey, then he iliould give the King 
another Palfrey of lour marks price, this Gamelkre dying without iliue 
the laid Eftate came by Efcheat to King h'enry I. who gave it to Richard 
Son ot (he faid Jo/eus, and his heirs to hold by the fame Service. Fhib 
fiicf.did hid illueby Hawijc a Kinfwoman of the Earl ot lerrurs, TUmj:\ 
who fecame the Founder ot this Abby, where a Church of St. 'jaoics 

E c 1 u as 


599- was then eredted, he alfo endow'd the fame with Lands and Revenues 
Pigmented and confirni'd by his Defcendents Simon filZ'Simon and Ifj- 
kl his Wife, Walter de Faucumkrge and Ag»es his Wife ^c. An. Dom. 

600. 1 319. Henry de Faucumkrge paft the Mannour of, and all his Eftate in, 
Cukency, with the Advowfon of this Abby, to John de Hothom Bifliop of 
Ely, who four days afrer conveyed all the prennifles. except the Advowfon 

601. of the Abby, to the Abbot and Convent of St. ']ames atfVelkck ^ and by 
another Deed dated 15 days alter in the fanme year John de l<fottiiigham then 
Abbot of this Abby, obliged himfelf and Succeflors to find eight Canons 
ol his Abby lor the daily celebration of the Divine Offices for the Souls in 
the faid Deed mention'd and to celebrate the Anniverfary of the faid Bi- 
fliop in like manner as of their firfl: and principal Founder, c^c. And to this 
alfo he and all the Canons of this Honfe obliged themfelves by Oath 

6oz. before a publick Notary, 6c. Richard Bajjet Knight gaVe to this Abby 
the Town of Duckmantcn, which being held of the Barony of Henry de 
StutevJll , was by him confirm'd , faving to him the Service of one" 
Knights Fee. The other Lands, ^c. belonging to this Abby in Cukeney 
and elfewhere, were all confirm'd by King Henry II. 

£ Valued at 249 /. 6 s, 3 </. per Annum,'] 

603. c R o X T o N, ?« lUiccfterCbiw. 


'IlUam Parcarius Son of Ingeram Parcarius gave two parts of the 
Park o'iCroxton to this Priory 3 Hugh Brother of the faid Willi- 
am confirm'd the faid Gift, and gave other Lands, &c. towards the' 
Building of the Church. Alfo he gave his whole Demeafne of Crouton to 
thefe Canons to hold in fee farm at the Rent of four marks/^fr Annum. 
604. Margery de Sanflo Alkno gave them the other third part ofCroxton Park. 
William Earl of Bolon, and John Earl of Morton, Ccnfirra'd their Eftate 
at Croxton, and gave other Lands. The abovementioned Ingeram Parca- 
rius was alfo call'd Ingeram le Porter., and came into ?.ngland at the Con- 
^05-. queft. Ring tfdwardl. A». t. confirm'd to the Abbot and Canons of 
the Church of St. John the Evangelifi and A^oUk, at Croxton, othervvife 
call'd the Church of St. John de Valle all their Lands, and granted them 
free Chace at CriJx/^Jw. Vid. Vol. 3./. "jy 

[Valued at 58J /. 10 ^. ob. fer ArtnumT] 

€06. L E Y S T O N E, in ^Ufifolfe, 

Founded in the time of King Uetsry \\. by Radulphus de Clanville, and 
by him endow'd with the Mannour of Leyflone. The Advowfon of 
this Abby coming to the Crown by the forfeiture of Michael de la Pole 
"Ezrloi Suffolk, Kmg Richard U. An. 12. confirm'd to the Abbot and Con- 
vent of this Houfe their Eftate, and granted them free Eleftion of their 
Abbot, that in time of Vacation neither lie nor his heirs nor any of his or 
their Officers would feize the Temporalities, nor intermeddle in the 
fame, nor ftiould any Abbot and Convent ofthisHoufe be ever compelfd 
[Ograntany Corody orPenfiontoany Perfon. ^i^. ^0/, 3./'. 74. 

rValued at i8i /. 17 f. i d. ftr Anmm?x 



BEAUCHIEF, in J^CthV^itt- 907. 

ROlert FitZ'Ranulf Lord oi^ JlfertoH, Morton, and Mamhatn, was one 
of thofefbnr Knights, who martyr'dthc Blcfled Thomas Arch-Bifhop 
01 Canterbury, in expiation of which Aft he founded this Monaftery of 
Bella Capite, or Beuuchcfi, dedicated ro ?t. Thomas the Martyr. Thomas 
de Cadurcis ( or Chawottb ) dcfcended by an Heir General from the faid 
Robert, gave divers Lands to this Houfe, and confirm'd all the Gifts ot 608. 
his Anceftors. King Edward If. An. 9. recited and confirm'd the Lahds, 609. 
^c. given to the Abipot and Canons ot this Houfc, by their feveral Bene- 610. 

r Valued at 126/. 5 j. 4 J. fer Annum^ 

B L A N C L A N D, /« li^OJt^UmbWlanD 61 r. 

'Ounded for twelve Canons of the Order of Premonftratenfes by Wal- 
ter de Bokbek, and byhimendow'd with divers Lands ^c. 

[Valued at 40/. 9</. psr Annum.^ 

N E w B o, /» ImcolnQjirc ^j2 

Founded and endow 'd with Lands and Churches by Richard Malebijfe. 
Confirm'd by King/Zewry III. An. 9. Among other things the fore- 
faid Richurdgdive the Canons of this Houfc certain Lands in EJiwifell held 
of John de l.afcy Earl of Lincoln by Ward, Rcleif, and Scutage, c^c all 
which Services the faid Eirl afterwards releafed and quit daim'd tothefe 
Canons in pure and perpetual almes. 

[Valued at 71 /. 8 j. id. oh. fer Annum!] 

LAViNDENE,i« :25ucWng^amtl)(tc. ^ij. 

Founded by John Bidun and by him endovv'd with divers Lands 
and Churches. RamilphEirl oi Chester, and Ralf de Bray, withdi« 
vers others, were Benefaftors, all whofe gifts were confirm'd to the Ca- 
nons of the Church of St. John Baptifl at Lavindene by King Henry 
\\\.A». II. 

[Valued at 79/. 13 j. 8^. per Annum"] 

W E N D L Y N G, /» BojfOlK* 

Founded and endow'd with Lands, &c. by William de Wendlyng, in free 
and perpetual Almcs. Confirm'd by King Edward III. An. 6. And 
hy Robert de Stutevill^ An. 1273. ( 1. Edward I. ) 
LValucd at J J /. 18/. ^J. per Annami] 




(6i6.) H A c N E B Y, wjlincolnfljicc 

Founded in honour of St. Thowiai the Martyr, Archbiihop of Canter- 
hury.hy the Lady Agues de Ombj, Wife of Herbert cJe Orrely,AH.%z. 
Hemy the \l Richard Biiho^ of Lincoln (51^3.) and Philip de Kyme 
(4 E. I.) with divers others were Benefaftors. 

[Valued at 87 /. us. 4 ^. fer Annum. \ 

STANLY Park, commonly call'd Dale, in BWbpfljire. 

^"^7' TT is faid that a certain Baker living in the Parifhof St. Mary at Derhy, 
X a n^an very Eleligious and a great Alms-giver, was adiuonilht ia a 
Vifion to leave all that he had, and betake himlelf to a folitary Life in a 
Place call'd Depedale, which accordingly he did. This was a Defert and 
Moorifli place Eaft from Derhji, near Stanley. Radulfus Son of Ceremimdus^ 
Lord of the place, accidentally difcovering this Hermit in his poor Habi- 
tation, as he was hunting, and commiferating his Condition, granted him 
the Soil where his Hermitage flood and alfo the Tith of his Mill of 

628. Burg., for bis maintenance. The Daughter of this Radulfus wa<! mariied 
to Serlode Grendon Lord ofBadeley^ to whom his Aunt and Godmother, 
call'd The Gome of the Dale, (Gome in old Englifh fignified a Godmother) 
gave Depedale, Thefe two aflembled hither certain Canons from a Re- 
ligious Houfeat Kalke, to whom they gave this Place, where they built a 

^j^Q, fumptious Church and Monaftery, which obtain'd from Rome ample 
Priviledges. But thefe Canons becoming very relax in their Divine 
Offices, and more given to hunting, and the Pleafures of the Forreft, 
than to the Church and Prayer, for which being in danger to be removed, 
theyby way of Prevention refigned all they had here into the hands of 
their Patron, andreturn'd to the place from whence the}' came, except 
Humfrey their Prior ^ho retired to a place call'd the Magdalen, and became 
a Hermit. But this Houfe became not hereby defolate, but afterwards 
rife to a greater degree of honour, (Ludit in adverfis divina potentia rebus) 
for after this there came hither fix Canons of the Order ot Pr<tmon[lratenfes 
from Tupholme, invited by the Patron. But thefe alfo misbehaved them- 
felves, and were recall'd to Tupholme. Hereupon William de GrendhoM,then 
Patron, procured five other Canons Of the fame Order from Welheck. 

630. Thefe alfo after forae time return'd back, difcouraged by cxceiTive Po- 
verty. At laft William Son of the forefaid Radulf, with his Daughter 
Maud married to Jeffrev Sawcemere, but childlefs, and the forefaid William 
deGrendoft,tUe Patron, his Sifters Son, joyn'd together in making a Fair 
and fufficient Endowment of Lands to this Houfe, procuring nine Canons 
from Meivhoufe, to whom they gave the Town and Park of Stanley, the 
<>3i» Dominion of Depedale, with other Lands in Okel>rcke,Sic. All which with 
their other Poffeflions given by other Benefaftors, were confirm'd to the 
Abbot and Canons of Stanlegh Park by King Henry the III An. 1 9. 
Fid. FoU 3. p, 72. 

iVabiedatT44/. izs. fer Annum-} 


Vol. II. PrEMON ST R A TE N S E S. 21'y 

L A N G D O N E, /« ItCttt, a Cell to Leyftone. (62 z J 

Founded by William de AuhrviUe, and by him endow'd with the 
Town of Langedone and divtrs other Lands ; confirm'd by Simo7i de 
Alhrinais his chiet Lord, and Nicholas da CryoU defcended ot the fore- ^^' 
faid H^illiam the Founder. 

W E S T- D E R H A M, i« BOjfOlfe. 

C O R E R S A N D, in tmMitSi 

Founded by tbechald Walter, Brother of Huhert Archbifliop oiCakter* 
hury, tor Canons of the PremoH/lratenjh, to whom he gave in pure 
and perpetual Alms the Hay (or inclofed groundj call'd F;//»? for the 
creding of this Abby. Confirm'd by Ring John, An. 2. All which, 



■P'^unded by Huhert Dean of York, for the good of his own Soul, and 
•■- the Souls of his Father and Mother, and of Ramlph de GUnville and 
Bertra his Wife who brought him up. He became altci wards Archbilhop 
oiCanterluTf, and endow'd this Abby with many Lands, all which was 
confirm'd by King jfi^/'w,^*. I. who alfo granted to the Canons of this 625. 
Houfe very great Liberties, and Immunities ; as to be quit from all Tolls 
throughout the Kingdom, both for themfelves and their men, &c. 
QV allied at 228 /. ob: ;w Annum."} 

B I L E G H, alias Maldone, in (£(fc]C. ^, ^ 

THE Canons of Perendune removed to Maiden, An. Dom. n8c. Ro- 
bert Mantell was their Founder. King Richard the L An. i . con- 
firm'd all their Lands and Revenues, with the grant of Liberties. 
[Valued at 1 57 /. i6s. 11 d. pn Annum."] 

s u L B y, in Bojt^amptonQjfcc tij. 

TH I S Abby of St. Mary de iVelteford afterwards call'd the Abby of 
Sttlehy was founded by William de Widcville. King Richard the I. 
granted thtfe Canons divers Immunities. Rohrt de Pav/ly Knt. granted 
them his Manner of Su/eiy to hold of the Abbot and Convent of fie/l- 
tninider., being Lords of the Fee, at the yearly flentof loz 1. and of liim 
the laid Robert by the Payment of one pound of Cummin, (Cimrni) or z d. 
at Eajler yearly, for all Services and Demands. Divers other Bcnefadlors 
gave other Lands in Northampton/hire and elfewhere, among whom were 
Join de Lacy Conftable oi'Chefter, Ralph Bajfet^ &c. All confirm "d and re- ^'^' 
cited by King Edward the IL An. 9. 

[Valued at 2^8 /. 8 j. ^J. per Annum.] 




6^2. with other Lands granted by ff7//w/i» </e £.i3«m/?(?/*, John de Laf<y'Evi\ of 

633. Lincoln, AndConiizhle ofCheder^ s^adby Jeffrey Son of the Lord ^o/;», and 
others, were recited and confirm'd by Kinc i?/c/;W the II. Am. 7. ACon- 

634. teft happening between the Prior of Lancafler, and the Abbot oiCoker/anJ, 
tbout Tithes and other Rights of the Church,, it was agreed and ftttled 
by Papal Authority, /4«.i 2 16. that tlie Prior (liould have two parts of the 
Corn Tithes in Lancafter and Puko»^ and this Abbot one third part ; alio 

<^3 $• that the Abbor oiCokerfand Ihali not admit any of the Pariftiioners of the 
Prior of Lancafler to Sepulture at his Convent, without the Priors Li- 

656. cenfe, (§c- The Abbot and Convent of Leice(ler{d^ prat is) granted to the 
Canons of CokerfanJ the Scite of the Hofpital of Cokerfand^ tor the making 
of an Abby, which change from an Hofpital to a Monaftcry, of PretnoH- 
iff ratenfes, was rrnde Ah. II po. 


B E G E H A M, i« ^UffOC. 

' i ^H I S Abby was firft founded at Hotteham, by Ralph de Dem, and 
^37- J^ by him endow'd with Lands, d'c Tranllated from thence to Bege- 

ham, otherwife call'd Benlin. by Ela de Saukvile Daughter of the firft 

Founder, whofe Son jF<?^rfy ^/ei'd'w/tz^//^ confirm d the Ertate ofthefeCa- 
^ g pons. Confirhi'd alfo by Gz/^er/ </(f ^^«//^, Robert de Tumham^ Walkelin 
A^ MamiMot, and Richard Ezrl of Clare and Hereford were alfo Benefaftors, 
g^^* all whofe Gifts were confirm'd by King John. King Henry the HI. An. 3 5-. 
6a.z 8'''^"^'^^ fo thefe Canons a weekly Market on the Thurfday, at their Man- 
^ ■ nor of Rokeland, and a Fair there for three days at Midjomer. Which with 

their other Po0effions, was confirm'd by King Edward the II. An. 6. 
Fid. Vol.1. p. 77. 

D A R L I N G s, ;» 5iLincolnl|)fte. 

"pOunded by Ralph de Haye with theConfent o[ Richard Haye his Bro- 
£ . ^^^^' confirm'd by King Henry the IL and King ^o/;«, An. 1 6. The 

g^^ Bardolfs^and Longfpes were Benefadors. 

. ^ B R o D H o L M E, i» Bottfttg^amOircc* 

KING Edward the 11. An. ix. recited and confirm'd the feveral 
Lands and PoffefEons given to the Brothers and Sifters oiBrodholme, 
by divers Benefaftors ; among wKom, Ralph de Alhaniaco, Walter de Clif- 
647. pf^ ^nd Ag^es \i\sWife, &c. 

[Valued at 16/. 5 j, zd.par Annum.] 


Vol. If. P RE M ON ST R A tEN S E §. 217 

C O V E ft H A M, /'« pfi^^^m. 648. 

THIS Monaftery wasfirft founded at SwayKchj, An.Dom.xic,o by 
flekivifia Daughter and Heir ot Ranulf tfe Ulanvil'a a Baron, and 
Capital Juftice of EMgUnd, in theti'.ne *. 1 K \\2^He>iry the !I. and Richard 
the I. It wasalterwards tranfl ued ivow^ Swa\nehy U)Coterham r\c?ix Midle- 
ham, by Ral^h Fitz-Robtrt defcended trom tlie laid Heiexoifii. The 
Lands, fe'c. given to this Houfe by the Foundrcfsand her Son Walleran 
fitz-Robert^'S.nd Ralph Fit-z^Rohcrt, Edric Neufum^ and others, were all 
confirm'd by King £^(rWthe llf. An. 2-.. Ot this Family did dcfcend ^49. 
two Sifters Co-heirs, Mury Lady of MidLbam, married to Ralph de Ncvik^ 
and "^oan married to Roiert de fater/Jjall. 

[Valued At 160 I. i8i. ^d per Annum.'] 

St. AGATHA near Richmund, i» P0),}iQ)iCt. 

Founded by one Roaldus the Conftable(ponibIy of Richmond CiCtk) Roger 
de Mouhra^Alan Bygot and others were Benela(5tors,whoIe Grants were ^^o. 
recited and confirm'd by King Ediv. III. Jn.^. Richard le Serope of Bohonhy ^5^- 
Licenfe of King Rich. H. granted to the Abbot and Convent of this Houfe a 
yearly Rent of 150/. lor the Maintenance of ten Canons, over and 
above the common number then in the Monaftery, and of two Secular 
Chaplainsto celebrate for the faid Richard and his Heirs, (§"£•. and for the 
Maintenance of twenty two poor men in the faid Abby. This Richard le 
Serope had been the Kings Chancellour, and gave alfo to this Abby the 
Manner of Brompton upon Swale, then ^valued at 10/. 3 j. ^d per 

[Valued .It'll/, ly s. 1 1 d. fer Annum.'] 

T o R R E, /•« j^ebonlbite. 651. 

THIS Church and Abby of St. Saviours of Torre was founded by 
William Britver., and by him endow'd with many Lands and with 
the Church of Ti^rrf, &c. to hold in free, pure, and perpetual Alms. 
KingjFo/»» confirm'd to thefe Canons all their PolTeffions, with the Grant ^53- 
of large Franchifes, and Immunities from Scutage, and all Gelds, and Tolls 
^c. for themfelves and their men. From this William Briwere the Foun- 
der defcendcd/?fg/»,j^</(? Mohuft, who in the thirty fix of King //fury 654. 
the III. had a grant from this Abbot and Convent of Liberty to ereda 
Chappel in his Court at Thorre for himfelf and proper Family, but not 
to baptize there, nor admit any of the Parifhioncrs to any Ecclcfiaftical 
Rights, the faid Abbot and Convent to receive one Moiety of all Obla- 
tions or Obvcmions arifing in the faid Chappel, &c. 

[.Valued at 596/. 11 d. per /innum.] 


Itig P R E M O N S T R A T E N S F S. V O I . ll. 

6ss' H A L E S- O W E N, /« ^J^OpOjitC. 


^H E Mannor and Advowfon of the Church cf Hales was given by 

King Joh»^ Ak. 1 6. to Peter ele Rttpiliu B[i\\op of WiKckejier. tor 

the ere£iing of a Religious Houfe, which was accordingly founded here 
by that BilTiop, and by him endowed with this Eflate. Confirm'd by 
King Hf^)-^ the III. /?«i^er Bifhop o'i Coventry and Litchfidd, Am.\i^%, I'^- 
propriatcd the Church of ^f'^^/^y7;>i/^ to this Abby, after. the death of p'ln- 
6^6. cent then Reftor of the faid Church, laving out of the fame a Vicaridge 
of thirteen Marks to be affigned to a Vicars with all Obventions, C^c. 
An. Don. 1270. Godfrey Biftiop of ff<?rcc/?f r made a Settlement tetueen 
the Abbotof //ir/ej, and the Perpetual Vicar of the Parifli Church theYe, 
the faid Vicar to have and receive from the Abbot ten Marks \ear}y, a 
Houfe with Out HoufeSjOrchardjGarden, and the Vefture of the Church- 
yard ; The Canons to find another Prieft to be under the Vicar {Fres- 
hiterm fecundariwn) and to bear ail ordinary and cxrracrdinary Charges, 
^5" 7. Johnde Hum^tone, Joan Botetourt, and Johnhcr Son, gave divers Manners, 
658. and Advowlons, to this Abby, conditioning for Chantrys. Wcldan Bi- 
ihop of Wcrcefler appropriated to this Abby the Church of Cle0 
and Chappel of Roulej, refcrving to the perpetual Vicar who hath 
, -' the Cure of Souls there, a Revenue of 10/. viz. a Mefiuage and Cur- 
telage on the South fide of the Churchyard, with Tith of Calves, 
Lambs, (^c. and all fmall Tithes (except of the Monafteries proper 
Lands) Mortuaries, the Herbage and Trees of the Churchyard, and all 
the Altarage. 

[Valued at 280 /. i^r. 2 d. ob. per Amu^f.J' - 

659. L A N G L E Y, in 0Ojfolii. 

Founded by Eol>ert Fitz-Roger, and endow 'd w ith Lands, &c. All 
which were confirm'd to thefe Canons by King Jckn, An. i. 
with the- grant of lai^e Liberties, and Immunities from all Tolls and 
Taxes. * 

Valued at to^l. 16 s, ^d. oh. per Annum. 


^^^^ TiTCHFiELD, ^« ipampOjicc 

''ING Henry the IH. An. \6. granted his ^Azwnoi o^Tichefeud iq 
^ Peter diRupibus Bifliop of iVincheJler., to found an Abby oi Pre- 
monjhatcnfes , and further granted to the faid Abby very great 
Liberties in the faid Mannor and their other Lands, with very great 
Immunities, and to be free and difcharged from Tolls, ®'c. and trom 
66 1, fuit to any Forreft Courts, and from the expeditating or la wing of 
Dcgs, and this not only for themfelves, but all their Men dwel- 
ling on their Lands. Other Benefaftors to this Abby were Eua de 
^"2. clinto», Reginald de Alhamara. Baldwin de Ripariis Lord ot the Ifle, 
^^i' Giilert k Manfel, Peter de Sukemmd, who gave certain Land in 
Ingefennc ^to hold of the Chiel Lord of the Fee by the Service of 



half a K.rjiglits fee, and of himfclf and his Heirs by one pair of 664. 
•Spurs, or 3 d. at the Feaft of St. Michael^ &c. All whofe Gifts were 
conirrn:i'd to ttjs Houfe by King Etlw^rJ the U. An. ii. An Inven- 
tory of the Goods of this Monaftery was taken, Antto Dom. 1420. 665-. 
before John Powle Abbot of Eales-Owtn, Vifitor of this Place, and it 
was then found that they had no Monies in their TrealHry. but c^(,, 
were 43/. 4/. in Debt ^ and the Houfe ingaged in 61/ b,d. In the 
Sacrifty, one Silver-Cup gilt for keeping the Sacrament, two great 
Chalices gilt, and twelve Icifcr ones, a great Silver Veilel full of 
Reliclis, a great Silver Crofs gilt with the Images of Mary and Johrr, 
two Candleflicks Silver and gilt, (S)c. In the Trealury mai>y pieces 
of Plate, fome of great fize, (^c- In divers Manners tielnnging to this 
Church four and thirty Horlcs, ten Mares, four Foals, one uundifd 
and fifty four Oxen, fevcn Bulls, nine and fifty Cows.c^c. three hundred 
eighty and one Muttons, one hundred Lambs, ^c fevcntcen Boars, 
twenty four Sows, thirty th-'ee Hogs, one luindred and twenty fix lef- 
fer Swine, and eighty nine Pigs. 

[Valued at thsSuppreffion at 249/. i6s. 1 d. per Annum.'] 

Ff a Of 



of the Order of St. Gilbert of 

669, '-r^He Life of this St. GUbert is writ very largely, out of which I (hall 

-■- here obferve only the moft Remarkable Paffages, as breifly as may 

be. He was born at Semfrwgham in Li»colnJ!:ire his Fathers name was 

Jocelifjtis, of Norman Extradion, but having large PoflelTions in this 

County. In his youth he was fent into France for the Improvement of 

6'jo, his Learning. At his return to the place of his Nativity, he inftruft^d 
the Country Children, Boys and Girls, in the Rudiments of Learning 
and the Methods of a Religious Life. And the Churches of Semfritig* 
ham and Tiringtou being void, bis Father Prefented hini Parfon of the 

671. fame. After this he became a Domeftick Clerk in the Family of Ahx- 

67Z. <z«f/er Bi{hopofL?Kf(?.'«, by whom he was made Priefl. Ail this while he 
was offuch Exemplary Piety that he became of great note forSanftity of 

673. life. Worldly Honours and Riches he defpifed, and refuied to be anArch- 
deaconin the Church of L/«c<'-'«, which was offered him with confidera- 

574. ble Advantages. This was in the Reign of King Henry \. At which time he 
begun his Order after this Manner ; Seven younssj Virgins, who voluntarily 
Lff I he World, (hut themftlves up in a folitary Habitation adjoyning to the 
North wall of the Church of'S't. Andrew&t Sempringham, and fubmittcd 
to his Goverament and direftion in Spirituals. Their Apai tment had but 
one Door kept Lockt, Their Diet and Releif they received in at a Win- 

675. dow. For the Afliftance of thele he appointed certain Lay Sifters, and for 
the outward Service of the Houfe certain Lay Brothers. From this Be- 

676. ginning this Order er.creafed to many Monafterics, built, endow'd, and 
677' encouraged by the great Men of this Kingdom. Pope EiigenJHs gave 

him the hcadihip or Government of this Order. To aflift him in his 
Office of Superfpeftion be Collefted Clerks who might take part of the 
Care of the Government of his Nunneries off of him, and this was the Ori- 
ginal of the Canons of this Order. Thtfe Canons were to live in a 

^78. Separate habitation, and never to have any accefs to thnt of the Nuns, 
unlt-fs for chc adminiftration of fome Sacrament, and that before many Wit- 
neffes, but the fame Church to ferve for both. Yet had they two Ruiesj 
the Nuns that of St. Beted^ci, rht Canons that ot St. JuguJiJK,\^'nh(cwe 

681. pecial Orders. St, Gilhert tho' Cheif ofthis Order yet lived with as much 
hardlhip infafting, Watching, and all other Auftentiesas themeanefl: of 

(53^^ them all. He abftain'd wholly from flcfh, unlefs in Sicknefs , and from 

584. Fifh alfo in Lent and Advent. In the Reign of King Henry \\. he fell 
into great Troubles by reafon of his fiding with Thonias ArchbiQiop of 
Canterbury and his releiving him with monies when he fled into France, 

685. but at length he was freed from them, and fet at Liberty. Afctr this he 

6^6. had new Affliftions from the malicious Scandals of fome lay Brothers of 
his own Order, but his patience brought him outofthefe Troubles alfo, 
and his Innccency and merit was certified by almofl: all the Billiops of 

6%J. England, and by Ring Henry II. himfelf. In his old Age he was depri- 


Vff/.2, P S^6^ 

VoLi Hi GiLBERTlNES. 221 

ved of his fight, but the vi^jor of his mind remain'd as perfeft as ever, 
with all t^c vertuhus fjcultits of his Soul nor in the lea ft decay 'J. Obfer- 683. 
ving ftill the fame, or greater aulieiiti-.-s in theCourfe and Difciplineof 
living. The day he fpent in, eitherhearing fomthingread, or in Prayer, 
or fpiritual DifcourLs ; he heard nothins; with patience but what related 
to God and a good life, and himfelf (poke little, and that only what was 
holy and ufetul. He lived to be above one hundred years of age, and ^90. 
dyed An. De/ft. 1189 and was buried at Sempr}t;gbam, four days after 691. 
his death, in the Prelence of all the Piiors and Piiorefles of this Order, 693. 
feveral other Abbots and Noble perfons, and people of all qualities above 
two thoufand. Many Miracles are faid to be wrought through his inter- 
ceiRon, after this. An enquiry into the truth of which Reports was 
va^dc ztScmpringhant^ An. 1 201. before certain Commiffioners appointed ^^^' 
by Hnbert Archbifhop o^ Canterbury, and again after that, by Papal Au- 
thority, The Confequence of which was the Canonization of St. (JUhcrt /■ 
andthelnfcrting his name into the Catalogue of Saints, Att.Dom. 1202. in ' 

the Papacy oflnnocent HI. 

THe Inftitutions made by the bleffed Gilbert andhisSucceflbrs for the 
Government of this Order of Sempringhatn.^ are very large and 
confin: of Divers general Chapters, or Heads, and thofe divid<;d into 
many Subdivifions. I (hall take Notice only of the Principal Titles, 
And refer to the Book at 1 ''ge for particulars. 

The firft Treats of the Rife and beginning of the Order, and of the 669. 
Eledtion of the Ma(ter, &c. 

Of the Principal Examiners or Searchers ( 5fr«/<j/<;r//'«/ ) their Confti- 705". 
tution, and Authority, &c. 

Of the four Procurators in each Houfe of this Order, (i^e. 7 1 r. 

Of the Canons and Novicee, and their Age, and of the Lay Canons, &'f, 717. 

Of the Brothers, their Inftitution, Apparel, andDuties, d'r. 739' 

Of the Nuns, and fuch matters as relate to them and their Houfes- 755-' 

Of the Lay Sifters, their Apparel and manner of Life. 771. 

Of the Sick and Infirm Nuns and Sifters, how to be treated. 775'. 

Of the Office of the Dea:d, and Funeral Matters, ^c. 779. 

Of feme Rules relating equally to the Nuns and Sifters. 78 j. 

Of the Unity and friendlhip between all the Houfes of this Order. 7^5- 

Of the Grand Chapter of the Order to be held yearly. In the 7^7. 
end of this laft Chapter 5 the Founder of the Order Provides that in the 788. 
Several Houfes ot the Men theNumber fhall not excttd 394 in all 5 and 
in thofeof the Women the number of Nuns and Sifters together (hall 
not exceed 960. 

THis order was firft Inftiiutcd in Etigland in the Reign of King Sfe- 789- 
ven. An. Dom. 1 1 48. by Mafter John Gilbert of Semplingbam ; 
Ifilum Bilhop of Norwich writ a very high Commendation of this Gil- 790. 
icrt, and of all the Religious of his Order, by way Tcftimonial, to Pope 
Alexander III. 




The Triory cfSempringhatn, in littCOlttdliW* 

Founded by Gilbert de Gaunt, and by him and others endow'd with 
divers Lands in Unco^njhire. John Dalderly Birtwp of Lincoln by his 
Deed dated at Buchden,, An. Dom. 1303. granted Licenfe to the Schollers 
of the Convent o: Se»'pri»gham, Studying Divinity or Philofophy, in St. 
Peter's Parifh in Stamford- to have a Chaplain to celebrate in their private 
Chappel there, faving the Ris^hts of the Parifti-Church of St. P<?/er there. 
Robert Lutterel, ReQ:oroi Irnham, gave for the maintenance oi the faid 
Schollers fo ftuddymg at ■S/tfw/(»r</as aforefatd, the Houfe where they in- 
habited, with divers Lands and Tenements in Keten, Cotijmore^ and Ca- 
fterton, in Rutland. 
Vid. Vol. 3. p. 107. 

[Valued at 5 1 7 /. 4 ^- i^^-'^'^r Annum.'] 


H A V E R H o L M E, i« litncolnCbitc 

Ounded by Alexander Biihop of Lincoln, and by hxva. endowed with 
the Ifle then called Hajreholm. An. Dom. 1135). 

[Valued at 70/. i j j. 10 <ij ob: fer Annum.'] 

795. GHIKESAND, i« 'BellfOjtl(l»'rC. 

PAganus de Bellocampo and Rehaija his Wife gave many Lands to this 
Houfe. Ring Edward the U. in the tenth year of his Reign granted 
his Licenfe to John Blundel to give the Mannor of chikefonde with its ap- 
purtenances to the Prior and Convent of this Houfe. 

fValuedat 212/. 3^. ^ d. oh. per Annum.2 


B o L I N G T o N, w KLiticolnlijiw. 

^0\ladtd by Simon FitzWilliam in his Park of Bolpgton, and by him 
_ endowed with part of his faid Park, and divers other Lands in pure 
79c. and perpetual Alms. William de ICiw^^confirm'd to the Prior and Con- 
vent of both Sexes at Bolyngton, all their Lands and Revenues, A, D ix%6, 
B.olert Vutrel of Cotet being received into the Fraternity of this Houfe, 
gave them at the fame time the Church of Boutun and Advowfon of the 
fame. The Crevequers, or Creukers, Barons of Redlurn, were Bene- 
faftors to this Priory, giving divers Lands in pure and perpetual 

Alms. , ^ 

CValucd at I j8 /. 7 ^. 1 1 </. per Annum' J 



VcJ.X f .7'- 


Vol. il. OlLBERTINES. 


A L V I N c H A M, i« UncfllnCbitet 


o R M E s B Y, i« Lincolnfljttc- 

Founded and endowed with Lands by Gillert Son of Roiert tie Or- 



w A T T o N, /« ^ojKOjrce 79S. 

Oundedby Euflachm S:in ol^ Joh» 2nd JgHCS his Wite. ibr Nuns, and 
^ thirteen Canons to ferve and provide tor them, according to the Infti- 
tution of the Order of Stmpringham. To u hoin he gave the Town of 
VVatton, &c. Confirm'd by iVlUiam Fojfard Lord of the Fee, and by henry 
ArcfibiihopofJor;^. Confirm' d :\\{ohy Roger (/e L/rfci Conltableof Chcjier ^no, 
defended Irom the faid Eujiachius, King'johi alio gave them Lands in g^,^ 
the firit year ot his Reign. Eujiachius the Founder married lor his fird 
Wife a Daughter and Heir of Ivode Vi:fy, irom which match delcendcd 
feveralot the Vejcyt ; and for his fecond Wife Agnes Daughter ol Wtlliam 
Conftabie ok Chejier. 

[Valued at 560 /. i^ J. 10 «/. ob. fcr Annum.^ 


^ter ele Melft and Beatrix his Wife gave to the Church of St. Mary 
^ oi Alvingham, and to the Nuns and Biethren there, divers Lands 
and Revenues m Alvingham and elfewhere, confirm'd by John their Son, 
A» Dom 17-^z. //fwrj Biihop of Z,i»ft)/« certified to the Treafurer and So7. 
Barons of the Exchequer, An. Dom. 1401, the names of all the Churches 
that were appropriated to the Order oiGHbertines. Pope Innocent the III. 805-. 
confirm'd the Lands and PoffcOions of this Order, (^c. 
[Valued ar 1 2 8 /. 1 4 J. 2 </. ;/f r Annum. 1 

5f. A N D El E W S, in the Suhurhs of ^0?fe. 80S. 

T^Ounded at Fijhergate at Tork., by Hugh MurJac, and by him endow'd 
■*-^ with Lands, Tenements, and Rents in and about lor^ A. D. 1102, 
an exchange of certain Revenues was made by mutual conlent between 
Simon then Dean., and the Chapter of St. reter% at Tork 5 and Roger then 
Prior of this Houfe, and Hugh Murdac. 

[Valued at 47/. 14 J. 3^. ob- fer Annum.! 


STiKESWOULD, in )Ltnco!nlljn:e. 

IT was found by Inquifition taken at Stanford 5 £. i. That the Mafter 
and Nuns of SfiUJhald held divers Lands at Huntington^ of the Giic 
of fevcralBeaefadtors. 

[Valued at 1 14 /. 5 ^- 2 -/i ob. per Annum.-] 

524 GiLBERTiNEs. Vol. il* 

810. s I X I L L, i» }L intmOfitz. 

Founded by one ^e Grelle Anceflor of Thomas de U Warn. 
Agnes de Percy and others were Benefadors. 

[Valued zt 1%^ U 9 d. fer Annum.'] 

gii. MARESEY, i« 3E.intoInQ)ice- 

Tl^Oundcd and endowed by Ifahell de Chauncy Widow of Sir Philip de 
•*■ Chduncy. 

[Valued at 130/. i 5 j« ob. 'Ocr Annum.] 

Newfted at A N C O L M, in JLinCOlnQjWe. 

Founded and endow'd, with the grant of very great Liberties and 
Irtimunities, by King Henry the II. Confirm'd by King Edward the U. 

813. An. fuo. 13, Divers Landsand Revenues were given to the Nuns of the 
Order of Sernplinghain^hy Peter Son of Henry de Bilingcy,whok Coufin and 
Heirefs became the Wife of William Mafon. 

CValuedat 58 /. 13 /. ^ d. per Annum] 

814. KATTELEY, i» JLincolnC[)ire. 

PEter Son of Peter de Belyngey confirm'd to tlie Nuns of Catlei 
and their Brethren Clerks and Laics, divers Lands in Bilingey 
and Walcot, given by his Anceftors. 

5/. C A T H E R I N E S, i» the Suhurh of IfnCOln 

Founded by Robert the fecond, Biihop of Uncoln, with the affent of 
his Ghapter, and endowed with the Prebend of Canewich, and with 
the Church ofNewerc, and divers Lands and Revenues at Newerc, &c. 
Confirm'd by King Henry the IL 

[Valued at 202 /. 5 J. ob. /'«'• -<i«««»».] 

815. H E Y N IN G s, i« lincolnOiire. 

Founded by Reynerus deEvermu, and by him, and Odo de Sanila Cruce, 
endowed with Lands. Confirm'd by King Hemy the IIL An fuo 53. 
CValued at 49 /. 5 j. 2 d, per Annnm. 


Vol. II. GtLfeERTi M E s. 

H O L L A N D . B R I G G, in tincOlnQjltC 

Founded by one Godwin a Rich man of Lincoln ^ and named the Priory 
of St. Saviour. 


MALTON, i«|lojfe(llfce. 2i6. 

Founded for Canons of this Order of Semplinghant, by Eujlachius Son 
of John. Which faid Euflachius, and William de Vefii his Son, conferr'd g 1 7. 
on thcfe Canons many Lands and Churches, fo did the Flamvills.,dic. gis! 
From the Fefcies defcended Gilbert de Aton, who became Patron of this 819! 
Priory, and died, v4». Dom. 1:^0 j. The Lands of this Priory were con- 
firm'dtothefe Canons by Kir)g John. An.Dom.izoo. William Laceles, 820. 
Knt. granted to rhefe Canons two Bovates of Land in old Malton, in 
heu ot certain Tithes by them granted to the Church oi' Soureiy. 
[Valued at i^j L 19 s. zd. per Jnmm.'] 


Founded by Gatfridus Son o^ Peter, Earl of EJfex, for Nuns and their 
Brethren, Clerks and Laicks, and by him endow'd with the Mannor 8ii. 
of Shottldkm, and many other Lands and Churches. After which Foun- 
dation he removed the Body of his Wife Beatrix de Saj, who died in 
Child-birth and had been buried at Chikefand, to this Priory. 
[Valued at 1 5 8 /. 1 8 x. id. per Annum.'] 

ELLERTON, in |^OjKQ)irC. 

Founded by William Son o( Peter, who gave all his Inheritance in £/- 
lertoH tor the making a Priory of Canons of the Order at Semping- g^^ 
tam, and for the Habitation, and Maintenance of thirteen poor Men. 
An. Dom.1^%7. German de Haj then Patron of this Priory, obtain'd a 82 j 
grant from the Prior and Convent of this Houfe by Indenture, that where- 
as the faid German had then but the prefentation of one poor man of the 
thirteen that were to be maintain'd in this Friory, for the future the faid 
German his Reirs and Affigns Lords of the Manner of Aghton, fhall pre- 8^4. 
lent nine of the thirteen, with the Penalty o[ 10/. for every refufal to 
aclmit any poor manfo prefented. P^id, Fol. 3. />• 108. 
[Valued it 6zl. 8 /. 10 d. ftr Annnm.'] 

G g OVE- 

26 Git B E RT IN E S. VoL. It; 

8ij. OVET ON in Hertnes, z« the Bijhoprick (f 3©0C^a!rt. 

Founded and endow'd with divers Lands in Onjeton and elfewhere by 
Alan de Wiltone. For Canons of the Order of Semptingham. Con- 
firm'dby Ring John, An. fuo, 5. 

[Valued at 11 /. 2 i. 8 #/, ftr Annum.'] 

ii^. w E L L s, i« t(ncolnfl|ji«e 

Founded by Jeffrey de Hauvill^ for Canons. To whom he gave all 
his Lands and Tenements, d'c. in Welle, faving to him and his Heirs 
Pafture of (ixty Cattle to feed with the Cattle of the Canons, faving alfo 
the Annual Rent of 5 s, to be paid to him and his Heirs. Confirm'd by 
King John, An. Reg. 5. 

C Valued at 95/. 6/, id. fir Annum.'} 

PULTON, i« TOltfljite. 

'Ounded in the Reign of King Edward the III. by Sir Thovtas de 
_ San^o MaurOfKat. and by him endow'd with the M^nnor oi PoltoH 
then valued at 10 /. per Annum^ the Mannor of Chele/worth then valued 
S27. at ^ I. per Annum, with other Lands, King Edward the IIL An. Jko z8. 
granted to the Canons here very large Liberties and Immunities. 



Vol. II. 



Of the Order of the Holy Trinity, /^r 
the Redemption ofCaptivesi 

The Rules of the Mon^s of the Holy Trinity ji^ere 830. 
afprovedhj Tofe Innocent III. and were, 

T^Hat they ftiould live in Cbaftity and without property, That all theif 
-■- Revenue, or what comes to their hands lawfully ihall be divided 
into three parts j with two parts of which they iliall fupply their own 
Neccftaries, the third part (hall be laid by for the Redemption of Chri- 
tian Captives, taken by Pagans, either by purchafing their freedom for 
2 Sum of Mony, or by purchaling Pagan Captives in order to exchange 
them for Chr'tftians. 

That all Churches of thi:. Order Ihall be intituled of the holy Trinity, 
and be of plain work. 

That the Brethren cohabit together, three Clerks, and three Laymen, 
befides their cheif, who ftiall be call'd their Minijier. 

Their Garments to be of woollen Clcwth, and white. They may wear 
Cloaks and Breeches, but muft pat them off when they liedown. They 
(hall lie in Woollen, and not on feather Beds in their cwnHoulcs, unlcfs 
in tinle of Sicknefs. 

They may not ride on Horfes, but on Aflcsthey may. 

They may drink Wtne, provided it be with Temperance. 

From the Ides oiScpemher to }iii(hr they (hall faft on the Monday yWedtuf- 
May, Friday, andSatnrday( unlefs fomc folemn feftival happen ^(oal- 
fo in' Ltfit and other accultomed limes of the Church. 

Flefh they may eat if given them from abroad, or of their proper 
feeding, but that only on Sundays from Eujler to Advent, and from 
Chrijimatto Septu^effimJj nnd on C&rijintafjday, Epiphany, Afcention^thc 
Adumpiion, and Purification of the Blefl'ed Mary, and Feafl oi all Saints. 
They (hall buy nothing for their own Dyer, but Bread, Beans, Peafc, 
Herbs, Oy.'e, Eggs, Milk, Chcefe, and Fruity but no Flefh, nor Fifli, 
nor Wine, unklsforthc neccflities of the Sick, and on Jorneys, d^c. 

In Towns where they have Houl'cs of their own they Ihall not eat, nor 
diiiik out of the fame, unlcfs Water, tho' invited i nor lye out of their 
own Houles. TI>e Infirm fhall lye and eat by thcmfclves : Strangers 
erpccially Religious m<.n , that come to their Houfcs fhall be kindfy 
cutertain'd according to the ability of the Houfe. No Brother either 
Cltrk or Lay but ihall labour in (bme Office or other. They (hall 
obferve filence in the Church, Refcftory, and Dortour , unlcfs upon 
neccflary Occafions, A Chapter fiiall be held every Sunday if polliblc, 
in which they fliall conlidcr ofthe affairs of the Houfe, and then alfoan 

G g z Ex- 


g-- Trinitarians. Vol. I J. 

Exhoruiion (hail be made in a plain manner to all the Brethren and 
others of the Houfe, inftrufting them in their duty of what they are to 
bsieive and praftice. Ifany Brother give Scandal, or ftrike another he 
ftall be puniflit at the will of the Minijier, more or lefs. A General 
Chapter {h,ili be held once a year, and that in the OBaves of Pentecoji. 
The /J:/i»i/?er jhall be Elefted bythe Commpn Council of the Brethren, 
not for the dignity of his Birth but the Merits of his perfon. The Mi- 
tiifler is either greater orLefler; The Greater may hear the Confefiions 
of all the Congregations of his Order, the Le.leronly oi his own Houfe. 
If any dclire to enter into tliis Order he (hall firft undergo a years 
Frobation, or more if thtre be joccafion, and none fhall be received 
under-tht ag;e of twenty years. • " . ■ '■ 

None iliali fv^ear an Oath unlefs upon gffat. Neceffity by Licenfe of 
the MiKifler, or by command of the Bifhops, and for an honeftandjuft 

8 J r. T H E L E s F o R D, 7» ©ilartoicfefibite. 

THis Houfe, dedicated to God, St. Joh» Baptiji, and St. Radegund 
the Virgin, was founded by William Son of Walter de Cherlecote, for 
the Releif of the Poor, and for the R.cceit of Travellers, or Pilgrims 
and Religious Men there ferving God j he endovp'd it with feveral 
fie venues in Cherkcete. Other Benefadlors were Fhl/^Son of William 
de Lycy --i WilliaKi de Narjord Lord of Bereford, who among other things 
granted to the Mitiijler and Friers of this Houfe free Fiihing in his Water 
8^2,. oiAvoKi on al! days bat 5/W**;^, with other great Liberties and Privr- 
ledges f, and William de Btllo Campo Earl of Warwick. All whofe gifts and 
Grants King Edceard III. in the third year of bis Reign, confirmed to 
Thomas deOffynten at that time Minifier, and^the Friers of this Houfe, and 
833. their Succclibrs, to hold free and quit of all Secular demands and Exaftr- 
ons, whofc Deed bears date at Kenyltvorth. 

([Valued at 2; /. 10 s. pr Annum.'] 


MOTTIDEN, in^m- 

His Houfe df Friers of the holy Crofe,wasfirft founded by Sir Robert 
de Rokejley Knight ; the Modern ?atron was the Earl ofNorthumher- 


[Valued at jo /. 1 3 j. oh. per Annum.l 


INGHAM, i«BOjfelfe. 

///m«« Stafertowwzs thefirft Founder of this Priory, of later time 
Francis Caltkorp became Patron. 

[Valued at 61 /. 9 s. 7 d. ob' fir AmttmJ] 



vol. z. P.S7I I 

Vol. II. Trinitarians. 



KNARESBOROUGH, 7« ^OJfeflbite. 

King 'John gave certain Lands in Swhiejcp^ to Frier Robert a Hermit 
in this place, which his Son King Henry \[\. confirm'd to Frier Ivo^ 
by the title ot" Hermit of the holy Crofs oiKmreshtrg, in the twelfth year 
ot his Reign. 

fi/VA W King of the Rotnans and Earl of Corajvall, Brother to King 8^4. 
Henry III. gave to God and to the Brothers ot the Holy Trinity of Captives 
at Knareshurgh the Chappel of St. Robert at Knareslmrgh^ and all the 
Land which King 'john, his Father gave to the faid Saint Robert in his 
life time, with other Lands, and Commons of Pafture for twenty Cows, 
and three hundred Sheep, and Paunage for forty Hogs, &c. Whole Deed 
bears date at London, An. Dom. 1257. All which was afterward con- 
firm'd by King Edward I. and King Edward U. 

C Valued at 55/. 10 si 11 d. per Annum^ 

230 Vol. II. 

Additions to the Firjl Volum of the 
Monafticon Aiiglicanum. 

1,^^ Frf^. 18. GLASTONBUR. Y. 

Divers other Grants of Lands, Revenues, Liberties, ©"c. were made to 
this Monaftcrv by fcveral Kings and Bilhops in the times of the Su' 
xcns^ &C. King Etheldred, An. 987, Ranted to the .Abbot and Monks here 
42- certain Lands to hold and pofl'efs, quamdiufides in Anglorumcatholicupreman' 
ftrit plehe. So long as the Catholick Faith fliall remain among the Peo- 
ple ot En^and ; or, while the People, there, (hall remain Catholicks. 

F44. Tag. 31. R O C H E S T E R. 

IN the year 1197. Huhrt Archbiftop of Canterhury, exchanged the 
Mannor and Church of Darent to the Monks of Su Andrew at Roche- 
jtety for the Mannor and Church of Lammedbe (^Lambeth) with all the 
Appurtenances thereto belonging, as well in the faid Mannor as in Suwerc 
(Southwark^) And this was by the aflcnt of King Richard tlrc L and 
Gilhert then Biflwp of RocheJJer. 

845'. Pai,. 49. DURH AM. 

KING William the Conqueror commanded the men of CarJile, and 
thofe Parts, that they Ihould receive Chriflianity of the Bifliop of 
^4<5. Durham md his Archdeacon- Nigellus de Alheney a great Favourite to 
Ring Henry theL fpoil'd the Monaftery of Durham of two Maonors, but 
bting afterwards very fick and weak, repented and reft.ored them. Hugh 
Bifhop of Durham was highly favour'd by King Richardthe I who made 
him Earl of Nordumherlandy and committed the Government of the 
Realm to his care during his abfcnce in his Voyage to the Holy Land ^ 
but afterwards falling into the King's difpleafure he was devefled of the 
Earldom of Northumlerland before his death, which happcn'd in tlie 
year 1194. Anthony Bee\ elefted BilTiop of Durham in the year ii8j. 
was a man of fo great Authority, that he ufually hjid in his retinue one 
hundred and forty Knights. He had a grant of the Ifle of Man for life 5 
he was a great Builder ; he died, ^». 13 10. and was the firft Biflicp that 
was buried in the Church of Durkmt, 


Vol. If. Additi ms to the Firfl Vohm, 251 

Tag. 62. WESTMINSTER. S47- 

IN the year 15'5'6. Cardinal Pole, then Archbifhop of Canterlury ^nd 
Legui Je Latere, upon the Petition of the Dean and Chapter of St. 
Feter'szt Wejlmittjier, granted them Licenfe to give and furrendcr all and 
fingular their Goods, moveable and immoveable, Adions, and Hights, 
whatfoever, to their Church, or to them in right of their Church, be- 
longing, to King Philip and Queen Mary, that with the fame they might 
endow the Abbot and Convent of the faid Church in perpetual Ahns, and 
reftore it to the condition of a Monaftery as formerly. Which Licenfe 
was dated at his Mannor o{ Croydon, 17th. Kal. Ofloier, in the fecondyear 
of the Pontificate of Pope Fa*/ the IV. (which was 3.4. P. and MJ) 

Pag. 143. B ARDN EY. 

THE Monaftery of St. Veter and St.Ofwald at BWw^f was re edi- 
fied and made an Abby by Gilbert e/e Gant^ whofe OfF-fpring con- 848. 
firm'd and augmented the Lands and Endowments of the fame. Fromrhe S50. 
fzidGillert de Gaunt, who came into England with the Conqueror, de- 
fcended the Earls o^ Lincoln of that name, Hugh Bifhop of iL/«w/« recited 
and confirm'd the feveral Donations made to this Monalkry. 

Pag, 152. EVESHAM. 851. 

TH E firfV and principal Founder of this Monaftery was King Ethel- 
red Son of FfWtf King of iWiercw. Wiiicli King Ez/Wz-f^/ alter he 
had reigned thirty years, rclinquifht his Kingdom, and bec^imc a Monk at o 
Earclney. Of later years feveral of the name of ^w/^f// were Benefaftors ' 
to this Houfc. 

Fag. 169. C ROWLAND. 853. 


rw, two Knights. 

Angtojt was given to this Houfe, An. 819. And the Mannor and 
Church ofBaJio/j, An. 825-. the firft by Fiegiftus, the other by Alga- 

Fag. 176. D ER EH A M. 

S Mnt K^ythhurga the Virgin was Daughter of ^»«^ (King of the Eaff- 
Angels) and devoted to aMonaftick Life. She caufcd this Monaftery to 
be huih 3t Derham, in which Ihe lived a Nun ^ this Houfe was at rirftfo 
poor, that upon her earncft Pra) er, the Nuns here wcrefupported by a 
kind of miracle, two Does or Hinds, being ulcd to come daily to be 
milked at a certain place fora longtime, till theChici manor Bayly of ^S4' 
the Town envying, hunted them away with Hounds, but fuffcr'd God's 
ju.lgment for his malice and broke his neck in hunting. SlJVythi-urg died 


292 jidditioris to the FirU Folufn. Vol, ll,' 

and was buried in the Church-yard at Derham ; and five and fifty years 
after her Body was found uncorrupted, and tranflated thence into the 
Church, A». 798. Biit in the year 974. it Was tranflated from Durham, 
to Elj. 


Pag. 191. WINCHCUMBE. 

iV»(? 1 1 75'. Pojpe AkxaMefer the III. recited and confirn:i'd the Lands 
_ and Poirefl'ions of this Houfe, and by the fame Bull granted the 

855. Abbot and Monks here divers Priviledges, -z^iz. that they might prefent 
Prieftsoi their own Eleftion to the Bi(hop to beinftituted in the Ciiyrches 
belonging to their Monaftery, which Priefts were to anfwer to the Bilhop 
for the Cure, and to the Monaftery for the Temporalties of the place 5 
that no one fliould exaft Tithes of them for their Lands or Cattle, in their 
own hands or Occupation 3 that they might have free Sepulture for thofe 
whodefired to be buried uiththem, faving the Rights and Dues of the 
Parilh Churches : that they might cellcbrate Divine Offices in time of a 
general Interdift, with a low Voice, and Doors fhut, &c. That Chrifme 
and holyOyl, Confecration of their Church, Ordination of their Monks 
and Clerks to Sacred Orders, fliould be received from none but their 
Diocefan Bifliop, ifbebe Catholickand in the Communion of the Apo. 
ftolick See, and if he will do his Office freely and willingly, otherwife 
8 J 6. they might repair for thcfe matters to any other Bifhop. ^», 1404; 
Richaref Biihop of iVorceJier confirm'd the Appropriation of their Churches. 
An. $. R. I. Roiert the IV. was chofen Abbot of this Houfe 5, 
he ordain'd, that on every Morrow of All Souls (^Novetnl. 3.) 5 early, 
one hundred poorPeople (liould be relieved, here, with Bread, Drink, 
and Meat. 30 M 3. John Tanworth was chofen Abbot on the death of 
Henry. 9 E. x. Richard Tdehuri was chofen Abbot on the death of 

857. Thomas. 4 £. ■}!" Rchertde Ippewell then Abbot did freely and of his own 
accord, Ahdicate the faid Office, and Walter Winfort was chofen to 
fucceed him. 


Pag. 191. WILTON. 

''VlflanE^xX of Ellendin was the firfl Founder of the Chantry at 

Wilton (which is the fame with Ellendin^ King Egbert founded 

the Priory, at the rcqueft of £/^«rg<2 his Sifter and Widow ot the forelaid 

Earl Wulflan, Ah, 775. In which ihe became a Nun with twelve others. 

But the firft Founder of the Abby or Monaftery of St. Edith in Wilton 

was King Alrud^ who gave all his Manner and Liberties at Wdton to the 

g5°- Nuns, in perpetual Alms. King Athel^an was a great Benefa£lor, 

^9- An. c)■^■^^zw^ <^7,j. So Viz^Kmg Edgar, An. ^6%, Sic, 

Vol. II. Addttiomto theFirjlVolwn. 295 

Pag. 195. A M B R E S B U R. Y. g^^g^ 

TH E Nuns here, being about thirty in number, were for tlicir noto- 
rious Icandal and naughty Life, removed Irom hence, and placed in 
other Monaftcrics, and other Nuns brought irom Font Ehraldm France 
and eftabUiht here j to whom King Henry the II. upon tlieir firft cftablilh- 
inent, gave divers Lands ^ ail which, with other Revenues given by o- 
ther Bcnelaflors were confirm'd to the faid NunsofFp»f Ehrald by King 
John, in the fccond year olhis Reign. 

Pag. 242. RAMSEY. 8^9. 

IN the year 1 1 c o. feveral Great men of this Kingdom raifedaWar 
^gainlt King Benry the I. who were forced to f^y into tJcrmandy j Guif- 
cu'd de Lywofin, Lord Mol^ns appeared there on the King's behalf, and 
proffcurcd tlie V\'ar againlt them, for which fcrvicehc was highly favoured 
by tlie King who brought him with him over into England^ and gave 
liim Callles, Lands, and Honours. T\i\s> l^orman Lord built that part of 
Ramfty Monaftery vs'hich wascall'd l^ormanW^t. And from him defcend 
tlie Lords Mollns. Roger a younger Son of this Family was Caftellan of 
iJottingham, andcall'd himfelf Roger d^Leumefin {angUce H^aterhoufe.) 

- — P*7g. X53. CHATERIDGE. 

THI S Nunnery and Church were all. burnt down by acafual fire in 
the timecf f^o^frf Or/orri'( whowas Billiopol Ely, An. 1301.) where- 
upon the faid Bifliop wrote to the Bifliop of London letting forth the di- 
flreft Condition of the Abbefs and Nuns here, in order to have them 
excufed from the Payment of Tenths in conlideration of their great 
Lofs. '- 

Pag. Z-J6. BURTON. 

Nlgdlus Abbot of B«r/<?» with theConfent of the Chapter there, gave 
to one Orme their Land at Acovre, under condition that he pay 
yearly twenty pieces of old Coyn, each wortji i6d. (xx.oras) and there- 
upon the faid Orme became the Abbot's man, and (wore fealty, and that 
when dead his Body fhould be brought (cunt totl pecuniujuu) to be buried at 
Burton Abby i after which his Son wasto appear in their Chapter-houle, 870. 
to pay his Relief, to take fucb Oath, to make fuch Pa}"mcnts, and to hold 
as his Father had done. By other Deeds this Tenure was fpccified to be 
by the Payment of two Marks yearly at Martlemafs, to go with the 
Abbot to London when he goes thither on the Affairs of this Houfc, at 
the Abbot's Charge, and come to his Court, if rummon'J,to judge Felons. 

H h Pag. 

C134 Additions to the FirHVolum. Vol. IL 

!7i. Pag 310. SPALDI NG. 

THIS Monaftery was given in the rime of Wi//M?»rhe Conqueror to 
the Abby of St. Nicholas at Angiers, by one Tvo Talhoys., and became 
a Cell to that Abby. But it being found highly inconvenient to the 
good of this Houfe that the Prior and other principal Officers here (hou Id 
come from beyond Sea, and be removeable at the pleafure of the Abbot 
of /4«gi(?rJ, tbey carrying away with them what they could get from this 
place ; alter many contefts it was agreed that the Prior of this Houfe 
iliould be inftituted by theDiocefan, and be immoveable; and that the 
Abbot o{ St. Nicholas at Angiers Ihouid not have to do with any of the 
Temporalities of this Houfe, but only receive an annual Rent of ^jo /. 
and the Board and Maintenance of four Monks. 


Fag. 3^2. ME RK YATE. 

ANno 1 145"- RaMph, Dean of St. Pauh in London, and the Chapter 
of thai Church, granted toChri/liua, and the Nuns of the Mona- 
ftery of the holy Trinity of the Wood near Merkyate^ the Ground where 
the faid Monaflery is fituated, referving a yearly Payment of 3 j. as a 
Ground Rent, and Fealty. Alexander Bifhop of Lincoln confecrated the 
Nuns Church here intheabovefaid year v\^S' 

g^^ F.g. 356. TUT BURY. 

T TT////^wEarlof/erra« granted to the Monks ofSt. /W<?ryof 7«//»r>[v 

VV ^'^ Tithes of all his Forrefl of DuffeU, viz. of Paunage, of hunting 

of Honey, and of Money (/. e. Rents.) William Prior, and the Convent^ of 

874 Tar^wr)', granted to William Fitz-Berhmxi^ to his^Jeirs, NorlurymYtt., 
at the yearly Rent of \zos- and if he be fummon'd; to afTiff or be present 
at the Pleas and Affairs of the Church of Ttiihurj, with Relief, and other 

Sj^. Services to tlie fald Prior and Convent. Afterwards by Deed "Hated 
10 H. 6. Nicholas FitzsHerhert^ Efq; and Ralph Fiiz Herbert \{\s Son and 
Heir apparent, fet forth that whereas they had demifed to Thomas Geduey 
Prior of Tatkury certain Lands at Ofmondflone in Com. Derhy^ for four ye*irp ; 
in confideration that the Prior and Convent had by their Deed under feal 
releafed to the faid Nicholas and his Heirs all their Right and Claim of a 
Rent of s ^. per Annum., and other Services ifTuing o'.it of the Mannor of 
Norhury in the faid County, they the faid Nichohs and Ralph did releafe to 
the faid Prior, and Convent, and their SucctfTors for ever all their Right and 
Claini to and in the Lands demifed as abovefaid, with Warranty. 

Zy6, F.^. 367. MALVERN. . '^^(^ 

THE Priory of Great Malvern was before the Conquefl a Hermitage 
founded by one Vrfo d'Abytot \ afterwards a certain Abbot ofWeJl- 
min/ler, with the Affent of the idLidVrfo, did place here a Prior and Monks, 
and gave them three Mannors 5 others gave oiher Lands, all which were 
confirm'd by King Hei^ry the I. ^ag* 

Vol. i L Additiom to the First Vohtm. 255 

Pag. 370. ;S/. NEOT S. 

TEdl'M Ji Ffd'akrs gave Lands to the Monks licrc, whofe Deed 877 
cxsndudcs Et quonhmego SigiUum ncn habtii, petitione ntfa Do- 

mtmmsmens Step/jjwts banc Jofiat'onent meamjub SigiUo Juo confirmavit. Othcc 
Bencfklors to this Houfu- were Boger de Clare Earl o( Hertford, William de 
Aliiitiy Brito^ a.nd Peter de fllontejort, which lad by his Deed dated at 
PreJioH, An. 124^. gave and contirm'd to the Monks here divers Lands in 
WtMge (Com. Rkt.) wuh the Advowfon of the Church there. 

Z*^^. 439. COLN E. 

SEvenl Countefles of Oxford were BenefadVors to the Monks here. 
_ Roger Bigot Earl of t^WJolk gave them the Church of Dovercourt and* 
Chappci ot tiereuicb. 

Fag 479. BLAKEBERGH. 875,. 

npo the Nuns of thisHoufe divers of the Family oi' Scales were great 
J- Beneiaftors. Ewma de Bellojaio Widow, gave to the Nuns of ^^o- 
Blakehergh four hundred Eels out ot her Fifhery at Wilton, per Anmm, at ' 
the begmning of i<?»/, in pure and perpetual Alms- 

F<?g. 489. STANFORD. 

TO the Nuns of St. Michaels \'n Stanford were given by feveral Bene- 
faftors, the ChurchofSt. C/fwf«r'sin5/'<i»/o/-</.thc Church of All- 
Saints in Stamford., the Church of St. Andrew in St.ivford then (1170) 
held by Peter ihc Dean, who was to enjoy it during his Life. Aifo the 88 
Church of St. Martin ^x. Stamford, of which laft mention'd Church it was 
certified by Oliver Bilhopof Z/«fo/», An. 1289. that the Vicarage of the 
laid Church did conHft in the whole Altarage of the fame, the Vicar pay- 
ing yearly to thefaid Nuns two Marks, that the Nuns fhould be at the 
Charge of fupplying the Chappci oi' Burgele in the faid Parilh, that the 
Vicar fhould pay the Sinodalsonly, but the Nuns the Archdeacons Pro- 
curations, and all other Charges. They had alfo given them the Church of g g 
Corby and Chappsl oHVpton. William Earl oiWaren granted them a Rent 
of 40 s. per Annum^ for their Kitchin. 

Pag. 496. DENNY. 88^_ 

ROherl the Chamberlain Karl of /?/c/.wW, gave divers Lands to the 
Monks here, exhorting and cominanding his Children to do more 
for the advantage of this Church, andcurling any one ol his Heirs who 
(hall take away any thing that he hath given. Thcfc Monks were firft 

H h X founded 

-2-^6 Addttiom to the Firft Vohm. Vol. If. 

founded in an Ille call d Elmeney, but for the inconveniences of that Scitu- 
ation, tranflated to a higher Ground, in the lile ot Denney, by Alherkits 


Pag. 518. G O D S T O W. 

AMong other Bcnefaftors to this Houfe were Osleit Fitzf/ugb, who 
gave a Salt- pit inlVkhe. So did Walter de Chfforc/tor ihe health of 
his Soul, and of Margtret his Wife, and Rofimmd hts Daughter, whofe 
Bodies were buried in this Nunnery ; dedicated to Sr. Mary and St. John 
BaftW.' ' 

Pag. 5x9. COLCHESTER. 

HZ/gh Abbot and the Convent of Monks of St. Jehr/ Baptiji of Col- 
chefter, granted and quit ciaim'd the Church ol Hecbam to the Nuns 
or LiHechtrche in Kent^ in exchange for Duniland--, this exchange was 
confirm'd by King Steven., and alfo by Walter Bifhop of Rochefter, who 
if^6. with the confent ofAtupheli/athm Priorefs of Ukhnrch eflabjiflit a Settle, 
ment for the Vicar of the faid Church. Pope MeY:mder granted aa 
Indulgence of forty days to all thofe who (bould contribute to the new 
building of the Church of St. /Jf^r)- diHeghdm(^\it fame with ii/r/jwc/?'.) 

Pag. 534. KYNGTON. 

887. A ^o"g other Benefaftors, Poger de Morttiowari gave to the Nuns of St. 
J^^ M^r;' of A^y^g/oM, in pure and perpetual Alms, the whole Tith of 

888. his Houfe, of Bread, and Ale, {jie pane & allece). Roger de Fillkrs g^VQ 
them the fccond Tithes (fecu»das decmas) of the Corn of all his Demelnes, 
and the Tithes of his meat or flefh Provifion.not bought in, (decimas Carnzs 

tig *"^^ ^"" emptd£.) Rolert Burnell Bilhopof 5a^^ and Wells gave them the 
Advowfon. of the Church of JfCyff^^?^», belonging to that See. 

. ; nlf^r^ , >g- 544- HOLA N D. 

THE Colledge here dedicated xoS^.Thomastht Martyr, was atfirfl: 
founded for Secular Canons, but in the year i;i.8. it was by the 
Patron Sir Robert de HolUni Knt. tranflated into a Priory of Bencdi^we 
Monks; Upon the death of whofe Prior the Monks were to choofe three, 
out of whom he was to ele£l one to be by him prefented to the Diocefan to 
be Prior. 


Vol. 11. Additions to the Firfi Volum. 2^7 




iN the South fide of Cokhefler is a fmall hill, on the North fide of 

^ \\ hich was ofold time the habitation of one Siricus a Pricft, and a 

Church comix)fed of Boards and dedicated to St. John the Evamelilt, 
wherein in the night time was often feen wonderful Hghr, and mufick 
heard praifingGod, no body being then in the place. This Church be- 
ing famed ior this and the like miraculous adventures, and being alfo of a 
delicious Scituation, Huefo the Kings Major Domo, or Steward, to whom 
King J f ///w'--* BufiiS had given the Cuftody of the City of Colchefter, erect- 
ed here aMonaftery of which he lay'd the firfl: Stone, An. Dcm ico;. 
Which being finilht fome Monks were brought hither from Roch^Jter. gg, 
But they not being endow'd here, according to their own mind, rcturn'd 
to Rochefler. After this Eu^o received other thirteen Monks from the Ab- 
bot of Tur-^ 5 thefe began upon a New Foundation, which profpcr'dfb well 
that in a thort time, one of the thirteen was chofen Abbot, and Conle- 
crared by Maurice Bil"hopof London^ About the year H04. Their num- 
ber increafed to above twenty, who all lived very regularly, Tlie foun- 
der Eudo^ytA in Normandy., and deviled his Body to be buried in the Abby gqj 
of his foundation ztColcheJier, Vvhich was accordingly done, the Monks 
meeting it a Mile from the Monaftery, J». 1 120. This Eudo endow'd 
this Monaftery with feveral Mannours, Tithes, and Churches, amonc^ o 
others with the Church of St. flUry in the Wejlchepingy Call'd tht-New- ^^' 
cherch, and his Stone Houfe near the fame, alfo the Church of St. Steven 
Wakhrccb, in Landon Ring Bervry \\. releafed the Tax of Damqeld^ ^c. 
in the Lands of thefe Monks. 

S N A P E S w EfTex. A Cell to CoUftedeC. o 

William Martell., being Scifed of the Mannour of Snatei enjoy'd 
Wreck of the Sea from Ihor^ to Hereford Nejje, and gave this 
Mannour to the Ahby oi'Colcheifer for the founding of a Priory here, which 
Priory was founded accordingly and made a Cell to that Abby, An. 115-5. 
This Priory paid half a mark yearly to Cokhefler as a Penfion of acknow- 
ledgment. Twice a year the Abbot o{ Colchefter was to Vifithere, with 
twelve Horfes, and abide here lour days. 

, 5"/. H E L E N S /•« Bifliopfgateftreec, jdOtlDOtt. 

A tardus Dean of St, Pauls Londnt, and the Chapter of that Church, 
granted Liccnfe to William Son of William the Goldfmith, Patron 
of the Church of Sr, Helen, to conflitute Nuns in the faid Church, and c- 
reft a College there, endowing them with the Advowlbn of the laid 
Church; The Priorefs to be, upon eledion, prcfented to the DeamVid ^^* 
Chapter of Ffl«/j, and tofwearfealty tothem, and to pay them a Penfion 
of half a mark yearly at Ea(ler^ (S)c. In the ycat 1439. Rajnold Kentwode 
Dean ol Pauls made other Conftitutions for the Government of this Nun- 
nery 5 fomc of which were, That Divine Service lie ty them duly perform' d 
nr^t and da.) ^ 7k at no fecular per fan be locked within the Bounds oj the Cloy- 


258 Additions to the firfi Volitm, Vol. I i. 

fter^ ror c^me within it after the Complin Bell, except Women Servants, and 

maid Chddrai i thu none of the Sifters receive Letters from, or ffeak with any 

ftcidar Perfon without Licenje of the Priorefs, and fume other Nun to he prefent; 

That the^ no Cored)/ or Pen/ion without Licenfe of the faid Dean and Chap^ 

ter-i that no Dancing or Reveling he ufed in the Houfe except at Chnsitnafi, and 

then among thmfelves and in the ahfence of Secular perfons 3 That there le a 

896. Door made to the Nuns Quire that no Strangers may look, on them, nor they on 

the Strangers when They k at Divine fervice 3 Thut tio Nun have any Key 

to the Po/lcrn Door that goes out of the Chyfier into the Churchyard, hut the 

Priorc/s&ic. Thefe Orders were to be Read publickly in their Chappel four 

times a year, and kept and obfcrved under the pain of Excomunication. 

[Valued at 5 1 4 /. 2 s, 6d. per Amurn.'] 

c A T E s B Y, i« ji^ojt^amptonQjite* 

King Henry III. in the fifty feventh year of his Raign, recited and 
confirm'd to the Nuns of Kately^ the Church of the blefled Mart 
y ^ ot Katehy with the Chappel o^ HelUene, with the Church and divers 
^^' Lands in great E£ebj, and feveral other Pvevenues given them by divers 
Benefadors. Confirm'd alfo by the Bull of Pope Gregory the VIU. 
i^Valued at 132 /. is. it d. per Annum.^ 

St. MARY, de Pratis, adjoyning to T^ZXh^. '''■^' •' 

King TJemyW. granted and confirm'd to the Nuns of St. MarydePra- 
m near D^/-^/ among other things, twenty feven acres ol Land in 
ggg his Forreft of the Peak^ with large Commons in the faid Forreft^ King 
flenry III. granted them 100 J. per Annum, to be received from the 
Baylies of the Town oi Nottingham out of the Farm of the faid Town. '. 
[ Valued at 1 8 /. 6 s, zJ.per An7ium.\ 

G R I M S B Y, i« "fiMimUU 

THe Church, and all the Monaftery of Nuns here , being of the 
Kings Foundation and Patronage, together with all their goods and 
Movables and all their Writings and Evidences concerning their Lands and 
Eftatc in Lincolnfhire and Torkpjtre, being burnt and conlumed by a cafual 
fire. King Henr^i IV. in the feventh year of his Reign, confirm'd to this 
Priorefs and Convent all their Grants, ^c, made as well by his Progenitors 
as others. 

NEWTON, wl^OjKQjiW* 

King Edward \\. in the fifteen year of his Reign granted his Licence 
To his well beloved Coufin Thomas Wake to give one Meffuage with 
the appurtenances in the Town oi Neutene for the ereftion of a Religious 


Vol. If. Addithns to the Firfl Volum, 259 

Houle of what order he pleafed, and to endow it with Lands in Neutoa 
and Cottingham, &c. Fid. Vol. 3. />. 88. 


HEnry de Ldcy Earl o^ Lincoln and Margaret his Wife, did rcleafe and 
quit claim to the Nuns o[' Brombale one hundred acres of L-and in 
their Waft o( JJferige with the Appurtenances. 

Pag. 551- L E U E S H A M, in J^ttlt 890. 

King Jlured, and his Son King Fdtrard the Elder, gave, and King 
tViMf^/theConfeflbr confinnd, to the Abby of St. Peters atGanty 
the Mannour of Luejhnm, with all its appurtciiences, viz. Greenmi\, lVtd» 
leveic, Moditigham, and Qwith^ with othet Lands and great Liberties and 
Franchifes, as large as the King himlelf had in the faid Lands, d^c. Dated 
An. Dom. 1044. 

Fa^. 5^1. 5/. M 1 C H A E L S MOUNT, in CojIltDaU Ooi J 

Richard King of the Romans, iidmund Earl of Cornwall and Conan 902. 
Duke o^Britany, were Bcnefaftors to this Houfe. Pope yldriin in 
the year 1155. confirm'd to theAbbocand Monks of this Houfe, by the qq^ 
name of the Monaftery of St. Michael eiepericulo maris, all their Lands and 
Revenues, lying moft in I^ormjmdy, and alfo in England. 

Fag. 558. BERGAVENNY, ^^^^ 

H£nry de BeUocampo confirm'd to the Monks ofBergavemy allthofe 
PoflefTions which his Anceftors', Hamelinus de Balon, and others, 
Lords of Bergavenny, had given them, and further gave and confirm'd to 
thefaid Monks divers other Revenues. "^ ' 

■■'■^ ^' J^ 

_ , Fag. 5^5. G O L D C L I V E. 

Ty Ohert de Candos founded the Priory at GoldcUve in Wales^ being then 
■*-^ Lord oiKarlyon ^ The Patronage of which Houfe came afterwards to 
William Earl csiGlouccjler, and after that to Richard Duke of 7flri. 

• ''' ' "!?"'t ' l ' J ■ ' • '} '*.* '.\ J • : • * M.. , « iViji.i' >' A n < H -Q ijiii.,t, ;., ,. t ,- 

. . «i.i i , t.lj:^ A R E S B RO K E ,» the lie ofmi^t 

WIlliaM Fitz Oihertt was Mare[hal to William the I. and Conqucr'd 
the //<? ot iT/g/;/ at fuch time as the other Conqucr'd England 5 
King iri/Z/aw made him Earl oi Hereford. The Eftate of this Wtllijnt 
defcended to ^^Idwin Earl of Exeter who granted all the Churches and 



j^o Additions to the Fir ft Volum, V o i i II^ 

Tithes of this Hand to the Abby ot St. Mary o?Lira. King Hch^ II, re 
cited and confirrri'd the icveral PofTeirions given to thofe Monks as well 
in FruKce^ as England, and Wales. 

P07.! Pag. 614. W E N D L O C K. 




l7iaf» de Bpterell and IfahelU de Say his Wife, gave the Church ot 
St. GeorgeoiClnne tothe Monks oi St. Mi/l/trge itWendlde. 

■jr,j; Pag. 6 r 4. DUDLEY. . 

THe Church and Monaftery of St. Jams at Dudley was founded and 
endow'd by Gfrz'^i/^ Paganel, or Painel^ who granted that in what- 
foever Paflures his own Cattle led, there alfo the Cattel of the Monks of 
Dudley, might freely feed, except in his Parks , with tithe of his Bread, 
hunting,and fifhing, w hile he remains at Dudley. Ah. i 290, Roger Bilhop of 
Coventry and Li tchf eld granted a Remifllon of ibrty days penance tothole 
who being truly contrite and confeft, Ihouid fay the Lords Prayer and 
Salutation of the Blefled Virgin, for the Soul of /Jo^er de Somery buried in 
the Conventual Church of Dudley, and for the Souls of all the Faith- 
ful deceas'd. 

Pag. 619. LEWIS. 

TO this Houfe did belong divers Lands.Churches and Tithes in Devon- 
Jhire , Saffbtc, Surrey, Kent, and Norfolk, the feveral Names of 
which, and of the Bsaefaftors who gave them may be feen in the Book 
at large. 

Pag. 6^6. BRt)MHOLME. 

King Edward \\. granted to the Monks here the Mannour oi Blaketen 
to hold in fee farm at the yearly Rent of twenty pound, which 
Mannour did formerly belong to £</»>«»</ Earl of Kent. 


Pag. 668. MONTEAGUTE. 

His Monaftery was founded by William Earl of Moriton, near the 
Caftle of Monteacute for Monks of Clmy 5 and to it he gave the 
Burgb^ andCaflle oi Montacute, and the Chappel in the Caftle, together 
with many other Mannours , Lands, Churches , Tiths , Fairs and 


.Vo L. II. j^dditiom to the Firft Volwh, 241 

P^g. 687. TICKFORD. ^jo^ 

GErvafws Paganell gave and confirm'd to the Monks of the Church 
of the blefled Mary at tfeivport, divers Lands and Revenues given 
thi m by his Anceftors, and by other men which held of his Fee, An. 1 1 8 7. 
Thefe Monks of Neii^/'^'rf (the fame with Tkkford) were here as a Cell to 
^. Martins caW'd MajusMoHofterium, ot Marmonftier, m France. 

Pag. 704. WAVERLEY. pi2. 

POpe £«ge«iw the III. by his Bull dated at Fiiw.i^^. 1 147. granted to 
the Monks of this Houfe and their Succeflbrs, inter alia, that no 
Tithes ftiould be by any exacted of them for their Lands or Cattel in their 
own hands or occupation. 

F^g. 768. C UMBER.M ERE. 913. 

Baldwin and Hukrt fucccfhve Archbifliops of Canterbury confirm'd to 914- 
thefe Monks and their SuccefTors feveral Churches and Chappeis to 
tUcm given, among the reft, that oi t^amptwiche. 

Pag 78z. BILDWA S. 

IT^Oundedby RagerBi'xihop of Coventry. Hugh ^\{hop of Coventry gave 
■*- thefe Monks an Inn in Lit dfieU for xhoiv Reception whenihey came 
thither. iVilliam Fitz-Aian gave them the Town of Little Bildewas, with ^ ^* 
other Lands. Henry Abbot of this Houfe granted to Hamon de Benthale^ in 
conOdcration that his Motligr was burden'd with many Children, and at 
herinftance, a certain Allovvanceandftipen'd in this Monaftery for Term 
of his Li^e, which afterwards, 1 1 £. z. in confideration of a Sum of 
Money in hand paid to him, by John then Abbot, the faid Hamon did 
Releafe and Ouit-claim. ^». 1287, Henry de Lacy Earl of Lincoln and 9^"" 
Conftable of C/(?/?er confirm'd an exchange made between the Monks of 
this Houfe, an thofp of Crokefd<:»,\\z. of CaldonGrange m Com. Stafford 
Cbeing of his Fee) for certc-in Lands in Edwyneje'ia Corn. Salop. 

Ptf^. 8oi. NEWMINSTER. 

TH B firft and principal Founder of this Abby was the Lord Ralph 
de Merley, from whom defccnded two Sifters who became Co-heirs 
to the Barony of Merley^ Mary, married to William Baron of Grayjlok, 
and JfahelU, married to the Lord Robert de Somervill ; all whofe defcen- 
dants were great Benefadors to this Houfe, fo alfo were the Bertrams 
Barons deMitford, with divers others. Ralph Baron of Grayfiok who died, 917. 
An. 1483. was alfo ^zton of Wemme. George Dacre Lord of Gille/Iand and 
Grd)y?o/^ died young and untimely, by the accidental fall of a Wooden 918. 
Vauking-Horlc, Jin. 1569. he being then in Wardfhip with the Duke of 
NorfolL I i Pag, 

242 Additions to the Fir jiVolum, Vol. H 


Pag. 866. DO RE. 

ROger de Clifford ^nvt hisEodj' to God and the bleffed Mary, and the 
Monks oi Dore, to be buried in the Church of DorCy and with 
his body he gave them certain Land,«owi»e Dotis. 

Pag, 285. BLANCLAND - 

PAganusde Cadnrch Son and Heir of the Lady Hawijjj de London, gave 
to the Ci/?(?rc/^« Monks of Alhaland nineteen Acres of arable Land, 
that every Prieft of the faid Houfe (hould daily in the Canon of the Mafs 
make fpecial commemoration for the Souls of fuch and fuch of his Family, 
pro vivis inter J^voSt&pro defuncts inter mortuos- Whofe Deed bears date 
An. 1x70. 

Pag. 892.* 

ROger de Menilwarin gave to the Monks of this Houfe, for the Health 
of the Soul of RamlpbEarl o( Chefter and I/wi)/«, his Mothers fero- 
ther, in pure and perpetual Alms, free Common in his Wood of Pevere, 
Haufe-bote arid. Hay- bote, with Paunage- for fifty Hogs. 

Pdi^. 8pj. C L U N OCK- V A U R. 

Founded and endow'd by one Gwithno. King Cadwalader, and divers 
Ifelch Lords gave larg6 Pofleflions to this Abby, dedicated to God 
and St. Beyno. 

P20. Pag.9t^. ROBER.TSBRIG. 

A Lice Countefs of £«, Daughter of William Earl of Armdell 
and of Q^een Alizia^ gave Lands to this Abby in pure and ^tt- 
Tpetml Mms^ ad hofpitalitatem fuftentandam, for the maintenance ofHofpi- 
tality. Which Lands were confirm'd to them by William the third Earl 
of Suffex her Brothers Son, and by Johnde Augo her Son. 

9ZI. Fag. si^6' B E A U L I E U. 

KI N G John gave out of his Treafury one hundred Mark for the 
building this Abby in Newforesf, and direded his Letters to all 
AbDotsofthe Ciftercian Otdtti to be helpful to the re-edifying of the (ame 
out of their feveral Stocks. 

VoLi IL Addiiiom to the F irfi Volum, 243 

P-^. 936. VALE ROYAL. 

PRince EdwareiSon of King Hevry the lU. hting m great danger of 
drowning at Sea, as lie return'd from the Holy Land, vow'd in cafe 9x2 
he and bis came fafe to Land, to ercft a new Monaltery in honour of 
God's blctl'ed Mother Mjry, in lome proper placL- in England, and endow 
the Tame with fufficient maintenance tor one hundred Cifferdan Monks. 
Which Monaftery being afterwards built and by him named f^ale Royal, a 
Convent was tranflated thither from the Abby oi'Dore. In the year 1277 
thefaid Edward being then King o^Englandy laid the/irfl: Stone of a new 
Building in the place defign'd for the great Altar, -and after his example, 
all the prime Nobility of the Land did the like in honour of our Lord 
Chrift, the Virgin Mary, and tlic Holy Confcffors St. Nkholasy and Wi- 
chafius. Their firft Habitation was but fmall, yet thtre thq remain d for 52.3- 
the time of tour Abbots, till in the year 1330. the Convent was tran^ 
flated to a new Monaftery, on the Feaft- of the AfTumption of the Blelled 
Virgin. The place where this Monaftery was fituated was before call'd 
Mmiecl:et:e ivro, in Latin Monachorutn flua^ Munchene in old Englijh fignify- 
ing a Monk or Nun, and WW' a Wood. *Tis faid that many years before 
this Monaftery was tbunded, in that place, Shepherds and Country Pco- 
pie did ufually on the Solemn Feafts of the Virgin, about Midnight hear 
Ccekftial MuHck, and fee fuch wonderful brightnefs as fecm'd to turn 
the night into day. The Royal Founder brought with him from the 
Holy Land a piece of our Saviour's Crofs, which he gave to this Mona- 
ftery. Queen EUmmk bis Wife was a bountiful Benetadtrefs, fo that not 
only at all MalTes here, but at all Canonical hours the Monks ot this Houfe 
did u(e a fpecial Collet for this King and Queen, and at Grace after- 92 r, 
meat, the Prefident did ule to fay, A«m£ Regis Eclwardi, Regina; Alianoris, 
£5" omnium jideliHm deJunHorum per miferkordiam dei requiefcant in pace, to 
which they all anfwer'd, Jmet/. At the Solemn Confecration, and Bene- 
diftionofthis Houfe by the Patriarch of Jcnz/a/ew, Anthottj Beck Bifbop of 
Durham^ with feveral other Birtiops.a Sentence of the greater Excommu- 
nication was folemnly denounced againlt anyone w ho ihould enter into 
this Monaftery any other ways than by the Gates of the fame. The firft 92(?. 
Abhcioi' Fale- Royal was Joh»C/Miimp»ejs, 2,. Wa/ter de Hereford, ^.Jchn 92,7. 
deOo, or Hoo, this man was fo higlUy favour'd by the King, that he 
often bid him ask what he would and he would grant it, who there- 
upon defircd the Ring to give him leave to refign his Office, which tho' 
the King was by no means willing to grant, yet at laft he obtain'd alter 
much importunity. He was a very meek and companionate man 3 
always confidering and bearing in mind this Diftich, 

Peccantes datnpmre cave, nam lahimur omnes 5 
Aut fumus, autfuimus, aut pofjumus ejje ([uod hie efl. 

The fourth Abbot w as Richard de Ewefham, a holy Man, reported to have 
done Miracles. Great Sums ot Mony were allow'd by the King for the. 
Building of the new Work of this Abby,and in the Parliament at Atlon-Eur' 
»fi (i I £1 .; the Abbot of Vale-Royal was ordered to receive ) early for the 
carrying on thefaid Work one thoufand pound.partly out of the Wardroh& 
and partly out of the PrOiSts o( the County of Ckefier. It appear'd n,^ 

I i a. bjr ^^' 


244 Additions to the Firfi Volum. Vol. 11. 

by the Accounts of the Kings Treafurer that he paid for the new Work 
of the Fale-Royal^ in all, thirty two thoufand pounds fterling. 

M A R H A M, i« BOjfOlfe. 

ISaLella de Alhany Countefs of Arundel^ Daughter of William Earl of 
Warren^ and Widow of Hugh Earl of Arurdel, founded and endow'd 
this Houfe for Ciftercian Nuns. This Nunnery was incorporated 

/jH. 1252. 

930. ^''?> 9^^' KINGSTON upon Hull. 


I N G Edward the III. in the one and fiftieth year of his Reign, re 
citing that he had granted Licenfe to 'rViHiam de la PokSen. to found 
and endow an Hofpital of Chaplains and poor People at Kingdon uponffu/i, 
and that the izxdWilliam was afterwards minded to change the faid Holpi- 
tal into a Nunnery, granted his Licenfe to Michael de la Pole Son and 
Heir of the faid William, to eftablifh there inflead of the faid Nuns,thirteen 
Carthufian Monks, thirteen poor Men, and thirteen poor Women, and 
931. to endow them with twenty Acres, and 20/. Rent held of the King, and 
with other Revenues not held of the King to the value of two hundred 
Marks per Jmum. 

The Ahby de Loco Dei. 

W Il/iam Long/pee Earl o{ Sal/slury, by his Will dated, y^». 12 5^5'. gave 
to the building and eftabhOung of this Houfe for CarthufianSt be- 
fides Land, and Church Utinfils, one thoufand Ewes, three hundred Mut- 
tons, forty nine Oxen, and twenty Bulls, ^c. 


Vol. II 

Additions to the Second Vohmi. 


Tag. 49. H A G H M O N. ^^ 

KING Picmy the IT. at the ckfire o^ Alnred hhhox. of Haghmon, 
granted the Cuftody of that Abby, in times ot Vacation, wiynHaii 
t itzJilan zndh\s Heirs. An 5.// 5-, Riflph then Abbot of this Houfe 
and his Convent, at the inltance of Thomas Earl oi' Aruf:r/e/ and Surny, 
grimed to Rokrt Les one Corrody for his Lile, he being with the faid 
Abbot as iiis Squire with a Boy and two Horlcs, to have Meat and Drink 
for himfelf, Boy, and Horfes, as others of the Abbots Squires for the times 
pa^ iifedtohave, during fuch time as the faid i^o^fr^ Ihall pleafe to abide 
inthe faid MonafVery, foalfofor Apparel. In the Reign of /:/f«ry the VI. 934. 
Thorn js HoUe»E(q; granted to the Prior of the holy Trinity 3i.t. London and 
his SuccefTors, in behalf of the whole Order of "Canons Regular, one 
MeHliage and Garden, in the Parilh of St. Peter, d^nd St. Michael, near the 
North Gate in Oxford for aColledge for thofe of that Order to ftudyin. 
Richard Bifliop ot Coventry granted to this Monaftery of Harmon that 
the Sacridan under the Abbot, might baptize as well Jewj, as Children, 
intheMonaftery, and might ufe parochial Rights within the fame. Nicho- 
las Abbot of this Houfe, in the year 1331. allotted certain Revenues for 935". 
the maintenance of the Kitchin, and tor twenty Hogs yearly for the 
Bacon of the Houfe, ^c. Richard Bumell Abbot, in the year 1459. made 
certain Ordinances relating to the Offices of. the Prior and Sub-prior, 
whereby he fettled their Precedencies.^^. Pope Alexander the III. granted ^3 ^' 
to the Canons of this Houfe divers Priviledges; as not to pay Tithes of 
the Lands and Cattel of their own Foilellion ; to have a free Buryal 
place, (lilera Sepultura); to prefent Clerks to the Perochial Churches 917. 
which they hold, who thall account to the Houfe for the Profits; to 
celebrate the Divine Offices privately in the time of a general Interdi(a: 3 
to pay no Tithes of their Mills and Meadows, unlefs the ufage hath been 
otherwife,€^c. Po\>e Boncface \X. granted Indulgences to thofe who (hould 
vifit this Church on certain days yearly, being truly penitent and con- 

Fag. 56. W Y RKSOPE. 

THIS Houfe was founded on the ^d. of March, in the third year 
of King Henry, third Son ot fVilliatn the Conqueror, by Sir Jf//- 93^' 
//<wi Zlw^o/ who lies buried in this Church near the High Altar, from 9}9* 
whom dcfcended by Heirs General the Lords Fumival, and tlie Talhots 
Earls of Shrewsbury. 


2^6 Additions to the Second Volum. Vol. It 

940. F^g. 86. 5^ M A R. Y - O V E R. I E, i« ©OUt^toatfe 

RIchard?^^oi^oi WinchelJer confirm'd to the Canons of St. Mary o{ 
SuvDcrch, the feveral Churches and Polleffions given them by their 

Pag. 143. R ANTON. 

HVhert Archbifliop of Canterbitry confirm'd the Grants of Raiert 
Noel, ^nd Thomas Noel hi* Son, to the Canons of this Houfe. By 
Compofition between the Abbot of Haghmon, and the Prior of Ronton^ it 
was agreed, that the Prior and Canons oi Ronton IhcuW be call'd to the 
Ele£tion of the Abbot ot Haghmon when it fliculd happen ; that the 
Abbot of H. Ihould vifit at Ronton once a year, or ol'tener if occafion 
be 5 that the Prior ot Ronton may admit a Canon or Brother into his 
Houfe atR. without theconfent of the Abbot of H. firfl askt, fo Jong as 
he makes his profeffionto the Abbot of//, and laRly that upon the £- 
ledion of a Prior of Ranton, the Canons of R ihall eledt one of the 
Canons of Haghmon^ and one of their own Houfe out of which two the 
Abbot of H. Ihall make choice of one to be the Prior at R. The Priory 
\^* of Ronton paid to the Abby of Haghmon a yearly Penfion of 100 j. 
Fid. VeU 3. p. S3' 

' ~ ■ ~t::;a >,;. 

Pag. 144. LILLESHULL. mt- : 

^His Church dedicated to St. Akmund was in old time of high Ve- 

neration. /Edelfleda Queen oi Me rcia is faid to have founded it, 

but it was much enrich'd by King Edgar, who defcended of the fame 
Lineage with the faid Alcmund. Gilbert de Cunedore indeavouring to defraud 

94'" thefe Canons of one of their Prebends he was excommunicated, till at 
laft he was prevaild with to reftore the Prebend, and to do penance, 
receiving fi-om every Canon of this Church a Publick Difcipline and Cor- 
reftion. In the time of Roger Bifhop of Coventry, and Pope Eugenius^ 
the Secular Canons, or Prebendaries, were changed to Regular Canons, 

943. An. Dam. 1405. theCanonsof this Houfe obtain'd of the Popes Nuntio ia 
England, the Appropriation of the Parifh-Church of Hulme-, their Peti- 
tion fetting forth that they could make no advantage of their Rents and 
Poffeffions by reSfbhof the Wars with IVales'^ and by reafon of their 
fcituation on the High-way call'd (Vatlifigfireet, they were impoverifht by 
the continual conflux of Guefts and Travellers, who eat up their Pro- 
vifiQn, ^c ; 



Vol. II. Additi ms to the Second Volnm. 247 


ANno Dom. I ii<).^WaUer ArchbiOiop o^Cattterlury,h.zv\x\g received the 
Popes Bull direded to all Archbi(liops,and Bilhops, fctting forth that 
fince the Supprefiion of this Order divers of the Knights had lived like 
Lay men, and married Wives contrary to their Vow, which wasnotdiF- 
charg'd by the Council dil^iema atfuchtime when it fuppreft the Order, 
he commanded therefore that the Brethren of that Order Ihould be ad- 944. 
monilhed that within the fpace of three Months they (hould enter them- 
felves into fome Religious Houfe, there to live in God's fervice during their 
Lives, under pain of lofing the Stipends which had been affign'd them 
at the Supprefiion of their Houfes; in purfuance of this Bull the faid 
Walter Archbilhopof Canterlury direfted his Letters to the Prior of C;?>ri/?- 
Cburch, Londn, tor the Reception of /Jogfr^/^^iff a Prieft of the Tem piers, 
into that Priory, which was accordingly perform'd. In the following 
year the fame Pope fent his Bull to the faid Archbiftiop of Canterbury 945-. 
whereby he order'd Excommunication againfl all thofe who fhould with- 
hold any Lands, Houfes, Churches, Revenues, or Goods moveable ior 
immoveable formerly belonging to the Templers, from the Mafter and 
Brethren of the Order of St. John of Jerufalem^ on whom the faid P3f^ 
feflions had been conferr'd, and united for ever, by Pope Clement the V. in 
the Council oi Vienna. 


248 Foreign Monasteries. Vol, Hi 


French Monajleries. 


Ohert Abbot o^Mokfme in l^urgmdy was the firft Inftitutor 
of the Cijlercians ( a Reform of the Benedifiines ) to 
whom Odo Son of Henry Duke o( Burgundy gave the place call'd 
Ciftertms which gave name to the Order. This order encreafed 
fo faft that from the year 1098. to the year 1 151. almoft50o. 
948. Abbies were erected for them. Much about the fame time 
that this Order of Ciftercians began in the Diocefs o{ Chalons in 
burgundy, the Carthufians began their order in the Diocefs of 
Grenoble : They obferve their offices both by night and day 
according to the Rulefo of St. BendtB. 

g^^ 5?. G^ORG Eo/Bauquerville, /« jQojltWnUp. 


( AlfJe Taticervilk gave divers Laads to this Abby, both in Normandy 
^ ^ and England, confirm'd to them by William his Son, Chamberlain 
or 2 to King Henry 11. among who(e Lands in England, was Edyvoefton lying 
withm the Bounds of the Forreft oi Rutland j which Lands, Ring Henry 
11. granted Licenfe to thefe Monks to convert into tillage, and conferr'd 
divers Liberties on them. 


B E e, i« BojmatiUp. 

*Irft founded in a Place call'd Burneville, by Gilbert Earl of Brionne^ 
^ a great Souldier, and Nephew of Richard the firft, Duke of Nor' 
mandy, who at the age of forty years became a Monk here, Prieft, and then 
Abbot of this Monaftery. The habitation of thefe Monks was afterwards 
removed into a vally near a River call'd Bee. King Henry II. confirm'd 
QtA their Lands and PofTeflions, feveral of which lay in England, at Atheljlone 
in Warwickfbire. IJlip in Oxfordpsire with divers others places in other 

5,jj. B E L B E C, »»B0JI!Wntp 

THe Lands and Poffeflions of this Houfe were confirm'd by King John, 
and after him by King Henry V. who alfo confirm'd to the Abbot 
and Convent of this Houfe the grant formerly made to them by Blanch 
Queenof/7-<7«ceof forty pound Parijian mony, per Annum, for the mainte- 
nance of ooe Mafs there daily, and fupporting fome other Charges, 
for ever. 


VoL.IL Foreign Monasteries. 249 

Sf. ST EVENS at Caeil, in BojmatlDp. 9 j^. 

FOanded by King William( the Conqueror ) King of Ergland, and 
Prince of bJormandy and Main, and by him largely endow'd with 
Lands botli in Normandy and England. Several others ot'the Nobility of 05-7. 
t^ormandy were Bcnefaftdrs to this Houfe, all whofe gifts were confirm'd 
by King Henry I. 

Z/'^ H O L Y T R I N I T Y, d/ Caen in BojmanHp. p^g 

li. iii his leventeemh year. 

[ng William \t. and King Hstiry\. gave to the Nuns of thisAbby 
divers Lands and Liberties in England. Confirm'd by King Edward 

5^ V I G O R. fl/ Cerify, i» jaojmanU?- 

Founded in a Place then call'd Cir/ciac, An. Dom. 1031. by Rohert 
E »rl of the Njrmani, who alfo endow'd this Abby with Pofleffions ad- 
Jorntng roun 1 about it. William Duke of the Normans.Son of tht Said Boiert, 9^9; 
gave many other Lands , The Like did others ot Principal quality. Con- 960. 
finu'd by ^m^ Henry I. An. Dom. iizo. j6i. 

c o R M £ L, i« i^ojmanDp. ^^ 

PDps Alexander III. by his Bull dated 1 16S. confirm'd the PoflcfTions of 
this Houfe, granting them a free Sepulture of their own, to pay 9^3; 
no Tithes ot their proper Cattle, to celebrate privately in time of a gene- 
ral Interdid, ^c. King Henry II. confirm'd divers Lands given them in 
EngUnd. ' 

5'^ D E N N I S, neur^^xi^. 


AN. Dm. 792. Bertoaldus, a Duke among the Englifh Saxons, being 
-^ afflidled with a Diftemper which the Phifitians could not cure, tra. 
vail'd into France to the Abby of St. Dennis, and there found, through 
the mercy of God, a perfeft Recovery. Hereupon he gave to that Abby 
his Town oiRidrefeld in Sujffex, with other profits; Confirm'd to thcfe 
Monks by King Offa, then Keigning. King Edward the ConfefTor gave 
them other Lands m OAr/J?r<//^/r?, i4«. Dom. 10^9. ff^illiamEirl oi Ferrers ^^' 
granted them yearly one wax Candle or Torch, price thirteen pence, one 
fat Ruck, and one tat Boar, to be fentthembyproper MefTcngerson the 
Fcaftof St. Dennis, in perpetual Almes, whofe Deed of grant bears date 
An. Dom. iiSj?. 

K k if. 

250 Foreign Monasteries. Voi.. If/ 

^Cd. 5f, E B a U L F a? titica, /«^ojmanDp. 

To th»^ Abby, built by Sr. £^ra^ a ConfefTof, inaDefcrtand Solitary 
place^ King William the Conqueror gave Lands ia feveral Coun-- 
9^1'. ties of England, An. Tim. 108 1. Alfo Rolen Eztl of Leicefter, and 
/Jffi^r/ his Son were BenctadJ'ors. 

968. „- • ''^^^^ ^^^' '" ^^VXi^^^V 




'Ing Hrwry II. and after him King F/e«r/y. confirm'd to this AW>y 
.. ^ (lyi^S '" ^^^^ Town of St. Oportme } their Lands as well in Ejm- 
o^ /<jW, isN^mancfy, given by divers Benefa£bors, among whom RM^t 
gy ' de Haia, Roger Foliot^ &c. 

P7I- '-^ fs c A M p E, /« BojtnanDp. 


'/Vw/w, Patron of the iVonw<7;;y, and King oi the En^'Jh, fonfirm'dto 
this Abby all its Pofleliiqns in England and Normandy with the 
grant of Liberties, in like manner as his Predeceflor RhhardEarl of the 
97^* Normans had given them. 

Sf. FLORENCE <7/Saumers in 3tliOU- 

Ing //<?«ry H. confirm'd to the. Monks of this Abby their Poffeflions, 
among others their Cell of Sek in Suffolk. 


F o N T A N E, /» Bojmanlip. 

'Ounded by RalfTaxo, andb)^ him endqw'd with large Lan^ds_|nj^ 

Podeffions, witH the good wiii of William Prince of the Normans 

(qui Regnum Angli<£ amis fuhjtt^avit, ^ firenue gulcrnavit) which King 

974*' Williamthe Conqueror confirm'd to the Monks of tliis Abby tour Churches 

with all their Tithes and Cuftomes in England, among which Toucejlerm 



P7 J. F O N T^E B a A L D, /•» Bojmatltp. 

"FT- Ing Benry anted to the Nuns of this Abby the Mannour of 
1\. teilon in Bedfordjhire, with other Lands amounting to 60 I. per An. 
with the Confirmatieinof a yearly Alms out of the Exchequer of 2 4 /./fcr 
Annum, granted by hisr Grandfather King Henr} I. King Henry IlL con- 
firm'd to ihefe Nuns all their Lands, &c. m England. 


Vol. II. Foreign Monasteries. 251 


Alice Countefi of £« {Augum) confirm'd to the Monks of this Abby rlie 
fevcral Landt; given them ia i!»s/^«^ by J<?/'« Earl oi Eu, her Grand- 


JUMIEGES, i«0Ojmtnl»p. 977, 

KI N G Henry the If. confirra'd the Lands given to thefe Monk* by 
WillUnt Son of Rollo, Rokrt ArchbiOaop of Rlnan, Kjng William, 


Founded and endow'd for Nuns by Hugo de Qormio, and 0- 


GRANDiMONT^m ^ojmanl^ 

KING Henry the V. An fuoZ. confirm'd to the Prior and Gonvent of 
this place all the Lands granted by his Progenitors Kings o^ France « 
2S[d England. Robert Earl of Mellent was the Founder, and many the g * 
Benefadtors. King ^f»ry the II. granted them an annual Rent of 200 /. 
in free Alms, confirm'd by King '^ohn. 

G R E S T AI N, i« Sojnwnbp. 98z. 

KING Richard x\\t\. confirm'd to the Monks of this HouTc, their 
Lands given by King Pf^///«»» the Conqueror and others. The UJie 983. 
did King Edwardthe U. 

L I R A, /« liojinafiDp. 98^. 

KING Htury the II. confirm'd to the Monks their Lands and Cells pg,^^ 

in England. The Earls oiLeiceJler were great Benefaftors to this 987. 

Houfe, fowere divers others of prime quality in England. 988. 

LONLEY, i«le^ame. 989 

Founded in the Chatellery of Danfront, and Dioccfs of Mans, by ff//- 

liam de Belejmg, and endowed with Revenues in and about Durrtfrent 9':^o> 
in tJormandy. 

Kfc z St. 

2<2 Foreign Monasteries. Vol. I[. 

99 1, 5/. M AR T I N ^/ the * Major- Monaftery, i» ^OtXtm. 

• Marmon 

'i'kr. IT" IN G Henry the II. granted to the Monks of this place divers Lands 




and Tithes in England. 


St.] on N's in ip)oictow. 

I N G John confirm'd to the Monks here the Church of St. 

MONTisBuac, /» ^ojmaoHp. 

TH E Eftate of thefe Monks in England, given by Richard ds Rivers 
and others, was confirm'd by King Hen. II. and King Ediv. 3. 

NO A, in BojmatiDp. 

by Maud t 

TT'Oanded by Maud the Emprefs, Daughter of King Henry the I. for 

9^5 : Sr. M A R T I N S, /« the Suhurbs of pawj?* 

STeven Earl o'i Alhamarl, and Havifia his Wife Daughter of Ralph de Mor- 
tuomari. were Benefaftors to the Monks here. 

5^ R E M I G I U S, in the City of ^Zxm^. 

KI N G Edward the III. An.fuo 6. confirm'd to the Monks of this Abby 
divers Lands in England. 

DE PRATO, atJSi!i)Mn 

^Ounded by King Henry the L and by him and Maud the Emprefs 
endow'd with Lands both in Nl7riw«»<5^ and England. 

5/. AM AND, atJSi,\)Om 

THE Abby of Nuns here was founded by Gofcelinns the Vifcount 
and Emmelinahh Wife. Endowed by them and feveral others, a- 
9p5. mong the reft King iVrlliam the Conqueror, and Queen Maud, 

SVFAG- Foreign Monasteries. 252 

s A V I G N Y, i« i^ojnwnD?. 

TjT'Ing Edward \\\. confirm'd to the Monks of this Abby their Lands in 
"- England, among which their Cell of Be«;»gf(?« in L/Kc^/A7y5!>/|-ff, 

FIrft founded by FulkEvcXo^ Anjou, An. Dom. lozo. whofe Son ^(j^ir; 
married Maud the Emprels, daughter of King Henrp \. She granted 
to the Monks of this Abby, divers Lands and Churches in England, as 
Spalding'va. Uncolnjhire, &c. S&e more in Spalding^ Fol. i. p. 306, 

^^ s A V I o u R. s, 4^ Conilantme. 

TBeir Pofleffions in England were confirm'd to thefe Monks by Kinf» 
Henry 11. with the grant of great Liberties and Privilcdges in 
his Forrefts. 

St. M A R T I N s o/- ijg^joanie. 

npHe Pofleffions of thefe Monks were confirm'd by Henry Duke oiNor- 
-■- mand)^ and Aquita'iHy and Earl oiAnjou. 

St. VlCTOKSat Calete, in I^O^HtatlDp. 

"IT'Ing 7f<f«7 11. Confirm'd the Eflate of the Monks of this place, 
•'•^ which they had both here and beyond Seas, with the grant of Liber- 
ties ^c. 


5/. W A N D R A G I S I L U S, « /;&* Dice. ofUoan. 

lOunded and endow'd at Fontanellby Richard U, Duke or Prince of the 
Normans, An. Dcm. 1024. 



St. M A R. T I N S, tf/ Alcey m jj^O^manDp- 999. 

I Ounded and endow'd by ^/ex;.?* Earl of ^//>^»7<?r/ and his Anceflors, 
without the Walls oftheCaflle of Alkmarl. 




St.WALEKlC, in ^icacDp. ,003, 

TTlt)^ Henry \l Confirm'd to the Monks here T^^/f^ in £//ex-. &c. with 
*^ divers Liberties and great Immunities. 


254- Foreign Monasteries Vol. IJ. 

1006. X A N T o N, i» aquftain. 

T7"Ing jFoJ^»confirmd the Liberties granted to the Nuns of this Abby. 


e L U N Y, iftthe Dutchy <25urgUl%. 

f 5 
fo this Abby. 

T\ Oger Earl of Sakp and AMim his Wife gave the Manner o'tChelton 

A U L N A Y. 

AN Dom. 1 199. William de Simitleie, and his Anjceflors founded and 
endow'dthis Abby, in the Diocelsof Bajeuxj for Ciftercians.They 
deraifed certain Tithes in Oxford/hire for the Rentof 40J. per Annum, 
An. 1304. 


Founded for Ciftertian Monks by Richard I. King of England, and en- 
dow'd among other things, with one hundred marks yearly ifTuing 
out oi his Rents in the Town of S)ieppe. 

1008. ^*' M A R Y de Veto, ^f Cherburg, in ^OjmsnDp. 

Founded and endow'd by King V^enry 11. and his Mother Mand the 
Emprefs , Confirm'd by King Richard I. and King Henry IJI. for 

1010. St. MARTIN, md St. Barbara, in ^0|maiHjp. 

King Benr'fW. confirm'd the Lands given to the Canons of this Abby 
both in l^ormandy and Enoland. 



Illiamde Warcn and T/aW his Wife gave divers Lands and Rents to 
thisPriory of^// 5'fli»^/, ^». /^^w. 1135. 

St. W LU A R, «/ Bologne in plWtD?. 

King Henry \. at the Solicitation of Ida Countefs oi^ Bologne, gave and 
confirm'd to the Canons of this Priory, Notfeld in Snrrey. 


Vol. II. Foreign Monasteries. 255 

F o u G E R E s. /K 'Bjttanp. 

C0»-'» Duke of Brifart gave the Canons of this place the Church of 
Ceflrehunt, in the Diocefs of London. Fanulph E%x\ of Chefler writ 
to the Bithop oi' London on behalf of thele Canons, and becaufe he had not 
his own Seal by him at that time he fent his Letters under the Seal of the 
Lady his Mother, yet the Said Letters conclude Te/ie meipfo apud Martillum. 

/^i? //o/^/Z'^/o/'iS'/ Mary Magdalen, 4/ J3pIogt|. 

K\hk ^enryl, con^ttCd to this Hofpital 10/. per Annum, arifindi ^ottt 
of Kent. ' 

The Hofpiial of Leper r (/Kenilli,»(ftf/- J^OStl. 

King //frry TI. founded tHiS Hofpital for Leperous Women, and gave it 
xoo/. per Annum. King Richard I. gave them 40 A per Annum. But 
this was Anjou pounds. 


ThdHofpttatofVttnon,w0^%mm^V' 'J 1014. 

^Ounded and largely endow'd by St. Lewis King of France , Am. 
Dom. 1260. 

TfjeHo/pital of the ^olyGhoX atJS^ome 

Found by Inquifition 20 Edward III. that King John gave the 
Church of Wrytele in EJfex tor the maintenance ot the Poor in this 
Hofpital call'd the Englifh Hofpital at Ror/je. 

B L A N C L A N D, /« BojIttanDp. ,oi j. 

Founded for Canons, and endow'd with Lands in England by Rkbtrd 
de Hay and his Wile. 

DeBELLO PORTU,i»iaojmanDp, iokJ. 

AN T>om. iiox. Alen Son of Earl Benri gave divers Lands in £«g- 
-** land to the Canons Regular of this Abby, Fremonjtralenfes. 


255 Foreign Monasteries. Vol. If. 




bominican N««i, ftear I'toiStt* 

Founded by St. Lewis King of Fratjce, beyond the Bridge at Roan, and 
by him endowed with 5:00 /. Turnois, per Amum^tind divers Liberties, 

An.Dom. 1x69. 

,017. The Cathedral Church at l^OStl- 

DTvers Lari(is irt £«g/a»</ were formerly given to the Canons of this 
Church and their Succeflors, by Ring Henry, Earl Othq, and more 
elpecially by King John., viz. The Mannor of Ckre in Hampjhite, Oteri in 
Devon/hire, Kiihurn in Tor klhire,&LC. 

Irifli Monajleries., ,y^^ ...^ .^.^^^ 

5/. A N D R E W S, /» the Territory of Ardes, (3«liee.) 

•Ounded by Jvhn de Cttrceio. At firfl a Cell to the Abby ofLonley in 
Normandy, and by them granted to the Arehbifhop of Armach. 

Theisms, at CO^KO- 

FOund by Inquifition 29 E. i. that it was not to the Kings damage 
{or William Barry 2i'C\d others, to fettle certain Lands there mention'd 
on Agnes de Hareford and other Nuns and their Succeflors in the Houfe-of 
St.John BafHiJiin St. JohnYJlreet in Cork: 

St. PATRICKS*!^ jaotone* 

Founded An. Dom. 1 183. for Monks and a Prior from St. IVerlur^zt 
Chefter^ but without any Subjeftion to the Church of Chejier. Xhte 
Biftiop of Down was Cuftos and Abbot of this Monaftery, in like manner 
as the Bilhops were in the Churches of Winchtjler and Coventry. John de 
Curci the Founder of this Monaftery endowed it with divers tlevcnues, and 
Tithes, among other Things of all his hunting. 

lOXii The Huns, <;/ G R A N E, »« the County o/llflDatC^ 

Pope Innocent thellL An. Dom. 1207. coafirm'd the Lands given to 
this Houfe by Walter de Rideleford and others ; the like confirmation 
was made by Ring John in the ninth year of his Reign* 


Vol. IL Foreign Monasteries. 

N E D D R U M, ^ Cell to St. Bege, /» J^O^kQjire. 

AN»(? Dom. 1 177. (i?// a.) the Lord Jvb» t/e Curd fabdued Z;/y7^r. 
Jn. 1178. he gSiVe Neelifram to tlw Monks of St. Bege, with "rcat 
Priviledges. Divers aeHeladors gave Lands to this Priory, all which was 
confirm'd, J»- Dom. 1202. by jTo/^w Cardinal o[ Su Stevcn'm Mont Calius 
Apoftolick Lcgat. ' 

pOundcd by Wiliiant de Burgo, aqd given to Richard a Monk oiGla- 

■■- jionhury. 

A R K E L, a Cell to Furncs, in )LdtJCa(|uce- 

»Ounded hy Theobald Walter i, Butler of Ireland, and by him given (o 
the Monks oi t\)& Cijlercian Order at Furnes, with divers Liberties 

thoufand five huudrcd Sheep yearly. 

J E R E P O N T. 

Founded by Dumwald King of OJfery, and endow'd by him with Baleo- 
cbellam in which the Monillcrywas founded, and other Lands , all 
confirm'd by John Lord of Ireland and Earl of Morten. 

LI K Y L- 



KILCUMYN. lozj. 

'Ounded by Philip de Wigemia, Conftable of IrtLnd, and furniflicl 
with Monks tirom GlaflonOurj: f 


O C Y M I L D. J ^j_ 

BELLO BECCO, another Cell to ifuroCjaf- 

Founded and endow'd by Walter de Lafcy for Ciflercian Monks, who 
afterwards by Licenfe of King MpW the III, translerr'd tliti/Eftate ^'^^^' 
vhere to the Abbot and Convent of Furneys. 

D U N B R O T H Y, in the County f/mt%hl,t). ,017. 

HArvey de Monte Marifco, the Kings Marfhal of Ireland., gave this 
place with divers other Lands for a Cell to elk .dLby oi Mdnas 
in England^ William Marjhal Earl ot Pemhr'ke was a great Benefaftor to 
this Houlc, whofe Gitis )Acre conftnn'd by King Edward the IIL among 

which things they had a grant of Paflure tor eighty Cowy, and one ^°^ 

258 Foreign Monasteries, Vol. IL 





''Ounded by Dor.ald Brjan. Confirm'd by King Henry the III. 
Jn. fuo, 4. 


KI N G John confirm'd to the Monks of the Church of St. Mary at 
DrogWj divers Land which they cnjoy'^d before the coming of the 
1030. French into Ireland. The Uke confirmations were made by King Henry 
the HI. andKingE</jv<3r^/the III. 

N E W R Y, in the County of jBOtOll 

Founded and endowed for Cifterclan Monks by Manritm mag Lcchlain 
King of all Ireland, by the unanimous confent of the Great men and 
Petty Kings of Z^^<?/-. 

a O S G L A s. 

TT^Ounded and endow'd by Dermhius Demejy^ King of Ofalia. 

St. SAV 10 VRS. 

Founded by W'Mam Marifihal Earl of Pembroke, confirm'd by King 
Henry the III. with the grant of great Liberties. To this Abby was 
1^3 3- afterwards united the Abby of Kilkenny. 


'Ounded according to the lafl Will of William Marifchal Earl of Fern- 
iroke, and ratified by King John. 


'Oundedby PerwViw an /ri/^ King, and by him and his Subjefts en- 
dow'd with divers Lands. Confirm'd by King John. 

i©3 4. W O N E Y, in the County of }iimcncfc. 

Founded i4». Dow. 1105-. and endowed with , Lands and Liberties by 
Theobald Walter if Butler of Ireland. 


Vol. II. FoRtiGN Monasteries. 


St. T H O M A S the Martyr, in BUbUll- ^ 

Founded and endowed by William Son of Auddinus, Sevvcr to King 
Hemy tlit II. by Authonry pi that King, and tor him. 


K E N L I S, fl«rf'lnifliock, in the County rf j^tlKentip. 


in Cormvall. 0,.e ot \\iioin \\d.^/Iugh Ae Rous, \vho alVcrrharbccame'rhe 

L 1. 2 firft 


^^ C R O S S E in tbi County of •'^tpCtarV. ,0^5. 

Tl^Oi-Uidcd and endowed by D<'».«/^ King of Lumney (^Limmcenfn:^ 

B A L L I N T O B B E K, in the County 0} 03310 Canons RtguLxr. V 1037. 

• a 

rpOundcd by Cuthdus Con:%her Kingol Conncinjht, Jn.Do/».ixi6. 

C O N N A L, a Ce'.l to Lanthony, in CnglanD 

^Onnded An. noi. by Mjjkrus Son of Henry, for Canons Regular 
Confirm'd by King John. 

The. Hofpital of St. jMary's near B?Ol)CDfl. 1058. 

Founded and endowed by Vrjus de Swcmele, for the maintenance of 
poor and infirai Peoplt.and fuch as are in Want^The Cuflos of which 
Hofpital to bcchofen by tlie Good men {Proborum hominum) of Drogheda. 

ALL-SAINTS, in the Eaft-part ^/JDUbUU ■^■- ^^19- 

Ouoded and endowed for Canons by Vermont K\n^o[4jeinifler, con- 
irm'd by King Henrj the II. 

F E R N E, in the County of rtLU]CfO?D. ,0^0. 

Founded and endowed by De)7M//«x King oi' Leim si er^ An. ii<^%. He • . 
alfo granted them free choice ol their own Abbots, according to the 
Kulc ct St. Aiinttftine. 


260 Foreign Monasteries. Vor. IL 


firft E^glijh B'.diop o^ Ojjery. About, An. 1 106. Thomai Son of Anthony 
founded a Priory at Ifriftiock, which became as a Cell to Kenlis. Hugh de 
Lacy and Walter de Lacj were Benefactors. 

1041. The Hofpitd of St. John Evangelift at MWimV- 

F'>unded and endowed ^«. 1220. by William Marefchal Enl oi Peru- 

KILVAYNARD, 4 Priory <?/ Auguftin Nuns. 

POpe cdefiinlhtW. An. 11 95:- confirmed their Lands and Poffeffions 
u/ifh the errant of divers Liberties. 

with the grant of divers Liberties. 

1044. St.] OWN BAPTIST <J^ Nenath, in the County of Cipcwrp. 

Founded about the year 1 200. by Theehald Walter Tiurler of Ireland, 
and by bim endow'd with Lands for the Maintenance oi. Canons, and 
thirteen poor and infirni People. 

1045. F E R M O Y. 

Founded and endowed ff.r Canons Regular of St. Augujlin. by Alex- 
ander Son O.Hugh. Coniirm'd by Kng Ee^ward th--,!. An-juo^ i8. 

1046. TO B ER G L O R I E, in the County of J^OtBfl. 

Founded and endowed by Johnde Curcey, and by him given as a Cell 
to the Prior aad Canons ot St. Mary at Carlile. 

T R I S T E R N A G H, in the County of ^mlf 

Founded and endowed about the year laoc. by Jeffrey de Cottflantint^ 
for Canons Regular. 

1048. The CaibedraJ Church of the Trinity, at 3^nbI(tt■ 

STitrius King of Dublin gave the Ground where this Church now ftands 
to Donatus the firfl Bilhop of Dublin, for the ereding of a Cliurchto 
the Holy Trinfty, with Revenues. Which Donatus in his time built the 
Nave andfide l/les. Many years after, Laurence the fecond Archbifhop 
<^i Dublin^ and Richard Strigul, and the Earl Marihal, <5sc. added the 
Quire, Bells, and two ChappeJs. After Laurence -j Henry, and Luke^ two 
other Archbifhops, carried on the Building., and after tiieoj, John de S. Paid 
finiftitall. King John was a Benefador to this Church, while Earl of 

1049. ^(?«w, an^i after he was King- ' 


Vol. II. Foreign Monasteries. 261 

Scotch Monafteries. 

COLDINGHAM, ^Ce/Zr^Bat^am. ,oji. 

SAint Elha Sitter o{Ofwy King of Northumkrlatd was the firft Infti- 
tutor of a Religious Life in this Place, here (he had a Moual^sry con- 
fifting of both Sexes, under her Governnient. King Hdu^ard (ht III. ia 
the firft year of his Reign granted his Letters 'oiProteaion for this 


[ oundcd and endowed by David King of Scotland, for Canons 5 with 
thegrint oi divers Liberties and Immunities. 



L I N D O R S. 

Founded by David Earl of Huntington, Brother of the King of Scotland^ 
and by him endowed with divers Churches. 


Founded by William King o( Scotland in honour of God and St. Thomas 
the Archbiftiop and Martyr, and by him endowed with Lands and 1055, 


Founded by Malcolm King of Scotland (in mor.te Infirmorum) and by 
him and others endowed with large Pofleflions. Confirm'd by King ine? 
David the firft, youngeft Son oi King Mulcolm and Margaret his Wife. 

BELMERINA CH, /« fife. ^^^ 

^Ounded and endowed hy Alexander King of Scotland, in honour of 
God, St. Mary, and the holy King £«^jwr</, for Ciflercian Monks: 


2^2 Foreign Monasteries Vol. IL 


Of the Ciftercian Motiafterhs m ^fOtlSntl 

SAint David Son of Malcolm and Margaret founded Six of this Order. 
Henry Prince of Scotland Son of the laid David founded Hadmgton. 
Sr. Malcolm Son of the faid Henry founded three. W ilium King ot Scot- 
land founded one. Others of the NobiHty founded many others, v/z. 
Tdtrick Dmhar Earl oi March^ and Agatha his Wife iowni^td^Coldftrcam ja 
the Marfhes. The Earl of Fife founded Northhenvkk where a peiceof our 
Lord sCrofs was prefer ved with great Veneration. John Lord of Khconell 
founded Sacrum'Bofcum, commonly call'd Holywood--y of this Houfe, it is 
faid, was the famous John de Sacro hofcoy who writ of the Sphere and other 
Aftronomical matters» &c. 


The End of the Second Folum. 






Ca t h e d r a l 

and WC H U R C H E S. 

Co L L E G I A T E 

^ p- 



iS »• 


Vol. III. 2^5 



Vol. 111. andlaft. 

Additions to the Ftrft Volum. 

F^g. 31. ROCHES TEa. pag. 

GTJna'tilphus Bifhop of Rochefler, by authority , will, and command of 
King William, and by the advice, help, and affent of Lanfranc 
A.ciibiihop oi Cinterhury. did inftirute fixty Monks in the Room ol five 
Clerks ( all that then were ) in the Church oFSt. Andrew i\i<t A[^>o[tle5 
and transferr d the pofleffions formerly given by diverb Beneiaclorb to that 
Church, to the mamtenanceofthofe Vloaks, with other endowme.its of 
hisownguift, for the maintenance ot them. Strangers that (liould come 
there, and pjor people, and for Serjeants to ferve them. Healfomadc 
Provifion for a Feftival on St. Andrews d^y, for h'mfeifand Succeiijrs, if 
they fliould be prcfent at the Celebration of the (amc. . Whofe Charter z. 
bears date the twentieth day ol September 1089. 

Bonrfice Archbiihop of Canterhnry^ recited the Grant o^ An^lm his Prrde- 
cefl'or by which he granted and confirm'd divers Lands given to this Church 
by Biihop Gu'.dilf xnd, in Kent, Surrey, Suff'lk, Buckin^jamjUre, 
and Gloncejierihire, dated at Lo«^/ya in a Council oi oiihops A. D. iioi^ 3. 

And the faid Anfelms Confirmation of Archbiihop I^»//v«cV Grant to the 
faid Church, dated 1087. and confirm'd all tlie faid recited Grants by his 
Deedot Confirmation dated 1254. 

King Henry \l. confirm'd all their Lands and Pofieflions, with large 
Priviledges and immunities fuch as the Church of tatiterbtiry enjoys, 4. 
whole Charter bears date at Nottingham. 

An. Dom. 1197, An Exch.mge was made by confent cfKing/J/V/'jrf/L 
between Hubert Archbiihop ot Ca«/er^///-^ and the Prior and Convent of 
Bochejier, the faid Prior and Convent granting to the faid Archbiihop and 
Succcllbrs. their Mannour oiL^tmhsth with the Church there, and the Li- 
berties and appurtenances thereunto belonging as well in Southwark \.\s\a 
the Soke oi' London, except a Mill which the Monks have up.on the Thames 
over againft the Towet of London, &c. Aod the faid ArchbiQioD gwe in 5* 
Exchange to the faid Monks the Mannour ot Darent, (Sfc. with mutual 
Wananty on both fides, and a rcftri<ftion that it iliall not be lawful for the 
(aid Archbiihop or his Succeflors ever to alienate the Said Mannour of 
Lambeth trom the Archbiihop rick, or for the laid Monks to alienate the 
Mannour of £).j/-fw/, &c. 

M m ■ Fag. 

\66 Additions to the Fir ft Volum. Vol, 1 1 L 

Fag. 413. NORWICH. 

John Archbifhop of Canterbury at the requeft of the Prior and Convent of 
the Cathedral Church of Monvieh, exemplified the Charter of H'lrlert 
bilViop of Norwich, by which he gave to the Monks, whom he had eftabiitht 
in thefaid Cathedra! Church, divers Lands, Tithes, and other Revenues; 
and o{ Anfelm Archbifliop ofCd«/a^«ry, Prirnateof the Greater Britain and 
Ireland, and Vicat of Pope Pafcal, by which he confirm'd the Effablilh- 
ment of the Monks which the (aid Herbert had made in the faid Church 
of the Holy Trinity at Norwich, which Church Kin^ IVilliam, and King 
Henry his Brother and Succeflbr had con(\ituted to be the head and Mother 
of all the Churches of NorfoU{,and Suffolk The iorefaid Deed of Exempli- 
fication bears date at Lambeth, An. Dom. 1 2 8 1 . 

Rahlphus Fitz Godric gave to this Church the Mannour of Neuton 
confirm'd to the Monks by King Henry I. 

Pag. izo. G LO C ESTER. 

AN. Dom. 1 1 38. Ring 5/^z;(?» in the third year of his Reign confirm'd 
-^^ to the Church St. Peter of Gloucejier, all the Lands, Churches, 
Tithes, and other donations given by Divers Benefaftcrs. 

9. Pag. 39 J, St. MARYS atpti%\ 

TTo de Talebo^fe, from whom defcended tiie Noble families of th,e Rojfes 
"*■ Lords of iVerke, Famumberge, Twefjge, and Bdave, &c. gave to th$ 
Church of St. Mary in fork and to the Abbot and Monks there, divers 
Lands and Churches. This 7w de Tailhais held of the King in C<j/'/Vf the 
Baron} of Hephall, which Barony was held by his Anceftors in Thenagio^ 
paying to the King 5-0 s. yearly, but K-wgWilliam the Conqueror changed 
^ the Tenure into the Service of one Knights Fee. 

Pag. 258. WHERWELL. 

■pOpe Gregory the \XtLi. recited and confirm'd to the Abbefs and Nuns 
■*• of Wherwell all their Lands, Tithes and Churches, that they then 
:^o. had, or for the future ftiould obtain, and exempted them from Tithes 
for their own Cattel, with privilsdge to receive and retain in their 
Monaftery fuch fecular Women as are free and at their own dirpofal, to 
celebrate Divine Service privately in the time of general Interdid, to have 
a free Sepulture, and a free Eledtion of their Abbefs ^c. Whole Bull bears 
date, y^«. Dom. 1228. 

II. F^g. 317. WALL INGFO RD. 

N/gellusde Alhney and Alan Fitz- Jmfrid give divers Lands to the Monks 
of St. Albans in the Church ot the Holy Trinity of Wallingford, 


Vol, ill, aJddttiom to the Firflyolum. 267 

Confirmed to them by Joceline Bit"hop o\ Salisbury. znd after him by Robert bi- 
{hop oi Salisbury iind. by the Dean and Chapter of that Chuichj^«. Do, 1143. 


GEorge Duke o^ Clarence and 'Lord o'i Richmond , as Patroonthe Nun- 
nery oi' fi^ilberfo/s, exemplified and confirm'd to Elizabeth then 
Priorefs, and to the Nuns there, tlje feveral Deeds of Endowments -and 
Grants made to them by Jordanm Fitz Gilbert, fVilliam Je Percy, 8cc. 
Whofe D-ed ot Confirmation bears due zt Siaunford lo.f^ o[^wfi>4 
Edward [V. 

Pag. 487. S T O D E L E Y. 


THis Nunnery was fir ft founded by Thomas deSantloWalerico^ but his 
Eftate, and confequently the Patronage of this Houfc, coming to 
th- Crown, King Bichurdll. in the firft year of his Reign, on the death 
or Margery the 1 aft Priorefs, confirm'd the EkQ:[on of EUzaheih Frerimntell 
then Subpriorefs into the Office of Priorefs, and fignifiedthe fame to the 
Bifliop of Lincoln. 

Pag. 481. S A N F O R. D alias LITTLEMORE. 

ROger de Thoeni, Roger de Sattford, and Thomas Bufcel ^ whofe Deed 
bears date 1154(8. Henry II!. J gave Lands to the Church of St. 
b^icholas and Priory of Nuns here. Robert Abbot of Abington and Benjamin 14, 
Feftorof the Church of St. Nicholas granted and confirm'd to them certain 
Tubes. Roger de '^ency Earl oi'lVintort, and Conftable of Scot/and rekiCed 
to them their Suit to his Court. Pope Innocent IV. in the lecond year of 15, 
his /'r'»?//f(r^f(? Rcleafed ten days of enjoyn'd Pennance to ail fuchofthe 
Diocelies ot Lincoln, Elji, and'Salisbur^, who being penitent and conleft, 
Ihould contribute and aflift to the recdify ing of the Church of tliis Priory. 

Pag. 5:97. G R o s M u N T, /« f^ojKOjnrr* 

JOdwWife of Robert de Tqrneham, and daughter of William Fojffurt, gave 
divers Lands, Profits, and Priviledges in Torkjhire, to the Prior and 
Mankioi GrandmoTjt in France, confirmd by her laid Husband Robert de l<^- 
Torneham^ who alfo gave other Lands of bis ovi n. 

Pag. 50 J. c R E s w E L L « ipcrefojOfljite. I? 

THis w as another Cell of the Monks of Grandemont, to which iValtef 
de Lacy gave Lands in pure and perpetual Ahns, with warranty. 
FtrfrBilhop oi Hereford \\2iv\x\g bought Lands of the Prior of Crir/uv//, for 
550. marks granted by his Deed dated 12^6, that in cafe he or hisSuc- 

M ta a cef- 

26& AdditionS'tG the First Volum, Vol. III. 

ccffijrs IhouJd happen to be impleaded tor the faid Lands, the faid Prior nor 
this SuccefTors (huuld not be obliged to detend and Warrant the fame be- 
yond the Sum of 55-0 marks. 





JOan de Veiinton widow of Gay de Ryhal, with Thomas Son and heir of 
■the faid Guy^ confirm'd to the Canons of M^ffendin^ the Hermitage 
of Mufwell, which Ralj the Hermit built and inhabited by permiffioa of 
the forefaid Guy, with a Chappel built in honour of the Holy Ctofs. 
Confirm'd alfo by Alhrkits Earl oi Damarm, and SimoK de Cerardmulin. ' 

The Priory 0/ E W E N N Y, a Cell of the Ally o/<I5!0UCCact 

THe Turletvilks gave to the Church of St. Michael and the Monks 
there, divers Lands and Poifeffions, with Liberty of filhing in the 
River olEvoemy as far as their Lands extend, and to retain a moiety of the 
fifli fo caught, the other moiety to be the Turlervilles. 

TheFrioryofmiht, i» I^Otting^amUjice. 

Pope Honor'tHs confirm'd the Poflfefirions of this Houfe to the Monks 
here, and exempted them from paying of Tithes of their Cattel. 
It was founded by William de Crefcy. -. 

William Gifford Archbilhcp of JV/f", ^«. Dom. 1177, made certain or- 
ders for their Government, viz. That Almes and Hofpitality Ihould be 
ufed as of old time. That all and fingular do humbly and devoutly obey 
the Prior as their head. &c. Fid. Vol. i- p. SS^- 

BUSTLESHAM Ally, in %mMtZ' 

King Henry VIII. by Patent dated in the xgth. year of his Reign, 
recites that out of the fincere and intire devotioo which he bears 
to God and the Bleffed Virgin Mary, and to the Increafe of the Divine 
Worfhip, ^c. He does ereft, found, and eflablifh to indure for all future 
times, a Monaftery or Conventual Houfe of one Abbot and thirteen Monks 
of the order of St. BenediB:, in the place of the late difolved Priory 
or Monaftery oi^BiJham alias Buftlejham in Bark(hire, which on tHe fifth 
day of J«/y in the a8/^ year of his Reign was furrender'd to him by Williaaf 
BilhopofSt. D<jx>i^j then Prior of that Priory and the Convent there, and 
this hedid for the good eftate of himfelf while living, and for the good of 
his Soul after death, and for the good of the Soul of his mofl dear Wife 
Jane late Queen of £«g/W decealed, and for the Souls of his Children, 
and Progenitors. And gave all the Lands, Houfes, Church, Bells, and ail 
utenfils then in his hands and formerly belonging to the late diffolved Mo- 
naftery, to3Fo/;«cWrey,whomhemade Abbot of this new Monaftery and 
to the Monks of the fame. Which John Cordre^ was lately Abbot o\ the Vlo- 


Vol. 11 J. Addttiom to the Firfi Volnm. 269 

nailery of St. Peter at Cbertfey in Sumy. He did alfo incorporate tliis 
new Monallery by the nameo! the Abbot and Convent ot the nrw Mo- 
naftery or the Holy Trinity ot King Henry VJII. at Bullejham, with power 
to purchafe Lands, and by that name tolue and be fucd. ©"c. anJi-irthc 
Abbot and his SuccelTors to uC" an Kpifcopil Mtter. Hc.alfocndow'd the a 2. 
faid New Monaftery with all thc'Lands and Revenues belonging tj the 
late Monaftery here, and alio to that <<tchertfey, in divers Counties of 25. 
BngUnd and WaUs^ and in the City of London, alio with the d.iloWed 
Priories oi Cardigan inSouthwaksAnd Beth.lkellardin Carnarvanfhire.with all 
the Lands and Revenues ot the iarnc, and witli divers t\.cnTS il^uing out ^^ 
of the Lands ai.l Revenues ot fcveral other MonalUrics, then in Lcafe ^^' 
for twenty one years, and the Revcrfion ot the laid Lands, &c. With ^^' 
view oi Frank pledge and all other Fianchifes and Liberties vvhich have ^o ' 
been formerly enjoy'd in the leverai Lands Cfc. To hold by the Service ^ 
of one Knighcs tee, and the yearly Rent ot 72 /, and 17 d. m tiie name of 
a Tenth, to be paid into the Court of augmentations at Michaelmas. This 
new Monaftery to be exempt from the ordinary Jurifdidion, and robe 
vifited only by the King his heirs and Succeflijrs^ and the jxcfent Abbot 
John Cordrey to be exculed from the payment cifiiil: Fruits and Tenths gi- rg. 
ven by Statute, made in the twenty ilxth year of this Kir)g, provided not- 
withftanding that his Succeffors (hall pay firil Fruits which are valued at 
661 /. 14 5. 9 </. ob. But no tenths,which amount to 66 1. t, s. 5 d. ob. q. 
noHobftante the faid Stac. or any other Law. Whicli Patent bears tejle jO. 
at ff^ejiminfier i %tb December in the forefaid twenty niuth year oi Henry VIII. 

Tag. 648. L E N T O N. 

T/Tng Steven granted the Church of the Holy Trinity at Lenton, which 
•■^ Willium Peverell and others had endow'd, to the order of Clu- 
niac Monks to be enjoy 'd with all its pofleflions, Ihvioiably. 

Tie Priory c/ H O R K E S L E Y. 

r> 0/(?r/ Fits Godilold give divers Lands, Churches, and Tithes to the 
•*-^ C'uniac Monks of 7>^r<!/, with intention that the Convent of that 
Houfc ihould tranfmlt fomc of their Monks to the Church of St. Peter io. 
Horchejley there to relide in the Service of God and St. Peter. Their 
Pofl'lTions fo given was confirm'd to them by Gilbert Bilhop oiLondon^ and ^ ' 
Hubert Archbilhopof Canterbury. 

Pag. S67. S I B E T O N. 

With King William the Conqueror, who came into England in the 
year 1066. c^^rft Walter deCadamo, who after the Conqueft held 
the Barony o[Horsford, He had iflue Robert who built the Church of St. 
Peter at Sibion, who Jiad iHue John call'd the Vicount, and Wtlliam. 
'John being very infirm in his health vow'd to ereft an Abby oiCiJierciaH 

Monks ; 


2 07 Additions to the Fir^ Volum, Vol. 111. 

Monks ; but himielf dying, left his vow to be perform'd by iVill ram his 
Brother and heir, who enjoy "d after his death his Barony and Vicounty. 
This PfiZ/ww founded the Monaflery of St. M^ry axSikon in the Reign oi" 
King Steven, An. Dom. 1149. And endow'd the lame with Lands and 

33* Revenues. He had ifTue Margaret married to Hugh de Crefsy who con- 
firni'd her Fathers Guift. 

A». 28. HenrjiVUU VVilliam then Pihhot a^ Sibt on Com. Suffolk, and 
the Convent there, of their free will and unanimous Content, gave, 
granted, 2S\di covAxvc\'d to Thomas D\xkeo)i Norfolk, Anthony Roa/e hfquite, 
and Nicholas Hare, Gent, their heirs and affigns to the ufe of the Ikid Duke 
his heirs and affigns for ever, all the faid Monaflery, and Eftate thereunto 
belonging, and Conftituted Thomas Heydon, and Rol>ert Whinivery tiieir 
lawful Attorneys to deliver Seizin accordingly. This was under their 

34. Convent Seal, and Sign'd by the Abbot, and feven MonEs of the Houfe 





iAvidKmgoi Scotland condrm'd the Donations of his Son Henry, to 
' this Abby ; the like did afterwards Malcolm King of Scotland Son of 
the (aid Henry. 

John King of England in the 1 6. year of his Reign, granted to the Monks 
here the Hermitage of St. Hilda in the F or teH ot EngUwode, with all the 
35* Land which Roger Croky late Hermit held, and a Vaccary there for forty 
Gows, &c. John Bilhop of Carlile licenfed the Monks of Holmcoltram to 
build a Church or Ghappel in their territory of Arlosk for their Tenants and 
the Inhabitants of thofe parts, which Church or Chappel he did appropriate 
and annex to the faid Monaflery, and exempt the fame from the Vi- 
fitation of the Ordinary 5 The faid Church to be ferved by a (ecular Prieft 
of their eleftion, but to beprefented to the faid Bilhop or his SuccefTors, 
and by them admitted Xft the faid Cure. The faid Prieft fo admitted to 
receive for his fupport 4/. to be pay'd him yearly out of the profits of the 
faid Church, and a Houfe and Curtilage to be affigned him. The faid 
Prieft to pay to the Bilhop in the name of a Cathedratic, half a mark, and to 
the Archdeacon when he Vifits40^. for procurations. Which Deed of 
Appropriation bears date at Linjhck, An. 1 304. Hugh Morville , Cecily 

37. Countefs of Allemarl, Lambert de Mdttn, and others, were Benefaftors 
to thefe Monks. William Earl of Alhemarl gave them a Forge and Iron 
Mine at Egremond 5 Robert King of Scots ( whole Father lies buried in 

38. their Church at /!/(?/>»w/^r(?»» ) gave them a yearly farm of 10/. Pope 
iMcius III. confirm'd to them their Lands and Revenues, and granted 

^9. them divers Liberties, as to be free from the payment of Tithes for their 
Cattel, and Fiihing, ^c. Whofe Bull bears date ^». 1 1 8 j. 

Tag. 914. CROKESDEN. 

T^ekhhy oi the Vally of St. Mary of Croke0enewz% founded hy Bera 
' fram de Ferdon, and by him endow'd with divers Revenues in Crokcs- 
dem^ Stanfort, Cafiretone^ t^c. and a Salt work in Midlewkh. 



Vol. IIL 27^ 

Additions to the Second Volum, 

Pag. 461. NORWICH. 45, 

John Bifhopof Norwich exemplified the Deeds belor^ing to the Hofpital 
otSt. ^aul in Norvrich, viz. the Charter of the Convent ofthe Holy 
Trinity o\ t^oritich, ( who founded and endow'd the faid Hofpital to the 
fiipport of poor people, for the Soul of Bifhop Hederr^Scc. ) o^AJam de Ed- 44. 
lofago, MorelUts de Morley, lome Bilhops oi Norwich his Prediccfibrs, and 45. 
King HennX. who were all Benefaftors. Which Deed oi Exemplification 
bears date in the year 1301. 

Tag. 181. T WINEH AM. 

IN the Reign o^ King Steven, An. Dom. 1 1 j'o, Henry Bifhop of Jf/»- 
chefter, and Hillary then Dean of ClniH Church, at the Petition of 
Earl Baldwin, introduced Canons Regular into the (aid Church, in place 
of the Canons fecular that then were there, the fecular Canons to enjoy 
their Prebends while they lived 5 But all the Lands and Revenues belong- 4'^- 
ingand pofleft by the faid Church in the time of the Deans to be lor the 
future to the only ufe of the Prior and Canons Regular. 

Pag. 152. GI SB UR NE. 

WAldenus Son of Earl Cofpatric gave the Town of Apleton to the 
Church of St. Bridget, commonly call'd Brydekirk, in the County 
o\ Cumberland. The Ladv Alice de Rumeley gavcthis Church of Brydekirk. 47 
with Apleton, and all other Lands thereunto belonging to the Canons of 

Pag. 172. WORSPRI NG. 

William de Curtenai founded a Convent for Canons Regular of St. 
Auguftin, at "the Chappcl of St. Thomas the Martyr in Worfpring, 
and notifyipgfo much to jft'^w then Bifhop of B«?//;, defired that by his au- 
thority the Church oH^Vorlc, at that time vacant, might be appropriated 
to the faid Convent. 

Pag. 263. W O R M L E Y. 48. 

rOhn de Baskerville gave to God and the Church of St. Leonard of Pyonia, 
I and to the Prior and Canons there, in Frankalmoine, all his Land of Stunley 


272 Additiom to the Second Volnm, Vol. ilL 

vvhichhe held of the Mannour of [^Wmley 5 and N/choias deWormley Lord of 
the laid Mannour, reciting the (aid Grant, ccnfirm'd'the fame to the 
faid Prior and Canons , and alto releafed and quit claimed to them , one 
pair of fpurs or fixpence of yearly Rent, by which the foref^id John 
held that Land- 
4p. Rohert de Stamtcn , Qillert Takhot , Robert Boter , and other? , 

5 o. were Beneiadtors to the faid Canons , confirm'd by Rozer dt Montuomari 

51. Lord o{ Winfretone An. Dom. 1304. Gfr^ar^de ^y/^^ytr^/ gave them the 

52. Advovvlon of the Church of ?)ona Regis ., or Kwgs Peirne 5 Peter 
Jiiihopoi //(?rc/(7r<^ appropriated the Church oiWormefley, of which thefe 
Canons were Patrons to this Convent, for the faid Canons to enjoy the 
Fruits thereof to their proper ufe,but fo as not to defraud the faid Church of 
due Service. Whofe Deed bears date, An^ 1262. Here was a Chantry 

53. tounded by the Lady Bafilia de Bourhull. 



Pag. 5>4i. R A N T O N. 

Ohert Fitz-Noel , or Son of Noel , founded and endow'd the 

Priory of Ranton, for Canons under the Rule and obedience of 

~.. tlie Church of ^aw<7« C Hama»e»fu Ecclefi£ J Whofe Donation was con- 
firm'd by Thomas Noel his Son. Noel who came into Ettglatjd with 
King William the Conqueror, had iflue Rolerty and he Thomas. Thomas 
had iflue Alice and Joan, his Co-heirs. Alice was married to William de 
Harecourt^ and had in partition the Mannour ot Elinhale, from whom de- 
fcended Sir Rohert Harecourt Knight, who married Ame the daughter of 
Thomas Lymerik. 

Ptf^. 276. C O L D N O R T O N, in ©jrtujDQjIJP* 


'Illiam Fi:z-Alan founded this Priory for Canons in his Mannour 

Houfe at Coldmrton, to God, S\:. Mary, St. John, and St. Giles> 

and endow'd it with divers Lands. Reginald Earl of Bolon, and Ida his 

Wife confirm'd the Donations of their Anceftors, An. 1201. RalfE^r\ of 

5 ^' Stafford, gave to this Priory his Mannour of Revelundright in Oxfordfhire, 
for the maintenance of two Canons to celebrate for his Soul, ^c. for 
ever, whofe Charter indented bears date at his Mannour o^TyJho in War- 
ivjckp^ire. ,44. Edward IIL HugJ} Croft Efquire releafed and copvey'd over 
to King BenryYW. all his right, title, and Claim, totlie faid Priory, and 
Patronage of the fame,andall the Lands and Revenues thereunto belong- 
ing, formerly enjoy'd by John Wotton late Prior of the faid Priory, v.'hofe 
Deed bears date X I . Feh. x2, Henry VW. 

It was found by Inquifition taken at Dorchefter in Ox^ordfiire 24. of Apr, 
iz Henry yW. h^ioxe William Ti)«;;g Efcheater of that County, ih^tJokH 

^'^' Wotton late Prior of this Priory, was feized of the faid Priory, the Man- 
nour ofColdnorton, and divers Lands, ©"<:. in the faid Inquifition expreft, in 
right of the laid Priory, and being fo feized dyed on the eve of Palm Sunday 
in the ir year ofihat King without having any Convent of Canons, or any 
profefl Canon in the faid Priory at that time, and that the fuccelTion of 


Vol. IIL Additions to the Second Volum, 27? 

the faid Priory did thereupon wholly finiih, diflblve, extingui(h and dtter- 
mine,by which means the faid Pnory.and all the Etlate thereunto belonging 
did Bfcheat to the -King whole Anceftors were Founders and Patrons ot the 
fame, and that the R.evcnue olthcfaid Priory is of the value ot" 50/. per 
Annum, over and above all Reprifes. 

Pag. 232. DERL E Y. 

AN- 1 17 1. Rohert Saucheverel pad a fine before John de Reygate^ the King^ 
Judiciary, of the Church of 5o//c«, td the Abbot of Dd-r/fy ,' faving 
the Prefentation of a fit Chaplain to the fame by the faid Rohert , and 
that fuch Chaplain fhall receive the fmall Tithes of 5fl//c«, for ferving 

the Cure. 

i?o^<?r/ /vifz- i'/'(?z'(r« the Kings Chamberalin, Henry de Luy, Hubert Fitz- 58. 
Ralf, William P ever e I oi Nottingham, Rohert Earl of /rrr^r/, &c. were Be- ^g. 
nefaftors. Walter ^\'!\\o'^ o'i Coventry con^vcmd the Lands given to the 60. 
Canons of this Houfe, gave them the Care of the Nunnery of Virgins, 61. 
which the Abbot of Darhy erefted at a mile diftance, and exempted the 
faid Abbot and hjs Succeflbrs from paying Tithes of their proper fields, and 
granted that the faid Abbot and his Succeflbrs (hall be Dean of all their 
Churches in Derhyjhire, efpecially of all the Churches in Derby. 

Ftfg. 4r. BR E DO N. ^i- 

William de Ferrariis Earl of Derhy gave to the Canons Regular of Bre- 
do», divers Churches, Lands, and Commons of Palture in the 
.P^^ff and elfe where. 


Pa. 564. TEMPLERS. 

^Homas deSantfordgd^vesW his Land of Saunjord, &c to the Knights 
^^ of the Temple, in pure and perpetual Alms, for the releif of the holy 
Land, and for the maintenance ot one Chaplain to celebrate Mafsfor ever, 
at the Houfe of the Templets at BuJlHIham. King Steven and Q_iieen Ma- ^3- 
tilda his Wife, and William M-trefial Earl of Pembroke were Benefaftors 
WilU-itn de Vernon granted Lands at Ercmne for the founding of an Hofpi- 
tal, to William Maskenl, which foundation was confirmd by Baldwin. 
ArchbiChop o^ Canterbury., and Godfrey ^'iQtop of Wi^chejler, and wasaf- ^4- 
terwards granted by the faid Muskerel 10 the Knights of the Temple of 

STANLEY Priory, in ^lOHCtllWdirrc. 

*'T^Heobald Archbifhop of Cahterbury, Primate of the Englirti, and A- •65-. 
■*- poftolick Legate, con firm'd the Lands and Revenues given by Seve- 
ral Benefaftors to the Church of St. Leonard ind Canons of Stanley. 

N n SHEL- 

2 74 Aidiuom to the Second Voium. Vol. Ill- 


S H E L F o R. D Priory, in ^ottfng1jam(l)irc. 

'T was found in a P/f<j of Adize taken before Hugh 5i^e// Jufticiar j of 
_ EngUnd, An. 4x. Henry III. Between William Bardolf, and ^Jam 
tveringham, who both pretended to the Patronage of this Priory, that Ra/f 
"■ Haunfelyn Anceftor of the faid William Barcfolfwzs the founder of the laid 
Priory, and that William Bardolfvj as the true Patron of the fame, who 
thereupon had Judgment againftthe hid Adam, and thtidiidAdamin mi' 
fcricordia. And the Archbilliop of Tor/^ was commanded to admit a fit 
i-'erlontobe Prior there at the Prefenration oixhtiaXdWHliam. 
CVflludd at 1 1 6 /. fer Annum^ 

SANDELFOR.D Priorj, in '^UWSDXiZ. 

ST^T/fw Archbifliop of Canterlury, Primate of all £»g/a»^, and Cardinal 
of the holy Roman Church, confirm'd to the Canons of Smdelford 
divers Lands and Rents granted tothofe Canons by Jeffrey^zdoi Le Fer- 
che ( Pertici ) in France ). 

67. A s s E a u G G, i« 'BucKing^amlljite 


^DmundEsidof CorMival, Son and heir of Richard King of the Romans, 
gave and confirm'd to the Reftor of the Coed men Brothers ofthe Church 
founded in "honour ofthe precious blood oijefus Chrift at EJferugg, the Man ' 
nour ofEJferugg and other Lands, &c. lor the fupport of twenty Brothers, 
Clerks, of which 13 at theleaft to be Priefts, and with thofe Lands he 
68. granted divers Liberties, and Franchifes extream large, and that neither, 
he nor his heirs fliould meddle nor interpofein the concerns ofthe Houfe 
at fuch times as it fliall happen to be void of a Redor, &c. 
[Valued at 41 6 /. 1 6 x. 4 </. per Annum. ] 

gp. Tag. 145. BR.ADSOLE. 

King John confirm'd to God and the Church of St. Radegundat Brad- 
fole^ and the Canons there of the Order of Premonftratenfes, divers 

7Q. Lands gi.ven by his Brother King Richardl. and others ; With other Lands 
of his own guift. Healfo granted them the Church of St. Peter oiRivery 
and his Houfe there, for the building a new Monaftery for their ufe, and. 

^j ♦ totranflate the old Abby thither. There was formerly in this neighbour- 
hood a (mall Houfe of Religion call'd Blakewqfe, which was fubjed to a 
Monaftery of this order cali'd Lavendene, but the Canons of tliat place 
being ooor and diftant, it occafion'd fcandai, whereupon the Canons of 
Blakeivnfi were djfcharged of their obedience to the Abbot of Z,ai;d>»^f»f 
and Subjefted to the Abbot of St. Randegufid. Hugo de Burgh, Jufticiary 
of England, and Hamon de Crevequer were Benefaftors to this Abby. 

Vol. 1 1 J. Addttiom to the Second Volum, 275 

Fag. 6x2. STANLEY. 72. 

HVhertFitz-Ralf, and Serlo de Grendon, confirm'd to the Canons oL 
Stanley Park, the Eftate formerly given by William de Gretiior^ 
Maud de SalicofaMara, daughter oi'Williant Fitz-Ralf late Steward ol Ncr- 
mandy. Was alfo a Benefadrcfs to this Hoyfe. 

The Abbots 0/ Stanley Park. 75. 

1. fValter de Sentertey^rwX^d T^i.yc%\s. time. Ruled x. year. 

2. Wtlliam. Ruled here 2. years. 10. John Horfley^ 26. years. 

3- yr'^«G>j«»f^r//;,govern'd i9.years. 11. JohWo^houfe, 15, weeks. ,\ 

/^. Hugh deLittcoln,^o\crr{(!ii^ years, iz. I'Villiam Horfleji, 7i. years- 

5-. .S/wow 5. years. 13. Roger de Kjrkton, 3. years. 

6. Laurence^ 16. years. 14, H'^illiam deBomy, 42. }ears. 

7. Richard de Normantott, ruled the i ^, Hevry MoH)aJche, 39. years. 

firfttimeS. years. 16. John Sfovdone, 33. years. 

8. John de Lincoln, 6. years. 17. John Stanley, 22. years. 

9. Richard deHormanton, the (econd 18. Richard de Nottingham, l^.ye^Lrs. 

Pag. 60s, C R O X T O N. 

A F/ci<» ^c Romelj Lady of Bejcaudeby was married to William Pay»el who 
-^^ came into England with fVilliam the Conqueror, and of whofe guifc 74. 
he had divers Towns in Tork/hire, Lincolnfhire ^ and Leicefter(hire\, which 
William and Avice, had iflue a daughter mvatd Alice { or Avice )whoni 
King H. II, gave in Marriage to Robert de6ant,who had ilTueby her another 
Alrce ( or Avice ) whom the fame King Henry gave in Marriage to Robert 
fitz-Hardtng oi'Briflol, who had illue Maurice, who dying without iflue, 
his Mothers Inheritance came to /4«<//-(?jv L«r^frf/, as next of the Bloudof 
the PajnellS' 

Pag. 607. LEYSTONE. 

RAnulfus de Glanvilk founded the Abby of St. Mary at Leeflune and endow'd 
it with the Mannour of Lcellune, which he had of the guift of King 
Henry 11. and with certain Churches, which he had formerly given to the 75' 
Canons of But tele ^ and now by them refign'd to the Canons of this place. 
King Richardl. confirm'd the Eftate fo given to thefe Canons oi Ley (I one 
With a Grant of divers Frarkchifes, confirm'd alfo by i?/c/'<7r^ Archbifhop 7^- 
of Canterbury, aTid by Roger Bygot Earl of Norfolk:^ Pope Lucius granted 
ih^n. Canons divers Priviledgesasnotropay Tithes of their proper Goods 77- 
and Cattel, to celebrate privately in time of a General Interdift, withab. 
fnlnr.e freedom in the Eleftion of their Abbot, with Liberty of Burial for 
any ( not Excommunicate ) whodefire to be buried with them, faving 
the Rights of thofe Churches from whence the Bodies comc« CsTc 

N n 2 Pag 


Additions to the Second Volum. Vol. 111. 

Pag. 643. BEG EH AM, 

William de Burgelle granted certain Marifti Lands to the Canons of 
Otteham ("atterwards tranflated to Begeham) faving to the Lord 
of the Soil, the Service of half a pound of Pepper, to be paid .yearly on the 
Vigil ol Chriflmafs for all Cuftom and exaflion. 

78. D U R. F O R D Al>ij, in S^Uffet, 

in*Ounded and endow'd with Lands^c by Henry Hofitus Lord of Herting 
^ in the County of Sujfex 5 confirmed by King Henry the II. who alio 

79. granted them a Fair for three days yearly at Hertitig,\\z. on the Nari- 
*viiy of St. John Baptifty and two days next betorc. Confirm'd a!fo by 

80. HiParj/, zndSeffrid Bilhopii QiChicheJier, and by William de Feccy , &c. 

CValued at 98/. 4 i. ^ d. per Jmntm.'] 

81. ^AI}J^ WOLD .4%, in iincolnOjite 

KlNGBettry VIII. in the ^gth. year of his Reign, out of thefincerc 
Devotion which he had to the Virgin Mary, aud for the incrcale ©f 
Virtue, and the Divine Worlhip, 6"^. founded a new Monaftery of Nuns 
of the Order o{ Pr^fmnjlratenfis, in the place Scite and Precifidb of the 
Old Monaftery of Stixwold in Com. Lincoln^ lately fupjveft by Authority 
of Parliament, to confift of a Priorefs and Nuns, there to officiate in 
the Divine Offices for the good Eftate of him and of his mod dear Conforc 
JaneQneen of £»g/</»</ while they lived, and after their deaths for their 
Souls, and the Souls of their Children and Progenitors. And made and 
conftituted Mary Aiijjenden Priorefs of the faid new Monaftery, and incor- 

9^ porated the faid Priorefs and Nuns by the name of the Priorels and Con* 
vent of the N'eiv Monajfery of King Henry the VIII. of Stixwold, with 
capacity to receive Lands by that name, to fue and be fued, and to have 
a Common-Seal. He further gave and fettled on them, all the Lands, 
and Eftate real and petfonal belonging to the old Monaftery of Stixmld, 
in as full and ample manner as Helena Key late Priorefs of the faid Mona- 
ftery enjoy'd the fame on the 4//;. oi Fei. in the feven and twentieth year 
of his Reign, or any time before, at which time it came to his hands by 
reafon of an Ad: of Parliament then paft for the diflolving of certain 
Monafteries. Which faid Revenue was then rated at the clear yearly 
value of ifz/, 10 s. yd. and.was granted to the faid new Monaftery, to 
hold in Ca^ite by the twentieth part of a Knights Fee, and by the yearly 
Rent of 15 /, ^s. 1 d. to be paid into the Court of Angmentations at A'l/. 

Z^. chaelmas, and Lady-day --i the Statute of Mortmain, or any other Statute 
tion obflante. Whole Grant bears date on the 9//'. oi July in the faid nine 
and twentieth year, and is witnefTed by Thomas Archbifhop of Canterbury, 
and divers others, among whom Sir Thomas CrumweU Km. Lord CrumtveU 
Keeper of the Privy. Seal, (^c. 
Vjd. I. rol. 486. 


Vol. III. Qjdditiom to the Second Volrnn, 277 

Tag. 376. B R ACKL E V. 

ROlert Earl of Leice(hr gave to Salomon the Clerk and his SuccelTors 
one Acre ot Land in Brahole CBrackki)\n thelovcofGod,and honoDr 
01 Sc. J<btt the Apoftle and Evangelift, to build a Houfe thereon for the 
Receipt and Entertainment o\ poor People. This was confirm'd after- 
wards by Rol'dt his Son and Heir, which Father and Son endow'd the °4« 
faiid Holpital with divers Lands to hold in Frattk-tlmoine. Hugh BUhopof 
Lincoh confirm'd the Foundation of this Holpital, with all the Lapds g^, 
and Liberties given and conferr'd upon it. The like did Kingf/f«ry III. 
in the twelfth year of. his Heign. 

Pag. 423. DOVER. 86. 

KING Henry the \\\. in the twelfth year of his Reign, confirm''dto 
the Holpital of St. Mary at Dover, divers Lands and Rents given 
l._\ ^imoH JeWardutte--^ he alfo confirm'd the Manrwr of Rivere to the 
faid Holpital at the Petition of Hubert de Burgo who founded the feme 
for the fartentation of poor People and Travellers who fljould come 
thether. He alfo ordained that upon the death or removal of the Ma- 
Ler, the Brothers of the faid Hofpital ftiall freely choofe another, and 
prefent him to the King or his Chief Juflice, who Ihall without difficulty 
giveafTnt, and then heihallbe prelented to the Archbiihop of Canterbury ^7* 
tobebyhim inftituted. He alfo granted to the faid Hofpital the tenth 
parr of the Profits of the PafTage in the Port oi Dover, befides lo/. 
and 50 s- which by two Deeds he had formerly granted them. With 0- 
ther Revenues cHewhere. 


41 Fag. 899. NEWTON. 88; 

^Homas Archbifhop of To'rk made a Decree between Edmund 
_^ Litchfield, who pretended to the Office of Cuflos or Mafter of 
the Hofpital of St. ^ary Magdalen at Newton in Holderuejffe, and Edmund 
Percy then in PolfelTion of the (aid Hofpital, containing that the faid Percy 
(whoft title the Bilhop confirms) and his Succeflors Ihall pay to the faid 
/ iichfield during his Life a yearly Penfion of 100 s. on the day of th« An- 
nuciation of the BlefTed Virgin, in the Collegiate Church of St. Tkmas 
o{ Acnn in London, under pain of incuring the Sentence of Excommuni- 
cation, if upon requefthedoesnot within thirty days perform this Decree, 
and befides it fliall and may be lawful for the faid Litchfield ou. the Pof- n 
ft'trions of the fiul Hofpital to enter and diltrain, and the diftrcfs to 
dwiain till his faid Annuity and the Arrearages and his Expences be fully 
fatisfied- This Decree was made by conlent and approbation of both 
Parties, and bears date in the Archbifbops Inn at Wcfiminfier Cnow White- 
kail) /n.D''m. 148^. Approved, ratified, and confirni'd by the Dean 
and Cna,' er ot Tork, and by the Mafter, Brothers, aod Sifters of the did 
Hofpital, in the fame year. . 


278 Additions to the Second Volum, V o l. III. 

Pag. 58 r RIP PON. 

TT was found by Inqaifition taken at l?//"/)^;?, 10 £. 2. that in the Hofpi- 
•■• tal of St Mary Magdalen there, according to the Foundation,- there 
ought to be two Chaplains daily celebrating; that Strangers, poor Clerks, 
or other indigent People, coming to the (aid Hofpital in their travells, 
ought to be lodged there one night, and entertain'd with Viftuals, and 
Bed, and in the Morning depart ; and that on St, Mary Magdakns, day 
yearly ought to be diftributed in Alms to every poor Body that comes, 
one Loaf of the value of a half- penny, the quarter of Wheat being prized 
at 5 J. But they find that the then Coftos of this Hofpital had perverted 
the Founders Charity in feveral particulars. 



?ag. 461. WELLE. 

Alph de Mevil/e, Knt. Lord of Midleham, by Indenture dated ^. r34z, 
_ Founded the Hofpital at Welk in the Archdeaconry of i?/c^wW, for 
the Augnjentation of Divine Worlhip, and for the fuftcntation of poor 
^' and miferable People, and other Works of Piety, and endow'd the lame 
with Lands and* Revenue?, and eftabliflit therein one Mafter, two 
Pricfls, and four and twenty poor and infirm People. And appointed 
that the Mailer and two Priefls fliould conftantly obferve and keep the 
Canonical hours, and celebrate three MafTes daily. 

K Y P I E R Hofpital, in the County Palatine of BUt^attl- 

'POunded by JR<j»«//'/'«/ Y>\ha^ qI Durham, An. \\\i. xa the honour 
■*- of God and St. G/Zw, for the R.elief of the Clergy there ferving, and 
for the fuftentation of poor People, who alfo endowed, it with divers 

pi. Lands and Revenues ; confirm'd and augmented by //agFBiihop of Dnr- 
ham, and other Benefaftors. The faid Bifhop Hwg/f granted to this Hofpi- 

92- tal Common of Pafture inhisForreft with certam Priviledges, r^iz. that 
the feet of their Dogs (hould not be cut or dipt, but that the Shepherds 
might lead them in flips {Ugatos) for" the fafety of their Cattle from tvild 

Q, Beafts and Wolves. An. 1297. A Compofition was made between the 
Prior andConvent of Durham, and the Hofpital of St. Giles, whereby the 
faid Prior and Convent did quit-claim to the Brothers of that Hofpital 
their Tithes of Corn at Clifton, which till that time they had ufcd to 
pay to the Church of St. Ofwald^ in recompence whereof the Brothers of 
the faid Hofpital were to pay yearly upon the Altar of St. Ofwald on the 
day of that Saint, one Bifantium or z s. &c. The Men of Bedeljngton/bire 

94.' being obliged by their Lords the Bilhops of Durham, to give to the Hofpi- 
tal of St. Giles without Durham, one Thrave of Corn out of every Plow- 
land which they held, they granted under their Seals, in lieu thereof 9 j. 
in mony, to be paid to the faid Hofpital at the Feaft of St. Michael., witl* 
a Nomine p<ena. 

[Valued at 167 /. 2 s, n tl, f^r Annum.'] 


Vol. Ill Additims to the Second Vokm. 279 

STOKE Hofpital,nearNewarke, in ^OtUllfi^amdlfte. 

JOhnChauJoK, Mailer of the Hofpital oi Sx.. Leonard's at Stoke, and c- 
thers, Confraters of the lame, lettkd, by their Deed dated in the 
year 1331. forty Acres of Land, and thirty fhillingsof Rent, which they 
had obtain'd of Friends, for the profit of the faid Hofpital, and provided 
that the Mafter of the fame (hould caufe fixty MafTes to be celebrated 
yearly forever, for the laid Benefadors, Gs'c. To this every Mafter is to 95-. 
befwornat his admiiHon. This Deed \\a« ratified and confirn^'d the 
fame year by William Archbilhopof Tor/^. 

5"^ G I L E S Hofpital, near Maldon, in (Q\Sz%. 

IT was found by Inquifition taken before Helming Leget, Efcheator in 
the County of E£ex, that tlie Kings of England were Founders of this 
Hofpital, for the fupport of Leprous Burgelies of Maldon ; that they 
had the Forfeitures of all Bread, Ale, Flefh, and Fifli, that was not good 
and wholefome in the faid Town 5 and that when the Mafter of that Ho- 
fpital ftiould ceafe to take the fame for the fupport as aforefaid, then the 
faid Hofpital fhould come and revert to the King as forfeited j that 
Robert Manfeild, Clerk, late Provoft of Beverley, being made Cuftos of 
this Hofpital, for above three years part has maintained neither Chaplain 
nor any Leprous Perfon ia the fame, and that the faid Hofpital was there- 
fore feized into the King's hands. ButKlng Henryxh^W. being ad vifed $6. 
by his Juftices and Serjeants at Law that this was no fufficient caufe of 
feizure, direfted his writ to the faid Efcheator to amove his hand, Oc 
and meddle no further. 

G I N G E S Hofpital, in CffejC- 

Michael de Capra, and /?o/e his Wife, and William. \m Son and Heir, 
gave to God and the Church of St. Mary and St. Leonard in their 
Wood of Ginges, and to Tohy Prior of the faid Place and the Brothers of 
the fame, one Hide of Land, Paunage for forty Hogs, and divers other ad- 

- ^ 

BURGESTRE Hofpital, in fDjCfojDfljiw. 

XT X'^G Edward the \\\. in the nine and twentieth year of his Reign, li- 
■■^ cenfed Nicholas Jordan Hermit, Cuftos of the Chappel of St. John 
Baptifi of Burcejlre, to found an Hofpital at Bnrceflre to the honour of 
God, the glorious Virgin Mary and St. John Baptifi, 
[Valued at 147 /. 2 X. 10 d. ptr Jrmum.^ 


C A L C Priory, in jSaPbpQjtt^ .9 7 

Jti/da Co\xnte(s of Chffler gave to the Canons of this place, an 
Eft:atc at Bependon* near Trent, conditionally that they ihould 


j8o Additions to the Second Volnm, Vol. JII^ 

make it the head Seat of their Convent to which Calc fhould be fubjeft 
as a Member. Hugh Earl of Chejier confirm'd their Revenues. 

98- ARUNBELL Hofpit^l, in ^UffC)C. 

KING Richardth^M. An. 18. Licenftd Richard Earl of Arundel to 
give four Meffuages and two Tofts to the Mafter and Chaplains of 
the holy Tritiity at Arundel/^ for the founding of an Hofpital calld Mey- 
fohdewe in honour of the hoJy Trinity, &c. 

[Valued at 42 /. 5 j. 8 J. per Annum.^ 

FOSS-GATE Ho/pifal, at |^OjK. 

JOhit Archbilhop of Tork, Primate of England, and Legate of tbe Apoflo- 
lick See, ordain'd and eftablilht in the Fofs-gate-flreet atTVrian Hofpi- 
tal in honour of our Lord Jefus Chrift,and the bleffcd Virgin Mary, That 
there be one Chaplain to have the Government of the fame, and to be 
named Mafter or Cuflos, the right of prefenting to the Office of Cyftos 
to belong to Mr, John de Roucl^ and his Heirs, in their default to the 
Mayor oiTork for the time being, in his default to the Official of Tor^ 
Court, and in his default that the Archbifhop or Dean and Chapter may 
for that time confer the place without prefentation, the Cuflos on hisad- 
mifTion to be fworn to ajuft and true Adminiftration,^c. That thereby 
^^' conftantly refident in the faid Hofpital thirteen poor and weak Perfbns, 
and two poor Clerks teaching Schools, to bechofenby the Cuftos, every 
of which to receive from the Cuflos weekly 4^. of Silver, the Cuflos 
to have ten Marks of yearly Revenue, which is judged fufficicnt for his 
fupport, that it (hall not be lawful for him to convert to his own ufe 
more than that Sum of the Goods of the faid Hofpital, €^c. Which Or- 
ders are dated at Thorpe near Tork, An Dom. 1373. 

[Valued at 61. i j x, 4 </. per Annum.^ 


W H I T I N G T O NS Hofpital, at tmtim* 

John Coventry, John Carpenter, andWilliam Grove, Execuors, of Richard 
Whiiington late Citizen and Mercer of London,^nA feveral times Mayor 
of that City, according to the defire and appointment of the faid Richard, 

' °°* founded in the Church of St.Michael Royal at LondoM,where the faid Richard 
and AlicehK Confort lye buried, a Colledge of certain Priefts and Clerks 
to celebrate daily for the (aid Richard and Alice ; alfoan Almshoufe for 13 
poor People in the Parifh of St. /Wic/^af/aforefaid and adjoyning to the 
Church, And eftablifht divers Orders by Licence of King Henrj VI. and 
Henry Archbifliop of Canterhury, &c. touching the fame ; as, that there 
fhall be always inhabiting in the faid Hofpital 13 poor People of one or 
both Sexes, of which one to be Cheif, and called Tutor, thefirfl of which 
Office they placed thcmfelves, by name Rokrt Chejlerton, to whom they 
gave the faid Hofpital with all the Appurtenances tor a perpetual habitation 
for him and the poor People and their Succeffors, by the name of the 

'°'' HouCe of God, or the Almheufe, or the Hofpital of Richard Whityngton ; 
■^ that 

Vol. III. Additiom to the Second Volum. 381 

that the Mayor o^ London, an:! hisSa:ceirjrs, (hill be SupcrvKers, and the 
Wardens andCoraimunaky of Mercers, Confervators of the faid Houfcithat 
the Tutor and poor People have Lodgings or Ceils apart and feveral 5 lor. 
that within 20 days after the Death of a Tutor the Wardens of'the Mer- 
cers (hall eleft or depute another fit perfon to fuccecd in the faid Office 
and upon their negleft for lo days, the Power of(o doing fhali for that 
time, be in the Mayor o[London\ that as the poor People dye, the Ma- 
fter of the forefaid Collcdge ihall place one in the firft Vacancy, and the 
Wardens of the Mercers in the Six next Vacancies, then again the Mafter 
in the next one, and then the Wardens for the fix next, ^c. yet it 
ihall not be lawful for the laid Wardens to put one that is of the Livery of '°^' 
their own Gompiny, or any otherCompany of the faid City, into the (aid 
places, yet poor Citizens ol£,Wfl», andefpecially the poorof the Merctrs, 
who are not, nor have been ot the Livery, ( ^ui de liherata minimc fuerint ) 
and whom the Company are not bound to maintain, and poor Clerks and 
inferiour Officers of the CoUedgeaforefaid, are to be prelerr'd to the faid 
places before others s that the Tutor and poor People be daily prcfent at 
Mattins, MafTcs, Vefpers , and Complin, in the Colledge or Church a- 
bovemention'd, and at the prayers to be there made for the Souls of Richard 
Wbitingtou and Alice their Founders, Sr. William WbittHgton Knight, the 
Lord Ivo FitzWaryn, and the Lady Maud his Wife, Parents o\ the faid 
Richard and Alice^ King Richard II. and Thomas late Duke of Gloucejier, 
8cc. That they (ball fay for the faid Souls as often as they can conveniently, 
three, or at leaft two Pfalter?, /. e. fifty Aves, andjfiftecn Patirs, and three 
Creeds , that they (hould all go daily to the Tomb of the faid Richard and 
Alice, and there fay the Pfalm</i? Profundi!, after which the Tutor to fay 
aloud in Englilh God have mercy on our Founders Souls, and all Chrifien, 
and the refl anfwer, Ameitj that the Tiltor (hill not beabfent from the faid ID3. 
Houfe above ten nights in a year, nor any poor Man, above one whole 
day without Licenfe, or great necefiity ; That they have a Common 
Chefl-, and a Common Seal, the Chefl: to have three different Keys, ^c. 
That the Tutor have and receive every week for his Penfion 16 d. and 
every poor perfon 4 d. that no Leprous, or mad Man be admitted into 
the Houle, ^c if any Eftate falls to any poor Man of the clear yearly va- 
lue of five marks, that he be removed, and another poor Perfon put in 
his place, but if it be under five m^iks per Annum, let him give half to the 
Common Chcft and keep the other half; Vicious perfons after the third 104. 
fault to be expeird the Hofpital as incorrigible; That thefe Orders and 
Statutes be read, and intelligibly expounded , before the Tutor and 
poor People once every quarter of a year j With poi\er refer ved to the 
laid Ejiecutors while they or any of them live, to add, correft, or alter 
any of thefe Orders. Dated ii. December An. Dom. 142,4. ("3. H. 6.) 


' ii "" 

RUTHYN Hofpital in J^mUiWtf* loy. 

QUeen Elizabeth, at the Petition of Gabriel Goodman Do(lior of Divinity, 
,and Dean of the Collegiate Church ot Wejiminfier, erefted, created, 
ibunded, and eftabliflitj an Holpital in Ruihyn in the Couuty of Denbigh, 
to be call'd ChriJPs Hofpital in Ruthin, to confift of one Preacher aad 
twelve poor People for ever i andordaiu'd. that there ihould be one Pre- 
sident, and one Warden of the (ame, and nominated the then Bilhop of 

O O. Banger 

282 Additions to the Second Volnm. V o l. IlL 

B'^ngor and his Succeffor?, for the time being, to be Frefident. and Euholm 
Iheloall Mafter in Arts, to be thefirll Warden of ^the faid Hofpital, and 
a!l the Pofleffions, Lands and Goods thereunto belonging; that the faid 
Prefident and Warden be a Body corporate for ever, by the name or the 
Prefident and \/\J zrden o^ Chrijl's Hofpifalin Euthin, by the faid name to 
purchafe and receive Lands, &c. as vvell of the (aid Gahriel Goodmav, as any 
other perfon, for the fupport and maintenance of the faid Hofpital^ that 
they have a ComrnoaSeal 5 that they m.ay fue and be fued by the faid 
io<^" name in all Courts 3 with power to the faid Gahriel Goodman during his 
Life to eleft, nominate, and appoint the Wardens and poor People of the 
faid Hofpital as often as there Ihall be oceafion, and to make and appoint 
Statutes and Orders for Government of the fame; with liccnfe to the 
faid Prefident, and Warden, and their Succeflbrs to purchafe Lands not 
exceeding the clear yearly value of 100 1. &c. the Statute oi' Mortmam oi- 
any other Stat non ohJiaHte. Letters Patents to be pafl of all this under the 
Great Seal of England without any manner of Fine or Fee to be paid ©c. 

107. D R O H E D A Hofpital, in BelattD. 

Founded by Vtfm de Swemele, without the Weft-GziQ of Droheda^ 
for the relief of poor and hclplefs People, and by himendow'd with 
ail the Lands and Rents that he had in Ireland, and gave the Eleftion of 
the Cuftos (after his death) to the Honeft men, or Free-men (^prohos ho- 
mines) of Drohida. 


TH E Matter and Canons of Sempringham declared by their Deed, 
that they and theirs in the place call'd Mirmaude, the Gift of Ralph 
de Hanvill, are fubjeft to the Jurifdidion of the Bifhop of Ely as their 
Diocejan, notwithftanding their Priviledges. . 

108. Fa^. 8z5. ELLERTON. 

Gllhert the 11. Mafler of the Order of Sempringham, and John Prior and 
the Convent of Elkrton, obliged themfelves to the maintenance 
of thirteen poor People in the Hofpital of the Church of Ellerton^ founded 
hy William FiizPeter. ,* 


Pag, 514. St. John of Jcrufalem, inihe Suhurhs of JLonDOtl- 

'INGP^i/i/)andQueen Mary by their Letters Patents, and Cardinal 

^ Pole Legate a Latere, reftored and eftabliflit the Hofpital of 5t. John 

oijerufakm \n England, to its Priftine E(\ate, and the Priory and Hofpital 
109. oiSx.John oiClerkenwell lately difTolved, and conffituted Sir Thomas Tre- 
fham Knt. Prior of tlie fame, Richard Shelley, Peter Felices^ Cuthlert Laithen, 
Edward Brown, Thomas Thornell, Henry Gerard, George Aylmer^ James 
Shelley and Oliver Starkej, Commendators or Preceptors of the faid 


Vol. III. Addttiom to the Second Volum, 2S:> 

Hofpiral, whom the laid Kina; and C^een incorporated by the name of 
Prior and Con fraters of the V{o>{p\.\.^\o'iSt.Johtt o'l JerKfalem in England, 
to have perpetual Succefiion, and by tliat name to fue and Ue iiaed, to 
purchafe and take Lands, e^c and to have a Common Seal j and gave 
them all that Capital Houfe and Scite of the (aid Hofpital of St. John of 
Jerufalem, kiiuaieaind being ncarClerkemvell, in MiM'efex,mtb the Church 
and all Houfcs ^.nd Buildings, Gardens and Orchards,&'c thereunto belong- 
ing, alfo. all that Wood and Wood-ground call'd Grete St. Johnr Wood, 
lying near Mcirihone-Park xn M'niMefc}c, and all other Lands and Tenements 
whatfoever that were in the PolTelfion of the Prior and Confraters of the 
faid Hofpital at the timeofthc Di!lc)lutionofchefame, and all Goods and 
Furniture belonging to the faid Houfe,c^c. Which Letters Patterns bear 
date at Grenewiche, Jpril the zd. in the fourth and fifth year of their 

P<7g. 147. B U T L E Y. ijo. 

KI N G Henry the VH. in the four afd twentieth year of his R.eign 
granted to Bokrt Brommer Prior of the Monaflery of Butley, and 
the Convent of tlie fame, the Priory of the blefled Mary o^Snape in Suffhlky 
with all Lands and Revenues thereunto belonging, or which Thomas Mey. 
loTtdhie Prior of the (aid Priory enjoy'd in right of the fame, to hold in 
pure and perpetual Alms without Account or any Rent, and to be annext 
to the faid Priory of Butlej. 

NEWINTON-LONG VILLE, an alian Priory in 

THIS was a Cell to the Abby of St. faith at LongvHle in Mormandy, 
to which iValter Gifford Earl of Buckingham, gave and confirm'd 
divers Lands and Revenues.with great Priviledgesin his Forreft oiWaddoriy 
free and difcliargcd of all Exaftions, ^c. 


O o i Cathedral 



284 ^ Vol. in . 


Of Canom Secular, 

115- CHICHISTER Cathedral, in ^UffejC 

Nf)o Dom. 673. Ceadwalla King oi the South-Saxons, at the Requeft 
of Billiop Wilfrid, gave divers Lands for the Building and Endow- 
ment of a Monaftery at Selefey. Brmy Duke of Sujfex, Northelmus King 
li<5. of Suffex, An. 6gi. Numa King- of Sufex, A». 714. OJlac Duke of Suf- 
117' fex. An. 780. were Benefa^ors to this Religious Houfe of .Jf/f/^. Abbot 
118. /'/eg/;4W having trartsferr'd certain Revenues in Dfj/<>« to the Epifcopal 
Church at Selefey, which Rti'enues he had of the Gift of King Offa, they 
were fixt and eftabhflit to the faid Church, in a Synod held at Clohe^ 
'I?- hant, An.'izs King i4^/?e^«?» ga\jp Lands to the faid Church, /^». pjo. the 
like did KmgEdmmd,Km^ Eadvcyn, King Ethelred, and Ethelhert, King 
William gave Lands and Liberties to the Church ofChichifier (the See being 
then tranflated thither) the like did King ^<?»ry the I. and King Steven, 
which lafl gave and confirm'd to the Church of the holy Trinity at 
'^3' Chichefier, and to Hillary Bilhop .of the fame, divers Lands and 
Franchifes, (bme of which Lands the faid Biftiop and his Succeflbrs were 
to hold by being Chaplains to MaudYiis Queen and her Succeflbrs. William 
1^4 Earl of Chichifler gave to this Church among other things, the fourth pare 
of the City ; King John confirm'd to this Church all the Lands, c^c. and 
j^ Liberties which they then had or fhould have; The like did King ffenry 
176. ^^^^'^- to i?tf//)& the II. Bishop of Chiobejler, his Chmccllor. The Prior 
and Convent of St. Bartholmew's at London granted to the Bifhops of ^is 
See, certain Houfes in the Parifh of St. Sepnlchers, without Newgate, to 
hold by the yearly Rem of one pound of frankineenfe, or fix-pence, at 
X 2 7. the Feaft of St. Michael. Ranulphus Bifhop of Chichifler^ (who writes hirfl- 
fclf the humble Minifter of the Church of Chichi/ler) caufed to be provided 
for the Mannors of that Bifhoprick, a ftock or ftore of Cattel, -y/z. two 
hundred and fifty two Oxen,one hundred Crows, ten Bulls,three thoufand 
one hundred and fifty Seep (Bidentia) one hundred and twenty the 
Goats, and /ix he Goats, and ten Plow-horfo, which Stock he ordered to 
be continued by all his Succeflbrs under cenfure of Excommunication, 
and to be Anathema Maranatha i Confirmed and ratified by King Henry 
the HI. John Earl of Eu, reftored to this Church, by Deed dated /in, 1148. 
the Mannor of Bixky which his Grandfather ajnd Father had unjuXtly 
taken,and a long time detain'd ftom it. 

g 5/. P E T E R S Cathedra!, at ^Ojll 

ON Ea(ler day, An-Gxj.Edwyn Kiqgof the Northuffilers was baptized 
by Paulinas at Tork, in a fmaJl Church built on purpofe, of Wood. 
This Church dedicated to St. Peter, was made the Archiepifcopal Seat of 
ths kid Patilinus, who bad converted all that Province to the Chriftian 



vol.7 P 11 J 

Vol. HI. Cathedral Churches. iS^^ 


Faith. Afterwards in the year ic6y. Thomas a Canon oi Bayeux.htwg made 
Archbifhop, built the Church of Stone, after a larger manner. An 958. uq 
King EaJwiy gave Sutlnvell to Ofcyiell Archbifhop of Tork. King Athel(lm\ 
King C<7««/? the Dane, King Edwarci the Confeflor, were Benefaftors to 
this Church. KmglVilliam Rufus, who ftiles himfelf Son of King William, 
who iucceeded King Edward h) hereditury Right,g3iVC to Thomas Archbifhop 
of Tork and his i.nccefIors the Abby of St. German of Seleby, and the 
ChurchofSt. 0/iv^/^at 6/o«ce/?er, in lieu of the Jurifdiftion which the 
foid Archbifhop claim'd over Li«co/», and Z,7»/e^, which the faid Arch- 
bifliop thereupon quitted, for ever. The faid King confirmed all the Li- j,- 
bertie* of this Church, as did alfo Pope Honorius^ who exempted this Arch- 
bilhop from Subjedion toxhitoi Canterhurj. Po^e Alexander granted to j,j 
Tlxmas Archbiihop oiTork the Pallium, to be by him worn on Solemn i\\ 
Occafions. King Hen. \ and IL and Maud the Emprefs, granted Lands, A^ 
Churciics. and Liberties, to the Canons of this Cathedral. Roger Arch- j,^". 
bifliop oi'Tork, built anew the Quire and Vaults under it at St. Peter's, ' 

and the Archiepifcopal Paliace thereunto adjoyningj he aUo built the 
Chappel of the holy Sepulcher adjoyning to the Gate of the faid Pallace, 
and dedicated it in honour of the Virgin Marji and the holy Angels, en- 
dowed it- with eleven Churches.and fettled therein thirteen Minillers,x'/i. 
four Priefls, four Deacons, four Su6-deacons, and one Sacriflan to be 
chief, each Prieft to havre ten Marks /er ^««a««, each Deacon 100 s. and 
each Sub-deacon fix Marks, the reft to the Sacriftan 5 Sewullus who was 117 
confecrated ArchbiQiop of TVr^ in the year 1256. perceiving the Revenue 
of the faid eleven Churches to be very much increafed, caufed Vicars to 
be eftabliflit in the faid Churclies, prefentable by the forefaid Sacriftan 5 
and made Orders for the Government of the faid Minifters or Canoos of the i ^ g. 
Chappel aforefaid; The names of which eleven Churches are. thele, it 9. 
Thorp-Arches, CoUngham, Berdefeye, Otteleye, Caherley, Hoton-Pajnel, Sut- 
ton, Evertony Hayton, Clarehurgh, and Retford, the Vicars of all which he 
caufed to be endow'd, fome with the whole Altarage,others with part,(s'f. 
King FTenry the VI. in the three and thirtieth year of his Reign granted his 140. 
Licenfe to fVilliam then Archbifhop of Tork and others to purdiafe a Houfe 
to be a Colledge, wherein the Chantry Priefts of the Cathedral Church 
might inhabit together, which faid Priefts be incorporated, with LLcenfe to 
purchafe Lands to the value of ten Marks per Annum. The like Letters Pat- 
tents were granted by King Edward. IV. in his firft year, for ereding a ^^' 
Celledge of the faid Chantry Priefts, C Perjones in KyrkofTork^ with U- 
cenfe to the faid Colledge to purchafe Landsjd'c, to the value of 100/. '42* 
fer Annum. Vo^t Innocent confirm'd the Lands, (Se. of this Church, aqd '43' 
the ufe of the Pall to the Archbifliop. Pope Pafchalis, and CalixtMs, ex- 
empted this Archbifhop from Subjeftion to Canterbury. 

William King oi Scotland certified to Pope Alexander that the Church of ''44« 
Scotland was of old times fubjedl to the Church oiTork',znd dcfircd that by 
his Authority it may be made fo again. Pope Honorius Wf it to the King 
of Norway to reftore to Ralf Bifhop of the Orcades confecrated by, and 
Subjeft to the Jurifdi^tion of the .Archbifhop of Torl^^ the PofTclfions 
belonging to the faid Bifhoprick. OIoms King of the Iflcs writ to the ^^S- 
Archbilhop of T«rk at the recommendation of the Abbot of fumes, to 
obtain from him the Confecration of a Bifhop to propagate the Chriljian 
Religion in the Iflcs. Pope Calixtus writ to the Bifhop of G/<j7c(j»v, com- 
manding him to fubrait himfelf to the jurifdiftion of the Archbifhop of 


7^6 Cathedral Churches. Vol. lit 

Tork within thrirty days after the receit of his Letters. Pope Honorius 

writ to the Bifliop eleft of Galleway ( Candida cafa ) to repair to the 

Archbifhop of I'ork as hfe proper Metropohtan, lor Coafecration, ^c. 

14^. Pope Pafchalwnt to all the Bifliops o^ Scotland to fubmit to T^jr/f as their 

147' Metropolitan ; the like did Calixtus and Innocent , which laft writ to 

the Archbifhop of Canterhury, his Legate, to denounce the Bilhop of 

Glafo'-i> excommunicate unlefs he fubmits himfelf to the Archbiihop of 

Tork within three Months, after admonition. Pope Honorins writ to 

the ArchbiHiop ai Canterbury and aW theBiihops oC England, and to King 

Henrj/, that the Archbiihop of Tork may, according to antient Cuftome, 

be permitted to have his Crofs born before him, in all parts of England^ 

and to^Crown the King, in fuch manner as has been ufed. The Bifhop 

J ^8. o[ Galleway made a tormal Aft of Subjeftion and Canonical Obedience 

to this Archbiihop, in like manner as did Durham, and Carlile. 

149: Roger de Mo^vhray,Peter d^ Ros,lViiliam PayMell,the Lord William de Tercy^ 

150, who gave the Church of 7<?/)c///f?, to t^he Fabrick of this Church, ( m 

i^i. return for which the Dean and Chapter proraifed to find a tit Chaplain 

for ever to celebrate in the Chappel of the BleflTed Mary at Topcliffe, 

I p. and to allow him 100 j, yearlyj) "j^ffry pit z Peter Edx\ di EJfex, the 

Abbot and Convent oi Alhemarl, who gave PreJloK, and other "Churches 

i^y in Holdernefs An, iiz8. Nicholas de Stutville who gave Michael de Ha- 

i5'4. tfieljcia. his Native or Villain, and all his progeny 5 Henry Fitz Thomas, 

and others, were Benefadtors to this Church. An Inquifition was taken 

An. Dom. 1x75, ( 4- Edward I. )in which all the Lands and Liberties 

f5'5'. of the Church -of St. Peter, in the City and Suburbs o^Tork, were fet 

forth and expreft, fome of which the Jury then found to have belong'd 

156. to that Church time out of memory.* Walter Gray Archbifliop of Tork 
granted to the Chapter of Ti?r)^ by Deed dated, An. 1141. All his Maitfion 

157. Houfe, and all his Lands, ^c. in Thorp St. Andrew , or Bilhops Thorp, 
with Pfoviflon that the faid Chapter reconvey the Premifles to his Suc- 
ceffors to hold by the Rent of xo marks per An. at the feaft of St. Martin, 

158. ..which twenty marks to be diftributed to poor People on the day of his An- 

niverfary, ^c. The faid Walter in the 33 year of his confecration caufcd 
certain Vicarages to be endow'd in the Churches of Tickh'ill Sec. which 
Churches were appropriated to the Prior and Convent of St. Ofwald of 
Nojlel'j in particular to the fupport of the Vicar of T/c;^/^///, and one aflb- 
ciate Prieft, a Deacon, and Subdeacon there, he' appointed the whole 
Altarage, in which name he fpecifies all Oblations, Tithes and profits of 
the Church of Tickhill, except Tithes of Corn, pulfe, and hay, and the 
Lands belonging to the faid Church, faving a Competent Vianfion to be 
affiga'd to the Vicar, which Tithes of Garbs, and Hay, and the faid Lands, 
fliail remain to the faid Convent of Nojlell, &c. //(rr^(?r/ the Chamberlain, 

159. Brother of King Steven, and Steven and Reginald his Sons were Benefactors 

160. to this Church of St. Peter. King Henry U. granted to Archbifhop 
Walter, and his Suoceffors Free Warren, in their Mannours of Shiriurn, 

161. and Cawood. Aufridus de Chanci, P/tganus de Filers, John Conftable of 
i6z. Chefler, Rohert de Favafour, and others, were alfo Benetaftors. Thomas 
16^. Archbifliop of Ti?r^, before mention'd, dyed at Terk on the O^avesoi'Si. 

Martin, An. Dom. 1 1.00, in great Reputation ; as appears by his Epi- 
tapth enter'd in the Regifier of that Chureh, 
j^.^ There were certain Cuftomes and Orders ufed of old time in this 

Church, asj that upotj the Arohbiftiops firft coming to this Gity after his 


Vol. III. Cdtbgdrat Charcbef, 287 

Confecration, he was to be received in folemn Procedlon, fo aifo when 
he returns at anytime from beyond Sea, &c. Tliat the Bilhop of Durkim 
was to prefent him wiih a rich Cope after his Confecration ^ that every 
Prebendary iliould in liis hfc-time give a Cope value \ol. or alter his ^^S' 
death twenty Marks, and at his death his Palfrey; that the Dean is to be 
inftall'd by the Precentor, ^c. That the Dean is bound to ioed forty 

•jpoor People daily, that he is the greatcfl: in the Church, next The Arch- 
biOiop, and in the Chapter thegreateft of all. An. Dom. izoo. the then 
Dean and Canons did order and ordain, that four Perfons fliould be con- 
flantly refident, W2. the Dean, the Chantor, the Chancellor, and the 
Treafurer, the Archdeacons to refide for three months in a year, other 
Canons tor half a year, the common Profits to be divided among thofe 
only who arercfident, that no Vicar fball be admitted for favour, but only j^^ 
fuch as are worthy and proper for the Service of the Ciiurch, that none 
be promoted but by the Dean and Chapter, and that no Vicar or inte- 

.•rior Minifter be admitted into the Quire unlefs he have a good Voice. 
King Henry the VIII. made and eftabhfht new Statutes by Letters Pa- 
tents, in the time of Edvcard Archbifhop of Tork, whereby reciting that 
they had in this Church an evil Cuflom, long ufed, that every Canon 
Prebendary was bound to fpend in feafting the firft year of his Refidcncy 
one thoufand Marks, or eUe he could not partake of the Emoluments of 
the Place, he abolilhes the faid Cuftom, and all Statutes relating there- 
unto, and Orders that the Statutes relating to the great Refidcncy be * ^7- 
obferved, and that they have their Diftributions and Emoluments on the 
account of Refidency duly paid from the day of their firfl entry on the 
fame; if there be none refiding then all the common Profits of the 

•r Church to go wholly totheXreafury of St. Peter^ That all Canons then 
being in the City o{Tork, as well not refident as refident, be called to 
afTifl: at all Chapters, that to the Chefl wherein the Common-Seal is 

.kept, be three different Locks and Keys-, one to be kept by the Dean, the 
other two by the two Senior Rcfidents, or if there be not at that time 
two Refidentiaries then by the Precentor, and Chancellor, (^c, that all 
Cuftom incouraging Pomp and Prodigality be abolifht, that a divifion of 

•;the Profits be made at the Feall of St Mania according to the Days, Weeks, 
or Months of the Refidentiaries refiding 5 which Canons in the time of 
their Refidency are to be prefent at Vcfpers, Mattins, and high Mafs at kafl, i 6S. 
without juflexcufe, under pain of lofing that days diftribution v/hen ab- 
sent, ©"c. Every Canon Refidentiary to live at a Houfe within the Clofe of 

'•■ the Cathedral, and to have in Benefices at lead ico /• ;>^r A»Knm, That 
the Vicars Choral (hall when every Canon begins liis greater Rcfidence, 

-receive 5 /. and afterwards 61. ijr. 4^ per Annum. That every Canon 
having a Prebend worth 8 /. per Annum, fhall yearly at the Feaft of 
St. Martin contribute and pay into the hands of the Chancellor oi this 

V Church 6 s. 8 d. for the providing of Preachers in the faid Church, which 
Preachers are to be provided on the Rogation-days, Sundays, and other 
days at difcretion, this not to cxcufe the Dean, and Chancellor, or any ^^'9- 
others to preach themfelvesas they are obliged by Statute or CullomjcJ-f. 
Which Letters Pattens bear date 3 June i^-i, H.2,. 

To this Cathedral Church did belong abundance of jewels, VefTelsof 
Gold and Silver, and other Ornaments, rich Vefiments and Books, z/z, 
ten Miters ol great value, among which one fiiiall Miter with Stones lor 
tho BiQiop ol the Boys, or Children ( fro Epifcopo pHirorMwi) one Silvei 


288 Cathedral Churches. Vol. llf, 

1 70. and gilt Paftoral Staff, many Paftoral R-ings, among which one for the 

Bifl.wp of theBojs; Chalices, Vials, Pots, Batons, Cancilefticks, Thuribules, 

'71- Holy Water- Pots, Croffes of Silver, one of which weighed eight pound 

'72- fix ounces, Imagesof Silver and Gold, Relicks in Cafes extreamly rich, 

^ 73- great Bouls of Silver, a Unicorns-Horn, a Table of Silver and gilt with the 

^7-^- Image of the blefled Virgin enamiled thereon, weighing nine pounds 

..eight ounces and a half^feveral GofpellarieSjand Epiftollaries, richly adorn'd 

*75'- 'with Silver, Gold, and precious Stones i Jewells affixt to Shrines and 

•76. Tombs, of alrooft ineftimable value, Altar Cloaths, and hangings very 

^77- rich. Copes of TifTue, Damask, and Velvet, white, red, blew, green, pur. 

*7°- pie, and black, with other Veftments of the fame Colours. Befides this 

^79' there was a great Treafure in the Common Cheft, in Gold Chains, collors 

'^0. of 5 S. ©"c. with Sums of old Gold, and Silver depoilted in the 

years 15 17, 1518, 15 19, and ijao. 


HEREFORD Cathedral 

MllefriJ King o^ the Mercians built and endowed this Church, and 
conftitutedaBiftiop here; this he did as a kind of expiation for 
the death of Et heller t (King oithtEqfl- Angels^ murdered by 0/fa King of 
Mercia, and ) reputed a Saint and Martyr. King Edwart/ the Confeflbr 
granted Liberties to the Priefts of this Church. In the time of the laid 
King Edward, Walter then Biiliop of this Church had one hundred Mafuras 
wanting two Ceach Mafura contains about four Oxgangs of Land J Robert 
Bilhop here ("who fucceeded the other^ found forty Hides of Land be- 
longing to this See, but all wafled. The Canons of /7<?rf/<)r</ held many 
Manners and Lands, ^c. in right of their Church at the time of the 
Conqueft, as appears by Dome/day- Book, a true Copy whereof exprefiing 
the particulars in the feveral Hundreds where they lay, is tranfcribed and 
printed ■''/'.iSxjiSg, 1 84. the whole in the faidBifhoprick amounting to 300 

iSs. Hides of Land. Ralph Bifhop oi Hereford grmtcd to the Dean and Chap. 

I S6. ter of that Church, all his Land of Eamme, then valued at 1 5 / per Anmm, 
which he had lately purchafed of Simon de Clifford, to hold by the fervice 
of one Knights Fee and a half, and the faidDean and Chapter granted to 
him to celebrate the Divine Offices on the day of his Ohit, yearly. The 
Maxinot o{ Hamme, in which the faid Land lay, was given to the Prior 
and Convem oi Crajfewellyhy Walter de Lajcy, and by the Prior and Con- 
vent of Crajfeivell (old and convey'd to Peter de Aquahlama Bifhop of Here- 

187. /or*/ and his Heirs, for the Sum of five hundred Marks; which Peter 
gave the faid Mannor and feveral other good Gifts to the Church oi Here- 
ford. Ring William the Conqueror reflored to this Church divers Man- 
ners unjuflly taken from it by Earl Herald. Ralph Murdac confirmed 
to the Church of St, Marji and St. Et heller t, and to the Canons of the 
firme, the Church of Putky, given thera by William D'evereus his Prc- 


Vol. in. Cathedral Churches. 289 

L A N D A F F Cathedral. 


AHuo Dom. 1 5- (5. Lmcius King of the Britaim, having applied himfelf 
to Pope Elutherius, He and the Chid" of his Kingdom were baptized 
into the Chrillian EleUgion ^ the finccrc Do6trincs of which they pre- 
ferved uncorrupted till the Pelagian Hcrcfic arofe ; to reform and confute 
which, St. Germanus^ and Luptis, being fent for out of Frame, they before 
they went back confecratcd Bilhops in feveral parts of this Ifle, in parti- 
cular they confecrated D«ir/^/«f a holy and great Doftor,an Archbifhop^ 
and appointed for him an Epifcopal Seat, which was by the grant of 
King Mouric, founded at a place called Todum Lartani in honour of 
St. feter, and by that Kingendow'd with all between 7af, and Elei, and by 
Apoftolick Authority with great Ecclefiaftical Priviledges. This Dulri- 
cius founded divers Churches, and fettled Bifliops in the Right fide of iS^*. 
Britain (per dextralem Britanmam) in particular he confecratcd Daniel the City of Bangor. Guordiic oifered ui^ (immofavit) his Virgin 
Daughter DuloH to Dhlricius Archbi[ho\) oiLandaff, whom he confecratcd ^9^- 
a Nun, forever; her Father gave with her divers Lands. /in.Dom.Giz. ii>^- 
St'Dubricius Bi(hop of I. W^/ departed this life, and in the year rno. 
was with great Solemnity tranflated from, the Ific of Enli, to his Church 
of Landaff, at which time and adiion, fome miracul6us Events are faid to 
happen. Vrhan Bifliop of Landaff complained to Pope Calixtus that 
whereas this Church was at its firft erc6fion, the Miflrefs of all tlie 
Churches oiWales, and had once four and twenty Canons, of which there 
remained at that time but two, and the R.evenues ahnoft dcfolate, by the 
Invafion of Laymen and Monks, and alfo of his own Brothers, the Bifliop 
of Hereford, and the Bi(hopof St. Davids^ he therefore prays the faid Pope igz. 
to fuccour him and his Church. 

Idn 1. Britijh King was a great Benefaftor to this Church, in the time 
of^ St.Teliau, Succeflbr to the forefaid D«^/-/cw, Alfo King Murgetud, 19 3- 
and King ^irw/, and one Tutuc, gave to the fame Archbilhop TcHju, divers 
Lands and PofTcffions, as an expiatory psnance for certain Murders. Ring 
Mouric before.mentioned was the Son of King Teudiric, who having fettled ^?4' 
his Kingdom in Peace, refigned the Government to his Son, and himfelf 
became a Hermit; but his Kingdom being afterwards invaded by the 
Saxons, and his Son in great danger of lofing it, he was admonillit by 
an Angel that he (liould leave his Ketirement and head the Army, that 
they would fly at his fight, and that he (hou'd, however, receive a 
wound and die in peace alter three days ; all wliich happened as foretold, 
and he dying in an Iflccall'd inVVelcli Cchni, his laid Son built there an 
Oratory and Cimitery, andgaveall the Territory about it to the Church 
of Land.jff, this was in the time of Oudoctm the third CiOiop of this Sec. 
The faid yj/o/zr/c having by treachery killed Cjnvetn, alter hehadfworn to 
a firm peace with him, before the Relicks of the Saints, was Excom- 
municated, tor redemption of which, and as part of his pcnnancc, lie 
gave to this Church four Towns with their Liberties. King Mor- ^9^- 
cant, and Augullus Kin^ of Brecl{noc, and King Judhail, were Bene 
faftors :, fo was Curvodius upon his having obtained a great Vidtory ,q^ 
over the Saxons. In the time of Biihop Gurvjn, Tender and El^fl igg* 
Kings of Brecknock, fwore a firm and mutual Peace with each 
other , before the Kelicks of the Saints, alter which King Teiulor 
tookoccafion to Kill Elgi/};Cot which Homicide and /Vr/wry being cxcom- 

P p mu- 

290 Cathedral Churches. Vol.IIJ^ 

municate, and upon his Abfolution being Enjoyn'd for Penance, Almes, 
Prayer, and Fafting, he gave in Almes to this Church o^ Landaff divtrs 
Lands and Revenues. Briteon hai/ Son 01 Devon {icnficed ( immolavit _) 
199- to Godj and St. Ddrkius, fix Churches vi^ith all their Liberties and 
Profits, in one day. King Clotri and King Judgvalaun, having fworn a 

200. firm Peace before the holy Gofpells and R.cliques ujwn the Altar, in 
Prefence ofBifhop Berthguin and the Clergy, after U'hich C/o/ri killing 
Judgvalaun, he was lor his homicide and perjury, excomunicated with 
all his Progeny and Kingdom, bythefaid Bifliop and Clergy in a full 
Synod. Afterwards being ablolved and enjoynM Penance, as part of the 
fame he gave divers Lands to this Church of Landaff. Guidnerth having 

201. flain his Brother, was for his homicide and Fratricide, excommunicated by 
Bi(hopO«^(?cf«f ina full Synod, and after three years, having pertorm'd an 
enjoyn'd Pennance into Cornwall the Brittons and thofe of Cotnveal being 
of the fame language and Nation tho' divided in territory ) he was upon 
his great forrow and tears ablolved, after which he gave divers Lands to 

i02. this Church. G«rca« who fucceeded (jaw<3», having lived inceftuoulTy with 
his Mother in Law, was therefore in full Synod excommunicated by 
Biihop Erthgu'm^ and after upon his reformation being abfolved, gave 

203. divers Lands to this Church. King Clitauc Son of Clttguin^ was a Prince 
who governed his Kingdom in Peace and exa£t Ju6tice, and became 
afterwards a Martyr on this account : A young Virgin of quality was in 
love with himfo far as to declare fhe would never marry unlefs to Clitauc, 
whereupon a Nobleman of the Court, whofe Sute (he had refufed, for 
the Kings fake, in revenge murder'd the innocent King in hunting. After 
whofe Murder uthe Bifhop of iW^j^caufed to be built, and confecrated,- 
a Church to his memory, in the place where he was buried near the 

104. River Myngui, &c. Which with divers Lands given ro the fame, was 
afterwards granted to the Bifliops of Laudaff, by Ring Judhail Son of 
Morcant. A Noble man of the fame name , Judhail Son of Edel- 
virth, going with his Wife on a Sunday to hear divine Service at St. 
clitauc s, was fo far prevail'd upon by the Devils ir.Oigation and his 
own lull, as to lie with his Wife in a Meadow on the Bank of Mingui, 
and having perform'd the Aft, and about to withdrav/, he found himfelf 
not able to disjoyn, but was forced to remain in that Pofture infeperable 
from his Wife, whereupon he call'd out to his Attendants, and order'd 
them to repair to the Monument of the Martyr Clitauc.^ and there 
offer in his name that Meadow which he had unjuflly taken from that 
Church, this being done, with promife of amendment of Life, he was again 
feparated from that vexatious Conjundtion. Co«x;«r bought certain Lands 
^^^* of King Fernvail, Son o£ Judhail, for an excellent horfeof the priceofix 
Gows, a Dog that had kill'd Birds, with a Hawk ( cum Ancipitre ) of the 
Price of 3 Cows, and another Horfe of the Price of 3 Cows, which 
Lands fo purchafed he gave to the Bilhops of this Church of Landaff. 
200. Fermhail, Convelin, King Ris Son of Judhail, and abundance of other Kings 
^Qj, and great Men in IVaks, were Benefadors to this Church. King Hovej^ 
being excomunicated by the Bifhop and Synod at Landuff for klWingGai'cuK', 
after a peace fworn, upon his Abfolution gave divers Lands to this Church; 
the like did //i Son of Conhlm, who was excommunicared for kiiJing 
Camauc after a Peace fworn between them. Jgvod Son of Jox'^/having aa 
angry Conteft betwixt his family and the Bifliops, c.ime up to the Church 
Door, and threw (tones into the Churchy and then fied, under an Ana- 


Vol. III. Cathedral Churches. 291 


a 10. 

thema ; for which he afterwards beg'd pardon and gave divers Lands to 
Corenhtro then Bifhop and liis Succellbrs. King Nongut gave Lands for 
violating the Liberties of this Church and committing Sacriledge. 
Jl». Dom. 9j^. Pater being then Birtiop of this Church, fix men of the 
Family of Nongui, broke into a Church in this Diocefs, and there kill'd a 
Deacon before the Altar, who had fled thither for Sanduary, for which 
they were delivered up to the Bifliop, and remain'd imprifon'd fix months 
in Chains, and they were further fentenccd by a Synod that they fhould 
forfeit all their Lands and Subltaace to the Church which they had pro* 
phaned. /^jffer Son of MarcbviJ, having kill'd G'«/dgg«/» by treachery ,gave 
to this Church the Town of Segatt, &c. Brochmail Son of Mouric, gave to 
this Church certain Lands which he had before given to liis Daughter 
whom he made a Nun, but fhe being fcduced from her VoW by Etgar 
Son of Levi had a Son, incefluoufly. Teudur King of Brecknock, King ^.ii. 
GrifuJ, &c. were alfo Benefadors. 

Aft. Dom. g8z. Gucaun Bi[}\o[) of L<i»Jaff was confecrated by the Metro- 2 12. 
politan Dmiflan Archbifhop oiCanterbury, and had his Paftoral Staff given 
him by Edgar the Supream King of the Englijh. At the famctimo, lived 
Edgar King of all Britain, Huvoel da^ and Morgan hen, which two laft were ^ ^ 3* 
fubjed to King Edgar. 

Etgutn King of Guenti having a great conteft with Bledri Bifhop of 
Lartdajf, it went fo far that the Bifhop himfclf was wounded, whereupon 
he fummon'd and afiembled all the Clergy from Taratir in Gui, to Tigui^ 
who in full Synod Anathematized the King, with his whole Family, and 
put his Country under interJicf j but the King feeking abfolution, ob- 
tain'd it, and thereupon give divers Lands to this Church. Mouric Son of 
Hivil, after he had folemnly fworn to a Peace and Frienddiip with Et' 
guitt a Neighbouring King, before Jofeph Bifliop of Landajf, feized upon the 214 
laid Etguin, caft him in Prifon, and put out his eyes, which occafion'd his 
death, for which being curft in a Synod, he afterwards obtain'd abfolution, 
and gave feveral Towns to this Church. King Monric, and Caratanc one 
of his Lords, being under cenfure for violating the Sanftuary of tliis 
Church, obtain'd remtlTion and gave divers Lands, The like happened ^ic 
in the Cafes of C<j/g«^//^««, Ringuallaun, GJjiims, and others, who being 
guilty of like Crimes, made the like Com penfat ions. 

When King William conquer'd England, Hergualdus was Bifhop of 2i5. 
Landiiff, Catguacaun Son of Mouric King of Glatmorcant, Caratoc, and 
RiderchK\v\^so{ other parts oiWales, all which Kings ferved King Wil- 
Ham, and died in his time. 

LITCHFELD Cathedral. 

THIS was formerly call'd the Mercian Church, and firft founded 
in the year 65-7. upon the Converfion of this Province to the 
Clinftian Religion, it was then made a Cathedral, and Ditina the firfl 
BiHiop of the Mercians or middle Englift}, who govern'd here but two years 
and died. To him fuccccded Cellacb, a Scot. After him Trnmhere, and 
after him 7<7rff;a«, both £»5///Z'wfw, but ordain'd Bifliops m Scotland. T» ^*^" 
thefe fuccceded Sc. Cedda, An. Dom.,667. ^'l^o had been before that Bifliop 
of Tork. After whofc death fuccceded Witifrid,and after him Sexwolfwho 
founded the Abby of Peterborough, after whofe death the Province oi Met - 

P P 2 cia 


292 Cathedral Churches. Voi,.'"I|i. 

fit was divided inco two Diocefles O^arLckhii) Litchjfelei znd Lekt^er, tho' 
after a while they were both united again under HesUa Qi'\ho\^ ot^ Ijtchjfeld, 
who died. Am. 721. In the time of Ethelre J iiingoi Mercia. th^ Biihoprick 
ot Litchfield was divided into five Diocelfes, viz. Hereford, fVorc/ier^ 
Liichfe/d, Leictfler, a.nd LiMdi/ej' Affcr this dwifXon Litchjield had five 
fucceili'/e Biihops till che time of Aelulphus who was made Archbifhop of 
LitchfieldhyVovQBadrian,An.j6ic- and a Jurifdiftion given him over 
all Menia and xhQEa/t- Angles , but after him there was no more Arch' 
bidiops. From his time to the Norman Conqueft were fifteen Bi(hops of 
Litchfield, (bon after which the Epifcopal Seat was tranflated from Litch- 
field to Chefler. An. 1075. The fecond Biiliop of Chejhr was Rohert de 
Lyme[t, who An. lops". removed his Seat again, from Che^er to the 
rich Monaftery at Coventry., not long before built, and magnificently en- 
dow'd hy '^■i.xX Leof rick and Godei'a his Wife. To him fucceeded Rohert 
Feche, Roger de Clinton, Walter D.urdent, Richard Peche, and Gerard de 
Puella., all of them fuccefTively Biiliops of Coventry, and mod buried there. 
The following Bifliops were called Bifbops oi Coientrj and Litchfield, whoit 
names are ffi^go de Novznt, who in the year 1 190. difplaced the Monks 
from the Monaflery at Coventry and introduced Secular Canons in their 
ftead(butthe Monks were reflored asjain after fevcn years (Jeffrey de 
Mnjchampe, An. 1 1 99, William de Cornhill, An. 1215'. Akx under de Suvenshy^ 
An. 1124. in whofe tim.e Pope Honorious ordered that one time the 
Eleftion of the Bifliopfliould be made in the Church of Coventry by the 
Convent of Monks there and the Chapter of Litchfield., and the next 
time in the Church of Litchfield by the faid Convent and Chapter. Hugo 
^' de Patcfhull, An. i2/|o. Roger de Wefcham^ An. 1245, Roger de Mejland^ 
Jm. 1256. iValter de Langton^An jz^6. he was a great Benefador to the 
Church of Lz/c/^tVi;^. Roger de N or hurgh, An. iizi. 

Penda King of the Mercians, a Man phanatical and impious (fanaticus 
&impius) alter he had reign'd thirty years was overcome by O/ipy King 
of the Northumhrs, An. 6^6. Which Ofwj becoming King of Mercia, v/as 
the occafion of the Converfion of that Province to the Chriflian Faith, 
and founded the Mercian Church, now call'd Litchfield, and died, An. 670. 
In the City of Litchfield were two Monafteries, one in the Eaff-pan 
where St. Cedda ufed to make his Prayers, and preach to the People, 
which place is fince called Stow, the other was in the ^f^y^ part, and 
dedicated to tlie bleiTed Virgin Mary ^ here the Bifhop made his Seat, his 
Habitation contained fix and thirty foot in length, and twenty eight in 
breadth 5 the Deans Apartment adjoyn'd to that of the Bifhop, and con- 
tained half the Dimeiifions, the Manfions of the Canons contain'd each 
2^2^Q^ half the D^menfi^ohs ofthe Deans. Roger de Clinton the third Bifhop of 
Coventry was the firft Ere£tor cf a Colled^e of Canons at Litchfield, there 
being before that time only five Priefts in that Church ferving at fiye 
Altars. Thefe Canons of Z;/Vf^cW didfometimes refufe to admit (he Bi- 
iliop when chofen and enthonizated at Coventry, the Prior of which place 
22 J had of r^ht the firft Voice in his Eledion. The Prior of Oz/^w/ry and 
his Convent pretended to have the foie and free choice of tlvi Bilhop, but 
King John after a long conteflwich them, over-aw'd them at Nottingham 
to cnok Pf^illiam de Gray \vs Chancellor their Bifhop, and not only fo, 
bat to joyn with the Canons of Litchfield in the Ele£tion. But that Elccti- 
222. on being fee afide as forced, the Prior and Monks only, cholt William 
de Cornhiill, Archdeacon of Huntington j all this was dons in the time 
of a gencrallnterdift- The 

Vol. III. Cathedral Churches. 293 



The Epilcopil Scat was tranflated from Litchfield to Chefier in the time 
of Willi-im the Conqueror, and from chefier to Coventry in the Reign of 
Ring Hettr) the I. Bonifuce Arclibifhop 0; Canterbury recited and confirm'd 
theGrant of /icgffr Bilhopot Coww^r/and Litchjield, whereby, witli the 
Confent of the irior and Convent oFC(3i;(?;//r/ he gnnted and con (inn 'd 
to the Dean, and Chapter, and Church of Litchfield, divers Lands and 
Rents, and alo'ted tiie fame io fuch and I'uch Offices and Duties, and rati- 
fied the Conftirutions of Hugh his Predcceflbr, and granted and cflablifht 
by his Pontifical Authority, that the Churches oi Coventry and Litchfield 
fhould have equal Power in the Elcdion of the Biihop. Which Con- 
firraarion by the Archbiihop oi Canterbury bears date, ^«. /^^/w. 1259. 
King Richard int I granted divers Lands and Franchifts to this Church, 
confirm'd by Pope Honorius- John Ar^ihbifhop oi Canter bury xna\ic and pro- 2.z6. 
vided feveral good Orders and ConlUtutions to be obicrved by the Dean 
and Ciiapter 01 relation to the rcparing the Parifh Churches 
and Chappcls to them belonging, for the Augmentation of the Vicars and 
other Clergymens Profits therein, and for providing Booksand Ornaments 217. 
for the fame, alfo that tfiey be moderate in receiving their Mcrcuaries x:8. 
and Tithes, he having heard great complaints of their rigorous exactions 
that way, &c. Dated, An. Dom. laSo. King John, vv'iile Earl of Moreton, 229. 
was a Benefador to thisChurch whofe grant was confirm'd by his Son 
King//f»/-jthe HI. An. jo. Roqer cdl'd the Amnener gave and confirm'd ^^^ 
to EogerdeMu!e^t iiilhopoi Coventry dittd Litchpeld, a parcel of Land and 
Buildings lying in the PariOi of St. Mary le Stronde v\ ithout London towards 
Wefiminfier^ hi:X.^Qcn the High-way that \GdA&'i<coTa LoKdonioVVifiminJler 
and the 777<^»»eJ•^ to hold to the laid Rcger and his Succeflbrs, by the iij. 
yearly Rent of 3 j. payable at Eufler^ for the purchafe of v.hxh the 
faid Bifhop gave twenty Marks of Silver. Pope Eugenius confirm'd the 
Lands and Poffeilions given to this Church, and ellablifht the Epifcopal 
Seat at Coventry, An. 1 1 5 r. VVilliam Bithop of Coventry gave and confirm'd 231. 
to the Canons of Litchfield the Church of /7c^^, and Chappel of TV^c/ue// 254. 
for their common Provifion in Bread and Beer. Ring 5^ei;^» granted to 235-. 
the Church of St. Cedd^x. Litchjfeld, and VValtcr Bifliop of Coventry and his 
SucccfTors for ever, a Mint tor the Coyning of Mony at Litchfield. King 236. 
Edward the L granted to Ro^er Meulund liilhop of Covei:try and Litchfeld, 
and his SuccelTors, the Forrcft or free Cliafc of Canok in Staffordlhire, 
with the ufuaLLifcerties, to hold in FraKkalmoine.&cc. 

An. Dom. 1397. Thomas dcStretton Dean ot Litchfield and the Chapter ^ -> 7 
of that Cfi'urch, depoiitcd two hundred Marks in a Chefl called the Chefl ^ 
of Grace, to be kept under four feveral Locks and Keys, to be opent d 
and ufed, when the iS'/fwj/^/hasnotfufficientof the ufual Income to fup 
ply the Commons of the Canons Rcfidentiary and Vicars, for fo much 2. 39. 
only as (hall be wanting, the fame to be paid again by 'the Steward to 
the Common Chefl before he pafles his Accounts, ^c. All which was con- 
firm'd and ratified by Richard Bifhop of Coventry and Litchfield. Anno 
Dom.i^ii^ [^<;/.?« Birtiopof Coventry ^nd Litchfield, granted and dcmUld 
to the Chantry Priefls in the Church ot Litchfield ol common Lodging or 139. 
Habit.'ition within the Clofc at Z.i/c/'/ff/ty, to have and to Ijold to them 
and their Succeflbrs for the term of nii cty eight years at tl.e Rent 
of 1 1 d- per Annum payable to the Biihop and his Succeflbrs. There were 
formerly in this Church Icventeen Chantries founded by feveral 


Cathedral Churches, Vol. 1 1 L 

2.40. Jeffrey Bidiop of Coventry and Utchfeld. James Denton Dean, and the 

Chapter of the faid Church, made a Colledion oi all Statutes and Orders 
that had been made in the times of former Bifliops, ahering fome, and 
adding others as there was occafion, and h?-ving out of that Colleftion com- 
piled a body of Statutes, prefented it to Cardinal U^'olfey Archbiflhop of 
Tork Siud Legat</^ Latere, to be confirmed by his Legantine Authority 3- 
In which Statutes are contain'd direftions lor faying the Divine Offices 
and the feveral Canonical hours j The Offices and Duties of the four 
xAi. Principal Perfons in the Church of JLi/c/j/fi/^, viz. The Dean, Precentor, 
241. Treafurer, and Chancellor, alfo ot the Sacriftan, and after what manner 
the feveral Bells are to be toU'd or Rung at the feveral hours and Offices. 
247. Alfo of the Archdeacons, and Succentor j That the Dean is the Head of 
the Chapter, that when he enters or paffes by, all the Clergy ought to 
Hand up &c. The Office and duty of the Vicars, and fecular Clerks 
144. commonly call'd Clerk Ficars ; The manner of inflalling the Canons, all 
245-. whofe ftalls and proper Seats are fetout in a Scheme ; That all Clerks 

246. entring into the Quire, bow firft to the Altar, then to the Biftiop, or in 
hisAbfence to the Dean, with direftions when to fland up, and kneel, 

247. &c. and what habits and collours are to be ufed upon fuch and fuch days; 
That the Dean be continually Refident, that he Celebrates Mais on all 

2^^g_ double Feafts, that he preach on Afh Wednefday and Advent Sunday^ &c. 
That every Canon have a Vicar continually ferving in the Church; That 

■L\9'' °"^ or two of the Canons be Chofen at Michaelmas yearly, to receive and 
diffribute the Common Goods of the Church, and to account for the 

2^0. fame ; The manner of calling and holding the Chapters i That on the 
Feftivalsof St. Cedde^ and theaflumption of the Virgin Mary, the Deaa 
feafl all the Quire, the Canons to be fingly invited eight days before the 

^-j^ timej That from 7rinity Sunday to Chrijlmas Mattinsbe immediately faid 
after Complin, and the feveral Maifes at fuch and fuch hours, &c. That 

251. Mattins and Vefpers, and all the hours be perform'd according to the Sa/if- 

153. hury uk •-, That in cafe any difference fliall happen among the Canons 
it (hall be compofed among themfelves, ifitmaybe, if not, by the Dean 
and Chapter within two Months, if not by them, then by the Bifhop 
within two Months more, if that cannot be, the party injured may be at 

254. Liberty to feek redrefs in Law clfwhereas he fees convenient j That the 
Statutes of this Church be" writ fair in a Book of Parchment, and that to be 

2 5" J. chain'd in fuch place where the Canons, but not others, have accefs to it. 
That no Minifter of this Church lie a night in the Town, without reafo- 
nable Caufe to be approved by the Dean and Chapter ; that no Vicar or 
C^uirifter receive or admit any Woman into his Garden, nnleft in com- 

2.$6. pany of other honeft Women, &c. All which Statutes and Ordinances 
with many mor£, filling twenty one Folio's and a half, were declared and 
eftabliflit by the forefaid Dean and Chapter, and confirm'd by the Bifhop 
in the year 15x6. TheBifliopof l^itchfeld is Cworn to defend the Rights 
and Liberties of this Chucrh to his ability, to obferve the Statutes and 
approved antient Cuflomes ofthelame, and not to alienate the Epifcopal 
Poffeffions. The Dean is fworn to make continual Refidency as is accu- 
flomed, to be faithful to the Church, not to reveal the fecrets of the 
Chapter, to obferve and defend the Statutes, and approved and antient 
Cuflomes, to behave himfelf with humility and Patience, and to excite 
all thofe who are Subjeft to his Government to do the like. Every Ca- 
non is fworn to be obedient to the Dean and Chapter in Canonical Com- 

Vol. III. Cathedral Churches. 297 

mands, to defend the Rights and Liberties of this Church, to obfervc the 
Statutes and antient and approved Cuftomes, to be faithtulto the Church 
and not to reveal the Secrets of the Chapter. Every Vicar is fworn to be 
obedient to the Dean and Chapter, to be faithful, to perform the Day and 
Ni^hc Service according to his rcafonable abihty. The Sergeant is fworn 
to be true to the Church of LitchfeiU, to keep Council, truly to do his 
Office of Sergeantfhip, and when he is fent on Errands to give a true 
Report, 6-0. 

LINCOLN Cathedral. 

PAulinus Archbidiop o^Tork, who converted a great part of the North 
among the reft converted to the Chriftian Religion the Prefeft of 
the City oi Lincoln aWd Bletta, and caufed a Church to be eredted, and 
therein confeciated Honorius Archbiftiop oi Canterhttry^ 

An. I09Z, Bi(hop jRfwi^wi' removed his Epifcopal Seat from Dorche- 
fi(f by Licence ol King Pf/Z/i^Jw the Conqueror to I /»co/», and began to 
build there a fumptnous Church, on the Hill near the Caftle, but Thomas 
then Archbifhop oiTork pretending that Lincoln and all the Province of 
LiaJfey was wi hin his Diocefs, gave forae obftruftion for a while. But 
it was afterwards finilht by King iVilitam II, who caufed it to be dedicated ^^a. 
by two Cardinal Legates, in the prefence ot eight Archbiftiops and fixteen 
Bilhops, and I'ecular Canons to be eftablilht therein. This King William 
Rufus Confirm'd ail the Lands and Revenues which his Father had given 
to this Church, and washimfelfagreat Benefador, he quieted the Difpute 2<)0. 
between the Archbidiop of Tork and the Biftiop of Lincoln^ about Jurif- 
didtion, giving Thomts Archbilhop of Tork fuch fatisfadion to quit his 
Claim for ever, as has been already menrion'd, pag. 151. Y%\ng Henry I. 
gave to this Church among other Lands the Mannowc oi Bichekjivade with 
great Liberties, alfo 2 Fair to be held at their Cafkle of Newark, on St, 
Mary Magdalens day and four days before 5 he alfo granted to Robert 2,61. 
Bifliop oj Lincoln Liberty to make a Pallage through his Caflle Wall, he 
alfo granted to the faid Bifhop and the Canons of this Churck his Vineyard ^'^S* 
at Lincoln and all that belongs to it. He alfo granted them feveral Ghur- ^'^4- 
ches, as Hempingbam^ Derby, Wercheford, to be Prebends, with all the 26). 
Churches of Lincoln within and without the Borough, and Freewarren ^^^' 
in all their Lands in Lif^colnjhire and NoitiKghamJhire. King Henry II. 
granted and confirm'd to Robert Bifliop of Lincoln and his Succelfors the '^^7- 
Houfes that were the Knights Templers in the Parifli of St. Andrew Holburn., 
at London, which the faid Bifhop had purchafed of thofe Knights lor one 
hundred marks, and the yearly Rent of three pieces of Gold ( tres aureos). 
The fame King gave to this Church and Bifliop all the ground from the 
Bale Weftward to the City Wall Eaflward, at Lincoln, to build on; he alfo 268. 
confirm'd the Donations of their other Benefaftors, he alfo compofed a 
difference between the Bifliop of Lincoln, and Robert Abbot of St. Albans 
about the Jurifdiftion over fifteen Churches to the faid Abby belonging. 
Pope Honorius An. 1125-. confirm'd the Revenues given to this Church; 269. 
the likt.' did Pope Innocent, who alfo granted that no Bifhop fhould be ^7^^' 
impofed on this Church of Lincoln without the free tleftion of the Clergy 
and People, An. 1138. King //f»ry III, in the fortieth year ot his Reign 
upon the Petition ot the Dean and dnons of Lincoln for his Licence 




Cathedral Churches. 

Vol. III. 



to remove fome part of the City Wall, that fo they might enlarge 
their Church Eaftvf'ard, iffued out a Writ oi^cd damnum, in order to 
the fame. 

The names of the Deans of Lincoln. 






1137. after Bi- 


Ralf Ramerus. 

Simon Bloet, An. Dom. i 1 00. 

Adelmus, 11 62. 


'jeffry KHling. 

Roher de Rolvefion, 

William de Tornaco^ 

Roger de iVe/cham, 

ihop oi Coventry and Litchfield. 
Henry de Lenington, 1243. sfter 

Bifliop of Lincoln. 
Richard de Gravefend, 1254 

Bilhop of Lincoln. 
Robert de Marijcis, 1 2<^o. 
William de Lenington, 1 2^2. 
.R ichjrd de Mepham, 1273. 
John de Maydenflon izy^. 
Olive Sutton, 1276. after Bifliop of 

l^icholasde Hecham, 1280. 
Vhilip de Willughhy, 1289. 
Gotzefinus de Kyrington, 1305'. 
Raymundas, a Cardinal, 1307. 
Roger de Martival, 1 310. after Bi- 
lhop ot Sarum. 
Henry de Mansfcild, 13x5. 
Anthony Beak, 1328, after Bifliop 

of Norwich. 
John de Nottingham, l 340. 
William de Norwich, 1345. after 
Bifliop oiNorwich. 

Jchn de Offbrd, 1345. 
Simon Brepey, 1348. 
John de Stretley, 1364. 
Johnde Shepy, 1388. 
John Mackworth, 1 4 1 2 . 
Robert Fleming, 1 4 5 1 . 
George Fitzhugh, 1483. 
Jeffry Simion, 1505. 
Themes Wftliy, is'op. afterwards Bi- 
fliop of Lincoln, and Tork^ and 
John Confl able, 15I4. 
George Heneage, 1528. 
JohnTayler, 15' 3 9. after Bifliop of 

Mat hew Parlur, (_ ox Parker ) i^S^' 
aftei' Arch- Bifliop of Canterbury. 
Francis Mallet, i ^ 54' 
JohnWhitgift, 1 5 71. after Bifliop 
of Worcejier, and Archbifhop of 
William Wicham, 15-77. after Bi- 
fliop of Lincoln and Wi*icheJIer. 
RalfGrijjin, 1585-. 
JohnRainold, 1598. 
William Cole, is 99. 
Laurence Staunton, i6of, 
Roger Parlur, 1613. 
Anthony topham, 16x9. 
Michael Hanywood, 1660- 

Anno i5?6. C 28. Henry Vllf. ) An Inventory was made of all the 

Jewels, Veflments, and other Ornaments belonging to the Reveftry of 

of this Church, confiftingin Chalices, in number (ix, one of which was all 

Gold enricht with Pearls and divers precious ff ones in the foot, weighing 

thirty two Onnces, Several rich Feretrums, one of Silver and gilt for the 

Sacrament, weighing 341. ounces, fcveral rich Philatories , Ampuls, 

and Tabernacles with Relicksin them. Rich Images Silver and gi!r, Di- 

Vers Rich Cheffs for Relicks, Fixes, Croffes and Crucifixes Ibrae of Gold 

fome of Chriftial, and fome of Silver and gilt, one of which weighed 

128 Ounces befides the Baes, @c. Divers Rich Candlefficks , among 

which one Pair of extraordinary fize and Workmanfhip was all Gold, 

and weigh'd 450 Ounces, the gift of John Duke of Lancajler Son of 

King^^w. III.FivePair of Cenfors Silver and gilt. Several rich Bafors SiU 

ver and gilr,c^c, Pafloral Scaves,Texts of the Gofpells with Rich Covers, 


Vol. III. Cathedral Churches. 2^7 

CSrifmatories and Ampuls Ibr Oyl Silver and gilr, eight Myters, Che- 278. 
lables and Copes of Cloath of Gold, Sattin, Velvet, imbroidered, rtd, 279. 
white, fumeof Damask, romcfctuith Pearls, of purple and blew, feme 280, 
of which had the Donois names imbroidered t hereon, with Orate pro 281. 
aN7ff/a,^c. of green, ofbl.ick, rich Moifcsof Silver and gilt, Garlands 2.81. 
of Silver and gilr, fet about with precious Stones and Pearls, rich Altar- 28-'. 
deaths of Cloih of Gold and imig'S imbroidered, dv. Kinw Hewr^ Vllf. 284. 
dir.fttd his Letter dated the 6thot'Jii»e in his two and thirtieth year, to 285-. 
Dr. Gioyge Heneage then Archdeacon oiT'iunten, and others, to take down 'if 6. 
a Shrine, and the fuperftitious Jewels, Plate, Copes, &c. in this Carhe- 287. 
dral Church of Lincoln, and to fee the fame fafely and furely to be 
convc}'d to his Jewcl-houfein the r«P(rr. Which Coniinifljon was exe- 
cuted on the nth of Jum 1540. And by force thereof there was 
taken out of thefaid Cathedral in Gold two thoufand fjx hundred and 
twenty one ounces, in filver four thoufand two hundred and eighty five 
ounces, b--fides a number of Pearls, Diamonds, Saphires, Rubies 
Turky, Carbuncles, ev. The Bidiop of Lincoln had a Miter wonder- 
fully thick fet with precious Stones. Here were then two Shrines, one 
of St. Hugh all of Gold, the other of Sr John of DaUerLj all of Silver. 

I.n thefevenih year of King EJw^rrf the VI. another Inventory w:;,s ^gg 
taken of what then remain'd in this Church, which contain'd only three 
Chalices, one Pix, one Ampul, and that was all the Plate, the reft of 
the Treafiire wasinCopes of red, green, blew, black and white, fome 280 
old and deca3'ed, with divers Chefables, Tunicles, and Albes, ^r. Altar- 200 
Cloaths of Diaper met/y good, and five other Cloths of Diaper fore 291! 

!n the fourth and fifth Fh. Ma. An. Dom. 1557. another Inventory 
was made, and there was then in this Church fevtn Chalices Silver 
and gilt, one of which weighed four and thirty ounces, four Pixcs 
with fome few Phials, Crofles, Cenfers, Ampulls, but moft poor, with 
divers Chefables and Copes, red, p u mi e, white, blew, green and black, 205 
and divers Altar-Clorhes, fome of Cloath of Gold, and of Damask im- 297 
broidered with Gold. (Sc, 


5A P A U L's Cathedral, in LOnDOtt- 298. 

At^no Dom. 1 8 J. Dicius Ring of the greater Britain, now call'd 
Ei^gland, obtain d from Pope Ekutherius, two Doftors to be fcnt 
hither to inftruft the K\nz and Kingdom in the Chriflian Faith ; then 
were the Temples of Idols dedicated to the Service of the true God, and 
three Metropolitan Seats placed in the three chief Cities, viz. London, to 
which all the Southern part of England was fubjeft 5 Tork, under whofe 
jurifdiiJWon was all the North o( lli.'ntkr, and Scotland ; and Cehjier., whole 
Jurifdiftion extended over Wales. London continued the chief Epifcopal 
Seat and Primacy, till the coming of St, Jitgtiptt, who in the year 604. 
traUbterr'd the Metropolitan Dignity to Canterbury ; and made McllitMs 
Bifliop of London. To which Aie!lit»s, King Ethelbert gave the Land then 
called /////w^/'j/?'^ for the Support and Maintenance ot his Monaftery of 
St. Paul^ Pop J //e;'/«" granted to Erkenrcald Bifliop of the Monaftery of 
St. Paul in London., that theElcftion of the Bifhopfhould belong folely to 

Q. q the 



Cathedral Churches. Vol. IIL 

the Congregation of that Monaftery. Which Erhstixcald was a Scholler 
to Bilhop MelliUis, and built two Monafteries, one for himfelf at. 
Chrtje^ in SnJJex, the other for his Sifter Edkbargct at Burking in EJfex. 
He was a man of moft exemplary Piety, and alter the death of Bilhop 
300. Ceddc, became Biiliop of Lor,dot7. He died at Bar^iKg 5 after whole 
death his Body was much contefted for, by the Nuns o( Barking , the 
3'^*' Monks o( C/jertfej, and the Citizens of Z,o»^<3», but the latter prevailed, 
and he was buried at Louden, with the Pveputaiion of a Saint. King 
Atheljlan reneu'd and reftored the Liberties of the Monal'iery of St. f j«/ 
201. theDoftor ot the Gefitiles, in Londoft. King Ei^^ar granted to the fame, 
iOZ. divers Lands and Immunities, in the year 867. Other Benefaftors to this 
2 04, Church were King Etkelred, Cmte Ring of Denmark and England, King 
-^Qr^ Edivardtht ConfefTor, King Wdliamihc Conqueror,who confirra'd all their 
Lands and Liberties to be as free as he dtlired his own Soul to be in the 
day of Judgment^ he alfo granted and confirm'd the four and twenty 
Hidesof Land adjoyning tothc City of Z,<j»^o», which King Etheliert 
gave to this Church when he founded it. It appears by Domcfday-Book 
that at the time of theConqueft, the Church o{ StPauh held Lands in 
3°^- the Counties of Middlefex^ EJJex in divers Hundreds there, Hertford, 
1^7- and Surrey. Ah. 1070 A Provincial Council was affembled in the 
Church of St. Puul at London under Lanfrmc Archbifhop of Canterhury^ 
where among other things it was decreed that none ihould marry in his 
own Kindred till the feventh Degree ; That none Ihould buy or fell holy 
Orders, or an Ecclenaftical Office with cure of Souls, which crime St. 
Ve ter firft condemn'd in Siwcf! Magus ; and that no Bilhop or any of the 
Clergy iliould judge in lofsof Lifeor Limb. In thole times it was proved, 
300. and declared, that the Church of 7V;^ ought to be fubjed to that of 
CaKterhry. The forefaid King William granted to Maurice Biihop 
of London the Caftle of Stortford and other Lands with Soc and Sac. 
3°9' In theyeari295. A Vilitation was made in the Treafury of this 

Church, by Ralph de Baudal^^ then Dean, and an Inventory taken con- 
taining divers rich and curious VI orle?, fome all of Gold, Silver Candle- 

310. fticks, Silver Cenfers, rich Croffcs of Silver, and Silver and gilt, twelve 

3 1 1, rich Chalices, fomeof which were all Gold, whereof one weighed five 
and thirty ounces 10 d. weight, divers rich Feretrums, divers rich 

3 1 r. Miters adorned with Pearls and precious Stones, Sandals of Silk imbroi- 
J13. der'd, Paftoral Staves, abundance of Copes, imbroider'd with Images, 
514. and enricht with Gold and Silver, Amiftsfome of Cloath of Gold, divers 
315-. Veftments, Tunicks and Dalmaticks, ^f. Church Books as Pfalters, Anti- 
316. phonaries, Homelies, Martyrolgies, Prcceffionals, Miffals, Manuals, 
5 T/. Graduals, e>v. Epiftolaries, and Gofpellaries, &c. Alfo a Chronicle com- 
319. pofed by Ralph de Diceto, &c. Bauidcl^ins, and other forts of Cloaths 5 
jii. there was alfo an Inventory taken of fuch things as belong'd to the 
322. Chappel of the Charnel-houfe in St. F^z//'j C/»«rc/^j'<ir^; in the Chap- 
314. pel of St. Radegund i at our Ladies Altar in the Nave of the Church j 
Jij. at the Altarof Si.Steven, at that ofSt.Ticw^j the Martyr, oiSt.Sihejier^ 
327. of St. Ce^i/e, of the Apoftles, of St. James, of St. John Baptiji, of the 
JzS. bleffcd Virgin in the new Work, of St. Michael, of St. John the Evange- 
329. liO, of St. Catherine^ oi St. Andrew^ of St. Laurence over-againft the Sa- 
3 30. cri'ity : and in the year 1298. a like Inveritory was taken ot all the Plate, 
l^t. Veitments, and Books belonging to the Church of St. /v«/^ in the Vaults 
332, under St, Pauls, Ralph de Diceto once Dean of St. i'rf»/'s gave to this 


Vol, III. Cathedral Churches, 299 

Cluirch divers Reficks, befide which there were divers others, among 

the Te([ the ClKek'boneoi St. Ethelkrr the Confeffor,, Founder of this 3 5 5. 

Ghurcli,and an Arm ol^ St. Mellitus,bi.c. 

The Bii"hop of Lo»^c/» is, at his firft coming to St. P aid's Cathedral, 334. 
and at his coming fronn beyond Seas, to be received by the Dean arid 
Chcireatthe iVefi-Door, in folemn Proceflion and ringing of Bells, 
at other times with ringing of Bells only. He ought to admi- 
nifter in Perfon on Chrijimas, Eafter, Afcention , and Whitfutidays., 
and on the Fcafis of St. Paul and St. Eiknewald , Ajhmnefday, and 
Corpus Chrifli: He is todifp^fe ofallt'ie Thirty Prebends and Digni- -.^e 
tics of this Church, when void, except the Deanery, but they are to be 
adn:iitted into Pofleflion and inducted by the Dean and Chaprer. The 
Principal Pcrfonsin this Church next the Bifliop.arethc Dean, the titch- 
(jcacons of London^ Ejlfex, Alidd/ejex, and Cokhejier, the Trcafurcr, Pre- 
centor, and Chancellor, The Dean is chofen by the Chapter, and then 
prelentedto, and confirm'd by the Bilhop, and by him alio, or his De- 
puty, inQall'd ; his Office is to refide, to govern over all the Canons, 15(5. 
Priefis, and other Minifters of this Church, to aOemble a Chapter every 
Saturday ; he is to invefl the Canons, the refl: of the Canons Reudentiary 
being prefent 5 and ought to vifit within the Jurifdiftion of the Dean arKl 
Chapter every third year. The Sub-dean is chofen from among the 337, 
petty Canons, his Office is to govern the Q^irc in the abfence oi" the 
Dean. Two others of the petty Canons are to be chofen who are call'd 
Cardinals of the Quire, their Office is to obferve the defaults of all that 
belong to the Quire, and to prefent the fame, ^c The Treafurer's Office 
is to keep the Plate, Veft'ments, Reliclcs,®c. of the Church, under hitn 
is the Sacriftan, who is his Coadiutor^ under the Sacriftan are three a 

Virgers, who ought to fervc in Perfon all three daily; their Office is to ^^ 
open and fhut the Church-Doors :, to ring the Bells at accuftomed hours 5 
to fee that no one be cover'd ; to keep out of the Church inlamous Per- 
fons, efpecially pubhck Whores, Porters carrying burdens throuph the 
Church, importunate Beggars 3 to be fmgle and not married, &c. The 220.' 
Office of the Chantor is to take care of the Song and Singers, to begin the 
Aniiphons.^ffc. His Deputy is calld theSuccenror ; the Chancellor is the 
Scribeof the Church and Chapter, he has thecuflody ofthe Seal, he Pre- 
fidesover the reading part, as the Chantor does over the finging part of the 
Clioire, and he appoints the Mafter of the Grammar-Schoo^ as the 
Chantordoes of the Song School 5 arid the Chancellor hath under him a 
Subfcribe or Re gifler. The Almoner oi' this Church ought to educate 240. 
eight Boys oi honeft Parentage, and caufe them to be inftruded in Song 
and Learning, fo as to be uleful to God's Service in the Choire. Under 
the Dean are thirty Cnnons in the Church of St. Paul inOituted by Pope 
Lucius ihtWl. thefe were of old time Regiilars according to the Rule of 
St. Augufrin, and all conflantly refided, but in procefs of time they be- 
came Seculars, and neglcfted their Refidcncc, to reform which feveral ^"^^^ 
Orders were provided by feveral Biffiops and Deans, out of which Dean 
Collet collefted the S^Ji'cn.'viz- that every Canon at the time of his InQala- 
tinn ffiall fwcar on the Evangclifts to be obedient to the Dean and 
Chapter, to be faithful to the Church of St. Paul, to defend hcrPvio-hts 
and Liberties, to obferve her laudable Cuftoms.&^c Every Canon Jhall 34^' 
diligently obferve the Canonical Hours, and humbly and devoutly per- 
form the Divine Office, ^c A Canon Refidentiary is fo call'd from his 

Q.q 2, dut/ 


500 Cathedral Churches, Vol. III. 

duty to be continually refiding, which he ought folemnly topromifein 

the Chapter before all the Brethren ; if after hjch promife he refides 

in any other Church, he ihall lo(e the profit and advantage of this. Torea 

fide in the Church of Pauls is to be prefent at the Canonical Jiours,, on great 

Feafts at every Oflice.on other days atfome one; the Vicars of this Church 

were formerly thirty in number, every Canon had his Vicar, but in Dean 

^^■^" CWto lime there were but fix, fomeof which were married, they ought 

to cthciate coriflsnirly in the Qiiire day and night, they ought not to be 

Proftors or Attorneys, &c. The Petty, or M\nor Canons, were to be 

Priefts who daily attended the Service of the Qtiire, and faid Maffes at 

the high Alt?r inftead of the Canons, (^c Here were alfo divers other 

Priclfs who had Chantries and celebrated at particular Altars ; but thtfe 

ufcd to alhil in the Quire, efpscially on the greater Feafts, at Mattins, 

5(5, Prime, Mafs, and Vofpers; and they could not beotherweys Beneficed, 

"■ * &c. King PJchard \l. in the two and twentieth year of his Reign, di- 

reded his Leccers to the Bifliop oi London, d,nd Dean and Refidentaries 

( or Stagiarks ) of this Church, commanding that the Relidency in this 

34 (S. Church be for the future obferved according to the form and manner of 

the Church of Salisbury. The Thirty Canons belonging to this Church, 

had each his feveral Prebend, and peculiar Scat in the Quire, and to 

each belonged certain Pfahns to be by him faid daily for tiie living and 

347' dead Benefactors to this Church, which PHilms were writ over his Stall. 

An. Dom. i^iS, John Collet Dean oi St. F<v«/s exhibited certain matters 

to the Cardinal of Tork, Legate a Latere, for the Reformation of the State 

of the Refidentarics, confifting of feveral Heads, relating to the Dean 

34-°* and his authority, the four Refidentiaries, and their Behaviour in the 

349' Quire, d'c. Of the Chapters. That the Refidentaries live near the Church, 

35"°* and that they admit no Women into their Houfes, of the diftributions 

35^* among the Refidentaries, and that the Derm have a double Proportion in 

3^^* all things without fraud;ofdiveriother Officers belonging to this Church, 

S^"?- relating to the Temporalties, as the Receiver General, Chamberlain, 

Steward of the Courts, Auditor of Accounts, ^c, TV^owjj {Archbifliop of 

^^^' Tork and Chancellour of England decreed by confcnt of the Dean and Chap- 

ter, that the number of Refidentiaries fhould not txceed four with their 

Dean, at one time. The State of the Lands of this Church, amounted 

■5 5^' to the Sum o( 1196/. lis. x d. q. per .^ft. befidesCafualties, as Fines, ^c. 

3^ Out of which Sum went yearly in Charges and payments 791 /. 3 j. ^d. 

So that there remain'd 405-/. 7 s. ^d. q. and out of that they Set off for 

Reparations 200/, and lor Cafualties 26 /. 14 i- 4^/. Remainethi/S/. 

1 3 J. If d. q. 

1 ^ -r. The Names of the Thirty Prebendaries of St. Paul's are ^ Toiehal, Wefden^ 

'' ' Hollurtt, Wildeland, Sneating^ Kentistown, Buculnefland , Wdcfdon, tVcn~ 

lakeshyri, Kadington, Portepolc, Cudhigton, Chefivkke, Tvoiford, Brandefwood, 

St. Fancrace, Ealdeland^ Herlellone^ Chaumhcrlengefwoodf Ealdfireet, Oxgate, 

Confu/npta, Bmnneshurj', Neweton, Hoxton, Rugemere^ Ifeldon, Mapelshyri^ 

More, Halyvcell. 

1 To the Patronage of the Dean and Chapter of St. Taul's, belong twen- 
' ty one Churches in the City o'i London. 

In the feventh oi' Edward VI, an Inventory of the Plate and Ornaments 
&c. of this Church was delivered into the Kings Commiffioners at Guild- 
hall, out of which at therequeft of the Dean and Chapter, they left only 
^c8. three Chalices, two pair of Bafins, a Silver Pot^ a Canopy for the King 


Vol. ill. 

Cathedral Churches. 


when he cometh to Pj«/V,two Palls for Funerals, twenty four old Cuflii- 
oni, ©"f. as things of necedary ufe. 

In the year 143a ("9. Henry VfJ John Carpentor, Citizen and Clerk 
of the Coinmunaky of London, Executor of Rid.wd iVh^tingto», late 
Citizjn and Mercer, and often Mayor of the faid City, founded a perpe- 
lual Chantry of one Chaplain to celebrate daily in the Chappel of the 
Bleflcd Mary formerly built over the Charnel Houfe in St. Pa«/'s Church- 
yard, by Roger Bejvene and other Citizens ofLctn/oa, and endow'd tiie 
fame with eight Marks of yearly Rent, (Jsc. y?«. Dom. 1458. An In 
ventory cr Catalogue, Indented, uasmadeby William Say Dean and the 
Chapter of St. Fads of all the Books given by IValter Shirington a 
Canon R-cfidentiary of this Church, and piaced in a neu- Library by him 
ere£bed over thcCloyflcr about the Church -yard call'd Patelon Chirche- 
ha^re. Which Library confifled of many Volums, among which, chro»ica 
Radulpki de Diceto ; PeftilU Radulphi di Dicetofuper Ecdefiafticum,^ hbrum 
S'lpicHiix-, The Works of St. y^«g«/?/w i and otSu Thomas; Vifio Santli 
Eawardi Confejforis ; Z/fta Magn-i Bihlra i, Traclatus Magi ft ri Roberti Grofteft 
in gallico^ di lapju d^ reparatione generis bitmani ; Tratlatus de dccmis per 
Dominum Stephumm quondam Archiepifcopum Cantmr, &c. There were alfo 
divers 01 her Books remaining in theTreafury, An. i486, relating chiefly 
.to the Church Service, among which Fetus Miffale fecHndum ufum St.PauH 5 
^Z/t'um Oidm-jle fecundunt primariam ordinationeiUj ^ antianam, Ecclefia 
S. Pauli Londonietifis, &c. 

The Names of the Bidiops of London. 

Mellitus confccrated by Augujlin 
Archbifliop ofCanterlury^ An.6c^. 
Ceddus, 611. 



















hJua, 1000. 

4>wyny IC44. 


Robert, 1050. 

William., 105 1. 

Hughde Aurevalls. 

Maurkitts, 1077. 

Richard, no8. 


Robert de S/gillo, 1120 

Richard Beumies, 1 1 5 i . 

Gilbert Folioty 11 63. 

Richard^ 1190. 

(Villiam, X 1 9p. 

Eujtachius de Fauketibergh^ 1 1 2 1 : 

Roger le Veir, ixip. 

Fulc Bajfet, 1244. 

Henry de iVergham, 1159. 

Richard Takboth, 1162. 

Henry de Sandivic^ iz6z. 

John de Chi/hull, 1174. 

Richard de Grave/end, 1 2 90. 

Ralph de Baldok, 1305. 

Gilbert de Seagrave^ 1313. 

Richard de Newport, 1 3 1 7« 

Steven de Gravefend, ' 3 1 9- 

Richard de Binteworth, 133?. 

Ralph de Stratford, il^^. 








Cathedral Churches. 

Vol. III. 

Michael Northburgh. ^ 
Simon de Sudbury, i 3^2,. 
Robert Bray broke^ 1381. 
Roger Walden, 1404. 
l<!kholas Bubivith, 1406' 
Richard Clifford, 1407. 
yo^« Kemp, i^zz. 
iVilliam Gray, 1426. 
i?o^er/f FitzHagh, 143 1- 
Robert Gilbert. 
Thomas Kemp, 1449. 
Richard Hill, 1489. 
Thomas Savage, 1^96. 
William fVarham, I'yO^. 
(ViUiam Barnes, i 505. 
Richard Fitz-JatHes, 1^06. 



Cuthbert tunjial, i jxx. 
jFo^« Stoke fly, 1 1) 30. 
Edmund Boner, 1540. 
I^icholas Ridley^ 1 549. 
Edmund Grittdal, 1559. 
Edwin Sandes, 1570. 
John Elmer, i')j6. 
Richard Fletcher, 1594: 
Richard Bancroft, i^()j. 
Richard Viittghan, 1604, 
Thomas Ravis^ 1 607. 
Ge<?/-ge ^^^(?^, 1609. 
jfo^« ^/»g, i6n. 
George Mountaine, i6xi. 
William Laud, 1 6i 8. 
William Juckfoft, 1635. 

The Names of the Deans of St. Fj«/j fince the Conquell. 



Ralph, 1 1 5-0: 

Alard de Burnham. 

Robert de M^atford. 

iiughde Marinis. 

Ralph de Dice to, 1 1 8 3 . 

Martin de Patejhttll. 

Walter de Langford. 

Jeffrey de Lucy, 1137. 

William de S. Marice Ecclefia, 1137. 

Henry de Cornhill, 1145. 

Walter de Salem. 

Robert de Barthotie. 

peter de Neu^ort. 

Richard Talehoth. 

Jeffrey de Feringes, 1x63.- 

"^ohn de ChiJhuUe. 

Hervieus de Borham, 1276. 

Thomas de Ingeleftborpe, 1279. after 

Bifliop oi Recbefter. 
Roger dela Leye, izS/. 
William de Montfort^ 1292. 
Ralph de Baldok, 1297. 
Armld de Catftilupo, i'^oS. after a 

John de Sandak' 

Richard de Newport. 

Fitalis Bafco. 

John de Evert on, 1328, 

Gilbert de Bruera, 1339. 

Richard de Kilmington. 

Thomas Trillek. 

John de Jpelby. 

Thomas Evere. 

Thomas St owe. 

Thomas More. 

Reginald Kentwode. 

Thomas Lyfeus, 144!. 

haurance Bothe, I45<5. 

William Say, 1457. 

Roger Ratcljff, 1468. 

Thomas Wynterhurne, 1471. 

William Worfley. 

Robert Shirburxe. 

John Collet. 

Richard Pace. 

Richard Sampfon. 

John Incent. 

William May. 

John Feckmm, 

Henry Cole. 

Alexander NowelL 

John Overall. 

yalentine Cary. 

The Bance of Death (formerly painted about the Cloyfter of St. Pauls') 
was writ in French by one Machabree, and tranflated into old EngUJh 
Verfe by Dan John oi Lydgate ,^onk of Bury. In this Dance Death leads 
all forts ot People, and firft takes out, andfpeaks to the Pope, then the 


Vol, III. Cathedral Churches, 505' 

Emperor, then the Cardinal, the Kinp, Patriarch, Conflable, Archbifiiop, 3 ($9. 

Baron, Princefs, Bifhop, Efquire, Abbot, Abbefs, Bayly, Aftronomer, 370. 

Bwrgefs, Ginon Secular, Marchant^ Chartreux, Sergeant, Monk, Ufurer, 371. 

Phyfician, the amorous Efquire, the Gentlewoman, the Man of Law, 571. 

Mr. John Rikil, the Parfon, Juror, MinftraL Laborer, Frier Minor, the ^7^. 
young Child, the young Clerk, the Hermite, to all which Death makes 

a ihortaddrefs and they aslhortan anfwer, with the Author's Moral Re- 37^^ 

The Cathedral Church ^/^aUjSbUCP. 


OSw/zw/Bifliop o^ Salisbury^ who fucceedcd on the death of Bilhop 
i-i<?//wa» in the year 1076, built the new Church ztSalishry^ and 
compofed the Book of the Ecclefiaftical Office call'd CotifHetudinarium, 
whicli wasufed, in a manner, throughout all Englatjd, Wales, and Ireland. 
Bi(hopO/w«Ws Deed of Foundation and Endowment of this Church 
bears date. An. Dom. 109 1. ( ^ Willium z.') Kmg Henry the I. King -g 

Henry the If. and King John were Benetaftors to this Church of St. Mary of ^ 
Sarum. King Henry ih^ III. in the eleventh year of his Reign confirm'd 
the tranflationo^ this Church from the Caftle to a lower Scituation, and 
made Mm; Sareihhie a free City, and granted to it all the Liberties which 
the City o\Winchefler enjoys, and granted to the Bifhcps here a yearly 277. 
Fair at New Sareshtry from the Vigil of the AfTumption to the morrow 
after the Odavcs of the faid Feaft, and every Week a Mcrcate on the 
Tuejdaj, &c. 




Vol. lib 


Of Canons Secular. 

A Second ^art of the Third Volum. 

Vid. Vol. 

p. 367- 

BEVERLEYj in ^ti%WXZ- 

[?xowo^so{ Beverley. Vol. i./*. 171. 

of Thomas 20 

Thomas^ Nephew 
Archbifliop oiTork. 
Thurjlims, afterwards Archbi- 
ihop otTork, 
Thomas Motmanmt- 
Thomas Beket. 

7. GalfrUus, Temp. H- 2. 

8. Simon. 

9. Fuko Bajfet. 
Johannes Chejhuh. 
GuUeltMus EloriJenfisyTemp f/.j. 
Johannes Maunfel. 



Petrus de Chefier, 

Haymo de Cbarto. 

Rohert de Albarwik. 

Walter Hi. 

19. GHlielmus de Melton. 





_ Nkhclaus Hugate. 
21. Gnlielmusd^la Mar. Temp. £. 3. 
2Z. Richard de Ravenfar. 
2^. Adam Limhergh. 

24. "Johannes Thoreshy. 

25. Johannes Manjeld. 

z6. GHlielmus Kimvclmarjh. 

27. Rohertus Nevile, Temp. H. 6. 

28. Rohertus Rollejlon. 

29. John Gerningham. 

30. Laurence Boutbe , afterwards 
BiOiop of Durham. 

31. John Bouih^ afterwards Bifliop 
ot Exeter. 

32. He\ry Wehher. 

33. Pttrus Tafiar. 

34. William Potman, 
3 5'. Hugh Trotter. 

57. Thomas Dalhj. 
3 8. Thomas Winter ] 

IN the year 1664. certain Relicks were found in a Leaden Chefl in 
this Churchj with an Infcription which fpoke them to be the Bones 
ot St. John of Beverley therein depofited in the year 1 197. 

King Adelflan in his march againfl Conllmtine King of Scotland, vifited 
i\\ch\c&dJohnzt Beverley., and promiftd, in cafe he obtain'd Viftory, to 
augment the Revenues of this Church, which he did in his return. 
Being in Scotland, he befought God that at the Prayer of St. John of 
Beverley, he would ihew fomefign whereby i\iQ Scots maybe known to 
be of right fub)e£t to England, hereupon the King ftruck a Stone with 
his Sword, near theCaftle of DK«/<ir, and made therein a gafli of an 
Ell long. King /?icW^ the II. in the twelfth year of his Reign, con- 
firm'd to this Church, certain Revenues given by King Atheljlan, in tlie 



Vol. III. Collegiate Churches. 505 

Ea^-rldingoi' To:-kfhire -^ the like had been done before by King fif«ry 
the il. Thomas Arclibiiliop of Tork,, by advice and confent -of the Chapter 
of this Church, made divers Statutes and Orders (or Government of the 
fame ; namely, that there be alw ays nine Canons, a Precentor, a Chan- 5" 
cellor, and a Sacridan, nine Vicars, 6^c. belonging to this Churrh , in 
the number of which Canons, the Archbifliophimfelf is included tor one, 
and hath the chiei and firft Stall in the Choire; that the ProvoQfhip 
Cwhich Oflice is only temporary J) when void, if not fupplied in forty 
days, fliall be collated by the Archbifliop and his Succe(ii;jrs,^c, That 
all befidc the Canons be obHged to continual Refidence; That the Provoft 
for the time being pay to each of the nine Canons the Sum of 10/ per 
A»»ur»,hy quarterly Payments ; to the Precentor 10 A 10 the Chancellor, 
and Sacrillan, aslormerly^ to the Clerks and Virgers 6 s. 8 </ each, and 
to the Parfons 6/- 13 j. 4</. each, and lurther to each of the nine 
Canons and three Officers above-mentioned, two and forty quarters of 
Oats yearly ; to each Vicar 8 /• per Annum, 8cc. That the Provoft makes 
due and punftual Paynicnt of the Sums due to the Minifters of this 
Church at the proper times or within fifteen days after, under piin of five 
Marks to the Fabrick of the Church of fork, and as much to this, ^c. 
Which Statutes bear date in the year 1391. 

rrTr-. • \ 

s u T H w E L L, i« ii^otting^amOJite. . * 

AT the time of Domefday Survey, Thomas then Archbifhop of Tork, 
and the Canons of this Church, held Lands in TorgartonelVapentac, 
valued at 40 /. 15 s. and in BinghamhouWapentac other Lands,amounting in 
value to I ^o s. Turjhm Archbifhop of Tork gave one Prebend to this 
Church, and the tenth of all the Increafe of his Lordfhip of Southwell. 
Pope Alexander x\\t\\\. granted to the Canons of St. Mary of Southwell 
Power to excommunicaicany of their Parifhoners, who fliould be inju- 
rious to them j and that as well the Clerks as Laity of the County of 
Nottingham do repair to this Church in Proceffion, at iVh/tfuntie/e, yearly, 
according to ancient Cuftom, &c. Whofe Bull bears date, Jn. Dom. 1 1 7 1. 
King fJenrji the I. confirmed the Liberties of this Church, and the Lands 
given them by Archl^lliop Turjian. John Archbifhop of Tork, and Rclert , ^ 
!m<?//aw//, were Benefadlors to this Church. Alexander Archbifliop "of i/, 
Tork and Legate, at the Petition of Richard de Che^erfc'ild Canon of the 
Collegiate Church of Suthwelle, in the year 1379. granted his Licenfe for 
the building of a new Houle for the Habitation of the Vicars in the 
Church yard, their eld Houfe being too remote 5 which Houfe was 
afterwards fet out and appointed by the Parifhoners to be erefted in the jr 
Efl/? part of the faid Church- yard. King Henry the VI. in the feven- 
teenth year of his l^eign granted to this Church the Alien Priory of 
Ravendak in Ljnc'ilnfhire, then valued at 1^ I. per Annum. Which with 
other Lands, was alfo granted to ibis Church, by King Edward the IV. j^ 
in the firft year of his Reign. 

Thi*; Collegiate Church being founded anew by King f/enrj VIII. 
Qyeen Elizabeth in the twenty feventh year of her Reign confirm d and cfla- 
blilht cci tun Statutes and Orders for Government of the fame, confiflmg 
of twenty fix Chapters, in which it is provided that Divine Service be 17 

R r per- 



^o6 Collegiate Churches, V ol. lit 

perform'd here as in the Metropolitan Church of fork, thrice every day^ 
and Sermons by the Canons or Prebendaries every Sunday and Holyday ; 

18. that there beat lead fix Vicars Choral, fix tinging Men, and fix Boys; 

19. That the Canons (hall duly refide, and that the Debts of the Colledge be 
paid ; that the Receiver account yearly on the ■^d or ^th. of November 5 

zo. That there beaSacriftan,Virger, Bell-ringer, and Porter, aMalter, and 

zi. Reftorof the Choire, a Matter of the Grammar- Schooh That to make a 

a Chapter there mufl be prefent three Canons at the ieaft j that there be 

zi. a Warden or Clerk of the Fabrick, who is to take care of the Repairs of 

the Church , that the Seal be kept under three Keys remaining with three 

Z3. feveral Prebendaries 5 that there be Divinity Leftures thrice, or at Ieaft 

vtw^ce. a week, and Catechifing on Sundays in the Afternoon; That the 

i4- Chapter conftitute under them a Vicar general, for the Exercife of their 

zy. Ecclefiaftical Jurifdiftion, and a Regifler j Every Canon before his Inftal- 

ment to take an Oath whereby he renounces the Papiftical Worlliip. and 

-.engages to embrace the Doftrine edabUlht by the regal authority, &c. and 

to obferve the Statutes of this Church 5 The Vicars and under Officers 

to be fworn to the fame purpofe. 

[[Valued at 1 6 /. j i. 2 d, per Annum.'} 


5/. M A R T I N S L E G R A N D, w lotlDon. 


Ing William the Conqueror ( confanguimtatis h^reditate Ajtglofum Baji* 
__ _^ k»s ) confirm'd the Lands and Eilate given t0 this Colledge by 
IngelricuSy and 6/rWwi his Brother, the Founders, and further gave to the 
fame all the More-Land without Cr//)/(^^a/e, &c. And treed this Church 
»7. and the Canons here from all difturbance and exa<y:ion of any BiQjop, 
Archdeacen, or their Miniiters, aud from ail Regal Services. And gran- 
red them Soc and Sac, "tol and theam, with all thoie antient Liberties, ^c. in 
the fulleft manner that any Church in England hath. Whofe Charier bears 
date in the year 1068. the Second year of his Reign. Confirm'd by John 
and Peter Cardinals of Rome, and Legates of Pope Alexander. 

St. M A R Y 's ^/ mnmici^ 

HEwr^ Conful, or Earl, of Warwick, gave diversLands to this Church, 
confirm'd and augmented by Earl Roger, his Son. The fame ifo- 
ger granted to the Canons of this Church of St. Mary to have a Dean and 
ip. Chapter, in like manner as the Canons of Londo*^, Lincoln Salisbury^ and 
Tork. Healfointhe year 1123, tranflated the Colledge which was in 
the CaftleofW<inD/c^ to the Church of St. Marj ind' All Saints^ and t y and 
with the Epifcopal authority of Simon Bifliop of iVorcefler, the Canons 
and Clerks were transferr'd thithen The fame Simon coniecrated an Altar 

30. at St. Sepulchers, and a Burial Place there for the Canons only, the fame 

3 1. being calfd the Priory of the Holy Sepukker. To this Collegi <re Church 
the atbremcntion'd Roger Earl ot Warwick gave feverai Churc .ts, among 
others, the Church of the Holy Sepukher at Warwick, and the Parifh 
Church ofGreetham in Rutland i Which Chur-hes being alienated from 
this Colledge 5 thefaid Church of St. Sepulchers being made a Priory 
of Cmons Regular, and Grectham appropriated to the fame, thofe two 
were not in a Poffibility to be refcored, but the other Churches which had 


Vol. ill. Collegiate Churches. 507 

been alienated, fevcn in number, were reftored and reunited to the Col- 
legiate Church of St. Mary 2X Warvpkk , by Decree of WiUiam Bilhop of 55. 
iVorcefter 3 and all the Paiilhoners of the fcveral Cliurches in Warwick 
order'd to repair to the faid Church of St. Marj tor Sacraments and Sacra- 
mentals, and not to bury elfwhere than in the Church-yard of the (ame. 
The faid WHlutr^ Bilhop of IVorcefier decrec'd that the D;an, who is bound 
by this Place to refide, receive 40/. every refiding Canon, twenty marks 
every other Prebend who does not refide but 40 s. only, and every Vicar 
ten marks, per Annum. 

[^Valued at 247 /. i 5 j. ob. per /Innum.l 

WALLINGFO RD, /« '^atfeQjWC^ , . 

TN the tenth year ofEdveard I. Edmund Son of Richard King of the Almains, 
•■■ and Earl oi Cornwall, gave to the Chappel of St. Nicholas in his Caftle 
o? I'Vallif'gford ^'j I. ot yearly Rent, for the maintenance ot fix Chaplains, 
fix Clerks, and four Acolyts or Taber- bearers. To the Dean and Chap- ^5. 
lains of this CoUedge, Edward the Black Prince, King Richard II. and 
King Henry VI. gave other Revenues in augmentation of their Endow- 

^Valued at 1^7 I- 8 s. ob. q. per Annum.'] 

L MSiC ADAH C, in the Diocefs of St. aafltjiDjJ* 35. 

AN. Dom. 1283, Thomas Bilhop of St, Davids, with the Affent of 
King Edward^ and the Chapter of St. Davids, made the Church of 
Langadanc Collegiate, and endow'd the fame with Revenues for the main- 
tenance of tvvency ons Canons under the G wernment of a Precentor, of 
which Canons feven to be Priefts, (even Deacons, and fcven Subdeacons, ^7. 
each Canon to have his Vicar, ^c. 

L A N G E C E S T R E, 7« ^Ae County Palatine ofBvO^WXi. 3S. 

AN. Dom. 128J, Anthony ^\^o^ oi Durham made the Church of 
Langecefire, lying in his Diocefs, and being of his Patronage, a 
Cohcgiate Church for one Dean and feven Prebendaries, the Dean to be 
continually refide nt and to have the Cure of Souls, and to find two 
Chaplains to alfift him therein, and to caufe three Chappels of eafc to be 39. 
fervcd with competent Vlinifters, that the feven Prebendaries have their 
feveral Vicars, that every of them be Hebdomodarius in his turn, to 
order, correft, and govern the Choire. He alfo endow'd the Church 
with divers Revenues, ^c. All which was by confent of this Chapter 
oi Durham, and confirm d by King Edward I. 

Rr 1 AUK- 

3o8 Collegiate Churches. Vol. III. 

A U K L A N D, iK the Bi/hoprkk, of ©Ut^am 

Ao. 'nr^O this Collegiate Church of St. Andrew of Aukfand, the forefaid 

Jj^ Antbnuy Bilhop Durham had been a Benefaftor, and made divers 

Orders for Government of the fame in the year izpi, as that ^the Vicar 

of the Church be a Dean, that the Canons h^ive all Vicarsdaily tooiBci- 

ciate, the five firft Canons, PriefV Vicars, the four next, Deacon- Vicars, 

41. the others, Subdeacons ; that the Divine Offices be fung according to the 
ufe of Tork, or SalishHry, &c. To which Orders Thomas Bilhop ot Durham, 

41. in the year 1418, made (ome alterationsand additions, namely, that e- 
very Prebendary of this Collegiate Church do perfonally refide, and be 
prefent at the daily Offices, or provide a lufficient Vicar to do it for him, 
that the Prieft- Vicars have ten marks /(^z- Aa. the Deacon-vicars feven marks 

43* per An &c. That Mattins benotfaid at Midnight, but in the Morning, 
for the conveniency of the Pariftiioners, &c. 

A^^ C E-S T R. E, in the County Palatine of "J^WXHs^^VH. 

TH E before mention'd Anthony Biihop of Durham, in the yeas ix86- 
perceiving the Parilh of this place to be large, and the Pvevenues 
ot chis Church to be fufficient to maintain many Minifters, made it 
Collegiate; to confift of one Dean and feven Prebends, that the Dean 
have the cure of Souls in the Parifh and be continually rtfident, ^c, 
with other Orders, as he before made in the cafe of Langecefire abovemen- 
4(5. tion'd, mutatis mutandis. That the tenth part of the Portion of every 
non-Refident, be given to the Refidents, and in cafe thtre be no Refi- 
dents, then to the ufe of the Church, or of the Poor. All which was 
confirm'd by KiogEdirardl. 

5^ E L 1 S A B E T H 's, near KainC^CllCC 


Ohn de Pontifaria Bifhop o^ Winchefler, founded this Chappel of St. 

_ Eltzaheth daughter of the King of Hungary, before the Gate of his 

taftleof Wolvefuy, and therein eftabUfht feven Chaplains, of which one 

to be Provoft, and fix Clerks, three of which to be Deacons, and three 

Subdeacons. The Provoft, Chaplains, and Clerks, to be placed and fup- 

ply'd, upon all avoidences, by the Bidiop of IVtnchefter for the time being, 

or his Lieutenant, the Chaplains and Clerks to have their Board from the 

A'T. Provoft; all to live and Dyet together In the fame Houfe, every Chaplain 

to havea little Clerk to ferve him in the Church and in his Chamber, and 

not to be allow 'd any other Servant, that conftantly at day break they 

rife and repair to the Chappel, there fay firft the Mattins of the Blefled 

Virgin with a low voice, and then fing the Mattins of the day, &c. 

that in all the Divine Offices theyobferve ihs Salijbury ufe j that no Wo* 

48. man fliall enter into any part of the Houfe except the Chappel and the 

Hall ; the Provoft and every Chaplain and Clerk to be fworn, at their 

admiftion, to the obfervance of thele Orders, and to perfonal Refidence. 

Which Deed of Foundation bears date in the year 1301, ( 30. Fdwardl.) 

Simon de Farham, and divers others were Benefaftors to this Chappel, and 


Vol. III. Collegiate ihurches, 509 

gav'e Hivers Maniiors, Lands, and Rents to the fame. All confirm'J by 49. 
King Edward \. and U. 

[ValucJ at 112 /• 17 ^. 4 </. ob. perjfinuw.] 

K 1 R K B Y Super Wretheck, i» ICtceftetQjiW. 

RO^<?r Be'er founded a Chantry of one Cuftos and twelve Chaplains, in 
the Chappel of St. Peter adjoyning to his Mannour of Kirkehy, and 
endovv'd the lame with the Advowfonol the Church of Kirkehy^ the Man- 50- 
nour of Boketninfter, and other Lands and Rents, with Warrantry 5 and Sh- 
eave the pDwer of prefenting to the Cuftos or Wardens place, to the Dean 
and Chapter of Lincoln 8cc. Whofe Deed of Foundation bears date in 
the year 13 19 (15. BdwardW. ) 

W E N G H A M, i« ^ZnX. 



PO^z Gregory yi. licenced John Archbilhop o^ Canterbury to eftablilh a 
ProvoU and a Colledge of ten fecular Canons, in the Parifli Church 
of WenghitH, inftead of a Redtor, the faid Provoft to have the Parochial 
cure of Souls; which Colledge being accordingly founded by the faid ^, 
John, he appointed that fix ot ihe faid Canons fliould be Priefts, two Deacons 
and two Subdeacons, and fet out their feveral Prebends, and how the 54. 
Common diftributions (hould be made, ^f, Whofe Deed of Foundation 55. 
bears date, ^». Dom. \x%6- and wasconfirm'dby King£d'b<jr</J. 


Founded by Henry de Blois Bifhop of Pf7«cAi?/?f r for four Priefts, and 
by him endow'd with 13/. per An. of Rent. Veter de Rupilui Bi- 
Ihop oiWinche^er made certain Orders for the Government of the faid four 
Chaplains or Priefts, as that they keep one Deacon to ferve them in the 
Church and at home, that they choofe yearly one of them to be their Pri- 
or, that what ever Chaplain be guilty of Incontinency or other foul crimes, 
he alfo (hall be expell'd, and further granted them, befides their firfl en- 
dowraenr, fifty quarter of Corn, for their Common ufe, and four Load 
of Hay. Whofe Deed bears date, An. Dom. ixz6. 

G L A S E N E Y, /;; Cojnt»a!|. 

Eter Bilhop of Exeter, in the year ii88., made a further Provifion 
_ for the Vicars of this Church , firft founded by his Predeceffor Salter, 
lot thirteen Canons, and as many Vicars. 57* 

[Valued ataoj/. 10;. 6d, ptrAmtm.] 


5 1 o Collegiate Churches. Vol. 1 1 f . 


The Collegiate Church of Ruthin in 3©Cttbig||(|)iCC. 

'Ohn Gray L,*rd of the Cantrcd of Deffencbyt In the Diocefs of Bangor, 
J indituted a Colledgc in the Chappel ot St. Peter at Ruthin, tor at 

c8. lead feven Priefts to celebrate there daily the Divine Offices, one of whom 
tofervein theChappelof the Cadle, and endow'd the fame wuh two 
hundred and fitty acres of Land, with Tithes, and large Commons of 

59. Pafture, and Paunage in his Woods for fixty Hogs, ©"c. to hold in pure 
free, and perpetual Almes, with Warranty. WhofeDeed of Foundation 
bears Date, An. 1310. 

o T E R Y, i« j^elJonOiwe. 

THe Dean and Chapter of Roan, m the year i335( 9. EdmrdlW. ) 
granted, with Licence of the Apoftolick fee, and 1 he King 0} England, 
their M^nnour ofO/frySt. Mary, in the County of P^ww, C^c. to John de 
Grandiffon Biihop of Exeter, and inftead of Warranty they delivered up 
to the faid Bifhop all their Deeds and Writings concerning the fame. King 
, Edr»ard IH. in the eleventh year of his Reign granted his Licence to the 

' faid Bilhop'of fi:ce/fr to ereft a Monaftery or Collegiate Church to confift of 
a certain number oflecular Canons at 0/f/-; St. Mary, either in the Parifh 
Church there or in fome other place, and to endow the fame with the 
Mannour of 0/ery, and to appropriate the Tithes ol the faid Town to the 
fame. Which Colledge was accordingly founded and endow'd by thefaid- 
Bilhop, ^«. 1337, 

CValujsd at 303/. 2s. ^c!.p!rAnmtm3 

The Collegiats Church or Chappd of St. Steven, mt bin the Royal Palace at 

61. D^ednitnaet;. 

THe Chappel of St. Steven in the Pallacc at Wejimmjier was nobly 
finiftit by King Edward III, tho' begun by his Progenitors, which 
King founded therein a Dean and twelve Canons, with as many Vicars, 
..and other Minifters accordingly, and gave them by his Patent, dated in 
the two and t\yentieth year ot his Reign, his great Houfe in Lomhardjiret, 
^2. Jjondon, with fome advowfons, obliging himfelf and Royal Heirs to 
make it up to them a Revenue of 500/. />fr ^«. In the two and thir- 
tieth year of his Reign he gave them a lower in Bokdeslury in London, 
call'd Semes Tour, with the Appurtenances, In the three and fortieth 
<^3- year ofhis Reign he gave them another Houfe in London call'd the Reole, 
with the appurtenances, then valued at 20/. per An. In further aug- 
mentation of the faid Foundation, he granted them all the ground from 
the faid Chappel Northward to the receipt of the Exchequer, between 
' Wefiminfter Hall and the Thames, for making a Cloyder and other neceflary 
Buildings, with free Entrance day and Night at the Gate adjoyning to 
the Kings Bridge, alfo a Chamber within the faid Gate formerly belonging 
to his Clerk of the Kitchin, with the Houfes formerly ufed for Stables of 
War-horfesand other Horks,&c, with a Free Padage to the faid Chappel by 
64. day light thro' the great Hall, and exempted the laid Qean and Canons and aU 


Vol. ill Collegiate Churches, 511 

their Lands from the Payment of any Aydes, or Taxes whatfoever. King 65:. 
Richard II. compleated the full endowment ot this Colledge, by fettUng on 66, 
it divers Mannours and Lands in Kent, <sc. according to the diredion and 
defire of his Grandfather in his Teftament. 

[Valued at io8j /. 10 s. 5 </. per Amum.J 

The Royal Collegiate Chappelin ihs Caflk at W^\K^{\i%^ 67, 


AChappel for eight Canons fecular having been begun in theCaftIc of 
Windsor, King Edward HI. who was baptized chere, finilht and 
compleated the lame, m honour of Almighty God, his glorious Virgin 
Mother, St. George\\\t Martyr, and St. Edmrd the Conieflbr, and clla- 
blilht therein a Cuftos or Prefident to the former eight Onons, and an ^S« 
addition of fifteen Canons more, and four and twenty poor Knights, with 
other Minifters of the faid Chappel, and endo-v'd tiic fime, m the two 
and twentieth year of his Kdgn with divers Churches, and promifed for 
himfelf and Heirs, toencreale the Revenue to the Sum oi 1000/. per ^w. 
Pope Clement the V I. granted power to the Archbifhop of Canterbury^ and 
the Bifliop oi Winchejier, to eftabiilh the faid Canons and Knights by A- 
poftolick authority, and exeniipted the faid Chappel and Codedge and all ^9' 
the members thereunto bclongmgfrom the Jurildiftion of the Archbidiop 
or any other Bifhop or Ecclefiaftical Judg, and that the Cullos ot the (ame 
ftiali have perpetual Jurifdidion over the Members of the faid Colledge, 
paying to the Apoftolick Chamber one Mark Sterling on the feallof St, 
George, yearly. Tlieforefaid ¥k^\ng Edward [\\. granted to this Colledge 70. 
divers Churches, and Revenues among other things, a Rent of one hun- 
dred marks per An payable by the Bailiffs of the Town of Northampton 
out of the Kings Farm of the fud Town. King Henry IV. granted to the yt. 
Cuftos and Canons here a void peice of Ground within this Caftle near the 
great Hall, call'd Wodehawe, for Building Houfes for the Vicars and Cho- 
rifters. King EdivirdW. granted and confirmed to them the Alien Pri- 
ory of OkehHrn with all the Lands and Churches thereunto belonging, 
which had been formerly granted to John Duke of Bedford by King Hch- 
ry IV, late de fu^o (S non de jure. King of England, and afterwards by 
thefaidjo^* Duke of ^f^t/'v/ given to this Collegiate Chappel, ( the faid 
Duke being defirous wholly to abdicate fuch fpiritual Profits, and reftore 
them to their priftine Nature ) which gift was afterwards ratified and con- 
firm'd by Henry V, de fa^o^ vonde jnre^ King o{ England, non ohjiante yx, 
the Statute ot Mortmain and now by the faid King ^^/w^^r^/IV. in the firll 
year of his Reigns Whicli King gave them alfo the Alien Priory oivp- yy, 
havenne with all Rights thereunto belonging, and divers other Lands and 74. 
Revenues, alfo the; Alien Priory of Mvnhnlane in the County oi Hereford, 
he alfo gave them the Cuftody and Advowfon of the Hofpital or Free 
Chappel of St. Anthony in London, and to enjoy the fame with all the 
Eftate thereunto belonging to their own proper ufe when it fhall become 
void by death, refignation or otherways. He alfo gave them the Alien 75-, 
Priories 0^ Br imejjfeld and Charlelon, and divers other Lands in the feven- 
teenth year of his Reign. The faid King Edward IV, in the ninteenth year 7^5. 
year ot his Reign ( reciting the firff Foundation of this Collegiate Chappel 
by King Edward III, and that Henry VI. de fa^o ^ non de jttre King of 
Eifgland, in his Parliajpe(it held at [Vejlmxnfiv in the eighth ye*r ot his 


312 Collegme Churches^ Vol. ill. 

yj. pretended Reign, had paft an A£b whereby hevvill'd and declared that this 

Collcdge lliould bear the name of the Cuftos or Dean, and Canons of 

the free Chappel of St. George within hisCaftle oiWyndefore ) did for the 

future incorporate them by the name of the Dean and Cannons of the 

Free Chappel of St. George uithin the Caflle of Wyndefire, by that name 

to piirchafe, fue, and be fued, ©c. And granted Licenfe to John Duke 

o\^ Suffolk and Elizabeth his Wite to confer the Manour of Leighton-Buz- 

zard and other Revenues on the fame, and alfo his general Licence to all 

other Perfons of this Kingdom of Evgland , to grant Lands, Rents, or 

j3 Advowfons, to the Dean and Canons oi this Chappel to the yearly value 

of5co/ the Stzinttoi Mortn^ain, or any other Statute or Law notwith- 


79- In tlie eighth year of King Richard W. Walter Almaly being then Cuftos 

oo- anlnwntory or Regifter was made of all the Books, Veftments, Relicks 

Chalices, &c. belonging to this Chappel Royal, in which is particular 

mention of divers Miilales, and other Church Books, feveral Volumes of 

gj^ the Decretals, and Canon Law, &c. Veftments of different Colours 

8i.' Qiialices, and Richnefs, Copes, Cofftr?, Crofles, Tabernacles, [mawe/ 

g ' and Relicks, adorn d with Jewels and precious Stones, of extraordinary^ 

g ■ great value, Morfes of Silver and gilt, eight Clialices, of which one of 

Gold and fet with precious Stones, Candied icks, Cenfors, Crofles, and 

Bafons of Silver gilt, ^c Miters fet with precious Stones, a Paftoral Staff, 

^l' &c. A Silver Bell to ring before the Body ol Chrift in the Vifitation of 

^ "*' the Sick. Befides divers Jewels and Relicks in the Treafury , Three 

7' Crowns of Silver and gilt fet with precious Stones one for the Blelled Mary, 

another for her Son_, and the third for St. Edward. • 


R I P P O N Collegiate Church. 

Nno 1331. William ArchbiHiop of Tork finding in his Vifitation at this 
_ Church, thelamealmoftdeftitutc ot Canons Refidentiary, ordered, 

83. with confent of all Parties concern'd, that fuch Canons as are willing to 
refide and do aftually refide, Ihall have the Profits in his Deed fpecified, 
that the Vicars lliall be paid their Stipends out of the common Profits, 
..that every Cannon Refidentiary fiiall refide twelve weeks in the year, 
and that they be prefent at the Canonical hours in this Church, in like 
manner as in his Collegiate Churches of Suthwell, and Beverley. Ring 
He^rji the V. in the fecond year of his Reign, granted that the fix Vi- 
cars belonging to this Church (for whom Henrj Archbifhop of Tork pro- 
pofed to build a Habitation within the Clofe ot the Church, where they 
might eat and deep together^ might choofe among themfelves a Superior 

89, by the name of Procurator, and that the faid Procurator and Vicars, and 
their Succeffors, might have a Common Seal, be capable to purchafe and 
• receive Lands, and by that name to fue and be lued, &c. 
QValued at 35 /. 5 .r. ^ i. per Annum, j 

SIBETHORP, in ^OjfeflliCC. 

THomas de Sihethorp Parfon of the Church of Bekingham, by Licenfe 
of King Edward the ill. (An. Reg loj gave kxteen Mefluages 


Vol. 111. Collegiate Churches, 215 

one Toft, three Bovates, one hundred and feventy Acres of Land, fifty 
Acres of Meadow, and 30 5. of Rent in Sihethorp, &c. to John Cofm 
Cuftos of the Chappel of the h\t&dMary of Sihethorp, for the mainte- 
nance of him and other Chaplains in the faid Chappcl, and Succeflbrs, 
and for the finding of thirty Wax-hghts in the fame, and a Lamp to burn 
before the Crucifix. 

T u X F o R. D, in l^ottiogl^amflbirc. 90. 

KING Edward the I!I. granted his Licenfe to John de Lmgvikrs to 
found a Collcdgc of five Chaplains, of which one to be Cullos, in 
theParfoiu^e houfe of the Church oiTuxford, and to give the Advowfon 
of that Church Cwhich was held i« C^/i/f of the King) to the maintenance 
of the laid five Chaplains there celebrating?, But the faid John not pur- 
fuing liis Foundation in that manner, the faid King, on his Petition, 
granted him a new Licenfe in the one and thirtieth year of his Reign, to 
give the faid Advowfon to the Prior and Canons of Newfled in Shirewode, 
tor their finding five Chaplains, viz. three in the Church of Tusford, and 
two in the Church of the Convent of l>lmjied^ to celebrate lor his 


S U D B U R Y, i» ^UffOlfe* 

KING Edward t\it\\\- in the nine and fortieth year of his Reign^ 
granted his Liccnlc loSimun cUSudhury Biflhop of London^ and John 
his brother, to give and allign a Mcfiuage cail'd Lamherds hnll^ and three 
Shops in the Pan lb of St. Mirv Magdulen Old Fiflj-jireet , London, to the 
Priorefsand Convent oi Nun-Eaton, in exchange fbrthe Advowfon of the 
Church of St. GW^^ olSudhury^ with Power to the faid Bifliop and his 
Brother to found in the faid Church a Colledge to con fi ft o.' certain Chap-^ 
plains, of which one to be Cuftos or Warden. King Richard the II. in the 
third and feventh years of his Reign, granted to this Simon^ then Arch- 
bilhop o'i Cdtiterhury., and John de Chert jey^ Licenfe to endow the fame 
with certain Mannors and Lands. 

(^Valued at 1 22 /. iS ;. 3 d, ftr Annum7\ 

A S T E L E Y, i« m^X^mSiMZ- 91. 

SI R Thomas de Jjieky^ Knt. founded and endowed a Chantry in St. 
Gary's Chappel in the Church of Afteky, for one Warden and three 
other Priefts , and afterwards fupplicated Roger Bifhop of Coventry and 
Litchfield, xhaX it might be made a Colledge to confifl of a Dean and two 
Secular Canons, Priefts 5 and it was accordingly fo made by the faid 
Bilhop 5 and fcveral Orders eflabliflit, vii: that the Dean be fworn to a 
a Peribnal Refidcncc in the fame, that he have for his Habitation the 93.' 
Reftory-houfe of Afieley, that he diftribute to the poor 10 i. yearly^ that 
the Dean find and prcfent totheDiocefan a perpetual Vicar to officiate in 
the faid Church, and that he pay him the Sum of five Marks per 4»"»f> 
quarterly ^ that he find alio a Parilh Chaplain, and a fitting Clark j 

S f that 

gi4 Collegkte Churches. Vol. 111. 

9^. that he celebrate in Perfon on the greater Feafts, and provide Lights, ^c. 
that he pay the Procurations and oinodals of the faid Church ot Aflely, 
and bear all other Charges, except Books and Vchmenti; that every Canon 
find a Vicar, prefcntable, to whom he is to pay five Marks yearly, and one o- 
ther Prieft alfo, unlefs he be willing to refide Inmtelf, and celebrate Ma(s 

^5* dayly in Perfon; that the Dean and Chipter have a common Seal, under the 
the Cufiody of the Dean and three Vicars, ^c. Which Order* were raii- 
lyed under the feverai Seals of the faid BilViop, and Thomas the Founder, 
An. Dom. 1 34 J. 

[Valued at 3 9 /. 10^. 6 i« tcr Annum. 

96. c o T H E R s T o K E, /« il^ojt^amptonHjfre. 

K\ngEdvoard\\\. in the twelfth year ofjiis Reign, granted his Licence 
to 'John Giffurd, Clerk, to give and allign the Mannour oi Cotherftoke 
and divers other Revenues, to a PriEpofit and twelve Chaplains, fecular 
or Religious, for the maintenance of them and two Clerks daily celebrat- 
ing in the faid Church, to hold in fi-ee, pure, and perpetual Almes, dif- 
. charged and quit of all fecular exaftions. 

H E M M I N G B U R G H, /» |^OJfe(l)lCe. 

King Edward III. granted his Licence to the Prior ard Convent of 
D«r/;^w to appropriate the Church of //f»»wi»g^;/rg^, of which they 
had the Advowfon, to their own proper ufe for ever, under condition that 
they find a Monk or fecular Chaplain to celebrate daily in the Church of 
Durham in a place there cali'd the Gakky, for the Soul otKing Edward!. 
and his Anceftors, and two other Monks or (ecular Chaplains to celebrate 
daily, one at the Altar of St. Cuthhert there, and one in this Church of 
Hemmhglurgh, with a certain number of Waxlights, and that they obferve 
the Anmverfary of K. EdwAM in the Q_iire of their Church, yearly,and on 
that day diftribute to one thoufand poor People 1 d. z peice. But this 
never taking efFeft by reafon they could not obtain the Popes Licence and 
. Confirmation for the faid appropriation, King^<f«ryVL in the &th year 
98. of his Reign, granted his Licence to the laid Prior and Convent of £?«/•- 
/;4»«/toere(3:inthisChurchof/i/if»»wiwg^«rg/^a Colledge to confiftofcne 
Prcepofit, three Prebendary-Canons, lix Vicars, and fix Clerks, with o- 
ther Minifl:ers to celebrate, and obferve the Anniverfary abovemention'd, 
the faid King in the Charter of Licence incorporatmg the faid Colledge, 
by the name of the Priepofu or Cuftos , Prebendaries, Vicars , and 
Clerks of the Collegiate Church or Colledge of the BlefTed ^^47 ot Hun- 

[^Valued at 3 6 /.- o s. yd. fer Annunj''^ 

BRUSEYARD, i» ^uffolK 

Founded by Matilda de Lancafier, late Countefs of Vljler, but at that 
timeaNunin the Collegiate Church ot Nuns o^ Campefs, for five 
Chaplains , for whofe Government Wtllim Bilhop of Norwich made in 


Vol. III. Gollegiate C hurcher. 515 

the year i ] 54- the following Orders, viz. that the faid five Priefts fleep 99. 
all in the fame Dormitory, and eat together in the fame Refectory j that 
one ot the five be Cuftosor Mafler, that tbeir habit be all alike and agreea- 
ble to the Canons, that they obferve the Salishury ufe in the Divine Of- 
fices --y That they choofc one of them for Treafurer, whofe Office is to 
take care of all matters relating to the Chappel ; That the Cuftos be 
chofcn by majority of voices, and in cafe he be not chofen in four months 
time, then the Ekflion to be in the Bifhop, that turn 5 that the Cuftos loo- 
beingelefted is to obtain thePriorefs of Catnpejjei Letters of Prefentation 
to the Bifliop, who is thereupon to confirm him in the Office; that there 
be a Cheft with three different Keys in which the Common-Seal and Ac* 
counts are to be kept, ^c. 

A B E El G W I L L Y, in the Diocefs of St. BafalDjEf. 

HEnrf Bifhop of St. Davids, in the year 1531. with the confent of 
the Chapter of this Collegiate Church oi Abergwilly^ made and crea- ' loi. 
ted three Dignities in the farae.wz. the Precentor, Chancellor^ and Treafu- 
rer, and appointed certain Prebends to belong particularly to the faid Of- 
fices, &c. 

CValued at 42 /, fer Annum.'] 

ARUNDEL L, in ©UlTep. 

King Richard II, in the third year of his Reign granted his Licence to 
Richard Earl of AruttdellznA Surrey to found a Ghantry or Coliedge iqi. 
, m tiie Parilh Church of St. Nicholas at Arundel/, without the Walls of 
the Caftle there 5 which was at that time a Priory of Monks of the Order 
of St. Benedid fometimes belonging and Subjed to the Abby of Sees in 
France, and which feldom or never had in it more then one Prior, and 
three or ( at moft ) four Monks, with Licence to the faid Prior and loj. 
Monks to grant and alienate their Priory and all their Lands, c^c. to the 
fame belonging, to the faid Earl, and he to confer the fame on thirteen 
fecularCliapIains, of which one to bccheifand call'd Mafter, therein, to 
be eftabliiht, '&c. 

[Valued at 168 /, yd. ob. per Annum.'] 

St. M I C H A E L S /« Crooked Lane, lOtlDOtt. 


Ti-Iere having been feveral particular Chantries in this Church, foun- 
ded and endow'd with divers Rents by feveral Citizens of London, 
which were by courfe of time Impoverilht, Wdliam de Wulvporth Citizen 
an4 Merchant of London, fupplicated King Richard If. that with the 
Rents belonging to the faid Chantries and other Revenues of his own 
augmentation, he might found there a Coliedge of one Mafter and nine 
Chaplains, to celebrate for ever, for that Ring, the faid Pf/VZ/jw, Marge- 
ret his Wife, and John Lovekyn his late Mafter, (sc. Which King did 
in t he fourth year of his Reign, grant his Licence to the faid William out of 
the fpccial AfTcdion which he had for his Perfon, and in confideration of '^5 

Ss 2 the 

g,t5 Collegiate Churches., Vol. Ill, 

thelaudible Service which he had often done him, to found the Col ledge 

io<. St. MAR Y'S, mar OainC^CftCC- 

Klng RhbardU. in the fixth year of his Reign granted his Licence to 
William Wykeham Bifhop of Winchefter to found a Colledge, Houfe 
or Hall, near Wimhejler., for the honour and glory of God, and the glo- 
rious Virgin Mary his Mother, and therein to eftablifh a Cuftos or War- 
den, and feventy poor Scholars, Students in Grammar. I*7fra. 133. 
[Valued at 628 /. i 5 j. 6 d, pr Annum^ 

P O N T F R A C T, 7« ^OjWw. 

' Ing Richard I \. in the eighth year of his Reign, granted his Licence to 
^ ;^ Robert Knolls Chevalier, and Conjlance his Wife, to found a Colledge 
or Chantry, in Tontfrad: of feven Chaplains, whereof one to be Cuflos, 
J07. and for thirteen poor Peoplej two Clerks, and one or two Servants to at- 
tend the poor. 

[Valued at 182 /. 14 j. y d. per Aunum.'] 



B U N B U R Y, ;« cijcCbirc' 

King RiihardW. inthe tenth year of his Reign, granted his Licence to 
Hugh de Cj/w/ej' Chivalier to found a Chantrey or Colledge of one 
Master and fix other Chaplains in the Church of Bunhnry, with Liberty 
to the fsid Huet: to endow the fame, and the faid Mr. and Canons to 
have ^ Comraon-S«al. 

108. I R T L Y N G B u R G H, in liojt^amptonflbitc 


\x>^ Edward \\\. granted Licence to the Abbot and Convent of Veier- 

hiirgh, and John. Pyel, to ereft a Colledge of fix Canons fecular, of 

which one to be Dean, and four Clerks, in the Parilh Church of St, Pe- 
ter ollztlyfighitrgh., the Right of Prefenting to the faid Canons places to be 
in the Abbot and Convent o^ Peferhrough, and the faid John., by Turns; 
But the faid jpo^w dying before this Foundation was perfefted. King Ri- 
chard II. in the eleventh year of his Reign, for twenty marks paid by 
Jot^n his widow and Executrix,- granted his Licence to compleat the faone, 
[Valued at 64/. 12 s. 10 d. oh. per Annum.'] 
. ^ P 

:::!. {!_"!, .: c l o v e l e y, in BclJonOitte, 

K\v.^ Richard \\. in the eleventh year of his Reign, Licenced William 
' Cary to convert the Parilli Church o{ Cloveky, the Advowfon 
wUereofdid belong to the (aid fVtlliam, into a Collegiate Church, for fe- 

Vol. ill. Collegiate Churches. 917 

ven Chaplains, of which one to be Cuftos or Warden, to found a Col- 
ledgc and Buildings for their Habitation, in the Redory, and to appro- 
priate the faid Advowfon to them. 

R U S H W O R T H, in BojfOlfe- 


KING Richard the W, in the thirteenth year of his Reip:n granted his 
Licenfetofevcral Perfqns to confer the \hnt\or oi^ RiiJhworth,&c. on 
the Mafter or Cuftos of the Colledge oiSt.lohn the Evangelift o{ Rulhworth 
and the Brethren of the fame. An. 1360. Thomas Bifhop of Nornp/tr^Jmade 
feveral Statutes and Ordinances for the Government of this Colledge, late 
founded by the Lord Edtmnd de Go»evill,vh.Thit there be in the faid Col- 
ledge, five Chaplains of which one to be Mafter or Cuftos, that as the 
Revenues increafe the number be increafed, and every new Fellow to 
have at leaft ten Marks, that tl^y all lleep in one Houfe and eat together, 
that the Mafter have the Cure^P the Parilhoners of the Town of Ruflj- 
wortK with direftion for their faying; of their Maffes and Offices, and n2 
that they be all continually refident, (^c. 

[Valued at 85/. \^ s. ob- fer Annum i^ 


The Collegiate Church of St. David's, in ^t\t(bltiW)iW. 

John Duke of lAncaJter, ^nd the Lady Blarttb his Wife, and Adam^i- 
(hop of St. David's conHdering that Priefts were procured out of 
England with great difficulty and charges to officiate in the ancient 
Metropolitan Church of St. David's^ they therefore Founded a Chappel 
orChantry of one Maftersjnd feven Priefts, in the manner of a Colledge, 
onthe N^w/A-fide of the faid Cathedral Church, and built there divers 
Buildings and a Cloyfter for their Habitation, and endow'd the fame 
with the Appropriating to it divers Churches, An. Dom. 1365. Which 
Bilhop made -divers Statutes and Orders for Government of the fame,t;iji. 
that the faid Mafter and Priefts ftiould live together in a Collegiate way ; 
that they ftiould perform the Divine Offices in their Chappel according 
to the Salisbitry ufe, &c. That the laid Mafter and Chaplains fliall affift 
on all Sundays and double Feafts, at High-mafs and Vefpers, in the "4* 
Cathedral Church among the Vicars there 5 that neither the Mafter nor 
any of the Priefts of the faid Chantry go abroad alone, bar with "a C(S!n« 
panion i That the Mafter receive yearly twenty Marks, and each Chap- 
lain ten Marks ^ That the faid Priefts be daily apparrell'd in long 
Garments [vel Gowms^non Cotis curtis) uniefs they ride, or go abroad; ^'J* 
that the faid Mafter and every Prieft may hold jtnother Benefice with 
cure»within the Diocefs of St. David\, but is not bound to refide there ; ^^^ 
That there bs; always two Chorifters remaining in the Houfe under the 
care of the Pra^centor, who is toinftruft them in Grammar learning,, and 117. 
fmging, ^c. Which Orders bear date, An, Dom. 1382. 
[Valued at 106 /. 5 J. 6 d. fer Amum.'] 


9 '8 Collegiate Churches. Vol. III. 



B R A D G A R E, ?« tl.e Diocefs pf CatltetbUtp. 

ING /?/c/7W the II. in the fixteenth year of his Reign, granted 

_ his Licenfe to Robert de Bradgare Clerk, and others, to tound a 

Ojlledge of one Chaplain, and two Clerks Schollers, to celebrate in, the 
Parilli-Ghurch ofBradgare, and to endow the faid Colledge v/ith three 
Mefruages,two hundred Acres of Land, one hundred and fifty Acres of Pa- 
(lure, fixry Acres of Wood,thirteen (hillings and four pence of Rent.and the 

ilS- Rent of eight Hens, and half a pound of Pepper. An. Dom 1398. the 
isixd Roiert mzdc divers Orders for the Government of this Colledge, wj. 
that the faid Chaplain and his SuccefTors fhall continually refide in the 
Colledge except only thefpace of one month, containing thirty two days; 
that the faid Chaplain and his Succeffors fhall maintain at their own 
Charge one Servant to ferve them daily at Mafs, and in other Offices^ 
that the Chaplain Ihall not procure to himfelf any other Benefice or Office 
whereby his perfonal Rcfidenee here mj^ be hinder'd 3 that the Chap- 
Jain and Clerks be Natives of the Diocefs o^ Canterbury^ and of the Con- 
fanguinity or affinity of the faid Rdert j that no Chaplain be admitted 
unlefs he can read," conftrue, and fing well, nor any Clerk unlefs 

116. he can read well, and fing indifferently; that the two Clerks 
5choIlers remain Fellows of the Colledge till their Age of twenty five 

X30. years and no longer ; that the faid Chaplain and Schollers and their Suc- 
cefTors (hall have a Common Lawyer in conftantFee, one of the Council 
of the Archbifhop of C an terlurji for the timQ being, to whom they (hall 

p L E C Y, in cgiTeyc. 

■J.7-ING Richard the IL in the feventeenth year of his Reign granted 
Jlv his Licenfe to his dear \lnc\e Thomas Duke of Gloce/Ier to found 
andeflablifh in the Parifh Church of Plecy a Colledge of nine Chaplains 
one of which to be Mailer and Cuflos, and of two Clerks, and two 
Choriftcrs, »on ohflante, Sec. And to endow the fame with divers 
^ 3 • Lands, Cs'c. 

[Valued at 1 3p/. Is. 10 J, per Aumm.'] 

M A Y D E N S T O N E, i» l^cnt 

■?*"' • rTTTNG Richard the IL in the nineteenth year of hi:^ Reign granted 
■■■^ his L'lcenieto If'illiam deCourtftey Archhifho^ of Canterbury and Le- 
gate, his dear Kinfraan, to convert the Parifli-Church of the bkikcf Mary 
of Maidenflone into a Colledge of one MaRer or Cuflos, and as many 
Fellows, Chaplains, and other Minillers as he fhould think expedient, and 
to endow the fame with Lands and Churches, in particular with the 
Hoipital of St. Peter and St. Pad of Maidenjlone, with a!] the Lands there - 
uoto belonging, &c. 

[Valued at 159 /. 7 ^. 10 d, per Ammm.] 


Vol. 111. Collegiate Churches, 5 ,p 

KI N G Richard the 11. in the nineteenth year of his Reign granted i t, ',. 
further to K^'/I/htn de IVjlieham Bi(bop of Wi}iche[tcr, whereas by his 
i-icenfe he had founded a Colledge ol one Cuflos, and ieventy Schollars 
learning Grammar, comtnonly cali'd Saynt Mary Ccilegge of PVymhesfie, 
and endowed the lame with FoQellions tor the Mainteria'ce oi the laid 
Cmlos and Schoilars, and ten perpetual Chaplains, three other Chaplains, 
and three C'erks, he nowalfo freed and acquitted the ii-id Colledge and 1^4 
ail their Tenenrs tor ever, from all Toll, Geld, Scutage, &'c. and from 
all Taxes and Exaiftions whacfoever, and that the faid Colledge fhall never 135. 
be; obliged to grant ?.ny Pcnfions, Corrcdies, or any maintenance to any 
one, at the demand or command oi the K ng (.r his Heirs. And King 
Edward the IV, in the firft year of his Reign, ratified and confirmed to this 
Colledge Che alien Priory oi^»</(fi'fr in tlie County o{ Southampton, and 
all Landi, &'c. to the fame bclongmg, to hold in tree, pure, and pcrpe- 136. 
tuai Alms, notw ithftandmg the statute of Mortmain, or that the laid 
Friory was of the Foundation of the Kings Progenitors, or that the Lands 
were given by them tor the fuppcrt of Chantries, Hofpitality, or other 
works of Piety, there, or that exprtfs mention is not made of the true 
value of the lame in this prefent grant, or any other Statute, Aft, Law, 
or Keftriftion to the contrafy whatfoever. 

BOLTON, /« ^OjKOlWe. ij;. 

TTING Richard xhtW. in the twentieth year of his Reign, granted 
■*-^ his Licenfe to Richard le Scrope Chivalier, to found a Chantry of 
fix Chaplains, of which one to be Cuftos, in hisCaftle of Bolton^ and to 
endow the fame with a yearly Rent of 45 /. 6s.%d. Alfo to give to the 
Abbot and Convent of St. Agatha in Torkfhire^ the yearly Rent of 106 /. 
1 3 J. ^d tor the fupporr ot fix Cnanuns-Chaplains to celebrate for 
him in the faid Abby, and for tiie finding and maintenance of two ancl 
twenty poor men in the faid Abby forever to pray forhimj&'i 


W E N S L A W, in ^OJfeflbft e. 

ly^NG Richard t\it\\. in the twenty fecond year of his Reign licenfed 
J\?the before- mentioned Richard le Srrope de Bolton, to er eft the Pari (h q 

Church of the Holy Trinity at tVen/law^ being of his Patronage, into a ^ ' 
Colledge, to confifl of one Mafter or Cullos, and as many Fellow- 
Chaplains and other Miniftersashe fliould think fit, and to endow the 
fame with Lands and Revenues to the value of 1 50 /. vi'hich yearly Sum 
he had formerly granted to the Abbot and Convent of St. Agatha in Tork- 
/hire, for the finding of ten Canons above their own number, and two 
Secular Chaplains, with two and twenty poor men, but they had releafed 
his Grant 


^20 Collegiate Churches . Vol. Ill, 

IT'ING Henry IV. in the firft year of his Reign, reciting, that Henry 
•**' Duke o{ Lancafler his Grandfather, had begun the Foundation of a 
Col{egiate-ChurchatLc/cey?cT j in honour of the Annunciation oftheblef- 
fed Mary, and certain Buildings for the Habitation of Canons, and Clerks 
and infirm People there dwelling, and that John Duke ot Lancajier, his 
Father, did defiretc com pleat t fie fame, he approving their pious Inten- 
tions, afligned John de Byngham, and others, to provide Ma fons, Carpen- 
ters, and other Workmen to the number of four and twenty, and to pro- 
vide Timber and Stone for carrying on and finilhing the Work, com- 
manding all Mayors, BaylifTs, &c. to be aiding and aflifting. 
/nfra ^. 140. 

L E D B U R Y, /« l^ZUfOiWtt. 


ING Henry the W. in the fecond year of his Reign, licenfed 
^ ^ Joijft Bifhop of Hereford to found a Colledge in the Parifh Church 
140. ^^ Ledhury for nine Chaplains, of which one to be Malier or Cuftos, 
and they to have a Common Seal, be capable of purchafing and re- 
ceiving Lands, of fuing and being fued, ^c. 

IN the eighteenth year of King Henry the Vf. Henry Cardinal of 
England &'i{hop o[ Winchefler, Henry Archbifhop ot Cante-lury^ and 
J>ir Walter HungerfordYknt. feoffees o{ Henry late King of England of cer- 
tain Lands in the Dutchy of Lrt«wy?f r, granted and fettled upon tfie Dean 
and Canons of the Collegiate Church of the bleffed Mary at Lekefler, a 
141. Rent Charge of one hundred Marks per Annum arifing out of 
divers TowDs in Darhy(hire ^ and payable at Mkbaelntas and Eader. 
[Valued at 595/. ys. /^d. per Annumi] 


N O R T H - Y E V E L, in TSeOfOJtQjice 

'\n^Henry IV. in the fixth year of his Reign, granted hisLiceme to 
^__ ^ Gerard BraybrokC\m^\ex, and others \.o ^wrdnsXe o^ John VVateryng 
Liierk, and others, the Advowfon of the Parifti Church of Nortb-Tevell^ 
and to ereft and change the fame into a Colledge to confift of one Marter 
or Curtos, and as many Fellow- Chaplains, and other Minifters, as ihey 
Itiall think expedient and to endow the fame by appropriating thereunto 
the faid Church of N<?r/i&-7fw//, and that the faid Mafter and Chaplains, 
141. may out of the faid Appropriation grant a penfion of five marks yearly, to 
a Chaplain celebrating for the Dead in the Chappel of the Mannour of 
^ye'm the County o'l Cambridge. 

([Valued at 6i /. 5 j. 8 </. ob. fer Anmm2 


VoE. in. Collegiate Churches, 92 

A TT I L B U a G H, in BOjfOlfe. 

Kfng Henry IV. in the yth. year of his Reign, for loo. Marks granted his 
Licence to //f»ry Ptfi-^fw^^w Senior, znA Simon Parfon of the Church 
ot Scultone to found a Cbantry in the Pariih Church of Attilhnrgh in honour 
of the Exaltation of the Holy Crofs, to confifi: of five Chaplains,one of which 
to be Cuftos or Mafter 5 and to endow the fame, among other things, with 
the Church of great Elyngham to be appropriated to the faid Colledg,provid- 
ed that a Vicar of the (aid Church be fufhciencly endow'd.and acompstcnt 
Sum of' mony be appointed by the Ordinary of the Place to be diftributcd 
to the Poor of the (aid Parifli, according to the Statute, 15 R. z. c. 6. 
[Valued at zi U 16 s. 5^, per Annum ^ 

S T A Y N E D R O P E, in the County Palatin <?/BUt^am. 

T/7ow«Bifliop o{D/4rl>jm,\n the third year of his Pontificate, granted 
his Licence to Ralf deNevillEatl of Ifeftmerland, to found a Col- 
ledge of one Mafter or Cuftos,and certain other Chaplains continually to re- 
fide, and lor certain poor Gentlemen, and otheopoor People in the Town 
o^Staynedrope in his Liberty oi Durhdm--iZXidi to endow the fame with the Ad- 
vowfon of the Qhnrchoi Staynedrope^ which was held of him in CapHc-y j ,, 
with Licence to the faid Mafter or Guftos, and Chaplains to receive the 
fame, the Statute of Mortm.iin non obffante, and by the fame Grant incor- 
porated the faid Colledge, making the faid IVlafler and Chaplains, &c. 
capable of purchafing and receiving LandSjtofue and be fued, and Granted 
them a Common-Seal. Dated at Durham in the third year of iiis Pontificate. 
[Valued at X26 L ^ s. 10 d. per Annum.'] 

TONGE, in e^l^lOpfbitZ- 

King Henry IV. in the twelfth year of his Reign, for the Sum of 40/. 
paid into the Hanaper, granted his Licence to Ifakl Widow of Futk de 
Pf«^r/sf^geChivaler, and others, to purchafc of the Abbot and Convent of 
the Abby ofSalop^ the Advowfon of the Church of St. Bartholomew Zit 
Tonge^ and to ereft and change the fame into a Colledge of five Chaplains, j .^ 
of which one to be Guflos, and to endow the fame with Lands and 
Churches , for the Maintenance of the fiid Cuflos and Chaplains , 
and thirteen p^or People, more or Icfs, whom he incorporated, &c. 
Settling the Patronage of the faid Colledge on Richard de Penlritgge in 
fpecial tail, with divers remainders over. King f:/f«ry V. in the third j.- 
year of his Reign, fetting forth that by an Ad made in tlie Parliament 
late held at Leicejier^ all the alien P-riories were given to him and his Heirs, 
granted to the Cuftos and Chaplains of this Colledge the Priory o^ Lap- 
/>tf/(ry, and all the Revenues thereunto appurtaining, being heretofore part j.^^ 
of the Poffeffions of the Abby of St. Remigius at Reymys in Champejne, 
Provided that the Vicarage of the Church oiLappeley be fuificiently cn- 
dow'd, and a competent Sum allow'd to the Poor of the Pariih, according 
to the Statute. Tlie forefaid Ifahel and others who were Founders of 
this Colledge, made divers orders for Government of tlie fame , among 
others, that none of the Chaplains be capable of holding any other Ecc'e- 
fiaftical Benefice, except only the Cuftos, who may; that jhere be tvvo 

T t Clerks 

g22 Collegiate Churches, Vol, III„ 

Clerks, of the firft Tonfure, to affift in the Divine Offices 5 that 'theife 
be thirteen poor People ^ that the Mafter or Cuftos be chofen out of the 

148. number of the Chaplains, by the reft 5 if they do not choofe in fifteen 
days, then he is to be appointed, for that turn, by the Patron, if he 
neglects for four Months, then by the Biihop of the Diocefs, and if he 
neglefts for one Month, then by the Chapter of Litchfield, if they neg- 

149. led for fifteen days, then by the Archbifhop of Canterbury 5 The Cuftos 
on hisadmiiiion to be fvvorn to a faithful Adnminiftration of his Office, 
and to obferve the Statutes, ev cry Chaplain to be fwornto be obedient to 

150- the Cuftos, &c. That the Cuftos be Confeflbr to the other Chaplains 
and that every of them be obliged to confels to him at leaft once a 

151. year; That the Sub-Cuftos govern in the abfence of the Cuftos, and 
take care of the Affairs of the Chappel; that the Cuftos ffiall not be 
Non-refident above two months in a year, nor any Chaplain above one ; 

151. that the Cuftos fliall appoint one of the Chaplains to have the Cure 
of the Parifli, who ftiall be call'd the Parochial Chaplain, and another of 
the Chaplains to teach the Clerks aud Minifters of the CoUedge, and alfo 
the poor Children of the Town, and other Neighbouring Towns, in 
Reading, Singing, and Grammar, for which he fhall receive half a Mark 
fer AnKfim j That Mattincs fhall begin foon after day, and that it be cele- 
brated according to the Salishury ufe, with diredions for the feveral 

J - Maffes 5 that after Vefpers and Complin they fhall fay the Antiphon Salve 
^ ' Regina, or fomc other Antiphon of the blefled Mary, according to the time ; 

15^. That every Brother ffiall forbear as much as he can to bring in any 

i^j. Stranger, but rarely or never any Woman, ^c. that no Prieft or Clerk 
fhall ufe Hunting, or Hawking, or keeping a hunting Dog in theColIedge; 
That the Mafters Sallary fliall be ten Marks pr Anmm^ Every Chaplains 
four Marks per Annum, The Parochia; Chaplain, and the Steward to 
have half a mark each^ more than their Sallary yearly, and each of the 
poor Men one Mark fer A«num, befides their Habitation ; That the 

156. Colledge fhall have a Seal, with this Circumfcription 5/gi//»w commune 
S. Bartholom£i Apoftoli de Tonge^ which Seal to be kept in a Cheft under 
two different Locks, and in the fame Cheft the Charters, Indentures, and 
Muniments of the Colledge ; that the Cuftos and Priefts fhall not grant any 

157. Corrodies or Penfions 5 That if any of the Brethren become guilty of 
fuch a Crime as renders him irregular as homicide, ^c. he fhall no longer 
adminifter in his order, but Ihall be expell'd j 11 it be fuch a Crime, as 
after penance he may continue to minifter in his Order, as Adultery, 
falfe Witnefs, Sacriledge, Theft, &c. he may alter penance, be tollerated 
in his Office and Order, cnaking Oath that for the futAre he will never 
be guilty of the like Grime again ; if he be guilty of a lefter Crime, as 
fimple Fornication, Difobedience, Drunkennefs or the like, being twice 
admoniflitby the Cuftos, upon the third offence he fhall be expell'd the 
Houfe as incorrigible, &c. Which Statutes and Orders bear date Ani^ 

I j8. Dom» 1410. (11. H. 4O And were confirm'd by 'John Bifhop ofGoventry 
and Litchfield, An. Dom. 1411. 

[Valued at Z2 /. 8 j; I «/, p?r Annuml 


•*VoL. III. Collegiate Churchef. 3^5 

• F o D R I N G H E Y, i« J^ojt^amptonOJwc. 

K( N G He>irj the IV. in the thirteenth year of his Reign, together 
with Edward Duke of fork, founded a Colledge of one Mailer, 
twelve Chaplains, eight Clerks, and thirteen Choriflers, upon fix Acres 
of Lanciin the Lordihip of tlie faid f ^wW DnkQO^Tork zt Fodringhey^ 
and the faid King incorporated them by the name of the Mafter and Col- 159. 
ledge of the blefled Mary and ^// Saints o{ Fodrhghe}', &c. and granted to 
them the Profits of the Alien Priories of Neivenf, and Anehury, during his 
Wars wiih France, &cc And exempted and dilchaigcd tl":ii Colledge trom 160. 
all Tolls and Taxes of what nature foever, as well for their Goods as 
Lands, given by the faid King or any other Benefaftors, and granted i(>^- 
them Frankpledge t Felons Goods, ©"c. with abundance of Royal Liberties 
and Franchifes. King Henry the V. in the third year of his Reign, ' ^^* 
granted to his beloved Coufin Edward Duke of Tork liberty to enteoff 
Henry Bilhop oiWincheJler, Thomas Bifliop of Durham, Sir Walter Hunger- 
ford, Knt. Roger Flore ot Okham, and others, with his Caltle, Mannor, 
and Town ol Fodringhay, and feveral other Mannors and Lordllups which 
he held of that King inCapite, for the carrying on and compleating the 
Buildings and Charges of this Colledge. William Honvod o[ Fodringhay 
Indented with William Wolflon Efquire, and Thomas Peckhtm Clerk, Com- 
.miliioners for the Dnke oi Tork, to makeup anew Body of the Church 
joyningto the Quire of the Colledge o[ Fodringhey ^ of the fame heighth 
and breadth with the faid Q aire, to be fourfcore foot in lengthy ©V. A 167, 
Porch on the South fide twelve foot, in length, another Porch on the 
SoHth-fide adjoyning to the Cloyfter, and in the PFefl-end of the faid 
Body a Steeple fourfcore foot in higth fr-om the Ground Table Stone 
twenty footfquare within the Walls, and the Walls fix ioot thick, the 
Duke to find Carriage and Stuff, for which well and duly to be made, the 1(^4. 
faid Horwode to have po /. Sterling ; which Indenture bears date ii H.6. 
^ Valued at 1 9 /. 11 s. 1 o </. ob. fer Anmin?^ 

S T O K E . C L A a E, i« Suffolk. 

" I ^ I S being formerly a Priory of Benediilines^ was by Edmund 
\ Earl of March, by whofe Anceltors it was founded, changed into 
a Collegiate Church of a Dean and Secular Canons, which change was 
ratified by the Papal Authority oijohn the XXIII. and Martin V. 

Thomas Barneflay Dean of the Collegiate Church of Stoke juxta CUre, 1 65, 
by the Authority and Command of Edmund Mortimer Earl of March and 
Z>llltr, zndLordoi Wigmore md Clare, firfl Founder and Patron of the 
faid Colledge, made feveral Statutes and Ordinances for Government of 
the fame, viz. That there be always one Dean and fix Secular Canons, 
that every Canon rcfide full two and thirty weeks in the year, or other! 
wife he fhall receive but 40 J. for his Prebend that year in which he has 
not fo refided ; that neither the Dean nor any Canon lie in Bed in the 166. 
Morning longer than fix a Cfock, or half an hour pad 5 that there be in 
the fiid Colledge eight Vicars fworn to continual Refidence, and two ^'^'"■ 
greater Clerks, alfo five Chorifts or honell Boys tofing andferve in the 

T t 7, Q,iire 

5 24 Collegiate Gbulrche^, Vol. YIV 

• Qiiire ; that theChorifts have ^v^ Mzrks per Annum each; that there 
be two infer iour Clerks who are to take care of t!ie VeOry, and ringing 
the Bells, that they ring to Mattinsat five and go at fix» to high Mai's at 
eleven, and that they ring to Vefpers fo that they may be ended about 
five in the Afternoon ; That no Canon who cannot fpend 40 /. per 
1(58. Annum, and no Vicar nor Clerk fiiall ufe hunting, nor any of them 
keep any Hounds in the Colledge, except the Dean, who may keep four; 
that no Canon or Clerk (hall wear any Arms in the faid Colledge, under 
the penalty of forfeiting the faid Arms for the firft offence, and of twenty 
fhillings for the fecond 5 that none of the Canons, Vicars, or Clerks 
(hall be married, or fufpefted of having any fcandalous communication 

169. with Women; That ifany one be convifted of Herefie, or Sodomy, or 
Magick he ihall be expell'd ; that no Canon, Vicar, or Clerk, fhall go 
abroad alone, but with a Companion ; That they fliall all duly and 
honeftly pay their Debtsto theirCreditors 5 That there be a Porter 
of the faid Colledge who ihall fliut the Gate at Coverfeu time, and admit 

170. none after that time; That one of the Vicars be appointed by the Dean 
to be Precentor, for the Government of the Q|£ire in finging, and 
Ceremonies, &c. who is to receive on that account zo s. per Anurnn^ That 
the Colledge have a Common Seal, to be kept with their Evidences 
and Jewells, in a common Cheft under three different Keys, one of which 
to be kept by the Dean, the other two by the two Senior Canons j That 
there be no precedency amo\ig the Vicars at the Table, but that they fit 

171- as they come, but in the Choire according to Seniority; That all the 
Vicars eat together in the Common Hall,and that at Meai time fome part 
of the Bible be always read to tjjem 5 That every Vicar have liberty 
eight weeks in the year, and every Clerk fix, to vifit their friends and 
recreate themfelves 5 that nothing fliall be fealed with the Common 
Seal unlefs it be firft Regiftred in a Book to be kept for that purpofe j 
That every Dean within a year after his inftalraent give to the Colledge 
one Cope of the value of 5 /. and make a Feaft for tlie Canons, ^c. or 

'72-. pay for it 40 5. That upon vacancy of the Deanery, the Patron of the 
Colledge prefent to theBiftiop, a Graduate in fome Univerfity, at leall 
Mafter in Arts, or Batchelour in Law, to be inftituted Dean ; which 
^" Statutes and Orders bear date in the year l42^, 

CValued at 524/. 4 j. i i.- ob. pr Annwn:^ 

N O R T H - C A D B U R Y, /« ©omccfetiljiW. 

KI N G Henry the V. in the fourth year of his Reign, granted his Li- 
cenfe to Elizabeth Widow of William Botreaux the elder, Chivalier> 
to found this Colledge for feven Chaplains of which one to the chief, to 
have the Cure of Souls there, and to be cail'd Reftor of the Colledge of 
St. Michael of tforth-CaSury, and for four Clerks, with Licence to the 
faid Elizabeth, and William Botreaux the yonger, to appropriate the 
^^^' Church of tforth'CaSury thereunto, ani^ endow the fame with divers 
Lands, &c. 


Vol. hi. Collegiate Churches. 525 

MANCHESTER, /« jLancaQilw. 

King HetiryV. in the ninth year of liis Reign, granted his Licence in 
confideration of two hundred marks paid in the Hanaper. to Thomas 
Biihop oi Durham, and other Feoflees of Thomai la Wane Clerk, to ercdt 
the Church oi Manchejler into a Collegiate Church, and to eftablifli therein 
a Mailer or Cuftos with as many fellow Chaplains, and other Minifters, 
as they fhould think fit, whom he incorporated, ^c. 

H I G H A M-F E R R E R s, i« Bo^t^amptonOjite. 


TN the lo Henry V. that King granted his Licence to Henr)i Chichky 
-■■ Archbifliop of Canterhnry to found a Colledge at Higham-Ferrers, the 
Place of his Nativity, for eight Chaplains of which one to be Mafler, j-^ 
and four Clerks, one of which Chaplains or Clerks to teach Grammar, and ^ 
another Song, and for fix Choriffers, whom the faid King incorporated 
by the Name of the Mafler and Colledge of the Bleffed Virgn Mary, St. 
Thomas of Canterbury, and St. Edward the Confeflor, of Higham.Ferrers, 
and granted Licence to endow the fame with Lands, ^c. 
Q Valued at 1 56/. zs. 7 </. fer Annum.~] 

5^ M I G H A E L Pater nofter Chirche , or Whitington Colledge , ''^^• 

in lonDOtt. 

XJEnry ArchbilhopofC<7«/£'r^«r;, in the yean 414. granted his Licence, 
•*--*■ to John Covent re, John Carpenter, znd William Q rove, Executors of \1°' 
Richard Whitington late Citizen and Mercer, and feveral times Mayor , of 
London^ to eredta Colledge, purfuant to the Will of the faid Richard in the 
Parifh Church of St. Michael all'd Pater no/ler Chirche in the Riol, in Lon. 
don, for five or fix Chaplains and other Clerks and Minifters, and an 
Almes-Houfe of thirteen poor People, and to make orders for the Govern- 
ment of the fame. And accordingly the faid Executors did found fuch 
a Colledge in honour of the Holy Ghofl , the Blefled Virgin Mary, ^79' 
St. Michael, and All Saints, and made divers Orders touching the faid 
Foundation , as that there ihall be five Chaplains not elfwhere beneficed, 
one of which to be Mailer, two Clerks befides the Parifh Clerk, and 
four Chor'ifters, appointing the firft Chaplains to be William Brooke, John 
Whyie, Nicholas Gaytone, Richard Olyae, and Gregory King ; and that Wil- 
liam Brooke, at that time Rcftor of the faid Church of St. Michael, be the 
Maftcr of the Colledge, that on all Sundays, when Sermons are Preacht i^o, 
at St. FWs Cathedral, the MafTes in this Church be finifht in fuch time, 
that the Parifhontrs of this Parifh, and Mr. and Chaplains of the Colledge, 
may go to Paul\ and be prefent at the Sermon, unlcfs there be a Sermon 
in this Church alfo on the fame day ; That in the Canon of their Mafles 
fpcv-^ial mention be made of the Souls of the faid Richard Whityngton^ and 
Alice his Wife, and of Sr. William V0}ityngton Knt, and the Lady Joan 
his Wife Parents of the faid Richard, &c. That two Solemn Olits be jgj. 
yearly celebrated for the faid Richard and Alice, one on the three and twen- 
tieth or four and twentieth of March, the other on the thirtieth or one and /, 

thir-" ' 

5^6 Collegiate Chuyches. Voi.. HL 

thirtie<hol3f«/j/, and that then the Matter receive 2o</. every Chaplain 
12 d, every Clerk 6 d, and every Chorifler 3 d. That the faidMafler 
Chaplains, Clerks , and Chorilters , inhabit altogether in a MefTuage 
built for that purpofe at the Eaft end of the faid Church of St. MkkaflK 
I oz. That the Mafter receive yearly, over and above tlie Profits of the Parifl^ as 
ReftorjiheSumof ten marks, every Chaplain eleven marks^the firfl Clerk 
eight marks, the fecond 100 J, and every Chorifter five 'marks, befide 
tlieir habitations ; that they keep Commons together in the Hal'l of the 
Colledge, and that there be always at their Meal time, fomething read out 
oFthe Holy Scriptures, Sermons or Homilies of the Saints, ^e. That 
there be a Common Chefl for keeping the Seal and Evidences, &c. under 
three different Keys, one to be Ifepc by the Mailer, the other two by tvvo 
other of the Chaplains, and that no onepi'efjme to keep all three, or any 
two of the faid Keys, and that all overplus Revenue and Income, more 
then defrays theufual charges of the Colledge, be laid up and carefully 
prefervedin the faid Cheft, for the Common Benefit of the Houfe 5 That 

183. the Mailer be not abfent or non refident above fixty days in a year nor 
any of the Chaplains above twenty; That the Mafter, and Chaplains at 

184. the time of of their admiffion befworn to obferve the Statutes ; that'tjie 
Mzyotoi London for the time being be Overfeer, and the Wardens of the 
Company of Mercers, Confervators and Patrons of the Colledge, &c 
Which Orders bear date the fevenieenth and eighteenth of December iaz/i, 
f 3 Henry Y\. ) vide inf. />. 189. 

[Valued at 20 /. is. S d. per Annum,'} 

185. B A T T L E-F E I L D, in a^JOp(|j(re« 


Ing Henry TV, in the eleventh year of his Reign, granted to Rcger 
__ _ Tve Reftor of theChappel ofSr. John Baptift o^Adbrigton ,Hufee 
two acres of Ground in that Lord (hip ad joy ntng to Skrewsbitrj., in a Place 
caWd Batcleyfeld, being the Place where he fought vi'ith, and overcame, 
Henry Percy, and the Rebells with him, for the Building thereon a Chap- 
pel in honour of St. Mary Magdalen, for the Mafter and five Chaplains, 
of which ehappeland five Chaplains he appointed the faid Roger, and his 
SuccefTors Reftor of the faidChappel of St. John Baptift, to be Mailers 
or Wardens 5 and Richard Hufee Lord of Adbrigton and his Heirs to be Pa- 
\%6. trons of the fame ; incorporating the faid Foundation, and freeing them 
frojn Tenths, Subfidies, and all Taxes i with the Grant of a Fair to the 
faid Roger and his SuccefTors, to be held there yearly on the Feaft of St. 
Mary Magdakn. Which l?«?ger T^^e by his Will dated 30. 0/?^^. An. 14^4. 
( 24 Henry VI. ) gave to this Colledge three Chalices Silver and gilt, one 
Paxbrede , Silver gilt , two Phiols Silver , three Bells in the Sreple, 
three Crofles gilt, with feveral Veftmcnts and Books for Church Se.r vice, 

187. and divers houfehold goods, &c^ and encreafed the Stipends of every of the 
five Chaplains from eight marks to ten marks /'fr Annum, CondirionalJy 
that they pray in a more'efpecial manner for the Souls of King /^^tw^^ IV. 
and King Henry V. Founders of this Colledge, Richard Hufee firft Patron 
of the fame, &c. and for the Souls of all the Faithful flain in the fight of 

188. ,'Bataylfdd, 3 nd' there buried , AlltheRefidue of his goods and Chattels 
'^hz gave to the Fabrick, and Work, of the faid Colledge, and to the re- 

-■ leif 

Vol. 111. Collegiate Chttrcber, 327 

leif of the Poor in the Hofpital of the fame. He alfo appointed a new 
Seal to be made for the Golledge with this Circumfcription, S. Commtnie 
Domifii Boger't Ivc primi Magidri, & SucceJforumfuornm Collegii hats Maris 
Magdaleme juxta Salop. 

[Valued at ^4 /. i /. lo d. pr Annum.'] 

THE beforementiond John Coientre, John Carpenter., zr\d Willi m ign. 
Grote, Executors of A'/c/^arf/^>^^/i«g/5«, by their Deed dated 15 Feh. 
3 Henrf Yh granted a yearly Rentoi 65/. fterling, to the Colicdge 
by them Founded as beiore mention'd, and alter *d and added fome few 
things to the Statutes and Orders relating to the faid Colledge. 

T H E L E, ?•« ^wtfojDflbire. 


King Henry VI. in the ninth year of his Reign, at the requefl: oiWilliam 
UilhopofLW(?ff, Patron and Ordinary of this Colledge, which had 
been founded and endow'd for the maintenance of one Cuftos and four 
Chaplains, who by ill management had loft, and wafted moft of their 
Eftate, granted his Licence to John Howec/en Chrk then Cuftos of this Col- 191. 
ledge to transfer divers Lands and Impropriations in Effex and Hertford- 
P^ire yet rema\o[n^, to Henry HoJdesden Prior of the HofpitaJ of E/fifig. 
Spitell in London, and to the Convent there, they finding two Canons 
Regular to celebrate in this Colledge, and three other Canons Regular to 
celebrate in the faid Hofpital , for the Souls of the Founders of this 


WYE, in th$ County of |(Cnt 

K'nr Henry V\. in thctenthyear of his Reign, granted his Licence fo 
John Archbifhop of Tork,, who had had the Cuftody of both the 
Prr.y Sei^l, and great Seal, to found a Colledge at Wye in the Diocels 
oi: Car.tcrhry, the place of his Nativity, for one Mafter or Provoft, and 
fuch nuinbcr o[ i'/ritfts or Chaplains,and he fhall fee 
fi:,to be call'd the Colledge of St. George and St. /^^//»,whom he incorpo- 
rated, and graxited to the faid Archbifhop Power to endow the fame with 
Lands,and apprcpiiate Citurches,and toappropr/ate the Vicarage of the Pa- 
rifli Church o^Wje theieunto, any Law or Statute to thccontrary non oh- iga 
ftante. The faid King alio granted to this Bifhop divers Lands,&'c. former- 
ly belonging to Katherine late Abbefs of Gwyww in the County oi Artoysvz' 
!uedati4/. t^'^ Annum, to be confqrr'd on this Colledge, with divers o- 
ther Revenues. 

[Valued at 9} /. z s. cb. per Arnium."] 


Collegiate Cbwches. Vol. Hi. 

J 94. T A T E s H A L E, z« JLincoinCijiw- 

KI N G Henry the VI. in the feventeenth year of his Reign, li- 
cenced Ralph Cromwell, Knt. and others to convert the Pari(h Church 
of Tate/hale, into a Collegiate Church, or Colledge of feven Chap, 
kins (of which one to be Matter or Cuftos) fix Clerks, and Hx 
Chorifters, and to ereft an Alms houfe thereunto adjoyning for thirteen 
poor People of both Sexes, and incorporated the fame by the name 
of the Matter or Cuftos, and Chaplains of the Colledge and Alms- 
houfe of the Holy Trinity of Tate/hale, with licence 10 the laid Col- 
ledge, &€, to purcbale, receive, and hold Lands, &c. to the value 
of 200 /. per Amum over and befide the Profits of the Advowfon and 
yearly value of the Church of Tate/hale , due 

[;Value4 at 548 /. y j . 11 d. ob. q. per Annum.-^ 


ETON ly Windfor, /» XarfefljWC. 

Founded by King Henry the VI. in the nineteenth year of his Reign 5 
for the carrying on of which work he appointed Rohert Kent^ WtU 

19&. liam Lynde^ and Willtarrt Waryn.}io be his Procurators and Agents. It did, in 
thefirft Inflitution, confift of oneProvoft, or Prsepofit, ten Priefts, four 
Clerks, and fix Boys Chorifters, five and twenty poor and indigent 
Grammar SchoIIars, and five and twenty poor and decrepid men, alfo 
one Mafter to teach Grammar learning to the forefaid poor SchoIIars 
and others coming from any parts of England, freely and without any 
manner of exaction ; of this Foundation he made Henry Sever Clerk, 
the firft Provoft, and incorporated them by the name of the Provoft and 

107 Royal Colledge of the Blefled Mary of Eton near Wydefor, he alfo gave 
them the Advowfon of the Parifti-Church ot Eton, to be made Collegiate, 
and intirely united to their own proper ufe, without endowing a Vicar, 
or appointing a competent Sum to be yearly diftributed to the Poor of 
the Panih out of the fame, the Statute nonob/latite, withLicenfe to pur- 
chafe Lands to the value of one thoufand Marks fer Annum^ the Statute 
of Mortmain non ob(}ante, and difcharged them from the Payment of 
g Corrodies, or any Penfions, or Annuities whatfoever. The faid King 

iQQ gi^anted to this Colledge divers Rents rifing out of feveral Alien 
_^* Priories, with the Reverfions of the faid Eftates, and all Liberties 
and Franchifes to thofe Alien Priories belonging, in as full and am- 
ple manner as they were ever ufe4 by the former Pofieifors, with 
warranty, c^f. 


Vol. III. Collegiate Churchef. 339 

N E W P O R T, i« ^I^JOpQjitC. 



I N G Hemy the VI. in the twentieth year of his Reign Licenfed 
fhomjs Draper to purchafe and receive from the Abbot and Convent 
oi St. Peter's zt Shrewsbury, the Parifli Chwch oi Newport, and therein 
to found and ereft a CoUedge ot one Cuftos,a Prieil,and four Chaplains, 
whom bv the name of the Cuftos and .Chaplains of SeintMarie-College 
of Newport, he incorporated, with Licenfe to endow the fame with 
Lands, CS'c of the value ot lo /• per Annum and appropriated the faid Pariih 
Church to the fame, provided that the Cuftos for the time being takes 201. 
the cure of Souls, and minifters all and Angular the Sacraments to the 
Pariihoners, ©c. 

St. MARY'S at StaffOjD 

King H?»ry theVL in the four and twentieth year of his Reign, granted 
the Patronage and Advowfon of the Deanery of his free Chappel at 
Stafford, to Humphrey Duke of Buckingham ; and Licenfed him to give 
one hundred marks of Land, ^c to the Dean and Canons of the laid 
free Chappel . 

[Valued at 5 5 /. 15 j. 10 d. per Annum.'} 

W E S T B U R Y, in <15lOUW(lecQjiW. 

King Edward the TV. in the fourth year of his Reign, gave to Hetirj 
Sampfon Clerk, Dean of this CoUedge, and the Chapter oi the 
fame and their Succeflbrs, the Manner of Aylmyufiere, to hold in pure and ^°^' 
perpetual Alnis; with view of Frankpledge, &c. 

[Valued at 2 5 2 /. 1 4 i. per Aumm.'] 

B A R N A R D -C A S T E L L, in the County Palatine of^\xt)^tm. 

K\x\g Edward t\it\Y. in the feventeenth year of his Reign, granted 
his Licenfe to his moft dear Brother Richard Duke of Gloucefier to 
erettaColledgeatB<jir»W-C^7?/f, inthe Caflle there, of one Dean, and 
twelve Chaplains, ten Clerks, fix Chorifls, and one other Clerk, 
whom he incorporated by the name of the Dean and Chaplains of the 
Colledge of Richard Duke of Gloucefier oi'BajnardCaJiell, and that the faid 
Dean and Chaplains may purchafe Lands, &c. to the yearly value of 
four hundred marks, over and above all reprifcs. 

U u MID. 

g g o Collegiate Churches, Vol. i I J. 

204. MIDDELHAM, i» ^Q%\Mxt 

IN the fame year,'rhe faid King Edward the IV. licenfed hisfaid Brorher 
Richard Duke oi' G/oucejJer to ertft another Coljcdge at Middelham 
or a Dean, fix Chaplains, tour-Clerks, fix Chorifters, and one other 
Clerk, to celebrate Divine Service in the Parifb Church there, whom he 
incdrpcrared by the name of the Dcpnand Chaplains oi theCoIIedge of 
Rkl'./rd Diilie o; Glcucejrer of MiJdf.Ih-ih in the County ofiVf, and tiiat 
they may purchafe Lands, ^c t: t^i value of two liL;ndred Marks tfr 
Anvum over and above all Repriles, i!^c. 

R O T H E R A M, in ^OjKCbwe. 

T^ rng Edivard the IV. in the twentieth year of his Reign' granted 
XV ins Licenfeto Vjomas Rotheram Bifhop of Lincoln to erefb a Chantry 

icy. of one Chaplain to cdcbrate daily at the Altar newly buili: by the faid 
Bilhop within the 'Pzxi^k Ctmtch oi Rother am, in honour of our Lord 
'jbfju Chriji. ■ Two years after that ihe (ame King Licenfed the faid 
Thomas^ then Archbilhopof r^^r/f, toiound a Colledge ia P-otheram to con- 
/lit of one Provoft, a Preacher of the Word of Go.^, and of two Fellows^ 
;one of which to be a Teacher of Grammar, and the iher ?. Teacher of 
Song, with fuch other Fellows as the Revenues ihai/ admit of, for the 
Preachihgof the word of God in the Vg.n\[\of Rothum, ^nd elfewhere 
in the Diocefs of Tork, and tor the free teaching of Graminar, and Song, 
to any Schollers who are defirous, to learn, and come to the faid Colled^' 

20(^. from any parts of England -^ and incorporated the feme by the name of tnc 

. Provort and Fellows of the Colledge oi Jefus avRotberam, with Licenfeto 

the faid Thomas to give the Soil whereon the laid Colledge (hall be built to 

the fame, and other Lands and Poircllions, ^c to the value of one 

207. hundred Marks per Annum, and to appropriate the Church of Laxton in the 
County of Nottingham, thereunto. 

fValued at f 8 /. <^ s. ^d. ob. fer Annumll 

The Kings free Chappels have been of old time, and oueht to he 

exempt trom the ordinary Jurifdiftion, and all Payment of Procurations 

• or an^ other impofitions or exaftions whatfoever. ' 


Vol. III. CoUegiiite Churches. 331 

POpc Paul the IV. confirm'd to Sir WiUiam Peter, Knt. and a Coun- 
ccllor of State, divers Manners and Lands.^c. formerly belonging 2,08. 
to feveral Monafteries, and by him puichnfcd and obtain'J from King 
Henry the VllJ. and others, and aLfblved him from all Excommunications, 2,"9- 
and other Ecclefiaftical Cendiros or I'cnaltics that he might incur 
for holding the fame, and decreed that he might for the future without 
any icruple^ of Confcience continue the Pofleflion of the (amc ; 
with command to the Bifhop of London, &c. not to permit him to 
be vext or difturb'd v.i relatioa to his forefaid Lands, &c. under 
pain of the fevered Ceiiiurcs of the Church. Whole Bull bears 
date at St. Peter's in Rome, Ah. Dom. 1555- (2 3 Ph. ^ Ma.) 



O F 

The Religious Houfts, &-€. as they Tooere Schuated 
mtbin the fevercl Counties in England. 


ABington, Walimgford, Helknjiow , 
Hurley, Reaeltng^Sandfird, Peg- 
hek, BijJDam^ Donyngton^Wtndjor, 

Beauleiu, Mergate, Wardun, IVol^urn, 
DunfiabU, Btffemede^ Haretvold, New- 
enham, CaldewellXodington^ Cbthfand, 


jinktrwik, Snelkjtiall, humgho, £urt;/jam, 
Nutley, Cbettvode, Ajlierug^/ilesbary , 

£/)r, "thorney, Cbateriz, Romburgh, St. 
Radtgtmds, Denny, T^aterbecbam , 
Swanefey, BarneweH, ^nglefcye, Ki>y. 
J}on, Spiney. 


St. Werburghs, Btrkened, Cb.-'fier Nunery 
Cumuamere, Dcidacres,S:.inlaw, Dan- 
hall, Norton, Modberley, Euiibury. 


St. TetrocHs, St. Germains, Sylley Ide, 
St. Michaels Mount, Tyuardreit , Bud- 
min, Lamcefton, Glajtn.iye. 

Arwetbwayt, St. Bees, IVethcrhall, Seaton, 
Calder, HolfruulirumfarliU^ Lanercofi. 


Darby, Derky, Refmdon,Beaucbetf^Dale, 
St. Mary de Prat it, Calc. 


Taveffock, Exeter, St. Mcbolas at Eteeter, 
St. Catherines Exeter, Modbury, Ottery, 
Stoke Ctirc/,St.James^Barnefiaple,Ford, 
Buc/ifafi, Dunkewell, Newenham, 
Bacland, Tctnes, Barnfiaple, Pltmton, 
Hrtland, Fritheljtoke, Torr&, Cloveley, 


Sherbmn, fTinburne, Midleton, Sb^'tes- 
bury, Norton, Cerne, Abbotsbury, Shir- 
hurn^Lodres, Frampton, TOtent ,8tnedon. 

Durham, Wyrmoutb, Finchale, EgUjton, 
Sbireburne, Gretham, Oveion, Kypier, 
LangeceHre, Aukland, Chefler, Stayne- 
drope^ B.irnardCafile. 

Berking, Co!»e, Walden, Merfey, Horff 
legb, Pritt.'eweH, Stannefgate, Ct^e- 
jhaU,Styatfvrd-Langton, Ttltey, Htnwir. 
ham, Thremhale, Colchefter, Jfahham 
Dymnow, St. Ofths, Wykes, ffodbam', 

Maldone, Si'.apts,Bkcy. ^ 


Gloureiter, Jukesbury, Wmchcunb, Dere- 
hurji, Kwgfv'ood, FlexUy, hhyla, St. 
Of-walds . Ciremejhr, Brtflol, Ktinflum 
LccheUde, B:!lejyike. Stanley, C;nge/, 
f^'j^^'^y. HANT- 


A Catalogue oftheR^clioious Houfes &'c. 


WiVchcHer, Hide, "B-itnif^j^ Ifarwell, 
IVmiemy, Andcvcr, Afkdirccmb in 
the I lie ot" iVight., Slireliurn, Qtnme 
in tl'c Ifle of PFight, BeaukiH^ Letley, 
Sat/j7i'ike^ Twineham, Mote:font^ Stk- 
burn, Situhamytcn , ht^finejrcke^ St. 
Cro£c4j Jiubjitld, OiUihi'oke Hie of 

^f I " ^i i "' 

. H:^R|F0-RDSI#I}t-E. 
Hereford^ Ezvyas, Leoniinficr. L'mgehrcok, 
CreJJwcll, Monkcr.Uv, Cl:jf\.rdi Dore^ 
lyigmore, Wormley^ Accrt-sbury^ Flavej- 
ford^ Ledburj. 


St.' Albans, Uatfcild, Pe'vo-cll, Hertford, 
Ft. A^tary detrato, Soptvell, Flamfiedt 
Chefiht4nr, Rowney, St. Julians. 


Ramfey, St. Ives, St. Nccts, Huntington, 
Siiltre^St'fueky by Kimbolton. 


Catiterbury, Rochcficr. St,Mildred,Folkfione, 
Lmb'gtRachlfa^Sbepey,MtiUmg Davin- 
ton, Levifliam, Vairichburn, Hortcn, 
Ftvefpam, Bcxky, Doi/er, Ledes, Sr. 
Radegundis, Tcntbrigge , Ciirrthiveil , 
Lefnes, Biljington, Bad/cfrxere, Dcrt- 
ford, St Grcgcries at Canttrbury.^Ravie- 
Wrt.'fj Herbaldo-^vn, Strode, Hethe, Lang- 
■Ame, AiciV.don, Wevgh»m, Wye, Brad' 
garc^ AJayden/fone. 


Tcmmrtham, h^thom, Holand, Laficii/fer, 
Fumes, Kirtmele, Burfcough^Ccrjngcs- 
hed, Cokerfand, Manchefier. 

Langhy^ Hinkky, Geroiidon, Grace'dicu^ 
Bred'jn, Laund, Oh^ok, de Pratis^ 
Bradley, Kerkby Belcr, Burton, Leiceficr, 
Stnchrjon, Croxtcn, Kerby fnperi Ure- 


Bardeney, Croyland,, Behoirt 
Santoft and Henes, Freftcne, Stikef- 
■iuould,Si.infcrd, Fofs, Steinfetld, Co- 
've7}ham, Buropelly Willesfcrd, Minting, 
Lono- Bimngton, Hugh, Svineshead, 
Louthpark, Kirkfted, Revesby, Valle- 
dei, Grettifield, Legbwney Niin-Cotun^ 
Efworth, Hyfi, Thornton, NoSton, 
Thortibolme, Bourn, Kyme, Ihorkefey, 
Grimeshy, RwcevHon, Sf. Innocents, 
Lincoln, %liifl), NewHede, Holbechtt 

Niwhus, Ti/pholm, Ncvobo, Hagneby, 
Barlings, Sempringham, Hivcrbcltne, 
Bolirgtcn, ^.Iv.nghem^ Cmfusby, Stxill, 
Hej ni}igs,Honand-Lrig,WelliXat(p)ak. 
Miner cjfes, Abby of Grace, Carthufians, 
' ^rinity Priory iSt.'Bi^nkff-ew, St-Giles, 
■St. Mdlry Bethchnrl St. Iv^^ Spittle, 
St. Bmhdmeivs Hoipitaf^ St. J/6f.V/.:j 
oi Acen, Rotinctval, Converts., St. Ka- 
therines, Eljing-Spttle, Btrking-Chirch, 
Savoy, St. Johns, St. Helkns, ffhiting- 
Hm CollL.Ggs and Hoipital, St.P<7«./.', 

M I D D L E S E X. 
mfi>;}ir:Jlir^ Kilburn, Chrhi^vjcll, Haly. 
V . W/, S)en,- St. James, St. Stevms 
Ch.ippjl at K'L-jlmififfer. 


Dcrtk-rn7, fVymiindham,'Binhar>i,N6r'u>ich^ 
Horjljam, Carhow, Blnckebxnrh, (fa- 
burn, F/clls, Toft, Weft- Acre, Civile ^., 
Acre, Mendham, Bramholm. Reinham 
Sle'i'fjhulm, Jhitford, Sibetm, Ventnt/^ 
Tl'^!j:i^gl:,:!?:, Cckesfhrd, Btukcnk^m] 
Hukhfig., de PratOy Linne, Mindlyngy 
L<.r.ol.y, SLouldham, Ingham, Rujh- 
r i:-rgh. 

N. :- . ...iMPTONSIIIRE 

Lnffeild, Weden-PifiAney, Northamfion ■ 
Df-vfutreyiFipTVill, Sf. Mary de Pratii, 
Ch^ucvmbe, 'Canons Ajliby, Bracktey 
Sulby^Cai esby, Cotherfiokejrtlyngburgb, 
Fodri/igLiy, fligharn- Ferrers. 


WaUinpi-dls; Blah- Lenten, Rufford^^ 
Be.nt -jalle, Wu'kjop Felky, Tkurgarton '' 
Ncv-'fteadj Nottingham, Wdleheck 
Brcclhchn, Shtlford, Stoke, Suthwtlle 

Tinemouth, PIalUslane,Lamb'ey, Htxam, 
Britikeburne , Bohcn , Ne-iv-Ctiflle , 
AhiCTvcke, Blanland. 


Oxford^ Eynijhr.yn, Stodely, Godftow, 

Glofterhall, Coges, Taw.t, Brure, Rew- 

ley, OJtncy, Dorchefhr, Cold- Norton 

BiJ/etcr, W'oxton, E'U'elme, Bureeftre 


Broke, Okehatn. 


A Catalogue of the Religious Hou/es, &-c. 


Shrewsbury, BromfehL Chirbury, Abher- 
hur), ff^enlock, Btldii/as, HughmoH, 
Ltttlefoullj JVc7»brtgge , Ratlwgcove, 
St.Gilej, Ertigenarth,, Ludlow, Hales- 
Owtfiy Tunge, Battkfitld, Newport t 


C'a ft anbury^ Bath, Wells, Athehng, 
Dun^tr, Briitvl, Cli've, Montacuxe, 
fVabam, Taunton, HaJelbergtyBriweton, 
Berliz,, JVijpringy Stemrdale, Briigwal- 
ttr, Sc. Laurence^ l^orth Cadburj. 


Burton , Tut bury , Cane well, Farwell, 
Bhthbury, Sand-well, Dudley, Croxden, 
HtltonylVulxierh.imptoH, Lapley, Stone, 
Ronton y Irentham, Kcrvcejire, Sf. 
Thomas , Wolverhampton , Lttchjield, 


Hulnie, St. Edmtindsbury, Eye, Sudbiiry, 
iiiidmgficld y Edward/hn y Campejs, 
Kerity'y Stoh Clan, Blacktham, Brifet, 
Ixworth, ButUy, Ipl-u/tch, Bliburg^ Ley- 
fion, Begebam, Brufeyard. 


Selfey, Battel- Abby, Sele , Boxgrave, 
Ltixne^re, Leives, Roberts-bridge , Ha- 
fiitigs ,Bit>ham,Heryngham, Michtlham, 
Durfordy Aruniel, Cbichejier, 


Chert fey, Bermnndfty, Waver ley, Sheen, 
Sc. Mary Overy, Mertvn, Ncv/Ied, 
Rigate, Tatiregge, Sont hwarke ,Sandone. 


Volefv'orth, Coventry, Aucot, Wroxhallj ■ 
Fmky, Bretfcrd, Altejter, Henvood', 
Nun-eatun , Wotton-waven , Kirkbx j 
Stonely, MerevalyCumb, Stodely, Kenitr 
V'orth, FAdbury, Maxfioke, If'aiwtc^, 
Tuielesford, AJttleye. 


Malmsbury, Wilton, Atfibresbury, Kingt^Py 
Okebum, farleyj Stanleigh, Heftten, 

Brummore, Bradenftroke, AUrUburgh^ 
Ivichurch, Merlebe?ge,Salisbi<r}>, Hetts- 
biiry, ?ulton,Leycock, Edindon, Maiden- 


Worcejter, Evefliam, Ferflmre, Malverne, 
Wcftwood, Bordefley, Dodford. 


Leftingham, Whitby, Beverley, Rippon, 
Selby Y ork, St. Marys, Sf. Martins at 
Richmond, Midlesbwg, Hakenes, Gren- 
dale, Nunkelliug, Monkton,Marrigg, 
Kirkley, Little- Alarais, Nunburnham, 
AriUn, Ro£edale, Sv. Clements, Wilhet' 
fop, Tykehead, Holy Trinity, York, 
Hedlay, Birjtall, Gromovd, Alverton, 
Bontefracl, Monk-Breton, Arthington, 
Rieval, Fountains, Biland, Meaux 
New-Minfter, Stnningthwait, Effeholt, 
Hampole, Swine,Rufe,Hoton, Bafedale, 
Salley, Ktrkjtall, Jervtil, Ntm-Apleton, 
KeldehcrliA, Wtckham, Ktngfton, Mount- 
grace, Swine, BylandyNoftell, Woodktrk, 
Scokhk, Drax, Morton , Bilton, Kirk- 
ham, Gisburne, Scarthe, Bridlington, 
Wartre, Newburgb^ Hode, Htlaghe, . 
Httltemprife, St. Leonards York, Car- 
mans Spittle, Tarum , Scardeburgh, 
Kynavaldgraves, Hedon, Sutton, Gtart' 
fordbrigge, St. Nicholas, Richmond, 
Coverham, St- Agatha near Richmimd, 
Wat ion, St. Andrews York, Malton, 
Ellerto7t, KnaresboroHgh , Newton, 
Sivethorpe, Hemmyngburgh, Wenflaw, 
' Mtddelbam, Rot her ham, Fojfgate in 


^ Breclndck, Cadwelli, Tallach, Margan^ 
Abergavenny, Lankywan, Goldcltve, 
Monmouth, Nethe, Bafit>gwerk,Tintern, 
Cupibire, Blanclaftd,Clunoc-vaur, Strat- 
fture, Sirarmn^rgell or Strata-Marcella, 
Aherconway, Grace dieu, Ptlla,St.Clare, 
Lant^ony, Bethkelerf , Kaermerdin, 
Hsverford, dlannaucb, Ewenny, Ru- 
thyn, Landafe, Lan(adanf, Aherzwylh\ 
Si^Davids. , \kK^ ^ '' ■''■ 


General Table 

Of all the 


Treated of in all the Three V O LU M S. 

Note, That the Pages here named relate to the Book at large, and are to be fought 
for i:n the Margin of this Abridgment. Note alio. That the Third Volum 
confiits of Two Parts, and Two Numbers. 

A: ^■ 

A Berbutf, 
•^^ Ahhotshwy: 


^t. Albans. 
Alien Priories. 




Amhreshury. . 



^i. Andnm^ York. 

St. i4»</rf H>5, Northamp, 








Vol.1. Vol, a.\ 


















Vol. 3. 

Z. 100 









Barnard Caflle, 
Barnwell. . 

St. Bartholomew ^London 

Bat tail Ally. 
St. Bees. 
2. 1 01! Beleien. 

Vol. I. 


Vol. a 


Vol. 3. 

1. 67 

12. 92 

2> 14^ 

2. 39 
















A T 















































Vol.1. Vol.2. 




























Vol. y 

u 19 

z. 137 








Bi ummore. 




But. bury. 





Burton- Lazers. 



Bury St. Edmunds. 


But ley. 








r. 83 

I. 69 

2. 117 

r« 62 

St Auguftines. 

Carisbrook, Ifle of Wight. 

Carmans Spittle^ 
Cajlle acre. 

A i 

Vol. I. 'Vol. 2 










3 97 


Vol. I 









5 CO 

1 99 










A Table. 


Vol. J. 

Vol. 3. 

Vol. f. Vol. 2. 

Vol. 3 



Derham ivefi. 




l.I 15 






f • 5 7 









/ -J 


St. Clare. 



St. Clements ^ Tork. 












St. Dogmelh, 






A- . ■ 



2. ley 

















r. "§6 








1. 107 














I- 55 






I. 78 






2. 96 





648 1 


Coventry , Carthufians. 




\^4 St. Edmunds Bury. 





£. 17 




I. 40 





I. 73 








I. ito8 




Elfing Spittle , London. 















D. \ 


2. 195 

\ / Darhy. 



I. 7x 






r. 19 

Daventry. ', 




St. Davids. , 

1. IIX 







St. Dennis t Frahce. 


Exeter , St. Nicholas. 






Deping. \ 





Derby. i 


Derham. [ 



A Table. 

Vol.1. Vol.2. 

Vol. 3. i 


Vol. 2 

Vol }. 





Jr Farley. 



Hales Owen. 


















10 i 













. ^alklton. 














.^ojfe. ' 



+ 18 

, ^onntaitis. 




, ^mpton. 
. ^reejtoti. 


Heitlury. ■ 





.^rithel/loke: : ^;,i, 





M)ies. '' ■ u 


- , 


2. 9J 

1 '5 



G. ' 





\Jf St. Germains, 







St. Gerwa'm , Cornwal. 




1. 180 


I. p6 





I. 46 









x» 56 











'• 7 



■' / 


X. 10/ 











2. 175 





Grace alhy , Lond. 




Grace Dieu. 











Holland Btig. 









I. 30 








I. 15 

Horton. "*• 





^ \ naghmon. 







A Table, 

Vol. I. 

Vol. 1. 

Val. 3. 

/ol. I. Vol. 2 Vol. 2. . 




I. 182 









481 6%g 

- . '■ 





2. 38 





QT. J^mes, Briftol. 
l5 St. jFdwf/, Weftminft. 

























45 > 


2. 108 



2- \\^ 

St Ives, ' 



















Lenton. ' 





T^ Aermerden. 

3\St Katherities, K^Qter. 



I ejlme. 


I. 74 



Lefnes. . 








' eveneilrey. 


Kene worth. 






Lewis^ . 












' .iJlechercb. 


Kimotton, or Kmholton. 








Kingfton, Hull: 






Lincoln^ St, Catherines. 


Kirhy Beler. 


2. 4y 

■ incoln Cathedral. 












ittle marais. 




Little more. 

I. 13 




Litchfeild Cathedral. 



Loco Dei. 


Kynevoalffoves , 




^ -^ 


I. 90 




Ca. tfuftans. 



TT Acock 
■ _i Lamhky. 


St. ha thokmew. 



Sr HellenS' 


La dcadam. 

2. 5^ 

St. Giles. 







'. Mams 

A Table. 

Vol. 1 

.'Vol. 2 

. Vol 5 , 

Vol. I. Vol, 2 

. Vol. 3- 

St Marys without Bi 




fhops-Ga e. 

■ fr/o». 


St. Bartholomews Hofp 


.St. Michaels Mount. 


St. Gilei. 


Ml. bel. 


St. Jhomas of Aeon 




Converts ( Jews. ) 




St. Katherir/es. 


Mu. diet on. 





Z. 204 

Be r king Chuich. 





Jh-: Savoy Hofp. 


Mir '*!uunde. 

I. 107 

St. jcybwotjerufileii 


1 Mtjjenden. 


I, 18 

Cathedral. S. Paul. 

I.? 9^ ^cdherky. 


Whatiffgtons Hofpital 

r- 9i^ Modhury. 


St. jFo/^wof JeruUlem 

' 18 /Vionkion. 


St. ''-artins. 

i- 2.6 Monkjreton. 


Crooked Ldne Coll. 

^' I '^41 Monkenlen. 


Blfmg Spittle 

2-1901 S onffouth. 

Or • : ' 


Whittington Coll, 

1. 1 39 Montud'te. 


Long Bennington. 




l^th Park. 


\ Mottind(a> 





96 i 








.^ Nethe 



"% Maiden Bradley. 
IVl Mfiid^ou. 


1. 132 















ISfewintlpnt ' 

r. in 







New Monajle 

riesoUl. 8. 

r. 31 









2. 201 



Newfed, 6ii 





Newjled, Sherwood. 




New/led^ Stamford. 






I. 88 

St, Mary dePratis. 




St. MaryOvery. 


Northabipton, St. Andr 


St. Marys in Dublin. 


NorthjwptoH, St. Mary 



Northarfipton, St. James. 


May in Scotland. 


North Cadlury, 




North Creyke. 









407 ' 




'• 43 


U 55 














A T 





Nun EJtoM. 








St. Oftths, Chichc. 

St. Ofwalds, Gloucefter. 






St. Petrocus. 
De Prsjto, St. Albans. 

Vol. I. 

J. 8 












Vol.2. VoL J. 







2. 59 








St. Radegunds 




Ruprd ; 


1. \o6 



(Vol. i. Vol. s.' Vol. 5. 













380 I. 89 

4. 87 








I- 53 

2, 204 

2. 1 10 

I. 105 

2.- 57 





2. 267] 


A T 

A B 



Suntoft and Holes. 


The Savoy. 




Scotch Monaftcries. 






Shaftes: ury. 
Slip J. 


Sh ewihury. 


Silly Ifle. 


SixilL ■ 

i>leve^ Int. 






Star fie Id. 
St r!uiv. 
Stanley Park. 
Sta ndr'-pe. 
Sti rufkuil. 

Vol. I.; Vol. 2 

40 J 

J I 























43 b^ 





Vol. 3 

r. 13 
I. 66 

r. 65- 

r. 3? 


I. .64 

%, 141 

I • 

k 94 

S'.oke Curj]i. 
'it one. 
Stratmargd , or 

Marcel !a. 
Stratfleure , or 

Stratford. . 
Stratford IjH^oft. 


7 anregqe. 
Tare j! ok. 

Tempi > Knights. 
Thanet, St. Mildreds. 
Tbo> nton. 



Vol. 2. 

Vol. 3, 


i, 164 








Strata 893 






I, 81 


Z. IC 



5 7i 












I. 62 



■L. 190 













66 j 









fVoI. 2 

Voi. 3. 


Vol. 1. 

Vol. J. 


-^ 207 





Whe ivell. 

I. 9 

2 rent ham 





















i. 90 



I. 12 



r. 5^ 













2. 46 
2. 106 





T J Ale Royal 
V Vaudei. 




2. d7 


St. Wirhurghs, Chefter, 



VV WalcUn. 


Wit ham. 





I. 11 



2. 34 




2. 207 













I. 48 

«• 47 







Wotton Kaven. 










2. 27 

Wrox ton. 




WuherhamptcK, v'ld.Wol 












2 191 



WymhMrn minfler. 

2. 107 



I. 89 

Wyremouih and Gcrwj. 







Wells, Norfolk. 




2. 52 












2. 2C2 














PFeJIm.'»/ler, Si- Steven' 


2. 61 

7'ork, St. Marjs. 



Tork, T rinicy. 




Tork^ St. Andrews- 





F I N T S.